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  1. You were compulsively masturbating, causing your poop transplant to plop on the floor. You were wearing a pair of leather-soled shoes you borrowed from Wilbur and you slipped on the poop. You are late because you had to clean the shoes of biological matter from multiple species.
  2. These Chinese are a lovely bunch of people, way better than the gang of hoodlums I worked for when I lived in San Francisco. I am still getting my footing, and am going at the speed of slow so far. Everything takes a long time, nobody has written things down, quoting takes forever. When I become faster, I will know more. The summation is that I like most of the folks I work with, I am learning a good bunch, these guys like to have meetings, and client meeting also suck up a lot of time. There are no hot women. In the company.
  3. Which one is the thrill ride?
  4. Well, dammit, if you just had a steak for dinner, that isn't many calories at all. Nobody says you have to have mashed potatoes or fries or dessert. Just eat 500 calories of chicken for dinner or somesuch, and enjoy some damn dark meat. Chicken breast is a lifeless thing. Most nutritionists are stupid, question little, and are overweight as all hell. It is a profession for people who have little intellectual curiosity, from what I have seen.
  5. Party trick, it is fun to watch. Also useful for wagering purposes, usually to get free beer.
  6. Yes, but what does it all mean?
  7. Dammit, I was gonna give you some for Christmas!
  8. Steel coasters will beat you up way more than the wooden ones, as a general rule. No give in steel. I don't like the steel coasters, they just feel like they are missing something or other.
  9. I think it is a good idea to cram your ass full of additional poop.
  10. He is giving some hardcore financial ruination advice, I think. Who when they turn thirty should be buying bespoke shoes every year? Presumably you aren't rich at this point, and you probably knocked somebody up, and I am imaging that hell, you can't get bespoke shoes without a bespoke suit and shirts and such, too.
  11. I love what he did with the soles on this pair!
  12. You have been married 4 times? We need details!
  13. What Aire said, don’t get it.
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