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  1. I am far from off of sugar, but the past few weeks have been significanlty reduced. It's like crack, I really miss it.
  2. This isn't funny. You should be banned. Everyone should be banned.
  3. I'll take "Words I've never heard of" for $200 Alex.
  4. I do, but it sometimes doesn't go well. Are you suggesting I make that change without asking the affected user?
  5. Everyone is awesome at something.
  6. Why has he not changed his name to Fret Buzz?
  7. Nothing yet. As listed above, there are no replacement parts aside from a new bumper, and that would probably be a couple thousand, painted. I need some help here.
  8. I need to drive carefully. I went to the store when I first got here. A coworker, said, hey, we're you at Target on Saturday? I said, I think so, how did you know? She said, there aren't a whole lot of orange, convertible, BMW's here.
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