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  1. For Pete's Sake

    Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go drink my prune juice.
  2. For Pete's Sake

    You sound like my wife. I take every chance I get to remind her I'm a year and a half older. And wiser. Plus, I'm a year older than you, Smudgie. Give us elders some respect.
  3. For Pete's Sake

    Just wait til your my age. Frustrating when the mind is willing and the body is not.
  4. Kirby, is this something you would do?

    That reminds of a story about Todd, a first grade classmate of mine. One day we were waiting in line to get on the bus home. Todd lived on my street, so we were in the same line. He was also the one to get me involved in my first criminal activities, but that is a story for another time. Anywhoo, the teacher says Todd, what is dripping from your lunchbox? (The swifter among the forum might know where this is going.) He opened his lunchbox and the first grade class started howling with laughter. Yes, Todd had put an ice cream sandwich in the lunch box, totally disregarding the rules of thermodynamics, and the darn thing had melted all over the place. That made me feel awkward, because Todd was my friend then, and for 3 or 4 decades after that point.
  5. Online Indicators

    I got it right, according to 87.5 % of the respondents including me. Yay Me!!!
  6. And a Wonderful Wednesday to you

    Good Morning. Happy Hump Day!
  7. Yikes Lay Off the Donuts!

    Nice try. You're excited by her. You can admit it to us. We won't tell.
  8. Walking update

    Great job on the walking. I've been in a slump lately and need to get my mojo back. Every day I don't swim, I need to walk 10k steps. Only did 5k yesterday
  9. Walking update

    Pelvic Clocks
  10. July 25th and...

    I've yet to see my first Christmas commercial; not even a Halloween commercial yet. Maybe there's hope for America. Or maybe I just don't watch enough TV.
  11. Oopsie

    Someone's going to need a lot of beer to fix that.
  12. And a Terrific Tuesday morning to you

    Happy Tuesday. Just another day here. Time keeps on ticking...
  13. This was my view from the camp site this morning

    I used to date a girl named Babbling Brooke.
  14. Moon day