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  1. First blood is good luck!
  2. I am letting you know that this is brilliant, reasonably expressed, and insightful. If I have ever posted anything that I think you would absorb with great interest and utility, this is it. I know it is long, but in this instance, I am pretty certain you will at least be glad that you invested the time to read it. The calories in/out works to a large degree by deprivation of a different sort, that sort being a misery-squared kind of thing. After I read that linked blog post several years back, I found another article about how the insulin pump is primed with sugar hitting your blood stream fast if you eat it first, setting the table for what follows to be absorbed as fat indiscriminately. The article advised that protein be your first few bites before anything else, because this slows the amount of sugar hitting the bloodstream and avoids the insulin avalanche that comes if you go for the carby stuff. When I actively do this, I generally am able to eat more and lose weight more quickly. Again, you can lead any number of horses to water, but you are smart enough to consider this worthwhile.
  3. This is a phenomenal blog post that throws a bit of water on that. It will make you think a bit. Still, you will lose some weight by eating fewer calories, this is true. Still, it is better to optimize if you can, I wish I always did. https://proteinpower.com/drmike/2011/05/06/why-we-get-fat/
  4. Go to :50 to see the accident, you bastards!
  5. Actually, I agree with all of this. Food supply, bad or misleading science, shortcuts, outright deceptions, all kinds of stuff to blame. I always wonder if epg's complete avoidance of any vegetable other than french fries had something to do with his digestive issues and lack of time-trialing abilities. I am sure my decades of ridiculously poor eating habits has a lot to do with mine, and has probably set the table for any number of times bombs that are ticking on, at, and around me. If you have a genetic predisposition for something and eat in ways that exacerbates this, it is a wonder we live past our 20's at all.
  6. To a degree. No one is more fervent than a new convert, though, I would build room for some wiggle or backtracking into any belief system that requires utter unthinking rigidity. Any system that relies heavily on unquestioning dogmatic adoption is populated by whackos or controlled by them, I have never seen any deviance from that norm. The world would be so much more reasonable if people could look at new information as it comes in and reconcile it with what they thought they knew.
  7. But I am not convinced that milk is good for you, only in the absence of data that says it is bad for you. If I don't have milk or dairy for a month or so, I feel no different when I start back up again. Put it this way, if you were a freaky hippie in a freaky hippie family and grew up a sickly thing with no vitality, you would probably be convinced that meat was whacko if offered (until you had it for a while and felt better), same as if you grew up eating meat at all meals and someone expressed desire to eat veggies. Complete whack jobs, all of them. Hormones in everything, btw. The whole food supply system is catering to corporate interests rather than health reasons. The economy wants or needs cheapness for the consumer and profitability. I can't afford organic now, most people can't.
  8. In her case it will be because feRW just decided that she had to get off of dairy (based on not a damn thing) and onto soy milk, which is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals sugar and has proven to spike hormone levels. Well, and the only meat RO eats is meatballs and hotdogs that feRW gets from the cheap pizza place across the street, so I am sure that isn't good for her. I have talked to feRW about that, but she is rigid and unwilling to consider anything that spanks of rationality. Milk may not be the best for you, but there are lots of species that eat things that no other does, or have the capability to do. Lots of species do drink milk if it is put in a bowl for them. Besides, it doesn't seem to impact most people negatively. Same with grains, though, and I processed them just fine until the last 10-15 years or so, so there is that to consider. Btw, almost all little girls are sprouted by 12 these days, it is pretty freaky. Anyway, organic is best if you are cash-rich or can grow it yourself, but I would rather have regular produce and meat over organic grains at this point. I think you will regret not having meat a few times a week after another few months, pretty much every vegan I have ever known feels great with it at first, then has health issues past 6-12 months. Plus, you are a terrible pain in the ass at any social event and are pretty limited in terms of portability if you are a vegan.
  9. For most people with minor health issues, eating more green plants and vegetables vs. grains is beneficial, and far more helpful to give up the complete crap like sugar and wheat/grain than to give up meat. When I am eating mostly things I chop up myself, I feel better. Same if it is muscle meat vs. processed meat. I don't think people who demonize meat (but eat highly processed and completely unhealthy fake meats) make a lick of sense, I just haven't seen anything credible that even points to that. Yeah, I know "CHINA STUDY, CHINA STUDY", and I look at the holes in it and think "What crap". That isn't news (or shouldn't be) if you examine things, aren't alarmists, or think for yourself, lots of well-intentioned and malevolently-intentioned folks have foisted crap on us since there have been people that fall for the crap that is foisted upon them. I have more respect for the vegetarians and vegans who eat the way they do due to concerns about how animals are treated and such (putting aside the reality that you need animal manure for the vast majority of fertilizer, even for organic produce). It is preposterous to think that meat is unhealthy unless you eat the wrong kinds or far too much of it, it is too easy to blame a product for your inability or unwillingness to restrain yourselves. Btw, I am sympathetic in that I have that same inability or unwillingness to restrain myself around sugary, fatty, and grainy things that I know are bad for me, but I am choosing not to blame meat for it.
  10. It really isn't a good song, and I just don't understand why everybody wants to cover it, change the hell out of it, play it, whatever. Don't get me wrong, it isn't a horrible song or anything, not as bad as much of the crap that is or ever was "popular", it just isn't all that good. You are welcome.
  11. Sickly even. Maybe get out in the sun a little?
  12. It was supposed to be funny, sweetie.
  13. Yup, about a pound. There is no substitute for homemade meatballs, I have never had a good meatball anywhere else.
  14. Mexico markets Trump themed tp, proceeds help migrants Orange Julius-themed toilet paper will hit the shelves this year, and 30% of the profits go towards helping migrants. Via CNN affiliate Expansion: Del enfado pasó a la creatividad. Antonio Battaglia, un abogado guanajuatense, pondrá a la venta la marca de papel higiénico 'Trump' a finales de año, y de paso dejará una parte de las ganancias para apoyar a migrantes y a sus compatriotas deportados. El tono ofensivo que utilizó Donald Trump al referirse a los mexicanos durante sus días de campaña rumbo a la presidencia de Estados Unidos motivó a Battaglia, que buscó generar un mensaje para dejar claro que los mexicanos no son “Bad Hombres”, como les llamó el estadounidense. "Me generó una molestia y empecé a buscar la manera de hacer algo que tuviera una repercusión, no en tono de burla o un mal desquite, sino de manera positiva”, dijo en entrevista a Expansión.