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  1. One is sold and the little girl is left but I think the breeder will show her.
  2. I haven’t made any yet this year
  3. Aussie and pit mix maybe? Has an Aussie eye
  4. Nope, they call him Paulie. We will name him Trevorwood Air Racer of Aero. Paul Mantze was a famous air racer in the 1930’s. He was also a student pilot. He was skilled but did some things that got him in trouble. For example buzzing the train carrying high ranking officials to his graduation. He got kicked out of the Army for that. Ask @Kzoo, he can tell you Airedale’s are skilled but naughty.
  5. Looks more like Memorial day
  6. Grandchildren are the best
  7. So it is in a computer data base?
  8. Happy Birthday. Eat cake
  9. He raised his hand and said pick me. So we did. He joins the duo of destruction and once again they will be the trio of trouble. @Couch_Incident has volunteered to puppy sit if we have to take the big dogs to a trial. @AirwickWithCheese will be the god father. Paulie is a handsome boy.
  10. Yes you should be. She will wake up full of energy.
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