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  1. Let's just go back to calling them secretaries and skip all this PC crap. INCOMING!!!!
  2. Shouldn't the title of this post be "Off to visit the eye doctor"?
  3. I'm constantly amazed by the number of trucks with not a scratch in the bed. Many are used for commuting many miles.
  4. It's Illinois. Some of the money will get into politicians pockets. The current bill under consideration doesn't put the money only into road improvement. It also goes to things like mass transit in Chicago which doesn't help us downstate people much.
  5. I love checklists and use them a lot. Years ago I rewrote the US Air Force preflight check list for the C-9A aircraft. That was before computers so I did it on an IBM Selectric III.
  6. Around $2.89 in Illinois and more like $2.70 in Missouri. Illinois is about to raise our gasoline tax by 20 cents a gallon shortly. I'll be buying my gasoline in Missouri every chance that I get.
  7. 22 miles. Windy but warm and dry. Had the family over for Easter Brunch and didn't get a chance to ride until later in the afternoon.
  8. JerrySTL

    Parr8 at work

    What's that red stuff that he's drinking?
  9. I was an early adopter of GPS for cars. I still have a Garmin Nuvi but usually just use my Waze on my cell phone. Back in the day I'd use paper maps to navigate around. I might even have an Ordnance Survey map that I used to get around the UK somewhere around here.
  10. JerrySTL


    I'm waiting until next year when there will be a whole month of 4/20.
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