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  2. Our company used to do work for a large agency. They would pay their bills, but would always 'ask' for extra out-of-contract work before they would pay. In other words "We'll pay your invoice but you need to do this extra work first." sort of thing. The owners analyzed all the projects with the agency and concluded the agency's behavior caused the company to lose money on the projects, or in the least caused the company to put aside more profitable work. They decided to turn down further work from the agency, with the thought that the agency was the type of client our competition needed to have.
  3. I’m glad I am not the only one to select Touch before Tough.
  4. Asia and Africa Unite Katie Holyoak Tue, 03/21/2023 - 08:00 View the full article
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  6. Red Adair was once asked where he kept his money. He replied "I am heavily invested in cash."
  7. I've been counting my fortune for as long as I can and wonder how long it's going to be before I fall into the trap a lot of you poor bastards are in. It will be something. It may not look like your problems or smell like your problems but it will be problems. I thank you for sharing and wish you and your wife the best. It gives me hope, gratitude, dismay, and fear all at the same time. I hope you are doing well my friend. Keep on keeping on. I hope you have both have found some light.
  8. I was so close to touching a two. Tough break.
  9. Would that be considered double dribbling? I know very little about basket balling.
  10. When I returned to Toronto to visit family over 8 yrs. ago or so, I did for once, dropped by a former workplace. There was a few people left vs. those who were very new. A group of fire protection engineers I knew. We took a group photo ...and little did I know, within 2 yrs. later, 1 of my key contacts died of cancer. He was my age. So one never knows what lies ahead --that the visit may be the ..last one. It was govn't, a unique corner of services and clientele. Just got email from 1 of the close friends earlier in thread..... she now has to backfill a top senior management position, while university goes on its recruitment, long-winded search. So her retirement has been delayed. At least, she gets a bumped, healthy 12-month salary.
  11. Is it tomorrow yet? Did it happen or is it still on target to happen? In short, is it going to fucking happen?
  12. Your N00b font and capitalization is incorrect.
  13. I had piccata sauce on a trout fillet last week. So yummy.
  14. Once I was back in VA (the navy) I attempted to get Chevrolet to pay for my problems as a warranty claim. First the fire caused by the improper securing of the alternator field coil wire which shorted against the exhaust manifold and then a bad thermostat. The dealership in Norfolk had to pass the claim on to Chevrolet management for work done in CT. They paid. About a week later I was contacted by Chevrolet. They wanted the engine back. I said wtf. They offered to buy it back. I said wtf. I became curious and started researching things like engine casting marks...............there was no such Chevrolet 350 engine. I said wtf. Finally the Chevrolet representative owned up that the engine was missing from a pre production batch of "next years engines" and somehow had ended up on a dealer parts floor engine stand in CT. It turned out to be a 375 hp 350 LT1 high performance engine. I should have taken the offer and sold it back to them for cash and a new engine. The engine was a beast but I never succeeded in getting it to run to it's full potential due to some mismatches in the vette installation with regards to manifolding, water pump size and carburation. T traded it in for the real beast, the 68 big block dart instead. That might be the start of another story.
  15. Dottleshead


    I would love a 34 waist. I would be happy with 36. Working for it.
  16. A high school buddy had a very basic split bumper Camaro. His was a 307 SS or RS maybe. Nothing spectacular but it was till a nice car.
  17. Yeah if it was restored. Too bad this one has a auto trans. link
  18. Me too but barracks parties, not frat house.
  19. My friend, Clayton, has two. He’s getting a third.
  20. Garbage can punch and Mickeys Bigmouth's sure bring back some memories
  21. We have a Beagle. Bella was a rescue dog. She was just a day or two from being put down. She's been living with us for nearly 6 years now. She has TWO distinct ways she likes to walk. The first part of the video you will see her move both legs on the same side at the same time. Then she switches to a more normal dog walk. 20200512_093753.mp4
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