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  1. BuffJim

    Happy Monday

    Vacation day for BuffCarla and me. Taking the 300 mile drive back home after visiting my aging parents. Really had a nice weekend. Dad is comfortable and Mom is not as anxious about becoming a widow. They love BuffCarla.
  2. Happy 4th Birthday Dennis!!! I used to be 4.
  3. Just lost to the Blackhawks tonight. 4-1
  4. 1-5-1 in the month of November. October was quite the opposite.
  5. Ice in the lake this morning. Leaving for church in minute. Then back to my parents to watch the Bills game at 1.
  6. BuffJim

    Beer night

    Mine was on tap at a Pizza joint.
  7. BuffJim

    Beer night

    No beer last night. Shared a bottle of 2015 Chateau Ste Michelle Merlot with my Dad and BuffCarla. Friday Night I had a Great Lakes Brewing Edmund Fitzgerald Porter.
  8. I carry that with me every time I go for a walk.
  9. BuffJim

    Skateboard man

    I’ve been dying to open this thread since Monday, but refused on principle. Couldn’t take it anymore so here I am. Kind of a letdown, tbh.
  10. Aggressive dogs are my phobia. Feel terrible for your daughter, Chris. One of BuffCarla’s close friends has an aggressive large dog. We will no longer go there if the dog is not put away the entire time.
  11. I'll tell ya one thing. The impeachment would get a lot better ratings if one of them went bashing the other in the head with a football helmet, like Taiwan politicians do.
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