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  1. I know it’s not fancy, but I’ve had some great Bairdi Crabs at Crabby Bills in your area, 4 or 5 times. Didn’t care for Stone Crab Claws. My parents used to winter at Indian Rocks Beach.
  2. BuffCarla doesn’t like to hear that her cooking is overly salty.
  3. Dog rubbing it’s butt on a rug in a good way, or not so much? It could go either way.
  4. This is our go to. I like Chiluba and Tabasco, too. Don’t need pain inflicted with my hot sauce.
  5. We don’t let her have matches or scissors ✂️.
  6. It was a bear or a wolf. Or maybe a Wolverine. Either way, we know she put up a good fight.
  7. With my severe cat allergies, hotels are a much safer bet. Never tried Airbnb, but too much can go wrong. We’ve stayed in some country inns, with mixed results.
  8. I took your advice. What a mistake. Cellphone and wallet are ruined, but my money 💰 is laundered.
  9. Best of my Loon pics this morning (6AM - camera is on standard time). Maybe I’ll get more before we head back Saturday. Bonus Osprey pic with my cellphone yesterday.
  10. Driving home from my Moms Saturday. Pretty laid back Sunday.
  11. I didn’t enjoy it when our Air Quality was 135 two weeks ago. I might have to evacuate if it got to 400. Where I am it is 33, and home is 48.
  12. They need input! This was in my Mom’s mailbox this morning.
  13. BuffJim

    Good morning

    Not the greatest picture, but a common loon in my Mom’s backyard woke me up. They occasionally get loons migrating, but not as regular summer residents very often.
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