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  1. But there was zero comedy. It was free, but I also want my money back.
  2. All the entertainment available is on a hard drive, so I will finish it. So far the only thing that sets this movie apart from any other Cinderella-type stuff is Asian characters. If you changed the Asians for British and changed a few lines it would have been considered cookie-cutterish, so I am trying to figure out why it got such great reviews.
  3. Does it get better? I mean, it is well done and all, but so far it is a bunch of rich asians acting snooty and a couple of really nice ones. That isn't enough of a plot. I paused for a while and just restarted it. Should I keep going or go on to something else?
  4. Ah, nobody would post about heels.
  5. Not today. I like chicks in heels, but often wonder why they wear them to walk in. Better them than me, though.
  6. Is this true? I am skeptical that more than 100 people on earth like fruitcake. When I visit Canadaland, I will expect to try some of yours.
  7. I am going to the same store she was pictured at earlier. I will pre-scout for massives sales and clearance stuff.
  8. Randomguy


    Zooey is a hideous monster who comes at night to steal dreams. Ok, maybe not. Just the dream part is probably true. Or something. I would talk to her about it.
  9. This could be true, but still, fruitcake? Why? I am in need of enlightenment, despite most probably never having had even mediocre fruitcake and the whole concept as I understand it seems wrongish.
  10. I imagine so, that is some good stuff! I still question the sanity of fruit cake, though, I just don't understand.
  11. P & R, dammit, this religion of yogurt will not stand! Heh heh. Meditation is a scam, like homeopathy.
  12. What is better to have, moral fiber or moral character? What is the difference?
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