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  1. 2/18 miles & such

    65 degrees outside but pretty windy today. I waited for the wind to go down some. It did gradually dissipate but that meant my tailwind went away on the way back. 20@ 16.5.
  2. Robins

    I thought I heard one the other day. Couldn’t see him though. Waiting for the snow geese. They are about 2 weeks ahead of the crane migration. That says spring, here!
  3. 2017 Taxes Done

    I got a text that my refunds should be in the bank in the next couple days. I take maximum withholding after a state tax change forced us to pay in several years ago. As our kids moved out and our mortgage interest has decreased as it gets more paid off, we are now at the point where the standard deduction gets us more. I will be taking the maximum until we have a better idea of how the new tax changes affect us.
  4. Another Heidi Bowl performance from NBC Sports

    It was reported Michaela Schiffrin loaned Ledecka her skis since she decided not to compete in Super G. The Okympics would be more interesting if all the athletes could get the good stuff!
  5. Feb 15 miles & such

    Just under 10 on the Planet Fitness spin bikes as warm up and cool down for strength class.
  6. Olympic observations

    I think you all are making my case for me. No one said You had to have a Pinarello bike to be atop the TDF. I’m pretty sure Froome could ride a comparably equipped and mechaniced Specialized, Cannondale, Giant or whatever and not see any significant drop-off in performance. The fact they would let me buy one of the bikes after the TDF only adds to the accessibility argument. What I’m talking about is when I was watching practice for one of the downhill skiing events. One of the better Americans made a decent pass. One of the commentators wondered how we would do if he was “allowed” to have a set of the better skis. Reminded me of the have and have-not situation with bobsleds.
  7. So there was a Valentines Day Massacre.

    In my job, I go into many businesses and homes. This is strictly anecdotal, but I find the more I hear talk radio or politically leaning news channels on the TV, the more angry and fearful the personalities of my clients. It seems the more they listen, the more it feeds on itself.
  8. Ya'all are slippin

    Time flies...
  9. So there was a Valentines Day Massacre.

    I’ll try not to get it moved to P&R. Everyone wants to point fingers at gun ownership or mental health. Both have been around our entire history. So why now? What is triggering all the attacks? We need to focus on what is causing the fear and anger and try to diffuse things there.
  10. Ya'all are slippin

    I figured Shirley everyone who would care knew about it by now!
  11. Ya'all are slippin

    That’s been around for months. I knew what it was the moment they started.
  12. Olympic observations

    Those were the 2 summer events that came to mind for me, too. But I believe there is a requirement that the poles be available to all competitors. I think that came about when they first started hitting the 17 ft mark. I would be curious how a TDF bike compares to a consumer bike with comparably labeled gear. Do you think the same rider could see a 3 second advantage over a 2 Mile course? Not trying to argue. Just curious.
  13. Feb 14 miles and such

    Goose egg. Giving the knees a rest day.
  14. Olympic observations

    One thing that stands out to me is how gear dependent the Winter Games are. If you don’t have a particular sled, skis, skate blades, etc, you are likely not competing for a medal. I have a friend who is on the USA development squad for the skeleton. She is in her rookie season. Currently she is using a starter sled just to get the feel for the sport and the courses. Something she can beat up and learn on. I asked her the difference between what she is using and an elite sled. She said they cost around $8000-12000 dollars and once you learn to control the additional speed they are capable of, are potentially 3 seconds faster. I understand learning the sport and working your way up. But it seems to me, if you are in the Olympics, it should be more focus on the athletes than the equipment they use. Medal contention should not be based on whether you can have the good stuff or not.
  15. Spin bikes & Project Badass

    The Planet Fitness here has the strength classes, but haven’t seen any spin classes there. Their spin bikes aren’t quite designed for dedicated cyclists. The saddle is like a wide comfort bike saddle and only traps on the pedals. I can’t get comfortable for. More than 30 minutes on it.