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  1. shootingstar

    Hot sauce is good on everything

    I highlighted the purple text. I consider my palate very broad and exploratory compared to other people who I eat at the table with. This includes my own family: I do eat far spicier food with less discomfort and with enjoyment. I guess I'm a person that does enjoy a fresh nice egg purely for its what it is without throwing/masking it with hot sauce or worse, ketchup. (I don't understand this North American habit ..ketchup on a lot of stuff. Why cover up good food that's properly cooked/seasoned? A bunch of women at work thought I was unusual because we never buy/keep ketchup at home.) I throw on hot sauce only for certain things. I do put in sambal when stir frying certain dishes..it's a very light kick. I also appreciate properly cooked "naked" dishes that show off the food's freshness ie. steamed fish in soy sauce and oil, with green onion and ginger root. One doesn't throw on hot sauce because that would mask the fish delicacy. Just let me know if you've eaten bitter melon, winter melon, sea cucumber, use dried tiger lily buds, etc. I love conch, periwinkles (which are fussy to eat), a long time ago. I had abalone several times before it became endangered species, etc. We can't gauge a person's breadth of their palate just on hot spicey tastes. No Jicama is not as tasty as daikon and water chestnuts. After all, myself and siblings didn't know all the time what we were eating or what the English word was..as children. So we started early in life.. I do eat with women friends who enjoy trying a lot of stuff but have noticed there is a spicy limit where tolerance seems to erode with age. (Half of my friends are non-white.)
  2. shootingstar

    Envy chain

    parr8head, tell your daughter that this young lady on the left, my niece is now 16 yrs old. Look at the width of shoulders. It's wider than her older 2 brothers who are in long sleeved dress shirts. Because she is a competitive gymnast. She competes in regional competitions in Ontario. Been at it for past 5 years. Her speciality is parallel bars, floor routines, where she does a running leap across the mats to do handsprings, backward flips, etc. Her brothers played ice hockey, soccer for several years. Her whole body is very strong and of course, her upper body strength... This summer she taught little tykes simple gymnastics....5 -8 yrs. old. as her part-time job. Right now, she plucked her eyebrows (photo taken last yr.)... She has long thick hair right down to her bum which must be pulled out of the way during her training. Those things plus probably her awareness she is fit, are her concessions to feminity. She trains 3 hrs. each day, 5 days a wk. She starts at 5:00 am on some days. What I like about my niece, she is of course wants to be feminine like a lot of girls.... but hasn't going overboard trying to look chicked up/ton of makeup. She doesn't wear high heels yet. SHe seems comfortable in low shoes/ballet shoes.
  3. shootingstar

    Sealing No vote to Olympic bid

    Even without Olympics, major construction projects either net-new builds or major retrofits that are millions of dollars, tend to fall over by millions. I can tell that some of you just don't know the game played by major engineering firms worldwide: if infrastructure work is not detailed in the signed contract, then often there are construction claims....hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars.. This is how engineering firms really make money. It's not only the engineers' hourly billing rate for signed contract work. Trust me, I saw the flow of documents ….as someone heading up document management for a nearly $1 billion construction project. I was also involved in gathering a pile of documents to back up a construction claim to...a public government organization.
  4. shootingstar

    120 over 76

    I guess I don't hang around consistently on forums daily.....before the pills,did your blood pressure spike up or??
  5. shootingstar

    Hot sauce is good on everything

    My gut tells me this hot sauce popularity on all sorts of food....is a guy thing unless it's already part of a dish for decades/centuries.
  6. shootingstar

    So what do you really know about Sadie Hawkins?

    So did our high school, which I never understood the Sadie Hawkins thing at all. That's more American. They may not have that themed dance anymore. I dunno.
  7. shootingstar

    Sealing No vote to Olympic bid

    This U.S. article reflects on other Olympics and costs: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/12/sports/calgary-winter-olympics.html The following govn't will not give municipal City of Calgary the following public funds unless the vote was a "YES" majority. Frankly I'm glad the 2 levels of govn't placed conditions on funding that City of Calgary held a plebiscite on whether or not Calgarians wanted to host the Olympics. The province of Alberta was only willing give $700 million (Peanuts) Federal govn't of CAnada only willing to commit $1.4+ billion (then municipality will be left holding the remaining billion dollars over budget which is bound to happen with IOC and construction claims (that's the game in engineering sector in order for them to make money beyond engineering hourly fees). Frankly the City of Calgary was over $120 million in debt last year. Also nearly 200 people's permanent jobs were cut. As of this month, the downtown city core has not recovered in oil and gas/businesses slump as shown by shrinking or no longer around to occupy empty commercial space ...over $40 million lost just from our operating budget. After last night's vote result, today IMMEDIATELY budget reviews of all submitted 37 depts. for next 4 years, are now being reviewed/debated by Councillors and Mayor. City of Calgary's current sports facilities would need millions of $$$$ upgrades to meet 21st century Olympic competitive sport standards. The idea was to also split locations among Calgary, Canmore (90 km. west of us) and Whistler, BC. Sorry....I'm certain everyone outside of Canada didn't get these details. It doesn't surprise me that Italy is in the running...the Mafia would have a hand in the construction industry (if not already). Make no mistake that Sochi must have been tainted by that also.
  8. shootingstar

    Sealing No vote to Olympic bid

    So Calgarians voted 56% No vote to the 2026 Winter Olympics bid --just last night. This was a non-binding plebiscite. Let's see if democracy will be respected when later city council will confirm the NO vote and just drop the Olympics for good. I don't want to lose faith in democratic process..
  9. shootingstar

    43 years ago today

    My congrats., to both of you!
  10. shootingstar

    Happy Monday...who is working today?

    I worked and chose to use the holiday another time. We have that option since Remembrance Day fell on Sunday.
  11. We just find out errors of the world earlier...but alas, we are only human to repeat them again.
  12. shootingstar

    It's official

    So you are ...60?
  13. shootingstar

    Veterans Day

    Taken a few days outside a church decorated with several thousand knitted poppies. 1 of the church woman organized this after seeing it done in England recently. The church received several thousand donated handmade poppies from various parts of Canada and some Commonwealth countries in the past few months. My partner was born in 1945 in southern Germany. His mother had to bring him as a baby into the basement when the bombs were hitting their neighbourhood. A bomb exploded on the house beside his parents' house where she hid with baby. His mother up to her death in Canada, hated thunderstorms. She shook...it reminded her of the bombs. His father was Hitler resister for Hitler didn't want Catholics..but in the end he got conscripted. He died somewhere in Czechoslovakia. Dearie does remember in Germany as a 4 yr. old, the German authorities giving the letter to his mother to tell her of his death and seeing her breaking down in tears. She had no idea for a few years where he disappeared. Remembrance Day (which is what we call it in Canada), is rememberance of loved ones lost via war ….worldwide. My father, age 10 remembers the seeing Japanese dropping bombs...like eggs is how he described.
  14. shootingstar

    WWI ended 45 years before I was born

    Your parents were overjoyed to have you on the 11th.
  15. shootingstar

    Veterans Day

    So which one is you, Chris?