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  1. Good luck sleeping with that thought on your mind.
  2. I have a 32 oz-er too, but that's waaaaay too much coffee at one time.
  3. I have a large ceramic mug at the house for the 1st cuppa. It's inscribed with "Dogs have owners. Cats have staff" I have a SS "stubby" Starbucks mug at the office. I occasionally use a 20ox Yeti travel mug in the truck (it's there now with the morning's dregs in it.)
  4. That's not what the NASCAR guys would say.
  5. Set up: One (1) mile circumference race track; one operational motor vehicle and one driver. 1st lap: Driver travels one lap around the track and averages 30 miles per hour. 2nd lap: How fast does the driver have to drive the second lap to average 60 mph for the 2 miles? p.s my NASCAR friends hate me.
  6. 2Far


    That accent brings back memories.
  7. I don’t know about perception, it’s sure as hell running downhill & picking up speed.
  8. 2Far

    Noise complaints

    IIRC the new home owners were essentially told "Really?" and then ignored. Public derision followed.
  9. Rubio Scromboid sounds like the character in a book who dies of a rare poison just after inheriting $4 million bucks.
  10. 2Far

    Noise complaints

    We have people down here who moved in next to horse barns & are complaining about the smell.
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