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  1. Wo2 bought a pet heating pad to get hers back from PtWC.
  2. TBH, you need an attorney to make sure your costs are covered.
  3. It was your boss, he's trying to figure out how to pay you back for all the money he stole.
  4. My brother mighta won. If so, I'll never hear it from him.
  5. Good yarn. Prolly that shirt & hat that led him to the early grave. Poor Bastige. Reauxll Tide!
  6. 2Far


    Isn't that book 4? Came out last year. Think triple topopolis!
  7. 2Far


    It was too sweet for my tastes. I drank Mateus
  8. You win. 30 years (~$30M/year) or all at once ($628M)? Me? Prolly $30M a year for 30 years. Somewhat easier to get my head around. What do you do with all that money? One-time pay off everything for all my family. Trusts for the 2 children & 1 grandchild. New house here. House in T-Town to be near the GC A couple (at least) cars Set up a NP to provide money & resources to local/regional NPs that deal directly with their targeted populations Travel
  9. Quick pick is the way to go. My only thought is that it would be better different if the pick-6 gave you an unused set of numbers (don't even know if that is currently possible).
  10. Mark Richt was the guy who left.They have Kirby Smart (native son) now, but he lost to FL & Bama this past year, so I think his seat is warming.
  11. How to break up Nick Saban's monopoly at Alabama to improve college football Here's some thoughts: 1) Don't force out coaches who went 145-51 in the SEC (Georgia) 2) Don't fire the coach who went 68-35 and beat Bama 3 times (Auburn) 3) Don't have 6 head coaches in 12 years.
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