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  1. My cross country bike trip was the year Brett Favre went from the Packers to the Vikings. No problems striking up a conversation with a stranger in either state.
  2. I just have one and it’s discrete and not everyone gets to see it.
  3. I have to be in the mood for them. Most of the time I’m not.
  4. When I was in my early 30’s I lived in a community where I didn’t fit in. I’d go in a bar and everyone talked about very blue collar stuff: Sheetrock, transmissions, 4 wheelers, and stuff I just couldn’t relate to. But I usually don’t care that much about fitting in with my neighbors, so I’m fine with it. My current neighborhood is kinda blue collar, and it’s fine.
  5. His children’s book The ABZs is hilarious. Very well acquainted with A Boy Named Sue.
  6. I ran into my brother’s friend last night at Wegmans who nearly died of it in April. Over 2 weeks on a ventilator. He’s doing pretty well but still doesn’t have much feeling or function in one arm. He said his lungs are fine. Medical Bills well over 200k but his portion was under $300. It was great to see him. Lots of prayers answered.
  7. Whaddya got? I made a beef vegetable soup. BuffCarla had some frozen onions and green peppers that were all diced. I cut up the beef shoulder roast chuck -choice into little pieces. A bag of corn, a can of diced tomatoes, two cans of green beans. Fresh garlic, spices, bullion and voila. Should be ready in a half hour.
  8. Maybe she’s not getting enough ketchup.
  9. Saturday morning meeting my daughter at the Farmer’s market, then a bird watching event on Grand Island NY. Then shopping for anniversary jewelry Saturday Afternoon. Just got a a coupon worth $500 in the mail today. And Saturday evening a bonfire with my daughter and BuffCarla’s cousin. Sunday Church Football and a hike. And laundry.
  10. This changes the impression I have of bears.
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