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  1. @Razors Edge, I don't see your vote. @ChrisL, how about you? @Road Runner, we can count on you for a few miles. @Randomguy what say you?
  2. We need more votes people. I know most of you ride. This will be fun.
  3. Should we combine the dates and make it a 1,000-mile weekend instead? Fewer options, maybe a better chance of getting participation.
  4. @Zephyr is challenging us to ride a cumulative 1,000 miles in one day. You can ride 5 miles, or 50 miles, all miles help us reach our goal. Indoor or outdoor miles count, sorry @Razors Edge. Please use the poll to select the day. The Poll close the last day of July.
  5. We had friends over last night. I still wear a mask, and I sit far from others. Dinner and drinks. I made the drinks, I may have had one or three more than needed. I think I slept on the couch for a while, I don't remember.
  6. made more cosmos than I can drink? ------ haha, I wrote this last night and never hit the submit button.
  7. Not the same. Some cancer treatments fail miserably and make your time left significantly worse. I'd have to consider my odds of survival vs the side effects.
  8. It was a defect from manufacturer, it was replaced. Working fine. I also own Shimano on my older bike, the wife has Shimano on her two bikes. I forgot, they never have wear issues or break down. What was I thinking.
  9. I concur. My wife and I stopped their when you refused an audience with us. She was kind.
  10. https://www.lifealive.com/ 1 town over
  11. I drive from Boston to home (29 miles) in a day. So far I've made it home each day before midnight.
  12. He used the same story on us. I know he doesn't like me, surprised he blew you off too.
  13. I feel lost most of the time. I often wonder if anything I've ever done matters.
  14. bike ride in morning maybe mow in afternoon dinner with friends in the eve no idea on Sunday
  15. Rental, we'd need 1.21 gigawatts to get that car up to that speed.
  16. We didn't experience what is known to some as southern hospitality.
  17. I drove by his house once, while on the phone with him.
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