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  1. Square Wheels

    How do we turn the lights off?

    Nope, it's on all of them.
  2. Square Wheels

    2018-12-13 Birthdays

    Happy birthday
  3. Square Wheels

    Today's cellphone find

    You do realize the card has 16gb of viruses?
  4. Square Wheels

    Is Airwick posting here?

    It's easiest, and often correct, to blame me.
  5. Square Wheels

    12/11 miles

  6. Square Wheels

    Jsharr did nothing wrong.

    You are wong.
  7. Square Wheels

    Sky to end sponsorship after 2019...

    I think Fox / Comcast are already stepping in.
  8. Square Wheels

    Brick & Morter Retailers

  9. Square Wheels

    How do we turn the lights off?

    Someone always has to whine.
  10. Square Wheels

    I have 34,000 posts now

    Once upon a time I was the top posted. Then I had to start working.
  11. Square Wheels

    No more Interbike

    I won't do that, ever. As an example, I went to a running store a few years ago and got some help fitting new shoes. The guy was great. Didn't try to sell me what I didn't need. I settled on a nice pair of shoes and he gave me the info so I could order them online. This store did not have an online option, so he meant elsewhere. I was so confused. I paid nothing for the fitting, took an hour of his time, and he was encouraging me not to make a purchase. I bought them from him anyhow, and have gone back since. I will be sad when all the stores are gone. I don't like the direction the world is going with everything being online.
  12. Square Wheels

    You should have some ham, you know.

    same thing
  13. Square Wheels

    I never liked Julia Roberts...

    She was OK in Friends, not so good in Jaws. Hated in Pulp Fiction.
  14. Square Wheels

    Misery loves company

    That would be nice. Our bedroom is partly above the garage, it gets really cold in our bedroom. A heated garage would be nice for the cars in the morning and our bedroom.
  15. Square Wheels


    Nope, it's the subtly most people miss.