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  1. groupw

    How do we turn the lights off?

  2. groupw

    I never liked Julia Roberts...

    I thought she was ok, but that was it until after she broke up with Lyle Lovett. I saw him in concert about a year later. He handled it with class, but felt he had to address the elephant in the room. He said she kept saying looks don’t matter, then sang a song about a romance ending because looks mattered.
  3. But not the one she wanted. Someone on FB posted a meme with a picture of a coffee bean. It read “My Birthstone”. The response was “easily crushed and bitter”
  4. groupw

    Help Me Decide

    When my oldest daughter gets married, I am going to suggest "Time after Time" by Cyndi Lauper. She was 2 when MTV was popular AND played music videos. Every time this video played, she would run from wherever she was in the house to see/listen to it. I recently re-looked at the lyrics. They would be appropriate.
  5. groupw

    12/9 miles & such

    12.5 on gravel. Low 30s and the sun was getting low. The breeze wasn't strong but had some real bite to it. Once I got warmed up, I was doing OK until I had to wait for a train. It was only a couple minutes, but it was in the shade and I lost all my warmth! The last 4 miles felt more cold than they really were!
  6. groupw

    District 9

    I saw that is coming back to Netflix. Hope to be able to watch it this time.
  7. groupw

    How warm do you keep your house?

    We grew up with a wood stove. Much the same story. Our home now has a wood stove. We stopped using it when YDoW developed asthma symptoms. We could use it again, now that she is in AZ. Just need to get back in the habit!
  8. groupw

    Story of my Saturday...long version

    You got to pet a Siberian. That's a good day in my book! Loved and miss ours.
  9. groupw

    Wrapping packages...Are you a peeker?

    I only peeked once as a kid. Mom knew we did and Christmas wasn't as fun. Since then I don't look. I like to be surprised! WoW is a peeker! I don't even bring her gifts into the house until a couple days before.
  10. groupw

    Surprise Panties

    One of our riders found a vibrator! Blue metal. He was afraid to touch it, but slid it with a stick to a certain post on a small bridge. Last time he looked, it was still there! Been a few years...
  11. groupw

    How is your Saturday going?

    If you mean do I take photos? Yep. And it can be interesting! I treat all the models with respect. A great many are still friends years down the road. One is pregnant and WoW and I have been invited to the baby shower. I did senior photos for her little sister and met her mom through that. I am pretty much a member of their family, now! She wants a pinup maternity session very soon! The only pinup posing I do is trying to create the pose when they aren't sure what I mean. Seeing a 56 year old guy try to imitate a pose for a young woman is often comical!
  12. groupw

    Surprise Panties

    Never had any physically thrown at me. Once or twice overtures were made that were just as obvious. Took my bike to the shop for some work after I had been riding with the group for a few years. A few weeks later, I had a flat on a ride. When I opened my bag for the tube, there was some pink fabric. I kept pulling and pulling. I started feeling like the magician with handkerchiefs up the sleeve! Eventually it ended. I helded up the largest set of panties I had ever seen! The group got a good laugh. The next day, I stopped in for another tube. LBS owner said, "So I heard you had a flat. " with a big smirk on his face. I guess they were a "traveling trophy" of sorts. Kind of a way to let you know you were officially one of them. Not sure who has them,now...