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  1. Pressure. Tom was a control freak perfectionist. Their label didn't care. Gimme more records. I loved Boston. Brad killing himself was so sad.
  2. So happy I saw them live a million years ago.
  3. Are the Zima in the fridge?
  4. I don't drink beer, it's great that others do. To me, that sounds awful. Was it good?
  5. That was his penis, you should see his thumb.
  6. I typed 30 miles in my Garmin and went where it too me. Lots of downtime stuff. Oddly I've had at least a 100 oz since I got back, including regular Skratch and rescue Skratch. Still in the 90s low 100s. First one here gets my bike, ideally after I'm dead.
  7. Do they make gluten-free, vegan doors? Also, I prefer a right hand pull.
  8. You can stop wearing pants now. So happy for you that you've retired!
  9. If you followed me on Garmin, you'd see. https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/6779448115 34 Not a great performance, got tired again 25 miles in. I suspect I did not drink enough before I left. HR still around 100. I'm not worried, it will come down.
  10. Not a recovery mix, those are things I've had in that order. Working on 12 oz of Skratch now.
  11. never tried it. protein drink lemonade (I never drink that) water water
  12. 102 as of this post. I am usually in the 60s or 70s sitting. It will go down. I've had at least 24 oz since I got back.
  13. I work with a woman who has 8 fingers. Two lost in an accident as a kid. She's asked if she can get a discount on manicures, they've told her know.
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