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  1. Sounds yummy. I am always delighted by how sweet the rock-like rutabaga tastes.
  2. Do t make fun of Elkton. No wait, I have been there. Carry on. Add a good lemon or tangerine essential oil. Helps clean.
  3. Sashaying into her kitchen holding a little dog dressed as a French maid, Paris greets us by saying: “As you all know – well, maybe not all of you know – people who do know know that I’m an amazing cook.” It’s a 21-word sentence and the first 17 are entirely redundant. All she needed to say was “I’m an amazing cook.” And she is. So long as you remember that ‘amazing’ doesn’t mean ‘good’, or even ‘enthusiastic’. At the very first hurdle – preparing the lasagne sheets – Paris realises she’s been supplied with ones that need to be boiled, and she complains. She shows us all the ricotta she’ll be using, then tells us not to use as much as her. She realises that her mozzarella doesn’t come pre-grated, and sighs with such deep resignation you think she might be about to jack the whole thing in. “This is so brutal” she complains, before discarding an almost untouched block of cheese for fear that the grater will destroy her fingers.
  4. Do you put essential oil in the mix
  5. Do you put essential oil in the mix?
  6. Let me know how it works out. I find it faster.
  7. Airehead

    Gated Cheese

    He does live a guarded life.
  8. U They sell it on amazon.
  9. Great idea. Guess I need to buy cheese powder next time I am here.
  10. I run the dough through my pasta maker because at least for saltines thinner is better.
  11. They are delicious but definitely a pain to make. I usually buy them
  12. I was thinking sprinkle on popcorn
  13. That was pretty durn weird.
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