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  1. This. Great riding weather the next few days. I am helping a long-time client move files from an old server to a new laptop this afternoon. He's downsized his business to where he really doesn't need a server anymore.
  2. Right now I'm at R -2.25/+2.50 and L -2.50/+2.50 for bifocals. I'm nearsighted. When I was 16 I had my eyes checked and the doctor said that I really didn't need glasses. However, I soon started striking out more in baseball. When I joined the US Air Force, they said "Boy you need some glasses!" I have regular glasses, computer glasses, and even prescription sunglasses. I keep an older pair of glasses in each car plus a pair in my bike bags.
  3. Boobs are what has been running this country and not the good kind of boobs either.
  4. You should discuss such a rash decision with @petitepedal.
  5. As an USAF E-1 in 1972, I earned $262 a month. My first job at age 14 in 1968 was 95 cents an hour working at a car wash.
  6. I can't juggled 3 things at once much less figure out one Rubix cube while doing it.
  7. I did miss an opportunity, didn’t I.
  8. You might be flying with 'no oil change' jet engines also. We would just add oil as needed plus send oil samples to a lab to check for excess metals in the oil. After a flight we'd bring out a couple of quarts of oil just in case for the jet engines. The piston engine guys would roll out a 55 gallon drum with a hand pump. The joke was that the USAF got rid of piston engined aircraft because the Russians developed an oil seeking missile.
  9. Woke up 1.5 hours later than planned. That's a good thing! Forecast for rain today so decided to change the front brake rotors and pads on the tandem hauler (AKA Chrysler minivan). The brakes have been shaking the van since I bought it and it's getting worse. However oldest daughter calls from her work saying that she has a flat tire. Daddy to the rescue! Drive 25 miles to find a screw in the tread. Take tire to a shop which thinks they can patch it. However it might take 2-5 hours. So now I am parked at the trailhead of a favorite trail. But the only bike in the van is the tandem plus I'm wearing jeans. I don't need the chaffing! Did I mention that it is NOT raining? I might go for a walk. Maybe tomorrow I will change the brakes. Rain is predicted.
  10. The last mower I bought also has a B&S engine that says no oil change needed. I think that is BS and change the oil annually by tipping over the mower into a drain pan as @jsharr suggests. I also use Sta-Bil for storing gasoline but usually use premixed gasoline for 2-cycle engines.
  11. I recommend a security camera pointing at the door. Even a fake camera might help.
  12. 54.7 miles on a group ride. Temps in the low 60s F. Windy but fortunately the last 24 miles were a tailwind.
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