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  1. 2Far

    Boss rant

    “No.” is a complete sentence.
  2. I want GL to realize how much we have all missed his 'toons and that wouldn't be accomplished by posting the pics.
  3. Gonna be hot in Miami, prolly die of heat stroke.
  4. You are the TL/DR guy, I'm just enabling.
  5. Yeah, me neither and it really isn't on my non-existent bucket list. We even have The Gladys Knight's chicken & waffles joint here. Meh.
  6. Yeah, I know, but I felt it was too many words & too complicated a procedure for Zooicks to grasp.
  7. He's doing them on a tablet instead of by pen & ink.
  8. Gym. 20 minutes on the drainer, full set of machines, PTs, agilities, a few stretches. Decent sweat.
  9. Click on the "Enter" link & you can see a picture.
  10. 2Far

    Deplane, deplane

    So they removed him b/c he said he had an upset stomach? Seems unnecessarily cautious. In literally 1000's of flights, I can't ever remember being asked to move seats except for the time they came back to coach & asked me if I wanted to go up to 1st class.
  11. I'm using a MS Surface tablet for work, it has the add-on keyboard and with the plug-in docking station, I run two additional monitors, speakers, mouse/keyboard dongle, printer and network.
  12. I have people. But more importantly, I don't have any grass.
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