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  1. KSHE-95 in St. Louis just played "In the Year 2525" yesterday on its Classics Show. That was a blast from the past. I wonder if it will come true.
  2. One of the biggest issues with housing in SF and LA is that it's damn near impossible to build new housing or even renovate older buildings. The laws and rules there are so restrictive that most builders don't even try. That's one major reason for high prices and the number of homeless.
  3. Same here. I use to live not too far from there. Here's a photo of me doing a century ride near there back in 2005.
  4. The town of Rabbit Hash Kentucky has had dogs for mayor for many years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabbit_Hash,_Kentucky
  5. It isn't hard at all. The shift pattern is the same. WoJSTL and I had no problems adapting when we moved to England. Of course we are shifty people.
  6. The last time I saw something like that, the nurse started doing CPR.
  7. JerrySTL


    That is a great price if they work as advertised.
  8. WoJSTL and I did 38 miles on the Katy Trail. It's the last day of the 6 day tour. Excellent weather all week. The cheap tandem was trouble free except for a loose water bottle cage and a slow leak in the front tire 3 miles from the finish.
  9. You can switch between synthetic and regular oils. If you plan to keep the car less than 100k miles, use regular oils. The biggest advantage of synthetic oil is less engine wear followed by extended change intervals and better gas mileage. Why spend the money to help the next owner if you sell it with less than 100k miles?
  10. WoJSTL and I rode 52 miles on the Katy Trail from Jefferson City to Boonville. Great weather. Needed to detour around a rock slide. Later needed to ford a creek due to the bridge being destroyed by the flood of 2019.
  11. WoJSTL and I rode 47 miles on the tandem. Day 3 of our Katy Trail ride fron Hermann to Jefferson City. Great weather again except for dense, cool fog for a couple of hours.
  12. Congrats! I thought that I have a shot at the Strava SW group mileage this week as my Katy Trail tour is going to be about 230 miles. You deserve it after doing a double century plusafew more miles. A second or even third place will be an accomplishment for me.
  13. Zoom meetings featuring PowerPoint slides are fun.
  14. WoJSTL and I rode 30 miles on the tandem. Day 2 of our Katy Trail ride fron Dutzow to Hermann. Great weather again. Staying at a B&B.
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