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  1. Square Wheels

    the official snow report thread

    I just looked outside. We're getting walloped. I think there's a 1/4 inch now.
  2. Square Wheels

    the official snow report thread

    Tried to go out to dinner. There is about a 1/100th of an inch on the ground. Wife tried to pay at one of those automated pay stations. Said there was a snow ban in effect. It's not even snowing. She just went in to order take out. I'm stuck in the car. It drive me crazy how people fall for this every time. Plus this is Massachusetts. It does snow here, always has.
  3. I have no brilliance. I'm a casual fan. Clearly I'd prefer the Pats win, but if they don't, my day will still go on.
  4. Square Wheels

    Does anybody else not watch TV?

    I'm not anti-TV, but aside from sports, I rarely watch any. Netflix and Amazon, yes, but not broadcast TV. And never news. No news of any kinds, ever. No radio, no print, no internet, no TV.
  5. Square Wheels

    the official snow report thread

    That's what she said! (I've watched too much The Office).
  6. Square Wheels

    Rowers are kick ass

    OTF has three basic parts, treadmill, rowing, and floor / weights. I hate rowing, not because it's not a good activity, but because it's hard. I get tired far faster and suspect I would not be able to sustain much for long. Today we needed to go back and forth from rower to tread. We got 2.5 min on the rower, I did 640 meters. I was pooped. Then run, then back to rower.
  7. Square Wheels

    Star Trek was a little ahead of its time in other than the obvious way

    I had to cry myself to sleep, and this is the support I get?
  8. Square Wheels

    Star Trek was a little ahead of its time in other than the obvious way

    He called me an ass.
  9. Square Wheels

    I was all hunkered down for the great storm of '19...

    I just checked, my almond and soy milk are both OK. Phew.
  10. Square Wheels

    Violent movies / shows

    This was it for me. I only searched for this scene, I suspect it's the one that did me in. It really turned me off of ever watching a violent series again. If you don't like violence, don't watch it (again, if it the one I think it is). What was the purpose of showing this? It was beyond awful.
  11. Square Wheels

    The Office

    Maybe I'll give it a try, if it's on Netflix.
  12. Square Wheels

    What is your best body part?

    You made my cry.
  13. Square Wheels

    The Office

    My wife thinks I'm funny.
  14. Square Wheels

    This public service announcement for cheese

    I HATE lip syncing. I feel only talent-less people do that. This is when they were real.