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  1. That was last weekend. Do try to keep up.
  2. Congratulations . Enjoy a wonderful, peaceful retirement. I might have used Alice Cooper.
  3. This may be true. Also he thought the food was pretty good last time.
  4. Admitted or just getting some tests? We are all sending prayers, vibes, or whatever we have.
  5. May be too soon to joke with @goldendesign
  6. We did meet our forum goal for the day of 350 posts.
  7. Airehead

    New Oogs

    Who will get Molly?
  8. Is it warm weather or warm food
  9. I am trying to get some work done among a million zooms.
  10. I just caught up---- he seemed very happy on the podium With the big bunch breathing down his neck at 200m to go, van der Hoorn notched his first grand tour win — and the first win for his team’s WorldTour debut — as the only man remaining from an all-day break. “After the finish, I was thinking: ‘Is this real?’” van der Hoorn said from the podium. “I didn’t believe when we had one minute with 25k. I just think that half-percent it’s enough chance and I just take it.”
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