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  1. groupw

    8/15 miles & such

    3 on the commute. 20.5 after work. Had to race the daylight!
  2. groupw

    8/14 miles & such

    6 on the commute. Thought the rain had passed before I rode to work. I was wrong! Never got heavy, but took a half hour for my slacks not to LOOK wet! Crazy long day at work so I missed the group ride tonight.
  3. groupw

    8-13 miles

    3 on the commute. I should probably get something to count steps at work. Did a lot of walking today.
  4. groupw

    8/12 miles & such

    0. But not because I didn’t try. I had some work to do on a project. Thought I would ride the commuter bike to get my work car. Back tire was flat. First time in 2 or 3 years. Found the source of the puncture and removed it. New tube in and off we go. Ride felt uneven. As I turned back, the tire blew! I walked it the 2 blocks. When I got home I found the sidewall had ripped from the bead. LBS was closed. I will pick up a new tire tomorrow, I guess.
  5. groupw

    8/11 miles and such

    64@19.7. Kool Aid Classic. Stayed with the really fast guys for about 15 miles. The guy in front of me shook his head at the pace and dropped out. I couldn’t get around him and still stay with that group. Rode solo for about 12 miles until that guy regrouped with some other fast guys who dropped. Hopped on as they passed and stayed with them to the turnaround. I went to use the restroom. When I got back, one of my better friends in that group had already left. I grabbed a monster cookie from the SAG and took off myself. Rode 17 until the group caught me again. Stayed with them until we turned East. 5 if the last 8 miles were on some dirty shoulder with a cross breeze. The group fractured. Caught my friend with about 4 miles to go. Free pizza buffet after then off to a local brewery for a drink with some friends who just did the 40.
  6. groupw

    August 10 miles & such

    3 on the commute.
  7. groupw

    8/9 miles and such

    6 on the commute. 14 on the casual ride. Warm and very humid. Didn’t mind the sprinklers were on the path at the community college!
  8. groupw

    8/8 miles and such

    6 on the commute.
  9. My daughter was about 2 years old when this was on MTV. Every time it would play, she would rush from across the house to watch it on tv. The lyrics work for the bond of father and daughter too. I’m campaigning for this when she marries!
  10. groupw

    So what do you think about this?

    We have pre-arranged my dad’s funeral. When he started dialysis, we wanted to be ready for everything. Dad has chosen cremation. The funeral home let us know that technically, cremains are considered hazardous material. There are only a couple shipping companies that will transport them. They said if we want to spread them somewhere, they don’t want to know about it. If your friends have been told the same, they may be hesitant to spread them in public view. I would let them. We are talking about dividing the ashes to spread Dad’s at some of his favorite places.
  11. groupw

    8/7 miles & such

    3 on the commute. 25 on the “group” ride. Got off work late so the group had a 15 minute head start. Rode 18 miles at 18.8 tempo pace. Finally caught the group. Rode the last 7 at 16 mph pace.
  12. groupw

    Spent about 8 hours in the new to me van today

    Chrome side pipes....
  13. groupw

    August 5 miles and such

    40@17.2. Still humid, but cloud cover made things better.