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  1. Ran 3.1. Long sleeves and gloves with shorts kind of evening.
  2. A little HCl should fix that...
  3. Sometimes Mom would buy the cheap store brands. One was particularly awful enough that she took a sip to see what we were complaining about. She made a sour face and stuck to Kool Aid after that.
  4. Mom bought the dry packet Kool-Aid, put in about half the sugar and that's what we got. FWIW - Kool-Aid was invented about 20 miles from here. Hastings has a Kool Aid Days celebration every year (except this one) that includes a group ride. Hope it's back next year...
  5. groupw


    Great guy. Miss his insights. Bet he liked pancakes. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Economaki
  6. I would rather stay on DST. I will gladly drive to work with the headlights to have a little sunshine after work; even if it doesn't really give me any more real riding time. BTW @Olas Nah - seen any good movies?
  7. I missed seeing Tom Petty and before him SRV by being the nice guy and telling a co worker “you go to the show. I will catch him next time” 😢 From now on, no more Mr Nice Guy!
  8. I got nice bonuses the last 2 years for my efforts at the State Fair. This year it was very scaled back and we had to be very careful in our billing. Not expecting one this year.
  9. We use those in several locations. They can be a blessing or a curse depending on how much changing they do. This office is always in a state of flux...
  10. It's a joke and she will know it and laugh. I wouldn't do it strictly to be mean. There are a couple with square bases. If it really bothers her, we can swap next time I'm there. They all keep a lot of personal knick-knacks all over their desks. I only move what I have to.
  11. I had to deliver and setup a monitor at a client’s today. 2 monitor setup. One of the old monitors died. The old monitor had a square base. The new base is round. Otherwise identical to the other. I guess she is a bit OCD was not happy about the different bases, but the boss wasn’t going to buy a 2nd just for aesthetics! I decided to have a little fun with her after she went to lunch.I put a sticky note with “round” in the square base and one that says “square” in the round base. Her office mate said it was cruel genius!
  12. I may be shutting off our PF memberships. Just not comfortable enough with the after 5 crowd to deal with that right now. Too much Covid activity and people who aren't taking it seriously around here. I have a lot of friends who are members of the Y. Doesn't work for me because the classes I want are all done before I get off work! Seems like most of my friends teach classes or are on the board so they get free or reduced memberships.
  13. You get into rural areas around here and Internet, let alone WiFi, is near useless.
  14. Oh man. Hang in there! Vibes your way!
  15. I have a friend in the Bay Area with fires encroaching from 2 sides. She has essentially evacuated but her hubby won’t go until they tell him to. She’s very strong and independent. If she’s worried for him, it’s for good reason. Really hope she doesn’t become a widow.
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