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  1. Airehead

    Anybody want to hear about my weekend?

    Your wife is amazing.
  2. Airehead

    Starting to give away/offer stuff to family...

    This is our plan too
  3. Airehead

    Starting to give away/offer stuff to family...

    Zagging through this now. So much stuff each piece attached to memories. Some stuff has to go and the memories stay.
  4. Airehead

    Eat & seldom ask questions

    There is asking and there is drilling. That feels rude and I rarely invite those people a second time.
  5. Airehead

    BuffJim... where are you? Status please!

    Do you need anything
  6. Airehead

    Is epoxy a good gift

    Good question. I know the barn floor has to cure before the padding and mats can be placed.
  7. Airehead

    Is epoxy a good gift

    Should I tell him or have builder do it as a surprise
  8. Airehead

    Io ho cinquanta anni.

    Happy birthday. How are you celebrating?
  9. Airehead

    Is epoxy a good gift

    Yes so this is for the new floor we will likely have a spell of homelessness in between the current house and the new house I was thinking maybe mats but what if snow water gets under and the salt eats the cement?
  10. Airehead

    Is there a word that you cannot say?

    I can never pronounce oscillating
  11. Airehead

    Is epoxy a good gift

    I like the idea because there is nothing to wrap. It looks clean. Just looked at our 30 year old concrete and it is showing some wear
  12. Airehead

    Is an e gift poxy?

    I laughed
  13. Airehead

    So, I'm walking to the 'Y'...

    Definitely a story that makes you pause and think.
  14. Airehead

    Is epoxy a good gift

    Mr. Aire is having a birthday. Would epoxy coating on the new garage floor be a good gift? He loves his garage.
  15. Airehead

    Material things or time?

    Time for surw