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  3. I wonder if he takes cases of beer?
  4. Dang hoopla only has the darn Audiobook.
  5. You and your dog were in a 3 legged race?
  6. The Ohio TOSRV is the original ride. I have not done that one, although I have considered it. TOSRV West was the Tour of the Swan River Valley in Montana. It went from Missoula to Seeley Lake and then on to Swan Lake (or Bigfork) Montana through the Swan River Valley, then on the second day it went along the east shore of Flathead Lake to Polson, then back to Missoula. It was eventually discontinued due to too much nasty traffic on Highway 93 on day 2. Traffic on day 1 also increased significantly. When traffic was lighter, it was an excellent ride.
  7. @BuffJim, best play call of the night by Al, “Wide left. At least it wasn’t wide right, sorry Buffalo.” Go Chiefs.
  8. "Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered - either by themselves or by others." View the full article
  9. I've done some 24 hour races. I did one solo on my SS. It was okay, but after a while it just gets boring. I did get disoriented around 3:00 am. I thought I had left the course. The others I did were just long races that took more than 24 hours. The longest was 35 hours. Seeing the sun rise twice in one race is weird. But the sun rise is such a good feeling after riding all night.
  10. Anyone done those crazy 24 hour mountain bike races? I did a couple years of the 24 hours in the old pueblo, Tucson AZ. The last one I did as duo back in 2011 and it will probably be my last (unless I do a team category some year and can just do a lap or two). The 16 mile laps were pretty fast - 1 hours for the super fast to 2+ hours per lap for the slow amateurs. I got 6 laps in and was dragging tail at the end. I still remember the 2am lap, hoping my headlight wouldn't give out and wishing it was over. My most concerning issue was my jaw was sore and would would click and feel like it was go
  11. 28s are awesome. My new tires are 4". Those are the skinniest tires I've ridden in a while. I'm already looking at a 4.8 for the front. What's up with the cow and parking meter?
  12. And the air in Alberta is often always drier year round, than coastal B.C. People might have humidifers in homes in Alberta or get nose bleeds in winter more often. vs. dehumifiers in a home (if one wants one) on coast or southern Ontario. In summer, I get a little concerned when I forget a bottle of water even going for just a 2 hr. prairie ride and it's not hot. Lack of tree cover in many areas can be a drag. The prairie winds can be something. 70% of the time, approx. 3:30-5:30 pm or so, each day, the wind kicks up in our area, when I would cycling for a longer ride after work....
  13. I got to watch most of the game. Had a team effort nursing my Dad who was in extreme pain when we had to move him to change his bedding. So I missed the Diggs Touchdown. But glad we won.
  14. They are 28s. I can go to 30. Widest tire I've ever ridden. Yup
  15. Wrote professionally as a scientist for many years, not so much anymore.
  16. Skinny tires make me nervous. Is that a plaid cow off to the side?
  17. And she says:”No wonder boys can run faster than girls, they have ball bearings and a stick shift.”
  18. I write blogs and educational articles on topics related to my field of work. They are irrelevant , uninteresting and unrelatable to people who do not do what I do. I do not have the attention span or discipline to write fiction.., my brain just loses interest
  19. Looks like the Bills go through. Congrats @BuffJim
  20. Longjohn

    Chris Horner

    What type of kitchen sink does dearie take on his cross country tours? I always take cast iron but I’m only going a week at at time. For going across the country I would think stainless steel would be better, maybe even a single bowl sink.
  21. Holy irony Replay is the account of 43-year-old radio journalist Jeff Winston, who dies of a heart attack in 1988 and awakens back in 1963 in his 18-year-old body as a student at Atlanta's Emory University. Ken Grimwood was working on a sequel to Replay when he died from a heart attack in 2003 at the age of 59
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