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  1. 1/20 miles & such

    WoJSTL and I walked 4 miles outside. Got up to 56°F and wasn't very windy.
  2. Car and Driver Magazine

  3. Car and Driver Magazine

    The February 2018 issue Letter of the Month is from yours truly.
  4. My wife took pictures of me moving firewood.

    We have both a Downy Woodpecker and a Hairy Woodpecker who visit our feeder. For a long time I thought that they were the same, but just one was smaller than the other. Nope. They just look very similar.
  5. It Has Been "Square Wheels Cycling" For A While Now

    We are Chicago Cycling now?
  6. Your decent do-it-yourself skills?

    I'm very good at mechanical things. I've worked on aircraft, cars, and bicycles over the years. I'm also good at databases especially Access and Oracle. On the flip side, I'm a lousy carpenter. Give me a 2"x4" and I might be able to make a toothpick out of it. Might.
  7. What's the holdup?

    The 7-11 near Main Street.
  8. Poll: Glassware storage

    Both. By switching the orientation every second glass, I can maximize the storage.
  9. Double D’s

    Wouldn't that be triple D's?
  10. 1/18 miles & such

    3 miles (AKA 54 laps) on the indoor track.
  11. tide pods and stupid children

    Dying from eating it may be just punishment enough. Plus Darwin gets a win.
  12. Amazon HQ.2.0

    St. Louis put in a bid. Amazon must have gotten a laugh out of that.
  13. Who here..has been sick this winter?

    A couple of colds. Nothing serious but a lot of coughing.
  14. Texicans in winter

    Is that your yellow Aztek?