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  1. It helps if the parents don't push psychological burden of being poor onto their children. That they instill in children, hope, hard work, etc. I knew my father's salary when I was 13 yrs. old. He told me, when bought our lst house. How many kids at that age know the salary of at least 1 parent?
  2. After my immigrant parents moved out from my great-uncle's house (with 7 children), they moved...to a converted garage. Yea, in Ontario. I think I was a baby. My mother had enough of the drafty place and insisted something better. So they moved after a few months. I didn't know of this until just a few months ago. One of the reasons why parents didn't want to visit China..was to deal with requests for money from relatives...when they themselves were poor. The perception was everyone in Canada was richer than folks back in China. Which in the 1950's-1970's, that was true when China was still poor under Mao who ruled as a violent tyrant.
  3. Good luck. The way how some parents might do it, is for the 2nd property, rent it low to adult child and have them live it, while the also act as resident landlord to do simple duties. Incredibly my parents managed to scrape together funds to have a mortgage on a 2nd place and that's where some of us adult children lived for lst few years during and after university. We were required to pay abit of rent plus mow lawn, shovel snow, etc. with absentee landlord parents living 100 km. away. We did have renters from outside the family, also living on site. In hindsight it helped us financially to save money for our own home down payments later, learn the reality of living away from (overprotective) parents/ look after a house. At the time, I thought parents were insane after just paying off the principal residence, etc. Now we realize their enormous sacrifice to us. My mother has not requested any of us to live with her. But she is looked after by several siblings dropping by doing stuff each week.
  4. I biked to and from work. Only 7 km. Lovely day. We'll see tomorrow if enough ice has melted elsewhere.
  5. A traditional Chinese greeting....of several decades and centuries ago and probably might pertain more to those living in rural mainland China: Instead of saying Hello, how are you? You are greeted: Have you eaten yet? When I was a young child, I recall my mother greeting others from same original district (back in China) but in Canada. My parents have experienced real starvation in their respective villages in China. My mother talks about people eating garlic bulbs...and not much else. My mother did not cook with garlic ...and she still doesn't.
  6. https://www.moneysense.ca/save/taxes/embarrassing-tax-question/ from a 2017 article. An excerpt of tax question highlights (Canada): Q: “I’m a stripper and I purchase clothing to take off on stage. Can I claim the full expense in the year purchased?” A: “Normally, clothing cannot be claimed as a business expense. However, in the case of a costume you use exclusively for business purposes, you are able to claim an amortized portion of the purchase price each year.” Q: “My wife is due with our first child. Can the baby’s diapers be considered a tax deduction since the child will need to wear them at all times?” A: Unfortunately, baby diapers are a personal expense and cannot be claimed. Sorry! Q: “After getting divorced, I moved in with another man. Later, the relationship ended—all within the same year. Help! What should my marital status be?” A: Your most recent relationship had not lasted long enough at the end of the year for you to be considered common-law. That means your marital status is still “divorced.”
  7. Is Bug for real? and if so, what type of dog is that?
  8. Come to think of it, when dearie's daughter was in her mid-teens she went several yrs. being vegetarian, which got her to start prepping her own food. Then she dropped out of it over time. Probably is, but we didn't have time to hunt down the perfect restaurants with wide range of veggies, meaning tons of veggies. One thing I did notice was the lack of variety in different types of salads/ veggies on menus. A lot of North American restaurants tend to offer 2-3 items, in addition to entrees. I think the health thing is food portion control and less car dependency there.
  9. But why do we have to be sarcastic about that? It would be no different than if I ate tofu and others wondered how could I eat such stuff... I did have a close friend where we just grew apart. She was/probably still is vegetarian. That's when lst learned that some vegetarian interpretations were just too heavy....we made some dishes where they had a lot of cheese, potato, etc. How I eat a vegetarian meal..is most definitely be Asian in style. It's just lighter for my palate.
  10. In Canada, apparently there are 6.5 millions folks. It sounds a lot higher than I thought. https://calgaryherald.com/pmn/life-pmn/food-life-pmn/new-federal-food-guide-may-be-out-of-reach-for-most-canadiansreport/wcm/e0ec3a03-0f76-44f1-8a0f-5fd56b0f0837 None of my long standing friends (over past 25-35 yrs.) are vegetarians. I know 1 woman who is pescatarian....she will eat fish/seafood. This is not to say my friends eat a lot of meat, they don't. But probably abit more often than I. No one in my family is vegetarian/vegan. My sister who is no longer alive, was vegan for about 3 yrs. before she went off the diet to some meat. Though I'm not vegetarian, I only eat meat 3-4 times per month. Approx. fistful of meat per meal. If I eat more, I feel constipated. I learned my lesson while vacationing in Europe....and also in Japan when I didn't eat enough veggies and fresh fruit.
  11. Dearie rode his horse...when he was a part-time weekend farmer. One of his horses would come up to greet him and rub its face on his back... Alberta has probably the most horse culture I've lived in Canada so far. And I live in the city. Probably due to long ranching and farming history culture and today when Alberta still produces Canada's greatest amount of AAAA beef exported overseas, plus other stuff. In a former dept. where I used to work, there were several work colleagues whose family members owned a horse for riding and in 1 case for jumping competition. Horsey culture is big, we have a permanent area in south end of city for annual competitions that draw people from all over the province. Kinda high brow too where urban, non-horsey folks would attend. Sorta status symbol. I would hear comments from parents how they were secretly relieved when their daughter finally got a job to support their horse.
  12. Trudeau is abit lost these days. My Canada...where I've lived: Aboriginal imagery: Calgary, RCMP: Vancouver Below in Toronto's Chinatown (well one of 5-6 different Chinatowns across Metro Toronto.)
  13. shootingstar


    You forgot to invite squarewheels forumites.
  14. shootingstar


    I was a little shocked...just after posted on this thread, I cycled over to my favourite pie shop. And received a free raspberry turnover and tea because I've been a frequent customer. Pi Day smiles down happy on us all. Under 1 hr., there must have 15 customers who piled to get their stuff.
  15. Time for different fashion that will shrink with you. https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/690912315/vintage-silk-sari-wrap-long-skirts-50?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=sarong+wrap+skirt&ref=sr_gallery-2-48&frs=1 There are large scarf like skirts one can buy and wrap around oneself. I know you might not think of yourself in it...….now it is possible for you...or turn it into sundress. This is fun & happy: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/610146700/dancing-doll-wrap-around-skirt-printed?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=sarong+wrap+skirt&ref=sr_gallery-2-42&frs=1 We have loosen up our aging self-image!
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