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  1. Good night everyone but AWWC!
  2. The rug should be handmade by a one-armed woman between the ages of 44-56, and the rug should be oriental in style and at least 145 years old. I am quite certain this should be readily available.
  3. But also not some of the others. Most likely it is one and not a combination of the others. Or an alien. My money is on an alien, because they study Cheese and he has been probed before.
  4. I don't know squat about rugs, you see, what do I need to know?
  5. I would be fine with invisible chicks staring at me while I am invisible, too. I guess we would just have to trust that we are truly staring and perving on each other rather than a blank area of a room.
  6. I would definitely hang out with all the other invisible pervs.
  7. That would be a great forum name!
  8. It will be awesome. The Fresno peppers add a nice flavor kick without being overpowering in the heat department. I know it is early for lunch, but I am damn hungry! Looks like another 30 minutes at least, though.
  9. Let me go get a picture before I mix it up and add bacon and put it in the oven... The red stuff is three Fresno peppers diced, btw. I really didn't use all that much green pepper, it just looks that way until I mix it in. I will use no mayonnaise or candy corn in this dish, you see.
  10. Randomguy


    I am trying to warm up to avocado. It is a slow process, but progress is being made, or at least it was until the pandemic hit.
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