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  1. I don't agree. What are they hoping to accomplish by inconveniencing hospital patients, visitors, or staff? I would not have been as patient. I don't go to work because I love the long hours or small (comparable) pay. I do it because I believe in the mission of my hospital, to take care of people.
  2. I have. Pretty good this year. I suspect there were a lot of drugs consumed.
  3. I record games and skip all commentary and commercials.
  4. I cooked mushrooms for the wife on the grill Friday night. They looked disgusting.
  5. I found a pic of the first house in the winter.
  6. My ex took my name and kept it, along with almost everything else. The kids have my name. The ex didn't change back after the divorce, really odd as we hate each other. Wife 2.0 didn't want same name as ex. Me, I want whatever my wife wants to be happy.
  7. gf is tough. It takes a ton of experimentation. Usually best to just find a recipe where someone else did all the work.
  8. 94 feels too hot for this time of the year, we're in a spell of 70s weather. Nights are cool
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