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  2. Dang, stay safe! And heed warnings. People around here used to think we never get tornadoes. We were really lucky no one died!
  3. There's no reason (strong enough) why a civilian needs to own an assault rifle.
  4. True, but that's just more thoughts and prayers. Until people are willing to stand up and admit what the real problem is and address it, we'll all get to agree about more and more awful tragedies. Kumbaya won't cut it anymore.
  5. Point taken, but a different problem to solve. Although stricter gun laws would also have some minor effect here.
  6. What's the expectancy of a running back or quarterback playing for an entire NFL season without injury or time off these days. Have high school basketball injuries skyrocketed in your area?
  7. Passed us by. But better prepared than not. Good luck people northeast of here.
  8. Until he realizes it is also the cat next door's kitty litter box When we were kids, if you left our sandbox uncovered, you'd find "gifts" from the cats buried in the sand like little treasures
  9. Not trying to derail the thread but the Cartels are 100% “here” as are their armaments. It may not be as much of an issue in your neck of the woods but ranchers in borderlands would beg to differ. In this case, if a rancher along the AZ border with Mexico wanted an assault rifle I would have no issue with that.
  10. I’m not sure about family reporting, but school officials have very limited power in outcomes when reporting that a student has violent ideation and has expressed thoughts of harming others. Reasonable suspicion as a standard for searching backpacks and lockers is helpful, but if there’s nothing in the student’s possession on the day they’re searched, it usually stops there. One of my assistant principals told me there’s really nothing schools can do unless a student has actually harmed someone. In the situation where a guy’s been harassed and bullied, starts talking, makes threats… no official actions will stop him from being able to purchase a gun (or mandate intervention) at that point. Schools can do daily searches, a campus resource officer can make home visits, and a counselor or principal can drop-in on classrooms and locations where the bullying allegedly takes place. Staff are trained to look for red flags and notify the principal and counselors. But school counselors are not trained therapists. The most they can do is make direct daily contact, listen and direct families to therapists and other resources in the community. At some point it has to become easier for schools to manage youth mental health and bullying. Like, dedicated and certified staff on site. And I don’t mean a volunteer parent who has training as a “redirector”.
  11. Sounds like dinner tonight then catching up on Mrs. Maisel or Stranger Things tonight with the wives. Yard work tomorrow, then Mass. Sunday, off to a day in NYC for Dear Evan Hansen and dinner. Monday, bike ride with the Bike-a-Thon team, then burgers. If I'm around, I'll head down to the vets memorial with a horn for the 3PM Taps. There was something else I'm supposed to do, but I can't remember.
  12. Blew up my phone and watch. Scared the dog. Seems past now? Headed towards @MickinMD.
  13. Just announced, no longer a watch party.
  14. In motorsports, it definitely is a yin/yang balancing act. They clearly refine the "formula" and then the race is one to exploit it - often with unexpected results.
  15. probably already there in a lot of ways. Then there's rules changes to try to correct that. Then the competitiveness finds a way around them. Cycle continued. The answer? Participation trophies. Actually, reduced competitiveness so everyone backs off. Then the sport suffers. Decades ago, Hockey players were much smaller and slower and beat the crap out of each other. That was fun. If they tried it at today's size and speed, players would die, so it's more of a skill game. That's fun.
  16. Here is my thoughts on gun violence, & gun restrictions. agree or disagree it’s all good. If street hoodlums want to cap each other with illegal weapons that’s fine, let them kill each other. Yes I get innocents get killed too but I believe we as a society can come to grips with that given how far off the ledge we are. To an extent you can’t control the millions of firearms out there I get it. But I also feel no one “needs” an assault rifle and their sale & ownership should be greatly restricted. I feel by doing this we can put the brakes on mass shootings as they are mostly being committed with assault rifles. Private party sales of .22 rifles & handguns is less of an issue to me than the easy availability of assault rifles. I say we should start there.
  17. Sounds like a very good trip.
  18. ...is to have a cat lay down some "truth"!
  19. I have no idea what this comic is about. Topology: In mathematics, topology is concerned with the properties of a geometric object that are preserved under continuous deformations, such as stretching, twisting, crumpling, and bending; that is, without closing holes, opening holes, tearing, gluing, or passing through itself.
  20. Happened in CART quite a few years back when they came to run at Texas. Speed was so high on the banking the G load was causing drivers to gray out. They need to limit tire size and / or downforce to make the cars slower, but competitive. I would love to see more passing and the ability of the cars to survive a bit of contact.
  21. When I brought up the Carolina song to share the YouTube bunny trail brought me to this song my son wrote for his firstborn. It’s my thread so I’m going to share this one as well.
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