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  1. Thanksgiving pictures

    The North Country
  2. With God as my witness

    I watched it last night. Classic. I can’t do it from my smart phone.
  3. Globe Trekker

    Bump for @pedalphile Isnt this where you’re from?
  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    18 degrees here in the Greater Potsdam Metro area, with a light coating of snow. Getting ready for 10AM church, then feasting.
  5. Tomorrow's Dessert

    But not how to right
  6. Tomorrow's Dessert

    Fortunately we know how to fractions and decibels.
  7. Tomorrow's Dessert

    My Mom made a Grasshopper Pie- the vegetarian version. She also commissioned a local baker to make a Pumpkin and an Apple Pie. 3 Pies, 4 people. You do the math.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Thanks Zephyr. Looking forward to tomorrow.
  9. My parents had one of these

    So Scooter was parked next to us. We had a yellow Buick Station wagon like that in the 70’s. With the rear seat that faced out. 9 MPG
  10. Tonight's beer

    Tomorrow we have FL region wine with the Turkey (There are two native grape varieties I enjoy Concord and Niagara). But Riesling is the FL Vinifera king.
  11. Tonight's beer

    Today’s beer is once again wine. The first 2017 wine from France:
  12. Everybody went home early, right?

    I made it to the North Country and will be posting away tonight.
  13. Too early?

    BuffCarla had me listening to Christmas songs today on our drive. One of the XM Sirius stations. It was schmaltzy music. I call it sweater and loafer music. I like Christmas music, but something grittier or more authentic style. I like Classical music and jazz, but most of this was closer to Muzak: Bing, Bob, Burl Ives.
  14. 51 million people traveling today

    They backed off on the Lake Effect snow predictions for Sunday. Lake snow shouldn’t get to Lake Placid anyways.
  15. Pies, spies, & MRIs

    And We had the pleasure of knowing you before you were famous. Don’t forget about us here. Good luck with your busy day.