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  1. Randomguy


    I can’t play videos on this site. They work on other sites. What happened? Restart of phone did not help.
  2. I have had it a few times, the beaks are hard to chew.
  3. Seriously, it is, and this is the land of fancy expensive pies. There are a couple of places I know of that are excellent and know it, and they charge $7.00 a slice. 4 and 20 Blackbirds is one, and Petee’s is another. $13+ is another matter entirely.
  4. When they told me how much and I was confused. “I only want one piece” I said, and they looked at me like I was addled.
  5. The place in Manhattan one block from me currently. http://bricconyc.com/menu/
  6. They had it, and I was determined to try it, until I found out a slice was a little over $14. Hard pass, I don’t have Roadrunner money to spend on pie like that.
  7. I like the last one when you are getting yelled at.
  8. I liked it, but I may be biased.
  9. Are the Amish big gamblers on horse racing?
  10. I am still scratching my head over that one. She must have pleasured herself several times thinking about me, not sure why she hasn't offered to get together yet.
  11. Randomguy


    I am still thinking about how messed up that reply is. It is just so weird.
  12. Gratitude hits you at odd moments. Most times it hits you and you don't have opportunity to say it, this time I do. Thank you, Square Wheels!
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