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  1. JerrySTL

    Boss rant

    It's not your problem. Don't let them make it yours.
  2. Considering that I'm now retired, 10 AM could be an early morning.
  3. JerrySTL

    Who is louder?

    Wife. She's all but deaf in one ear and not doing much better in the other ear. I can clearly hear TV shows that she's watching from outside of the house. Ironically she speaks too softly for me and others to hear her clearly sometimes. If I have to wake up early for something, I usually pick my clothes the night before and set them in the bathroom. Not WoJSTL. She'll get up and bang around in the closet and dressers looking for what to wear. If I'm lucky she will use a flashlight instead of turning on the lights.
  4. JerrySTL

    Beer with me

    Looks bearable to me. Our would that be beerable?
  5. Set the alarm clock early and WoJSTL and I were on the bike by 6:45 AM. Just under 35 sweaty miles. No wind.
  6. Set the alarm clock early and WoJSTL and I were on the bike by 6:45 AM. Just under 35 sweaty miles. No wind.
  7. WoJSTL and I did just short of 18 miles on the tandem. We overslept and didn't get on the bike very early. It was hot and muggy. I set the alarm for tomorrow for 5:30 AM. Hell I didn't set it that early when I was working!
  8. JerrySTL


    Today we did. However if it wasn't for junk mail and the occasional magazine, I wouldn't get much mail. Heck I probably get more packages from Amazon.
  9. 21.6 miles with WoJSTL on the tandem.
  10. We developed a similar start except that I like the left foot. I like to clip in that foot at the 6 o'clock position then backpedal to 9 o'clock to start. WoJSTL also uses toe clips.
  11. Stopping and starting are often the hardest parts. Both times WoJSTL and I fell it was while starting. One of the was due to a 5 YO grandson pulling in front of us. We thing that we have it figured out now and have a set procedure. Stopping is all on me. So far so good but there were a few times where it was a little sketchy. Our tandem has disk brakes and the one time that I had to do a max effort stop, I was really happy with how quickly it took us from 15 to 0 mph.
  12. I rode in one at Branson MO. Maybe even on the same boat that sunk and killed 17 people a couple of years ago. No thanks.
  13. I've fallen into a stream with my wallet in my pocket. I've also washed and dried it a few times over the years.
  14. A riding buddy of mine always seemed to have strange electrical problems with things like TVs dying prematurely. One day he had a major water issue with the plumbing from the street to his house. When almost done, the plumber called him over. The ground from his electric service was attached to his main water pipe. The problem was that it's a plastic pipe! He'd been living in the place since it was new over 30 years.
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