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  1. JerrySTL

    Kazie -- something to get your mind a-round

    I rotate mine every time I drive the car.
  2. JerrySTL

    5G phones are coming

    I know a gal who has a G-spot phone. It vibrates.
  3. JerrySTL

    5G phones are coming

    I'll buy a 5G phone a while after there's 5G coverage in my area.
  4. JerrySTL

    Snow down south

    I believe that there should be a law against baseball being played in places where there can be snow on the ground in April or October. The opposite goes for hockey. Your lakes should freeze up at least for a week at a time. Hockey in Texas and Florida? Silly.
  5. JerrySTL

    Buh-Bye Voyager 2

    Maybe it will come back as V'ger.
  6. JerrySTL

    Are ghosts real?

    Going from 'can not explain' to 'ghosts' is quite a leap. Similar to seeing something in the sky that you can't explain to aliens in space ships. Many times I've found that "I" can't explain something is the correct answer.
  7. JerrySTL

    Does anyone believe

    Probably longer than Oprah lost weight using Weight Watchers.
  8. JerrySTL

    12/9 miles & such

    Zilch. I didn't even got to the fitness center and spin on a stationary bike.
  9. JerrySTL

    Help Me Decide

    I'm laster than you. I had Weird Al Yankovic's One More Minute played at my daughter's wedding, but not for the Father-Daughter dance.
  10. JerrySTL

    Under contract

    Doghouse then!
  11. JerrySTL

    The phone winning survey scam

    Scamming should be a death sentence. A painful one at that.
  12. JerrySTL

    Wrapping packages...Are you a peeker?

    I like to put in a couple of rocks or marbles. If the kids shake the boxes, it sounds more exciting than the clothes.
  13. JerrySTL

    It was bound to happen.

    On the bright side, it doesn't require a permit from the city.
  14. JerrySTL

    It was bound to happen.

    Ouch! Heal quickly and completely.
  15. JerrySTL

    Speaking of rats ...

    Hans Dietrich who was the German captain always trying to catch them. Sorta like a WWII German Roadrunner Wil E. Coyote.