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  1. My daily beer is Labatt’s Blue. Because it is Canadian it is considered inferior, but I proudly stand by my friends to the North. Although if I go Southwest from my house, I’ll be in Canada. Lately I’ve switched to hard seltzers.
  2. BuffJim

    Today is

    He dropped an F bomb and hung up. After he got the severance letter in his personal e-mail.
  3. BuffJim

    Today is

    He doesn’t know my address. He knows my neighborhood, so could probably figure it out. It’s 4 miles from where he lives.
  4. BuffJim

    Today is

    That’s what the HR director said.
  5. BuffJim

    Today is

    Termination day. I have to let me employee know he’s laid off immediately. He’s a bit tightly wound, so I hope he doesn’t go crazy.
  6. You ain’t seen nothing yet.
  7. BuffJim

    18 beers ago

    Talk about deflation. 40 years ago that was a 10.
  8. BuffJim

    18 beers ago

    Am I the only one who cringes at this picture. Thinking of mosquito bites she must have gotten?
  9. I know Kzoo isn’t doing his faithful Parody Analysis out of the goodness of his heart. And don’t get me started on Birthday bot.
  10. I want to work 7 more years at my company. Take a nice vacation each year. Get/stay healthy. Save for retirement. But, whatever comes my way, I’ll deal with the best I can.
  11. It’s part of the oath I swore to @Square Wheels when he let me in. You guys had to commit to certain duties and quotas, too. Right?
  12. Tell him to the name the subspecies after us. The Square Wheeled Firefly or p. Frontalis squarewheelicus.
  13. Is the Golden Rule, like the Golden Shower Rule? Asking for a friend.
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