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  1. Update? How is everybody holding up?
  2. In other words, they don't seem all that accurate.
  3. The Browns used to be good, until feminism.
  4. Same exact thing, except cucumbers and tomatoes taste good.
  5. After watching this game and the highlights from other games, last year's top quarterback picks are all hard to figure out. Mayfield looked very good by the end of last year, but has struggled this entire year. Darnold has had a rough time of it, but looked decent today. Rosen certainly hasn't had a fair shake at all, nobody really knows how he would be without an objectively awful team to play for. Which brings us to...Allen and Jackson. I am not sold on either, yet, as a quarterback. Both are super-exciting and extend plays and scramble and run and such, and both throw the ball hard and far. Maybe I just haven't seen enough of them yet. What do you people think who see them more often think?
  6. Crap, that really sucks! What the hell would cause a dog to do that?
  7. This is the first day of the rest of your life. It is less shitty in Cleveland, however little.
  8. The Bills are playing like I thought they would play before the year started. The problem is that the Browns are playing like I thought the Bills would play, too.
  9. That is such a weird signal, I never get used to it. Hunt looks like a load to bring down.
  10. You aren’t helping to persuade her to show the forum her bruised buttock.
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