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  1. For both WoJSTL and myself. We were born less than a month apart in 1954. My check should start arriving in July and WoJSTL's in August. Both checks combined are a little less than I'm making working so we shouldn't miss my job too much. Actually not at all.
  2. Maybe he will be 'thinned'.
  3. WoJSTL has a doctor where she worked say that prisoners get better health care than many law-abiding citizens. She had patients from a nearby federal prison that were shackled to the bed and 24/7 guards watching them. Usually they were very good patients because they wanted to stay in the hospital as long as possible.
  4. About 22 miles on the Schwinn Twinn tandem with WoJSTL. It was our 5th day in a row averaging 20 miles a day. 100 miles so far this week. https://www.strava.com/activities/3251490251
  5. JerrySTL

    Uh oh, beer?

    I have to agree that Mexican beer isn't essential.
  6. I bought 2 cans of Spam for the same reason. Plus I like Spam.
  7. After I turned 50, I did 4 double centuries. The 50s are great. Mid-60s ain't too shabby either.
  8. I have trouble getting motivated. I seldom WFH in the past when we were allowed to do it twice a week. Part of it is that I need to retire ASAP. I'll be putting in for Social Security this weekend.
  9. One of my retirement goals is to fill up the garbage can every week. Last week I removed many boxes from the attic as it wasn't hot up there. These boxes were for things like TVs and computers some of which I don't even have anymore! Unfortunately I have to schedule a special pickup for them and that office is closed at least until the end of April. So I had to put the junk into the shed. At least the shed is cooler than the attic.
  10. My wife's family sucks. Lot of ugly crap going on now. Unfortunately my brother is married to one of WoJSTL's sisters so it becomes a double suck. My side of the family is OK.
  11. 23 miles on the Schwinn Twinn tandem with WoJSTL. It's the fourth day in the row that we've ridden it. Windy but otherwise nice weather.
  12. RG is impervious to threats. You need to go directly to the fingernail puller.
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