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  1. If a woman is offering sexy times, would that swing momentum her way?
  2. Well, you posted it as if you were including it, otherwise wth is the warning all about?
  3. Randomguy


    I told this joke to RO last week after coaching her what to say: "I know a man with no nose" <this is the part I coached RO to say> "Well how does he smell?" Me "Terrible!"
  4. Randomguy


    Like my head is going to assplode.
  5. You guys have dragged this thread down into the gutter.
  6. Hmm, I remember obese. Dangly boobs while walking are fun to look at.
  7. Randomguy


    How do you feel, Aire?
  8. But those NatGeo women with the to-the-knees ones were uniformly obese, if memory serves. Plus, if you have lots of offspring, you have the big swells and contracting of size, plus getting tugged at constantly. If you get bigger every pregnancy, then skin changes are certain to come along.
  9. I have heard it said that much of boob sagging happens because ligaments supporting the boobs don't develop or get used enough because of bras, and that is as much or more the problem overall. So, bras may be the trouble. Where I read that, though, is anyone's guess and may be true for the small to mediums and not the big ones, who knows? Maybe ball sag is the same?
  10. I like your serious answers. Ok, I would like to leer at them during meetings, because all men initially will perv on chicks in meetings for the first minute or two anyway, bra or not. I will examine fully legs, butt, elbows, left earlobes (but not the right), and what I think the woman's preferred sexual activities would be. Believe me, this is nature, and ALL men subconsciously do this unless they like dudes instead. I will admit it for the deniers and self-deception dummies or the "feminist men" who will shout at the rooftops to anyone that will listen that they don't do this initia
  11. I haven't really thought about it so much, I figure I would let my parents decide what to do. My mom has severe health issues, and coronavirus would be her end, probably. That said, it could come anytime anyway, so if they think "why not get together?", then why wouldn't I? RO and I went last year to Ohio for Christmas, her mother will have her this year. Kind of a no-win situation, and I am bepuzzled on what to do, what is sensible, and what can be done overall.
  12. I don't like my moobs, and feel they could be sexier.
  13. ? Really, I mean. Do boobs hurt if unsupported? We have millions of years of evolutionary history where bras weren't deployed, not even on the biggest of racks. Shirley boobs still stayed attached just fine, right? Do they really slide down to the ankles over time? What gives?
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