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  1. You are amazing at times, petite. You may not often feel it, but just how you probably hold yourself outwardly on the job when multiple insanities occur at same time.
  2. Yes, sleep is disturbed. My stay might be shorter than desired...can't even access our place right now. Long story. It's very tiring.. The better stuff won't happen too fast yet.
  3. When we had major river flood several years ago where over 100.000 people evacuated, I remember thinking as I left home to fly Vancovuer for refuge....that I had to give up thought of stuff inside home there. I was one of the evacuees. Our bldg. power was deliberately cut for safety and elevator wasn't working during the water breach in neighbourhood. That happened 5 hrs. after I boarded the plane. Believe me, when you are faced with that situation, physical moveable assets seem so small in light of lives and home structures.
  4. I was hoping to retire later this year ...and spend years with him in Vancouver. Now, future without him looks less colourful. I'm so glad we did a certain amount of time travelling together to enjoy the world, etc. Take care Wilbur.
  5. Looks like a classic, yet contemporary style, LG.
  6. I really enjoyed do that blog post about our lives together...and finding the right photos... Of course, I've sent the link to his adult children and brother. For especially the children, they know their father loves cycling, it's part of daily life...but they may not know the quirky details. A different side of him. We shouldn't never learn too late the natural gifts of our loved ones... This is why I wonder some bloggers hide their blog from their family and they aren't even writing of controversial stuff. Even the act of writing is a gift.
  7. Absolutely. He would have done a 30 km. bike ride that day before going to bed later.
  8. Crossing fingers Jim. Sorry for this late response.
  9. Just 1 close friend right now living in city...she will drive me to the airport. There's probably a ton of stuff ahead to deal with. Covid does make this more complicated. It helps to have a sister-doctor....who has dealt with death, told me there's no point to pursue his wishes of donating his body to medicine....he was not alive for nearly whole day until I sensed something so deeply wrong he wasn't on his skype for 20+ hrs. He has been incredibly consistent and reiiable for me and for others who he loved in his life. I had to call 911 from my city to 911 Vancvouer...where call
  10. It's very strange....when I walked in a store today, I realized there's no point browsing in men's sportswear. We were together for last 30 years. He has been a very much his own happy individualistic guy...also loved to learning all sorts of things in past few decades.
  11. I wondered too...until 7 nieces and nephews popped out over time. How about small a scholarship fund and specify in particular area of study.
  12. He died peacefully in his sleep a few days ago. My heart finds it hard to believe whenever I see his shoes and boots in closets, he won't come back. Sharing Love, Cycling Passion and Idiosyncrasies – Cycle Write Blog (wordpress.com) He gave much to the cycling advocacy world in 2 major Canadian cities and loved it: Jack Becker- Profile | Third Wave Cycling Blog (wordpress.com) (yea, it's wordy) About 70% of what he listed...was done in retirement.
  13. You are a diligent person, petite.
  14. Not sure I want those rivets..though I know you have dropdown handlebars. I lust this divine one.
  15. Saddles are sexier than cranks. Some styles. I can't ride his type of saddle. I need a little more padding and tiny more width...even though I'm a short, petite person. He does sit a little more upright on that particular bike / bike geometry is different.
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