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    Hybrids, folding bike. Yea, boring but good for posture & neck.
  1. You all should go back in time and not get married

    I have been with my partner for last 25+ years. We are thankful to have met each other...at an evening computer course. I could barely concentrate in that course because of dearie.
  2. You all should go back in time and not get married

    My partner has 2 adult children from his ex. He did say to me a long time ago if I wanted to have children, he wouldn't want to deprive me. I thought he was crazy ...'cause his enthusiasm was muted. His heart wasn't there to have a 2nd set of children. I chose not to have children in my early 20's...10 years before I met him. No regrets. I am eldest in family and served as babysitter to 5 other siblings. I guess I saw way too much in terms of parenthood stress. It is quite important the woman is clear in her heart and head that she truly wants to have children. For awhile I thought I was abnormal for not dreaming about children and wanting them, when other women around me were getting excited about having babies. I just couldn't spark the maternal instinct love. On the rare occasion I joke: Let's make a baby. So we can see what the baby would look like between you and I. My guess based on my half Chinese nieces and nephews, the child would have brown hair, most likely dark brown or less likely, hazel eyes. The skin would be fairer than mine. Like all babies, baby would be cute. Dearie just laughs too. Instead I'm proud to be aunt of 7 nieces and nephews from 3 sisters. I am also a great-aunt now. The good thing about young kids, it brings out the inner child in a person. For about 10 years I had forgotten how to do baby talk with babies and young children. Until a sister had her lst child. My partner says this of parenthood: He loves his children. None of his children have been into drugs, etc. However he says the enormous effort parents put out for quarter century and often child's lack of awareness for a long time or worse, insensitivity, can sometimes be crushing temporarily in a big way. Sometimes I think it's better not to know every angle, every pothole in life's sometimes, difficult journey ahead or we would never get started on the path at all.
  3. I never followed Lance much at all.
  4. You all should go back in time and not get married

    My partner would agree with you since he took early retirement over 10 yrs. ago. I see myself also with same attitude: I can have both. He feels I'm not fully exploring the artistic side of myself.
  5. I'm in a job that I transferred to. This dept. has a lot of internal meetings. We only have an agenda 25% of the time. Often a lead person talks at length. She is a friendly person but it's very difficult to get her to shorten her talking on subject matters. On average, there are 2 internal meetings daily ranging from 1 hr. to 2 hrs. in total. So that's 9-10 meetings/wk. Yesterday it was 5 hrs. of 3 meetings --with 1 quarterly meeting attended by 30 people from across organization, blend of in-person and Skype. It was a good meeting, stuffed with a ton of info...which I was the minute taker. Now, I probably end up taking 2 hrs. just to get down some info. in addition to presentation links of speakers. I'm in a temporary job but wonder if I will get things done on time or absorb all that I need to read, etc. Never had a job before where it was many hrs. weekly and consistently, devoted to meetings. Other jobs had sit-down meetings, averaging only 1-2 times /wk. I'm also getting tired of meeting with my own work colleagues. I prefer client meetings. But have no choice, given my status. Suck it up and get paid.
  6. My fiance/boyfriend of four years broke up with me.

    Troll or person is figuring out life. Pretty strange that's all the person came here for if they are really in dumps over partner.
  7. You all should go back in time and not get married

    A colleague went to a retirement planning session a few days ago. Somehow the speaker dug up a statistic, where a bunch of people were surveyed and asked if they wanted to retire to spend more time with their spouse. Men=65%. Women=40%
  8. People on the internet forums. Or bloggers 'cause for people who have a blog, sometimes they follow and comment on each other's blogs. That's my experience.
  9. Nah. Drastic time zone changes would age me prematurely....
  10. Exercise & memory via stationary cycling

    Hard to believe that Google would provide archived image layers for free. In my organization (govn't) we do store GIS archived layers of images, drawings within our municipal boundaries. All of these different older versions require computer memory space to store. Forget about cloud that's just other computer services outside of the organization. In a nutshell it's outsourced computer servers and outsourced techies managing your digital content assets on their servers somewhere in the world.
  11. Tomorrow is Friday...Weekend plans?

    Sorry to hear you're still itching. At least you've got plans to prepare for moving. The temp will be 15 degrees C. About 300 km. southwest of us, it is slowly flooding. Guess this year's famed corn harvest might be a bit different. I've been biking to work last few days. Lovely. Will do more biking on weekend. Hopefully by then, a creek valley has a lot of ice gone/evaporated to permit better cycling. Haven't been down there since Dec.
  12. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/bikearound-oshawa-1.4625642
  13. Audrey

    That clip...I didn't know she looked so ...thin! And her dress so hard to walk in. She did have large beautiful eyes...accentuated by makeup. What else is new..? I never saw the movie. But I did see as a kid, movie, 1967 "Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast", with Sidney Portier. Of course story, a black man and a white woman in love on Hollywood screen..done by ...a Canadian film director Norman Jewison (from Toronto. He lived in the Beaches neighbourhood.)
  14. As you know, many people still freak out turning 40, 50. Maybe it's us, cyclists (no matter how fast or slow we bike) don't feel /look the ravages of aging at those ages, as quickly as others... My head still hasn't quite turned into belief it's 60 next yr. for moi. Methinks some of air disasters or airline near disasters have demonstrated the importance of trained staff for emergencies, etc. or the few who said the wrong thing to passenger.
  15. The Story of My New Glasses

    After paying balance of enough money for my glasses, I love a free funky colour glass case. I love mine --it's a medium purple.