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  1. I heard of a whiskey advent calendar as well. I would like to try that one.
  2. Traffic volume is about the same as it was before Covid. People are more rude and less patient than before. The number of people running lights and stop signs is unreal! Oddly, I don’t see as many wrecks, but the ones that happen are much worse.
  3. Sometimes. Depends on my mood when they ask. The ones that make me laugh are when they ask me to answer a question for someone else. I ordered some stereo speakers from Amazon once. Someone asked if they would work with their iPhone. I replied yes with the proper adapter and placed a link to a very expensive receiver that could Bluetooth.
  4. I have ridden in the 100s before. AZ 100 is more comfortable than NE 100. Cold has more variables to deal with. In winter the fields have been harvested so rides in the country are VERY exposed to the elements. My lower limit on the roadie is the 30s IF the sun is shining. It helps offset the windchill. I will ride the MTB on gravel into the low 20s. One caveat is I will not ride on snow covered gravel above 28. Sun can put a little wet sheen on hard packed snow and ice that will take you down before you realize it’s even there. Caused my only crash last winter. Even clear gravel roads can be a challenge. The roads get a soft texture like riding on marshmallows when temps get into the 30s.
  5. We had some roasted pepper tomato soup and grilled cheese sammiches. Havarti on Asiago cheese bread.
  6. I ride my road bike by cadence. When I started riding, my cadence was in the 60s. My son/coach suggested I shoot for 80, so I would adjust my gears so I could ride the smallest cog I could hold 80 rpm. Over time, I have moved my ideal cadence to 90. I found if I could hold that cadence. eventually it got easier and I could move to the next gear. Not saying it's for everyone, but I found cadence to be a useful way to be a stronger rider.
  7. This conversation reminds me of the barefoot/minimalist/"Born to Run" runners. They felt that barefoot running, or Vibrams at most, were the only way people should be running. While they are not wrong in saying too much cushion in a shoe can do more harm than good, their way was not the only way. I bought into some of it. I studied Chi Running and the mechanics of it are what allowed me to run as much as I have. My injuries came when I ignored aspects of the mechanics. However, I never totally bought into the mystical aspects of it. Brooks minimalist line was the Pure series. The Pure Connect was the best running shoe I ever wore. It felt like part of my foot with just enough cushion to allow me to run long distances comfortably. But they widened the shoe and added more cushion in the 4th gen shoe because people asked for it rather than run in a shoe in Brooks line that was already built that way. The 4th gen Connect sucked. Sales of the shoe died and they discontinued rather than go back. When I bought my Schwinn Varsity, that was my venture into minimalist cycling. The friction shifter on the stem discourages constant shifting. I find a gear for the ride I'm on and basically stick with it. The brakes work, but not on the level of my Stradalli's Ultegra brakes. Heck, not even as well as the brakes on my Bridgestone! I adjust my riding to not shift and minimize time on the brakes. Is it a true SS? No. But I get it. I haven't watched the video, yet, but I'm getting a whole "Born to Run" vibe from the direction of this conversation.
  8. Yes. It's just spin for spinning sake almost no resistance. Small ring and 2nd biggest cog. You have to drop your hips and pull the pedals more than push to make it work.
  9. As we are looking at homes in AZ, we plan to downsize, but we also know there is a minimum limit because we are giving up the basement storage/2nd family room. Also WoW is working from home and if I get the job I am seeking, I can work from home part of the time as well. We are looking for homes with 3 bedrooms and a den or 4 bedrooms. Seems crazy for an empty nest, but that way we can have a dedicated guest bedroom that won't disrupt working from home.
  10. There is a Spinervals trainer video called "Sweating Buckets". It's an old video, but a great workout. We used to do this at the old cycling shop on Tuesday nights. Towards the end is some high cadence spinning intervals. Coach Troy makes the comment, "some people can get their cadence to 170. You might not be able to do that". I always take it personally. My best is 185 if I remember right. I'm with you. Anyone riding is way ahead of those on the couch. I sometimes have to remind myself I used to be a couch surfer and need to remember my humble beginnings.
  11. There is a guy in our group who is an absolute beast on the bike even in his late 60s. He rides 40-90 miles almost daily on his fat bike. When he shows up for Tuesday group rides, it's usually on his SS. On our routes, we have a few sprint points just for fun. I was on my roadie, but decided to try to match his gearing on my bike and stay in it. I got to where his cadence and mine were almost identical at the same speed. It was a less traveled road so we could safely ride 2-wide. He and I were pulling the group as we got near a favorite sprint point. I sped up a little. Then he sped up a little more and I returned the favor. We kept doing that back and forth. The temptation to shift was there, but I kept in the gear. I forget our speed, but he finally yelled "I'm spun out!". I pulled away and won the sprint. One of the guys who was right behind us said they saw what was developing and decided to enjoy the show. They figured Bob would eventually bury me. "Dude, you were spinning like 140s!" When I got home, Strava said it was 150... Since I bought the Varsity, I found it's good to find a gear in a general area and stick with it. The temptation isn't there to find that "Goldilocks" gear that I have on the 11-speed cassette.
  12. Very sorry for your/our loss.
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