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  1. Yes, it has been bright here too.. around 3-4:00 am it streams in. Happy Chinese/Asian Mid-Autumn festival!
  2. You absolutely can't visit him at this time?
  3. If you only knew what was causing this. Keep us updated, Aire!
  4. Not all women in supervisory roles are like that. I've reported to some women who weren't like that to their male direct reports. What they didn't like were male employees or any employee/direct report who lied to them ..about work related stuff. I heard their comments after a meeting they would have with major stakeholders/various parties. I agree probably for a guy to be more neutral in behaviour is safest of all. Shouldn't be hard for many men...but some guys don't know...and they have to be told straight out.
  5. Do understand I've worked for some employers that were quite male dominant in terms of sheer numbers / those in supervisory and management roles were predominantly male. So there was a subculture I had to learn / navigate...which nowadays would barely be tolerated in the workplace.
  6. Yes, I heard some stories long ago with previous employers when there was the annual Christmas party. In fact, there was a situation at a Christmas party where a married guy and married woman clearly to everyone else seemed to enjoy the dancing together (too often)....and they ended up divorcing their respective partners. I think they married in the end. I honestly and naively didn't understand an employer sponsored Christmas dinner with dance ...and hotel accommodation afterwards offered at a discount. Boy, was I naive at that time. This is a major global firm I was working for.
  7. Sure. I'm not close friends with women who are like that. Seriously. Sex with known bf or hubby is cool. I found it difficult to listen to 1 friend talk about an sexual affair with a guy who was currently married. Friend was single. It was a romp to her...but all I could think of, was how it feel to be the wife if she knew. I can't waste time listening to other people willingly jumping into extra-marital relationships.
  8. You know, every father (and mother but she knows abit more ..maybe) who has a young daughter should be worried.
  9. Sadly she's becoming anorexic...unless she's getting healthier. Or she has a condition that she's not telling anyone publicly. ...which is fine.
  10. Ok....let me propose this: Some of the guys just are curious and wonder how dumb the woman might fall for them for a one-night stand. So they can laugh/boast to their guy friends. Sorry some guys are f--- jerks. They are. They are interested in the woman's $$$$ net worth. Just like the girls wantin' a sugar daddy, a guy might want a sugar mommy. It always makes me wonder when I see a woman celebrity alot older with a very young guy or any guy onto the 3rd, 4th, etc. relationship. Yea, sure maybe sex is hot for lst few months...then later. Come on. Sure, sometimes it's great pure long lasting attraction. Then kudos for that. From a sexual physical attraction, some older women do keep themselves in good shape ....without botox, implants, nor makeup.
  11. Well, as long as you only forget your wallet at your house/car..and retrieve it quickly especially in the car due to car break-ins. It's leaving behind your wallet at store/someone's house and yes, iPhone and if that happens too often, find ways to help self. It's more forgetting the critical stuff, that becomes a safety issue...leaving stove/fireplace on, et c. Or forgetting about certain things re your finances in terms of decision-making.
  12. I didn't check everything of mine. Some held steady while others fell into light pothole. Fertilizer/potash naturally turns slightly downward because it's seasonal. My trucking line company held steady....a tech. stock has some stomach churns but has not collapsed. In the midst of this 2 national rail companies have fought each other. I accept capitalism in the stock market, but public boorish activist shareholder leading the charge to outright hurt a company. He did this again several yrs. ago against another company before just to get his way (and probably make a bundle of money later).
  13. One guy at work told me that he didn't want to take transit to a job interview location...he thought it wouldn't reflect well on him. That is really old thinking..or sign of suburban living where car in minds of many tends to be "king". Whereas in big cities, you see people in expensive suits/biz wear on the subway. His potential job did not involve travelling. Office location. And the irony, is my employer includes public transit system for the city.
  14. In person advance poll station worked well for me....and for some others too. That was almost 2 wks. ago. You see, in our city, there will be a municipal election in about 4 wks. after the federal.
  15. I can imagine the threat of some rain at this time is real. So if that happens on San Juan islands, as long as you and wifey figure out some different activities....just in case. It's a reasonable vacation, Dottles given the circumstances.
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