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Do you really like raisins?


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when you get older, you lose muscle mass easily


raising and spinach are 2 things that slow that process down according to Coach Freil ;)


Uh, ok, but wth wouldn't you just eat grapes if you had the choice?  There is no situation that I would rather have raisins, with the only exception being the convenience/dehydrated thing.  I think raisins taste like ass, dried ass.  I will eat that dried-ass raisin if I have to.

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raisins have 3 uses.

1) Oatmeal raisin cookies

2) chocolate covered raisins

3) Cinnamon raisin bread.....other wise, they are wasted wine.




I suppose that oatmeal would be amenable to consorting with raisins every now and again, but oatmeal raisin cookies would be far better without the raisins.

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I have always hated raisins in food.  I also think potatoes should never be served cold.


Dried cherries should be used in place of raisins, they are better in every way.

Vichyssoise is among the most turrible things I have ever tried!  And there may be some ideas to the dried cherry thing.  Sometimes you actually have a good point or two!

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