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  1. This Is A Thing?!?!?

    Next time, order it "extra hot" with ice!
  2. 4/18 miles & such

    Ran 3.2 on the hamster wheel. Cloudy, cool and very windy with sprinkles. Running outside just didn’t seem like much fun.
  3. 4/17 miles & such

    I would rather complain about the heat than the cold any day! There have been snowflakes again today! No accumulation here, but I saw several cars with a lot of snow on them from north of here!
  4. 4/17 miles & such

    Send those 80s this way! I will take them!
  5. 4/17 miles & such

    18@15.3. Mid 50s with very strong crosswind much of the ride.
  6. I smell like an ashtray!

    Service call this morning. We don't have to go into residential calls that often, but about half are senior citizens not capable of bringing in their PC. Of them, about half are smokers. Most at least have the courtesy to not light up while we are there. Not today! The storm this weekend caused some power and phone disruptions. This was a DSL customer. While I'm on the phone with tech support, the woman lights up right behind me! I am furious, but just want to get the call done and get out. After a minute, she says, "Oh! I guess I should have asked. Does cigarette smoke bother you?" I tried to be diplomatic and just say it wasn't my favorite thing. She moved to the other side of the tiny kitchen where they keep the PC. It was 35 degrees when I left, but I still drove with the windows down to get as much off me as possible. When I took off my coat for lunch, I realized I had more smoke smell in there! Happy Monday!
  7. So, How's The Weather????

    Clouds are supposed to move out today but windy with high of 35.
  8. Crappy weather so.........

    Nebraska was closed yesterday. They closed I80 across the state. Near the western border, Trucks were backed up for 1 1/2 miles. They were using a bus to get the stranded drivers. They also closed Highway 30 from here West. Over 4,000 were without power West and north of us from power poles and lines blowing down. We were somewhat lucky only an inch of snow but often whiteout conditions. There was some drizzle that froze on the roads before that. Not will thaw tomorrow and Tuesday before another round comes that night!
  9. Remember classic country on Sunday morning

    They seemed almost lifelike..
  10. Jogging-hard to convince self: last 25 yrs.

    My son has run at a high level. Cycling was always my first love. When my son started doing duathlons, he asked me to team with his roommate for one. I saw that I wanted to do a duathlon on my own so I had to learn to run 2 miles at a time. I have since done 16 duathlons, 1 full marathon, 15 half marathons and God only knows how many 5k and 10ks! i do not love running, but I love the running community! There is something special about the people and the shared experience. I have experienced the runners “high” on a few occasions. Running helps my stability, my core and it makes me a better cyclist. I do recommend the Couch to 5k programs, but also look into the book Chi Running. I takes the principles of Tai Chi and applies them to running. Without it, I would have quit running within a year.
  11. 4/10 miles & such

    25.4 Mile group ride. 19.3 mph average. 68 at the start. Low 60s at the end.
  12. Well there goes today’s 10K

    It was 16 for our 10k yesterday! Pre-race was a little cool, but my warmup run took care of that. I was fine for about 30 minutes post-race before I needed to get inside. I had a pretty nasty head cold the weekend before. Still had a lot of sinus crud yesterday.
  13. Race for Grace day!

    Today was the Race for Grace. The GRACE foundation helps families with non-medical expenses not covered by insurance. Last year they helped us with travel expenses to AZ for our daughter’s cancer treatments and even gave her some gift cards for groceries. Our daughter felt she needed to come back for this event to meet and thank the Foundation personally. The speaker this year is a waitress whose 2 year old daughter has been to St Jude for treatment of her brain tumor. We became friends a few years back and I suggested she contact GRACE in the first place. I was floored when she thanked me in front of several hundred people for getting them connected! One of our daughter’s best friends drove 200 miles to hang out with us today. She is like one of our daughters. It’s been so much fun having her back at the house this afternoon! Pretty terrific day!
  14. 4/7 miles & such

    Ran a 10k race. 9:35 pace. 16 degrees F at the start. Luckily sun and very little wind!