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  1. Airehead


    So all of you have heard from him but I get nothing, nada, zilch. Humpphf. guess I know where my Airedales rank.
  2. I love it when that happens.
  3. Airehead


    Absolutely true around here. Most people are assume positive and quarantine. No official counts of them. Sick enough to need a hospital is when you get tested.
  4. Airehead


    I know he doesn’t come here but has anyone heard from him?
  5. Yes, it would surprise me.
  6. Airehead


    I be ieve he just had a family member die. Might be at the drive by funeral— not kidding. Also, in Monroe county the morgue is full and they have brought in refrigerator trucks as mobile morgues.
  7. Mr and Mrs Digi are making masks for my group homes. I am grateful. I am making some too. The number needed per person is three. One on the face, one I the laundry, and one in the pocket in case one on face gets soiled.
  8. How are you feeling?
  9. Airehead


    Number of covid positive deaths in New York State in the last 24 hours. But yet people are still believing they won’t get it. What will it take for people to get wise.
  10. Trash can, is that such a tough concept?
  11. Are they making masks out of coyote fur?
  12. This is pretty much what the physician that did Mr. Aire's procedure was wearing two weeks ago. Very sad
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