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  1. 28.3@16.8. Kind of a tricky crosswind. Got caught in a dust demon at one point. Almost took me down!
  2. EDoW has been having some issues in her reproductive system. Her hemoglobin got dangerously low last night and she was admitted to the hospital. She has had a transfusion and she is stable. There is a fibrous growth in her uterus. They are trying to reduce it with medication l. If that doesn't work, surgery will be required. All this could jeopardize her chances of having children. Also this week, my boss was on a business trip and thought he got food poisoning so he delayed his return a day. Yesterday, he took himself to a hospital. They determined he had 2 strokes! Luckily all that appears to be affected is coordination in his right leg. They are going to stay in PHX this week for him to recover and get some PT. Please keep them in your thoughts.
  3. 2 laps around the lake in the kayak. A little under 3 miles.
  4. 6 on my commute and another 12.7 on the GRIN ride tonight. Much nicer day than was forecast!
  5. Saturday - Work and hopefully we will get in our May GRIN Ride that was postponed from last weekend due to weather. Forecast is for rain! Sunday - Watch F1 at Monaco, Indy 500 if it doesn't get rained out. Need to mow the yard. Try to get in a kayak ride or a run. Monday - Hopefully get in a ride in the morning. Spend some lazy time with WoW.
  6. That's why I eat sushi the night before a race, and coffee before I ride. Helps take care of business right away so I don't have to worry about it later. My cold gear kit I bought last fall was my first bibs. Previously all my summer gear had been elastic waist. My only issue with the elastic waist is they sometimes roll under my belly bulge. There are only a couple routes where a roadside stop becomes necessary. Once the corn gets tall enough, you can hide. This time of year, not so much...
  7. Just 45 minutes on the weights. Had planned to run when I got home, but this stupid inner ear infection had other ideas! I was feeling a bit woozy when I went to get the mail. Decided to call it a day.
  8. If you are checking several prices online, make sure to clear your cookies and temporary internet files before booking. Prices tend to rise the more you look at the same sites once they know you are serious about going.
  9. We visited Kinkaider Brewery shortly after they opened. It was a small operation with plans to grow. The owner gave us samples of home-made jerky he sells that the grocery store he owns since they weren't serving food at the time. Nice guy. We were only up there a few times and only once after they got the restaurant added on. Food was great, but it's an 80 mile trip. They opened a new tasting room/restaurant here. The owner would see me at another establishement when they were getting ready. He remembered us enough to come say hi when he saw us. When they opened here, we stopped in on the soft open. He came right over and made sure we were happy. It's only been open a month, but it's a big hit. Probably never get free jerky again, but glad to see him do well. Scratchtown Brewery is in another town about 75 miles away. It was the first microbrewery in out-state Nebraska. They are genius in their use of local flavors and locally grown hops both wild and now farmed. They have not grown as fast as others because they don't want to. They make small runs of flavors and trade out for new when they are out. No 2 trips will be the same. Super nice owners. They make a big deal because we like to drive up there. We now have an annual group ride for their Scratchtoberfest! Our newest local is Prairie Pride here in Grand Island. They have about 10 regular flavors with 3 others in seasonal rotations. Some very nice flavors. They are on the same parking lot as our LBS so the relationship is pretty good! Just opened last November. We will see how they grow.
  10. Our small town had a diner/burger joint owned by a lady who immigrated from Greece. Her twin daughters were in my grade in high school. Once a month she would have a Greek night at the cafe. Mom and Dad didn't go out much, but on the rare occasion we got to try it, it was pretty amazing! She made a spinach casserole from canned spinach. It was the first time I ever liked the stuff! Her baklava has no equal that I have found. Her youngest daughter makes and sells it in Lincoln at the Farmers Market. She also sells at the town garage sale in our hometown each year. We always stock up! The mom's last venture was helping a guy get a gyro shop opened in our town. It may not be 100% authentic, she admits, but they are pretty darned tasty! She still gives me a hug when I see her. She always called my brothers and me the "W.... Boys" like we were some dangerous gang when we walked in.
  11. In case you are curious about the case study. The Grand Island tornados I lived 20 miles away, but worked in Grand Island. I had stopped to see some friends at the store they worked when it hit. Three tornados passed over the building we were in, but none hit us. My dad was in the garden at our house. Never got a cloud or a drop at our place, but he watched the clouds churn over Grand Island. He said it was the only time he was ever afraid for my safety.
  12. We are in Tornado Alley, here! I've experienced a few with, luckily, very little loss of personal property. WoW's parents house was hit when the tornados hit in 1980 (that incident is still a case study). Not afraid, but a healthy respect for them. A few years back, I tried to sneak in a ride before a storm was predicted to arrive. I stopped at a corner for a little break and saw a bolt of lightning strike about a mile away! I hurried for home, but rode through some pea-sized hail for a couple miles. May a clearing about 3 miles from home, I saw a funnel hovering over our neighborhood. I called WoW and told her to get to the basement. "Where are you? I will come and get you!" "I'm fine where I am. Get to the basement!" "But you're out in the open!" "I'm 3 miles away from the funnel and it's moving away from me. It's over our neighborhood get in the basement!" i waited for it to move past and made sure there were no more behind. I ride the 3 miles home. I was less than a mile from home when the sirens finally went off!
  13. Rudolf?
  14. I think there might be a metric ( or moontric) conversion in there somewhere.
  15. I only know their reputation, but I would love to check it out. First heard of them when they made a limited release called "Bitch's Brew". There was an article on a travel or food channel about it.