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  1. Haven’t seen Great Lakes out here. I will now have to watch for it.
  2. Had a Founder’s Dirty Bastard Scottish Ale
  3. Similar to LJ. Organized century from Grand Island to Lincoln. Temps were forecast over 100. They released us at 6:15. The first half was relatively flat and mostly comfortable. At York, I took a little longer snack break. Drank down my water and refilled them before starting the 2nd half. The heat started to set in but it was still pretty flat and the asphalt was newer than it had been so riding was good. Made friends with an Ironman triathlete before she got into aero position and really got after it! She pulled away. By Seward, it was really hot. I drank both bottles empty before refi
  4. I like to get away during the winter for a mental break from the gray that can be winter here. I would like to visit my friend in the Caymans once more before they move. But that or visiting our girls in Arizona are pushed back until things are under control. The nice thing about the tropics is you can enjoy the beach in the morning and evening and sit in the shade when the sun is high. My parents had a time share for several years. It was actually a good deal for them and us for quite a while. We used their association with sister resorts when we went to Montreal and Boston for example. A
  5. For some reason it looks better here. We had a black 60 Impala when I was little. First car I remember.
  6. The top of the front windshield frame is clumsy. Like someone wearing a cap too far back on their head. It throws off the lines for the rest of the car. It has potential, though.
  7. I need to listen to that when I’m not in a client’s office! I like Matthew Sweet a lot. A Nebraska native. A couple friends knew him from Cal Arts. One made a copy of a demo tape Matthew had sent him and gave it to me. This was quite a while before his first album came out. Imagine my surprise when the album was released and many of the demo songs were there! I need to re listen to both. It’s been a while. Girlfriend is my favorite of his albums I have had a chance to hear.
  8. It’s here now. Haven’t heard gust numbers yet, but it sure is loud outside.
  9. We are supposed to get it tomorrow. Stay safe!
  10. You would think. But this has been a frequent complaint as long as I have been photographing people. I admit that I don’t pay that much attention to Vogue. But I find when I do get to shoot with POC, they appreciate my efforts to put them in the best light. Pun only partially intended.
  11. 18.4 miles on the MTB. Mostly asphalt. Wanted to get in some miles before the big winds come in.
  12. I moved from the LF. The people I like most had all moved here.
  13. One of the challenges of photographing people of color is lighting is generally balanced to complement caucasian skin tones. Often when I shoot with black people, skin tones can look "dirty". I want to play with custom white balances to see if that can be a workaround. Unfortunately, I don't get to work with enough people of color to make it the priority it should be. Since the photographer, I believe is a POC, he may be more sensitive to this situation and created some custom balances himself.
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