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  2. PA? The G'rents lived @ 411 E. Wopsononock Ave. in the '60s & '70s
  3. Hades. Not as warm as Texas, but still enough to take the chill off.
  4. It's a good song. Screw you guys.
  5. At least Maxx's house is dry now. I'm still waiting for the sub floor to go down later this week. The guys to rebuild the cabinets will be here Friday to check out the job. After that only the floor tile to be laid.
  6. And opinions are like.... True though he did have obligations to his team & sponsors that probably fell short.
  7. It is a bunch of yogurt.
  8. Altoona. Have you ever visited Altoona?
  9. I've been there, but on the other side of the wire. Guantanamo Naval Base. I don't know if travel is on or off this week. That would require a political answer.
  10. Key West......and yes they have Southwest Airlines service
  11. An apple orchard in the neighborhood is going to drop this little guy from a crane on Saturday. Smashing fun.
  12. No, My first phone was a blackberry with a real keyboard. I had that for ages till I switched to an iphone with virtual keyboard.
  13. I’d bet $100 on Kraft, in Jupiter, with a masseuse, for the happy ending.
  14. I stopped over at lunch..and they had another delivery of suitable jack-o-lantern pumpkins..well..there was this HUGE one on the top of the box..too big for me to haul home...I'm not sure I could wrap my arms all the way around it...So I called my head of maintenance...he has a first or second grader and a ? 7th grader..told him to check them out..$5.99 each. he bought the biggie..and 2 others...his kids are gonna freak. This is cool
  15. Well, sure he doesn’t care what I think of his results, but that’s not really true that only his expectations are important. He’s a pro athlete. Fans and management get to have their opinions, too.
  16. I sort of think that the future for a lot of these US pros will be the gravel and endurance scene. With some fun events growing in popularity and visibility (potential for sponsors), TP can likely stay in cycling as a former pro in the Ted King fashion.
  17. Yeah but the only expectations he needs to meet are his own. We really don’t know what is going on with him physically, emotionally & mentally. I wish him well in his next adventure.
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  19. Anyone here been to Cuba? Are Americans still allowed to travel there (again)?
  20. I have had tears during Savasana...I just figure it is a release of emotions that I usually suppress.
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