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  1. You can. Pan too cold. Cook too long.
  2. groupw

    R.I.P. Bob

    A former coworker passed away yesterday. He was also into cycling, but a heart condition forced him to stop and eventually led to his passing. Bob was a character! He was, as far as I know, the creator of the N.A.P. Meeting! In IT work, companies often have us document every minute of our day to justify our existence within the company. Bob would have that “meeting” on his calendar every day. Our manager asked if that was a project at our office. He replied kind of...but it was strictly BYOP. Manager asked what that meant. Bring Your Own Pillow... YOU GET THAT OFF THE CALENDAR NOW! BIGGER PEOPLE THAN ME LOOK AT THOSE! One of the HR guys was very meticulous about every aspect of his desk. He had a container of pencils all presharpened to the same length. Bob sharpened them to little nubs and filled the container with foam! He would put nonsensical questions in the login script that people had to answer before they could log into their PC. The answer didn’t matter. He just liked to make people smile. He was a kind soul and very dedicated to his family. His wife retired a year ago from teaching and they were probably a year or 2 from his retirement. Didn’t get to see him often, but we would still text now and then even though I’ve been gone from there for 17 years. Going to miss the guy.
  3. You don't suppose he complained and was shown the video? We installed cameras and NVRs for a large client. They have paid for themselves many times with incidents that would have been a settlement in the past. They can now show the complainant the video and ask if they really want to pursue it.
  4. It is worth watching. WoW was slow to like it. She still doesn't like it as much as I, but she will watch bits and pieces. I enjoy history. And while it is not true history, the suppositions and extrapolations are fun and interesting.
  5. I’m on Season 3 of The Man in the High Castle. I watched the first episode of Mandalorian last night. I wasn’t bowled over, but the last scene has me curious where it will go.
  6. If that's the case, best to get out. WoW is in a similar fix. She does scheduling for medical procedures. She schedules more than the rest of her team combined! She is the best paid on the team, but the corporation really doesn't compensate what she is worth. A couple team mates who left have shared openings in better places. But she feels a sense of obligation to those there. I don't get it. I'm not real fond of anyone still there.
  7. Bob and Tom. They always seem to have a good show on Fridays. I listen to news on NPR in the afternoon. During the rest of the day I shuffle music from my phone.
  8. groupw

    Auto loans

    WoW’s car is a 2005 Mazda 6. While the miles aren’t high, it needs some maintenance before long that I would just as soon pay toward a newer car. We are looking at used and not far beyond the 10% guideline. I just want something I can drive to the Black Hills and Phoenix without worrying about something wearing out in the middle of nowhere. Found a few years old CX-5 at a killer price for the condition. I know the dealer. He gave me the background. It should fit our needs.
  9. If I remember, people were feeling a bit queasy after the high frame rate viewings.
  10. groupw


    I guess we were lucky. We had a pretty tight budget when the first 2 kids were young. Going for a treat was something special that could go away. They knew it and didn't abuse it. Child #3 was 7 years younger than the middle. We were lucky to find a retired couple who would only watch 1 or 2 pre-schoolers at a time. They were both diabetic and trying to have healthy diets and that influenced our daughter. She loves fresh fruits and veggies. She was about 5 when we went to see my brother in Chicago. We went to the Miracle Mile on Black Friday so the kids could see the big toy store holiday events. This was when there were several kid-oriented stores there. When it came time for lunch, we went into a food court area. My brother's boys were very picky eaters. They didn't want the hot dogs because they weren't like the ones at home. The cheese was the "wrong color" in the mac and cheese, etc. Meanwhile, #3 saw the Wendy's salad bar (back when they were doing that). She got a plate full of veggies and meats, etc. My SIL looked at her and was envious that her boys were so picky. Replied as tactfully as we could that picky eating is a result of the parents letting them be picky. A few years later, they asked our oldest daughter to watch the boys while they went away for a week for an anniversary. My daughter doesn't lose arguments much. Especially not to grade school boys! Apparently there were some meetings of minds and wills. She won. 2 or 3 years ago, we were at a family gathering and the oldest boy, recently out of college started saying something in appropriate. Daughter firmly said his name. He stopped.
  11. I don’t know. Leia was pretty good “rebel scum”....
  12. Ran 2.5 on the treadmill. About 25 minutes of weights after.
  13. 28” on average. Last winter we were closing in on 50”. They are expecting another cold snowy one this year.
  14. We have engineered wood in our front room, hall and master bedroom. We’ve had it for 8 year and love it! Feels like wood because it is, but installs like a laminate. I have heard very good things about bamboo. Tempted to try it in a bedroom we plan to refinish this winter.
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