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  1. After I had my little heart attack, they wouldn't do a stress test on me. They said I'd fail it. I wanted to know not if but when. I set my heart rate monitor to beep at 160 BPM as I'd get chess pains in the 170s. A number of years later, I had some chest pain (chest muscle issue) and they finally did a stress test but only took me up to 140 BPM. I was barely working up a sweat and not breathing hard. And I still wasn't slowing down on the bike until reaching 160 BPM. Recently I figured I was loosing about 1 BPM per year so I have the heart rate monitor beeping at 150 BPM which is still more than I've been tested in controlled circumstances.
  2. @Chris... Tuesday March 11th. I'm thinking aboot going.
  3. WoJSTL made me sandwiches today. She said that I wouldn't have to eat a frozen meal at lunch that way. I said that I usually put them in the microwave before eating them
  4. JerrySTL

    LAJ news

    Will you be up in Cincinnati around Thanksgiving? I will be so maybe we can meet up. We moved my BIL to a new nursing home and are about 90% done with the paperwork. Of course the last 10% takes more effort.
  5. One of the reasons that we live 350 miles away from family.
  6. This reminds me that I need to get out the isopropyl alcohol and Q-tips to clean cassette heads. Where did I put the demagnetizer?
  7. Sounds like your dad was as ass. Obviously you have prove him wrong. One of the most liberating things that I have done was stop worrying about what most people think of me and being happy knowing that a pretty good JerrySTL. Of course there's room for improvement as I'm not perfect. You should give it a try.
  8. I'm having a different license plate issue. Recently I got a bill for $127 from the Chicago Transit Authority (not the band) for going through tolls without paying. Photo shows the plate number but not clearly enough to tell the state issuing it. The troubles are (1) I haven't driven near Chicago in about a decade, and (2) I gave up that plate many years ago. It was CYCLING and I no longer needed a third car after my daughter bought her own and moved out of state. I submitted paperwork to fight the charges. CTA is very corrupt and inefficient. I can see this being a long fight especially if someone actually owning that plate drives in the Chicago area often.
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