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  1. There was a bit of gentle satire..parodying of the ultra rich...especially that Jack and Jill party on the party ship, etc. prior to wedding. Akwafina as playing the kooky friend of the heroine and her crazy/weird parents. Maybe ask some of your ABC (American-born Chinese) contacts what they thought of the movie. ABCs might have a different opinion from recent immigrants. See the term "comedy"....more in line with Shakespearean definition of comedy.....where at the end the male and female main characters live happily ever after/fall in love.
  2. As father of groom, what an experience. Wow. I'm glad you had it. In some ways for you....your son's brief marriage opened the door a little for you to experience life elsewhere. I personally don't know any wealthy mainland immigrant Chinese in Vancouver nor Toronto. I just hear stories. The most lavish wedding I went was a cousin in Toronto where they had 800 guests. It was abit surreal. yea, they are still married with 4 children, now all adult. Cousin was a nice woman, not a snob. A wedding with 200 guests among Chinese-Canadians in certain cities, is not unusual. I am very accustomed going to wedding receptions where children are invited...that's how I started enjoy lobster at 5 yrs. old, crab, etc. That's how my extended family treats wedding receptions.....children are invited they are part of life/family...which is why negotiating a good banquet cost deal with restaurant is useful.
  3. I'm actually fascinated to hear more max...because it's a tiny fragment of society that lives that life. Was life that lavish? Give an example... Who would have been the gorgeous model like Asian Westernized woman? The guy with abs?
  4. It was only a big deal because it was beautiful looking, Asian-descent actors, actresses speaking English and not fitting any old, old stereotype of whimpy Asian nerd guy or submissive Asian woman playing 2nd fiddle. And gets beyond the stereotype for many non-Asian folks who don't see hot Asian guys and some gals, speaking English on big screen. I found the plot abit thin...compared to "Hidden Figures" on the black American female engineers and mathmaticians who worked for NASA. I saw the latter film.....5 times. It had multiple story lines intertwined in that movie. What is better in terms of acting range is the CBC light comedy series"Kim's Convenience." No point giving link here, since it won't work for Americans.
  5. Mild narcotic for dearie to deal with his lifelong narcolepsy (sleep disorder..falling asleep while driving, during day...etc.) made him drowsy and feel awful. He withdrew this treatment and just lives with his disorder. He's had it so long that sometimes he doesn't tell me he's suffering at times. This combined with tinnitus and sinus headaches..he's also sensitive to natural barometric pressures. So his natural "drug"....is cycling. It keeps him awake and refreshed.
  6. The flat pizza at the wineries, were quite thin flat with more tomato or prosciutto, a lot less cheese and some basil. Just perfect ...for me to slow down my tipysiness. Tomorrow I will have to work all of Sunday....to test prep. for a major enterprise-wide software upgrade launch on Mon. Unfortunately more "junkier" pizza will be ordered for us...because it's cheaper.
  7. I didn't. I just became more grateful and appreciative when I had my daily restaurant meal....types of food that I wouldn't prepare at home. So I had 2 meals per day. But then I never liked drinking pop which many people love as part of teenagehood and going into adult years. Last time I had a hamburger was last year. At some Asian restaurants where most dishes were shared...there were some leftover food for others to carry back home. One of the great things of eating with family...no self-consciousness about taking leftover food home for others. I took 2 large containers for a nephew and bought them a container of Chinese fresh BBQ lean pork. I asked for the lean cut.
  8. Dearie cycled this on 2 different bike trips and enjoyed it. He was cycling from Vancouver....
  9. Some men are also mean ….but may have different styles /tactics. Sorry this happened. Honest, Dirtyhip I may have less friends than someone like you but I'd rather not try to be friendly with people who I can't totally rely on keeping their mouth shut. She sounds like someone whon you've known all along she was personality-wise like this. I just avoid people like that. life is short and one needs to direct their energy better with others who are more supportive long-term. The older one gets, the more important this becomes.
