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  1. I can't imagine doing this with one gear. over 6000 feet of hills. Speeds anywhere from 3 mph to 40+/
  2. https://www.keepersecurity.com/
  3. I watched 2+ seasons. It was painful. I chuckled once. Worst show evah.
  4. The wife just bought a new comforter. Now we need pillows. Why? They site on top a bureau for two weeks until the house keepers come and make the bed. Then they go back on the bureau.
  5. I suspect that is not true. The nerves are removed, not the blood vessels.
  6. Not judging, just asking. Why? Does it make you a better pilot?
  7. I don't like the look of the perfectly straight top tube.
  8. Why not? The manufacturers put the gears there for me to use, I'm gonna use them.
  9. I'm completely convinced the worsening traffic is significantly related to distracted driving. I barely move on the highway, so I get to see hundreds of people on their phones. We're handsfree in MA. The law is clearly a joke.
  10. No idea. Super painful. Hopefully the PT can fix me up.
  11. Hoodie sounds gangsta, I own a few hooded sweatshirts.
  12. Do you visit your doc annually? I don't unless I have to. I needed a prescription for PT. My ankle has been hurting, a lot. Never mind running, I can barely walk. While chatting with the docs office, they want me to come in for my annual checkup. I got the prescription; I'll skip the checkup.
  13. About 4500 so far. It's cool seeing my savings account now.
  14. Is it a new laptop and syncing your onedrive files?
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