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  2. I don't want to jinx it but it was over 2 weeks ago my greatest exposure to possible Corona virus happened out on a Yellowstone boardwalk that I mistakenly got trapped into looking for a path around the geyser. If you recall, some little kid basically sneezed on me. I officially didn't come back from vacation until another 4 days later but I pretty much kept to myself and wife afterward. Given that covid's incubation period is typically between 1-14 days with the most likely time between 3-5 days, i'm going to embrace it and say I don't think I have covid nor that I will come down with it any time soon. In other words, I feel really good to have snuck a vacation in there and hit the window of perhaps best times to go visit. It was great and I highly recommend Jackson and both the GTNP and YNP. Now that I'm back, though, I also recommend flying in. It's a helluva long car ride.
  3. Listen now, the virus knows not to cross state borders.
  4. Well if they're open, they must be safe to go in. Get out there and support the economy.
  5. Small? Who? Refi can help on large loans and early on. Or if you reduce your term from say 30 years to 15. But here's the other thing some of you forget. If DeathJim refi's his 22 year mortgage to a much lower rate then just because it's reset to 30 years does not mean he can make extra payments now that he has extra cash. I'd have to do the math but if he resets it -- he's monthly payment will drop significantly and if he makes 2 or 3 extra payments a year, that 30 years is going to drop back down to like 22. So why bother if it's close to a wash? Because on the months he's tight he doesn't have to sweat it and on the months he's plush he can pay down the principle. At 22 years, he's probably pretty close to being ok either way. Again he would need a real estate refinancial calculator but I myself like the extra freedom it gives you and let's you decide when and how to spend that extra money. Choices.
  6. Me? Good gawd no I'm not refinancing. Been there, done that.
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  8. "Imagination and fiction make up more than three quarters of our real life." View the full article
  9. Allen

    Lighting bug update

    This was uploaded three weeks ago. This is photouris frontalis, the same asynchronous species as mine. I don’t know what kind of camera he used but I asked. They appear at about 8:45. They start kinda slow, and build up to frantic crescendo. At 10:00 they are done. They trail off and stop in just a few minutes. This is what it is like at Springwood.
  10. By the way, the ad that popped up on that link borders on blasphemy.
  11. I searched for Far Side and nothing came up... I suck at the internet
  12. 6 on the commute. 25.5@17.2 on the group ride. 90 degrees. 50% humidity. 14+ mph winds
  13. They cancelled our state fair back in June. https://illinoisnewsroom.org/2020-illinois-state-fair-canceled-due-to-covid-19/
  14. What is the most ideal job for you at this stage (other than retire)?
  15. Allen

    Lighting bug update

    Lighting bugs control the amount of oxygen to regulate the reaction.
  16. TL/DR I wonder if @2Far could post a summary?
  17. I can't even! https://www.thefarside.com/new-stuff
  18. Light production in fireflies is due to a type of chemical reaction called bioluminescence. This process occurs in specialized light-emitting organs, usually on a firefly's lower abdomen. The enzyme luciferase acts on the luciferin, in the presence of magnesium ions, ATP, and oxygen to produce light. I know you already have this information, and this is the reason I could use a firefly tail slurry with other chemicals to bioassay ATP in seeds. We measured the illumination in a scintillation chamber. Abstract of our study
  19. Allen

    Lighting bug update

    I still have the same collecting jar that I used when I was a kid. We kept it in the highest cabinet in the kitchen. When I discovered the synchronous lighting bugs a few years ago I naturally looked in the kitchen to find an empty jar, low and behold it was still there. It’s got to be right about 47 years old, it may oldest personal possession (this jar or my Snoopy mug I still use as my toothbrush holder). Many a bug, lizard, snake, you name it, fish tadpole, who knows what has been in this jar. The little dinks in the lid are from when I tried to poke air holes in It but couldn’t make it through. The big ones My dad made for me. I remember that day. He cut a piece of screen wire into a circle and stuffed it in the lid to keep bugs from getting out of the air holes; that’s still in place too.
  20. I just think that any countries who are still wondering how to deal with the Covid crisis needs only to look at the US and do the exact opposite
  21. My mother was a master of bridge. She played twice a week with her groups. She taught my sister and me how to play, but we never had a fourth, so only played on holidays when her sisters came to visit with their families. Together we usually played gin rummy. She was a master at that too. Absolutely ruthless.
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