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  1. Sorry to inform you - I use pork in mine.
  2. Why not make your own meatballs?
  3. Marsha, Jan and Cindy. Throw in Carol and Alice for good measure.
  4. Yep. For lunch. Stayed in Rehoboth Beach.
  5. I got my blue crabs in Delaware this September. Yummy. But we’re hands were raw after an hour wrestling with them.
  6. Pennsylvanians eat Shoofly pie.
  7. I've done a fair amount of solo travel. Looking forward to a solo trip this fall. Might do another birdwatching trip I've really enjoyed it. There's some awkward moments where being solo sticks out, but all in all the pros outweigh the cons. Have a great time,
  8. We watch Rick Steves all the time. I am jealous - sounds like a great trip.
  9. Getting up to 28 degrees today. Pretty normal for January. We have visitors coming from Houston today. They probably think its cold.
  10. BuffJim


    He can't even spell high right.
  11. Someone I know is on a cruise right now. They're having a great time. But might change their mind after today's nasty storm in the Mediterranean. https://www.accuweather.com/en/severe-weather/slow-moving-storm-to-raise-risk-of-flooding-mountain-snow-in-spain/662781
  12. Rochester has the 2nd most snow for cities this year. Almost 60 inches. 17 inches ahead of Buffalo. Have some civic pride. You could be witnessing a record.
  13. Never heard of this. I love tartar sauce, but never had it on anything but fish. I make my own.
  14. I've gotten sick on that stuff. Mabel, another Black Label.
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