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  1. #ShallowDown marketing to Boomers.
  2. Happy birthday. I hope padding your activities resume with “participation” in The Cafe had the intended effect.
  3. You made it weird with your thread title allusion to whoring linked to @Randomguy. That longing you feel for a simpler time, back when people could have an innocent convo about an engineered food product, is ironically the result of your own enthusiasm. So, off you go. Have yourself a little talk, dribbling its name. It’s sullied for the rest of us.
  4. We’ve been watching on Amazon. Partway through season 2, we stopped.
  5. So, what’re your thoughts about Westworld? That’s the dystopia currently on the table for analysis.
  6. Trigger: We do a puzzle together at Christmas, and one year it was of a Thomas Kincaid house and garden. It was so hard. The background pieces for trees, etc. were nearly indistinguishable.
  7. Paint the living areas. Maybe ride my bike a little. #2 son has a softball tournament Saturday morning. He plays catcher, and at practice last Sunday he made the catch and tagged his friend Reagan out at home.
  8. Thanks to autocorrect and shoddy proofreading.
  9. Yours are the ones who lived. @smudge and I lost the young uns from the nests.
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