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  1. BuffJim

    Good morning!!

    Good Morning. Rainy day here. Tornado Warning for area south and east of here, same system as @bikeman564™ got yesterday.
  2. BuffJim

    Happy Monday Peeps

    Bridget and Greta sound German. What kind of outfits will they have on?
  3. BuffJim

    Sunday, what'd you do?

    I have tickets to the Lightning game Nov 13th.
  4. BuffJim

    Happy Monday Peeps

    Happy Monday. Was away from work for a week. It's a joy to be back!
  5. BuffJim

    The Cleveland Browns!!!

  6. BuffJim

    My wife is a trouper

    Prayers for you both. You are a great husband.
  7. BuffJim

    The Cleveland Browns!!!

    Need I say more?
  8. BuffJim

    Weekend plans as Autumn officially begins?

    Chilling in the OC tomorrow. Driving home from Maryland Saturday. Church and football Sunday. Vikings won’t know what hit them.
  9. BuffJim

    Multiple Shootings in Maryland Today

    Wait, I’m in Maryland today. Better wear camo, so I can cheat death once again.
  10. BuffJim

    So wjatcha reading?

    Spend most of my reading time on the smartphone. But I am in danger of finishing a book on my beach vacation. Calico Joe by John Grisham. Sad tale with shades of Tony Conigliaro.
  11. BuffJim

    September photos

    On to Ocean City. Sunrise this morning
  12. BuffJim

    2018-09-18 Birthdays

    Happy Birthday LJ!!!
  13. BuffJim

    September photos

    Mansions in Rhode Island. Caught my daughter deep in thought on the first one
  14. BuffJim

    What is your dietary staple?

    Pork Chops.