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  1. Airehead

    Can you make amends?

    Robert is a man I have been lucky enough to do a couple of ultra marathons with-- at midnight there are interesting conversations, I found this article equally thought provoking. A worthy read ---- someone pease tell me how to insert a link
  2. Airehead

    Help Me Decide

    At my wedding, the song was Unforgettable -- the duet version with NAt and his daughter. It was a surprise and it was wonderful. This is what I told Ralph when he asked. OH my gosh. I think I have been waiting to answer this question my whole Iife-- so many lyrics stuck in my head-- 1. I loved her first by Heartand I loved her firstI held her firstAnd a place in my heart will always be hersFrom the first breath she breathedWhen she first smiled at meI knew the love of a father runs deepAnd I prayed that she'd find you somedayBut it's still hard to give her awayI loved her first 2. Paul Simon- Father and Daugher there will never be a father that loves more than I love you 3. Daddy;s Angel-- I can only remember the part that says-- I am giving you away but I'm not letting go 4, Daddy;s Little Girl- Tim McGraw You're beautiful baby, from the outside inChase your dreams but always knowThe road that will lead you home againGo on, take on this old world but to meYou know you'll always be my little girl 5. And maybe my current favorite by Miranda Lambert-- He gave me roots, she gave me wings
  3. Airehead

    Figure skates are for girls

    I learned to skate on boy's hockey skates---- lots of brothers and no sisters.
  4. Airehead

    Does anyone believe

    I say he quit until they finished filming the commercial
  5. Airehead


    Dogs are a special kind of crazy. Well, at least Airedales.
  6. Airehead

    Snow down south

    And maybe other parts of the south. Tennessee and North Carolina already have warnings. Grocery stores are likely empty. Where the heck is @BuffJim when you need a gloom and doom weather report?
  7. Airehead

    Slightly unaware of his role and impact

    The passage of time, so bittersweet.
  8. Airehead

    Recollection cookies

    This morning, I made peppermint chocolate chip cookies. This was a recipe I loved to make with my grandmother as a child. Then there was the year that my grandfather taught me the secret of these cookies. Pop-pop called me over for a secret conference and said," Do you know, they are so good because she uses last year's candy canes?" He was right, she did. My grandmother lived through the depression and certainly had a waste not, want not mind set. The cookies are still good in that old fashioned way. I always smile while I bake them.
  9. Airehead

    A few from this mornings walk

    I lays enjoy taking a walk with you.
  10. Airehead

    Under contract

    IN theory the house will be done on January 20 and we close the following week. If not, likely stay with an Airedale friend who can accommodate our dogs. Back up is actually an RV on new site.
  11. Airehead

    Under contract

    May need to. Will need the stove too. But same issue of where we put the Airedales while we work.
  12. Airehead

    Under contract

    Airedales don't like yurts.
  13. Airehead

    Under contract

    We got two offers on our current house on Wednesday. There was a 40k difference. We took the higher one that was our asking price. Now the new house better start moving along.