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  1. You weren't around in 1928 were you? @Kzoo tell her about it.
  2. Square Wheels

    New rule.

    I can't afford to post pictures.
  3. Square Wheels

    New rule.

    I read it, including your drivel, I don't agree with you, or maybe I do, I guess either is possible.
  4. Square Wheels

    New rule.

    Fair point, carry on.
  5. Square Wheels

    New rule.

    Why do you hate me?
  6. That section is a little different, it uses a question answer format. Things can be voted up or down, that way the best answer will be at the top. Not sure if that's why?
  7. How do I watch football or hockey without it.
  8. Bred for too long to be attack dogs, not sure they can help it. Don't get a Doberman if you think you might want kids - not that hard to plan ahead.
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