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  1. I have them, never used them. I can also put it into "manual" mode and force the shifting, never done that either. I have used launch control a couple of times. That is pretty cool. My little 6 cylinder has more hp than any of my 8 cylinder cars had.
  2. 57 this year. My wife is trying to get us to retire in 5 or so years. I'm tired. I'm ready.
  3. Square Wheels


    Fries are OK, they are a ketchup delivery system.
  4. Maybe? A few days ago the ignitor in the stove croaked. Ordered one next day from Amazon and replaced it on Saturday. Some stuff at home I might put off. At work, it's not putting a task off, it's prioritizing what I can and can't get to.
  5. I'd consult @Zephyr for body burying tips.
  6. I'll give him $200. Will he deliver?
  7. We got Indian, it was sooooo good.
  8. I threw my baseball against the fireplace (outside). Missed a couple of times and dented the inexpensive siding.
  9. I wasn't joking, I'm actually pretty angry. People are so cavalier about this. Millions have died and people still visit family and take vacations. I'm tired of staying in too, but I am. I haven't seen family in 1.5 years. I haven't vacationed since October 2019. Sporting events? I feel complicit because I am watching, but sports should be banned. So many athletes have caught the virus. People look up to them, and none have masks. The fans mostly wore them in the game I watched last night. Restaurants? We're ordering take out now. I see people sitting outside in those sill
  10. My best friend in my 20s was getting married. We already had the party for him. The two of us went out together about a week before he got married. Got so drunk, I barely remember the drive him. We left the club, walked (I use that word lightly) right past the cop standing in from of the parking garage. Why else would we be going in to a parking garage? Never said a word to us, we drove home.
  11. These stories always make me think, there but for the grace of god go I... I drank a lot in my 20s, way too much. I drove drunk, really drunk, a lot.
  12. When I was in better running shape, I was a 9 - 9:30 person, number of miles didn't seem to matter. A really good mile for me would be 8. To qualify at my age, I need a prior marathon at a pace of 7:45. That's just to get in to the lottery. I'll likely never run Boston, I can't afford it and I'm too slow.
  13. This whole Covid nuisance is essentially over. Sporting events are letting people in, who cares if they wear masks. Gyms are open. Restaurants are doing great again - mostly full. It's over.
  14. https://www.baa.org/races/boston-marathon/qualify
  15. Why is she riding in her underwear and not wearing a helmet? Dumass.
  16. They have other workouts than just running. I don't have their bike, and won't get one, but it's the same subscription. Plus floor exercises if you want. I just love the visuals on the run. It also controls the speed and incline on the treadmill. I did a run (hahahahaha, walk) last week in Hawaii. 20 minutes of it were at 40%. That hurt.
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    I thought it would be a gimmick, and it kinda is, but I love it. Today I did a run along a river basin in Bryce Canyon. It's expensive, I think it's about 40 a month for a family plan, 5 accounts. I got it free for a year, and at Christmas time they were offering good discounts. I'll definitely extend it when mine runs out in January.
  18. I have a bunch of stuff from these guys https://twoblindbrothers.com/pages/reveal Made with bamboo. Some of my most comfy shorts.
  19. We currently have bamboo for summer.
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