  10. I wouldn't call it fasting...more like readjusting my eating habits during the13 days I vacationed/spent time with family and close friends this month. All different visits..sometimes groups of people or spending time with a person. Includes dearie and I eating out. I lost a bit of weight. About 4 lbs. What I ate over 13 days in Toronto (which is like NYC,,,,,enormous range of food options). Same/similar daily breakfast to what I often normally eat at home (cornflakes, yogurt, skim milk, fruit and tea or coffee since latter was at hotel). Per day, 90% time only 1 full restaurant meal each day. These are the different types of places I dined at with others/another person: Thai restaurant (this one I went twice, each time with different person). It was authentic (ie. Pad Thai was made with tamarind, not ketchup.) and creatively traditional. 3 different Italian restaurants --it just happened. 3 different Chinese restaurants - 1 refine/expensive for dim sum, 1 strange hotpot, buffet and 1 middle quality suburban place Historic public /farmers' market - 3 different days where I had my peameal bacon sandwich for lunch. Also we got our local fresh fruits, veggies, German pretzels for a few small supper meals and snacks at our hotel. 2 different winery bistros in Niagara on the Lake winery region during 1 day bike trip (took train part way) where we had flat pizza with wine. (Of course, we went to 2 more wineries...) 1 Korean restaurant 2 large lunches at my mother's place. She cooks healthy. I got her homemade sticky rice packets wrapped in bamboo leaf. How she makes is not fattening like one finds sometimes in restaurants. I actually only biked 4 days in total during the vacation. We did use subway heavily or walked. We were primarily in the downtown area and would use transit to meet up with family most of the time in suburbs or farther ends of city. I did have gelato 3 different times. At the Thai restaurant with oldest niece. Engineer now romance writer. We had 3 different dishes. One of the dishes included stink bean which is real veggie grown in Thailand. It is a traditional dish. And it was good. But then if people haven't tried bitter melon, fermented tofu as a condiment....then one wouldn't understand how mild this dish was.
  11. shootingstar


    Sometimes people also leave a forum for completely different reasons. I occasionally wandered into the P&R to skim some topic threads. A lot calmer and more coherent discussion in spirit, than probably many other forums outside of squarewheels cycling. Seriously. I sense over the years so far, those who participate in squarewheels cycling forums....are predominantly male...in joking and expression. Hence, it's an achievement, a non-career/work/job forum hasn't degenerated often into mud and gutter jokes. It is different and better than 10-15 years ago when there were more boob jokes, photos and other sexist jokes. That's when I got tired..and left for a few years. I was also tired of constant putdown jokes/trivialization about Canadians at that time. Now it's less of that. As for the matter about race....there is a reality some of us can't ignore and try to do something about it. Even in cycling, cycling for lifestyle, not even professional cycling (where it's still mainly white dudes in Tour du France). In Vancouver about 20 years, it was that....fun cycling events were predominantly white/Causcasian participants. I'm saying this....as someone who has been involved in cycling advocacy events, volunteer work..etc. Now in 2019, that has changed in Vancouver and Toronto (abit in Calgary): cycling includes way more diverse regular cyclists.. part of it was effort by local groups to de-emphasize cycling kit gearwear, outreach to immigrants on cycling skills, etc. Make cycling way more accessible /less elitist looking in terms of cost/gear/clothing. Just get a helmet, bike that fits you and have someone teach some skills/good safe routes. Join the crowd. Learn from one another. Roadsue, I agree. We can't be paranoid to avoid certain topics. This is a cafe. However it's squarewheels' forum, not ours.
  12. For some of us we probably don't care ...as long as the $$$$ roll in. I just read a news article about this over labour force challenge and future. For my current job, about 50% of my skills currently are just the right match. Rest is parts either I'm overskilled (I do /hear some stuff I disagree because I used to be a manager for several employers and know how it can be better. But present shop is not my authority to make such decisions.) and other areas abit underskilled...which is why my colleagues specialize in other areas. If I really, really wanted to, I could spend a lot more time to learn more what they know well. But why bother -- when I need to stay on top of my own workload and skill set.
  13. He's too technical about this (even though he's right). It's about how a person generally feels in terms of comfort/discomfort at same hot temp. where in 1 country region it's much lower humidity compared to another region.
  14. My cold, sore throat, coughing is subsiding now after returning from vacation when latter 3 days I was abit sick. Very bizarre.. There's a great deal going on at work, and I can't get sick again since I have been requested to overtime this weekend in prep. for organizational-wide software upgrade..
  15. Your wife is different. I haven’t worried for his multi-month long trips in New Zealand, across North America, etc. I am slightly worried for him in Italy next year...staying at place not far from Rome because it was decided by also son and folks that Tuscany is too expensive during summer.
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