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  1. I dated several women who on the first date bored me. No Thanks. BuffCarla doesn’t bore me. She often exasperates me, but doesn’t bore me.
  2. I’d be fine if she didn’t have the green on.
  3. I didn’t know your GF was human. Kinda assumed something synthetic with an Alexa to talk to.
  4. Not sure if he was banned, but Beans couldn’t play nice with others. Pedalphile was here for a while and faded away. No sign of Buggie 10, but Dora Sanchez pops out every now and then. Sadly Florida Yankee fled when she couldn’t stand up to my badass self.
  5. 5/10 5.6 miles walking and jogging. 12,457 steps.
  6. How can you compete against Mrs. Sharr’s exquisite legs?
  7. I got vaccinated 12 times yesterday. Feeling no pain yesterday, but Today I did get the side effect where you feel like you got hit by a truck.
  8. I saw this. Very sad. As Donkpow points us, self inflicted mistake. I was driving the other night and encountered a teenage cyclist being reckless. Could have easily hit him. No lighting/reflection and no helmet and riding down the middle of the street. Typical of a teenager, but the architect was in his 80’s. Maybe he didn’t see the stop sign.
  9. Nap time now. Going for a jog later. Called my Mom last night. My card arrived. I’ll be going in person next Sunday to spend a week with her.
  10. They need to do the race over. 2 of the last 3 years the apparent winner DQd by cheating.
  11. My internet sleuthing has determined that’s it’s a detective show based in New Zealand in its 7th season. Never heard of it until now.
  12. I nap most weekends. Mostly it’s 30 minutes of sleep and 90 minutes of smart phone scrolling. Today it was 120 minutes of scrolling and no doze.
  13. I’m 37.5% Swedish. The rest is a mix of German and the British Isles.
  14. 5/7 5.2 miles walking and jogging. 10887 steps.
  15. I used to play pickup touch games when I was in my 20s. My co-worker put together a team, and challenged us to a tackle game. We played, and boy was I sore for about a week. Ouch.
  16. I’m going to answer this literally. In my dreams, I’m an NFL player. Same old me but about 42 years old, but somehow I made the team. Then I wake up. One of my many recurring dreams.
  17. 3 out of 3!!! Most excited to get my parents taxes done. There were thousands of medical documents to comb through. Net refund of $365. Glad to cross that off my list.
  18. Right now Ireland is the front runner for our June 2022 vacation. I guess that means I should check our passports for expiration date.
  19. Can you imagine that happening nowadays?
  20. Mine was an international excursion to Crystal Beach Amusement Park outside of Fort Erie Ontario. Runner up was a trip to the Toronto Science Centre in 4th grade. Place was awesome.
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