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  1. Neither me or BuffCarla got sick so I guess it’s OK. Otherwise it was a good night out.
  2. Pork Tenderloin from January’s meet raffle. With Asparagus and boilt potatoes. Im still mad at BuffCarla’s co-worker who was very clearly sick with the flu at our table at the food raffle. She was opening bags of food and passing them around. She couldn’t get anyone to use her ticket and didn’t want it going to waste. When this is all over, people will be much more germophobic.
  3. BuffJim

    Uh oh, beer?

    Unpossible. Mexico has closed its northern border.
  4. Probably go birdwatching/hiking tomorrow. Nothing else planned. Tomorrow cooking the pork tenderloin that we won at the meat raffle. Planning to get takeout fish fries tonight if we can find an open one.
  5. Hi. Word of the day is Fuck. 51 and mostly sunny today.
  6. BuffJim


    I'm not much for cussing. I couldn't even say Shit if my mouth was full of it.
  7. BuffJim


    We are a foul mouthed lot...
  8. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 50's
  9. My mother got yelled at yesterday at Walmart, It was her first time shopping in 2 weeks and she had gloves and a mask, but apparently somebody scolded her for being out in public. She's 83, and has always been very sensitive, but lives her life in a way that doesn't get a lot of criticism. My Dad - who is as high risk as it gets - was the driver and didn't go in the store. She had talked about buying groceries on line, but probably wasn't able to master the technology.
  10. If we couldn't replenish, probably about 50-60 days, But anything after 30 days would be pretty slim pickings. Beans, canned fish, and canned collared greens kinda meals.
  11. That's a lot! I think we have about 10 in my zipcode...
  12. I'm shaving three times a week. Today was a shave day.
  13. Me too. But no sweets due to lent. Otherwise I’d be bingeing on cake and pies.
  14. Two people. A girl I grew up with. 52 years old. No word on her condition. One of my brother’s best friends. He is 60, lives in my town and is in the ICU. No other details. He sat at our table at a family wedding in August.
  15. BuffJim


    No soda. Beer and seltzer water mostly.
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