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  1. I feel so sad for her. Anyone know what really happened?
  2. Sad, isn’t it. Just watched.
  3. Thanks for the warning.
  4. I put baking soda on mine. Then peroxide. Then more baking soda. Let sit an hour.
  5. no green pepper? It is needed for the richest flavor.
  6. Airehead


    Taste them and in the future whip up even better batches in your kitchen.
  7. I thought sorghum, too. I thought your neighbors were Amish?
  8. My two cents-- early communication and written directives are key to this type of plan. @Scrapr is one who can speak to the dignity and peace it brought his family. My mom wished she had the option and did not-- that was crushing.
  9. Christmas China will always be a festive way to celebrate. I suspect she will use the Spode Christmas and make memories. Heck, you can even eat pizza on it. I think it would be great if she could have these. Seems like if your mom is still able, she should be passing out stuff--- not your brother.
  10. @UglyBob, go get a picture of him all grown up, please. Was there a reason for Pokey to leave? I cannot remember how/when he left.
  11. When I was first married to Husband 1, we would shop very frugally. We would often have enough money left over for a bag of pretzels or a store brand two liter coke-- but not both. I can still remember discussions over which we would get. I miss those days.
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