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  1. Zealot there have been isolated incidents of CAnadians flying the Confederate flag.... actually honest...since the Civil War is not part of our history (though Canada did have some rich folks that had slave here and there in the late 1700's), it's dumb and racist. What is that Canadian lovin' by flying the Confederate flag or stickin' it on their car? Sheer ignorance of fullness of that piece of American history. I tend to see such folks when I see such stuff.....in Canada...as bumpkins. People can talk about freedom of expression in public, but there is responsibility to the community at large to live well and in cooperation. While I agree that Allen could have first said something, but most likely the scout group leader would have become emotionally defensive there or afterwards. Meanwhile scout leader should be aware of organization's broader goals and values.
  2. In Canmore town, within Rocky Mountains area, approx. 90 km. west of Calgary, you can see Ha Ling Peak. It used be called Chinaman's Peak. Here is the story of the man, who worked for the CPR, is he Canadian Pacific Railway. If you may allow me to give history: the immigration laws in Canada and U.S. in late 1800's into early 1900's did NOT permit Chinese men to bring their wives and children. The governments/public were afraid the countries would be overrun with the Chinese (or aka take away jobs from locals at the time. Doesn't that sound familiar?) Ha Ling Peak was the official name given to a peak south of Canmore, and east of Whiteman’s Pass, Whiteman’s Pond and Whiteman’s Crag, in 1997 after having been called Chinaman’s Peak. In 1896, Ha Ling was a Chinese cook for the CPR who was bet 50 dollars that he couldn’t climb the peak in less than 10 hours. He left at 7 a.m. and was back by lunch. Nobody believed his story, so he led doubters to the summit where he then planted a larger flag beside the original, so it was visible from Canmore. Before Ha Ling’s ascent, it was locally known as The Beehive. Local historian Jerry Auld uncovered why he climbed the peak on the day he did, which you can read about here. Auld explained: “Ha Ling came from Hunan province, which is very mountainous. The east, south and west sides of the province are surrounded by mountains and hills, such as the Wuling Mountains to the northwest, the Xuefeng Mountains to the west, the Nanling Mountains to the south, and the Luoxiao Mountains to the east. And then I found out that the date in October corresponded to the ninth day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Since nine is a masculine number, heavy in the ‘yang’ energy, this date was auspicious for an abundance of energy, and was the so-called double-yang festival. It’s more commonly referred to as the Double Ninth Festival. There is an old legend in Hunan that the festival celebrates the occasion that a monster appeared in the province in pre-history and was wreaking devastation. A hero told everyone to climb to the top of a nearby peak for safety until he was able to dispatch the monster. So, ever after, on the Double Yang festival, young men would climb mountains to commemorate the feat.” Ha Ling Peak is famous for climbers thanks to the dozen rock climbs up the north face, each of which will take climbers the majority of a day to complete. The most popular of the routes being the Northeast Face III 5.6 and Sisyphus Summits IV 5.10d.
  3. I live in a hotbed province...probably biggest gun lovers/owners in Canada...at least it's not hiding. I guess. Also some folks want province to become an independent country. (Dumber than dumb.) Then some people think why go after oil firms for removal of hundreds of abandoned oil wells which pollute soil and air (sour gas)...etc. List goes on. Then today I read about this.... https://globalnews.ca/news/7126290/bow-valley-mountain-trail-names/ I haven't hiked in those areas, except the Bow Valley is huge and I've been in parts. Otherwise I would have remembered the dumb names. I'm sorry...those names are insulting. History is sometimes has stupid results, and can be shameful, tragic and disrespectufl. Please... and the arguments about being part of history and leaving it alone. Sure. That's why we should always teach history, have books, original journals, the archival photos of death, damage, abuse, etc... That's why we have museums. Alberta’s climbing community is making a push to change some controversial names for both mountains and rock climbing trails in the province. Some of the names being noted as in need of change include a mountain that is known as Squaw’s Tit near Canmore, as well as a series of trails in the Bow Valley called The White Imperialist near Grassi Lakes which also features sub-routes with names like No Tickee No Laundry, Chinatown Left and Chinatown Right. There are also some with sexist names in the province, for example, another trail in the Bow Valley called Naked Teenage Girls. “Some of them are derogatory, they’re racist, they’re sexist,” Brandon Pullan, the editor of Gripped Climbing Magazine, said. The push for the names to be changed has been going on for several years, according to Pullan. ............................................................................................................................................................ One of the more problematic peaks is known by climbers as Squaw’s Tit, one of the largest peaks near Canmore, also called just The Tit by many. However, that name is not an official one — but similar to the trails, that is what it’s been known as in the climbing community for decades. “[Squaw’s Tit] is an informal name,” Jude Daniels, Canmore resident said “I summited it back in 2006. It was one of my first ones, that’s when I first heard this name, and I was shocked..................... Now, in an attempt to pick a name that will be approved by officials, Daniels has been working with the Stoney Nation about whether they had a traditional name for the mountain. “Every time I see that peak, and I literally live next door to it… to the left of me is a peak of me called Squaw’s Tit. To the right of me is a mountain called Lady MacDonald. I think that speaks volumes for the kind of thinking that arose at the time of the informal naming of that peak.
