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  1. groupw

    For the runners

    In the buildup to my first marathon, my son gave me a training program. Lots of intervals in the program. One of the last was 1 mile intervals with 1 mike easy. I got my best ever mile that day. 6:30! The rest were very low 7:00 times. Best I have maintained in a 5k was a 7:30 pace.
  2. groupw

    Do you have a guilty pleasure song?

    Many! This one was in my shuffle feed the other day. It was a free Apple download when Starbucks was giving away music. Not my normal style, but I like it!
  3. groupw

    10/18 miles & such

    6 miles on the commute. Wind really picked up today. With a lot of construction on our area, decided not to ride into the wind with people following detours on my only real route for that wind.
  4. groupw

    10/17 miles & such

    Very nice! Girl on the left is the Zumba instructor. At her previous job, I was their IT person. When she learned that I run, she started asking a lot of questions. Before long, I coached her to her first half marathon. Not long after she started having some knee issues so she took some Zumba classes. She enjoyed them enough to get certified as an instructor. She and her friend, a yoga instructor, decided to open a new fitness studio. They asked me to take some photos for them. They aren’t rich so asked if they could pay me with some classes. It’s jazzercize/Latin dance. Something different to mix up the workouts.
  5. groupw

    10/17 miles & such

    The owners of the studio.
  6. groupw

    10/17 miles & such

    60 minutes of Zumba. Never done it before. Did photos for the young women opening a fitness studio. They offered some free classes as part of my thank you. I was lost the whole time, but they said I did ok for first time.
  7. groupw

    Miss me?

    If it’s not taking too much space, I hope we can share it soon!
  8. groupw

    So, there’s s hella wind blowing currently.

    As long as you’re not riding up that hill into the headwind, it wouldn’t be completely terrible....
  9. groupw

    10/16 miles & such

    20 @ 16.4. Breezy, but sunny and mid 60s.
  10. groupw

    USB cables

    Except when it doesn’t.
  11. groupw

    Miss me?

    I meant to ask, did you try the beer?
  12. groupw

    It is SNOWING photo proof

    It’s snowing here. I refuse to take pictures because if there are no pics, it didn’t happen, right?
  13. groupw

    So what browser do you use and why?

    Chrome. Hate IE and Edge is not quite ready for prime time. I can’t put my finger on it, but there is just something about FF’s interface I don’t like. I alternate between Safari and Chrome on the iPhone depending on which browses certain pages better.
  14. groupw

    Miss me?

    Welcome back! Great to see you in person a couple weeks ago. Wish it could have been longer. Thinking of making it a destination in the not too distant future!
  15. groupw

    For the manual people

    I didn’t get the opportunity to drive a manual when I was in the Caymans, but for the most part, I adapted well. I had a harder time remembering the turn signal and wiper switch were opposite! I wiped the windshield multiple times when I meant to signal a turn!