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  1. When I worked for the large corporation, there were about 650 employees in our building. For a long time about 95% were women. At one point there were only 3 men on the 2nd floor. It was essentially private. Later I was move to another area of the building. About half the men worked in one area. 1 stall, one urinal, one sink. Most days not a problem and a larger men’s room wasn’t that far away if needed. Our men’s room was designated the tornado shelter for our area which was 50/50 men and women. They had the annual tornado drill and one woman commented on how small the restroom was compared to the women’s. “And look! You only have one sink!” One guy replied, “Pffft! Like we even need THAT!”
  2. groupw

    Lighting Bugs

    They get thick here about late June. More populous as you drive west. A few years back, I drove the Miata to North Platte about 150 miles west of here. Drove back in the late evening with the top down. All the lightning bugs around and above me made me feel like I was driving at Warp Speed!
  3. 6 on the commute. 94 degrees this afternoon with 20 mph winds.
  4. Down a few from the same time last year.
  5. 36 miles. 75 degrees. 22 mph winds. Normally a sub 50 mile ride would have no effect on yard work, but mowing the lawn was a struggle!
  6. If done right, nerdy cute thing is really hawt! Have to find the right balance of frame to face. I just ordered new glasses this week. Went with another pair of near frameless frames. I like the light weight and that people don’t always realize I wear glasses.
  7. The distillery in the next county had a sausage maker serving brats and sausages tonight. Food must be served for alcoholic establishments to open. It was our first meal away from the house since everything was shut down. Cheap meal, but it felt good to be out! Bought a bottle of gin for G&T on the patio. On the way home with the Miata, we took a slight detour to another small town with an ice cream shop. We had to eat it in the car, but I won’t complain!
  8. So you decided to try something besides beer. Got it....
  9. groupw

    I am sad

    Currently, it’s too easy for the powers that be to let the people get angry, let the few vandalize and loot, then vilify the entire community as thugs and thieves. They then use it to justify their actions when dealing with that community.
  10. Put a stick in it and you have an all day sucker.
  11. Insanity and genius may not be the same thing, but they sure hold hands a lot...
  12. Doing some cleanup work and some yard work. A ride or 2 and some Miata therapy!
  13. groupw

    5/28 miles etc

    6 on the commute. 25 1/2 on the roadie. Pretty stiff headwind but 75 and sunny.
  14. We had 2 guys in our group who were pure power. Both were physical specimens. They would often ride shoulder to shoulder at the front. We only half joked you didn’t have to pedal when drafting behind them. 1 was a decent climber and scary fast on descents! A kid in his early 20s at the time couldn’t understand why some of us struggled on hills. He weighed 135. We asked how he would feel about riding up hills with a 50 lb backpack. He declined the offer.
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