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Community Answers

  1. This is true, but I wondered if he caught it in a bear trap or somesuch.
  2. I think it gives the rich folks confidence to see pilots in a standardized uniform. Stewardesses, too, I do like sexy stewardess uniforms.
  3. So now that it is on Netflix, I thought I would check it out again like I had never seen it. I knew from memory that the first season just sucked, I remember describing that to SW that the first season was garbage, but then it started getting better after that. I watched a few episodes in the first season and it sucked every bit as badly as I remember it. Then I perused descriptions of some episodes in the second season and remembered them pretty well, but nothing that I really wanted to watch at the moment. The same with the third season and the fourth season and so on. So even though it got much better, I remember the episodes enough that I didn't really want to watch them. It was weird, even though I knew the episodes were really good, I didn't want to watch any finally just went to something else. I will watch certain Simpsons episodes even though I know most of the lines, but not sitcoms. Maybe the charm really is only in the moment with some shows, although I still consider Seinfeld one of the best comedy shows ever. Discus.
  4. I have never had one! That is a good enough reason for me to try them, I will be on the lookout next time I am in a proper grocery store.
  5. Why is your ankle messed up?
  6. What about the ones that have the "sweet and ready to eat" tags on them? I feel that this is wishful thinking at best.
  7. I have noticed that the ass-end of the pineapple (opposite of the stalk-end) is soooo much sweeter, why is that? Discus.
  8. I don't wear a winter coat, those seem so single-purpose. I layer. I have a winter outer layer of a Patagonia thin hooded jacket, then maybe a hoodie underneath and/or a down vest over the hoodie. I can also wear a waffle henley for extra warmth, too and whatever I want to wear under that.
  9. Well I just wouldn't do that, nothing without a zipper!
  10. It has really shifted. It turns out that I was the last guy that wore a tie to the interview for the current place. Nobody has worn a tie there since, and I sat in on maybe a dozen interviews there after I was hired.
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