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  1. Was that hard for you?
  2. That sounds like the cowgirl position.
  3. Living in NJ gives you license to do all sorts of aberrant things, go for it!
  4. My go to fake canned San Marzano tomatoes have been tasting off for the last 5-6 months or so. Could it be that canning season is limited and they sold me the supply of lesser winter tomatoes?
  5. You will be ok if you just stop pooping.
  6. I have had that in real hispanic dives, and it is pretty tasty! I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did.
  7. Some of them do that. Tabasco use is like a dog rubbing its butt on a rug, and now that rug is gonna be all dogbutt flavored forever, and anything you put sriracha on tastes like everything that has sriracha on it, kind of overwhelms whatever it is on, which is fine if you want that flavor at that moment. I like Louisana sauce because it seems to work with what it put it on without stamping an overriding taste on it. The hot stuff that is hot for the sake of being hot doesn't do much for me unless the flavor it adds is more noticeable than just the extra heat. It brightens mediocre food an
  8. Ah, they all have merit. I favor the ones without garlic, because garlic gives me reflux all night.
  9. I ate tofu last night, it was good.
  10. Save that talk for RE, he is into the nut milks!
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