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Community Answers

  1. My gf says the same thing. Just taking a break for a bit, stuff going on.
  2. But not a food photographer. You need better lighting and some forum helpers so the pictures look as good as the food tastes!
  3. This is a challenging conundrum, that is for sure! Maybe chicks could walk to work, leaving the car in case I need more beer or somesuch.
  4. Everything is bad for you. I choose to be clean and will take that over the filth of not showering being bad for you. I wonder how often nEANDERTHALS scrubbed up in creeks or whatnot, and if not doing that contributed to their limited lifespans and eventual demise?
  5. About 25% of the population had jagged knife-scars on their faces when I visited. Dudes and chicks. I did like it there, though. Their sports fans are jerks, though.
  6. I was fine with chicks not driving, that eliminated half the traffic, so it was nice.
  7. WRONG! My first iphone had airplane mode, I don't know of a phone that doesn't or didn't have one. Certainly not any popular phone in the last decade or more. As far as mountains and molehills, you and others just keep at it. I will continue to retort against this wrongitry, though. Wilbur has given exactly zero reasons how my powered Iphone in airplane mode is gonna crash any plane, because it is impossible unless you throw it throw the window into the engine or death-star style at the captain while also hitting the co-captain. If you or Wilbur refuse to acknowledge my multiple posts referencing my phone in airplane mode, then that is on you. Are you gonna acknowledge that all my posts in this topic reference my phone in airplane mode when flying?
  8. I don't think so. Even when I had no hair, 10 minutes is what I needed to get clean, based on repeated trials. If you don't soap up completely twice, you aren't clean. I think some people out there think that 10 minutes isn't nearly enough.
  9. Prohibition, premarital sex, interracial relationships, laws that require you to go to church, laws that prohibit certain holes from being violated when you shower together, chicks not voting or driving and not having the ability to own property, not being able to vote if you didn't own land, slavery. Which of those were good ones? How long did it take to get them off the books? Were they good one day, and then when the law changed, were they now bad on a moral level? Lots more to choose from.
  10. My beliefs are based on showering in different situations. Your showers are too short, by far, and you don't get your surface area twice. Are you showering to take a short shower, or are you showering to get clean? Don't answer, we know you aren't doing it to get clean.
  11. This is still wrong, you are constantly filthy because you don't shower effectively.
  12. Just half? Almost all, if you are in a self-centric thought pattern that doesn't examine things from multiple angles. But you can tell me now how a powered on phone in airplane mode is gonna crash a plane, I am all ears. The fact that no one here is able to do just that should speak volumes. Stupid rules are not to be followed. ALL of the people that ever smoked pot previous to some states legalization did just that, and all crime that came from pot came from it being illegal. Bad law, universally broken. Just one example, I am sure we could go all day pointing out asinine laws that have gone by the wayside or are still in place. You can point to reasonable laws that are reasonable at face value, but those don't prove that many, MANY stupid laws are still in place.
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