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  1. Cooking is an art--- do whatever you like. Baking is a science--- measure and follow the directions. For bread I weigh ingredients in grams.
  2. I think I am focused on the getting ready steps-- savings, retirement home, and stuff like that. I don't like my work as an educator in COVID but I used to like it pre-COVID
  3. Airehead


    have you had your rpocedure @Longjohn
  4. Paws and Pilots https://www.pilotsnpaws.org/
  5. You must preheat the pot for 30 minutes at 400 degrees. Don't short cut this. This allows the moisture in the sticky dough to turn to steam and cause the bread to rise nicely and form a "good crumb".
  6. Airehead


    Are you without food again while you sit around waiting?
  7. Airehead


    I dislike that you have this but I like that you will be drugged when they try to fix it.
  8. Sounds fun in a different kind of way
  9. Airehead


    Prayers to you and your doctors for skill and wisdom. Check in when you can.
  10. https://joyfoodsunshine.com/easy-no-knead-bread/ there is also good info on the King Arthur site.
  11. Einstein had issues for months after one of the nerve blocks after the plane crash but not on another occasion.
  12. Aero Airedales Acres. Pre-retirement just in case I don’t make it.
  13. I was at work with all of my leadership team-- trying to figure out the impossible in that evening. We worked Sunday until midnight, went home and came back Monday at 7AM
  14. Seems early this year. Then it will be dark when I go to work again.
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