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  1. That is a lot of celery for the amount of soup so I bet that helps.
  2. Who are the luck recipients even though it doesn’t matter to the story’s intrigue.
  3. In the old days you used to get a chicken barbecue at the top of the hill. Made the climb worth it.
  4. Joy is a lovely thing. Enjoy that someone was thinking of you.
  5. I like the one with seed in his beak.
  6. I said the same thing Einstein was against buying it. I think it was in Frankenmuth.
  7. Oh speaking of Annapolis. @MickinMD, we found a steamed crab on Solomon’s Island.
  8. @Kirby is right. Every year we think there are no more different ones and then we find one. Like this potato we bought in Annapolis. We then had to find a steak to go with it. There may not be an end.
  9. I tried that one year and we had two very sick standard poodles. I think mostly because they are them all with the plastic.
  10. New this year were guacamole and a life sized tater tot.
  11. And the big tree is all blown glass food ornaments. Some are common like cake or pie or a gingerbread man. Some are unusual like endive or cabbage. Who even knew there was a market for cabbage Christmas ornaments. These were both made in Poland.
  12. He also started giving me crystal snowflakes each year. We out grew the brass food tree and got a bigger one and outgrew that one too. Now the little brass tree has Airedale ornaments and the bigger brass tree has the snowflakes.
  13. It all started when my five year old daughter bought me an ice cream cone ornament one summer in Chestertown, Md. She bought it with her own money. I hung it in the kitchen and then in a special spot on the tree. Then other people gave me ornaments. For a couple years there was no tree, Santa found us at MeeMaws. Then slowly joy returned and we put up the tree with that ornament in a special spot. Then a few years later Einstein came into our lives and he bought a little brass tress to hang the food ornaments on and we still had. Regular tree.
  14. Airehead


    Oh dear. Praying this goes easy.
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