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  1. Spotify. I agree that it has a better selection of new releases and better control of what you listen to.
  2. 44 hot and humid. I worried it was just me but several riders on Strava cut rides short or overheated.
  3. I’ll be smoking a pork shoulder after I finish my ride.
  4. I agree with @Further on the love/hate relationship with silver maples for the same reasons. I have a tree of unknown species that is dying. I would not recommend to anyone. It drops little twigs all the time. I hope to replace with a locust tree. Fast growing. Moderate shade. It doesn’t drop branches in the wind. The one at our old house did not produce seed pods. Be wary on cedars. Around here they seem to produce a lot of unwanted volunteers.
  5. No offense, but I would be more excited if other members posted this!
  6. 14 gravel miles. 85 degrees. 98 heat index. I got a late start because I had to do some stuff for work in the morning. Hoping for some raid miles tomorrow before the heat sets in.
  7. We cross a creek popular with the turkeys multiple times on our southwest route. It’s unusual not to see them down there. One time I saw one perched atop a very tall tree! I thought it was an eagle or vulture until I go closer. We are starting to see some on our end of town more regularly.
  8. I will get a picture of Mena’s menu next one I’m over there. Best tacos are when the young girl taking the order turns and says “MAMA!”
  9. I had a 1:1 replica of my face tattooed on my face. I look like me. Just more so...
  10. I won’t even admit to what I was using before this. Suffice to say it wasn’t great. I had a battery issue one night and a friend loaned me theirs. So much better than my old set! Lumintrail Super Bright USB Rechargeable LED Bike Light Set Headlight Taillight 1000 Lumen Safety Commuter Water Resistant Easy Install & Quick Release https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0722S8TC8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_YGwlFbPQ7ECNN
  11. Pay off my debts. Finish getting the house ready to sell. Do a little to the Miata to get it in tip top shape. Do the move we are planning since house would be paid for. A little gift to the kids and the rest invested for best return.
  12. If you give blood, the Red Cross here has been doing free antibody tests. WoW came back negative a couple weeks ago. As of last week, things were still very fluid based on teachers I know. Very concerned for them and all of you in classroom situations.
  13. My dentists are great people. 2 brothers and wife of 1 of the brothers. I run into them socially from time to time. Always very personable. My parents’ dentist is very nice and very hot! I knew her professionally before my parents went to her. I would have gone to her if the office manager there wasn’t such a witch. When dad passed, she came to the visitation. Every time I see her she asks how mom is doing since Mom moved away. Mom still comes back to have her do her dental work.
  14. Is it related to what? You don’t give much info on the family tree.
  15. I guess we will be going to the veggie stand north of town again.
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