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  1. The study goes on to say it found a strong coruhlashin between IQ and penis size saying the results had a stastisticly sigfignicant negitiv coruhlashin. With a study size of over 1500,00 mails, sientists say these results are cunclewsiv
  2. Babies are plenty stupid, they can't even use the remote control for the tv correctly!
  3. You need to jump on his now, really show that cat bastard a thing or two!
  4. What color lentils are you using?
  5. Sorry about that. The ex is crazy worried (and crazy in general) about pictures everywhere for the perverts to find and stalk, so I agreed not to post any a good while back.
  6. WRONG! No one has to live together to mash genitals with one another.
  7. Babies aren't human, they only get that way at age 25 or so.
  8. I think you say "Just kidding!" and forget it ever happened.
  9. Ian McCulloch would never help RIk. I know this because he showed zero interest in anything going on and had exactly zero interaction with the crowd when I saw them. I know those things don't naturally follow helping Rik or not, it is just an impression I had. Not that he was under any obligation to, mind you. Great band, though, Ocean Rain is one of my favorite albums.
  10. Rik was always such an asshole, but Vyvyan is the best.
  11. When I think of lentils, I always think of monks. I don't why, though. What color lentils are best? There seems to be a rainbow of them.
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