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  1. Randomguy


    Maybe. I would have probably done it all anyway.
  2. I I like my bacon not crispy, but otherwise as Wilbur described.
  3. No, he needs to buy lottery tickets with it immediately.
  4. I keep telepathically texting Cheese, but he is ignoring me too.
  5. I think he is upset because I am not Canadian. Discus.
  6. Have they started divorce proceedings yet?
  7. She is a fucking psycho, sounds like. It also sounds like she wants to get told to bugger off, but with extended severance by threatening lawsuits on the way out. The sad part is that she will probably get it, too.
  8. Tell me which one you get. I will get the same one, and we can be watch buddies! Yay! Yes, I am super bored right now. Yes, I will do it.
  9. Ok, you know they aren't going to do that at all, too much time. Plus, you are the IT guy, what are the over-write times with security footage? You have to go on reputation alone on this one, sounds like. Can you tell the manager to get rid of her, or does that begin to look like vendetta time against someone that had the audacity to challenge you on something? Just thinking out loud for what a corporate type might think, and things a lawyer (for her) might say if she counter-claims on you for harassment.
  10. Randomguy


    Hi, I am Randomguy.
  11. You go to the game or a pub and hobnob with the proletariat.
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