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  1. What do you use? I want to book two tickets to Australia for January. Usually Mr, Aire does these things but it won't be a surprise if he has to book it. Going to see Airedale friends at Wombat Bend.
  2. Congratulations grandpop!
  3. strep throat
  4. Gus is a smart guy-- he has people to do his mechanical work!
  5. What did you buy?
  6. I haven't thought about giving up cycling but when given very little recreational/leisure time something else seems to take priority. This weekend it was competing in agility with Lindy. So maybe I have given it up not by thinking about it but by thinking about other things.
  7. How do you know the amount to pay for the person behind you?
  8. Keep an eye on it over the next couple of days-- it could have scratched your cornea.
  9. Do they have to draw to a certain theme?
  10. Sounds lovey. Does she have a bike?
  11. A weird camera angle with a taxi in front of the bar. Does the town really want the bar sign to be the first thing visitors see?
  12. How many elope ride at an event Ike this?
  13. Did you see the woman in the white hat and shorts? What is she doing?
  14. Great eyes and paws. I am not sure that you can buy clutch balls anymore.