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  1. You and your wife are invited over this Sunday.
  2. Mine loves mine. We have pancakes every Sunday.
  3. We've had ours for a long time now, still like it a lot.
  4. per capita, my state is last. https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/gun-ownership-by-state
  5. In your thread, I mentioned I have a plan, and am pretty good at sticking to it. Mon / Wed / Friday - Run / Lift Tue / Thu / one weekend day - ride For those that need assistance, create a free Training Peaks account. Use the calendar to create workouts at least one week at a time. It's awesome because it shows in green if you complete it, red if you skip it...
  6. Didn't look like you stopped at the intersection.
  7. I only use fragrance free soap.
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