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  1. 7/27 miles & such

    4 miles in the kayak. A new distance record for me! Average 3.5 mph! I was listening to the Killigans. Imagine pirate music on speed! Perfect for paddling a boat!
  2. At the grocery store

    EDoW used one at Target one of the afternoons when I was in AZ recently. Having never used one before, it took her a little bit to figure out the finer points of navigating the aisles with one. At 34 and outwardly healthy, she got a lot of snide looks. On the other hand, we did a "quick" trip to IKEA and I pushed her in a wheelchair. People would give her polite smiles and even do their best to get baby SUVs (multi-child strollers) out of her/our way. If it's just a couple things, I will even bypass the basket. The small cart is usually enough if it's just me going. If WoW brings me, we inevitably take the large cart. She deviates from the list more than I...
  3. United States of beer

    Interesting that Shiner Bock (from Texas) is so popular in North Dakota, yet "Tex-o-centric" Texas has Bud Light!
  4. 7/25 miles & such

    32 on group ride at 16.5. Tough headwind out and it was just hot! Rode with a guy who came to visit from a nearby club.
  5. 7/24 miles, furlongs, stone, minutes, etc.?

    16 miles on the commuter. Friend who views me as a coach/mentor/father figure. Can't join us on the regular group rides. She wanted to run, but my inner ear dizziness resurfaced in the latest heat wave. I suggested bikes instead.
  6. Need a little help

    Second vote for the library.
  7. Do ducks eat at Quacker Barrel

    No. Jimmie was gone....I don't care...
  8. Which ride tracking app should I use?

    I have a Garmin 310xt. It's old enough that I have to use an ANT stick connected to a PC to upload workouts. It automatically uploads to Garmin Connect and that automatically uploads to Strava. I used to use Dailymile, but they did an upgrade acouple years ago that killed my Garmin connection and I could never get it to work again. If you ride routes with a lot of Strava segments, it helps break down the ride so you can see how you did on various segments either against yourself or others.
  9. Everyone's Mom made it..

    Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and in the summer, corn on the cob! Mom wasn't a fancy cook, but she was never afraid to try new things. We had 1.5 acres of garden. Dad was always ordering new types of veggies just to see what they were. Mom would try to figure out how to cook them without Google or the wide variety of cookbooks available now. This is meat and potatoes land, mind you! Sometimes they were good. Others put me off a certain veggie for years!
  10. Turning fossill fule into noise

    The Sturgis motorcycle rally is 2 weeks away. Or as a friend calls it, "Halloween for Grown-Ups"! We are on a popular route to the Black Hills so we will see tons of bikers start to pass through. Some will start this week. They go up early, get their T-shirts, and head home before the stupid stuff starts. Between their journeys up and back home, we will be dealing with them for the next 4 weeks! Most are decent people off the bike, but something about being around Harleys just flips an internal idiot switch for them! Between everyone thinking they are rebels on a bike, yet they all look the same. It's just a dumb-looking uniform at this point. Then there is the whole "loud pipes save lives" BS.
  11. July 21 miles & such

    6 mile round trip commute. 106 heat index on the ride home. Oh and the AC on my work car conked out about 70 miles away from town! Even if I hadn't had to take WoW to the airport, that was it for me today.
  12. July 20 miles & such

    6 miles on the commute and 13 miles on the casual ride. It would be a lot easier without a snorkel! That humidity was oppressive!
  13. Take a ride with me - the log creature

    I am groot...
  14. Take a ride with me - the log feature

    Very cool! Love the giggle!
  15. Damn Canadian Scofflaws

    The newscaster was the one who said it. I think it was a "you had to be there" moment. There was an interesting pause when he realized it was in Canada.