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  1. BuffJim

    I am very put off when my interviewer is British

    Parr8 still would...
  2. BuffJim


    This stuff beats the pants off Oxytocin
  3. BuffJim

    I am very put off when my interviewer is British

    Make sure to insist that you get July 4th off.
  4. BuffJim

    For some reason that made me mad.

    I'm good with it as long as they don't play music or other annoying sounds. To me, that is rude. Yakking shouldn't be done any louder than conversational tone - indoor voices.
  5. Somewhere neutral with a great pace of life. Branson Missouri.
  6. BuffJim

    Sunday, Jan 20: workout, miles, snow shoveled

    About an hour of snow shoveling.
  7. BuffJim

    Neighborhood in disarray

    Have you told them about us? They need to learn they can’t bully you or we’ll rough them up. Maybe they can join us here, and we can have some fun with them.
  8. BuffJim

    the official snow report thread

    I can’t remember the name for the hard packed snow the snowplow leaves. Evil stuff.
  9. BuffJim

    Movie Review: The Mule

  10. BuffJim

    Another retirement gig.

    That’s one of the 4 retirement gigs I’ve got in mind. Also Author, Wine tasting room worker, or Compliance consultant.
  11. BuffJim

    the official snow report thread

    We are going to watch Charles Stanley, who is BuffCarla’s favorite TV Preacher. I don’t watch a lot of TV preachers, but I guess David Jeremiah is my fav. To those who don’t know, there’s a hell of a difference between these decent guys and the notorious TV preachers that are easy to lampoon. Literally.
  12. BuffJim

    the official snow report thread

    11”. Just about done here. Going out to shovel soon. I’ll probably put in two 30-45 minute shoveling sessions in today. Playing hooky from church.
  13. BuffJim

    For those of us battling the bulge...

    A brewpub is opening this spring .7 miles from me. There’s even a little trail through the woods to get there. It’s connected to a candy and ice cream shop. Guess I’ll be getting my steps in.
  14. BuffJim


    Great pics. I’m listening to a book on tape called The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball. Fascinating story about starting an organic farm from scratch. Reminded me of you.
  15. BuffJim

    Does anybody else not watch TV?

    We only watch in the evenings, except weekends and holidays. Then it’s all day.