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  1. Don't make this hard, just go to Costco and find one with a screen size that works for you. It'll be fine.
  2. Not I. You must send me her contact details, I will tell her that I am ready to begin a relationship with just such a risky and decisive woman.
  3. Full flight, he said. It is regional, I have been on that flight a few times. Missoula is a cute little airport.
  4. I also have never had this apparently magical combination.
  5. I think they are now trained that if anyone says anything mentioning they have ever been sick a day in their lives, then they get pulled off the plane. Panic stuff, but I am sure nobody and no airline wants the finger pointed at them saying "Frontier Airline let a positive covid case fly knowingly, and I was in the seat next to the sickie and the stewardess/airline failed to act". They go way overboard, but they kind of have to now. I am at the stage where I think I would pretty forcefully stick to my guns. "I selected this seat purposely, and am unwilling to move. Please find another stooge to take the seat someone else is rejecting for cause". As I am getting older, I think the change request is less likely. They are probably taught to ask a younger healthy looking male to move, other things being equal. I have noticed that they never seem to ask chicks to move seats. I have willingly traded my window seat (I always try to get one) so a kid can look out the window. In those cases, though, I was the one initiating it, and I was sure I wasn't getting a broken or a middle seat. Window seats are exciting for kids, you see.
  6. https://squarewheelscycling.com/index.php?/topic/30998-3000-tigers/&tab=comments#comment-283267
  7. I don't think so, having been the victim of seat moves previously that invariably put me in a non-reclining seat or by screaming children or right next to the restroom with people's butts in my face the whole flight. I am done with seat moves unless I am offered something amazing or it gets me out of a middle seat. 3000 tigers guy has flown overseas for work for several decades, and is far more reluctant to change to worse seats. He should have just said he wasn't willing to change seats instead of being namby-pamby about it.
  8. Thank you, Aire, I know I can always count on you for the good stuff!
  9. Yeah it is, I have an idiot friend in Dallas that has always been fit and he says he is eating well and exercising as much as ever. He also has been going to bars while he could, playing softball, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee all the time. Anyway, half his strategy is ok, but won't prevent you from drawing the short straw. The other half is just dumb. "We are all gonna get it anyway" is the speech of a moran while he openly courts it.
  10. Montauk summer ale in a thick frozey glass.
  11. I am having deep philosophical problems with your blueberry to pancake ratio. I feel that this should be at roughly 50-50. I don't know if I am going to be able to sleep now.
  12. 3000 tigers guy just got removed from a plane. Stewardess asked him to move seats and he said no, his stomach didn't feel well. In reality, his stomach felt fine enough, it is just that whenever a stewardess asks you to move seats, it is to move you to a crappier seat. He didn't say that, he said the first thing that came to his mind, because he didn't want to not give a reason for being a bit dickish and not moving seats. The shitty part is that you can think he is stupid for saying that (because of course you can't say that because people are freaked about the pandemic), except that he had to put a cat down last night while he was in MT to deal with some estate stuff (his mother died a few months ago) and he got really drunk after and also couldn't sleep then or all day today. He was not in his right mind. The backstory is that he had a cat that has been on borrowed time for 5 years, but has had 60 or 70 lives. While he was away for a few days, he had a woman to stop in and feed his cats and while feeding the second day, noticed this cat suddenly cratering. She stopped back in a few hours later, and noted horrible breathing issues and very labored living, and suggested the cat should be euthanized. She used to be a vet tech, btw. My buddy made the hard choice to have him put down, and he was a sobby mess afterward (I talked with him on the phone for an hour starting at 2:30 am). Say what you will about him (it is all true, btw), but he cares about his animals incredibly deeply. Anyway, I was on the phone with him while he was on the plane and got deboarded. I will now entertain questions if you have any.
  13. I always figured 'Tude for a pack rat. Tell her I said so, and that you guys need to visit me.
  14. Our office is planning our opening and they are asking for input. Does anyone here have a formalized plan or a template or similar that sounds reasonable that they could share? Thanks!
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