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  1. JerrySTL

    Do you have a storage unit?

    Well I do have a 6-pack capacity. You could call that a storage unit.
  2. JerrySTL

    Randomguy threads will now come with warning labels

    Not fond of Fonda?
  3. JerrySTL

    I wish I was a beet

    Sonny and Cher would sing about you!
  4. JerrySTL

    So are you Jeopardy fans enjoying the team tournament?

    The answers seem much more difficult than usual.
  5. JerrySTL

    I would like to get in touch with BCC

    Blind Carbon Copy?
  6. JerrySTL

    My Old Dr Sucked

    My MIL went to a pill-pushing quack with an MD behind his name. She was a train wreck mentally. The old quack died and the new doctor took her off over half her medicines and changed most of the others with newer medications. She was a new/better person within a couple of weeks. WoJSTL was going through nursing school at the time and tried to tell her mother that some of those medications should never be taken together. Of course her mother didn't listen.
  7. JerrySTL

    Another Reason Not To Outsource Jobs!

    Reports said that Nike stocks lost 2% within a few minutes of that happening.
  8. JerrySTL

    How Often Do You Bake?

    In the summer without SPF 45.
  9. JerrySTL

    We’re surrounded by morons

    Where was this outrage when Michael Jackson went whiteface?
  10. JerrySTL

    Wednesday #sucked

    That's buff right out for about $6,000. What with the two license plates? You 007 or something?
  11. JerrySTL

    We're too busy singing to put anybody down

    I thought it strange that a local venue is having a concert with Michael Nesmith and Micky Dolenz as the Monkees. Nesmith didn't tour with the Monkees until very recently but Tork did.
  12. JerrySTL

    What a Difference a Day Makes!

    I'm taking a wild guess that you didn't drive it since yesterday.
  13. JerrySTL

    credit card limits

    1. They are just trying to keep up with inflation so that you still have the same buying power. or 2. They are hoping that you max out the card thereby increasing their profit. I'm going with #2.
  14. JerrySTL

    Tax time was very kind to us

    For taxes it's not how much you get back or paid after doing your taxes that counts. No it's not! Rather it's how much you paid in taxes for the year. Getting a big tax refund it very, very easy. Just have an extra $500 or so a month taken out of your paycheck. Of course you could have been putting that $500 into a 401k or IRA and gained some interest.