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  1. WoJSTL and I rode 20 miles on the tandem. A little on the cool side at 52°F but little wind and lots of sun.
  2. I didn't seriously consider retiring until I turned 62 YO and could start collecting partial Social Security. WoJSTL and I both contributed to 401ks and 403 plus IRAs over the years. I even have a few savings bonds maturing soon. Plus we both were receiving retirement checks from past employers. WoJSTL stopped working at 62 YO but didn't draw SS. I worked until 66 then both of us started drawling full SS. In many respects, I wish that I'd retired sooner but in other ways I'm glad that I waited for full SS.
  3. I started sleeping 8+ hours a night. It took a few months to stop waking up at 6AM. WoJSTL's gift was starting to ride with me and doing the Katy Trail with me last year. This year we are doing GAPCO.
  4. Yep. After the car is warmed up I'll floor it to reach the highway speed. One of my cars has direct port injection. I use Sea Foam on it about once a year to clean the intake valves as with direct injection, fuel system cleaner in the gasoline doesn't get to the valves. That stuff sure makes a lot of smoke but really seems to help.
  5. I lived in one place that had an attached carport. It beat no covering at all especially in snow; however, I'd rather have a garage any day.
  6. He hates doing taxes for other people. People seem to forget important paperwork, like 1099 payments, and he gets the blame. He's head of the finance department for what is the second best school district in Missouri so he doesn't have to do taxes.
  7. My son is a CPA and avoids doing other people's taxes like the plague. So I use TurboTax.
  8. Two rides today. 10 miles with WoJSTL on the tandem. 11 miles on the gravel bike.
  9. The prefix comes from the Latin decimus, meaning "tenth". One of the few things that I remember for high school Latin. Like a lot of things, the meaning has been inflated over the years. I've has shit slip before, but from a different part of my anatomy.
  10. I sold a bottle of Old Grand Dad bourbon for $75 a few years ago. It was from 1952 and still sealed with a cork plus had the Ohio tax stamp on it. There's a local collector who buys old sealed liquor bottles. He even has a few from during Prohibition. WoJSTL's grandfather gave us the bottle as part of our wedding present.
  11. I've found that the Rain-X fluid leaves a film. First try cleaning the windshield very well. As @Clark said, have you replaced your wiper blades? Another issue can be the wiper arms being bent. Sometimes using an adjustable wrench to gently bend the arms back into place can help. When you pick up the blades from the parked position and slowly put them back on the windshield, the wiper blade shouldn't be angled at one side or the other.
  12. The town that I live in now, Belleville Illinois, was the home of Buddy Ebsen (Beverly Hillbillies), Jimmy Conners (tennis), Jeff Tweedy (singer/songwriter- Wilco & Uncle Tupelo). Micheal Stipe of R.E.M. lived next town over.
  13. I avoid men's BC jeans. Butt Crack is not a good look for me.
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