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  1. Dont fall for the soap in the shower trick.
  2. Well, I can predict the future. I can say with absolute certainty that the Bruins will win on Tuesday! Or, they will not. Of this, I have no doubt.
  3. My youngest is 18 and finishing high school soon. If we come in to lots of money, we will likely retire now and somewhere warm. We will build a house with at least three bedrooms, our children will always be welcome, regardless of their age. What is more likely is I will work until 67, then retire somewhere warm.
  4. This is true, and I am currently broke. Not good.
  5. I thought you were from the future?
  6. We can all retire young and move to Greenville. Not that SC one, I hear there are many others, most nice.
  7. That would be awesome! My wife has a ton of stock. She's one of the originals, they have about 50 or so people now. She's a VP. If (a huge if) they go public, we could be sitting pretty. She suspects it will more likely be a buyout. No idea if that would include buying the stock she has. For now, we trudge along.
  8. Not sure when the last time I used a straw was. We had some ancient ones in the closet, we placed them in recycling.
  9. Yeah, we're a huge hospital. I think my hospital has over 16k, and we're the smaller of the two large hospitals. My wife works for a start up. She works too many hours. It has eased up over the past year or so. They have an odd vaca policy - there isn't one. You ask for time off, as much as you want, and it's generally granted.
  10. Me too, but I can use (unofficially) comp time. So, if by Thursday I've worked 35 hours and need to come in late on Friday, no big deal. Even better, if I work (as I regularly do) 40+ hours, I just save the time and when I take a day or two off, or there is a holiday I use the comp time. I plan to cash out several hundred hours of my vacation time soon.
  11. I was laughing so hard. She's only had the car two weeks, she hardly knows how to use the 1,264 different features it has. I was flashing the lights, beeping the horn, opening the trunk from inside the house. Then I saw my brother in law on his phone, yup, he was googling why these things were happening. The one thing that made me sad is I didn't realize I could have rolled the car forward or backward from inside the house. It knows not to hit things including people, and it only goes about 2mph. I laughed so hard that I was tired when I was done. I think she has forgiven me, if not, I plan to live with @Road Runner, he was a awesome stereo, lots of vinyl, and a pretty nice car.
  12. There are several that are at 3-2 now. The Bruins had a couple of bad calls against them, I wish there was more said about that in the face of a win. I know it sounds silly to think that way, but a lot more would have been made of the calls if the Bruins had lost.
  13. Technically, they are not. One is a URL, one is an interpretation of a URL.
  14. Where can someone design me a t-shirt? I go to Orange Theory with a friend and my wife. We have a lot of fun together as a team and the coaches are awesome. When we're on the treadmills they always try to get us to push a little harder and often say to add 0.1 or 0.2.... The friend found this image, I don't think it will work because of the squareness of it and the background color. I'd like to order three t-shirts in orange with this saying, and maybe a cartoon character. The cookie monster is cool, but I wonder if a t-shirt place will make it. Any thoughts on making something like this?
  15. Sorry, many people don't want it showing up in searches and don't want to learn about posts there. If it's password protected it won't send notifications.
  16. ever bother to update us on the state of his poor cat?
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