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  1. I made you perfect pancakes today.
  2. Why is it that in movies, whenever cocaine kilo's are tested or looked at or whatever before or after a drug deal, they always use a knife (preferably a switchblade) and they cut it in the stupidest places?
  3. Randomguy

    Butt hole news

    I knew that this parody had to come about as soon as I posted, good going!
  4. I am all rashy, and it is killing me. Itchy and scratchy. I am like an addict with spiders crawling all over me.
  5. As long as you don’t add ketchup to your eggs...
  6. Ivy League, art museum membership holders, tickets to the opera refined?
  7. I would be a mod that ripped heads off and replaced them with rancid lunch meat. Or maybe horse or cow heads. Or robot heads. Or other people’s heads. That might actually be too much power for me.
  8. My left hand is stupid, and cannot do the things I will it to.
  9. Sugar is the devil’s currency, it is traded for your soul bit by bit. I have heard that white rice causes lesser reaction than brown rice. I find this racist, but I believe the whole gliadin thing is nasty bad. I will give up carbs eventually.
  10. Pants that were loose are now tight. They need an exorcism, I think.
  11. You don’t want to know.
  12. Do stuffed animals often have bandaids too?
  13. I think that either the Frozen or the bacon bandaids are the coolest.
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