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  1. Airehead

    Red Walrus

    Yeah--- sorry that you were sick and glad you are better. Hopefully life is treating you kindly.
  2. Airehead

    Four hrs and counting in the ER

    Odd choice if she is on a nothing by mouth diet.
  3. Airehead

    Caramel corn

    why would you cut the amount of caramel?
  4. Airehead

    Red Walrus

    I thought she would show up to wish us Happy Valentine's Day. She didn't. @Redfacedwalrus made me sad.
  5. Airehead

    Four hrs and counting in the ER

    Oh dear. Did youlisten?
  6. Airehead

    Four hrs and counting in the ER

    Prayers to you both. Keep,us informed.
  7. Airehead

    Back from Chatty

    Such an amazing learning experience for him.
  8. Airehead

    I blame RG for this travesty

    Tomatoes are only good if they are actually tomatoes not those rock hard slightly orange things most places pass off as tomatoes and then hide with mayo and lettuce. And be nice to DH
  9. Airehead

    Dr forum come in please...

    Recall your GP
  10. Airehead


    Jackalope for dinner?
  11. Airehead

    So do any of you bastards know where my fleece pullover went?

    I borrowed it because I was chilly.
  12. Airehead

    A tempest in a teapot

    I am not goods at mixing teas. Never get it quite right
  13. Airehead

    I am ready for a weather change...

    Me too
  14. Airehead

    Bo got himself stuck.

    He is so cute.
  15. This would be better. Stream and a zip line. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/29-Small-Mountain-Dr-Asheville-NC-28805/5630220_zpid/