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  1. Part of the cultural change would be: if you genuinely don't hunt wildlife, then it's strange to own guns with ammunition. Have 1-2 dogs loyal to your family to protect. As far as protecting your assets...it's just assets. And that's what alot thieves are after. Really..and honest. That's what it is: I would find it very strange for any of my relatives ad close friends who don't hunt, to own guns. Then if one has a gun collection, no point having ammunition if you love the artistry/design of guns.
  2. I thought I would too want glass lenses. Right now I'm wearing a very light titanium frame polycarbonate ( I guess) glasses. Yes, I splurged combined with employer health benefit slight discount it was totally worth. I made sure I chose a funky, fashion shape and colour frame to make this pair noticeable for the cost I paid. They sit well up against my face, but so light that I can't feel any weight. I used to get dents on sides of head above ear after a full day of wearing computer glasses
  3. I don't think I can deal with the hassle of contacts...the regime. It's enough that I try to waterfloss nightly.
  4. What is adjustable base? Waiting in line, to try a bed sounds funny. You could always go early in morning on Sat. if you need confirmation to try again.
  5. I didn't start wearing glasses until I was 50 yrs. Before, no need at all. Really my vision was quite good for long time, given the amount of reading and computer work my full-time jobs has required over the years. And then, I used to sew for 2 decades from teens into early 30's. My father insisted as children/teens, that we make sure our bedroom study/reading light was good. (Besides he didn't have wages to oufit prescription glasses for more than 2 teens at that time.) So from what I can deduce reading the prescription, my eyes, where each is slightly different, falls in 1.5 to 1.75 range for my prescription reading / computer glasses. For fun, I try pharmacy, off rack glasses. That's how I know how my eyesight compares roughly so far.
  6. Today after work, I saw iphone SE for real. It's abit small. Now if I was in my 20-30's and was not needing to wear reading glasses, that would be ok. But my eyesight though still very good for someone in early 60's, it's not as laser sharp. Glasses fall in approx. 1.25-1.50 power range and different vision in each eye. I'm looking at iphone 13 even though it feels over the top for my puny needs. I want at least 128+ gig memory. I don't want to deal with memory issues in 3 yrs. However since I turned 50, my eyesight requires light reading glasses. I can still read without, if font is a little big/darker colour font but not the same as it was 25 yrs. ago. I learned the hard way 2 years, I can't read restaurant menus in places that are romantically lit low lights.
  7. You did good since there was a long hill on way back plus got some stuff done along the way. Exercise + errands / getting 2nd/3rd things done. That 6-lane vehicle even with bike lane if it's not separated, does require alertness. In my city, we have enough 4-lane, 1-way streets even in downtown area without bike lanes. It's for cars to whip along...really I try to avoid those if there's no bike lane. Car speed is way too fast to feel comfortable. Today after work, on a fine sunny day I barely biked much. Was chatting up at a store about phones & mobile plans. Must have been there for 40 min. Then biked over for a cardamon latte and veggie samosa. Usually I tend to do any shopping in middle of ride route or towards end of ride. So it can be cycling 13-22 km. one-way to place to snack/buy something/serious major grocery shopping and then turn around on homeward bound, sometimes same route or slightly different route, stop at 1-2 places to grocery shop. Grocery/other store shopping means hauling up to average 10 lbs. / wk. Well 1 litre carton of milk along plus veggies, fruit, 16-24 pkg. of TP When I get a haircut, I never include a fitness ride. Wouldn't want stylist to deal with me just after exercise. It's not nice for them. Usually I've taken a shower earlier, so all they have to do is light hairwash, etc.
  8. I didn't know this. Rather interesting....at a luncheon during a huge project that I was involved 3 years ago, my former boss was there. I'm not how the conversation caused her to mention that her father had quite a gun collection. 5 other people at the table, said nothing. THis is the sort of response one would get....surprise, etc. But then in the workplace, one normally doesn't get into heated non-work topics. The impression I get since living in prairie city, is in my area of Canada, that people are more receptive to owning guns. And they do. I've never lived anywhere else where gun supporters were as vocal as other places. Or at least people willing to talk about guns.
  9. Somehow I can imagine Philander having this workhorse cellphone. What does this thing look like?? I don't plan to beat him. There are certain national firms that dominate certain provinces in their market share and cell coverage.
  10. Hope things stabilize...good you have great medical specialists.
  11. You could be a crafts manufacturing plant with the forum here..as a client base. How does phone stay in there? I was looking at that line. thx for all this!
  12. I've been a heavy home computer user (but clearly not into gaming) since I don't have a TV (but I have another large screen monitor which belonged to dearie but just haven't hooked it up). I know one thing for sure: I won't be micro-blogging on any cellphone. Too hard & frustrating since I would be slow on tiny device. I gave my longevity wish. It ticked me off abit that my previous desktop computer lasted me only 7 yrs. and was bought new. Yes, of course, I used it daily for several hrs. /day. I was hoping for 10 yr. lifespan.
  13. I've been looking at them. I need a case with a cover on top too. I just know what I stuff into my pannier/purse and other things floating around inside too.
  14. Yes, gettin' there. I'm hoping whatever I buy lasts me for at least 4 yrs.
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