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  1. petitepedal

    Wednesday #sucked

  2. petitepedal

    Home exercise equipment

    I have my trainer and some stability balls in my den and a few bands and small weights my condo just installed a ne bike (too big) elliptical, and weight machine..but I mostly go to planet fitness
  3. Curious on quality...I saw...but did not read the thing cautioning folks about ordering stuff "advertised" on the Today show There is a cute T-shirt that says "I know I lift like an old lady.....try to keep up"....I am tempted to order it!! I have seen a few cycling ones that are cute too....
  4. I know it is early...but I am so damn ready for a weekend...Hopefully I will be home before 7 pm tonight!! Weatherheads are up and down on the snow Saturday & Sunday...still thinking more of it will go East Lots of things on my agenda...we have a social at the condo Friday night...as a bored person...I should go for a bit....I am going to pack away my ice tree...and the big plan is the taxes that didn't get done last weekend. Oh and pizza...I am hoping to make a homemade pizza..The LGS has asparagus on sale...that would be grand...but if not..I got other things I can top it with!! That is it....but I think that is enough...if not for the pending snow/ice...I would take the fake evergreens off my deck... I hope to do some exercising not sure if it will be here or at the gym...but dang I am ready...
  5. petitepedal

    Pay Toilets

    Remember them? Don't know what it was about the restroom I was using at Culver's last night...but I recalled how as a tiny little thing I would crawl under the door and un-lock them...I do recall doing this when my aunt was visiting...I was probably 5 or 6 years old... about the age of RO... I think they were a dime... My mom was not big on my doing that...but on the otherhand...didn't always have a dime in her purse...
  6. petitepedal

    Snowiest Month on Record

    Now Go Away Looks like the other storm is gonna head toward Madison and Chicago...we will get some Friday-Sunday..but not the huge amounts they were predicting ( unlike today..that gave us more than predicted 8.9 and it is still coming down.)
  7. petitepedal

    Sitting at Culver's

    Eating dinner..waiting for my Condo to be plowed out. Someone was getting stuck as I drove around. Drive home was fine..snow emergency routes in great shape..it is still snowing...want to go home.
  8. petitepedal

    Waiting for a weatherhead update

    7 to 9 inches and it is still coming down..another 1 or 2 expected before early evening...
  9. petitepedal

    Waiting for a weatherhead update

    Local Grocery Store...they have great stuff!!
  10. petitepedal

    Waiting for a weatherhead update

    Walked over to the LGS for lunch..chicken wild rice...it is still snowing here
  11. petitepedal

    Waiting for a weatherhead update

    This morning..Sven..on KARE 11 said maybe 6...ending by 3...i came in based on that..not 5 to 10 inches
  12. petitepedal

    Waiting for a weatherhead update

    This morning..Sven..on KARE 11 said maybe 6...ending by 3...i came in based on that..not 5 to 10 inches
  13. petitepedal

    Waiting for a weatherhead update

    Well..I made it in..but if I had heard MN public radio's forecast...I would have stayed home...5 to 10 inches