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  1. It sounds good, but I can't do spicy for another week or so at least. I think the horseradish and cayenne would do me in right now.
  2. I got a cheap pork tenderloin at Trader Joe's today, I will make it tomorrow. But how? I have some veggies I can make with, but how? Tiny carrots, a big russet potato, broccoli is what they are. What should I?
  3. I never noticed it before! You? Never! heh heh...
  4. When it is noisy, you go full silent on the outside noise, that is really what you have them for. There are times I use the transparent mode, but in the city I usually want to shut the world out as much as possible.
  5. The rutting or the eating? I would do both, I am sure (but not at the same time).
  6. So I almost never go on bookface, but I have a die-hard trumper ex-coworker that I always got along really well with (I really only talked with him back before the last administration when we went our separate ways). He always did look like a skinhead steroid user with huge tattoos and such, but he was mostly nice and even-tempered, never said racist or ridiculous stuff. He really went nuts, I had to stop even checking in on him before I stopped going to bookface because of it, though, exact one to one correlation with the outgoing administration;s arrival. I checked on him today because I
  7. Did they really call it that? Really? I am still grossed out by that wetmarket video. I read somewhere that the incidence of viral disease was much, much less (like wtf less) before we started domesticating animals, then shot way the hell up once we started cramming them in barns. I am not sure how reliable that source is, but if you put enough biological beings in a room they are gonna start either rutting with each other or eating each other, guaranteed.
  8. Aspiring, although I am sure I have paid for dental school for at least one dentist.
  9. Another one! How many potato points do I get?
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