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  1. 2Far

    Today's crane ops

    China. Not ours, the client's.
  2. 2Far

    Today's crane ops

    Stainless steel evaporator vessels. They concentrate the spent cooking liquor from making paper pulp to a concentration that they can inject it into a boiler to generated steam and recycle the cooking chemicals.
  3. Long time, Hampton is my hotel of choice. Sitting in my Hampton room at the moment.
  4. Construction zone. Cop in the right e-lane. GA has "Move Over" Law. Our guy merges into left lane, looks over right shoulder to see if he's cleared the cop, car in front of him stops, BANG! Young woman driving, baby daddy in RF seat, newborn in LR seat in car seat. Car is co-own by baby mama's mama. Car had been in previous wreck. Car (2018 Camry) was totaled, but they are upside down on loan. I saw photos, surprised it was totaled. Bought them a new car seat. No one went to hospital, but they said baby started spitting up the next day. Waited until Monday to go to pediatrician (accident happened on a Friday). They have counsel.
  5. What could possibly go wrong, Herr Hindenburg?
  6. 5 companies under this corporate umbrella. I may go take a snooze. Last quarter, we didn't have any claims for review. This quarter we have one accident and four claims arising from it (1 x auto & 3 x medical) One of our sister companies had a trailer come off the hitch, they have 3 x medical & 4 x auto claims going on.
  7. Now that I think about it, the ratio was how many gallons of water it had to add to a gallon of peroxide to reach their desired concentration.
  8. 2Far

    Wedding blues

    Not to be on the bride's side but there a re a lot of folks who are gluten sensitive or allergic to shellfish. Maybe, just maybe, the bride is endeavoring to provide a wide range of food for a wide variety of culinary requirements. Re. mango? I got nuthin' Did you see the other folk's dishes? Was there a vegan option in there?
  9. From Old#7's Wedding post: I was doing a start up on an H2O2 dilution system, the ratio controller's algorithm for calculating output was bass-ackwards from what most analytical folks would expect, so we always checked their number to make sure it was right. (IIRC you have to ratio in the amount of H2O2 to the gallons of water to get the right input number) Anyways, the start up engineer hands me a scrap of paper with a number on it to make the controller make their desired % dilution. Me: "That's not the right number." Him: "Well, what is the right number? Me: " I don't know exactly, but that's not it." Him: "Well, that's what the lab guys came up with." Me; "OK, that's not it, but when folks make an error, the usual culprit is that they forgot that they are diluting 50% peroxide, not 100% peroxide." Him (grinning), after he goes back & returns with a new scrap of paper: "How's this?" Me: "That, is the right number."
  10. 2Far

    Wedding blues

    I'd have to do the math, but the bottle of TX Whiskey sitting next to me is 750 ml & 41% alcohol. So, I'ma guessing I could take a hit or two out of it on the way to the party then add back some water to get it under 40% & have a good ole time!
  11. I prefer my water about 41% bourbon infused.
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