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  1. Randomguy

    Star Wars

    WRONG! Star wars is not sci-fi, it is fantasy. At some point early on when writing the first script on a discarded tampon, it had a hint of it I am sure, but when the writers confuse a measure of distance for a measure of time and nobody bothers correcting it, and the driving element is something called "the force", you are not talking about science in any way. Not science fiction. Just keeping it real here.
  2. Randomguy

    I am 35 years away from being 20 years old

    Wait a second, we were talking about you!
  3. Randomguy

    Meep found a great place to take a nap.

    You must post pictures and give a short to medium biography on each one at least.
  4. Randomguy

    What did you do onMLK Day?

    I thought good thoughts about MLK, and huddled in terror much of the day when I wasn't here or doing job search. I will soon eat, then put a movie on to fall asleep to.
  5. Randomguy

    Au gratin or scalloped

    I looked it up. Scalloped are with cream, au gratin is with cheese, technically speaking. Sources also said that everybody is confused and there is a lot of cross-pollinating, so only french people know. My dish is shaping up, once the potatoes are done I will only need some salt and pepper. It is thickening slightly, but my brain was so battered and hungry that I didn't want to make a roux first. Next time... I made hash browns earlier. They were real and they were spectacular.
  6. Randomguy

    I am very put off when my interviewer is British

    I have a different interview/presentation at 10:00, so there is that.
  7. Randomguy

    Au gratin or scalloped

    I didn't want to be bothered with thinking or actually cooking after looking at a few recipes, so I ad libbed the massive shortcut ways I thought might work. I took my dutch oven and sliced some potatoes in, chopped up half an onion, took out some frozen asparagus and frozen broccoli, and took some sliced lunchmeat ham that RO didn't want and chopped it further for protein, and added some mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese and milk, and shoved it in a 400 degree oven uncovered. I am thinking that the oven's heat plus natural potato starches might thicken things in a saucy way. My fallback thinking is that is might be kind of soupish, although I suppose I could stir some flour in if I have to. I am fine with it either way, and I should get multiple meals out of this.
  8. Randomguy

    I am very put off when my interviewer is British

    Ok, he called. He sounded rushed, too. He apologized for being late, and we rescheduled to talk tomorrow at 4:30. I feel only slightly better about humanity now.
  9. Randomguy

    I wish these folks had been my in-laws

    Jsharrt was right, this thread was meant to be left alone. There was nowhere near enough butt massage.
  10. Randomguy

    I wonder if the people from florida survived

    That sounds truly awful.
  11. Randomguy

    I am being a no-nothing know-it-all today

    Yes, just today.
  12. Randomguy

    I am very put off when my interviewer is British

    Yes. You know what really sucks? Someone else from her company was supposed to call at 5:00, so instead of running out to the produce store while there was still daylight and enjoying what little warmth there was left (14 degrees and windy as hell), I waited for this buttmunch to call. He didn't call. Fucker.
  13. Randomguy

    I wonder if the people from florida survived

    It is here, or almost possible. It often rains when it is in the 90's here, and it is pretty spectacularly dismal.
  14. Randomguy


    Yes, of course. Then you can say things like "Hey you, massage my butt!" while telling people that it is medically necessary.
  15. Randomguy

    This is how you become a whore

    That is it! Just what I needed!