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Yes, I have sung to the High Calypso


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I remember guys I went to college with - including one who studied under Dr. Eugenie Clark, the famous "Shark Lady" at U. of Maryland, named Nick who dove with Jacques Cousteau and went into the caves and filmed "The Sleeping Sharks of Yucatan" episode - fantasizing about getting a boat like Cousteau's and getting John Denver to write a song about our boat that would be played every time we left from or returned to our berth in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Except for Nick who stayed with diving/marine biology, the rest of us became a chemist, a dentist, a medical doctor, the chief computer programmer for the U. of Virginia, a poet, and a teacher at a children's insane asylum. We would have made a good crew, given the opportunity!

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I sing that song at the top of my voice in my truck when I'm traveling and listening to the device with that on its playlist. Of course I am by myself at the time! 

Then I hit replay a couple times. :D

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