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  1. Best of luck. Negotiate a reasonable fee if you are charged a fee. More importantly is that disc soreness.... Wishing you back to normality over the next few months.
  2. Hmm.. when the crash occurred in March, I wondered what was going on because it was the first time I really paid attention to the market. So things for me fell 19%. Then back up to 49+% recovery... which means more accurately, 30+% rise. Very true about the tech, and....renewables/alternative power, just more emotional insanity. In the province where I work/live, it is so real about the oil and gas falling which for us, started several years locally before covid. Now with Biden cancelling XKeystone pipeline some people up here are upset. They should have known better not to prom
  3. I didn't use to monitor portfolio daily ....now I do. And in a way, I don't quite like this habit in myself. Partially because things are more heavily weighted in equities. Canadian banks are sayin' in total Canadians are saving alot of cash...yea, well govn't bonds, fixed instruments have such lousy interest rates for past year. And only Canadians who haven't lost their jobs due to covid restrictions impact. On our side, the Canadian dollar is abit higher....the Bank of CAnada prefers to keep it weak, for the attraction of our exports in commodities, manufacturing... CAnadian
  4. This is why I'm not interested in hearing the term China virus. Sorry, bikeman564.
  5. Canadian snowbirds getting the COVID-19 vaccine in Florida face backlash from some residents | CBC News For some of these folks, it might the first time in their life as a adults getting very negative reaction from people. As a Canadian, seeing other Canadians going to their vacation rentals during covid overseas, vacationing in Florida plus knowing /hoping they will get vaccine in Florida..instead of just waiting this year....like majority of Canadians back in their home city/town.... I find it distasteful they are given priority over locals. They should have been blocked from eve
  6. For sure there will be a good chance for a noticeable %, especially if person doesn't have cycling infrastructure/routes that are safe near home. Their home location won't change unless they move. I wasn't aware since I was still a student oblivious to alot of stuff.
  7. Her life might be healthier and happier to deal with a smaller amount...and less strangers /people after her. If I won xxx million, I would consider small portion for a scholarship fund that would be self-funding via smart investments.
  8. So glad sloth will warm your tender shoulder
  9. Covid is a big concern at Whistler, BC. since they found enough people from all over Canada comin' over now. Outbreak of over 10 people at ski resort, Kelowna, BC. In Banff..they are tryin'...to limit. I'm not sure if there are exceptions. Right now, restaurants across Alberta can't having dining areas indoors. We haven't gone to any mountain resort since covid. Maybe after we both get vaccinations... The thing is...we would have to stay in hotel, plus get food from restaurant where there are others around, even if sparse.. And eating outdoors when it's too cold doesn't work.
  10. You're such a romantic....restaurant/food business is tough biz with small profit margins. Dearie's son's butcher shop is doing...well right now, because in Ontario, restaurants are closed to diners and restrictions are on. So people ordering to make their own dinners.
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