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  2. Hope you had a good Sunday....

    I had a fantastic day thanks for asking. Wo46 and stopped at a volunteer fire department fund raiser and won big bottle of Vodka on a one dollar ticket.
  3. Why do you eat Chia seeds?

    I think you might have misheard or misinterpreted what she said??? And perhaps some is applicable to different seeds (flax, perhaps???). In any case, the usual case against getting Omega-3s from nuts or seed sources rather than animal sources is the "type" of Omega-3. ALA is usually the only type in nuts & seeds while EPA & DHA (along with ALA) is found in the animal-derived Omega-3s. EPA & DHA are the ones you should prefer and look for, and the ALA kind is often the one that is added to food to make it a "great source of Omega-3!!!!" (classic big food advertising gimmick). In any case, I'm guessing the whole bag < 6 oz salmon is related to the the fact that the chia seeds have no EPA/DHA - only ALA - and require the body to convert the ALA to the "better" fatty acids. That low rate of conversion makes the ALA less desirable, and makes their claim just "disingenuous" not incorrect. I would definitely promote wild salmon as a great food for multiple reasons - including the Omega-3s - but I don't think that makes chia seed a poor choice. It seems like chia is an easy "add" to foods you might be eating daily - breakfast comes to mind. It can be added to oatmeal easily, and like SW mentions, it can be used in a smoothy since it becomes a sort of gel that gives additional thickening. I can't say I like chia seeds. But it is probably more likely for most people to eat chia seeds daily than it is for them to eat salmon daily. Also, it might be devastating to wild salmon if we boosted consumption much more than it already is! Tom
  4. Hope you had a good Sunday....

    Church, workout, grocery shop, sammich for lunch, 45 minute nap...and made some soup Not bad
  5. So what are your wildest dreams?

    I share Kirby's dream to sleep until I wake up on my own with no alarm or Mr Aire waking me on a day when I am not I'll.
  6. Hope you had a good Sunday....

    Just woke up at supper after a 2 hr. late afternoon nap. Highly unusual of me. No, I'm not going to eat much for dinner since for lunch we had noodle soups at a Chinese restaurant (which felt like something else). Then at a café, a strawberry cruffin stuffed with real strawberry sauce and Perrier water on side. I think my whole body has been trying to recover from a long hanging cold of sniffles then sore throat coughing for past 2 wks. Have reached to recovery final end. Too bad all of this had to happen on a weekend.
  7. Some prospects for RG

    ...that chick can do one arm handstands. She will make you her bitch. nttawwt
  8. African peanut soup

    I didn't have chunky peanut butter..so I chopped up a few to go in with the creamy It has a nice heat to it...not too hot..just pleasant (to my...my neighbor Nanette would call it too hot..) I brought Margaret a sample I got this recipe and one for a roasted root veggie soup from a resident...I made copies for Margaret...she plans to make the roasted root soup tomorrow
  9. Is this RG’s type?

    ...and all done with creative make up technique. I don't think @Intestinal Parasite will date a girl who talks with her mouth full, though.
  10. Fun Family Day

    Awesome! You did my normal tourist day when I get out there. Good looking family ChrisL!
  11. Need chain help

    ...the newer chains don't allow for that. Stuff like the 10 speed Shimano chain Wheels has got has pins that are peened on the ends. Once you push them out, the hole in the side plate is a teeny bit larger, so you need to either use a Shimano tapered pin with a break off end, or a quick link. Sometimes you can get away with pushing the pin back in on one of them for a while, but it will eventually give out, usually on a dark rainy night outside a Romanian castle. You can still buy some chains that work like you describe, but they're usually for 7 cogs or less in width and the pins are straight, not peened on the ends. KMC sells a version.
  12. Voila, mutherfukkers!

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa This is what you get when you keep holding "a" on Windows. You also get the $900 extra dollars you didn't waste on a Mac in order to run mostly Windows-based software.
  13. Hope you had a good Sunday....

    Oooooo.. Nice job on those eggs!
  14. Hope you had a good Sunday....

    Shad a lazy breakfast, stopped and bought a case of wine, and then came home to a perfectly neat house and very tired Airedales. It was a wonderful day. I am sorry that others had to toil.
  15. African peanut soup

    yes, not chef I have a staff cooking me eats here at the bikeman capital building you see
  16. So what are your wildest dreams?

    Sleeping without having to set an alarm clock.
  17. There is so much to like about people who speak sense in a confused world

    They should have known that they were just renting them for a few years, and they also could have just gotten one closer to their own age (provided they had gone to good wife school).
  18. African peanut soup

    That is quite a laundry list of ingredients. Did the peanuts really have to come from Africa?
  19. African peanut soup

    I think you are thinking of stone soup. President, eh?
  20. Fun Family Day

    My son couldn't make it but we had a fun family day yesterday. Headed up to Venice Beach and watched the freak show. Picture below is in front of the famous muscle beach. We then cruised up the coast to Malibu, went through Malibu Canyon to Thousand Oaks and had lunch at my sisters restaurant. Checked out guitars at a shop in LA and I went to my favorite LA bike shop and drooled over bikes. A little bit more driving than I like but a fun day. Picture is daughter flanked by me & wife of chrisl and future SIL.
  21. African peanut soup

    Don't choke on it. Nevermind... you said peanut.
  22. African peanut soup

    Looks and sounds good! Yours looks just like the recipe picture, petite! Nice work. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/217952/west-african-peanut-stew/
  23. African peanut soup

  24. Hope you had a good Sunday....

    The rats and other vermin thank you for creating a nice entry into the home. Rented a 10' U-Haul truck. Never in my wildest dreams did I think a U-Haul truck would come WITHOUT a loading ramp. Had to manufacture a ramp from scrap lumber and other stuff, like car ramps to support the angle at the base, as there was no way to lift a piano that high.
  25. African peanut soup

  26. Some prospects for RG

    She worked out her whole life to be ready for me.
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