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  1. HBD! Hopefully things in the world will be back to "normal" for the next one.
  2. Wow. I seldom ride went it's anywhere near 0°C even if the wind is calm.
  3. I had a sealed bottle of 1948 Old Grand Dad Bourbon. There's a guy who advertised in the local paper for old, sealed bottles. He gave me $80 for it. His collection is over 300 bottles including some from Prohibition. He's a lawyer and told me that some people like the 2nd Amendment. Others like the 1st Amendment. His favorite is the 21st Amendment. It took me a few seconds....
  4. JerrySTL


    That's nothing. I think that Brad could be my body double.
  5. 23 miles on my road bike. First time that I've ridden it in weeks. WoJSTL was putting up Christmas trees and couldn't ride the tandem with me.
  6. I have a roll of asbestos gasket material if you want it. Must be 45 years old from back in the day when you often had to make your own gaskets. I'm sure that the Post Office won't mind me mailing it to you.
  7. Some people prefer being on the leading edge. I like being on the trailing edge especially when it comes to software and new gadgets. I told my bosses many times to wait a few days before installing a new software patch or new version of a program. Three times in particular they should have listened to me as the new patch broke things and had to be uninstalled. When it comes to cars, I like older technology. For example I purposely didn't order ABS on cars when it was optional. Heck I did the same things with electric windows.
  8. Probably a 7 overall. 10 as a mechanic. I can fix things. 8 as an electrician. I've gotten shocked a few times. 5 as a carpenter. I hate working with wood or painting. Plus I can't sing.
  9. It's been nearly 50 years since I drank coffee. I bet that I haven't had more than 10 cups of it in my life.
  10. I like the second photo. Looks like a mini-stampede.
  11. I must be on the followersboard.
  12. I'm proud of myself when I beat my 7 YO grandson in chess. He's starting to get pretty good. I told him that he gets $50 when he wins two games in a row. So far he hasn't won once but came close.
  13. We were on the inside trying to get out. The fire alarm went off and I wasn't waiting for the fire department or maintenance to get there. I figured that the fire alarm going off then electricity going out could have actually been a really bad thing.
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