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  1. BuffJim

    I believe today is Friday

    Two weeks sans Moon Pies will do that to a fellow.
  2. BuffJim

    I believe today is Friday

    Going to the Pulmonologist for a follow up visit. Lungs feel recovered to my pre-January status. We'll see what they say. Going for a walk with BuffCarla on the river tonight (hopefully - she cancels out most of the time), then grilling steak and corn.
  3. BuffJim

    I weigh 78.44 kilograms

    You aren't nearly the man I am. Neither is RandomGuy.
  4. BuffJim

    What I learned this week

    We have free coffee at work. Two kinds - Dark Roast, Regular and Decaf. Usually no waiting. Sometimes have to make a pot or wait for one brewing. Did I mention its free. We just make coffee at home on the weekends. Usually there's enough leftover on Sunday I don't need to make more.
  5. BuffJim

    What a tragedy in Branson, MO. :(

    It is a tragedy. My daughter spent a year living there about 10 years ago. I remember chuckling at a boy on a duck boat in Philly who wouldn't take his life preserver off. Everyone else on the tour had theirs off but he was terrified. Maybe he had the right idea.
  6. Pogying or as some people call it, skitching. Hanging on a back bumper and getting a ride through the snow.
  7. BuffJim

    I'm leaving town early for the weekend.

    Just saw a video of a large tornado today in Marshalltown Iowa. Stay safe.
  8. BuffJim

    Crap (weather related)

    We're in a drought, could use some rain. I've only cut my lawn once since end of May.
  9. BuffJim

    Hey Aire, any updates?

    Here is a media report from late last night. Aire I hope they got the facts right. We are praying for you guys: Hugs https://www.wkbw.com/news/pilot-still-hospitalized-from-plane-crash-2-teens-hurt GENESEO, N.Y. (AP) - A pilot remains hospitalized with serious injuries suffered when his small airplane crashed at an upstate New York airport, leaving two teenage passengers with minor injuries. The Livingston County Sheriff's Office has released the unofficial cause of a small plane crash at the Geneseo (jeh-NEH'-see-oh) Airport on Friday. Officials say 65-year-old Timothy Sheffer flew his single-engine Cessna 172 off a runway at the airport, but had problems ascending. Authorities say this caused the plane to crash and flip over. Sheffer broke his back in the crash and is still in Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester. His two passengers, Civil Air Patrol cadets ages 14 and 15, were treated for minor injuries and released. The official cause of the crash is still under investigation.
  10. BuffJim

    Hey DH, how are your injuries healing up?

    Wait a minute... Don't forget the time I stared down that newbie troll.
  11. BuffJim

    I'm leaving town early for the weekend.

    You've never been to Normal before, have you? At least not since we've known you? Why did you choose now to go?
  12. BuffJim

    Sugar back in to normal

    Good job Mick! My current goals are 2000 Cals, 100 grams of Carbs and 10000 steps or equivalent.
  13. BuffJim

    Hey DH, how are your injuries healing up?

    Maybe its time to switch to a 3 wheeler, and the MUTs.
  14. BuffJim

    Saharan dust has invaded Dallas

    I'm going there for my vacation in September. Hope it is nice and sunny. Or a Cat 3 Hurricane would be something I never forget. Though they would probably evacuate the barrier Island. and make us go to Salisbury.
  15. BuffJim

    July 17th workout,ride, run, walk...or nap

    My full recovery was last week of May. Feeling good now. Go to Pulmonologist Friday for a checkup.