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  1. We have leftover smoked ribs and potato salad! Not complaining!
  2. 25 with my son. It was windy and warm. Should have waited another 30 minutes after dinner before riding!
  3. It's around $2.70, here.
  4. groupw

    Sunday breakfast

    Lemon poppyseed muffins with a mocha. Got up early for a Sunday so I could put ribs on the smoker.
  5. They could hire this guy.... 1F4ACB2C-4766-4E77-ADB2-6E6AFB36F13E.MOV
  6. groupw

    Do you whistle?

    I used to, but we found the leak and patched it. Duct tape is awesome! I can whistle a little. Enough to call a dog from across the house. I can sort of whistle a tune, but not very well
  7. Two years ago, I couldn’t find an Atlas in town...even at a truck stop! I asked my kids to stop by B&N to grab one before we moved the girls to Arizona. They didn’t. That night we got separated in rural KS. Apparently we were using 2 different GPS programs and they had different opinions on routes to take! We were about 20 miles apart. They wanted to call it a night, but I was not about to backtrack with a 26 foot van towing a Jeep on snowpacked roads! We eventually pushed through to Santa Fe because it was the first place that would take all their pets. When we got home, I did a service call to a trucking company. They had a stack of atlases. Their insurance company gives them out! They let me take one. I have a good sense of direction. I use GPS on my phone to find obscure locations. I sure like having the Atlas on a long road trip to double check my work or if a local recommends we check something out that wasn’t planned before.
  8. A while back, I would have agreed with the Win10 upgrade. But a couple big updates to Windows have changed my mind. We are running into a lot of compatibility issues with older machines not designed for Win10. Remember how they said they were going to model Win10 after the Mac OS? They are quietly doing it. Making old hardware obsolete by system updates. Where Microsoft outdid Mac is you can't turn off the updates in Win10.
  9. 3 on the commute to work. Wind was bad again today. Wasn’t feeling it tonight to ride home. Drove my work car home.
  10. I have yet to try Hokas. Every time I try a shoe with a little more cushion, it feels like it's just soaking up my forward momentum.
  11. groupw

    4/17 sheot?

    Just the 6 on the commute today. 24 mph headwind on the way home. Between that and getting ghosted by the person I was supposed to shoot with today, I didn’t feel like doing more.
  12. I use a similar stragety. Only I use favorite vehicles of mine with the model year. 70Ch@rg3r, maybe.
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