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  1. I don't eat a lot of sweets anymore, so to me it's like candy.
  2. I beg you, please do not buy this.
  3. It's amazing, I just eat it with a spoon.
  4. I didn't start until early June, so I have a few more to go. I don't think I'll stop. Will likely keep the same heart rate plan, which equals a slow run, but will go a tiny bit further.
  5. Don't let @... (formerly known as Road Runner) see that. Actually, seeing it seems to have been a problem.
  6. I'm changing my answer. 2021 M8 Competition Convertible 617 HP - 3 sec 0-60 MPH
  7. No crying at all, could not believe this was our cat. I think she actually liked it. She's an indoor cat, so it was a pretty big adventure. Not sure, more than a mile.
  8. Yes, if you buy it here directly, the ads will go away immediately. Again, not necessary, but always appreciated.
  9. No, I'm not sure of the magnitude of things I am unaware of.
  10. I get more for clicks, but some from impressions. We're only talking a few hundred a year.
  11. 2021 BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe
  12. Not required. Ads do help pay for stuff. I know lots of sites survives off of ads, this one does too. It costs a ton to run my three sites. I appreciate it when people don't block ads. I refuse to put on an adblock detector.
  13. I do not like it. Please send me a red one.
  14. Technically @bikeman564™ beat him first, so sloppy seconds for me. Day 26 running. No missed days. @bikeman564™ has a little over a million consecutive days.
  15. Agreed. The cost of owning an expensive, or worse, supercar, are crazy. I saw a video for a modest BMW. They offered a carbon brake option for just under 9k. They said that was an absolute steal as the parts alone to replace them were over 18k. I saw another video for Bugatti. The tires are custom made just for that car. They last about 5k miles and cost about 20k to replace.
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