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  2. I am aboot halfway through and so far it has been excellent, very thought-provoking. The arthur is trying to convince the reader that people are basically good as opposed to bad. This is an age old question and he has some new takes on it. He sort of delights in debunking famous experiments like the Stanford Prison experiment and the Stanley Milgram electric shock experiment. He also covers theories on what happened on Easter Island, which is always a fascinating topic. He says he and some of the people who he reports on did a lot of digging into archives and were often amazed at how diff
  3. I agree. I like a lot of the way things used to be. Life was simpler.
  4. What's the dial indicator for? Finding TDC or checking on cam lobes? I can't really tell from the photo.
  5. HBD! Hopefully things in the world will be back to "normal" for the next one.
  6. so much fun when new ones would arrive in the mail 🤗 now everything is email, and click on links no fun IMO
  7. So far, a cheddar cheese bagel at 4:30, thinking about some pad thai next.
  8. Coffee so far. Gonna fry some eggs and bacon and have some of the gluten free pumpkin bread my daughter made. V-8 to wash down my morning meds.
  9. Could you try rice noodles. There are far fewer carbs there.
  10. Womaxx reminds me that when I returned to CT after being in the service that I had a distinct southern accent. I assumed that mixing that with being a sailor would make the response........"I thought ya'll wouldn't give a rats ass".
  11. I just had a leftover everything bagel with pb and hot pepper jelly with hazelnut decaf coffee - very tasty! We are running low on cream cheese so I changed it up and left that for the Mrs. I like pb on a bagel for a change anyhoo. It melts nicely. But we are almost oot of the small jar of Mick's pepper jelly. My wife likes to use that for charcuterie boards so it goes quickly.
  12. That's good because there is nobody else left to make fun of.
  13. The coast, Blue Ridge Park Way, bar-b-que, NASCAR, and Blue Grass music, what's not to like?
  14. Y'all ain't makin the south sound no more appealing than I thinked it was gonna be.
  15. BuffCarla has fallen in love with Portland Maine and Charleston SC (She’s never even been to Charleston). Most likely we’ll stay here because of her large family in the area. And hop in the car when we need a change of scenery.
  16. I share your taste for egg noodles. I wonder if there is a whole wheat version since I heard that is sposed to be much better than refined white wheat for slowing glucose absorption. brb!
  17. Yes and we have to put an down around it because Paulie wants to undecorate it
  18. And Jeetyet. As Jeff Foxworthy explained it means have you had a meal recently. And Monthem. It means your mother and her kin.
  19. Are you saying we shouldn't make fun of him?
  20. donkpow


    I am concerned at this time. We are looking at wider spread of the virus at this time. What that means is a higher percentage of the people you have contact with, are carriers of the disease. Even if contact is incidental, the risk is elevated. Consider, as the frequency of exposure increases, the cumulative risk is increased even when individual carriers aren't super spreaders.
  21. That is a lot of celery for the amount of soup so I bet that helps.
  22. An uncle-by-marriage's uncle owned a lot of Carolina Beach, NC. We used to spend a week there some summers - it's an hour's drive north of Myrtle Beach, SC. You'll have to learn to use phrases like "over yonder" to fit in.
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