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  1. How do I watch football or hockey without it.
  2. Bred for too long to be attack dogs, not sure they can help it. Don't get a Doberman if you think you might want kids - not that hard to plan ahead.
  3. I only watched a little, I got mildly aroused.
  4. I think there is so much that contributes to getting sick. A lot of it is luck, but "I personally believe" (said in my best Ms South Carolina voice) that the extreme predictor in someone getting sick, is their belief that they will. I don't think of myself as a loser, failure, or someone who ever gets sick.
  5. I hate being that overworked and tired. I'd dead by the weekend, I like to waste spend a large part of each weekend day doing nothing. We usually go to OTF on Saturday and yoga on Sunday, plus regular house stuff, but I am loving my downtime.
  6. I love dogs, but I'm not sure I would have baby and Doberman at the same time.
  7. We used to make beet soup a couple of times a year, not sure why we stopped.
  8. I rarely got sick before. I am under a lot more stress and have gained weight. Been vegan for years. Still, rarely get sick.
  9. I'm not going to bother, but it had 2,366,284 views in a week. Who's laughing now?
  10. Vegans don't get sick, it's comes with the membership. I hope you get well soon.
  11. Wow, you lost a lot. I'd like to hang out with you for a week and eat like you doo, except for the beer. I struggle all of the time with eating poorly. Doesn't help I grew up in a Hostess house.
  12. Austin is on our list of places to retire. I'd need to stay a couple of nights first.
  13. Would you rather be a door or a window?
  14. I've never seen my cat fret over money.
  15. Square Wheels

    Hold my beer

    Can't believe he didn't break his neck, of crush his chest. Dumbasses never cease to amaze me.
  16. OK, so far on the list is: @Couch_Incident @Zephyr (not likely because he's being whiney and adding conditions, sheesh, it's a free Rolex)
  17. Chinese knock off sheds its skin.
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