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  1. shootingstar

    Living apart together- LAT

    Well, the news article link in original post did cover those relationships too.. permanently a couple but living in separate homes..indefinitely. I don't agree if there are young children involved. Seems like the assumption these days now in North America, is if you have an intimate, loving relationship that a couple moves in with one another after a few years or sooner than that. It doesn't have to be that way for awhile, if the couple trusts one another...and yes, one indicator is giving a set of keys to partner between each other to visit any time, any hr...which is how it was with dearie for lst 9 yrs. of our relationship when he was raising his kids, as part of custody arrangements. It may sound strange these days..well, no. We spent a lot of time at each other's homes. Honest, when I've known a young couple who don't have any children, where a person's work contract will end, this is what I do suggest: You might want to consider a job for a yr. in another city. However the marriage/relationship has to be strong enough for this. It doesn't help if one partner is insecure or the style of communication among couple is unbalanced --ie. 1 partner just talks less/doesn't communicate well.
  2. shootingstar

    Bone broth.

    I haven't made bone broth in years. I grew up on bone broth. I have childhood and teenage memories of helping my mother skim off the fat after bringing it out from the fridge. And the gelatinous blobs of soups...ughish to look at. Anyway, traditional Chinese soups are consommé soups at heart....and hundreds of combinations based on a bone broth. Noodles, seafood, wonton, other pieces of meat, veggies, etc. Much of the soups are ...not the type you would have in restaurants because of amount of time it takes to prep. it in high volume. My mother was a great believer in feeding us a consommé based soup several times /wk. Easy and nutritious for many kids.
  3. shootingstar

    Living apart together- LAT

    Interestingly a guy from our dept. left for a job in Toronto (3,200 km. east of us) because his contract ended. Then he returned to our city/organization about 1 month later for another (temporary, but longer term) job in another dept. He really wanted to stay in our city because he had wife and 2 young children. So someone was looking out for him also. In Alberta there were a lot of workers in oil and gas who came temporarily from other parts of Canada...meaning several thousand km. away. When my partner was forced to relocate from Toronto and Calgary for remaining 2 yrs. before he took early retirement, it was painful. I could not even bike by the apartment where he used to live. This was before days of Skype.
  4. shootingstar

    I should be working but I'm slacking.

    You'll be ok. There could be worse things in life.
  5. shootingstar

    Bald is in!?!?

    Yea, sure. My niece's hubby is buzzed...completely bald and he's only in his early 30's. He looks good buzzed. He works out.....well, he lost probably over 30 lbs. over a decade ago. Methinks only guys with nicely shaped heads be completely buzzed. Otherwise they just look....sorry, unattractive / thuggish. Dearie is quite bald naturally by now with a white, short beard. Glad he has a nicely shaped/elegant head.
  6. shootingstar

    I should be working but I'm slacking.

    So are you looking around for other work? A work colleague was a technical lead for his oil and gas firm. They outsourced his division to India. He was the last person let go. Then he joined our organization 6 months later..so he didn't do too badly.
  7. shootingstar

    Living apart together- LAT

    Not to suggest at all, it be a permanent solution --especially when there are young children involved. There is a real reality....of earning money and careers to survive. But it would be for a certain period of time and the couple would have to reach an amiable understanding when it would start and end with mutually agreeable ways of communicating with one another often.
  8. They are bigger than a tangerine. I see them in stores.
  9. shootingstar

    Living apart together- LAT

    It can be quite different...if there are no joint children. I wasn't interested moving in with dearie when he divorced and plus shared custody of his then young teenage children with his ex. Divorce is tough on children and I would have been a fool to think I could be on par as a 2nd mother figure without dealing with a lot of angst and conflict. Other women would see it as a window to fill their maternal instincts (without having children). I don't see that way at all. Besides I met dearie just a few months after I bought my own place. I really wanted to enjoy my own place, not give it up. He was happy to raise his children when they were with him, in peace. We ended up living together when we both relocated to Vancouver from Toronto.
  10. shootingstar

    Living apart together- LAT

    The lst alert is that she doesn't have keys to his house. They aren't living apart together...that's my opinion. She's being shafted now. I know a guy at work who lives in Alberta and his family lives in suburb of Vancouver...this probably has been going on for past 15 years. His children are grown but may still live at home....meaning his eldest is over 30 yrs. He tells me whenever he goes back home, (true home), he has lots of work at home to do..his wife asks stuff, then his aging mother who lives there, etc. He is in a manager role with 15 people reporting to him and probably knows he couldn't get a salary as healthy as where he has been all along. He deserves to retire (been with organization for over last 30 yrs). For sure, where a couple have children, they get along well and they plan to remain married together, then for the children, especially if they are young, it may help them to have parents around.
  11. shootingstar

    Living apart together- LAT

    A small trend, couples who live apart (sometimes only 5 min. apart) but are together. And no, they each aren't having an extra-marital affair. Happening more than one realizes, and this is on top of the commuter marriages. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/relationships/article-one-love-two-homes-how-some-couples-find-happiness-in-living/ Probably very foreign to most forumites ..or maybe not.
  12. shootingstar

    9/23 miles & such

    Probably did under 20 km. of cycling today @ Whistler. STill it was beautiful bright and cool fall weather after drizzle in early morning.
  13. shootingstar

    Sunday, what'd you do?

    Took bus to Whistler from Vancouver with our bikes..which meant getting up early in morning. Good thing it rained on bus route up to there. Then it stopped raining. After eating strawberry-rhubarb turnovers from farmers' market, we went to a large art gallery of northwest coast Indian art and then biked around on the paths. Looks so different from...15 yrs. ago. Olympic Winter emblems, etc. Then supper where towards end, we wolfed down our dessert before leaving restaurant in hurry to catch bus back to Vancouver in evening. Beautiful red, gold fall colour up there now. Good time of yr. to go since crowds are less insane. Yes, have photos if I can get the card reader to behave.
  14. shootingstar

    Living near fav jogging start/end points

    I have family members who jog or have jogged ie. 5-10 km. each run, run a marathon. They see cycling as a whole lot lesser, even with a damaged knee.
  15. shootingstar

    Good guessing, intuition

    Sometimes that's obvious (set up for failure eventually) and sometimes not. A really successful ice cream shop in town, is located down a back alley entrance..with big enough parking lot (even though it's downtown). The chutzpah and financial risk of dreamers is admirable. In some cases just darn puzzling..after looking at their products (who is gonna pay so much moolah for this xxxxx.) Another time, we went to a Thai restaurant that was hard to find, because it didn't have a big enough sign tucked in corner of hotel. Hotel by a knot of fast major expressways. We got abit lost.. Again in town.