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  3. I don't agree at all. Many years ago I had one donut a week. Then I felt like I was being taken as I could get two for almost the same price. That turned into every other day, which turned into every day, often with a third donut type thing. Surprise, I gained 50 pounds. I have not had a donut in probably 15 years. They do not call to me, I do not miss them. I would do the same with pasta. I'd eat it at least once a week, likely more. gluten-free pasta has come a long way. Gluten free pizza, not so much. I eat pasta maybe twice a year, sometimes less. I don't punish myself by removing food, I find more nutritious food than pizza and learn to make it in enjoyable ways. There is nothing about pizza that is good for you. If you want to have it on your birthday, enjoy it.
  4. Partly. Neither of us eat gluten. She's a massive carnivore - trying out the keto idea, I wish she'd stop. Tonight I'll have a "burger" and Crispy Crowns, plus some veggies. Treat night. She's not eating tonight.
  5. Stay away from the pasta, period. It's addictive, all carbs are. My weakness is bread. I will start cutting that out too. I eat a ton a veggies. Salad at least two nights a week for dinner. I add a 1/2 can of chick peas or black beans for a little added protein and carbs, other than that, there are no added carbs in my salad. Some weeks I'll have it 3 or 4 times. I eat oatmeal every morning, no sweetener except a banana or blueberries. I prefer blueberries when they are in season. For lunches, I am making that in a few minutes. I buy whatever veggies I like and look good, cook them in a pot, add some type of homemade sauce, and put it in containers and heat it up at work. In the last 20 years I think I've bought lunch less than 5 times at work. I try to not go out to eat, way to easy to drink and eat too much. For a treat, we'll get Chipotle or bGood. No more than once a week. No fries, no sides, just the meal itself.
  6. Sure, now it's amazing outside. I go for a run and get trapped at the top of the hill with the only way back to the car being run through the rain. Oh well, what doesn't kill you...
  7. This too makes me so very sad. I wish the both of you peace.
  8. We watched it for the first time. I've only watched a few TdF in the past. I really liked this shorter race.
  9. @Scrapr, this brought tears to my eyes. I wish you both peace.
  10. What has helped me. Pasta is a birthday like treat once or so a year, no more. Never drink your calories. I used to drink juice every day because I fell for the marketing that made me believe it was good for me. I've never liked beer or wine, so that was a bonus. I drink soda several times a year, often during really hard events, like a century. Plan to not eat dessert, regardless of the pressure others put on you. You just ate a meal, why do you need dessert? We all need to get away from processed food. No pizza, see pasta above. I lose weight when I exercise because I don't replace calories. When I first started riding I believed I'd wither away if I didn't try to consume calories I theoretically burned. I've stopped that. Regardless of going on a 1 mile or a 10 mile run, I eat the same.
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