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  1. Airehead

    Proud of son

    So good when the kiddos make us proud.
  2. Airehead

    Weekend plans the middle of August?

    My daddy is here. Family trap team in a tournament tomorrow. Me, sis in law, dad, and brother, niece.
  3. Airehead

    Are you going to consider me 'officially' old . . .

    Nope. You have a young heart.
  4. Airehead

    Way too early to start a Friday

    I was up early too. Cooking because my dad is coming to visit and he misses cooking since my mom passed. Tuna macaroni salad made and brownies and a cute salad and a regular pasta salad and a marinade for tomorrow’s shrimp. I feel like @F_in Ray Of Sunshine Doing all this before 6 am.
  5. Airehead

    Another cousin passed away

    I am sorry for your loss. I know where you fished. Do you know my grandparents had a summer place at Solomon's Island. Still in my family. When I was a kid we thought it was boringggggggg. Never wanted to go there. Well except for the general store that had penny candy, a one-armed bandit and an old fashion Coke machine with little bottles. My great grandfather used to send us there for cigarettes and gave us a dollar not to tell. pa's MomMom. (Great grandmother). He was a funny old Irishman. Took up with the Quakers to marry her, but definitely did his own thing. He taught me to play the fiddle on the porch in the evening. I have fond memories of a family pick up band. Everyone played or tried or cooked food. Well that is my memory of south of Annapolis.
  6. Airehead


    And this is why I love you for real.
  7. Airehead

    Sea otter cam is better than Mile City cam

    Those are some fightin' words. Nothing is better than the Miles City Cam!
  8. Airehead


    I am worried about Mr. Cheese. Seriously. This could be a major issue. Yes, I know I worry too much. I sent him a text last night and another this morning and have not heard back from @AirwickWithCheese Has anyone heard from him?
  9. Airehead

    Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs...

    Everyone thinks they know better. Many people think signs are for folks who aren't as skilled as they are Some people don't give a hoot A few cannot read.-- these are the ones I feel sorry for.
  10. Airehead

    The cap has arrived.

    Whenever I see cap, I think of corrective action plan.
  11. Airehead

    Rain ends heat returns

    Our yard is brown and crunchy in spots. This is not normal. We finally got rain on Tuesday but some places got 9 inches--- so feast or famine here for rain for sure.
  12. Airehead

    Any ham radio users on here?

    @Digital_photog is hammier than anyone I know. He can probably build you a cool set up from spare parts in his glove compartment.
  13. Airehead

    What a crew

    What a lovely family memory. Poor Nana
  14. Airehead

    My not so great, great win

    Heavy word to use in chess