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  1. 11/22/17 Miles/Kms

    Ran 2 miles on the treadmill then 30 minutes of weights. Turkey Day run in the morning so just enough to shake the “bleh!” Out of the legs.
  2. Reminder to all the cold weather riders out there

    A friend told me of his time in technical school. The teaching staff got all service on their cars for the cost of parts. One instructor would always ask them to check the muffler bearings every time he came in for an oil change. I guess the guy was a jerk in many other ways. One day the shop instructor put the guy’s car on the lift, drilled a hole in the exhaust pipe at each end of the muffler. He screwed in some grease zirks and pumped in a bunch of grease. He said “that should take care of the muffler bearings”. His car smoked for over a week! You would think the guy would learn a lesson. No. Not sure what triggered the next one, but the instructor wired his horn to the brakes. Every time he hit the brakes, the horn would honk!
  3. Everybody went home early, right?

    Still here for another hour...
  4. What do you know about convertible pants?

    Girls are a lot more impressed when you drop the top on a convertible car as opposed to convertible pants....
  5. Some of us are working this week

    And Friday here.
  6. Is beer the answer?

    We have connected with old friends and made new ones over a beer or two. It can allow you to relax and let your hair down a bit. Or you can use it as an excuse to be a total ass! How people choose to handle it helps me filter who I associate with. It can be a problem for some, but in some ways, it can be an answer.
  7. 1600 sq ft with 1200 sq ft of basement. It is full but we are in the process of eliminating things not needed. Now that we are empty nesters the house is too big but moving to a smaller home that we would want will cost more than staying here. I promised Mom we would be here to help as long as Dad is alive. Given his health, I don’t expect that to be more than a few years. We are looking at moving to the Phoenix area. Our girls are there and I am becoming a big wimp about winter as I get older. Pricing out home here to houses there, we will be able to move to a home around 1100-1200 sq ft for a comparable price. We would be happy with that size.
  8. 11/19 miles & such

    14.5@10 mph on the gravel. Rained Friday night and some of the roads were still a bit tacky. 55 and 15 mph headwind going out. Lower back was pretty stiff so I didn’t push too hard.
  9. I scored a sweet 1969 F100 pickup

    My dad inherited Grandpa’s 69 F150 when he passed away. Good trucks, but the frame had a tendency to sag between the cab and the bed. It happened on many of them.
  10. When you are not a big football fan

    I will watch a hockey game in person. I won’t watch it on TV. We have a junior league team and it is fun to watch future college and pro players. I get tickets to Husker games once every couple years. We went to the Ohio State game this year. Tough year to be a Husker fan. I havent been a fan of basketball for many years. The style of the game is different and I just don’t like it any more.
  11. Sunday breakfast

    Cinnamon rolls and foo foo coffee.
  12. Tonight's beer

    Infusion Brewing Dominican Brown Ale.
  13. Do you look forward to riding your bike? That’s the big one to me.
  14. weekend Cooking or baking

    I may try some Korean-style BBQ short ribs tomorrow.
  15. A guy I met recently reminded me of Johnny Carson

    I have a friend named Bob. We have been friends for over 30 years. A few years back, I flipped the channels and Andrew Zimmern was doing one of his Bizarre Foods episodes. He resembled my friend Bob if Bob had shaved his remaining hair. What got me, though was the speech and mannerisms. I told WoW to close her eyes and imagine it Bob on the TV. She started laughing because it was uncanny! We now watch it half envisioning Bob doing the show. I have told Bob about it. He isn’t quite on board. I need to tell his wife to watch the show.