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  1. Randomguy

    tonight's dinner

  2. Randomguy

    I would never have made it as a housewife

    That is because you are a horrible chick, you missed all the training and such. Women need housework to feel fulfilled, science has proven this conclusively.
  3. Randomguy

    Ya know that life goes on

    You get bored with the same old shit, pretty straightforward.
  4. Randomguy

    Margarine or Light Butter?

    Ok, there is a lot wrong here. Canola oil not processed? What? Pressed, are you sure? Heated? There is a shit ton of processing going on, I feel pretty safe in that. Butter is in no way more unhealthy than margarine. There are many, many nutritionists who stopped the clock when they graduated from Roberto's Mall nutrition academy. Many doctors stop researching early on, too, plus that date might just be a reprint date. Lots of variables, but it is sensible to look at how things are made and an ingredient list as a general guideline. At the base of this, though, neither food is a health food. Olive oil is probably way healthier than either, but I am convinced that margarine is deadly, based on how I feel after I eat it and the triple-bad reflux I get from it as compared to butter.
  5. Randomguy

    Margarine or Light Butter?

    That is one thing I never picked up, I will ALWAYS prefer butter with bread to dipping it in oil, and I love olive oil. Butter tastes better for that application.
  6. Randomguy

    Margarine or Light Butter?

    This sounds like 30 year-old advice. I am not saying it is wrong, but I am saying it is probably the wrongest thing that could ever be said knowing what we know now.
  7. Randomguy

    Deer hunters love snow

    Really? Why not? I honestly don't know any of this. The cutting and bleeding and removing of things would definitely make me feel oogey, I am a barfer.
  8. Randomguy

    Margarine or Light Butter?

    ONLY butter. One cannot be a grown adult and eat margarine. I am not being uppity or snobbish, butter is a much more natural product with one ingredient, plus maybe salt, and the other is some frankentangle of chemical byproducts that doesn't exist with lab techs.
  9. Randomguy

    Deer hunters love snow

    I have really good rabbit stew. That said, I think it would cost more to have someone clean you bunny than would be worth it. Another question - assume you have deer on your land, can you just kill as many as your freezer would hold if you were so inclined? I imagine there is a legal limit even if there is an overpopulation problem, I am just wondering how many people skirt that as a matter of course.
  10. Randomguy

    My skin is like moist, soft, pliable leather

    It puts the lotion on its skin...
  11. Randomguy

    Deer hunters love snow

    I would definitely do that if I wasn't allergic to fish. I fished with my father and brother when I was young, it was fun catching them. I don't think fish have feelings like a real animal does.
  12. Randomguy

    Why do we care about Thanksgiving?

    Turkeys are fine animals, I think it was Ben Franklin that wanted them as our national bird. Just having a national bird is a pretty stupid thing, actually.
  13. Randomguy

    Deer hunters love snow

    Is it cost-effective to hunt deer? I think I would do it if I had someone chop it up and wrap and freeze it up for me. Not for the killing, I don't have the bloodlust or anything. If you got cheap or free meat out of it, it would be worth it, though.
  14. Randomguy

    Wilbur and Airwick

    That sammich looks good!
  15. I like performance for what it is. Sometimes you want a cheap tube fast. They always had great deals and sales and whatnot.