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  1. Those women deserve your remark, RG. I didn't watch Big Bang Theory regularily, partially because I don't have a tv. So would watch it whenever somewhere else. Let's put it this way, I disliked Friends because there was a lot about that series I had hard time relating. In the big cities, the world has changed (hopefully) in terms who we befriend and have as neighbours. Big Bang I related better to the crazy nerdiness and how they tried to all get along/support each other. True, in high school, there were some classmates that were brilliant social outcasts but funny/quirky.
  2. B.C. is 2nd home base where I have over half of furniture, some bikes and lots of clothing which some is used, others not used. Several wks. ago when cherry blossoms at peak in Metro Vancouver. We're in Stanley Park..there are very quiet areas in that urban park.
  3. So many noodle variations and ways of making..but usually consommé based..which is the strength of Asian soups. It took awhile for me to find European soups that had same appeal...(beyond canned cream of tomato and mushroom soups)..so I landed on pureed veggie soups. I personally find udon noodle a little heavy. Rice vermicelli is ok for me after 1 meal, I need to avoid too much rice-based stuff since I feel tired afterwards So I like certain types of lighter Asian egg noodle or flour noodle Asian style, usually not as wide and buckwheat noodle. I like ramen also. And so much choice on what to put in the soup. Sliced hard boiled egg or drop a raw egg in hot consommé soup stock and whip quickly to cook egg. If there's already veggies in soup....very healthy. When shopping in Asian supermarkets, I look for: dry noodles: least amount artificial ingredients. freshly made: locally made with an expiry date that's not too far out. That means less chemicals (to me). At least a local producer in same state/province or next door. If you buy noodles with abit flour dust sticking to it....it really is freshly made.
  4. Sambal Olek --buy the brand that produces the original siracha. Please buy this brand.....true Asian companies often do such ingredients....the best. All you need is a tiny 1/8 or 1/4 tsp. when sauteeing your onions, ginger, etc. ..before throwing in meat/veggies. That's enough for spicy dish for 2-3 people. It's that spicy. It's slight watery paste..which is why it has best heat..that's controllable. Do not add this at the end, it won't blend into cooked dish. Usually 1 jar ….lasts me over 6-8 months. Keep in fridge. It's not expensive. It has Malalysian and Thai origins.... the countries with centuries long tradition of some spicy culinary techniques. This brand should be available at any national grocery chains where they have other "ethnic" foods. Probably in area where soy sauce choices can be found. https://www.gourmetsleuth.com/ingredients/detail/sambal-oelek I learned how to use this product from a Malaysian-Chinese roommate over 3 decades ago.
  5. Ah, we got rain now. Just hope the stoppage stays put for next 5 hrs. so we can have a more comfortable bike ride.
  6. shootingstar

    Sad Day

    I'm sorry for your loss, Kirby. May your memories of her inspire you..always.
  7. Of all my siblings, I'm probably the lower academic graded student. Somehow I never got jealous....methinks I could 1-2 things naturally abit better than them. (Or maybe I was too busy to pay much attention.) And they would agree also what I was good at. They all majored in applied sciences. I didn't.
  8. You were lucky. Dearie's stepfather didn't want him to go to university.....which pissed off dearie. Dearie didn't respect his stepfather's opinion much and instead tended to seek mother's moral support. So dearie went to university and nearly exhausted himself working at grocery store when he wasn't studying and doing his daily 3 hr. commute between town and big city university ...by bus. (He/his parents couldn't afford a car for him.) He had to pay tuition somehow. It is always good for a child /teen to have at least 1 positive influential adult. I realize many people question the value of education after high school. Honest a lot of jobs nowadays, require retraining on different software, skills throughout life....and to do it with discipline and rigour as well how to think and learn from several different angles.
  9. One my sisters, had learned her son was streamed into the gifted path in high school. Sis didn't think too much as something to boast....because SHE herself was also acing 90's as a HS student at same age as her son long ago. Yet during her time, there was no "gifted" designation/route.
  10. A brother-in-law scraped along in 60's grades for some subjects in his sr. high school years. He is now, a professor in engineering sciences (which according to dearie is the hardest engineering disciplines compared to civil, mechanical, chemical and electrical) and does research in quantum physics at a top university engineering faculty in Canada. Some of the conferences he presents are sponsored by NATO. Not just me, but all my 5 siblings had excellent experiences in public high school. Some of the girls were transferring from Catholic girls' school to our high school. It was our high school trying out new teaching approaches. The Korean-Canadian ,now American lawyer ….she went to Harvard and Princeton for her education. Yea, the girl from unknown city (to many Americans) in Ontario. We are influenced by parents, other significant adults in life ...but also our closest/best friends in school help us grow also. Here are my best friends from elementary school through to final years in high school: *all A grade student. She also was a local beauty queen, did her Master's in Pharmacology, got job with a big Pharma global firm, then dropped out to become a...naturopath. 2 kids, divorced and remarried. During school and university she was a server at a local restaurant. *Greek-Canadian who learned English in grade school. Worked as au pair in Paris for a family. Returned to Canada. After university, she was a French teacher for whole career at the same high school we both went. *Friend 3 shared book passion and art in middle school and onward. After university, she taught courses in religion, English lit. She also published several books on a spiritual leader where she and hubby worked for a group home for mentally disabled. Ever since I've known her, she did cartooning on the side and did some paid jobs for people. She brought gentle humor to her faith through her cartoons. And so on. …...Am I influenced by the friends who I knew for a long time? Of course. They enriched my life ..by knowing them, I learned other perspectives.
  11. Climate warming has been going....we, as human beings and how we use our resources, are accelerating it. Water shortage as the net result is not necessarily related at all to carbon tax. Sometimes to change people's behaviour that are ie. unhealthy, wasteful or harmful can be different metjhods: *regulate/impose law on over-use of nonbiodegradable products (private industry WON'T do this voluntarily unless there is money-saving or profit motive or keeping employees) *let people die/get sick first....so others /they themselves "learn' and adopt better habits *don't make car ownership a status symbol.....because it is among mainland Chinese and many other people elsewhere *don't build cities with a lot of urban sprawl: it costs municipality to build more roads, utility lines, ...all that requires energy AND staff. And requires people to commute longer between work and home. Car drivers in North America are spoiled. In some European countries, car owners are heavily taxed. Or car drivers are asked to drive only on certain days....for city/country to control fossil fuel emissions. I'm actually disappointed there is enormous drive by mainland China to own and drive cars. What they do better than North America: is their rail system, high speed trains. We are pathetic in North America and we have large mass of land to move people.
  12. It's a show and are we a lot better than them in understanding science? (Well, I have to be careful here....with some family members who teach science/are paid researchers).
  13. So our area will have water shortages in 20 yrs. We're not going to get enough water anymore from snow and glacial melt. https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/calgary-could-reach-daily-water-licence-limit-by-2036 This is not surprising, being in the prairies. And oh yea, Canada in the ARctic and prairies is experiencing warming temperatures 4x faster than some other areas of the world. Some of the scientists in the Arctic in measuring permafrost, now return and find their monitoring sites in danger: ground is thawing way too fast.
  14. Interesting...there was a very bright Korean-Canadian in my class. She never socialized with any of us...meaning even the rest of girls who were bright. We knew she was ripping off high marks in math, sciences and on debating team with the boys (at that time debating was not cool with the girls :() . She is now a intellectual property lawyer in Boston area..with speciality in drug trademarks and technical products. Am happy she did well....when the rest of us ignored her. (We had a hard time relating to her ...because she was so brilliant.)
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