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  1. Me too it it drives Mr. Aire nuts. Must be a sheet. I kick it to his side.
  2. Do you like a blanket year round? What do you like for fall. I am still in two light blanket stage.
  3. But alas the cruise is over.
  4. Airehead

    Fence me in

    They really do try hard. I really am humbled and grateful that we get to live here. Really nice neighbor in the farm house next door. Lovely property with 100’s of acres of protected wetlands behind our property. A great barn and an easy to tend house. I count my Blessings each day.
  5. Airehead

    Fence me in

    I have no idea but they are done.
  6. Bleach is not recommended for stainless steel. It corrodes the welds. Throw a denture cleaning table in there and you will be amazed at how awesome it cleans. I make a citric acid and washing soda natural version of the denture tab. It works well, too.
  7. Airehead

    Fence me in

    Well they never took this off the truck. So far digging Ll holes by hand to avoid messing up the sod.
  8. Airehead

    Folks with pets.

    Airedales aren’t any Different but they get groomed almost daily.
  9. Puffy pastry on top versus the crumble mixture.
  10. Peoply can both good and bad. Nice time to celebrate your mom being able to celebrate.
  11. We ended up using tan colors. It picked up the warmth of the floor floor and really seems to accentuate the mantelpiece and surround. I originally wanted white tile but glad we went this way.
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