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  2. For Wilbur....and others....aerobatics

    I still have a hard time seeing a fixed wing aircraft behave like a rotary wing aircraft and considering it flight. Fixed wing should fly due to air flow over a foil. At times the plane in your video is not flying due to foil lift but due to the lift of the rotary wing. I much prefer the old style Pitts biplane type stuff.
  3. For Wilbur....and others....aerobatics

    Power to weight ratio's, total weight in polar mass moments, control surfaces the size of normal wings. It's flight and it follows the same aeronautical rules but the results are extreme to say the least. I've never been any good at this form of flight. My contest years were spent with engineless sailplanes that flew like trucks compared to these. The multi engine drone/plane as a wave of the future is mostly the product of computers, motion sensors/stability systems and a host of newer technologies. For full sized aircraft I assume that the limiting technology will be the speed of throttle response each of the engines can maintain. At the present time Harriers an Ospreys are very challenging to fly as the pilot can never fall behind the curve without disaster.
  4. Home plan

    Where's the pump track going? Front or back?
  5. For Wilbur....and others....aerobatics

    I see what you mean. My only dislike with RC aircraft is the scaling of motion. Pretty impossible to emulate the real deals though. Maybe emulation isn't the goal though.. Don't know, never tried RC stuff.
  6. Tripod?

    That's a hell of a good tripod. My budget leans more toward the Amazon Basics one shown on the same page. On the bike I carry a monopod (extendable single leg stick with camera mount) because it fits into the equipment bag and still stabilizes the camera when I need it.
  7. For Wilbur....and others....aerobatics

    Perhaps I was being a bit myopic with my definition of flight. I expect a duck to look and quack like a duck. A helicopter that looks like a plane and a plane that acts like a helicopter confuse jsharr. At times the plane in your video post thrashes around in the air sort of like Pris after Deckard shot her.
  8. Tripod?

    Cuda2K said you might look at the Mefoto GlobeTrotter. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/926476-REG/benro_a2350q2t_2_series_travel_tripod_kit.html
  9. File this in the "Yeah, right" category

    It sort of takes you away doesn't it?
  10. Tripod?

    @Square Wheels I FB messaged you.
  11. Ever had a roadrunner run alongside you on your bike? How about seeing jackrabbits, rattlesnakes, scorpions, redtail hawks, and ospreys while riding? Or a desert tortoise? I saw all of those except the tortoise this week on the Wetlands Park Trail, the River Mountain Loop Trail, and the Union Pacific Railroad Trail on the east side of Las Vegas (and I got to watch all of the traffic I was avoiding while on the I-215 trail). The rattler and the scorpion were both dead, and I only saw a sign for the desert tortoise, but the long-legged, long-tailed, long-eared desert jackrabbit (as well as lots of brown cottontails), the roadrunner, and the raptors were moving fast. To see that much wildlife in the desert, one would normally have to suffer a lot more than simply surprising the animals by zooming around a corner on a paved bike path on a road bike; one would instead have to hike, mountain bike, or ride a horse in the blazing sun for hours to do so. Admittedly, there was plenty of blazing sun on my ride, as temperatures were in the 90s with no perceptible humidity, but on a road bike on a paved trail, I was cooled by moving fast and was never far from places to obtain food and water. The suffering was a lot less — perhaps imperceptible. This is possibly my last time ever riding in Las Vegas, now that Interbike is moving away, and I’m going to miss it, especially after finding these trails. Other than the first few times that Interbike had an Outdoor Demo at Bootleg Canyon above Boulder City, I have gotten to Boulder City by bike. To have Boulder be my riding destination, rather than my starting point at home, is a treat; even with temperatures approaching 100, I prefer it to the shuttle bus. Most people’s experience of Las Vegas is innumerable massive, multi-lane roads full of cars, with frequent, slow traffic lights constantly impeding one’s progress. This was also my experience on the bike many times riding to and from Boulder City, with the added hazard at the end of the day of riding uphill on some giant, busy road as I headed due west into the setting sun with drivers coming up behind possibly unable to see me until it was too late. So I started looking for alternatives, and I’ve found some great bike trails, some of which I wrote about a year ago. Many new ones have appeared during the time Interbike has been in Vegas. Since I might not ever get another chance, I wanted to do a huge loop entirely on bike paths to the Outdoor Demo this year, especially because the Demo itself has become so small. There is no way to escape traffic on bike paths near The Strip, but the rest of the ride was sheer bliss. It could be worth your while to come to Las Vegas just to ride its trails, and it certainly is worth bringing a road bike if you are in Vegas for some other reason. (Maybe bring a mountain bike, too, for the trails at Bootleg Canyon, Calico Basin, and Blue Diamond.) You just might find bliss and see a lot of wildlife you might otherwise never see. Check out my trip in these photos: The post Riding bliss in Las Vegas appeared first on VeloNews.com. View the full article
  12. For Wilbur....and others....aerobatics

    Ask a Harrier pilot. Or an Osprey pilot. The world of flight evolves constantly. I see a future where aircraft combine some of the elements of winged flight and multi engined drone flight. The RC world already has some of that. Here is an E-Flight Convergence. It is both a tri motor drone and when the engines rotate into the horizontal It's a winged aircraft.
  13. The Conservative Skirt and Modest Blouse Appreciation Thread

    I will apologize for Cheese even though he is Bikeman's bff. Kzoo, I am sorry you are insane and your taste is in your ass.
  14. The Conservative Skirt and Modest Blouse Appreciation Thread

    Those shoes don't really match that skirt. A different shade would really pull the reddish orange out of the skirt. @AirwickWithCheese please correct this injustice and apologize.
  15. Do you play an instrument?

