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  1. Is it stuff you can sell on Facebook market place?
  2. I say just wait. If it isn’t falling, it isn’t full.
  3. My kids are adopted, I always remember their birthdays and gotcha day. Mr. Aire came into their life later. He remembers their birthdays. My parents had a dozen kids. Dad always remembered dates. My mom was too busy stopping us from doing unsafe things to worry about dates.
  4. I wish I was riding a scooter around Milan. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Would you come here and let me make you crab cakes. I am sure that you will not be disappointed.
  6. You were moving snapping turtles out of harms way.
  7. Such great flashbacks. You both were cute
  8. My friend is Phoenix has a lawn service that brings goats a couple times a years. They don’t really have grass per see but they have weeds and brush the goats eat.
  9. But the jury is still out on how well it will cut, correct? Light weight may be good for your shoulder and hopefully still do a tidy job.
  10. Do not even put it down without a pad. The pad will keep the rug in better shape.
  11. Airehead

    Sunday Dinner

    @BuffJim, same here. My grandmother insisted. Guests were frequently included and it was always delicious.
  12. My middle girl is having trouble today. I am not sure why this year seems harder than the last 25 plus for her. She sent this picture of her dancing at our wedding. Marrying all four of them is something I do not regret. Coincidentally I just hung our engagement gift. It is actually a barrel top label that was used to send apples by train in the old days. The card said something about you aren’t marrying an apple, you are getting the whole bushel. The girls love this label and Mr Aire understands.
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