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  2. We have rotary's here, they're almost as bad.
  3. I was considering Snapper Rocks Blue.
  4. That was really something I hadn’t thought aboot, that fertilizer besides being petroleum based releases a lot of nitrogen greenhouse gases into the air when overused.
  5. Dottie

    Adult Content

    That was my thinking. I quit for 20 years until I went to work with my current employer. All the older guys were playing. I was told I had the wrong attitude about games. 7 years later and I think they were right.
  6. Don't try to ruin things, people trying to ruin things makes me angry.
  7. What’s the punishment for racial taunting as a student in a military academy? I would think it’s pretty severe?
  8. I haven't played video games since I was a kid I thought I was supposed to outgrow that phase?
  9. BR46

    Flash drive question

    Been there done that. The electronic frame does not store any photos it reads them from a memory card or flash drive. The electronic frame is no longer reading the flash drive. The frustrating part is it worked before. I have reformatted the drive..reloaded all the photos several times. For some reason it stopped working with the 128GB drive but still working with the 64GB drive.
  10. It just doesn’t get that cold here. I’d be uncomfortable below 45 degrees as I just don’t have proper clothing for anything cooler. But I’ll ride in temps over 100 degrees and have ridden in temps of about 105.
  11. I like the razzing and attention. Please don't stop.
  12. I have been getting frustrated with the computer and a electronic picture frame for the past few hours.
  13. I'm not sure what happened but you might copy all the pics back to your computer, format the flash drive and then copy all the pics back in one batch. You may have to erase any pics in the frame's memory as well.
  14. KBS Espresso 12% ABV, 60 IBUs. The bourbon flavor hits first, then chocolate and espresso kick in afterwards. I've been trying to hunt this down and I finally found some today. If you like this type of brew, then get some. Cheers.
  15. I bought a electronic picture frame for my mom and went through all the old family photos I could find. Here's the problem that I'm having. I have about 90 photos on the flash drive and it was running in the electronic frame. Well I found 3 more photos and added them to the flash drive and now the electronic frame can't find the files. When I put the drive in the computer it works. When I put a drift flash drive in the electronic frame works fine. What did I do to screw up my flash drive?
  16. Trust me, you don't want @roadsue coming down on you for grammar or spelling. I am doing you a favour.
  17. Did I mention way TOO fucking critical as well? My bad.
  18. maddmaxx

    Hey Squids

    Was it ever not freezing cold there. I went there for navy boot camp.
  19. At home, I don't use cabbage nor celery in my stir fries. I find those veggies suck out the flavour from other veggie types in the mix. But it's just prejudice in my family....in the Chinese restaurant world, they are both seen as cheap veggies..when Asian green veggies were not sold in supermarkets in North American 40 yrs. ago. I know we have uttered the forbidden food of tofu. The non GMO brand for CAnada is here: https://www.sunrise-soya.com/about-us/ They have their production in Metro Vancouver. Yes, I have a soft spot for immigrant entrepreneurs. I'd rather support these local immigrant entrepreneurs who make the stuff in Canada rather than have it shipped from Asia. I have a close Chinese-Canadian friend whose parents did their little fresh tofu, fresh beansprouts and fortune cookie business....here in Calgary, in the middle of the prairies back in 1960's-1970's.
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