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  1. My Samsung didn't get this update, I feel cheated.
  2. I did not grow up as a chipmunk, so I have no idea what it must be like to be a chipmunk. I also did not grow up in a gun culture, as I pointed out earlier my state is at the bottom for guns per capita. I suppose if I grew up with guns in the family, I'd feel different, but I can't understand the "need" for a gun for "protection". As of now, the laws afford every American the right to own as many guns as they can afford and as much ammo as you can store. I fully support your right to own whatever you want. I have a lot of tools; I might feel strongly about you insisting I am not allowed to own any. I continue to buy tools I have no need for. I am not a contractor, I will never be one again, but I have more tools than some working contractors. It's my right. If you want to own a hundred guns, feel free. We do need to make it harder to obtain one, I like some of @MoseySusan's thoughts. I especially like her comments on Social Media policing. I have never liked where society is heading. I like to go to a store, talk to someone about the item I want, and buy it from them. I don't want to read reviews / rants on Amazon and hope I like it. I don't want to interview with a computer. I don't think working from home will work out in the end. Home schooling seems like another way to isolate people. We are social creatures who need to learn how to disagree respectfully and not pull a gun on our neighbor because their dog pooped in my yard.
  3. Thank you for keeping this conversation civil.
  4. You and your wife are invited over this Sunday.
  5. Mine loves mine. We have pancakes every Sunday.
  6. We've had ours for a long time now, still like it a lot.
  7. per capita, my state is last. https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/gun-ownership-by-state
  8. In your thread, I mentioned I have a plan, and am pretty good at sticking to it. Mon / Wed / Friday - Run / Lift Tue / Thu / one weekend day - ride For those that need assistance, create a free Training Peaks account. Use the calendar to create workouts at least one week at a time. It's awesome because it shows in green if you complete it, red if you skip it...
  9. Didn't look like you stopped at the intersection.
  10. I only use fragrance free soap.
  11. Be careful where you store it. We had a nice, and very expensive one. We don't have mice in our basement, except for the one that ate our bed.
  12. It's funny how we treat our own bodies more poorly than we do our possessions. For instance, if I told you gas was really inexpensive at Mike's Cheap Gas down the street, but there have been reports that sometimes the gas might have water in it, you'd avoid it like the plague; however, we all know cookies have zero redeeming value, yet we eat them anyhow. It sounds like you've already taken the first step. recognizing and admitting you need to improve. Here is my recipe, it works to a certain degree for me. For stress, meditate, also talk to those you love. For exercise, I had a coach for a couple of years. This does not mean I intended to win an Ironman, I had simple goals I set for myself, he helped me work toward them. We used Training Peaks. It has a calendar. That calendar owned me, and I felt I could not let him down. Below is an example. Orange meant I exceeded what I was supposed to do (8 mile run scheduled, ran 13+), red means I missed the workout. 99% of my calendar was green. I have not had a coach in years, and have still stuck to a calendar, even if mental. I run and lift Mon, Wed, Fri, I ride Tue, Thu, and one day on the weekend. I usually take one weekend day off. Food is a lot harder for me, as it is for most people. What I find works best is to cut something out cold turkey. I gave up soda years ago. I used to have at least one a day, now I have less than one a month, usually a few a year. I've done this with a few things. It's the whole penny saved idea for me. I exercise a lot and if I eat junk, I feel a little bad about it. The hardest part for me has been believing I deserve to be happy and fit. All the therapy in the world did nothing to help with that. It took many years of self-reflection to learn I matter, and I'm valuable. That's why I've handled being fired so well. Of course it hurt, of course it was embarrassing. Only after a couple of months out of there did I realize what a toxic environment it was. You matter. I am always here for you. Feel free to call or text whenever you'd like. That's my unsolicited advice for today.
  13. When Sandy Hook happened, I cried. Just thinking of it, I'm getting weepy. I thought as a silver lining, we'd finally take action, after all, it was one of the most horrific things our country had ever endured. We did nothing. No citizen needs a gun, I know that's an unpopular statement, but I've said it before, I've managed to live almost 58 years with the need to a gun for protection. These innocent children did not need to be slaughtered. Shame on us as a nation.
  14. When I sent my kids to school, I worried they'd be picked on, have their feelings hurt, have a bully take their lunch... I never worried some nutjob would mutilate them with a gun. The US is doomed.
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