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  1. Not much planned besides work today. Supposed to be very windy today. Might use the wind to help me spread the leaves by the fence and dry them so I can mow/mulch this weekend. Friday - I think after work, we are going to Lincoln to spend the evening with our son. Saturday - Gravel ride with son then lunch with my brother and SIL. They will be down to spend time with their sons and new grandson. Sunday - Yard work and maybe start to work on house siding so we can paint soon.
  2. 4/21 - 14.6 on the MTB. Mix of gravel and pavement. Upper 40s but sunny and only a modest wind.
  3. I’ve been stung twice while riding. Second time was last year on the Mickelson Trail by a wasp. Nothing much to tell. It really didn’t hurt or swell until that evening. The first time was on the Calamus Half Century several years ago. It was very windy that day. The first half into the wind was touch, but 2 buddies and I started a pace line. At the halfway point the wind became our friend. We all got separated on different agendas. It was a strong tail/crosswind. I saw a big black dot sailing across the road and hit me in the thigh. I immediately felt the sting and realized the dot was a bu
  4. My OCR1 had around 20,000 on it when I sold it. My Stradalli has 6,000. My commuter has about 10,000. MTB has about 1300. I probably gave the MTB more attention in the last year once I got the rear wheel true and found it's a great bike to take when I visit my mom.
  5. Sometimes. Usually you should be able to connect to the web interface by Ethernet and/or WiFi. Occasionally you will see a port specifically to interface with the router, but that’s pretty rare on consumer grade products.
  6. That’s no good. If I can’t get into the web interface, no way to be sure it’s really ok. Try typing the IP address with “:8080” at the end. Don’t type the quotes. If that doesn’t work, try leaving powered off for about 10 minutes. Last resort, reset with a paper clip and reconfigure it. If that doesn’t work, new router time.
  7. I didn’t used to think firmware upgrades were that important. As long as it worked, they weren’t a big deal. However lately it seems that has changed. One of the first things I check if the obvious answers don’t resolve.
  8. I heard this morning that when Chuck Norris dives into water, he doesn’t get wet. The water gets “Chuck Norrised”
  9. Is the Internet feed to the modem coax? Or fiber? They always advertise their speeds as ‘up to’. Better chance of getting those speeds consistently with fiber. With coax, you are sharing Internet with other clients. They will adjust the throughput on their end to meet the ‘up to’ levels in normal conditions. Has the firmware been updated on your router? How old is it?
  10. I was riding up South Mountain in PHX a few years ago. My first time. I was near the summit and a guy was walking his bike down. Said I have a tube he could us. He declined, but accepted my offer to use my frame pump. I could tell it was going to go flat again and once again offered the tube. He again declined. Said he had a buddy at the base. I reached the summit. Rested. Took a couple photos and headed down. There he was walking again. I offered the tube again. No again. About a mile later I see a car driving up with a guy in a matching kit. At least he got a ride. He could have been a
  11. I use a Contigo mug because it keeps the coffee hot. I do wash it every day. They are a nice option when I get to sit at home.
  12. LaetaFood Brach's Candy Corn Classic Candy, Old-Fashioned Retro Sweets (3 Pound Bag) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08D9RS68S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_1SVC3QKQKYSBA2ZJC0M4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  13. groupw

    I am not ready

    My dentist office is also a client. I have been there for work so I didn’t get too hung up. I was told to floss more (surprise) but otherwise it was good.
  14. I'd go with Buick. The radiator frame has the same "Widow's Peak" as the Buicks @donkpow shared.
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