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  1. I don’t want to die, yet. I have a lot I still want to do. However, if it were to happen, I know my family is taken care of and they will have good memories.
  2. I would rather go to the dentist than watch an awards show! A minute or 2 of hotness here and there is not worth the tedium. I’ll look at the pictures later.
  3. Only because it’s dark and cold when we get home. I go to the gym on the way home, shower and eat supper then watch the tube a bit. During the summer, I am only home on Mondays and Wednesday’s during the week. I will watch the Formula 1 races on the weekend, but otherwise I’m doing stuff. I like that streaming gives me options that live TV does not.
  4. Montreal and St Jerome in 2003. I would love to go back some time. My daughter and her boyfriend drove there after visiting his sister in Boston. On the way back to the US, they were asked to get out of the car and it was thoroughly searched! When the border guard told them they could re-pack their car, he handed her a bag a loose-leaf tea that was sitting in the back seat. Apparently they thought it was pot! They never said that, but...
  5. Our foreign exchange student is from Holland. His family owns a fry shop in Albert Cuyp Market. They were the ones who said this was a thing to them. I just never got into it then. I don’t do the fried fish very often either. The one place in town that makes a decent fish and chips has hit or miss service. Not always worth the gamble!
  6. I had to laugh. There was a video a while back of Paris Hilton in the same pose over and over and over! The photo in the OP was the same pose!
  7. Our virtual son in law gave us his extra Roku when our daughter and he moved in together. We replaced it with an Apple TV last fall. It was getting glitchy and SIL said they do this just before they die. We dropped cable TV and stream everything. Hulu live seems to have everything we had on basic cable except for PBS and Comedy Central. We also stream Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney+. We are still saving $60 over Charter. Broadcast quality of the streaming is superior to what we were getting from the cable box, too.
  8. I will sometimes order a Filet-o-Fish just to scrape the excess tartar sauce with my fries! Maybe the Dutch are right on this. They sell mayo with their fries.
  9. I was doing pretty well this winter. I was even healthy on New Year's Eve for the first time in 3 years! Now, I have had to work on computers in a daycare twice in the last 4 workdays. You know you are doomed when you are working in a daycare in the state with the highest influenza rate in the nation and toddlers are hacking and wheezing when they walk by. Oh! and there was a thermometer on the desk of the PC I was working on!
  10. I can’t speak for Amish, but we have several Mennonite communities around here. There are some that are very plain. There are some where their strategy of keeping the women in plain dresses and shoes is effective but you can see the potential for attractive women. Then there are times when there is no hiding it! WoW and I were walking into a fast food place as a Mennonite mom and 3 daughters walked out. They were all incredibly beautiful! Something odd was most Mennonite women make little eye contact. But the 2 oldest girls and mom made very direct eye contact.
  11. Just like people can be generic until you get to know them, same thing with dogs, cats or other animals.
  12. Hadn’t heard about that. White Elm Brewing is doing a beer release today. They are having some food trucks and bands. We really like the Mezcal Brothers but haven’t been able to see them for a couple years.
  13. Sunny and windy here. We got about 2” of snow and some freezing drizzle. When the wind picked up last night, the ice blowing off the branches onto our roof sound like the squirrels were having a turf war up there! Hoping the highways aren’t too bad when we drive to Lincoln to see our son for his birthday later today.
  14. WoW is making bacon Mac n cheese. We got the snow and drizzle. Wind is supposed to get strong later tonight. Decided to skip date night and hopefully tomorrow night will be better.
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