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Crazy ass scare for the night!


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I've spent the last hour trying to find Mycroft around the neighborhood.


We'd let him out in the backyard to play and do his business (like we often do). I came back inside to finish a Netflix movie I was watching. I keep an eye on a low window that he usually comes to and pokes his head in to let us know he's ready to come in. The movie finished about 15 minutes later and I was surprised when I hadn't seen him poke his head out yet.


I go out to the back yard, and I can't find him anywhere. I'm confused as hell because it's fully fenced and the gate is still closed as it should be. I call and check every nook and cranny, no holes under the fence, no Mycroft. The only thing I can figure is that he used a tree stump to jump over a lower part of the fence in the back to the neighbors yard. However, that would mean he was on the street behind us.


After checking all around the house, front and back, I go over to neighbor's house and ask to look in his back yard. Nothing. I walk the entire block calling and checking every house. After an hour I make it back the house, where I told my wife to stay in case he made it back.


When I got back he was with my wife in the living room. Somehow he got into the kayaks in the backyard that next to the house, but covered under tarp. I'm not sure why he didn't make noise when we called. Either too scared or playing 'hide and seek'. But thankfully my wife found him and he's OK now.


We were pretty scared for a moment. Whew......enough adrenaline pumping in me now that I probably won't make to bed/sleep for a few hours.


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Glad he is ok! 

Kray had decided to go into the garage on night and I could not find her.. I luckily enough know her go to word for her to come running to me.. All I have to do is call out "Ball" and she thinks it's time to play fetch.. there is nothing that will stop her from wanting that wonderful yellow bouncing thing. 


She has a habit of jumping through the invisible fence to chase after a jogger or cyclist.. For some reason she does not like people running or cycling... she is a bad doggy! 

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