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  1. It is primarily a business transaction but more. It is relationships. When we so d our last house we did so knowing that the neighbor who shared the drive would still be living there. We like them and hoped the new owners would continue that positive relationship. We took a little less in money to know that the new people were a good fit.
  2. Airehead


    How do you feel @Randomguy?
  3. Until this thread, I thought waiting for the chickens to cross the road was exciting.
  4. Airehead

    Should I Go?

    Skip it for sure. The real question is why do your wife and daughter have to go?
  5. Airehead


    They reprogrammed it and now we wait until Thursday to see.
  6. Airehead


    Fingers crossed that it goes well and is helpful.
  7. @Scrapr, fingers crossed it works out well and your heart has peace. It is not all about the money even though that is a facet.
  8. Airehead


    How do you f eel today?
  9. That should be way cheaper than Fuji.
  10. Airehead

    Bed sheets

    White and cotton and good quality. Worth the investment and will last for years.
  11. I have never bought it in a can. I use not meat crumbles sometimes instead of ground meat. You cannot tell.
  12. Honey crisp are way. Healer here than Fuji. We got homegrown Symthe this week. Sweet and crisp and delicious. This farm is the only place I have ever seen them and Mr Bishoping says some of his trees are over 100 years old.
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