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  2. So are you the Prairie Mid-West? PMW??? South Mid-West (SMW)???
  3. For the city where I live, it's on the other side of the Rockies...it is the prairies. Geographically, psychologically and historically, Alberta is in the prairies...even though we have 2 major beautiful mountain national parks. We have alot of rangeland, grassland and the skies are often brilliant blue, endless.
  4. Tivo makes an OTA DVR, so you could timeshift and skip ads using that. We cancel TV at the end of July. I am holding on for one more month to get the TdF coverage live so I can easily plop down and watch in the AM as I drink my coffee. After that, it is time for just going to internet and streaming. Still paying for TV, but seriously reducing general consumption - e.g. no just putting it on in the background while cooking behavior.
  5. Witnesses said it sounded like a bomb went off. How come nobody is suspecting it was a bomb?
  6. Looking at short-haired, suit-wearing pictures from the 60's when Willie wrote "Crazy" and Patsy Cline recorded it, etc. I've wondered if his rebellious lifestyle was initially a gimmick: from long hair to old hats to a beat-up guitar where the sound box is worn open in places from guitar picks wearing at it to illegal drugs. Having become very successful with that lifestyle, he may have figured that was the way to be going forward.
  7. I don't mind paying with time
  8. Are @Scrapr, @shootingstar, and @Zephyr in PNW or more the Pacific Southwest?
  9. Fair enough, I guess - "built in the period" of pre-1973 would be more steel, aluminum, and fiberglass, and less carbon fiber for sure.
  10. Of course, when Tesla and Westinghouse were close to succeeding in selling their AC power project to the new generator project at Niagara Falls, Edison dido everything he could to destroy them and promote his DC power setup. Edison even invented the electric chair to "show" how dangerous AC power is. Of course, after the Niagara Falls folks picked Westinghouse and Tesla, Edison had to start thinking about using AC himself. His generators, of course, produced AC electricity initially but he went through the inefficient process of converting that to DC electricity.
  11. We are hoping to go to Ireland in 2022. Hopefully Covid related issues will be minimal by then.
  12. You'd think that @tybeegb might pass the word that permits and inspection work is HOT in Florida. That's the big leagues compared to his tiny slice of near paradise.
  13. Which challenge? I didn't see that one
  14. When I'm commenting outside of SW, it's usually either on chess.com or on news or stock market sites. Of course, I'm also doing other things away from the computer.
  15. "“This is a horrific catastrophe. In the United States, buildings just don’t fall down,” Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said, CNN reported." When we were being driven from an overnight hotel in Fort Lauderdale to our cruise ship in Miami in 2017, the taxi driver said buildings were going up so fast there that there were serious concerns about the quality of the work and that there weren't enough inspectors to do proper inspections.
  16. Any building can pass code with the right amount of cash.
  17. We, some members of my extended family, tentatively have Las Vegas penciled in for late December, early January - my nephew turns 21 on Dec. 28th. But he's interviewing with an airline today, hoping to become a steward, and if he gets that job and leaves his Amazon job, his time-off may be thrown out of whack.
  18. That's really wierd ...but then what is building code enforcement like in Florida?
  19. I guess that it wasn't used on the sidecar construction in the 60s.
  20. It's exciting moving back into my house but also very stressful. For example, I've got the the Fios guy coming out Friday and I got a text from Verizon where I had to agree that anyone not vaccinated in the house would wear a mask and social distance. I have about 6 new cheap masks, from a box of 50 I bought last year, in my glove compartment and might have to talk any unvaxxed workers to put them on. I don't even know if workers will be there - they may be finished by end of the 11 am - 1 pm window for the installer arriving. They were putting the flooring in yesterday and, presumably
  21. You pay with OTA too. Ads are way more disruptive to my life than $4.99
  22. The dealer low-balled the offer. The shoe is on the other foot now. It's not you wanting a vehicle the dealer has, it's the dealer wanting a vehicle you have. If you're considering selling your truck to the dealer, turn the tables on him. Make a ridiculously high counter-offer and see what he says. If he disappears, he's not serious about buying your truck. If he makes a counter-offer you've instantly got more money for the truck should you decide to sell. Then you can find out how badly he really wants the truck by countering again. And while you're at it, it might not
  23. Yeah I just seen that. I'm done paying to watch TV
  24. Traverse City, MI cherries are delicious
  25. Doing the group rides on Tuesday and Thursday. Hear GI on Fridays. Replacing a dryer and power washing old paint off the house this weekend.
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