    I played a kazoo a couple of times as a kid.
  16. Today
  17. For Wilbur....and others....aerobatics

    From the Department of Redundancy Department.
  18. I was on my bike, halfway to the Cross Vegas venue in pitch dark, when I received a breathless call from Bjørn Selander. “Lennard, I need your help,” he said, holding back panic. “I just rolled my rear tire in the course pre-ride!” The Borah Teamwear powered by Bingham Built rider had just flown alone to Las Vegas with one bike and no extra wheels. It was to be the former junior and U23 national cyclocross champion’s first time riding Cross Vegas. His dreams of a good result to restart his cyclocross career and gain some UCI points to qualify for World Cup events after nearly a decade of racing as a pro on the road, including a stint in the white jersey as best young rider at the 2011 Giro d’Italia while on Team RadioShack, were hanging in the balance. I have known Selander since he was a baby and was there when he donned that white jersey, but that Giro (initially won by Alberto Contador on one of the toughest Giro d’Italia courses ever) would mark the beginning of the possible end to a promising road career for him. (Michele Scarponi would inherit the Giro GC and points victories after they, as well as a 2010 Tour win, were stripped from Contador due to a doping violation.) It took all Selander had to complete that super-mountainous Giro because his left leg was going numb and producing far less power than the right leg whenever the hammer came down. This marked the beginning of years in a frustrating odyssey of drifting from team to team due to poor results until finally receiving a diagnosis of iliac artery endofibrosis, the same blood-flow impingement that slowed Joe Dombrowski in 2013. The diagnosis took three years to come to, and, like Dombrowski, Selander eventually had surgery to keep the artery open when pedaling hard. After a couple more years of working to return to form and trying unsuccessfully to continue his road career in the midst of a contracting period among American teams, he had returned to his cyclocross roots on a team with a single member — him. I had agreed to pit for Selander this night, but, until the moment I received his call while riding to the race, I had been relating to the job as being one with nothing to do. After all, I had been to every Cross Vegas since its inception, and, barring crashes, I couldn’t remember any pro rider pitting, thanks to the forgiving nature of the smooth, dry, grass course. Since the pre-ride and course inspection for the pro women and men went from 7-8pm, the pro women started at 8:15pm, and the pro men at 9:15pm, I only departed at 7:11pm for the 45-minute, mildly uphill ride west from my hotel east of The Strip to the race venue. I arrived a bit before 8pm, hoping that while I rode the remainder of the way there, Selander would have found himself a rear wheel to borrow. Alas, he had not. Fortunately, just after entering the venue, I found former Boulder Cyclesport shop owner and my former teammate on its eponymous cyclocross team, Brandon Dwight, stripping some parts off of the bike of Denzel Stephenson (Evol Devo Elite), who is the son of a friend and longtime cyclocross competitor of mine. One of Stephenson’s brakes was not working, so he was borrowing a bike for the race, and the fact that the rear wheel on the abandoned bike had the required 12mm through-axle and 140mm rotor caught my eye. I arranged its loan from Stephenson, pumped front and rear tires on Selander’s bike, and he was back in business. The nice bookend to the story is that Selander finished fourth, a couple of seconds behind Jeremy Powers (Aspire Racing) and another 15 seconds behind Belgian superstar brothers Laurens and Diether Sweeck. Stephenson also had a good result (11th), and the borrowed wheels and bike sustained no damage. Selander’s left leg apparently once again has good blood flow, and his trip was rewarded with some UCI points and prize money in the last edition of this race in Las Vegas. And I was reminded once again that the job of pit crew is largely done before the race, not during it. The post The Cross Vegas Pit Crew’s Job Starts When? appeared first on VeloNews.com. View the full article
  19. The Conservative Skirt and Modest Blouse Appreciation Thread

    I thought Wheels locked and banned this waster of valuable electrons.
  20. Do you play an instrument?

    Ummmmm, I have trouble playing the radio.
  21. Do you play an instrument?

    Yeah, grade school and high school, I played B flat, alto and bass clarinet in school and community stage bands and marching bands. In 10th grade added alto sax. In 11th grade, dropped all woodwind stuff and picked up guitar and drums. Been playing those two ever since.
  22. Do you play an instrument?

    Is this your official first non-cycling thread?
  23. Do you play an instrument?

    RG does lots of solo performances. I played alto sax in jr. high. I have tried to learn guitar multiple times but my fat stubby left handed self has never gotten good at it. Phoebe on Friends is much better than I will ever be.
  24. RG went to a party

    One of us does not like jokes about the others. Watch it pig.
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