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    Hybrids, folding bike. Yea, boring but good for posture & neck.
  1. Your decent do-it-yourself skills?

    Awesome. I agree our throway society doesn't help. My partner was part=time weekend farmer in addition to his city fulltime job. He had several cows,pigs and chickens. He had to learn a lot from a farmer nearby.
  2. Your decent do-it-yourself skills?

    I'm not sure of that: 2 of my nephews can make simple things..with wood and nails. One is already in mechantronics...combined mechanical engineering and robotics at a university. His brother is aiming his application for engineering or who knows at this time. This latter young man also fixes bikes for money at one of the local sports shops after school. I'm not sure about building bikes. Give him time..he's only 17 yrs. old. My eldest nephew probably is not at all mechanically inclined as his father...who does some basic stuff but probably can't /doesn't want to do house wiring because of the electrical code requirements. Both men have..PhDs....father is prof in engineering sciences (the most theoretical, difficult engineering discipline) and his son, biochemistry. An engineer properly understands this..my partner has a civil engineering degree which of course doesn't mean he is naturally inclined to fix anything around the house. But he seems to know basic plumbing. He built his own farmhouse and has installed drywall. There are certain things he doesn't want to do because of his allergies / building code requirements. He certainly can question contractors heavily on structural design matters and has advised others what to ask of contractors for home retrofits. He is proud of his son who has/is a chef for jobs, cooks at home (when he isn't tired/falling asleep after running his own shop). HIs son has cooked elaborate 4-6 course gourmet meals whenever his father visits. It's wonderful to see this between son and father. Most women I know hardly /don't know how to sew. I don't have patience to knit, crochet. But dearie's daughter likes to knit simple for self...and for her dog. It has 2 comfy dog cardigans for winter.
  3. Your decent do-it-yourself skills?

    Maybe it's the 'Net world or ? Eating out all the time (which some women are like that if they can afford. I have a friend like that. She never cooks.) You mean they don't even cook, garden, landscape, etc? Seriously among some of the younger guys, cooking doesn't have the stigma as in past ..probably due some of the cooking/foodie shows. All my sisters have married men who do cook. One of them enjoys it ..and he did take culinary courses to work. He bakes great beautiful pies, does roasts, etc. He and sis made sure their children learned to enjoy diverse.foods/cuisines. I noticed you didn't mention gardening..which is just as viable for guys. One guy knows goes to our local coffee shop in our office building, to get scrap coffee grounds for his garden. Apparently it makes great fertilizer.
  4. Your decent do-it-yourself skills?

    Well, you know things that you make from scratch and do ok. Mine are: cooking, sewing (which lazy me I haven't done for 2 decades. But used to sew my wardrobe for 15 yrs. prior to cycling) and art. Photography doesn't quite count --since I haven't bought a digital SLR to replace a manual SLR I used to take good photos. Yes, I've been paid to sew clothing and do clothing alterations for others if asked. Hence, have a very good eye for store bought quality and pricing. Lots of my canvas art lying in piles at home. I do give cetain art to family as gifts. Not sure if they appreciate it. But yes, I've designed and given my own Christmas cards in handmade calligraphy. Does blogging count? I am writing and creating blog site for the 'Net from scratch --minus the blogware template already given to bloggers worldwide. Lousy at: gardening, bike repair....I confess. Canning- doubtful I will ever get into it.
  5. It's National Cheese Lover's Day

    Didn't know I celebrated....I just had a slice of Oka cheese (it was made by monks in Quebec..) and..some soy mozzarella cheese. I guess latter isn't celebrating cheese...since it's not dairy.
  6. I'll take your ideas for my leftover rotissery chicken

    You could use it and scramble with egg (and rice which will be stir fried rice with whatever :)) or make an omelet with some small chopped up veggies and onion. We don't buy rotisserie chicken. However dearie's son sells a lot of rotisserie chickens from his butcher and sandwich shop.
  7. Or was it racing.... http://metro.co.uk/2018/01/20/cyclist-became-fastest-man-world-cycle-europe-dies-aged-40-7245407/ He covered 4,300 miles (yea, a Brit.) in 21+ days and 12 countries. For certain to go through a lot of great foreign countries, so fast, makes no sense to me. When I've bike in Europe, it was a transportation option to experience a foreign country and encounter people, things in very different way. I guess it's like cycling 4,300 km. in 45 days which is what my partner did from Vancouver to Toronto..except Canada is just 1 country, lots of great things to see but really not contrasting diverse cultures, languages. Oh, well, maybe I talk about differences among British Columbia, prairies, northern vs. southern Ontario...
  8. Some better (slow) trends

