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  1. My grandpa’s eyebrows frightened me when I was young. I can see mine getting that way if I don’t take care of them. The lady who cuts my hair trims them. I do a little maintenance of them on my own if she forgets.
  2. Hear Grand Island tomorrow night. Only 2 left this summer. Work on Saturday Hoping for a lazy Sunday. Watch some F1. Hopefully get in a ride.
  3. 6 on the commute. 23.5 on the group ride. Heat index of 106 on the ride home. Down to 90 by the end of my ride tonight.
  4. I bought what I could from LBS. He just retired. Waiting for new shop to open in August and see what they will be like. I do get some things from Amazon. More so recently when John was in the process of thinning his inventory.
  5. The point of commonality is Garanimals would be helpful for many IT people. Not me. I have a fashion concious wife and daughters who make it very clear if I dress unacceptably!
  6. groupw

    Simone Biles

    So let's say you take up your boss's offer to fly your family to a destination wedding. The day you are to leave, you experience dizziness and disorientation. Are you still going to fly the plane? Or are you going to see if you can get someone to fly for you? Tough it up, man. It's only your family...
  7. groupw

    Good morning

    Good morning! Going to be another hot one today before we get a break. 75 with 81% humidity. At least my clothes won’t be wrinkled
  8. Finished the leftover Bahn mi ingredients from the other night and grilled some corn on the cob.
  9. I took the gas when I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled. I had a bad reaction to being under when my appendix burst. With the gas I was conscious, but it felt like a bizarre dream!
  10. When do you need a down comforter in Southern CA? A Tuesday in February?!?
  11. 6 on the commute. Ride home was 97 with heat index of 108.
  12. They have a food court. She’ll be fine….
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