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  1. Gordon Lightfoot? Yeah?

    WoJSTL and I saw GL in concert a few years back. He looked rather frail, but still could sing.
  2. Woo-hoo! Dividend check.

    That's about 4 ounces worth.
  3. Your condition is chronic

    There's another angle to consider. You may have seen the life extending cancer drug Opdivo advertised on TV. It often extends the life of cancer patients about 3 months if you start taking it a year before. So far so good; however, they don't tell you that the treatment costs $10,000 a month and many insurances don't cover it. So taking it could cost you around $120,000 out of pocket to live 3 months longer. I'd rather leave that $150,000 to my wife so that she can get a new husband live a more comfortable life.
  4. Love those down-tube shifters. Speaking of being a lucky bastard, WoJSTL would kill me if I brought a bike in on our carpets and they aren't even as light as yours. You seemed to have survived.
  5. I think I found Kirby's plane!!!

    Protective covers for the static dischargers? Now I've seen everything. On the other hand, I probably changed well over 100 of them over the years. Some broke in flight, but many were run into by people (including yours truly). Story about static dischargers. I was TDY up to Wright-Patterson AFB to teach advance aircraft mechanic classes on the T-39 Sabreliner. The T-39s had an odd mixture of static dischargers. Sometimes they would be on the wings, like the photo above, sometimes they would be on the tail, and sometimes they would be attached to the lightning dischargers near the fuel dump valve. While showing the mechanics how to do a proper preflight, I noticed that one aircraft didn't have any static dischargers. Not a one! Also there was a very old write-up in the forms about static in the radios at times. Well it didn't take a genius to figure that one out!
  6. I wonder if she ever drew a penis in the air like at Navy pilot did a few months ago?
  7. Combat Roles For Women (Maybe P&R...)

    If they can meet the physical and mental requirements, no problem. Heck I once trained a lot of female Airmen on how to change 250 lb aircraft wheel and tire assemblies. What I do have a problem with is that 18 YO men still have to register for the draft while 18 YO women do NOT. Of course it's very unlikely that we will ever have a draft again, but if women want equal rights, equal pay, etc., then responsibilities should be equal also.
  8. 4/17 miles & such

    20.3 flat miles at 17.2 mph avg. Somewhat cool but very little wind for once.
  9. sunday afternoon laundry

    I'm on my third load right now. Whites.
  10. Eagle Creek Crit

    Are you going to take him to Junior Nationals any time soon? My daughter really enjoyed doing it.
  11. It has been suggested

    The Conqueror where John Wayne plays Genghis Khan who was (1) from Asia and (2) probably about a foot shorter than John Wayne. The Sea Chase where John Wayne plays a German ship captain with a really strange American accent.
  12. Jogging-hard to convince self: last 25 yrs.

    Years ago I gave up cycling for running. That lead directly to knee surgery. I found that I could ride without pain but not walk without discomfort before the surgery so I wisely got back into cycling. About 10 years ago I started walking half marathons with my wife in addition to cycling. I sometimes jog also but not all that much. Walking seems to be a nice cross training for cycling especially in colder weather.
  13. Square Wheels Forum Katy Trail Adventure 2018

    We rode together from St. Charles, but didn't you also ride part of the Katy near Rocheport?
  14. When your number's up, ...

    It's amazing how many flats happen during rain or right after. Stuff gets washed into the road. I've also heard that the water can cause things like thorns stick to the tire instead of getting thrown off.