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  1. My Aunt had a lemon tree when she owned a house in Sunnyvale, and it was really cool to make lemonade from something fresh off a tree. I wasn't going through lemons at a rapid clip before I visited, so no real direct comparison there, but it was still awesome to just grab what you needed.
  2. Massive acid reflux every night, no matter what. The blue dye was a bit of a surprise, but was actually kind of fun. I wish I had had asparagus to go with it!
  3. I saw yeast the last couple of times I was in the grocery store, so yeast producers appear to have caught back up to demand. That said, I don't have to worry about yeast because Aire sent me a package of it (a pound of the very best stuff, no less) at the height of the pandemic shortages when there was none to be found anywhere. I have blitzed through a third of it so far. Every time I make pizza, which is at least a couple of times a week, I think of Aire and smile a big smile while I think of how awesome and cool she is! Thanks, Aire!
  4. If you are near one, Shake Shack has exemplary breakfast sandwiches, just fantastic quality. If I am in an airport during mornings, I will beeline there. Your cinnamon roll looked good!
  5. Two tangerines, plus I will make something else, maybe eggs.
  6. No kidding, I was peeing pure blue until this morning, and then blueish green for a little while. I went in for an endoscopy yesterday, and the doctor told me beforehand that I was going to get some dye. I didn't think anything of it until I peed blue, a deep blue at that. Upon waking up after the procedure, I had immediate super urgent sneezes and bad sniffles and lots of nose blowing that have not dissipated whatsoever, just like I have a bad cold at the worst part of it, too. I don't have a cold, though, I have been away from other people for some time and have exactly zero symptoms oth
  7. You should hang it up and also demand they correct it, then hang that one up next to the other and wait for people to comment on it.
  8. You got me beat, and can whatever me. Our company had its 23rd birthday today, and to celebrate, they said they would send everybody food. They sent Domino's pizza.
  9. That looks really good right now! I wasn't hankering for a beer, but now I sure am. You are evil, Ralph!
  10. I told the ex to take my name or keep hers, but no hyphenation! I think that is the last time she actually listened to anything I said. She kept her last name, and RO has mine.
  11. I stupidly bought some Annie's mac and cheese, the kind with the sauce already ready to dump on the shells. It lacked flavor.
  12. Pretty dang tasty! The Spanish still grow the best, but these are good!
  13. I am sorry to hear that! I hope this works for you, and I am sorry about missing earlier details!
  14. I don't understand stewed tomatoes, and their purpose and uses. Can someone explain?
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