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  1. Um....when I eat meat several consecutive days, I get constipated. I learned when vacationing in Japan and Europe in last few years. For sure, for any meat-oriented restaurant, I'm happy to share dishes with friend(s). I never thought of the technique of over-salting meat to cover up spoiled meat.. And I never knew that my mother was meat-oriented until I realized that she does tend to have 1 meat dish several times/wk. ..usually a salmon fillet or chicken breast sliced up and cooked in some fashion. She kept badgering me about having meat, because of protein benefit. I kinda had to tell her that I no longer am comfortable eating meat daily.
  2. I read the book about Julia Child and enjoyed it. Foodies owe it to J. Child, for English communication/translation and demonstration of classic French cooking and recipes. More strongly, the influence of French cooking recipes and techniques has been beneficial to especially northern European cuisines/dishes. If there is fusion going on.
  3. Just looking at a true Korean restaurant menu. A menu very strongly oriented to Koreans and others loving meat. So much selection that have enough meat which now, I realize I've changed since have been eating alot less meat in past 2 decades. It's just one of my habits, that has absent-mindedly changed slowly. I would still go with someone, but probably only choose 1 overtly meaty dish to share, and another dish not so meat-dominant.
  4. That is horrible. I wouldn't want to live in the pathway /cloud overhang of that polluted smoke. People have to remember that all sorts of burning materials, plastics, fuel....is polluted air. The responding firefighters should be wearing SCBA to protect their lung health.
  5. It might be in next 2-5 yrs. for job role changes (in a big way) or reduction, especially when any organization restructures because of costs/ it coincides with retirements and people moving to other jobs. We may not know about it that soon, because sometimes internally an organization may have not figured out perfectly, job redesign at the time of job cuts or retirement(s). The proof may be when we see job postings and the changed nature of the role / type of job roles plus required base knowledge and skills.
  6. Last 3 days- 3 kms. walking. Today is snowing steadily fluffy snow for past few hrs. Rather nice to get a slow pile-up in city, 'cause we need this moisture.
  7. Hard to know how well 2 women get along. Hard to know about...alot of things. That said I only found out recently (in past yr.) that my paternal grandfather later had a 2nd wife simultenously with my grandmother. I'm sure there may have been at least a 20 yr. age gap between guy and 2nd wife. She had 5 children. This is in addition to 8 children with my grandmother. That was when polygamy was allowed before Communists swept in.. So grandfather took a 2nd wife when my mother was around 5-6 yrs. old and my mother is 2nd youngest sibling. My mother has never met 2nd wife. I don't think she had an interest anyway. (And I have no interest myself to dig into that part of family history.)
  8. 40/50. Some of these questions would be hard for Americans...they would have to be visiting Canada ..or have an interest in visiting Canada. Could help to be also to be of a certain generation as an American. Maybe Boomer and Gen X And the T-4 slip...question, honest. But maybe others will score well, especially for the popular culture stuff. Most definitely the quiz was designed with help of a Canadian 'cause of certain questions. As a Canadian, to helps to have lived/travelled several times in major cities...to answer certain questions.
  9. What?? RE suicide question. I'm gonna ask my sister about this practice...
  10. How is RO? How old is she and what does she seem to like to do nowadays?
  11. Isn't it known psychology, that a baby literally dies after a few days/wks.(depending on age), when there is no other much older human being to live with/be looked after and interact positively with baby?
  12. Last fall, standing in middle entrance for school (not segregated by gender). Building converted to condos for past 20 yrs. For sure, a solid 2 level building. The building is noted in local history archives, etc.
  13. @petitepedal I forgot...is it your left shoulder that had surgery? Will you be able to function at work....keyboard in computer but need have others lift certain things with both hands next wk.?
  14. The play equipment apparatus was on the boys' side only. Our playgrounds were segregated by gender and it wasn't just an imaginary line on a big grassy area. Girls' playground was physically on one end of bldg. with its entrance. Boy's playground was on opposite end of bldg. with their own entrance. I went to a historic primary school that just turned 100 yrs. old last yr. Yup, all asphalt playgrounds. No grass. It was an inner-city school.
  15. Quite honestly, I feel privileged to have gone through my public school..elementary right through in high school. We did attend a top-rated public high school in our county. We just luckily lived only 1 km. from it. There is absolutely no way, my world view would have expanded being home-schooled based on my parents' educational level. I would have never as quickly acquired a wide circle of non-Chinese school mates from diverse income levels and backgrounds. Public school was necessary to pull me out of my extreme shyness for developing better social skills, as a struggling ESL student ages 5-7 yrs.
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