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  1. I’d gain 40 pounds. Plus the Petri dish thing. My cruising days may be over. We had hoped to do a 7 night Alaska cruise, but Covid put the kibosh on that idea.
  2. Today’s cancel culture story is the high school teacher who taught the SoCaToa trigonometry acronym by dressing as an Indian and jumping and chanting with a headdress on. Tone deaf, but it’s being called an act of violence.
  3. Yes. Please don’t let it get infected.
  4. BuffJim

    Junk Drawer

    Car Keys, scissors, duck tape, matches, lighters and old electronic devices. And the like.
  5. You people are arguing about how America treats its poor, while there is real suffering happening in Buffalo.
  6. Too soon. Quietly licking my wounds.
  7. You got something better to do on a fall weekend afternoon?
  8. I agree. Josh Allen slipped and our tackle got blown up. It happens. We also ran back the kickoff but had it called back due to an unnecessary penalty. Wonder if that guy gets cut. Same guy that got fined for his violent but clean hit on Justin Fields in preseason.
  9. Fascinated by it. Not a fan of prolonged cold or hot streaks.
  10. Today, first time. We have a convoluted electric non central heat system. Cheaper than gas. And keeps us warm enough.
  11. She is in assisted living. It’s about 12 miles from us- her house is 300 miles away, with no family nearby. My brother also lives 25 miles from the assisted living. Undiagnosed dementia is progressing. Will be seeing a Neurologist soon. Her ability to live alone is probably gone. We’re happy for this solution. I’ve been visiting every Wednesday and picking her up on Sundays for church and lunch She was so happy for our surprise visit today. I had no plans to stop, but as we drove by the exit I said to BuffCarla- do you want to visit? and there we were. BuffCarla is the world’s greatest Daughter in law. My mom lights up when she’s around.
  12. We put them on when we went back inside.
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