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  1. 9-20 miles.

    28.6@19.3. Group ride in the next town south.
  2. Tropics you enjoy most?

    I'm still a newbie to island travel, but WoW and I really enjoyed our week in the Caymans last year...
  3. You must all come to Cleveland immediately!!!

    I'm pretty sure the forum converging on Cleveland is a sign of "End Times"...
  4. Spin Class

    It's the cycling equivalent of eating vegetables you don't like, but you know are good for you! Our Tuesday group will start meeting at the LBS with trainers after the time change makes it unpossible to ride outside in daylight. The LBS owner moves some bikes from the showroom floor. We crowd around a TV and play training DVDs - Spinervals, mostly. Once per month we will have a movie night. We will watch a cycling-related film like "Breaking Away" or the "Triplets of Belleville" while spinning. The goal is to fast-spin or high gear effort when similar effort is on-screen. Once we watched "Sean of the Dead". We were to sprint when we saw zombies. Needless to say we were sweaty piles of goo by the end of the movie! It's a good way to get some quality time with friends from the group through the winter, and an excuse for a beer after! We often use it as a way to recruit new riders to the group. We tell them you can't get dropped when everyone is on trainers!
  5. Monday Sept 18 miles kms furlongs and such

    9.5 on the commute. A little extra this time because I had to let my Mom's dog out for a bit. Had planned to run a bit, but big headache this afternoon.
  6. Vietnam....

    I will watch it....later. Too much going on to be able to commit to a TV series. Hopefully it will be on Netflix this winter when there is nothing to do on a cold evening or 2.
  7. How was your Sunday?

    Woke up congested so watched the F1 race live instead of in replay as I had planned. First corner crash took out several contenders. Read social media proclaiming the sky is falling because of the Huskers embarrassing loss yesterday. Had to wear cold gear on my bike ride, but not bad otherwise. WoW and I went to a favorite winery and had a pre-anniversary date with a bottle and a charcuterie tray. Very peaceful!
  8. I Didn't Finish

    War stories! Years from now, you won't remember the days that were sunny and 75, but this day will be one to talk about. And FYI, you didn't quit. The bike did!
  9. 9/17 miles & suchy

    26.5@18.1. Mid 50s temps. Had to put in some long sleeves and leggings.
  10. It is creepy in here today

    When in doubt, be Wednesday.
  11. Weekend plans?

    Shooting a wedding this afternoon. Should be true fun! Short story- a friend recommended a friend of hers for a fitness shoot. Turned out very well! A couple weeks later she texted me asking if I do weddings. Her brother is getting married. Texted brother and fiancé. We agree to terms. About a month later, I ran into a former manager. We had always been friendly and he had nothing to with my layoff from our former employer. He said he didn't know I was into photography and said he really liked the photos I did for his step daughter (fitness girl!). His ex had a mid life crisis/burst of insanity and left him. I had only met his current wife a couple times with him at social gatherings. I told him I would also be doing his step son's wedding. He hired me on the spot to take photos for a family reunion about a month ago. Had a great time! He and fitness girl were introducing me to everyone. Got to visit a bit with son and fiancé. WoW and I went to the rehearsal last night because I had never been in that church before. It was great because we all knew each other enough that they were at ease with me practicing. It turned out to be good because they were doing a couple things a little out of the ordinary and the couple, pastor and I were able to work out a way they could get the photos they wanted. Monday WoW and I will be celebrating 35 years of marriage. We are planning to drive up to a favorite winery and enjoy a bottle on the patio in the afternoon. Going to try to get in a morning ride even though it's supposed to be only around 50.
  12. 9/14 miles & such

    12.8 miles. Casual group ride. We came upon a guy with a bike resting on a bench by the trail. I asked if he was doing ok. He said he was and commented it was quite a group. I was slightly past him by that comment, but 2 of our group invited home to join us. Next time I looked back, he was with us! Nice young man!
  13. Glaucoma

    My parents and grandparents were fine. My mom's youngest sister has some variation of glaucoma. She was only in mid 50's when it affected her. Otherwise, it looks like I can plan on cataract surgery in about 15 years or so.
  14. entertain me

    You'll only get to use it once, though.....
  15. Most Calico cats

    It's just a phase....