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  1. It can be a bit of fun and occasionally frustrating. There are some folks out there who create trees but aren't particularly careful with details/logic. If you quickly add relatives in from their trees, you can get a lot of nonsense. I have a pair of distant relative brothers who married sisters. Ancestry's software had a little problem with that because some of the existing trees confuzzled the children/parents. Also, Wo2's grandfather married a woman, had 9 kids with her, then she died. He married her sister & had 9 more kids. Some of the trees attributed children to the wrong mother Mom's tree is kind of a poplar. I wish I had asked her & her mom about their relatives. I recognized a lot of names from old conversations, but have had trouble lining things up. You may also notice that certain eras have popular names repeated. Double check the census data/forms, there are quite a few errors. And, I found my biological father last year. So that was pretty cool.
  2. He said something about working with Tongs. I didn't know he worked in food service, but I'm not surprised.
  3. That some kind of euphemism?
  4. So, where's the doc's other arm?
  5. Chicken with vegetables, white rice, & egg drop soup. I ate 1/2 of it & will prolly eat the other half Wednesday.
  6. It seems like the perfect place for you.
  7. 2Far

    As seen in Texas:

    We called them Italian racing slicks, Baldinos
  8. 2Far

    As seen in Texas:

    My '70 Chevelle didn't need anything, just twist the little tabs & away you go. Made it handy to leave it running while delivering pizzas.
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