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Community Answers

  1. Advent is loosely related to Santa Claus, though. It’s the Christian season of “you’ll take whatever the hell is behind that door and like it, you ungrateful brat.” The season of anticipation for God’s grace.
  2. It’s an Advent calendar, though. Of course anyone can pick up a few interesting beers. That’s not the point of the Advent countdown to Christmas, the anticipation of not knowing what’s behind each day’s little door, opening the seal and finding the unexpected. To be fair, mr. didn’t want to drink some of the beers, but he always liked the moment of anticipation.
  3. I bought a beer Advent box from Costco for mr. a few years ago. All imports.
  4. No, but I know someone who spent two months cruising around the Pacific. They enjoyed themselves, and then moved into a 55+ apartment complex.
  5. Password reset is my go-to password.
  6. My new normal is checking that the switch is set to stream before turning on the faucet. The burden of evidence is on the affirmative, though, so I’m used to it.
  7. Do us all a solid, and make sure it’s on stream when you’re finished.
  8. Enough with the wise cracks.
  9. No time for dinner, or feeling under the weather?
  10. I’m making green chili chicken enchiladas.
  11. Let’s say you have a kitchen sink faucet that toggles between stream and spray. The default setting of every other faucet is stream. So, why set the toggle to spray? I don’t remember anyone previously using the free-hand sprayer to say wash your hands, fill the sink, add water to a pan for Ramen noodles. But now we’re supposed to just use the faucet on spray all.the.time. And then wipe up water when it splashes all.over.the.kitchen.
  12. Ima have duck sauce with my soylent green.
  13. All those desperate, post-apocalyptic condiment starved people best keep their hands off my packets. I’m going to be the wealthiest person on the block. Better than Bitcoin.
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