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  1. shootingstar

    turning upside a tad

    Today in midst of a major project to test software that will affect whole organization.. so abit short-staffed today: *1 person off ...we're on a compressed day off *1 employee off on vacation in Philippines *1 employee off...her mother is dying of cancer and in hospice care *1 employee suddenly flying down to Arizona where mother had sudden medical emergency (this is not typical for Canadians. They like to avoid U.S. hospitals even if they have some insurance.) *1 manager off --on a compressed day off Left 4 employees in dept.. of which 1 had to work on another floor at the receiving end.
  2. shootingstar

    Super wolf blood moon

    I'm just consoling myself if I don't see this moon, I'm watching right now, a recent Canadian documentary on the aurora bourealis. 2 scientific researchers from local university (where I am) go north into the Northwest Territories to gather their light evidence, solar wind info., etc.
  3. shootingstar

    Spending total of 5 hrs. on a math formula

    Kzoo, it's primarily a butcher shop where he orders large cuts from local farmers. Sandwiches, private supper clubs, partnerships with microbreweries for cross-marketing events, catering, farmers' markets stall are all part of whole business products and services model. Don't oversimplify...because that's the danger. That's probably where some of the other businesses have lost. The formula is not part of lease negotiations (though there would probaby be a maximum sq.ft. leasing cost that is built into formula.) The formula is related to past sales trends and various future scenarios if certain factors occur. Looking at commercial real estate and optimum location in relation to local neighbourhood disposable/spending income, transportation methods how son's customers get to store is a different business planning matter. Bsides this forumulae thing though useful, there are other facets of the business to consider to make a business survive well into the future. The business is located within a 10 min. walk of subway station and in an older neighbourhood that's gentrifying and on a major street. Kzoo, his son knows he's getting $50,000 free business consulting.....from his father. That will be tough to find...when papa is no longer on this earth.
  4. shootingstar

    Spending total of 5 hrs. on a math formula

    Yup, that's part of his objective. Until scenarios change based on son's ideas.
  5. shootingstar

    Spending total of 5 hrs. on a math formula

    Ok...maybe this is where AI (artificial intelligence) can help. What else would you suggest? Could AI also negotiate a better lease without father, the ex-contracts negotiator (which is what dearie's last job was for a national oil firm). I bet many restaurants, small shops don't even get any financial modelling done for them at all. They can't afford it. He's doing some predictive models to scope out for his son to deal with future...expanding as well as keeping certain products and services.
  6. shootingstar

    Spending total of 5 hrs. on a math formula

    Ok. It's a crossword puzzle that seems like extreme work to me. The good thing is that dearie doesn't share these numeric puzzles in bed. My crossword puzzle tends to be about concepts gelling into words and visualizing images and colours. I literally get excited when I go into art supply or textile stores..the thoughts of creating something.
  7. shootingstar

    Skating drama

    I appreciate your kindness here. We lost her nearly 10 yrs. ago. It has been tough. Her daughter who was a geophysicist, dropped out of her profession a few years after her mother's death. She is now writing romance novels..featuring lovers where 1 or both characters are biracial / Chinese-Canadian. She has featured a heroine who has depression but does have a boyfriend in the end: a strong message that people who have depressive episodes also want/deserve to have love. Since her mother's death, she has increasingly taken up the torch to write/promote the depiction of diverse, non-white lovers in English language novels. Her novels do have some snippets borrowed from real life...she features Chinese funny, interfering grandmother....which believe me, is not at all like real grandmother (my mother). Sibling closeness/loyalty, characters sometimes eat Chinese food and other diverse foods....found when characters are living in a big city. She features fictional neighbourhoods are based on real neighbourhood Toronto streets. Her heroine characters are women often working professionals in the engineering, technical or medical sector. As an aunt, I've encouraged to show this part of the world which she has far more intimate knowledge (than some guys here. Sorry. It's real.). One of her books has all sorts of puns, some sexual about geological formations, minerals, etc. The act of writing such novels...to me, is like an enormous hope, wish for happily ever after ending in life. As an aunt, this is what I tell her and others: She is writing stories about love and hope.....She is married in real life to a great guy. But the loss of her mother hangs about, hard to shake at times.
  8. shootingstar

    Skating drama

    People who are high achievers can sometimes be very hard on themselves and mistakenly see their worth by how others perceive them. I know. My sister was a high achiever, had far deeper depression problems than our family realized. She died by suicide.
  9. As some of you might remember, my dearie has been retired for awhile. He was trying to figure out a complex formula to auto-calculate some figures for an Excel workbook. It's part of financial forecast modelling that he does for his son's butcher and sandwich shop in Toronto. I have this feeling he genuinely does like this intellectual type of work. It's a break from the daily online tracking of invoices, payments....and pretty soon corporate filing to the tax authority. This all has been part of his retirement gig for past 4 yrs. In between cycling consulting (he has done abit), advocacy work ….and tons of on-pavement cycling/trips. For sure, spending hrs. on a math formula is not me. It would be time for blogging and art.
  10. shootingstar

    My Mother is making us hot cocoa hoarders

    Maybe you should give some to neighbours with children for their birthday party. It doesn't have to be a lot. Or give out a pkg. for Hallowe'en when neighbour parents come with their children.
  11. Moving to Calgary a few years ago, from Vancouver. I ask: is it still worth it?? When I go back to visit to Toronto and then return back to Calgary: same question still asked. Some of the long time politics here I dislike a lot.
  12. shootingstar

    Kinda forget there is an example in real life

    As a person she's probably fine. I was never keen about her politics.
  13. shootingstar

    B-day gift to myself: celebrating upcoming 6th decade

    It probably still looks slightly big on me. Yes, of course fireplace mantle is a mess with my paintings and other junk.
  14. shootingstar

    B-day gift to myself: celebrating upcoming 6th decade

    Groan. Let me wash my hair first.
  15. I told myself I really shouldn't buy it. But I did: a slim fitting thin fleecy in bright tangerine solid orange colour. (only $31.00CAN). It was on sale and fitted me (mostly). It's tough to find full length zipper fleecy jackets that fits me and with zippered pockets. I can wear underneath cycling jackets or by itself without too much bulk. I feel energized wearing this flaming orange jacket....to jump into the 6th decade of my life coming soon.