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  1. Things..especially in the back were on the verge of freezing... So I made a tiny adjustment...and again a second one.. couldn't figure it out things seemed even colder... Took another look Wednesday night I wasn't moving the knob toward the "cold" option...I was moving it to "colder"
  2. I like oolong too..just lately I have brewed a lot of flavored black tea...I am drinking unsweetened ice tea and I have been using prairie passion, minnesota nice, and midsummer moonlight...all flavored blacks ...
  3. petitepedal

    New tea

    Phoenix Mountain Oolong Feels lighter..I have been drinking a lot of black tea lately.
  4. My cupboard is pretty bare..not much in the way of ingredient...I only bought green beans and lettuce last week while I finished off my "fuelings"...from the Optavia program...all gone now...not going down that road again! Anyway..got some eggs, onion & mushroom..no salsa ..very limited cheese no avocado no bread or muffins
  5. I am pretty sure some jackass just lit a firecracker....people ..we are dry, grass is brown and trees are getting stressed. Got board duty again from 11 to 12 with new parking stickers Might do some laundry today instead of tomorrow. Change is good Need groceries..big time!
  6. Dredging a bazillion threads...
  7. Morning...happy Friday...So instead of just coming in late due to a doc appt on Tuesday...I took the whole day off...Same thing with the 23rd.. More to come..
  8. I wonder where in Petite Canada? Maybe I will run into her
  9. Our smoke is from Quetico along the MN border..
  10. We seem to go between heat and smoke here....I have 2 one hour condo commitments..1 Friday evening..the other Saturday late morning...other than that I need to grocery shop and do laundry...after that..playtime.
  11. Thanks Aire...I will pass that along to the author
  12. Linda is self published..you can find the book on Amazon...just a FYI sales pitch
  13. In March as I was recovering..between 2 pay periods where I used 8 hours of PTO..but my files showed 108 hours gone I asked about it, and didn't get a response. Last week we had a zoom with the guy at the main office who works with ADP and is our HR contact...So..apparantly, to promote a "work life balance" they changed the policy.also we accrue PTO based on hours worked not the years hours on our anniversary. I and others were clear...WE WERE NEVER INFORMED ABOUT THIS CHANGE. So...I got 100 hours back N the w I need a cheap vacation..driving preferred over flying due to Covid.. W
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