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  1. I am truly fascinated by the lightening bug stories and your knowledge of them.
  2. I spend 80 percent of the first 40 hours of my work week in meetings right now.
  3. Airehead

    Hit and run

    I have spent some happy hours in junk yards looking for Corvair parts.
  4. Interesting given how high the positive numbers are growing but Maryland isn’t as fast as Delaware. Only a matter of time.
  5. I am in the five to six hour a day mask range. You get used to it but they are hot. Same here
  6. OSHA is suggesting break rooms remain closed.
  7. Also a heat wave here. Maybe some weekend rain.
  8. I just cashed out40. The only time in 20 years we have made that offer and 40 was the cap.
  9. Yes, my grandmother had this game and liked to play with us. She expected us to follow the rules, my grandfather could be persuaded that "our rules" were the right rules
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