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  1. Square Wheels

    The hippies got their tentacles into me. :(

    You'll be dancing to Neil before you know it.
  2. Square Wheels

    I don't feel as comfortable in my relationship with Road Runner

    At least you have a relationship. I think he has me on ignore.
  3. Square Wheels

    6 out of the last 7

    Let's all agree to like everything @Zephyr posts today.
  4. Square Wheels

    Have you ever driven while grossly intoxicated?

    Far too many times.
  5. Square Wheels

    2018-06-22 Birthdays

    Happy birthday
  6. Square Wheels

    6/22 miles and such

  7. Square Wheels

    Implementation of the Road Runner Rule

    Pot / kettle...
  8. Square Wheels

    6/20/18 miles and such

    Well, when on the rollers, I use the Garmin thingy on my front wheel for speed / miles, so take that,
  9. Square Wheels

    6/21 miles and such

  10. Square Wheels

    This is for AWWC only

    I stumbled upon them a few months ago, these guys are really good.
  11. Square Wheels

    I need a new name for a while

  12. Square Wheels

    This is for AWWC only

    Awesome cover of a tough to play song. Plus NO NEAL!
  13. Square Wheels

    Halfway through '18, how many miles you got?

    I don't do approximately.
  14. Square Wheels

    I need a new name for a while

    Talk to the people that change their names to things like ---.