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  1. True. And petite might be a dreamin' at this stage if she's worried about total European travel cost bill, in general. To visit Germany, I would not be recommend to a stop in the country of a person's family origin (when they want to learn /see more of family country of origin which is what she mentioned), via cruise....unless that cruise ends in Germany or be in Germany before starting cruise. Then one can have more time on one's own terms (ie. number of days) and not be locked in to a cruise's limited stopover time period in a country where one wants to spend more time. Even a day tour or 1/2 day tour, at a local big city with flexibility to stay at one's own choice of hotel, could be an option. I never recommended cycling in the midst of all this. That's a different level ….of bravery especially going solo. But petite may have unknown powers/strengths since she's already done some solo cycle touring in the U.S. Or am I wrong, petite?
  2. She needs to be suspended temporarily from work. Otherwise she won't understand the warning from HR.
  3. I personally wouldn't do a cruise in Europe ….it is 1 step removed from seeing scenery up close, culture and other attractions. Yes of course, one has to take a ferry across a water body. But if it's only a couple of hrs...
  4. So what part of Germany did you wish to see one day? We will be going to Croatia but then we know Wilbur can give some info. I know 2 people locally who will be advising because they immigrated from there.
  5. I would suggest small tour group for approx. 2-3 countries over a few weeks if you don't know the language. No more. I was on 1 group tour for 10 days, which included 7-8 countries. A whirlwind tour which lots of stuff is fast...and feels intense. Or look into hop on and hop off local travel bus in major European city that includes pre-set drop off points at major museums,, areas, etc. Are you accustomed to taking the subway with many people? I am. It's more the language thing that can be slightly off-putting. Let us know which countries /country is your favourite dream and some of us can suggest....
  6. I have understood the virus as lst detected in Wuhan. We'll see what happens. Some of the Canadian hospitals are probably gearing up in health and safety protocal and severe quarantine procedures. In Toronto, I think some of the hospitals did deal with some SARS cases. I was living in Toronto at that time.
  7. If you look at extensive the history books in English about the Cultural Revolution....I think your guide was slightly brainwashed/lying abit. The Cultural Revolution punished professors, teachers and researchers in their colleges and universities in China during that terrible time. Such folks were paraded out, even beaten and humiliated for being imperialist, bourgoise and traitor to the common values of all folks in China. The point it to physically beat/attack or imprison many of these innocent folks because they were part of intellegensia. Many of the academics and students were sent to ...the farm communes, labour camps, etc. to work....by the military. There are photos of the beating, making people wear insulting signs, dunce caps, etc. It was a terrifying time for China. Mob rule was the order of the day. What she didn't tell you that people reported on their teachers, classmates, parents, family members and sometimes it was lies. There was not justice as we understand it in North America. China went through a serious brain drain/black period for over not just 1 decade, several decades. We are talking about torture also. And so to hear of the Chinese imprison some of their ethnic minorities in the north, ie. Muslims right now. I know someone personally face to face, whos father committed suicide. He was a journalist and was imprisoned. AFter release he brought his family and they immigrated to Canada....He never fully recovered mentally and hence, his death. I know of another person's family where parents were threatened.,..and they escaped. Enlightnment not subject people to this type of violent governing,..there were some leaders at the time who were in mainland China....and the best ones were educated in universities in the West...free to think, learn 360 degrees about various subjects. Before they returned to China. A first cousin...told me she was ordered to work in the rice paddies. She only finished half way through high school during the Cultural Revolution. Anyway, she was sponsored by my father and immigrated ...to Toronto. She feels her education and opportunities in life in China were cut by the Communists at that time. We are VERY pampered in North America about our freedoms.
  8. She is a lovely person. I honestly hope she stays at home or in hospital for a few days before returning to work. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-canadian-hospitals-airports-preparing-for-possible-arrival-of-sars/ It is not SARs as in that link, which someone at newspaper didn't correctly name the link properly.
  9. Work colleague just returned to Wuhan last wk. to visit her parents. She always does annually. It is the city where China right now is freaking out because of the deadly virus which has same deadliness as SARS. 4 wks. ago she told me, she and sis in same city, actually had booked a trip from China to Japan. I dunno how this will play out now. https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/death-toll-coronavirus-china-wuhan-1.5434256 Last wk. at a staff meeting near end, we all got into social talk. I made a semi-joke in front of our entire team: "So are you going shopping there?" She said to everyone, she wasn't going shopping during her visit. Her parents had retired as professors, and live in housing on university campus...a more elite area of city. Well, when she retuns to work, we'll see how this plays out. Whenever she returns. (normally to be mid-Feb.) Ok: I took license to make the half-joke question....because it was easier that I said it. She sits in a cubicle on other side of mine.
  10. At a great distance reading all this....report it, document and let it go. It reads very strange.....the 2 of you are in totally different jobs that aren't related to one another. It seems very toxic in an unnatural way because of your very different job roles. I'm sorry you are in this sort of strange obsessive nit-pickin' crap.
  11. Well in Canada, TSX still functions today. I suppose tomorrow, things will be crazier.
  12. As long as we stay in Canada I totally agree just ensuring rate of return is inflation increase is an achievement for that type of return for the next 20 yrs.
  13. Very cute, so sych actually. True, never know about Doberman. Dearie's brother who is decade younger....when he was a crawling baby, the large family dog stood over the baby barking loudly. There was a snake. Dearie remembers clearly mother running outside to see the cause of commotion. I'm not sure type of dog...it might have been a German Shepherd or lab.
  14. Wow. I'm sure she will make it fun. Aa a cyclist, if I'm asked/sense for an occasional cyclist at work, I will suggest a route if I'm told their children have bikes, if I know their neighbourhood. I will ask where the children are at with respect bike riding skills. What is cool is the rare child who joins their cycling parent when I go into our large communal bike cage for employees to pick up our bikes at end of workday. They are very young...for bike trailers, sometimes on a tandem. Of course, day care isn't so conveniently located near parent's workplace for a lot of people.
  15. Ontario Securities Commission: a govn't regulatory authority has some handy financial calculators. The RRIF withdrawal calculator has been useful with of course some caveats/exceptions: https://www.getsmarteraboutmoney.ca/calculators/rrif-withdrawal-calculator/
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