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  2. Done. It's $5.00 USD. You couldn't use it anyway. That's like 1.03 CN.
  3. My sons HS Senior year they had a kid who could maybe pitch 65 mph follow him the games he didn’t finish. Going from mid 80’s to mid 60’s generated a lot of favorable counts with the swing & misses and yanking the ball foul.
  4. Really? Full disclosure, too many posts for me to read them all. Read the first few then skipped to the bottom. Welcome to the "SQUIRREL" world I live in. We'll split the winnings. You can have the money, I'll take the beer cozy
  5. No, Chevy worked on the Chevy. Chrysler is working on the Chrysler.
  6. Sorry, that number is already taken.
  7. Oh yea. Like seeing our girls on Emmy's travel team face a good B pitcher and then go down and try to hit off a weaker C pitcher. No need to call 1's and 2's because everything is a changeup! Sometimes more speed is NOT the answer!
  8. The real Cheese was fun. A laugh a minute. This imposter who is now posting under his name is a poor replacement for the real thing. I suspect that it is @Square Wheels posting as Cheese. He is surprisingly good at copying various people's online personalities. Of course, this copy is not good: it is sad and degrading to the memory of @AirwickWithCheese. If the real Cheese is still alive and coherent and is able to read this, please send me some sort of communication ASAP. I will do my best to help you return to the forum and be the shining light that you have always been for the bored and downtrodden. OTOH, if SW has killed you, please disregard this message.
  9. I run XTR on the mountain bike. They can get loud when wet. Otherwise I have silent brakes. I run the ice tech stuff on my Cx. Those are also silent. Buy better brakes or get a better mechanic. We run the organic compound sometimes. They do wear very fast though.
  10. Finally, truth from RG.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Mifflin you dolt... Mifflin. But, he is on to something. I'm sure "Muffinburg" would be a much cooler town the "Mifflinburg" - with or without the buggy museum. Heck, look at Hershey PA. Or, even Intercourse, PA. Way cooler.
  13. Randomguy

    Easter-ish Jokes

    There were just too many and I am trying to do many things at once.
  14. I'm betting it is more a "buy six, get 5% off the next one" sort of thing
  15. You certainly aren't the Cheese that most of us here grew to know and love. Have you had a stroke?
  16. Kzoo

    Mifflin burg, PA

    You should see visit a Dr. about that.
  17. What kind of credit is it that you receive??
  18. Kzoo

    Mifflin burg, PA

    Mifflin you dolt... Mifflin.
  19. One of the variations of this classic: After a brutal and tough day carrying the cross up Golgatha, the Romans nailed Jesus with no remorse to the heavy wooden structure. Golgatha was a grand hill, and as the cross was raised Jesus looked down upon all those gathered before him. He saw his wonderful mother Mary. He saw gods children. He saw Jerusalem in all its glory. But his eyes finally fell on his good friend and disciple Peter. "Peteeer", he called through painful breaths, "Peeteerr". Peter, the must loyal of all Jesus's follows, jumped in shock. He began to run toward Jesus. "Yes my lord?", Peter replied. But as soon as he began to get close the Romans roared "NO!", and viciously chopped off poor Peters Legs. Peter, wallowing in pain, heard his messiah call him again, "Peeetteeer...peeter", growing more faint with each call. So once again Peter tried, crawling with his arms...pulling as hard as he could. Suddenly, more sharp Roman swords fell upon him. They took his arms this time, leaving him limbless. But as he lay there, face down in the mud, Peter heard the Son of God once more, "Peeteer". So Peter rolled this time with all his might, reaching the bottom of the cross. "Yes my lord, Yes, Yes", he screamed with anticipation, "how can I serve you?" And in his fading breaths, whimpering and quiet, Jesus replied "Peeter...Peter...I..I can see your house from here!".
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