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  1. There are many different trajectories among type 2. Some people, especially heavier people can reverse it through weight loss. But if you gain the weight back, you'll get the symptoms back. Some people can't. Some thin people don't have much to lose, so a 30 pound loss isn't feasible. I'm trying to reverse symptoms through Keto. My doctor says he's doesn't expect me to need insulin anytime soon, but I'm hoping never.
  2. Happy Monday. Back to the office after a week in Indianapolis. I won't miss the 97 degree heat. Sunny and upper 70s most of the week here.
  3. Pete Rose, Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan were no match for Bob Gibson, Lou Brock and Ozzie Smith? Sorry I can't name a single current player on either team.
  4. I’ve never been told I do. Got hit by a lacrosse stick in the nips during college against Northern Illinois University. Hurt like crazy, but every time I Checked it was still there.
  5. BuffJim

    Oil is a scam

    There is at least a 300 year supply based on current usage. Contrary to what Dingo tells us.
  6. I just booked a beach vacation in September in Delaware. As long as a Hurricane doesn’t hit, it should be enjoyable. If a Hurricane hits, it will be exciting. I’m a block inland, so no worries.
  7. We’re going through a merger, so a lot is up in the air. We are now the industry leader. I had my 9th anniversary this week and hope to have at least 6 more years.
  8. His advice has saved my life a couple of times. I am eternally grateful.
  9. They go right up to top of thigh. They're black because the medical supply store didn't have enough flesh colored ones. I'll be sure to get a picture.
  10. Driving halfway home tonight - staying in London OH and the rest of the way tomorrow. Thank goodness for air conditioning because I have to wear compression stockings when I travel, and because of that, long pants. No plans the rest of the weekend. Maybe a movie to get out of the heat tomorrow evening.
  11. BuffJim

    Insiders tip

    I had a friend that owned a sports bar right near a prison. He cleaned up every morning with prison employees filling his place.
  12. My stock answer is “enough”. It fits tonight.
  13. Are we allowed to talk about sugar in this thread? I gave it up for a month and lost 10 pounds. Then my business trip came along. Gotta start over Saturday.
  14. BuffJim

    Have you ever ate.

    Is Dippin Dots in this category? It’s the ice cream of the future.
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