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This doesn't look promising

Square Wheels

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I would gladly take that forecast.  The lake we used to keep our sailboat at is almost 12 feet low.  The lake my parents live on is 4 feet low and they have not been able to use their boat for two years now.  We need rain badly.  We are supposed to get rain later this week as a cold front moves through.  Up to three inches according to some models.  Fingers crossed.  


So go play in the rain and think of all the poor dry Texicans down in jsharrland.

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The 10 day forecast looks good for your ride this Saturday.


Yay.  I'm not going to look at the forecast until Thursday.  Last year the weather was beautiful.


"I SUGGEST THE ORGASM!"    ????   :scratch head:


Organic.  It's a list of fruits and veggies that Jillian Michaels suggested to buy organic, and where to not bother spending the extra money.


Did you make the flower pottery?


Nope, my daughter made it a long time ago.

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