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  1. I call at least once a week, more if I know they aren’t feeling well.
  2. WRONG! Only a lunatic doesn’t consume a PBJ immediately.
  3. NJ is bad, you will have to bring some proper KK from your home state.
  4. I think the Raiders money had clauses that allowed the team to cut him cleanly. The Patriots have to pay him the signing bonus of $9M plus a guaranteed salary of $1M, unless the terms also include some termination for dumbfuckery clauses. For the record, AB is an an ass, and I think a fairly bad egg. I don’t doubt he has the capacity to do bad things, and I think he has, when convenient, done bad things. Did he do these things, though? I doubt we will ever know the truth. That said, lotsa bad egg chicks out there will lie, cheat, and kill to take advantage of rich and dumb athletes, too. I suspect AB does what he wants, legal or not, but I suspect very strongly that this accuser knew exactly what she was signing up for. VERDICT: money grab.
  5. I approve of this thread. Sorry about being late to the party.
  6. He is coming back in several weeks. Please coordinate with him and I will try to arrange an RO meet and greet.
  7. There are no Krispy Kreme locations here. Real estate costs too much for the footprint they need.
  8. Theoretically, you could have one doughnut. Is it ever really one doughnut, though? My experience says it is four doughnuts if you start down that path. Chocolate doughnuts are wrong, agreed. I would allow a Boston cream doughnut as the lone exemption.
  9. I had beer with Reverend Maynard on Thursday, and it was fun, as expected! We had mediocre pizza, cold beer, and nice ice cream. There is still time for all those things next time he is in town.
  10. You need extendible vegetation, like lettuces. Lots.
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