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  1. JerrySTL

    A question for the pilots

    Years ago an US Air Force aircraft mechanic decided he wanted to go home. He was stationed in England at the time. So he stole a C-130 4-engine cargo aircraft the usually had a crew of at least 4 people to fly it. He did have a private pilots license but that was for single engine aircraft. Pretty impressive that he got it off the ground, but then he crashed (or was shot down) over the English Channel. This was well before video games or personal computers in general. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2018/03/29/what-happened-to-the-air-force-mechanic-who-stole-a-c-130-in-a-drunken-desperate-bid-to-return-home/
  2. JerrySTL

    8-13 miles

    31 miles on the Little Miami Trail out of Mason Ohio with a high school classmate that I hadn't seen in 40 years. Great time!
  3. JerrySTL

    How hard is it to sneak out of Texas?

    They just shoot to kill.
  4. JerrySTL

    LOL at the staged pic (I hope)

    It's all being staged like the fake moon landings so the cameraman doesn't need a chem suit. The XB-37B really isn't an orbiter that uses Hydrazine. Rather it's a chemtrail spreader used to kill JFK.
  5. JerrySTL

    8/9 miles and such

    20 flat miles at 16.2 mph avg. Felt much better today than yesterday.
  6. JerrySTL


    Not really. Football reached it's zenith and now in decline.
  7. JerrySTL

    About that "cottage" Wilbur bought

    Nice aluminum siding.
  8. It's one hell of an addiction. I once read that the success rate for kicking heroin is better.
  9. JerrySTL

    Who do we know who lives in Texas?

    A thought just crossed my mind: where does EPG live now?
  10. WoJSTL saw the aftereffects of a few people who smoked while on oxygen. Wasn't pretty and those were the ones who lived.
  11. Houston, Texas that is. Woman shoots masturbating bicyclist trying to break into her SE Houston home, police say. https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Woman-shoots-man-who-exposed-himself-to-13139225.php
  12. JerrySTL

    8/8 miles and such

    20 slow, flat miles. Just didn't have it in me today.
  13. JerrySTL

    I need validation today

    Present your parking ticket at the reception desk and it will be validated.
  14. JerrySTL

    Debit-another reason not to use

    Avoid using debit cards at gas station pumps and a few other places. Sometimes gas stations immediately cause a charge of $100 before you start pumping gas the fix things after the actual amount is pumped. If you are running close on a debit card, that could cause you account to be overdrawn. Another difference between credit and debit cards is what happens when there is fraud. Both have similar, but not the same, protections. Both can take a few days to clear up. If your debit account is emptied, then any automatic withdrawals, such as for utility bills, won't be processed. That can be a mess to clear up.
  15. JerrySTL

    We have a hole

    Pray that they don't find a Native American burial ground or any other ancient civilization artifacts.