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  1. 2Far

    Costco free lunch

    They used to do that at Harry's Market. Then Whole Foods bought them, then there was an empty salsa dish & a dirty spoon. Now there's a movie theater complex on the site.
  2. I was at a safety confab yesterday. The topic was complacency. One of the guys related a story of Bob, who was the machine expert, the guru of all thing mechanical, the go-to guy when things were FUBAR. Bob came in on his day off, had cleared the machine, then reached over the safety curtain to cycle the mechanism. When he hit the contacts with the extended screwdriver, the front of it rose up suddenly and cut Bob in half.
  3. We had a guy get pinned under a1500# crate of glass windows. His femur looked like a piece of PVC pipe that had been struck with a hammer. Kinda like this, only with a few disconnected pieces: 3024 × 4032
  4. I categorize this post under "Never mention the no-hitter while the pitcher is still pitching it."
  5. Funny how consequence improves performance.
  6. Clearly, she wasn’t wearing her steel-capped mittens.
  7. My next visit will include one. Prolly about April. Last one was December 2015.
  8. Is that the one with the nuclear injection?
  9. Holshauer - Jennings - Rutter
  10. My Bose noise cancelling ear buds just died. The two 7.2 volt batteries for my favorite Drill/driver no longer hold a charge The remote for th BR ceiling fan has to be within about a foot of the fan. The upstairs Nest thermostat keeps going off line. The check engine light on my truck blinks intermittently. Wo2 has bee retired for 3 years.
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