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  1. It's not running, it's a genteel stampede.
  2. No, dearie and I will show each other our thxgiving dinners via video. It's just reality. Planning to be with dearie for Noel times. Yes, it will be a risk to fly. I haven't seen Toronto folks since fall 2019 and probably can't for next few years with siblings working various hospitals and mom in her 80's. Normally we never go out to Ontario for Christmas anyway. It's just easier on my family members, when I visit them in warmer weather when we all can be more mobile around the city without snow/ice, etc. and do stuff outdoors together, rather than stuck indoors as a guest too
  3. That's kinda of ridiculous..because bras prevent strengthening of ligaments. joke of the year. Methinks for heavier breasted women, it can be physical pain if they don't wear bra often and they will for sure pay the price in their later decades. I feel sorry for significantly large breasted women who have to seriously strap up with armour...it looks so hot and tight, the uber bras. Or they have to figure out ways to deal with certain sports ...especially for a teen girl as she matures body-wise.
  4. I don't even check my mailbox daily and probably won't in future. More like, 1-2 times/wk. However with thefts occuring for outdoor group mailboxes, it can be a problem. I'm not in that situation since it's all indoors.
  5. Yes, in Canada you can use a reported capital loss against reported capital gain. I was not expecting tax advice..from Americans. Tax law can be complex.
  6. Am hoping for fence-sitters in the U.S., that this latest tax revelation will make it easier for them to vote more intelligently: now what he has been like for decades.
  7. Good you sold to your satisfaction. I've never heard of this letter situation. To describe the reason why they wanted the house..
  8. Text for us: " The best way to keep yourself safe is to create an agreement with your closest friends or family to stick together and create a cohort. If you need more social interaction, members of a household can partner with other households to create a larger cohort, obviously the smaller the better but this can include up to an additional 15 people. The key to a cohort is to practice physical distancing and when that’s impossible wear a mask when you are around people outside your cohort. If someone in your bubble gets sick or tests positive, you must monitor closely for symptoms an
  9. No, he is often at the office at the EM operations centre but probably can /does work from home on certain days. I think the big message: vulnerability of those who may not fully comprehend the seriousness of covid and how strictly they have to observe self-protection think of only your immediate home bubble hugging is only for those in your bubble/cohort we care about each other, let's observe those bubble rules On camera he is sitting and talking to the camera with his daughter right beside him. Neither are masked because according to him, that's their h
  10. I have a faux fireplace...that does provide some gas-fired heat.
  11. Eww turning white of his eyes black by surgery??? Sorry. There are limits particularily for precious organs of body. I guess doctors can't diagnose any condition where the eye is bloodshot, etc.
  12. hmmm...For sure I like plain colour bed sheets. I was never keen on flannel sheets. I totally agree with high thread count. It's amazing how much we move in our sleep/dreams and wear out the material. No, not white...it's just tougher to get stains out. Yes, well once upon a time, once a month sleeping on top of a red towel. I'll let you figure it out...what some women go through in certain decades of their lives. It's a tremendous relief when ..it's over. Our bedsheet set colours-- solid..deeper orange. Yea, no kiddin. Then another place, it's solid maroon red. Each with
  13. The city-wide emergency team for major disasters and emergencies, like the pandemic is headed by a guy (over 45 yrs. or more), who tends to promote heavily tighter public restrictions. He is also no.2 in fire dept. (I think) and was a former paramedic. I think it helps our organization. Our municipality has had mandatory face masking bylaw in place for over past 2 months. (I've lost track.) Since covid, us as, employees (12, 000+) whenever we have time to view, get updated info, answers to questions in virtual planned livestream sessions. He occasionally uses his family of 2 daughters
  14. Most likely anyone who doesn't like tattoos is considered a fossil. Like me also. No, I don't find guys with a tattoo, sexy.
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