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  1. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/24-Browntown-Rd-Asheville-NC-28803/5611518_zpid/ Seriously, there is a neighbor 10 feet away, plus it's on a golf course. I cannot live in this dump.
  2. We're looking for a little warmer than new England too.
  3. Square Wheels

    Life expectancy of a laptop?

    I got the Lenovo yoga C930 last week. It's pretty cool.
  4. Square Wheels

    Dr forum come in please...

    Mine was accurate. Yours, possible.
  5. Square Wheels

    A little late for Valentine's day

  6. Square Wheels

    Dr forum come in please...

    You will die.
  7. That's what I'm looking for!
  8. Square Wheels

    Will there be pics?

    I store snacks there.
  9. Square Wheels

    If a cow doesn't give milk?

    Try to milk it. If you get milk, bonus for you. If you don't, bonus for him.
  10. Square Wheels

    Will there be pics?

    Here's is how we met him downtown. Took him back to our place, let hi use the shower. Not much of an improvement.
  11. Square Wheels

    Will there be pics?

    I told him exactly when I'd be there. I said I'd meet anywhere. I offered to pay for tea. He refused to meet. So, what did I do next? I offered him a chance to stay with us for the rest of the weekend. I'd even pay for his dinner at the somewhat upscale restaurant we're going to. I say somewhat because, this is afterall, the south.
  12. Square Wheels

    How long does it take

    Not long. If you can run 3, you can do 13. Last spring I was running hills, lots of hills. I had to run with a camlebak as there was nowhere to get water. I ran just under 14. I could have done a lot more on the flat ground and would have, but I was out of liquid.
  13. Square Wheels

    Happy up way too early Saturday!

    We were not invited. I tried to visit. I was blown off, on my wife's birthday even.
  14. Square Wheels

    Happy up way too early Saturday!

  15. Square Wheels

    Happy up way too early Saturday!

    I'm sitting on our deck listening to roosters crow while sipping tea. Its so beautiful here.
  16. Square Wheels


    We passed through Greenville around 530. Sorry, lunch with her dad ran longer than we thought. The cabin we're in in Asheville is amazing and has an extra bedroom. Please come up tomorrow.
  17. Square Wheels


    Offered to take my wife out for dinner Friday. I wasn't invited.
  18. Square Wheels

    The cool kids' table

    I'm relegated to the card table in the den with chain smoking unle larry.
  19. Square Wheels

    Is it possible to run out of words?

    The two early 20 year olds in front of us are a seat apart. I don't think either has taken a breath since before we took off. I hope the plane crashes soon, I need relief.
  20. Square Wheels

    Birthday Bot fail

    Not a fail, not in the calendar. It needs to added to her profile: https://squarewheelscycling.com/index.php?/calendar/ Happy birthday
  21. Square Wheels

    Is it possible to run out of words?

    Talk to @AirwickWithCheese, he's being very evasive. Yup Forgot them.
  22. Square Wheels


    Neither do I. I'm crude and unrefined.
  23. Square Wheels


  24. Square Wheels


    Is that anywhere near san Antonio? Ill be there this october. Id love to have dinner.
  25. Square Wheels

    Is it possible to run out of words?

    We're visiting her family in Atlanta. We'll drive up to NC to check out a retirement town. We drive right through Greenville. I suspect he'll concoct a lame excuse to not meet up.