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  1. Sadly, this may overtake the greatest thread of all time.
  2. Irrelevant, assault is assault, I hope he sues you for all you're worth.
  3. Not true. I took one of my sons to the Museum of Fine Art in Boston on a school trip. He was maybe 6 or 7. It was a guided tour and the guide was awesome. We spent about 5 minutes looking at one picture, pretty impressive for little kids. They all had a great time.
  4. True but in 10 or 30 years, there will not be football, or MMA, or boxing...
  5. I had no idea what all the fuss was about, I just watched the video. What I schmuck. I read on Sports Illustrated a few minutes ago, that football is cancelled for the rest of the season, the Patriots were declared SB champs due to their record.
  6. Give her more graphic details of how she was made, then show her some videos of babies being born. We should not lie to our children.
  7. Too high? The meter I used didn't have a negative scale.
  8. I think it's really nice how you give solid instructions for how to use the software. You're a kind person.
  9. Just watched the first episode. Tom Brady was in it. He made a funny reference.
  10. https://squarewheelscycling.com/index.php?/stats/
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