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  1. Airehead

    Dharavi slum Mumbai India

  2. Airehead

    Sure glad I listened to that little inner voice.

    Listening to that voice is important-- glad you did!
  3. I spent two hours with the kitchen designer yesterday . I think my head will explode. Why do you love about your kitchen? So far I am thinking I need a cupboard for cookie sheets and a doo-hickey that holds the Kitchen Aid mixer so it pops up to a work surface and you never have to lift it. I plan to stay in this house for years.
  4. Airehead

    So I just deactivated my S&H green stamps club account...

    I need a hair dryer. Can I have your stamps?
  5. Airehead

    No lunch thread?

    Half a bagel, some. Lox, and a few capers
  6. Airehead

    Macaroni salad

    What do you put in yours?
  7. Airehead

    All done..waiting for the bus

    Sometimes the best part of the adventure is the bragging rights.
  8. Airehead

    What were you doing last night?

  9. Airehead

    What I learned today

    Good point. I'll take it.
  10. Airehead

    Adam the Scientist

    Sounds like you both had fun.
  11. Airehead

    First Podium in short track

    The little @Parr8heds belong to all of us. Many of us were there when they were born and Mrs Parr8 has Finaly forgiven her hubby for that. We will be there when they marry.
  12. Airehead

    A few from today

    Love them all but the first one is wow!!!!!
  13. Airehead

    I still remember

    Me too, me too
  14. Airehead

    Have you ever had to call for a ride home ?

    Yes with motors. Your story is semi familiar . We did a tandem century and it was hot. Very hot. I loved it. Mr. Aire was struggling. He got a cramp in the last mile. Stretched and we rode to finish but I could tell he wasn't ok. Got to the finish and he got a cramp in his thigh so bad that he could not get off the bike--- for like ten minutes. He could not drive us to the motel. It was a terrible night. He should have gone for fluids. I was very worried.