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  1. groupw

    6/24 miles & such

    29@16.5. Nice day! The forecasted rain hasn’t arrived yet. Stubbed my left big toe hard on Wednesday or Thursday! I could tell it wasn’t broke, but it sure hurt for a few days. Feeling better today, but didn’t push too hard so I didn’t re-aggravate it.
  2. groupw

    6/23 miles & such

    6 miles on the commute. 13.5 on the GRIN ride. Saw lots of fireflies over an open pasture. Some group was doing a fireworks display. Almost perfect ride weather.
  3. groupw

    Carpool Karaoke

    This was fun! James Corden seems to get it and help create some magic moments between icons and their fans.
  4. groupw

    Is there such a thing as a cheater vegetarian?

    So cut down, then. Didn’t know we had to label ourselves based on percentage of animal protein intake!
  5. I had a message to go to a client because their system was down. When I got there, it literally was! Apparently the closet organizer shelf that held their modem router and network storage drive had fallen off the wall and crashed to the floor. It was weird. The plywood they were fastened to appeared to be solid, but all fasteners on it were loose. It was like the plywood was fighting back! Luckily, I was able to reassemble the storage system and somehow it booted up! We are still planning to replace it. I wouldn’t want to rely on drives that took a bit like that!
  6. groupw

    Parr8hed, don't look at this.

    I think we all need to do our part to help with the cleanup. Tumblers for everyone!
  7. groupw

    6/21 miles and such

    6 miles on the casual ride. Rain was supposed to be done but got a big shower that forced us to turn back early.
  8. groupw

    6/20/18 miles and such

    20.3@17.2. It was raining by the time I got home from work. Ate supper and the weather cleared. Able to sneak in a few miles before sunset.
  9. I tend to lean towards the Hard Days Night, Rubber Soul Revolver stuff. I used to really like Sgt Pepper and later more, but have come to appreciate the simpler arrangements and maturing lyrics of that middle era. The Stones were blues wannabes (by their own admission) who became a great rock and Americana band before that was even a genre. They have since evolved into the great blues band they wanted to be way back when.
  10. groupw

    6/18 miles & such

    6 miles on the commute. 95 here, too. Wind shifted for an incoming front so I had headwind both ways.
  11. groupw

    A short anecdote about guns as gifts

    I have an old Henry 30-30 lever action from my dad when they moved to town and he sold off most of his collection. I have some ammo for it, but have yet to fire it. Maybe I’ll take it to the range this fall.
  12. groupw

    6/17 miles & such

    3 miles around the lake in the kayak. Got out before it got too hot or the wind too strong.
  13. groupw

    55+ Communities

    I enjoy having a variety of ages around. I have many good friends significantly younger. Our neighborhood is a mix of ages and more variety of ethnicities. WoW has a cousin who lives in a gated 55+ community. They bought there because they both loved golf and it had a course with very low green fees. They live their house and neighbors, but she says they call it the Waiting Room. The frequent passing of neighbors and friends in such a small area really takes a emotional and mental toll.
  14. groupw

    6/16 miles & such

    47.2@17.9 mph. Calamus Half Century. Personal best on the course despite nasty headwinds for 8 miles of the course.
  15. groupw

    TMI but I gotta release somewhere

    I drove my parents to Chicago for our nephew’s wedding a couple weeks ago. My dad is in a wheelchair and needs dialysis. I can relate. Mom even said she expected it to be Dad’s last big trip, but I was exhausted after. Never truly got to enjoy the wedding because of watching after him. People say I’m a good son and will treasure the time later. We’ll see...