    Hans Rosling, a Swedish physician and epidemiologist, who died recently, gives a very dynamic presentation which he makes statistics actually exciting and sometimes funny. He demonstrates the developed world, North America and Europe, must let go of their myths that the rest of world is overpopulating, full of illiteracy, etc. Asia, Africa are becoming more literate very fast, size of families world-wide is really shrinking to 2 children, standard of living is very slowly improving especially when women get education, they work, etc.
  9. Some better (slow) trends

    In midst of all bad news which is what the media tends to pump out a lot, there are some slower but good trends we don't hear enough about: https://qz.com/1169003/the-99-best-things-that-happened-in-2017/ Rising living standards for billions of people 31. The International Energy Agency announced that nearly 1.2 billion people around the world have gained access to electricity in the last 16 years. 32. In February, the World Bank published new figures showing that 20 years ago, the average malnourished person on planet Earth consumed 155 fewer calories per day than they needed. Today, that number is down to 88. 33. Since 2000, life expectancy in Rwanda is up from 49 to 64, child mortality is down more than two-thirds, maternal mortality is down nearly 80%, and HIV/AIDS prevalence is down from 13% to 3%. Mail & Guardian 34. In the last three years, the number of people in China living below the poverty line decreased from 99 million to 43.4 million. And since 2010, income inequality has been falling steadily. Quartz 35. 275 million Indians gained access to proper sanitation between 2014 and 2017. Gates Notes 36. In 1991 more than 40% of Bangladesh lived in extreme poverty. The World Bank said this year that the number has now dropped to 14% (equating to 50 million fewer people). Quartz 37. The United States’ official poverty rate reached 12.7%, the lowest level since the end of the global financial crisis. And the child-poverty rate reached an all time low, dropping to 15.6%. The Atlantic 38. Between 2005 and 2017, Afghanistan built 16,000 schools, the nation-wide literacy rate increased by 5%, and the youth literacy rate increased by more than 16%. USAID 39. In October, a new report by the International Labour Organisation revealed that global child labour has plummeted. In 2016, there were 98 million fewer boys and girls being exploited than in 2000. CS Monitor
  10. Nobody knows my sorrows

    People can choose products, drop into shopping basket and pay via Visa, etc. The public Internet ecommerce platform is split into 2 different modes --1 is simple document /file searching and 2nd option is to choose products through geolocation attributes on digital map with GIS layers, ie. drawing a geospatial polygon or typing product identifying code, or a real address. I have no clue on earth how the address part works..but it pulls from our data warehouse .. One day a GIS team member can explain it. He's been great for our team since our other 2 IT folks don't have ESRI /GIS software knowledge. We just know .in detail about taxonomies and metadata that's part of ArcGIS product. I work for govnt.
  11. Int Olympics C in town - to soothe worried children

    I wrote a little note my local councillor to keep on opposing against the Olympic bid because she does have the support of enough locals. Meanwhile a few, including maybe the mayor are heading off to South Korea to "observe" the Olympics next month.
  12. Update on Mom

    Viral meningitis sounds serious!
  13. Nobody knows my sorrows

    A different work colleague who is same team as I, and he has programming skills plus knowledge of multiple software integration ... it's not his design project. However he works directly as a technical liaison with 2 different IT groups to ensure the integration works. There are different contract parties that do certain integrations...this most definitely uses multiple software ....it will search and pull information and data products from different tools...not from 1 single repository. It is a combined ArcGIS/ESRi geospatial software + enterprise document management platform + Microsoft CRM Dynamix (or its replacement which Dynamix not being supported by Microsoft..) + web service application (whatever the latter is.) The products are stored in different storage tools. But for other products, it's accessible and buyable. jdc I am a super user ..I do business process analysis, UAT, business change management and corporate training.
  14. Amazon HQ.2.0

    I honestly think that Amazon wants to position HQ2 location, towards the eastern coast of North America. Not right on the coast.
  15. Nobody knows my sorrows

    Today a co-worker told how someone could not select an AutoCAD drawing file from our public e-commerce store. E-commerce search interface had been changed completely and more user-friendly (which I learned 4 days ago but thousands of employees had not been informed before release to public)....except no one could choose any AutoCAD drawing for purchase. Someone on project team, outside of the product dept. owners, made a blanket decision to make all AutoCAD files inaccessible. It will not be simple fix.