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Yay....Road Trip!! AKA Petitepedals weekend plans


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I am off til we celebrate the Green on the 17th.

I need to assemble some CD's for the road...I may even figure out playing Pandora from my cell phone thru my bluetooth on my car....I am pretty sure that is a thing among young punks under 60 :whistle:

Pack...looks like cooler temps than last weekend :( and less sunshine...BUT time away from work is time away from work :loveshower: 

I have this marvelous idea....I got this cute bag from a resident...with a tea pot on it...and I have a lovely pot with a crane on it....I may make a travel bag of tea & pot :D It will be a throw back to the days of elegant travel (:wacko:) as shown in the movies...with the tea or coffee service in the middle of the jungle :D

I just happy to be getting away..... On the return trip....I may stop off to see Nick & Anne and Kaiden for those of you who remember Nicko/NickMN of the LF days.


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