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  1. Working on the annual ITAR Registration form. This is one where it would not be easy to explain if I didn't get it done. Tens of millions of business is at stake, but it is a high probability we'll get it done and in by end of May deadline. Just have a couple steps to go. After work, I have to drive out to the Darien Lake exit to pick up BuffCarla at the Flying J truck stop. Missing her for 4 days is my motivation. Not too mention how long I'd be in the doghouse if I left her out there - 30 miles from home.
  2. Best outbreak of the year is predicted, but from the map, it is over some sparsely populated areas. OKC could be under the gun in the moderate risk area..
  3. Caught you a nice delicious bass
  4. Happy Birthday Petite!!!
  5. A week from tomorrow is a holiday.
  6. BuffJim

    My new love

    When BuffCarla and I visit, we want the Kirby Suite. Would be willing to pay a premium for it.
  7. Apparently in NY State it’s legal to use lead spray against bears that are attacking hives. But it can’t be just shooting a bear that wanders through your property.
  8. I cashed in my coins at coinstar ( for an outrageous fee) and got over $70. Doesn’t get much better than that.
  9. My brother lost 20% of his beehives to a hungry black bear this week. He didn’t see it, but the bear dragged part of the hive about 60 feet. No other animal could have done that. This made me feel sad He said it was the weakest of his 5 hives and he’ll be able to rebuild by splitting hives. This made me feel better. We rely on those bees to make us Christmas presents, which are much enjoyed.
  10. The bars in my town require you to wear pants. That’s a bit much to ask for on a lazy weekend.
  11. That’s pretty much all we do in America. Plus we’re hunting from the porch while we’re doing it.
  12. BuffJim


    You haven’t missed much. Except @Longjohn tried to relocate to heaven 3 times, and St. Peter sent him back to us 3 times.
  13. You’ll fit right in working at a Chinese firm. Now you just need to ditch your concept of personal time and fair pay.
  14. We are under the slight risk for severe weather later today. It would be cool to get a nice light show.
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