  4. Not that today is super exciting. Hope to go for a spin outdoors. Still, good for soul. And yes, I'm happy to live in Canada. I work for the same employer, but different dept. https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1757941827733/ Things have been restrictive..that families like to visit landfill site to do something different while dropping off big garbage. Well, today lots of people will be BBQ (if it doesn't rain later today), cycling or taking off to the mountains.
  5. Maybe he's doing more exercise but it's become part of his routine, he didn't tell you.
  6. I'm always intrigued by people from other provinces who work for a season in another province...ie. picking fruit..in Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, coming from Quebec. Maybe for francophones, it's experiencing wine country, bike/drive to mountains for the day which is different from Ontario. I'm glad for them to pick fruit for our markets...and then go to the local beach to enjoy rest of day. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/not-so-sweet-season-for-b-c-farmers-cherry-pickers-due-to-weather-and-covid-19-1.5627630 Some parts of Canada are different enough, that other Canadians want to experience it for .. a few months, make some bucks.
  7. It would be a parody he would compose. Dearie does occasionally emails with his ex....several thousand km. away. It's about his adult children and grandsons. More utilitarian stuff..if one adult child is having a tough time, the other ex is told.
  8. At least, this job isn't dealing with members of the public. Those depts. are often under pressure from several different angles. Then some people make wierd comments/requests. Or public just doesn't know. They also deal with way more freedom of info. requests. So take my job and layer on top, with working in a public-facing dept.
  9. Is there something that surprising? I've heard a number of the bike stores are doing ok. Maybe a national chain might be different.
  10. I logged in my time on xxx activities. Our team uses it for metrics, who are our clients, etc. Sent email to course registrants to remind them of time, date next wk. and link to training manual. Presented on change request for Waste & Reycling dept. Showed legislation to group for compliance --what we need to keep as evidence ...for off-set carbon emissions reporting/benchmarking. This is law for certain organizations. More questions. Other topics reported from other team members. Meeting is 1.5 hrs. long. Chatted with colleague to ask what was going on...based on meeting info. He didn't want to talk much ...I think he was annoyed at situation/ other colleagues (not me). Tested built custom software application for a client. (I prepared specs. doc. and got sign-off from client). More fixes. Takes me 40 min. to document/explain in writing. Can't just pick up phone...IT want fix requests tracked. Crafted email, in politically neutral words. Suggest steps to recipient, stuck with some mess for data/100,000 document load that was missing critical info. This is a 2nd different built application for another client. It took me 45 min. to wordsmith .....after spot check for final migrated volume. Asked retiring boss (she's leaving today) for her opinion on business cases since she's done hiring for past 15+ years..on non-competition positions. She happily obliged. I know I won't get a fast answer from her interim replacement...other person is too new. Change request email from another dept. Subdivision Development Appeals tribunal. Am surprised but good on her consulting a lawyer so quickly, about audio-recordings. I acknowledged her email. I will present her case to team next wk. More testing on software fixes. Still other problems. I documented abit more. For 20 min., answered online employee survey on what we hope for department changes/adjustments during & after covid, preferences about working from home or not. For a virtual town hall dept. meeting next wk. There will be approx. 90 people. Meeting with 5 other people on mega- metatadata solution for Planning and Development business unit with multi-workflows which affects several other integrated software applications. After meeting, phoned IT and demonstrated my software problem on MS Teams. Spent half an hr. before he did more fixes. Showed me a couple of tips. Retested for 4th time...documenting instructions for client to test. Note for client...who returning from surgery soon, Has test instructions (during my vacation) with certain fix still outstanding. End of work day. Bought myself matcha latte and little cakelet. Vacation for only 3 days+ weekend.
  11. Though you have the support of forumites, here, I hope you will have a strong local ally with you for this situation. Who else can you chat up locally about this? Good to chat with your uncle to bounce off thoughts.
  12. I'm still game for working now. My hope next year is working from home 50% of time at least if we return to the office. Especially in winter, working from home would be easier. Am thinking more often about retirement but not sure when. I seem to be learning something new every few days at work...which is a good thing and positive for brain exercise. I don't expect to go to Europe as we had planned with now-cancelled tickets. That includes EuroRail tickets. I honestly believe vaccine won't be available widespread in our countries just yet, next year because of logistics, at best. Other than vAncouver, I don't even see visiting Toronto next year yet. Just too complicated with still-covid restrictions. I hope myself and loved ones, are still healthy and alive.
  13. What cause the red colour...it's not the red radish, is it?
  14. If the counter is big enough ...ours are. Our washrooms are very clean.... Not sure what the problem is? I don't have a water bottle. Has a screwable steel cap that must be undone to drink. We also have shelves away from the sinks where people put down their iPads, writing pads, etc. for a few minutes or bike helmet. I wouldn't do it with a public washroom open to the general public since we have those washrooms for just the public who walk off the street. Literally. Many women at work do it... Sinks encourage people to wash hands.
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