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  1. I'd be interested. I could ride my gravel bike with 650b x 47 tires. Pretty fat.
  2. Actually I think it's a bumper. Spell check can really mess things up.
  3. That's why it's known as plug and pray.
  4. JerrySTL

    Ok or replace

    First off, I'd replace those tires about 1K miles ago. I also used the melted wax and graphite treatment. I even have a crock pot for it. Amazing chain life. I think that it was Friction Facts that showed it to be the best for low friction and lasting the longest between lubes plus good in dust and mud. Unfortunately two of my bikes have 11-speed chains and they don't have quick links to make removing the chain easier. I should clarify that; Shimano does make a quick link but it can only be used once. I haven't checked in a while to see if Sram or Wipperman have come up with something reusable. The cost of the Shimano quick links makes it more cost effective to use a slightly inferior lube and just replace the chain more often. I still use the melted wax on bikes with less than 11-speeds such as my tandem.
  5. Sounds somewhat like the Man-Kzin Wars except it's cats instead of bears.
  6. JerrySTL


    Too many moving parts making it overly complicated. Heck some of my bikes have parts that haven't moved all Summer.
  7. As a database administrator 22 years. Before that I was an aircraft mechanic.
  8. I'm qualified for what I do but many of my coworkers are better. I'm lucky enough to have the right combination of certs, experience, and security clearances that are in great need right now. I just filled out an application for a job last night and asked for 10% more than I make now. There's a good chance that l will get the job. There are times that I think that I am faking it but then I realize that many other people are also to some degree.
  9. JerrySTL

    Walk Up Music

    One of these three: Money - Pink Floyd Intro / Sweet Jane - Lou Reed Suffragette City - David Bowie
  10. JerrySTL


    It's scary what Facebook, Google, and Amazon know about you. Between cookies plus browsing and search records, they seem to know what you want.
  11. Here’s one of me riding my yellow Schwinn Super Sport on the Cannon AFB NM flight-line in 1973. That's an F-111D which I was an assistant crew chief (Fill up the gas and clean the window. Pilots don't do self-server - thankfully.)
  12. Next time try going down instead of up. Gravity is your friend.
  13. How do you reaaaaaact when the inevitable happens? Surprised.
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