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Community Answers

  1. This. I found a piece of metal that fits between the pads. I bent the top some so that it won't fall through.
  2. Making funeral arrangements for BIL.
  3. Come on down to the USA. You can vote most anywhere without even showing an ID. Polls are often near empty.
  4. I remember decades ago Indiana charged sales tax on gasoline after it was pumped. Ask for $10 worth and it cost you something like $10.30. Quite a shock the first time that it happened. I avoided buying gasoline in Indiana for many years. When I finally did they had changed it to include the sales tax.
  5. No. People need to know how much taxes that they are paying. Keeps the politicians a little more honest.
  6. WoJSTL's Fitbit shows around 500 steps for every mile ridden. It must count pedal revolutions. Actually walking is about 2000 steps per mile. That's right at the 1 mile walking for 4 miles riding for comparison between the two activities.
  7. That must be the heavy water that the Nazis were producing during WWII.
  8. I have three scars. Two from surgeries and one from a slipped knife. Two are mostly faded away.
  9. Being an uncoordinated klutz explains at least half of my many broken bones.
  10. Not Covid. Arnold, who we moved into assisted living then a nursing home, didn't keep his diabetes under control. He's had memory issues for the past few years. WoJSTL made the decision to just do comfort measures for him. Looks like we will be in Cincinnati until the funeral whenever that will be. Probably by the end of the week.
  11. As a former aircraft mechanic, the usual problem is a loose nut somewhere in the cockpit.
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