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  1. shootingstar

    Heritage designation: built in 1950's - 1970's

    Wonder if they will turn their new shared cottage into a castle.
  2. House selling for $5 million 'cause it was unique, etc. at that time in 1960. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/rare-homes-for-sale-vancouver-1.4754324 I appreciate the exterior design in terms of uniqueness but the interior if "preserved", is ugly. Here in Alberta, all sorts of bldgs. are designated as heritage and only built in 1940's-1970's. Single family dwelling, gas station (yea, well we're in energy/oil country). I'm not even talking about major building like Nathan Phillips square in Toronto (new city hall) built in 1960's. I feel old. A building from the 1960's as heritage.. Prairie old architecture where I am is pretty plain.. except for sandstone buildings of 1800's.
  3. shootingstar

    I weigh 78.44 kilograms

    YOu really need to become good-tempered around here. It'll help you, lighten you. Do you bike/hike or right now? Wishing you calorie burning vibes.
  4. shootingstar

    Snakes under the bed

    Thank goodness we have a lot smaller snakes at our end. I haven't seen any yet though...
  5. shootingstar

    Everything you wanted to know-poo

    It's an article published on site of national Canadian tv website. The subject will be in a science tv national documentary. Actually if more people knew basics about poo or paid attention, they would eat healthier or see doctor immediately for certain symptoms. And ...info. on approx. how much poo a 70 kilo person would normally produce. I know for certain that biking contributes to my digestive health or walking for over an hr. each day.
  6. shootingstar

    Why do people use the word "literally" so much more than :figuratively"?

    https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/figuratively Examples in the link and under plus + sign for more examples, where both figuratively and literally are used in same sentence. I have never used figuratively in verbal speech with others. My sense, is that they most likely will not understand me. Figuratively suggests to me, more in a metaphorical sense. Literally can be used in similar way but sometimes is used for extra descriptive emphasis. But you're right use of literally can be similar to figuratively. Oxford dictionary web site will give those similar examples under literally. Now I am literally and figuratively have learned a lot.
  7. shootingstar

    Everything you wanted to know-poo

    https://www.cbc.ca/natureofthings/features/is-my-poop-normal-heres-the-scoop Some stuff I knew..for my own digestive health. Follow links, they can even figure out some stress level based on community's poop.
  8. shootingstar

    So who won, still happy, etc.

    I appreciate your thoughts, airwick.
  9. shootingstar

    So who won, still happy, etc.

    I've won 2 coffee cards from 2 different contests. $30.00 in a group raffle. I"m probably forgetting something...but no big bonanza lottery. A sister who is no longer alive, won a bike, a windsurf board. I knew someone at work, who sat across from me, who won a Lexus car in hospital fundraiser lottery. Instead of taking the car, he took $70,000CAD.
  10. shootingstar

    Why my house is full of empty boxes

    What a waste of paper to be in such a huge box. (Other than the fact, it protected your sandals....kind of.)
  11. shootingstar

    So who won, still happy, etc.

    I'm glad 60 million dollar lottery was won by 5 friends. Meaning legitimately won by more than 1 person. Wonder what how each of their lives will change. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/ottawa-lotto-60-million-jackpot-1.4753550 Have you known anyone face to face, who won something? Not necessarily a huge jackpot, but via raffle, lottery.
  12. shootingstar

    Connecting across Canada

    I will be attending an evening event in Vancouver later this year. I will know no one and this event is purely related to a magazine I was involved as a volunteer over 30 years ago in Toronto. Because of some people I met while involved, a few years later, it led me to another organization (not a magazine producer). Several intertwining emails .. plus the friend from 25 yrs. ago discovered me on the Internet. While Canada is huge, there can be multiple networks of people who can be amazingly connected or try to be connected. Internet is a good thing for this.
  13. shootingstar

    Saharan dust has invaded Dallas

    A Canadian left Texas with his young family after being there for only 1 year and returned to our employer. He graduated from university in Texas, loved it....but discovered how much the politics/area had changed since probably 20 years ago.
  14. shootingstar

    Saharan dust has invaded Dallas

    Clearly you're there because you/someone in family has a job. Would you consider moving to another state after career is over?
  15. shootingstar

    When heat is a matter of perspective

    My partner loved cycling the bike trail which is over 100 km. in Couer d'Alene. One doesn't hear about Idaho in Canada in the news -- at all. When living in southern Ontario, I knew no one who vacationed in Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas nor Washington state. There are huge swaths of the U.S. most Canadians I've met in southern Ontario, wouldn't even think of immediately as a vacation spot. But it's natural and easy for them to know/go to Michigan, New York, maybe Minnesota or New England states.