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What do you charge?


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If you are looking for machine work. That depends on if I know you or not. 

If I don't know you $50 per hour 

If you are a friend $ beer 

Welding .....

Same price as above 

Tig welding..  .$50 just to turn on the welder. 

If you are a friend...just contribute money towards Argon. 


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Varies, greatly.

I think our fully loaded rate for a Supt. would be $80-90 per hour; $45-60 for a craft worker. We probably mark up equipment rental in the $25% range, sliding downward with increase in value. We don't do a lot of T&M work as we don't have enough people who can sharpen a pencil.

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When I was at the the chemical company (20 years ago), we had a standard charge of $850/day plus expenses. I don't think it was ever actually charged to a company, I think we just had it to instill a $ value in our work/time to a customer.

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