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  1. 2Far

    Broadband is out.

    Been out all day. 60 minutes ago Wo2 initiated a chat with them. After all is said and done, they have to come out. The appointment is 4-8PM Sunday. Wo2 is not happy. I may not survive.
  2. 2Far

    My Old Dr Sucked

    They prolly want to do an echo to see if its a mechanical defect (two lobes vs three) or just a murmur. The murmuring lobes can calcify over time, so they'll check for that.
  3. 2Far

    Wednesday #sucked

    Don't forget to ask for "Diminished Value" from the insurance company.
  4. 2Far

    How many miles do you drive per year?

    On the 3 year anniversary of getting the truck:
  5. 2Far

    Pay Toilets

    Yep, I remember. Things must have been cleaner back then, I'd be horrified if the G'y'un crawled on the floor of a public bathroom now.
  6. 2Far

    On scale of 1 - 10, how do you feel right now?

    'Bout an 8. Been working out 3, off 1 for the last 4+ weeks. Ankle has been hurting for three months. Ass is sore from driving 1000 miles in 3 days. C- sleep the last two nights.
  7. Got 60 minutes on the drainer this AM @ my home club MIghta been worth the eight hour drive, if'n I can get a coupla workouts on the company's dime
  8. 2Far


    Awww, it's just a lil baby. What'll it be when it's all growed up?
  9. 2Far

    Spa Day

    I was thinking "For the Weber", but it's the same idea.
  10. 2Far

    How long does it take

    One guy was playing BB the other was running up stairs between the escalators at an airport. Both said it was extraordinarily painful.
  11. 2Far

    How long does it take

    Oh, and like cycling, don't increase your weekly mileage by more than about 10% each week.
  12. 2Far

    How long does it take

    After I pulled the same Achilles for the 3rd time, I bought a bike. It was a high pull, up where it attached to the calf muscle. I'd had two buddies, about my same age at the time, go thru rupture & surgery for & really didn't want to be the third of "bad luck comes in threes"
  13. 2Far

    Hey PP, how are you doing today?

    G'y'un brought it home from day care, gave to the rents, then the other g'rents and us the last time she was here. W02 puked up a leg & shat a colon.
  14. 2Far

    I miss all the fun stuff :(

    Yeah, I'ma thinking he's establishing a trend.