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  1. Topics you enjoy most

    why doesn't he do this anymore?
  2. For TK and others

  3. Important message from Airehead

    I am listening to the bee gees and thinking about drinking. I have not unpacked.
  4. Topics you enjoy most

    I like topics about people at work.
  5. A fun, kid friendly song, written by my son.

    He is a good man
  6. I really want to...

    New to me but definitely worth checking out.
  7. Important message from Airehead

    I would never say this.
  8. Important message from Airehead

    Well after a very exciting, painful, emotional day--- we did not buy a house again. Full price offer plus 30K. They turned it down and took an offer at 25k above list but those folks were willing to wave the home inspection. I thought that was unwise. I have learned here that a home inspection is wise. We are once again new homeless. 😿
  9. three hole punch follies

    I want to know more about the hole punch.
  10. One for the O.G. Love Forum folks.

    I would love for Jim to return
  11. Airinpie's first non-cycling related thread.

    How about telling us about a favorite food you like to cook for your family or your earliest memory as a child or why you love David Cassidy.
  12. How was your Sunday?

    Put an offer in on a new house. Sat around and worried about the escalation clause in the offer for the rest of the day.
  13. More vagabond style fodder

    The siding is a nice touch. It kind of looks like it could be a boat as well as a road vehicle.
  14. DAughter #1 and I made a nice kale chicken-strawberry-walnut salad

    What kind of dressing?
  15. Did someone say cheese?

    Show us the cheese