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  1. Well, I set it so you could delete your own, but maybe it didn't allow it because this months already started. I deleted the one you uploaded, but I'm not convinced that will let you upload a new one. Sorry.
  2. We'll see. That is two incompatible statements. I cannot tell a lie.
  3. My fat ass did nothing, again.
  4. Dunno, stuff. When it runs out I'll get more, or I won't and I'll die.
  5. For me, it should be nominated for worst movie ever. Maybe if we go on lockdown and I'm near death, I'll consider giving it another try.
  6. This was a very clear point. Unless your disability affects your ability to not die, this is not considered. No bias against race, religion, disability, ability to pay... SOFA was half of it. https://clincalc.com/IcuMortality/SOFA.aspx Coexisting morbidity and the likelihood of you dying from it was the other half, e.g. advance Alzheimer's... The patient's caregiver does not make the decision, it is made by an independent team. It was hard to listen to, but it sounded fair. Two of the presenters where physician ethicists. They said healthcare workers will not be given preferential treatment.
  7. I rarely drink, I never drink beer. We have exactly 0 cans / bottles / kegs.
  8. Always do, run off. If I'm at home, I like to pretend I'm going to get exercise for a few hours first.
  9. We went to WF at noon today, it was decent.
  10. We added all our stuff to our WHole Foods cart and then tried to order. Only two days came up, today or tomorrow. Neither we available. We went to the store. They were limiting the number of people, but when we went (noon), we walked right in. They had most everything except TP, none of that. Also, the self serve stuff has all been removed, but I think they did that pretty early on. Hopefully deliveries will get better.
  11. They outlined the plan for allocating critical resources when they are in short supply, essentially a plan for who lives and who dies.
  12. Not sure, this is new to me too. Can you delete the pic you entered?
  13. Right now we have less than that, but we're part of a system. We'll be taking what they don't have room for, unless we are full too.
  14. I rarely wash my hands, never have. When I did construction and was sitting on a pile of lumber in the middle of the woods eating lunch, your sandwich fell in the dirt, you picked it up, brushed it off and ate it - or you want hungry. Did that for about 10 years. We were lucky if we got a porta a potty, usually used the woods. Never had a place to wash my hands. WIpes didn't exists yet except for babies. No such thing as Purell. Those habits have been hard to change. I still rarely wash my hands, I hate Purell. I almost never get sick.
  15. I don't think I'm at any more risk than the next guy. I'm not much of a hand washer. I am at work a lot less. We are stuck in the house. I wear a mask at work. I don't have patient contact. Our infection rate at work is lower than the general population, for now. We're an 850 bed hospital that is now converting other areas into bedspace, we'll be 1000 beds soon. We are anticipating most of those will be COVID patients. When that happens, maybe we'll get sick faster.
  16. and I have not showered yet. This whole stay in your house thing is messing me up.
  17. That be be 1 more than needed.
  18. I have plenty of toilet paper, I'll be eating that soon.
  19. I have a lifetime supply of beer.
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