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  1. One of our more technically-oriented features for 4.2, we have added more detailed logs of user logins, and the devices and IP addresses used. This brings several new features: Notification of a new device sign in If enabled, users can receive an email notification when a new device is used to log into their account: Email sent when a login from a new device is detected When a user signs in for the first time, a special key is set to recognise the browser on subsequent logins. This mean the notification email does not trigger on a new IP address, which would be annoying when travelling or if using a network where the IP address changes regularly. Instead, the notification is only triggered if someone signs into your account from a new physical device or web browser. UserCP Device Management If enabled, a new page will show in the user's settings page showing all the devices which have been used to log into their within the last 90 days (which is recent enough that could still be logged in if "Remember Me" was checked). Recently Used Devices Users can see the device, browser, physical location (obtained by a GeoIP lookup) and if applicable, how the login was processed (for example, if the sign in was with Facebook or Twitter, this will show). If they chose "Remember Me" when logging in, they can undo that (handy if you realise you accidentally left yourself signed in on a public computer). If they see anything they don't recognise, a page to walk them through the necessary steps to re-secure their account is available. Users sharing the same device
  2. For the men

    You were one of the people I had in mind when I thought of this. I suspect as a farmer, you could dish out a good crushing, and I suspected you would not.
  3. I need a time out from this 1826 asshat

    I did an update, all users now have him on ignore, but he can't tell, so don't let him know.
  4. Online Indicators

    It seems that the triangle (now removed) was only displaying in the Default theme.
  5. For the men

    Tell me about your handshake? Is it a congenial shake where you are just being polite and introducing yourself? Do you feel the need to crush your opponents hand, let them know you are taking over their village and women? I'm a kinda average guy, I suppose if I wanted I could give you a solid shake and cause discomfort, but I prefer a gentler touch.
  6. What the heck happened while I was off sulking?

    For me it's frustrating. I am not the enemy, I am trying to make this a better place.
  7. And a Tremendous Thursday morning to you.

    @Randomguy is making me grouchy. Today is my Friday though and I have a 4 day weekend away with my wife.
  8. What the heck happened while I was off sulking?

    Just read this on the theme authors site posted 3 hours ago: Carbon will be upgraded next - hopefully available within the next 24 hours
  9. What the heck happened while I was off sulking?

    Roll back is impossible. I like to keep the software updated, because unlike corporate intranets (yes I work within one with many tens of thousands of users - still on Windows 7, actually that is a recent update), again, unlike protected corporate intranets, we are in the wild and highly subject to hacking. I've had one of my sites hacked twice, and it's a real pain plugging the holes, restoring the data and repairing the trust. Shift is almost exactly what we had before, not sure where the complaining is coming from. The Default theme again is almost identical to before. @Randomguy, you nearly had a stoke the last time we updated because the + and Quote buttons were moved from the left to the right. They are now back on the left where you prefer them, yet no acknowledgement of this, and still complaining. I offered to buy a new theme for you. Which one did you select? That would be none, and still complaining. For now all we have is Default and Shift for themes. Carbon is supposed to be here this week, that is a very dark theme. This was something I told you would happen. I cannot leave themes installed that don't work and are not updated, that would leave the site open to attacks. You may not notice, but this version is a little faster. Each version gets a little faster, plus we have some new options like the improved Likes, better image handling, device management and dozens of other improvements. I am doing my best to keep the site running and our data safe from being hacked. How did the owners of Facebook respond when you told them you didn't like their theme? Did they offer to buy a new one out of their own pocket for you? If they did, did you suggest one you'd like?
  10. What the heck happened while I was off sulking?

    Gee, thanks.
  11. What the heck happened while I was off sulking?

    Pick one from here, it must be labeled 4.2. https://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/
  12. 7/27 miles & such

  13. Online Indicators

    Odd, it's only in the default theme. if I remember, I'll fix it tomorrow.
  14. What the heck happened while I was off sulking?

    I will get the black theme back soon. I will consider buying a couple more if @Randomguy will stop bitching.
  15. I always get a laugh out of

    1.5 hours to drive 29 miles is pretty standard now.