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  1. He’ll get here around 9pm and be gone by 8 AM, probably earlier. He will be up this way for a longer stay in July.
  2. We’re both working from home today. My brother should get here by 9 tonight. Pretty quiet day.
  3. Disappointing when a child doesn’t attend their parents funeral. I was upset that my oldest brother missed my Dad’s, but he did send 3 of his kids. My brother’s MIL was quite sick, so my brother opted to stay home. His MIL died the day after my Dad’s funeral. But I must say my oldest brother has done an incredible job helping my parents through this journey.
  4. I took that route last year. Wanted to avoid I-95 through DC, so headed left at Richmond. I-81 was like a NASCAR race, bumper to bumper at 80 mph. After the I-66 traffic going to DC exited, it got better. Must be brutal in bad weather.
  5. About 11 diopters. I thought they expressed it as a negative #. Pretty bad. Nearly impossible for me to lose them, because they’re never far away.
  6. On her first trip to my parents house, My Dad asked BuffCarla how she liked her steak. She said Well Done and my Dad said We don’t do well done on this grill. She learned to enjoy medium.
  7. We had takeout Greek food. I had a gyro sandwich. I love Tatziki sauce. BuffCarla had the Chicken Souvlaki dinner. Yum.
  8. Tonight my brother is staying with us again after driving back from his hiking trip in the Adirondacks (39,000 steps yesterday with a 40 pound pack and a damaged heart). Tomorrow I’m driving up to my Mom’s house to fill my SUV with things no one has claimed. A big screen tv, a coffee table and odds n ends. My oldest brother will be there doing the same. We’ll be getting Indian food then heading home Sunday morning. I’ve allowed time for two birdwatching sessions at the Montezuma NWR, one of the best birdwatching places in the Northeast between Rochester and Syracuse. Monday just chill and grill. Maybe do a Memorial Day activity honoring the fallen troops or visiting a grave site.
  9. I started at 45/week with the paper route at 14. First real job was $16,500 in 1987.
  10. If you have type 2, the sugar is more worrisome than the sat fat. But my brother who had a massive heart attack last April and has stents, also avoids sat fats. But he doesn’t have the diabetes. He’s out doing a solo backpacking trip this week in the Adirondacks.
  11. Why not? Very few carbs in cream.
  12. Or even just go out once in a while.
  13. Maybe you just need to go clubbing more often.
  14. Happy Birthday Beanzie 🎉🎉🎉
  15. BuffJim


    Youse guys are making me hungry.
  16. Kids are much harder to raise nowadays.
  17. 8 people killed in that storm. My friends had their cottage severely damaged in Havelock Ontario.
  18. BuffJim

    Happy Sunday

    Not to their house. It’s kind of a hoarders house, and BuffCarla thinks it would be awkward. So I see her at family gatherings like the Birthday dinner we had in March at a Japanese Restaurant.
  19. BuffJim

    Happy Sunday

    Church is at 10. Leaving for the bagel shop in a few, then get my Mom at assisted living at 9:15. Should be there with 15 minutes to spare. BuffCarla is meeting us there, and the 3 of us are going to a Chinese Restaurant for lunch and I’ll drive Mom back, while BuffCarla goes to visit her mom.
  20. 3/6 for me Stare Penny (Financial theme, but wasn’t thinking big enough) Money
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