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  1. BuffJim


    BuffCarla likes Shawshank Redemption and Green Mile. Bridge over the River Kwai is a great movie. Japanese concentration camp.
  2. Are you related to Carmaxx? I smell a conflict of interest.
  3. I have few plans this weekend. BuffCarla decided we’re not going to her friends picnic tomorrow so we’ll stay in and roast steaks. Hope to get plenty of walking and bird photos in. Church and lunch with my Mom as usual on Sunday.
  4. My weekend starts at noon. I just finished my last task on my to do list and run the clock out. It was an e-mail to my colleagues in China and Taiwan.
  5. 3/6. Stare, Swoop, Shrug. Forgot my second guess needed an R.
  6. Once you set the autopilot, you can post here, right?
  7. Two great talents. I downloaded a Kasey album a couple years ago. I like her sound. We’ll see what she does with her career. Obviously Prine was a legend.
  8. Hi Scott. Nice to see a fresh face! Who do you root for? I’ve been a Bills fan since before OJ Simpson was drafted. Some brilliant moments and lots of gut wrenching losses. One of our fellow posters likes to remind me about Wide Right as often as he can.
  9. I’m fairly sensitive. My mom is super sensitive. She gets very hurt about any conflict she’s apart of. She also has lived her life to live at peace with everyone she comes into contact with. So it doesn’t come up that often.
  10. Crazy. Wound a bit tight. Almost all of us are on here for what’s supposed to be a fun diversion. And I didn’t even get an honorable mention.
  11. I’m told it won’t be too many years before Chicago has an NFL team. Be patient.
  12. It’s must see TV for me. By next week I’ll be thoroughly sick of it and dying for Sept 8th. By the way, one of our star players had his 22 year old college football playing brother die suddenly yesterday. 😢😢😢
  13. My two are Willie’s Roadhouse and Outlaw Country. On longer trips I’ll switch to classic rock stations or 60s and 70s and Beatles if BuffCarla is with me.
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