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  1. Ouch! Hope things turn out for the best.
  2. At about a $1 each, it was just petty theft.
  3. Bike rides if the weather holds out. Watching the two youngest grandsons Saturday night.
  4. My cardiologist told me that a heathy heart can't be 'overrevved' unless drugs are involved. However a heart with an issue can. In my case I was doing a 100% max effort which exposed the fact that I had a blockage in a small artery making my heart unhealthy by definition. I was 46 YO at the time and probably in the 180s when it happened. I've had stress tests; however, the doctor only allowed me to get to 140 BPM then pronounced my heart healthy. I can go higher than that and have my heart rate monitor set to start beeping at 150.
  5. But Amazon (the company) is going fully electric by that time reducing CO2. As Amazon will probably be bigger than Amazon (the river) by then, it will even out things.
  6. No problems. I recently set my Garmin to beep when my heart rate gets above 150 BPM which is down from the 160 BPM I used a few years ago.
  7. Anyone remember Chiclet keyboards? Some cheap computers came with them.
  8. 49 miles on a group ride. WoJSTL gave me a kitchen pass to ride without her
  9. No. This should be a poll.
  10. To paraphrase a line from The Blues Brothers "There's only two types of music that I don't like: Country and Western".
  11. There is one big difference. To be on the Top Tier gasoline list, the gasoline brand must meet standards for detergent additives to reduce deposit buildup. This has to be at all their stations and for all grades of their gasoline. Non Top Tier gasoline may not have much in the way of detergents. https://www.toptiergas.com/licensed-brands/
  12. Bell Helmets. Saved me from major injury at least twice. In fact I just bought a new helmet yesterday. I hadn't had an accident in years but my old Bell was looking a little ratty plus being stored in a car isn't all that good in the long run.
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