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Community Answers

  1. Billy Bob is gone after the first season, the seasons are all completely unrelated and are their own entities.
  2. Yeah, it is nice to see hippies actually meaning to do well. I was just saying I am surprised some jerkface or other hasn't started crapping all over the idea of preserving the planet we live on rather than raping the living shit out of it for someone's monetary gain.
  3. I am surprised that no one started trying to crap all over Patagonia about this.
  4. Just by bears, cougars, and such. Nothing but land where I pee'd.
  5. When I was dog and cat sitting, it was at least 50% of the time. It is nice to pee outdoors.
  6. She could taunt my bison anytime!
  7. This is a wholesome explanation, I am glad his priorities are in order! Especially the hookers and blow part.
  8. I just use a sharpie to cover the scratch, good as new! A bandaid might work, too.
  9. Hmm, are thinking of Couch when pleasuring themselves, or just doing 'clean-up in aisle butt'?
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