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  1. what is the world is on your head?
  2. I think I must be missing some political or in fighting that is splitting the forum and upsetting people.
  3. Lindy at this moment. Waiting for someone to play so he has staked out a spot under the table. He thanks Ylva kindly for the toy.
  4. Has @Randomguy also abandoned us?
  5. In my line fo work, I often have bruises that look like bad tattoos. I dont have an tattoos that look like bad bruises.
  6. I would donate them to an outreach center and take the write off
  7. Airehead

    Chicken feet!

    I get chicken feet and necks at the butcher. I use them in the dog food
  8. What do luxury cars have to do with protests? Is protesting only for the poor?
  9. What do your buddies do for a living? I have randomly assigned them occupations.
  10. Enjoy your dinner. It is fun to do things like that. I don't think that old and fearful of cities is really the matter. It think it might just be old and fearful of adventure or change. I don't like big cities now so being old likely wont change that. I dont want to grow old and fearful of not trying new things or stopping to do things I do now (like saying I'm too fearful to ride horses or sail or run on snow covered trails).
  11. Airehead


    How long does it last?
  12. Please wish him well for learning the maximum he can.
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