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  2. Are you trying to operate both of them in Garmin connect simultaneously? I cannot do that with my Vivo Active watch and the Vivo fit that wheels gave me. One or the other has to be eleminated from the account. I ended up putting the Fit in womaxx's account.
  3. Still an empty aisle of paper goods in my grocery. I miss the before times
  4. Nobody I know has it. There was a mini outbreak at work, 4 people in one dept in the neighboring building. They became symptomatic after they were sent home but it looks like one person was infectious the day we sent everyone home & gave it to the others during the move out.
  5. I just saw dishwasher on The Price Is Right that you can control with your phone! Why? The door opening is a great idea if you air dry
  6. I have a Garmin Forerunner 35 that is currently driving me nuts. I just posted in the Garmin forums about it. Hardly any issues with my Edge 520.
  7. Zealot


    So say most who deal with multiple personality disorders... 😉
  8. We always look good, even when we are bad.
  9. I have some AWS certified co-workers but I'm not sure this is something we'd support since it's technically third-party. But it's looking like we're good now?
  10. 10mb is pretty huge. Even half that is generous.
  11. Desensitized? Maybe. Lots of saddle time makes for a tough ass. Haha no pansy🌸 ass here.
  12. This software has that option too. I set individual uploads to 10MB, each person ends up with a total of 1.25GB (more or less).
  13. Your ass must be totally desensitized from cheap toilet paper, this is an area not to scrimp on. The good stuff is WAY better than the cheap stuff, 8 levels different.
  14. Randomguy


    He is like the Marlborough man, but doesn't sound like it. Jsharrt sounds like the Marlborough man, but has no cattle or even beans in his impoverished form of chili.
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  16. Wilbur


    Nah, I chat with him on the phone. He/she is real as can be.
  17. There are a lot of problems with the data collection and reporting. The characterization that we will somehow pass a magic line is inaccurate. The disease will continue until we build defenses against it or kill it.
  18. NO. You were a bad person before that. Just kidding but you did ask.
  19. We buy cheap stuff. I see no reason to spend a lot for this or go for premium.
  20. I using 193.54 MB of my 1.19 GB attachment limit. Does that make me a bad person?
  21. I don't. The difference between where you are and I am with respect to the pandemic is like night and day. The official tally of deaths from Covid-19 in the state is 167.
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