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  1. I don't think I want the 1,000th post, the prize comes with too much responsibility.
  2. Stopped at a small little place on the way out of North Conway and had quinoa and chick pea soup, it was yummy.
  3. No idea, we never lived in a townhouse, always apartments. Most likely an apartment, possibly my school. I assume that was in Chelsea, MA. An "OK" place back then, mostly safe. Not so much now.
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  5. I thought this thread was about men's shoes.
  6. Got even better, now it's with a friend.
  7. What a cool pace to live.
  8. I went down the shoe video rabbit hole about a year ago, it's amazing what 4 - 7 thousand dollars will get you.
  9. Indian at an awesome local place.
  10. Supposed to be nice here today. Getting massages in about an hour, then we'll head out for lunch and poke around the shops. I love lazy days.
  11. I don't think I have one for this year. Last year I trained really hard. I had a coach who really prepared me. I was running a lot and cycling a lot. My short runs during the week were 5 miles, usually 6 or 7. Weekends were 8 to 10. On the weekends I would go out to a local hill about an hour away and run hills for at least 2 hours. Same for the bike, there was a bike route about an hour away that I rode hills on for 3 to 5 hours. My life felt consumed by getting ready to run Washington under 2 hours, and do the 109 mile, hilly century a month later under 6 hours. For last years run, the weather was pretty cold and very windy. My wife claims that's why I finished at 2:10. Then I gave it my all on the century, lots of hills, 6:30. I felt terrible after these two events, they really broke my spirit. I gave training my all, I weighed 25 pounds less than I do now, and I still failed. I had no idea how much this affected me, still. I gave up my couch, I gained weight, I got a new position at work that takes a lot of my time, I pretty much gave up training. This year I had no expectations, wasn't even sure I could finish, or finish under the required time. It wasn't as cold as last year at the top, it was in the 40s with 40+ mph winds Still not friendly, but doable. I finished 2:26, the cut off is 3:05. I'll do it again next year, but I'll train for it - I hope.
  12. I haven't started one of these in a while because I've been so lazy. No prepared, slow time, but I finished. 7.6 by foot, only one hill. https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/3750849236#
  13. It is by design, it's not supposed to save it after you've posted it, sorry about that.
  14. My wife just bought me a pack of that.
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