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  1. 2Far

    Mavic error in your favor collect $200

    Well, pretty much everyone, usually.
  2. Your proofreaders are as good as ours
  3. 2Far

    A special trip on Ketamine

    Well, I was having hip surgery, so I was commando at that point.
  4. 2Far

    A special trip on Ketamine

    That's their problem, not mine.
  5. 2Far

    A special trip on Ketamine

    I told my wife that the hat was to keep aliens from reading my mind.
  6. 2Far

    A special trip on Ketamine

    I don't know what they gave me before my hip op, but my wife says I was completely lucid and comical. I have no recollection of anything after being wheeled into pre-op & hearing someone softly snoring.
  7. 2Far

    10/18 miles & such

    Isn't your weather about to change?
  8. 2Far

    Weekend Plans as October flies by

    Bama @ Tennessee. Our GM is a UT grad, unlikely he's over joyous on Monday like he was was Monday. Josh Groban concert with Wo2 for our anniversary (#39).
  9. 2Far

    10/18 miles & such

    Gym. Easy day. Bike warm up; one set of machines @ warm-up weight; PTs; and agilities
  10. 2Far

    Almost got a pedestrian last night

    He have the new hands-free law in GA, the overall quality of driving has improved. On the news this week: fatalities are down 11%. What I have also noticed is that the morons who still use their phones are highly noticeable.
  11. 2Far

    The science of being seen

    Yeah, Inattentional Blindness People don't see what they don't expect to see. Combat it with blinkies & Day-Glo colors.
  12. 2Far

    All this retirement talk

    Nah, they're going to have to carry me outta here toes up. Wo2 has been retired about 3 years, she worked 1/2 time for 3 years before that just finishing here second year of SS. She gets a 2.8% raise in January I'ma thinking that if we can get a reverse mortgage & the MiLFH leaves Wo2 what she last said she was going to leave her, then I can get out in about 5-7 years.
  13. 2Far

    Which kind of person are you?

    Running on those Italian racing slicks called "Baldinos"?
  14. 2Far

    There are two types of people.

    That's what I meant to imply.