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  2. first world problem but it still stinks

    There is so much out there for that. I bought my older bunkhouse for 6,500. It's in good shape. We updated from a hybrid. No More Canvas. It is a Bobcat 28. Weighs in at 5,000 dry. My 1/2 ton pulls it easily. I am going to watch it close this year. there is a soft spot on the front and roof that have been sealed, but are still there. I would really like a small 5th wheel. One of the half ton pull 5th wheels. Hopefully I can get another season or two out of mine.
  3. Happy Tuesday

  4. LONDON (AFP) — The admission by former Great Britain and Team Sky coach Shane Sutton of the exploitation of therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs) have “muddies the water” around Bradley Wiggins, one top cyclist said. Sutton was asked in a BBC documentary broadcast on Sunday to justify the TUEs Wiggins received in order to take a corticosteroid before his three biggest races in 2011, 2012, and 2013, including his 2012 Tour de France win. A TUE is a dispensation, approved by doctors and the world governing body, to take an otherwise banned drug for medical reasons. Sutton, the newly appointed head of China’s track cycling program, said if you have a rider with a “little five percent injury or niggle that’s troubling them, if you can get that TUE to get them to 100 percent, then of course you would in those days.” Sutton, who used to be British Cycling’s technical director, explained it was about finding “an edge” and said it fitted in with the “marginal gains” philosophy that Dave Brailsford adopted with Great Britain and then at Team Sky, the dominant road racing team. Wiggins and Sky have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, saying the drug was prescribed to treat a longstanding pollen allergy. In the documentary, Sutton said they would never “cross the line.” But Olympic team pursuit champion Katie Archibald said Sutton’s comments were outrageous and “completely against the ethics of the sport.” Paralympic cycling gold medalist Jody Cundy said it was “disappointing to hear the TUE system was abused in the way it has been.” When asked if this changed his view of Wiggins, Cundy said: “Yes, it muddies the water.” British Cycling chief executive Julie Harrington said she had “absolute clarity” that TUEs are “not a performance tool.” “I was really disappointed,” she added. “When people are using language around TUEs, they need to be very mindful of the effect that could have on the public’s perception and the athletes’ reputation.” The post Cycling gold medalist: Wiggins’ use of TUEs unethical appeared first on VeloNews.com. View the full article
  5. About every ten years..

  6. Happy Tuesday

    Happy Tuesday. just in from a 5k run. will work a few hours then off to the dermatologist. hopefully time for the gym and to clean my bike this afternoon, but if the time is limited, the bike will get cleaned
  7. Google Charlie Rose, right now!

    This is what happened to me: *an engineer sort of play-grabbed around the waist from behind: "You're so slim.." It was in front a few other engineers at the office. *knee of a judge touched mine. Under the office table. I was explaining to him some research that I did for him. *a guy grabbed my wrist..and said that I was thin. *a guy was walking to my hotel rm. ...after I had a coffee with him. (Yea, I was naïve.) He attempted to open the door while I was moving to unlock it. I glared at him and told him to get out. He got the message. I am an ordinary looking woman...I am not a head turner. The above stuff is creepy and did verge on dangerous.
  8. So Chris’s Happy yet sad thread

    Nope. I think that I would have been a really good drummer if I would have went that route, but didn't. I was always a little athletic and did good at just about any sport I tried, but not good enough that I excelled. Just good enough to be "good".
  9. About every ten years..

    I hooked this thread into my car entertainment system and played many of these songs on my commute. Great songs. Here's one of my favorites.
  10. Happy Tuesday

    two days left to work, then ahhhhh
  11. About every ten years..

  12. About every ten years..

    It depends what day of the week as to what type music I'm listening. However most of the today's repetitive new music has little appeal to me. PS, Back in the day, Garth WAS his own music genre.
  13. Happy Tuesday

    The Bird is still pretty dang frozen...I work out tonight...and pick up some veggies after work tomorrow.... The countdown to cooking chaos except...a bird is rather easy to cook ....I am more concerned about the leftovers
  14. Size of home space & amount of living space do you really need?

