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  1. And what happened/happens to the dog?
  2. Ok, so what caused the dog to go nuts on her?
  3. But you have to admit that Rudolph was colossally stupid, though, right? Like an idiot, or a mule or somesuch.
  4. This is the only intelligent thing anyone who likes the Steelers said all day.
  5. It is nice that the Browns won.
  6. Why did Pouncy get a three game ban?
  7. As I see it, Rudolph reacted to a possible roughing by escalating beyond what the context demanded and was clearly unreasonable. He clearly wanted Garrett’s helmet off forcibly, instigating a retaliatory response. That is all on Rudolph so far. If it stopped there, two ejections, and a. one game suspension for each player is fine, along with a fine for both. Rudolph especially, as the QB, should be smarter than to take on a DE and just let an official call roughing if needed. Instead he went all dim witted, you get what you get there. Garrett should have calmed himself down once the helmet was off, but the hatless village idiot decided to again go in for a shove and got bopped in return. Tempers flaring, boys will be boys. In my book, Rudolph is gone for a game, Garrett two games, Pouncey is clear.
  8. Garret should have stopped and not swung the helmet. Rudolph should be suspended a game for stupidity alone, but they’d call it for attempted feebly forcible helmet removal of Garret and conduct unbecoming. Garret will get worse, but I think two games would be appropriate.
  9. Kzoo, you are an even bigger PRI-infested moran, the reindeer didn’t like getting hit, then stupidly thought he could somehow rough up Garret and pull his helmet off to more effectively do that. Dumb move, red nose or not. Rudolph started the really stupid stuff and got an education about why he is dumb, plus a physics primer and a headbop to bring the point home.
  10. It is food of the gods when done right.
  11. Ok, Rudolph had it coming to him, at least a lot of it. What a dumbshit dickhead instigatory action on his part to start trying to pull Garret’s hat off, then get his own hat ripped off, then to continue to go after the much bigger and obviously triggered defensive end hatless. Garret shouldn’t have hit him with the helmet, but realistically, if someone starts shit then gets it finished for them, the starter doesn’t have all that much room to bitch.
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