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  1. I am not surprised to hear this. Question in my mind is whether it was a suicide or he died of being out there after suffering?
  2. No I would not. Too structured. I am however seriously planning a Danube River cruise for 8 days highlighting some wonderful Christmas markets. 125 people on the boat. Really more of a floating hotel. Budapest to Vienna.
  3. Airehead

    Junk Drawer

    Thanks for explaining. I thought it was a dumb ass.
  4. Airehead

    Junk Drawer

    Might be true but I do not want to see a picture of that!!
  5. I,would like to be at either of your houses. I had a pear.
  6. The default should be stream and I pity the fool who changes mine.
  7. You are right. I was trying to forget that.
  8. Airehead


    Who do they contact?
  9. Airehead

    Junk Drawer

    Each person should post a picture of their junk drawer. (NOT their junk pouch!) I am driving home right now to take a picture of our last drawer in the kitchen, right above the cupboard where we keep dog foods, dog medicines, dog vitamins, and stainless steel dog bowls. We do not keep treats in that cupboard because Paulie opens it and takes out treats when we are asleep.
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