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  1. BuffJim

    Happy Friday

    Yes. Part of the deal. They also offered Chicago or Western Connecticut. So obviously Buffalo is the only sane choice.
  2. BuffJim

    Happy Friday

    I did the interview. I’d say it’s a 90% chance I’ll get the promotion.
  3. I was going to start a thread “Out of Money”. Not my cup of tea, but RIP Eddie.
  4. BuffJim

    Happy Friday

    I asked my predecessor at the job I’m interviewing for if I needed a tie for the interview. She said yes. So I’ve gotta put on a tie. I didn’t bring a jacket.
  5. Driving back home after my job interview. Staying near Albany tonight and the rest of the way tomorrow. When I get home tomorrow I have to deal with my car. Probably a tow to an auto place and hopefully get it done. Its my daughter’s 25th birthday tomorrow. And my brother’s 60th on Monday. The state of my car will determine my ability to join in the festivities. Next weekend we are taking my daughter to her favorite restaurant to celebrate.
  6. BuffJim

    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday. Headed to my job interview in Connecticut.
  7. That's a proud Western NY product from Lake Erie Westfield NY - between Erie PA and Buffalo. I see the vineyards every time I drive by, Wild Irish Rose is also from Western NY, Canandaigua in the Finger Lakes, Cheap grapes, but still grapes.
  8. Chianti Classico is nice and not as pricy as Barolo. I've never tried Barolo, but one of these days when I win the lottery, I'll buy some. I do not like Gewurztraminer, though it is fun to say, and ones made in the Finger Lakes are highly regarded.
  9. I told my boss yesterday that I was applying for the job at headquarters. He was very supportive and encouraging. It was almost like he was glad I’m leaving. Did one of you tell him about the SW forum?
  10. BuffJim

    G'nite all

    I had a really good sleep. Woke up in New Hampshire.
  11. That's my job interview day
  12. I live at the Western End of the Erie Canal. Be sure to look me up if you do take the trip,
  13. A hoax on the internet? Now I've heard it all.
  14. I was at a wedding recently where cupcakes took the place of wedding cake. I won’t say it ruined the wedding, but it didn’t improve it.
  15. Wake me up when there’s an e-bike that can do that.
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