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  2. I did not like it at all. As much as I like Uncle Rico's style choices and football throwing skills, he had to go. Please join me in a moment of silence.
  3. No, my budget is cheap combined with frugal combined with "$10 for a rug? Are you out of your mind?".
  4. I find it odd they didn't bother to put little pannier racks on that back wheel. Seems that would have helped a bit.
  5. Very cool story. Thanks for sharing. Hardcore to ride one of those across the country.
  6. After doing it West to East. And at a measly 8-10mph.
  7. Cross country north to south. Weirdos.
  8. ...or "Let's get some darn kids onto bikes!" Heck, maybe @denniS has a storehouse full of old gear and/or some "connections" in the Fat Bike community he wants to use. From the latest Adventure Cycling blog: The Piikáni Ksiwáínaka'si (bicycle) Program aims to provide Browning High School students access to fat bikes/plus bikes for year round use within the borders of the Blackfeet Nation. We are a new club at Browning High School. Normally clubs fundraise by selling concessions at our sporting events. Covid-19 impacted our community very hard forcing our students into a remote
  9. Why wouldn't you do this on one of your non-invincible days instead? Seems an awful waste of an insanely powerful gift.
  10. Pool day yesterday. Thought about riding this morning, but 34 degrees, steady 15MPH wind with gusts in the 30s = pool day today. Tomorrow AM will be back in the 40s with less wind, maybe a bike day
  11. Or go to Vegas, find some crazy rich gambler and say..., "I bet you $10,000,000 I can jump off that building onto the street and live."
  12. I read the question correctly. I'm invincible, what are they gonna do?
  13. That's actually a great idea. Not just RedBull but any option that you are never likely to attempt otherwise. BASE Jumping or a wing suit come to mind. Or even Everest or K2 summits if you could coordinate it with your window of invincibility.
  14. WRONG THREAD!!! You had two better thread options for your response!
  15. You should have told her that too!!!! Jeebus, variety is the spice of life (says the guy who could eat PB&J for lunch every day)!
  16. Honestly? I would do some research first and find out where Halle Berry takes her morning shower.
  17. Why I say "LTMFOP" when I order cheeseburger subs: The Baltimore Area's #1-award-winning sub shop, Ann's Dari-Creme, is fortunately a short drive from my home or apartment. Among the award plaques on the wall is a picture of a U.S. military base in Afghanistan with direction signs that include, "Ann's Dari-Creme 8526 miles." I've been going there since 1956. The waitresses at Ann's do NOT write the orders down on paper or take names and amazingly keep them in their heads - I've seen guys from the Coast Guard Yard come in and order 15 subs and the waitresses remember the order flawle
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