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  1. 47.2 on the Calamus 1/2 century @ 17.1. Rained about the first 6-7 miles. Started out with a friend of mine who chose to ride his fat bike today. He says it’s more stable on slick roads (and some of the pavement is overdue to be repaved next year so it mitigates the bumps and holes better). We separated a few miles out. I stopped at the 2nd SAG to remove my jacket and grab a monster cookie. Their homemade monster cookies are the best I’ve ever had! My buddy, Bob, passed me. I caught him in some hills about 4 miles later and again we separated. I stopped at the 3rd SAG because...cookies! Bob passed me again and I could tell he was pushing. Decided I better try to catch him. The final section was more flat. About mile 40, I could feel my legs getting tired just as I caught sight of him. I have only been back on the road bike a couple weeks because of tight back muscles and I’m a bit undertrained! I kept digging. If there had been another mile, I would have caught him. He agreed. He said he wanted me to work for it. Let me explain. Bob is about 10 years older than me. He rides 50-90 miles most days. Won his division at Leadville a few years ago. He is tough on a bike! Great pizza buffet after and a beer at Scratchtown Brewery on the way home. 90 minutes of push mowing my yard. Now off to have drinks with some others who rode Calamus today!
  2. groupw


    When Grandma was cooking a big family dinner, “the hurried I go the behinder I get!” It was a long time before I learned where that came from. When she turned 50, someone asked how she felt about getting old. “Beats the alternative!” Not really a phrase, but an indicator of her humor. We were visiting and she cooked a nice fried chicken dinner. She was the last to the table. The remaining chair was between my dad and Grandpa. As she sat, she asked my dad, “is it ok if I sit by you?” Dad, “can you behave?” She pouted and turned to Grandpa, “Chuck, is it ok if I sit by you?” She does of cancer when I was 14. Would have been fun to get to know her more as I got old enough to appreciate her.
  3. Make sure you wash your hands after the Cheetos.....
  4. I used to be very opposed to them. But o have had several models with well thought out designs and I don’t mind them. I get irritated by the ones who don’t have a plan. “Hey guys! Craving another tat! What should I get?” I’ve seen that on FB several times. I’m expecting a backlash soon. They are so prevalent that non-tatted models are like unicorns Boob jobs, etc? Normally not my thing. Boss’s daughter one of the few good jobs. She actually had a nice figure before. I really don’t know why she added. It was just a bit more, but not overkill, at least. When I photograph models, it’s easy to spot the jobs when they lay on their side. Boobs jobs stay in place! When they get too big, it is so hard to shoot with models because the boobs get in the way! One model was going to get a breast reduction because all she could get were boudoir sessions! We tried a couple other things, but the boobs dominated!
  5. I wanted another team than Enos/Sky to win for a change of pace, but not like this. Best wishes to him
  6. groupw


    I adopted iTunes when I bought my first iPod probably 12-13 years ago. Ripped my CDs to iTunes. Life was good. Radio around here stinks. I drive a lot with my job, often in rural areas where streaming is not an option. Apple has done a lot to piss me off with iTunes. The shuffle algorithm doesn’t work anymore. Moving playlists from iTunes to device (or vice versa) is near impossible. You can’t just add a song to a device without resynching the entire playlist, etc. Still, at this point, it’s easier to stay with it than reinvent the wheel.
  7. My youngest daughter had a photo featured today on Canon USA’s Instagram page!
  8. groupw

    Rider down...

    He was probably near 70 based on points of reference in conversation.
  9. Detasseling corn. For those not familiar. Walking through rows of corn in July and early August pulling the tassels from the female rows before pollentation. It's how hybrids are made. In the morning the corn would be wet from the morning dew. We walked in rows with irrigation water (before pivot irrigation became common). By noon, the fields were a sauna and the corn stalks blocked the breeze. We worked until mid afternoon if we were on schedule, then returned to town and would hang out at the swimming pool until dad came to pick us up after work. WoW's mom is cousins with one of the couple who we worked for. They tell us new labor rules, pivot irrigation and automated detasseling machines mean the kids don't have any idea what it's like to work like we did. $200-$300 for the season was good for upgrading school clothes, a new camera or something and some in savings.
  10. They didn’t fall off. They were pushed...
  11. groupw

    Rider down...

    RIP Tom Bridge - I got to know him professionally first then found out he liked to ride. He brought his bike when he was in town and would join our group rides. One night there were just 3 of us. It was a casual ride, but weather didn’t look great so only 3 of us showed up. We got to the normal turnaround and Tom and the other guy wanted to go a little further. I looked at the radar and things were clear so we added 6 more miles. About 4 miles from the end, it started to rain. Marble sized hail started falling with the rain! By the time we got to the finish we were soaked and the rain just got heavier as we put our bikes away. Told Tom I didn’t mind the rain, but the exfoliation almost killed me! He was on a group ride with some friends in Iowa and had a heart attack.
  12. 25 on the road bike. Upper 60s and windy. The muscles are handling to roadie better.
  13. Ran a 5k this morning. Push mowed the yard.
  14. As the father of 2 daughters, 1 tall enough to struggle finding “fingertip length” shorts and dresses, it’s good to see less emphasis on blaming the girls for what they wear, and maybe making boys and teachers more accountable to act and think in respectful manner regardless of how one is dressed.
  15. groupw

    D day

    I should have worded better. Patton felt he saved them. They felt otherwise. If Band of Brothers is accurate, I would side with the 101st.
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