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  1. So what are your wildest dreams?

    I share Kirby's dream to sleep until I wake up on my own with no alarm or Mr Aire waking me on a day when I am not I'll.
  2. Hope you had a good Sunday....

    Shad a lazy breakfast, stopped and bought a case of wine, and then came home to a perfectly neat house and very tired Airedales. It was a wonderful day. I am sorry that others had to toil.
  3. Is the party over?

    Now with photo. I may share the list above with potential Airedale adopters or maybe with current Airedale owners.
  4. It's nap time.

    Too much partying. Don't you think it is wise of Airedales to abstained from spirits and drugs.
  5. Did I ever tell you about my living room rug?

    A delightful story.
  6. Sliced or spears?

    I am partial to bred and butter pickle. Never with an s on it. They sub for salad. If not them spears of good dill.
  7. Is the party over?

    So much truth but I feel you are too kind.
  8. What are some of the favourite bios and ottobios that you have read?

    I love the autos and bios. I will go to the library and start at A and read one of each letter. A couple of years ago @AirwickWithCheese sent me the biography of Coolidge. It was fabulously written.
  9. Is the party over?

    I am in a hotel room wondering if the Airedales are busy cleaning up the debris from their house party yesterday or are they still sleeping?
  10. The Story of My Trip to the Drugstore

    Were there any fabulous coupons in the pink bag?
  11. A treasure trove from the past

    THANK YOU for sharing. How old were you. When you went in thenany>
  12. Have I been..

    Nope, not at all.
  13. Going to be a hard slog

    Use the support group and use us. You will still need them. We love you and despite the grief we are likely to share their are good folks here. Your wife sounds like a trooper and a champion.
  14. Oh my gosh. If I came out west would you let me hold one?
  15. I never know what to say

    Finally finished my staff letter and also one for the website for parents and community members First sentence to staff---Wednesday’s horrific shooting at a high school in southern Florida was tragic and deeply troubling for those involved and for the entire country. Our thoughts are with this grieving community. Last sentence for the blog- It is so unfortunate that in today’s society we even have to think about such things, but it is a reality. Know that we plan, we drill, we review and we are aware. Our kids are special not because of their needs but because of who they are and we’re committed to doing our best to keep them safe. I am not sure how many more times I can write these letters. I had lots of trouble sleeping last night. I really can't keep them safe.