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  2. Why doesn't anyone like Yoko? Why? Why? Why?
  3. Buzzkill? Not anymore.
  4. Sweet potato roll up (baked sweet potato mashed with chipotles and cilantro on a flour tortilla) with espresso. Coffee Plain yogurt with craisins and blueberries coffee hot Italian sausage with roasted cauliflower, garlic and mozzarella cheese.
  5. Oh no,
  6. Every day I go to work..
  7. Be sure to give your hubby a treat.
  8. Not gonna shoot me with a string and stick bitch!
  9. Black bears are evil.
  10. Breakfast was Cherries, Greek yogurt and Chia. Lunch was leftover chicken fajita I cooked in the smoker last night. (no tortillas) Brown rice and beans.
  11. NS. That is all that is required.
  12. It was a little plastic break away piece. Well, I broke that. He reattached it without the breakaway piece. I asked him, what if I break that again, and he said "You will need new fenders, again." That bike gets pounded on my commute. There are some significant bumps and jumps on the way to/from work.
  13. NSFW
  14. Hotel powdered eggs with salsa and a slice of toast 6 hours ago... I need to eat soon but probably have another hour before I can do so...
  15. 3.sumthin. Planned on 4, had to bail out do to hamstring pain.
  16. Oh, so, masturbate.
  17. They have a new station on Sirius radio.
  18. Just connect the dots.
  19. I wouldn't stand up and walk out on you.
  20. I dunno. I contracted Syphilis years ago from RG. It was worth it though. Best fuck I ever had.
  21. When I was a kid my neighbor had all kind of balls of lint in their yard leading back to the drier vent, I don't think they used their filter. Their house never burned down so I guess it worked for them.
  22. Today
  23. That is hilarious!
  24. Maybe some people leave the filter out? I guess some lint gets past the filter and over much time, especially in condos where the exhaust is possibly long and twisty, the lint finds a place to snag on and just builds up. My mother had her exhaust line clog up at her condo. The exhaust was about twenty feet long.
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