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  1. I wanted to ask for my money back.
  2. That's what I fear it would be. I am not artistic like you, it would cause me stress.
  3. It was a beginner class, lots of instruction. I liked it.
  4. I've heard diet changes the taste.
  5. I hope you overcome the pain and suffering you've been experiencing, especially the headaches which are nearly impossible to diagnose, and the psychological trauma you must be suffering each time you drive now. I'm sure a few hundred thousand will ease that pain.
  6. One person should not be allowed to be so good looking.
  7. That's a drag. It looks cosmetic, hopefully they'll consider repairing it.
  8. We just got back from a 3 hour yoga class. We had fun.
  9. I've sent him an email. He's not likely to return, I suspect the tone of the site, along with his busy life will keep him away.
  10. We went to this one year, it was a lot of fun. One event is kids covering their parents in Fluff. http://www.flufffestival.com/
  11. She is adorable, and off the market, again.
  12. She does not like herself, and she's trying to drag you down with her. Been there, done that.
  13. Square Wheels


    I was cajoled into believing that leaving p&r open would help the rest of the site. That did not prove to be true, not even close. Many good people have left the site due to the bickering. There are thousands of successful political sites for you to debate on. This will not be one if them.
  14. Invented in Massachusetts, I'm embarrassed to admit.
  15. I like everyone equally, I do not have a favorite anything.
  16. I may not live until retirement. I might live to be 104. I want to buy things I enjoy now. I also try to save for the future, but there is no promise of a future.
  17. I remember as a teenager me and my stepbrother setting up a couple of guitars in my backyard playing Think I'm in Love. The drummer and bass player never made it that day. We were kids, we didn't care. We just played for a few hours and had fun and made memories. We will all pass, I hope Eddie had a good life.
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