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  1. The salute is from Vancouver. she was inquiring about dearie and his heart stent. She's busy starting her commute to the drive hospital tonight. She does 12 hr. shifts 3 days in a row. It's not a bad way, especially with 2 kids. But she joked to me ages ago that night shifts tends to shorten a person's lifespan.
  2. Not sure if that means using some Amazon warehouse space..or just distribution logistics. A brother in law is a Canada Post delivery parcel driver...he is going into some industrial areas of Metro Toronto. Hubby of the doctor-sister. He is exposed and she tells him to dump his outside clothing down in the basement.
  3. Never dreamt of stripping for garbage bag, then the laundry washing machine..
  4. Dearie wouldn't agree....he think's certain points in Western Canada would be served better by trucks....but it wouldn't be surprising the trucking companies are going nuts and there's been shortage of trained long haul truck drivers in Canada even before this pandemic. Dearie was a national manager for trucking fleet for several years for national oil firm...he managed logistics, did automation, etc. He was the person that negotiated and struck billion dollar contract for his national firm with 1 of national rail lines. He knows the limits of rail speed in cities vs. non-urban. I've heard stories about ocean port unloading, etc. Manufactured food shipment allows more flexibility in nimble transport vs. heavy duty commodities, raw materials.
  5. https://business.financialpost.com/news/retail-marketing/why-consumers-dont-need-to-worry-about-a-lack-of-food-at-grocery-stores-for-now?video_autoplay=true In Canada Kraft Dinner is made in Montreal, then shipped to distribution centre just north of Toronto. Then trucked to various points in Ontario and Quebec. Probably Maritime provinces too. Then to Western Canadian provinces... via rail. Geez. That sounds abnormal. Dearie thinks it's not entirely efficient. I'm just trying to wrap my head around the fact, of those huge train containers..1 is full of KD.
  6. Sandwiches with ciabatta bread, truffle hummus, tomato, cucumber and cheese. Little gourmet cakelets I got take-out from a bakery.
  7. Canadian federal govn't has chosen Amazon Canada to be national distributor for medical protective equipment, etc. to the hospitals. https://business.financialpost.com/technology/amazon-canada-medical-equipment-distribution?video_autoplay=true Amazon Canada says it's providing it at cost, no profit. The spokesperson is bigwig for Canadian operations...though Bezos would have had to approve it...
  8. Hey DH, I would love to unload some perfectly clean wonderful square large yogurt tubs for you. They keep piling up. I was going to see if our recreational centres would have use..but we've closed all of them temporarily across the city. They would be great for storing gardening supplies, detergent, certain foods with no lid on top, etc. Just endless uses. A place for my cleaning household scrubbers, my acrylic art paint tubes, bike rags/grease tubes, etc. https://www.olympicdairy.com/product/organic-en/plain-2-1-75kg
  9. We just discovered the store is listed today, along with 25 other butcher/meat stores in a local hip event and foodie/restaurant blog for Toronto scene. Wow, a little promo helps. A competing local butcher shop has had to close up because they probably aren't able to pay to the farmers. Dearie's son isn't in this position yet, so his cadre of local farmers (within a 150 km. radius or so) are still supplying. Dearie's daily management of the finances over the years and financial predictions/modelling comes to fruition: to help son rejiggle how change product lines, reduce unnecessary costs, etc. I'm glad..this means so far, he has been able to retain his staff...which is an incredible feat when so many food places and eateries have closed.
  10. Interesting... for dearie's son, he would have to get a city permit (which is common in many municipalities. That includes food trucks, etc.) But anyway, Toronto is not allowing vendor stuff like that in their parks which encourage crowds of people and make social distancing tougher. Before this pandemic, son had applied to several different outdoor farmers' markets in Metro Toronto. But who knows what has been decided now. The sales right now, are making up ...somewhat for strong possibility of no stalls at farmers' market this summer.
  11. Thank goodness dearie, got the online ordering for son's butcher shop...working just in the nick of time when covid-19 started. Maybe it's a blend of people hoarding in slight way, bored of being cooped up at home, surfing the 'Net, but they are buying....meat, eggs (yes. Organic only. Eggs have been sold for past few yrs.), sometime butter. Sales are at least 20-60% more than normal compared to other years during this time of year. Or maybe people have more time, to cook more mindfully/creatively. I'm amazed --the meat isn't cheap. However son buys from farmers who aren't part of the industrial big firm chains.
  12. City 1: Several large yogurt containers of frozen squash, 1 serving of perogies, 2 servings of bison ravioli, about 3 containers of raspberries, blueberries, saskatoon berries, cranberries, snow peas, green peas, beans, beet soup, 4 pkg servings of beef, small half of trout. Dried/canned goods include: clams, tuna, salmon (pink & sockeye), dried tofu sheets, dried shitake mushrooms, seaweed, lily buds, sun-dried tomatoes, sardines, etc. We have different definitions of non-perishable foods. City 2: some bread, bagels, peas, gnocchi and whatever he has squirreled away. It's not that much.
  13. ..instead of kissing and hugging dearie at front door in Vancouver after getting off the plane, transit train,, I took off my jacket and stuffed it in a garbage bag. Threw my jeans, socks, etc. into washer and then jumped into the shower. We plotted this, after I was lectured by my hospital worker siblings in Toronto.
  14. Of course, would American nurses from other areas of U.S. want to move over closer to work near the border? There's probably problem a shortage of qualified nurses in various parts of the U.S., as there is in Canada.
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