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  1. Off Topic

    1. The Café

      In memory of Chopped Liver and Stuck

    2. Site Suggestions

      Suggest away.
      We'll try to consider all suggestions for making this site more user friendly.

    3. Spoilers

      Please post all spoilers in here.  No need for tags.
      If you venture into this section there will be open TdF posts.  It is password protected so it won't show up in the streams or searches.
      Password = France

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    5. Politics and Religion

      This is a password protected forum for three reasons;

      1. Posts here are usually contentious.
      2. We don't want these posts showing up in the Activity Stream.
      3. We don't want search bots to index these posts.

      This is where posts related to Politics and Religion belong.
      You may encounter views that you find objectionable.
      The Guidelines apply to this section as well.
      Password = respect.

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  2. Cycling & Fitness

    1. Miles and such

      Post your daily miles, hours, push-ups, squats... you get the point.

    2. Professional Cycling

      Discussion of races / riders / issues and other topics regarding professional cycling.

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    6. Cycling News

      These are feeds from other sites. If you'd like to add one, send a PM to Square Wheels.

    7. Your Charity Events

      Post news about your favorite charity events, where to volunteer, or how to apply your talents.

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    10. Ride Reports

      Post reports of your first 10 mile ride, your epic all day mountain bike ride, your first century, or just a great time you had with friends.

      Please keep this section dedicated to real ride reports. Thanks!

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    • Wanna see how were doing toward our goal of 500,000 posts by 9/17/17?

      Statistics are now in the menu listed under Browse.

      • 27 replies
    • OK, so I learned that it is not a stock feature to be able to clear the editor.  The editor will offer you a link at the bottom if it saved data.  Simply click that link and the editor will be cleared.

      There is also now a new icon in the toolbar to clear the editor at any time.  Simply click that and the data will be removed.
      • 5 replies
    • One of our more technically-oriented features for 4.2, we have added more detailed logs of user logins, and the devices and IP addresses used. This brings several new features:

      Notification of a new device sign in

      If enabled, users can receive an email notification when a new device is used to log into their account:

      Email sent when a login from a new device is detected

      When a user signs in for the first time, a special key is set to recognise the browser on subsequent logins. This mean the notification email does not trigger on a new IP address, which would be annoying when travelling or if using a network where the IP address changes regularly. Instead, the notification is only triggered if someone signs into your account from a new physical device or web browser.


      UserCP Device Management

      If enabled, a new page will show in the user's settings page showing all the devices which have been used to log into their within the last 90 days (which is recent enough that could still be logged in if "Remember Me" was checked).

      Recently Used Devices

      Users can see the device, browser, physical location (obtained by a GeoIP lookup) and if applicable, how the login was processed (for example, if the sign in was with Facebook or Twitter, this will show). If they chose "Remember Me" when logging in, they can undo that (handy if you realise you accidentally left yourself signed in on a public computer).

      If they see anything they don't recognise, a page to walk them through the necessary steps to re-secure their account is available.



      Users sharing the same device
      • 6 replies
    • Hopefully it's working better now.  There was a hiccup after the upgrade, needed to work with the software folks and server folks.

      How to embed an image?

      Paste a link - it will automatically embed

      Right click on an image, then paste it in the editor - it will automatically embed

      Use the "Drag files here... " option below, then click the little plus sign

      What is new and very improved, drag an image from your computer directly into the editor, it will upload and embed automatically.  Pretty nifty.
      • 26 replies
    • Just did a software upgrade.  There are some minor improvements, hopefully speed will be one of them.  After the upgrade, there are lots of tables still being indexed, so it may be a little slower.

      Please reply here with software issues.
      • 34 replies