    As for the less crime...well it depends. There have been enough home break-ins in suburbs...because no one is around at home during the day. My hairstylist with her family of 5..everyone was at work. A number of computers, jewellery, etc. Being quiet is desirable anywhere. It is where we are. Just make sure one buys into a concrete condo building. For whatever reason, am lucky. Am not in a party building because I think people value living in a quiet building and not many residents with children, because our units aren't huge..except for the penthouse. We do have some residents with a dog and so far no problems. I actually think it's good to have occasional dog here and there in building from a security point of view ..along with building's security system. Anyway back to home size...
  15. @MickinMD that's a horrible story. One accusation can really doom someone that is innocent.
  16. Google Charlie Rose, right now!

    This one is tough, and it shows up in every facet of life. "why should I have to sacrifice my career, before it really gets started, because Charlie Rose slapped me on the ass?" It was only a few years ago where we had many pro cyclists admitted to doping because they didn't want to give up their career. Same emotion/behavior...self first. That's normal. I think this is an example of exactly how it can and will and maybe is out of hand. Ivy League educated, therefore intelligent, woman starts off with "I'm glad I've never experienced any of this behavior" and evolves to "I've been harassed in everything I've worked on." Whoa...that's quite a shift. https://www.timesofisrael.com/natalie-portman-says-she-has-100-stories-about-sexual-harassment-in-hollywood/
  17. How many of you are going to be accused of inappropriate lewdness?

    when kissing bike club chick I feel her ass
  18. Folks Here Don't Appreciate Their Showers

    When I had chickens I used the poo for garden fertilizer. Circle of life....
  19. About every ten years..

    Cash, Haggard. Can't go wrong. My fav
  20. I have 1632 sq ft. It is a one story ranch with a finished walk-out basement. The basement effectively doubles the sq ft. I'd say about 3000 liveable sq ft. 3 bedrooms, 2.75 baths. It's plenty for us. The kids spend a lot of time down in the basement. I have about an acre of land in a subdivision. I really wish I had a barn (for Emmy to pitch in) with a lean-to to park the camper under. But a barn would have to be big. At least 45 ft long and high enough to have a lean-to off one side tall enough for the camper. That is my biggest complaint. I also love the house, but hate the layout of kitchen (small galley style) and my master bath is tiny. I could do a small addition to make kitchen bigger and re-do master bath. Will prob do that in the future.
  21. Quote of the Day: William James

    If a person lives his beliefs, then he need not wait for what he will be hereafter. By living one's beliefs, and holding to those beliefs, a person defines himself. That's not to say a person remains static and unmoving his entire life. He can, for example, learn a talent such as playing the piano. But such talents are an overlay to the person. A person may, through knowledge and experience, come to change his beliefs. It may appear that the person had a 'beginning' and a 'hereafter', but the consistency remains that person is defining himself by what he believes.
  22. Today
  23. Today's Broadway hit

    The movie of "A Chorus Line" was a piece of crap...they took a Broadway play about the love of the theatre..dance and song...and made it into a "love story" very poorly done!
  24. 11/20 miles & such

    Night fat biking is awesome and so much fun, but yes it is spooky We were in a park which has a whole different dynamic at night. Wonder if there was anyone else around Having a couple peeps w/ me make it less scary. I honestly would not go solo, mainly just in case something happens. PS I had my sweet blue rim lights on...they liked them Oh, we came across several deer milling around too.
  25. Size of home space & amount of living space do you really need?

    Because, while your lifestyle appeals to you and your mother's house sounds like a lovely home well-situated, some people prefer living in an area with fewer people per square mile, less traffic, cleaner air, less noise, where they can clearly see the stars at night, and - in many cases - where they feel more secure because there is less crime.
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