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  1. Hmmm, I have one of FY, JP, Tybee, Eyebike, WolfPack & me around somewhere.
  2. 2Far

    Another shooting

    He wouldn't say, but one could conjecture that different frequencies refract differently in calculable ways.
  3. 2Far

    Another shooting

    I sat next to a guy on a plane whose company figured out how to shoot down aircraft/satellites with ground based lasers. Interesting trip.
  4. 2Far

    Another shooting

    Well, you have energy weapons firing thru air. As the density of air changes with temperature & pressure, so does its refractive index between isobars & isotherms. That's why they miss.
  5. 2Far

    Another shooting

    There's a pretty funny scene from The Mandalorian" that addresses their accuracy. Ha! Of course, youtube:
  6. Inadvertently, Cheese dooms the entire earth to annihilation when, in an attempt to be friendly, he seizes their leader by the head and shakes vigorously.
  7. Oh, they're there. This isn't Richmond. Duh.
  8. Yeah, that woulda had a new home if I was there.
  9. I gain 2 pounds every time I look at a pie chart. 😔
  10. I believe you can. They are quite bony though, not a pleasant experience.
  11. My wife went to the fancy dress shop she worked at & there was an IRS notice on the glass & a chain & padlock on the door. That's what happens when the business doesn't pay payroll taxes.
  12. Granite, marble, etc. After our water event, the plumbers broke the granite around the sink (thankfully) & we went to PS & got an upgraded/updated granite countertop.
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