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  1. 2Far


    Kind bar, cuppa French Joe. Lunch was 2.5 scrambled eggs with mini-pepperonis & cheese.
  2. Yeah, I’m more than a little concerned that the Cap’n was deterred by such a small annoyance.
  3. It’s her bed, she can eat crackers if she wants.
  4. About as many times as I confused “pitch” with “catch”.
  5. 2Far


    59! Way, way too damn young.
  6. LOL. I loved the long list of players that they managed out.
  7. 2Far

    I’m out.

    Heart rate got low enough to require a pacemaker to regulate it.
  8. 2Far

    I’m out.

    Home waiting for Poot to bring home dinner A coupla Tylenol at the hospital dropped the pain. I have a rather interesting manscape result. Pecs on the chest, asymmetrical pattern in the nethers.
  9. 2Far

    I’m out.

    In recovery. Get sprung @ 5. Feels like i got punched in the upper left pec.
  10. Whelp, I’m there. Checked in, waiting for pre-op stuff to begin.
  11. Get out of the hospital. (I’m not there yet)
  12. 2Far

    Thank you, FAA

    It was totally controlled from the ground. He was cargo.
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