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  1. Ahh… I get it now. Your friend is a Walrus and you’re the Egg Man. I’ve learned a lot in the last couple of days.
  2. We ate at BWW today. Buffalo, Asian Zing, and Medium sauce. Yummy!
  3. Especially because I’m in the cue to win that vaccination lottery dosh! I’ll share afterwards.
  4. You are wise. I’m all over it, now.
  5. Every parking lot in CO smells like weed now. There’s a dispensary next door to Voodoo Donuts in Denver. Get you some donuts while they get their indica.
  6. After a few object lessons, I learned it works.
  7. There’s a popular route along Tramway that takes five short climbs into the foothills. It’s called The Fingers. The middle climb ends at a picnic site and trailheads into the Sandias. I’ve climbed it hundreds of times, but today I wasn’t feeling it. The road surface is in bad shape and I’m too slow to compensate for the bumpiness. Still, had a fun ride after all. https://www.relive.cc/view/vPOpYp4PgE6
  8. I will gladly forward the cash to you by mail. Do you accept currency from New Mexico?
  9. When traveling between different altitudes, I wrap bottles of lotion and stuff in plastic wrap so that if the lid pops under the pressure the contents won’t get all over everything.
  10. Ok, so even as we speak mr. is on the phone with a card company about some airline charges we didn’t make. They shut the card and are sending us replacements with a new account number. Peace be the system.
  11. Master of deception that you are…
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