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  2. WOW!!!! I guess you would have heard and not seen the train had it been full of propane
  3. If it’s Wednesday it must be Maine. This stretch is where in 2009 I encountered a derailed train with a propane tank with a gash in it- fortunately empty. I was there before any first responders, so I pedaled out before they shut down the highway, which they did.
  4. maddmaxx

    Deja vu

    Find out where the oven heat vent is. The white stoves I've had have all discolored there from the heat over time.
  5. CANCEL CULTURE!!!!! But I do love you, sheep_herder!
  6. How has this crap been allowed to continue for this long? I think RE just might go on IGNORE!
  7. What about the drunks rights? Why are they being restrained? Many (most) drunks will never kill anyone. Aren't they entitled to basic human rights too? The rights to work, move around freely, be part of society? Seems like trying to force folks to drive while sober is an AWFUL stretch. All that one can ask is that they do what keeps them safe, and ultimately, it is on each person to do that for themselves.
  8. This. I found a piece of metal that fits between the pads. I bent the top some so that it won't fall through.
  9. If you want to fuck with him and he doesn’t have one of the plastic pad spacers, ask him to see one of his credit cards. Fold it in half and push it in between the pads.
  10. It’s a parable. See my video clip above. or below.
  11. What? Are you serious? There is no reason to be scared riding this WIDE road on a bike. You're saying it was more on the lady who intentionally got hit by a drunk driver? You put that on the cyclist? Wow! You blame the cyclist choosing a wide road with nice bike lanes? And consider the intentionally targeting a cyclist by a drunk behaving responsibly? Wow You must be fishing for conflict.
  12. Maybe something poked him in the eye.
  13. Too busy staring at the tatted up ballsack?
  14. Doesn't he have one of those plastic disc brake spacers (the one I use is above the video at bottom) you insert in the hydraulic disc brake's slot between the pads when you take the wheel off? It keeps the pads from closing on each other. The plastic spacer/spreader snaps into place and stays there until you're ready to remove it, though I might wrap a plastic tie around it and the pads if I was transporting it on a back or top of vehicle rack. When I got my new bike, the first one with disc brakes that lock like that (Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc), the LBS gave me a spacer and told me not to forget to slide it in the slot when I took the front wheel off and walked me through it as we laid it on the bed in the back of my Honda Fit. I forgot the insert when I popped the front wheel off the first time I transported it and had to very carefully pry the pads apart with a screwdriver. Now I keep it in a plastic bag in my car's glove compartment and think of it as soon as I pop the wheel off and before putting the bike in the car. As far as hurting sales goes, I was tremendously surprised at the extra time it takes for removing my front wheel and putting it back in place on my $815.99 Trek Verve 3 Lowstep compared to the $329 mountain bike that preceded it. The LBS had to give me a training session when I picked up the bike and had to take the front wheel off to lay it in the bed behind the front seats in my Honda Fit. On my old $329 Mountain Bike - which had Shimano disc brakes - all I had to do was pop a lever and spin it a few times to loosen the front wheel and take it off. Putting it back on meant lining up the disc with the brake pads sliding it into place, spinning the lever to tighten it and snap the lever shut. Now, I have to pop the lever, wind it out a lot of times and remove it and the bolt and spring attached to it completely off the bike and carefully store them. Then I have to slide the disc pad spacer into place - all the while making sure I don't squeeze the brakes by mistakes. Then I do the reverse putting the wheel back on.
  15. Sweet! A half-assed reply and I EQUAL the best Texas can do!
  16. If folks are too scared to go out and ride because the risk of getting hit by a drunk driver, that's more on them than the person just behaving responsibly in the best way they see fit. Heck, that drunk might be in a hurry to get the kids to school or be a doctor on the way to perform a surgery. Let's just let the responsible drunk drivers do their thing in peace without trying to make this some sort of public shaming for a perfectly legit (and common) way of thinking and living.
  17. How is drunk driving responsible for killing this lady? Uh, getting behind the wheel of a car with impaired judgement sounds about right. The second lady killed on that road not long after the first, was just stupidity. Some lady racing around another vehicle and losing control. This one not blamed on drunk driving.
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