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  1. We are moving to another building at work. We were supposed to have 30 days notice. We have 10 and our team has a project we need to complete before we move. We were supposed to go to Ted’s for lunch. Hoping that’s still on! Supposed to rain tomorrow and Saturday. Eldest daughter is coming down to help WoW with a couple things. I need to change oil in the car before our trip. Sunday looks to be cooler but dry. Hoping to get a good ride in.
  2. Radar says we’re surrounded, but nothing here, yet.
  3. I normally have pretty thick skin when things are directed at me but it depends on the tone of what is directed. I tend to be more sensitive for those who are vulnerable.
  4. 12 on the MTB this morning. @az_cyclist is right. It was super humid this morning! I got stuck behind the school bus at the first stop. As soon as the stop sign shut I sprinted past and stayed on it until I got past the next group of students! After work, I installed the replacement Slime tube in the Varsity. This one seems to seat and hold air. I took it to the gym for 30 minutes of weights and rode a few laps of the hood for 7 more miles.
  5. I participated in a few of his threads sometimes against my better judgement. But I would usually say my thoughts and get out. There was still some “not right” vibe going on. I was reading the verbose thread and figured he didn’t understand what it meant. We tease @MickinMD and @shootingstar, but I generally enjoy their threads. Hell, I know I get verbose sometimes! But the thread was closed before I could read the main meltdown. Probably just as well.
  6. Someone left this on the lunch counter at work. Hard nope.
  7. My car needed gas. I was late getting out of work which meant I was in the real rush hour. I couldn’t even get to the turning lane for my preferred station. I had to exchange my defective tube at REI so I figured I might try the line there. Ummm. No. A storm started to roll in earlier than predicted. Figured I would get a few gallons near home to get me through tomorrow.
  8. I have a longer version somewhere. I'll try to find it.
  9. Here’s a bit from the very first performance. https://www.facebook.com/doug.wilson.127201/videos/10155777706058067/?fs=e&s=cl
  10. I’ll see if I can find a clip.
  11. Our Mazda CX-5 is AWD. In the winter and 1/2 we had it in Nebraska it was great in the snow. I drove a Thanksgiving weekend to my Mom’s in the BlackHills, then down to Denver for a friend’s wedding all on snow and ice covered roads. I felt very confident with the car even though we had it about a week at the time! My son has an Outback and it has been great for him as well.
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