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  1. groupw

    How Often Do You Bake?

    WoW loves to bake! Cookies, cake, bread...whatever. She likes that her office does food days so she can bake and we don’t have to eat it all!
  2. groupw

    Home exercise equipment

    I have a Nordiktrak and Wii Fit at home for desperate times. Planet Fitness is right on my way home. I will typically just go there right after work. The Resolutioners are tapering so I can access everything without much waiting.
  3. groupw

    How Often do you brake?

    You mean it's not an on/off switch? I have always tried to be a smooth driver. When possible, pressing the pedals as if there is an egg on each one....the Jackie Stewart philosophy. He said there is very little difference in the skills to drive a performance car well or drive a limo. I have no problem keeping up with traffic and often leave the stop and go guys behind as I coast through a light that had changed about the time I got there. We have had a bit of snow. yesterday streets were a little slick. I gave extra room to the cars in front of me. At one point a guy in a pickup cut into the gap I had given just as the light turned red. It was all I could do not to hit him! Sucks that I would legally have been in the wrong while trying to do the right thing....
  4. groupw

    How Often Do You Break?

    Last time I broke one was about 6 months ago. We hand wash because it takes the 2 of us so long to fill the dishwasher. Glasses were drying on a towel on the counter. A water bottle from a ride tipped over and knocked the glass to the floor. WoW breaks a little more often, but not much, either. We have a pair of soup bowls given to us when we married. They are a nice size with a cup handle on one side. A handle broke on one over 23 years ago. (I only remember because it was at the previous house). We liked them so I tried a ceramic glue not expecting it to hold up. It's still doing just fine! Youngest daughter's SO grabbed that bowl to eat some chili. He looked at the handle nervously. Told him it was OK. The handle fix is nearly as old as our daughter!
  5. groupw

    humans are despicable animals

    My German teacher showed a film on the concentration camps. It was a French or German language film with subtitles. It was quite graphic and left indelible images in my mind of the horrors inflicted. A part of me wanted to excuse the people because they didn't have internet or other forms of communication readily available. But then I see so many things going on, now that seem to be history repeating itself. A few horrible people thrust into power give license for others to unleash their horrible that had previously been contained.
  6. WoW has to take a thyroid medication. Weight control has been an problem ever since. She tries. A young woman who has modeled for me had to take some pain meds. She was always very fit but the pain meds put 30 lbs on her. She is trying to get back at it as they wean her off the meds. These are people who try. So many just say oh well now I’m fat and give up.
  7. groupw


    15 here. Cloudy. Predicting 3-7” more snow tonight. At least that should be powder. Supposed to warm up to upper 20s to low 30s this weekend with more snow. That will be wet and heavy!
  8. groupw

    Does your town have pay parking?

    Free here everywhere but the airport. They took the meters out of downtown in the 70s hoping to keep business from moving to the mall. Now the mall is dying and downtown is enjoying a renaissance. They are trying to keep parking free, but I don’t know if it can last much longer. Downtown is now the place to be for events. I keep wondering when multi level, paid parking will appear. I don’t think it’s that far away.
  9. groupw

    Yeah, So About That Headwind

    Around here, you don’t get to ride much if you don’t deal with the wind! It’s all about putting your head down and grinding it out!
  10. groupw

    2/17 Sunday miles

    Ran 2.2 in 20 minutes on the treadmill. 30 minutes of weights. Can’t wait to get outside again!
  11. groupw

    Lotsa great women

    My cousin didn’t meet the right guy until she was over 50. Sadly, she was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer a few months after they married. She passed away a little over a year after. My son is 33. He has a number of friends who are girls from the running community. Sometimes ha has missed cues from girls interested in him. He has a unique personality and it may be tough to find a match. But you never know. There is a single lady my wife and I have known and been friends with for years. She’s attractive and relatively secure financially. Never married though I know she has had some serious relationships. She has been in our cycling group for a couple years. WoW teases me that she is my “girlfriend in waiting” because of the interest she shows in me. Yet the more I am around her the more I remember why I didn’t ask her out when we were single.
  12. groupw

    trying to muster up enthusiasm

    I’m 8-10 years from retirement. I like my job, but feel my enthusiasm for learning new aspects of it waning. I am better with people than most IT guys. Maybe I will move into technology sales. I don’t know....
  13. groupw

    The cats found a box!

    Meeka has shoe boxes by her food dish and near the tv. We just say she has apartments in the restaurant and theater districts.
  14. groupw

    Wanna see an old picture of me?

    Oldest picture I could find of me....
  15. groupw

    How long does it take

    I've done 15 halfs, 1 full, and God only knows how many 5k, 10k, etc. If you haven't done it before, get to a qualified running shoe fitter. I drive 100 miles to Lincoln when testing new shoes. The Lincoln Running Co is great at analyzing your stride and recommending a shoe that will work. I'm sure there must be something near you. Check out the book Chi Running https://www.barnesandnoble.com/p/chi-running-danny-dreyer/1009241939/2660940960918?st=PLA&sid=BNB_New+Marketplace+Shopping+Textbooks&sourceId=PLAGoNA&dpid=tdtve346c&2sid=Google_c&gclid=CjwKCAiA45njBRBwEiwASnZT55wvsWp6o2ychMSOwC78o0DXHo4KcMj2x18imabN8Nu8z7-U4jmtyxoCsZEQAvD_BwE It takes the principles of Tai Chi and applies them to running. Really helped me a lot! My son ran marathons at a pretty high level. He set up training plans for my early halfs and full. Mostly interval work with 1 day/week of longer distance work. He was taught that intervals are the bricks to running fitnes and the long run is the mortar that holds them together. If you can get your long run up to 10 miles, you can do the half.