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Time Out Policy

Not all people are meant to get along with every other person. At times we may need a break from someone, here is our policy for requesting a reprieve from another member.

  • Contact an admin or moderator by PM
  • Let them know of the other person whom you wish a separation from
  • An admin or moderator will contact the second party by PM
  • There is to be no contact between the two parties
  • Neither party will address the other party in any manner in a thread, including saying "phew, it's nice I don't need to hear from that person any more"
  • After a 30 day cooling off period, the initiating party will be contacted to determine if the separation can be ended
  • Separations may be permanent
  • Separation decisions by an admin or moderator are final
  • If either party breaks the enforced agreement they will be banned for 30 days
  • If a member is entered into another separation at any time with any other member and again breaks the agreement, they will be indefinitely banned
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