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  1. JerrySTL

    In too deep?

    I once watched an episode of Maury where they tested 4 or 5 guys and none of them were the father.
  2. JerrySTL

    As seen in Texas:

    Some of those repairs are genius!
  3. How soon before you introduce her to the concept of N+1?
  4. Chevy Vega. Chevy Chevette. Ford Pinto. Trabant. Wartburg. Most Chrysler products. All Fiat products. Many British vehicles (unless you are an Electrical Engineer and enjoy that stuff). Any used sports cars as they've been beat already. Any car with a high-water mark in the interior.
  5. I have a small roll of asbestos gasket making material in my garage. I've had it over 40 years. Maybe I should dispose of it?
  6. Last month my HS class had a 47th year reunion. We wore name tags and it helped. I hadn't seen a few since 1972.
  7. I've always said that I would be the easiest person to lay off as I document my job very well. I have a 75 page document that says what to do daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. Plus a lot of info on issues I've seen in the past and how to fix them. The only problem they would have getting rid of me is that they can't find anyone to do my job. Until recently there were 6 positions with only 2 of use filling them.
  8. Good list. I'll add this: 5. Management doesn't pay for documentation to be completed. This is really part of #3 as most projects are late and over budget. Once you get things mostly running, management declares victory and moves on to the next project.
  9. Kentucky unofficial State motto: Land of beautiful horses and fast women.
  10. You need to upgrade it to the Spinal Tap edition.
  11. Sure. Even while leading a team time trial. Think about that......
  12. I'm an amateur but can do a one-handed snot-rocket without crashing. Heck I've even planted a snot-rocket on a dog who was chasing me once.
  13. WoJSTL once found a tick on a patient. The patient's doctor refused to remove it. He told WoJSTL to do it. She said that he had the MD behind his name so it was his job. He eventually called in another doctor to remove the tick. Evidently the doctor had a fear of them.
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