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  1. I stayed up late at night after 1:00 am to watch the walk...on tv when I was a kid.
  2. Keep in mind, even for myself raised on 80% Chinese diet in Canada, I'm not familiar with some of the fresh Asian greens. (ie. maybe 15% of certain types I'm not familiar). But I know most likely if I stir fry it lightly or have it in a consommé soup, it tastes just fine/good. But then I grew up, not knowing the English name or Chinese name of certain foods. I just ate it. We trusted our mother to feed us safely and well.
  3. If that's from Japan, it's probably expensive..... given the shape. Hey maddmaxx, I agree that a lot of the food in China is safe. It's just that we don't know how they use pesticides, etc.
  4. She might like Dijon. https://cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/21/small-and-suave-dijon-lures-with-charm-and-wonder/
  5. Example how I buy fresh Asian (or similar) ingredients: In big North American cities where there has been sizable Asian population....there are Asian fresh noodles..usually in the refrigerated section. Not necessarily frozen. These are not dried noodles. Look at the label and expiry date. It may be a firm in your province/state/city. Support that business. Why buy "fresh" noodles from Japan or China with enough preservatives? So in Calgary there are at least 3 local firms that produce Asian fresh noodles....because the pkging is bilingual. with clear location of the producer. Same for tofu....I don't care what people think here about tofu. Buy local as far as you can. I buy a Vancouver firm because there is a major producer (or at least 2 large producers) not far from older Chinatown (there are several Chinatowns in Metro Vancouver) that supplies a huge hunk of B.C. and Alberta. Some of these firms (started up by immigrants) are highly motivated to stay in business locally by conforming to health and safety law.
  6. I guess I'm not understanding something. So if wifey rides bike, she still needs access to the single car for something other going to work?? Or if you have the car for commuting, would it interfere with her wanting to shop after work since she gets home sooner or? 40 mile round trip maybe something to be done only 1-2 times per wk. I guess your firm doesn't have a company car or ...car share nearby.
  7. I'm sorry for loss of your father. May you cherish good memories and be inspired by the best of him.
  8. There are all sorts of noodles, processed jarred foods (sauces, etc.) that not all North American manufacturers make. Here are some veggies which can be obtained with some challenges in North America but maybe shipped from Asia: fuzzy melon, bitter melon, dragon fruit, rambutans, certain small melons, dried mushrooms, various seaweed. I was a little chuffed to see snow peas....from China when they have been grown in Canada. I remember picking them from pick your own farm just north of Toronto. So I don't buy snow peas. I'm just giving an example where I just prefer as far as I am informed according to food labels to buy fresh produce from North America if I can. Sure China is playing hardball this year, on bulk trade for food in my opinion just to punish CAnada ...for our canola, pork imports which they have been CAnada's major customer. Wilbur the American skim milk is quite different from CAnadian...it does have a bluish tinge that is noticeable compared to Canadian skim milk. I purchase and buy this milk type weekly from Canadian dairy. I also consume skim milk when I travel in U.S.
  9. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/canada-china-food-inspection-items-problems-1.5211623 I do tend to buy if I know (and sometimes there's no label) in this area of priority: Food produced from CAnada, U.S. China and Asia tends to be for food not grown/produced much/not at all in North America. Anyway, I come from a family with a mother who didn't cook much with processed foods from China....all the pickled stuff, etc. So this year, China thinks Canadian imports (meat, etc.) is not meeting "their" standard. Same for canola. Yea, sure. Nothing like trade wars.
  10. Let us know how the lifestyle adjustment goes in a few months. I sat at a table with 10 other employees. 2 of them have been trying to get their partner to go single car. One does not have children and they live 3 min. from LRT (yea), 5 min. from grocery store. Other has been doing massive downsizing in home possessions in preparation to sell and buy smaller home after 2 adult children moved out several yrs. ago. She and hubby have undergone significant positive changes in exercise, food intake.
  11. shootingstar


    That's a pretty bold theft. But then....all kinds of junk happens.
  12. There was a tornado spotted 50 km. north of us on Sat. Yesterday around same time (mid to late afternoon) the winds picked up and rained. Seems to be a common pattern here for past few wks...which means getting cycling trip done by that time.
  13. A few years ago, I did see a sleep doctor because I had sleep issues/broken after my concussion recovery..and this is one of the symptoms. It's 20 min. or half an hr. for a nap. No longer. And between 1-3 pm or something like that. I only seem to nap that time if I'm on a train, bus for over an hr. I don't make myself nap if I had a lousy night of sleep before. I just live with it. I don't want to mess up my sleep all over again.
  14. I took the job @51 yrs. and relocated to another province (it is not a place I would consider top personal choice to live in Canada). That was awhile ago. for sure, I'm so glad for myself was NOT in the oil and gas sector since this sector busted thereafter. I did my share working in the private sector for several firms elsewhere and gained great experience. For every single or childless especially young person, I would recommend this: be not afraid to move from your home / birth town for jobs. Nothing is forever...you aren't bound to the new job location for the rest of your life. But a lot of people think they are and start complaining when they can't find a job after 12 months.
  15. There are a couple of shiny new trucks parked inside our condo bldg. ....downtown. And I live in an area where there is good reliable municipal snow plowing. I suppose one could haul bikes but some owners don't bike at all. There's nothing to haul re firewood...since it's gas fired fireplaces.. A van might be more practical for urban use and occasional camping in the mountains with 2 bikes.
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