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A missed job opportunity

Square Wheels

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I almost struck it rich.  I read this and was excited, but they didn't give me any other info, there is no way to reply.






Our Human Resources Department wants to propose you the opportunity with our Company.
It is an easy job with a stable salary in the amount of $3 000 plus commission and other benefits. We are hiring candidates who are able to support business relationship between customers located in another country. 


1) Keeping business correspondence with the existing Clients of our company

2) Answering the phone through normal day-time hours

3) Work with the paperwork (faxing, scanning, sending regular post, forwarding documents to freelancers and customers).

4) The Customer Service Manaeger should be a resident of US.

You don't need special skills, our colleagues will send you a detailed description and support you by phone. To get started you'll need sign a contract with the HR Department. You will be able to get your first income in about 5 business days. If you're interested please contact the Human Resources Department of our company, we will support you.


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