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  1. Haven't seen a minute of it. We usually don't watch. I liked it better as a kid when pros didn't compete.
  2. That is so funny. I saw one in our year about a week ago, the wife and I just saw one before I sat down. They look like a cross between a large bee and a small hummingbird. What are they?
  3. I stopped eating breakfast this week. I haven't one weekends in a long time. I hope I can stick with it.
  4. heading out for a 44 mile ride. Weather could not be more perfect.
  5. He never returns my text. We used text like little schoolboys, now I don't exist.
  6. I love stories like these. I was always afraid I'd crack the glass, especially the larger pieces, putting in the points. Also, why is it when the glazing looked really good, but you decided to give it one final touch to make it perfect, you messed it up and spent another 20 minutes fixing it?
  7. David. Talented, humble. Roger whines all the time. I hear he has a book coming out about why they broke up. He doesn't seem very comfortable as a musician. Maybe a good song writer? The Division Bell seemed to do just fine without him, so I wonder how much David contributed to the Wall.
  8. You do not like it, no reasonable person likes voice played through the guitar.
  9. @Page Turner, we miss you. @Airehead, glad you never left us. That's the reason we stayed.
  10. It's looking like it will be the 21st. I'm going to have to ask you to change your plans.
  11. I was thinking more along the lines of you dragging your horsehair across it.
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