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  1. It's totally fixable. Aside from hood and bumper, looks like the radiator got crunched. It was bubbling. Otherwise the car is intact...
  2. It was a nice night. I washed the Miata when I got home. WoW and I were going to a brewery/restaurant that had a jazz band playing. About 2 miles from our house, a young woman did an abrupt left turn in front of us. I had nowhere to go and slid into her. I thought I was going to get it stopped but not quite. At least the airbags didn’t go off! The other driver was cited for failure to yield. A friend saw us and offered us a ride home. We got our other car and went to dinner. The food and band were good. It I didn’t enjoy them much. Probably better for us than if We stayed home, though. WoW’s knees hit the dash. X-rays this morning look ok. Just deep bruises. I’m glad we are ok. I just fear we are going to get screwed over because it’s an older car. I just want it back like it was yesterday. Have a feeling that will be a fight.
  3. There are people in our company with superior technical skills. Where I excel is my ability to speak to non-technical people to make them comfortable with what we are doing and not make them feel stupid about it. It helped us get one of our biggest accounts. The hard part is getting some of the technical people to listen to what the customer wants rather than what the techs think they need.
  4. “Ditch weed” is common around here. The way laws are written, cutting it down can be considered harvesting. We just left it to the guys with California plates who would show up in late summer! We had a large garden dad like to show off. “So the potatoes are over there, the tomatoes, corn, beans, and our marijuana is doing very well this year!” It was great to see the faces of visitors not familiar with Dad’s sense of humor.
  5. Lady I used to work with had been married for several years to a man I never thought was a good match. I can’t remember if their son was theirs or from a previous relationship. However when the son came out, husband did not appear to accept it. Pictures were either with the son or with husband. Never with both. I never asked if that was the trigger, but she filed for divorce. Not long after she moved out, he committed suicide. We went to the visitation. She walked up to us half crying, half frustrated laughing “that son of a bitch!” We just hugged her and let her vent. It’s been about a year and a half. She has a new man and seems very happy. All I can say is tell them you’re sorry and (if you are willing) that you are there to listen if they need.
  6. The years have been most kind to Peter and Marcia. I know she has dealt with weight issues over the years, but even when she was heavier, she still looked good. Bobby, on the other hand, has apparently had some rough years. He looked older than the other guys and there was something "off" in his personality. I get what they are trying to do, but the house is going to be a monstrosity when done. At best, they will be able to sell bus tours of the house to those of my generation who want to walk back into their childhood.
  7. I assume you are talking Yeungling? They don’t sell in Nebraska so it’s not on my radar. Tell me more
  8. groupw


    Already faster than my best 5k! Shin splints come from pushing too hard off the toes. Working on letting the legs flow back more and leaning forward a little more will help.
  9. 76@18.9. Annual ride to Scratchtoberfest. Light tailwind most of the way. Occasional sprinkles and light showers. I have not done a lot of longer rides this year and it showed! My legs were running out of steam about the same time we got to the hills!
  10. I loved to original movie. I’m looking forward to watching the Netflix series! Pretty neat to know the connection for you.
  11. I have not been to an audiologist yet. I do plan to. I just want to find an independent one. My biggest challenge is hearing others in a crowd. I can hear music well. I can no longer hear dog whistles, but the high frequency wasn’t terrible.
  12. Thanks! I was looking for independent opinions to a certain degree because it seems all the audiologists around here are associated with a brand. I have a couple grand set aside in my HSA and working at the state fair this year made it very apparent my hearing loss is starting to interfere with my work. I need to be able filter background noise better and hear conversation directed towards me. Sound quality is a big deal because I love to listen to music. My SIL got some a couple years ago. Hers are programmable from her phone, she can listen to music with them etc. She is going to send me more information on hers. I just am looking for more opinions. Wind noise reduction would be great on the bike and in the Miata. If any of you have ones that can play music from the phone, does it interfere with trying to hear other things when needed?
  13. When a chicken and a rooster love each other very much....
  14. I am at the point of admitting I need hearing aids. There are so many ways to go. I don’t know where to begin. What are the experiences of those of you who use them?
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