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  1. I wanted to shit myself, I guarantee it.
  2. Home plan

    Please add a Natalier Dormer, and I will visit all the time.
  3. Last night I dined with my brother and his wife. Angel hair pasta, a jar of pasta sauce and a pound of unspiced ground beef fried and added to the generic sauce and served with green tube cheese. The side dish? Bread with margarine. Lemon bars finished it off, although I doubt there was any actual lemon in the box mix that produced them.
  4. Not yet. I still have yet to go back to the lettuce. I will throw away the opened bag and go to the non-opened bag of it and hope for the best.
  5. I wish I had gotten the opportunity to play strip poker once

    I have played before. Even the losers are winners in strip poker.
  6. So there I was..

    I was gonna say "spacehookers".
  7. You must all come to Cleveland immediately!!!

    Take the last train to Cleveland and I'll meet you at the station.
  8. Just 35,052 more

    Yeah, if it is your dream house, then why would she want to move? Can't you compromise on something?
  9. RG, please change your member map location

    Ok, I updated it again, just for fun. I can do this everyday, you know.
  10. Tropics you enjoy most?

    I think prostitutes will be cheaper in devastated areas, so I want to go to those places. I want to help the economic recovery any way I can, I am kind of a prince that way.
  11. RG, please change your member map location

    I changed it yesterday upon request. I did this as a show of good will while I await your vague yet all-encompassing apology that will wipe the slate clean of all past forum transgressions. I am willing to extend this redemptive zone and apply it to the entirety of your life if you act quickly. Wouldn't it be nice to wake up and be forgiven for everything you have or may have done that some group in the world found to be wrong by its arbitrary standards? Most people would jump at the chance, unlike that responsibility-shirking jsharrt.
  12. More RG prospects

    What is she trying to do?