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  2. ...this is the clearest example of someone deranged by anger to the point of incoherence so far in your thread. Again, well done.
  3. ...I must have missed something. I have no right to tell you anything because I'm not Canadian, and she has no right because she is Canadian. You're losing it, man ...why are you so sure it makes yours correct ? ...full on Fox News Canada here. Kudos. ...anger never makes for a clear thought process, now does it ?
  4. But not for the kids.
  5. late

    Chicken feet!

    I use both gelatin, and collagen peptides. Collagen comes from gelatin, which you can get here for close to 1/4 the price. It's what I use the most of. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000MGR302/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 You can also add this to a lot of dishes, usually you won't notice it's there. For breakfast, I stir a teaspoon into my eggs before I cook them. A teaspoon of collagen seems like a lot. But maybe first thing in the morning her body won't turn it into sugar.
  6. Maybe, maybe not. NASA thinks it will have a fusion drive engine in about 20 years.
  7. They would just have to pay their deductible and high deductibles are pretty common. It would be less than $10,000.
  8. Longjohn

    Chicken feet!

    A friend of mine grew up on a poultry farm. Her parents still have it and she works there during the busy seasons, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They process a lot of poultry. I’ll have to ask her what they do with the feet. I’m guessing they throw them away. My wife buys a powdered collagen supplement from Dr. Axe online. I mix a heaping spoonful in her coffee every morning.
  9. I haven’t sold real estate in 20 years. I am a buy and hold type, not a market player. I am well aware of all the market drivers but I suspect a lot of empty homes in Vancouver will have residents again. The fears of 2000, realized.
  10. Better day tomorrow, LJ. Best to Mrs. LJ.
  11. The real estate market isn't totally money laundering...it's also folks like you and I wanted to get the best buck for our homes. And everyone else on this forum when they sell a home. The real estate agents also part of driving the prices upward. I don't feel sorry the news headlines in Canada when they talk about housing prices dropping abit in Vancouver and Toronto....as if it's the most terrible thing. The real estate industry....wants to cause stupid panic in the public for nothing. In Calgary the drop in real estate market is real and tied to floundering oil and gas economy in Alberta.
  12. This looks surprisingly close to a friend of mine. And the tag line is something he would say. LOL He was a character
  13. I started out by having three squamous cell carcinomas cut out and stitched up this morning. One on my nose and two on my chest. The ones on my chest were right over my sternum. One of them feels like they left the scalpel in there when they stitched me up. I went home and worked on the end of my driveway some more where the township truck messed it up. Then I moved firewood and stacked it until the guy with the stair lift showed up. I helped him carry it in and set it up but he couldn’t get it to work. I saw it worked just fine yesterday at his house. We worked on it until dark and he was frustrated, he gave me back $300 of the purchase price and gave me the phone number of the company that services them. It’s probably a fuse or breaker or limit switch but so far I haven’t been able to find it. The lift chair is stuck halfway up the stairs, I hope I can get my wife safely past it in the morning for her appointment with her oncologist.
  14. Hallmarks of the left. Wear them well.
  15. You have no right to tell me to let it be, shootingstar. I have opinions that differ from yours but that doesn’t make yours correct. I don’t like refugees who are not refugees that are gaming the system and the people. There are now calls in parliament for a China policy because of the growing tensions between the HK and PRC Asians right here in Canada. The housing market precludes old stock Canadians of all races because of Asian money laundering and a government too slow to react to demand. You may not see a reason to be angry, but I do and a great many Canadians do. Their lives are being traded for others.
  16. Let it be, Wilbur. Social support system will fail because Ontario provincial premier Doug Ford is making deep cuts in: health care, education, some social services in the last few months. Same flavour is threatening to happen in Alberta with provincial premier Jason Kenney. The police here are concerned about funding cuts to some social service program that's meant to reduce crime, … Kenney doesn't care. Cut. Transit is being cut. It isn't the refugees nor immigrants responsible for this at all. Money is to build a new stadium for $60 million (from the city) with so-called cost-sharing NHL, Calgary Flames. You have no idea the anger of municipal employees what they must do carry out "orders" that make no long term economic sense. If you don't like refugees, then say so. Not the immigrants....who ARE immigrants and have entered legally/approved. You said you aren't blaming them. Then say....refugees.
  17. ...so far, you've mentioned antifa, drugs, and leftists. So you're pretty much right on script.
  18. ...yes, you have. Our immigration system is fucked, and the guy in charge has only exacerbated the problem. ...you got any numbers to back that up, or is this just Fox News Canada talking ? ...maybe, maybe not. You didn't start really talking about it here until our boy Justin came on board as your new PM. ...again, this is Fox talk without some numbers to back it up. ...what procedure and law are you talking about ? ...yeah, it does. I buy vegetables now every Sunday from the children and grandchildren of the Laotian refugees we took in here in the 80's. And all the excellent Vietnamese restaurants here are a product of the same crop of refugees from Vietnam. If you know this to be the case, why are you so down on the freshly arrived ones ? ...you know I'm white, right ?
  19. He tells me a lot as we speak weekly, I don’t know what could have happened but maybe. He doesn’t travel for work nor does he go anywhere for vacation. His life revolves around a 30 mile bubble.
  20. Longjohn

    Fridge died

    He probably keeps his beer in that fridge. Keeping beer in the fridge keeps them happy and a happy fridge lasts a long time.
  21. You are looking at a mirror, not a window. CNN is no bastion of accurate news either. It is the leftist tactics to label everyone they disagree with, not the right. Have fun with your delusions.
  22. ...you're beginning to sound like Fox News, man. Everyone who disagrees with you is an an enemy of the people. Good luck with your friends.
  23. I'm wondering if something happened to him but he hasn't told you yet. I am ..60..so your brother's fear is abit unusual of travelling in the US, his own country solo.....
  24. Longjohn


    That expanding foam is good stuff. I usually just use wasp and hornet spray, spray it in the hole in the bottom of the nest and they are done. The sollege students I used to hire for summer help liked to light the nest after we sprayed it if the nest was in aa hardwood tree. Regular wasp and hornet spray makes them burn really well. The other day on my bike ride I stopped to text my wife to make sure she was ok. I found a bench along the trail. I sat down and before I even got my phone out of my pocket I got stung on the back of my hand and it felt like a burn. I didn’t see who did it so I though they must be inside my glove. While trying to get my glove off I got stung two more times on my neck and chest. A stinking hornet’s nest on the bottom of that bench. Those suckers like to hit and run. I wonder what would happen if I sprayed that nest with HALT?
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