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  1. petitepedal

    Weekend Plans as October flies by

    I got nothing...my neighbor is out of town and the farmers market is slowing down...could it be...... PBS Cooking shows...it helps that flakes are forecast in the AM
  2. petitepedal

    10/18 miles & such

    Getting my hair done
  3. petitepedal

    I just talked to someone about a weight loss program

    It looked at a bit of it on line last night...more money than I spend on food..but hey...
  4. petitepedal

    Your avatars are not seasonal enough

    Mine is for autumn
  5. petitepedal

    The science of being lean

    Quality over quantity...
  6. petitepedal

    Stacking the bikes

    You must come next fall to Minnesota...you could either Captain me..on my bike buddies Tandem...or Captain him...he will no longer Captain since his vision is so bad...actually we had an "Annual" ride this Thursday or Friday due to a school break..I miss the tandem..it was a great motivator early and late in the season
  7. petitepedal

    10/17 miles & such

    Did a full workout...wasn't motivated...but it went well.
  8. petitepedal

    So, there’s s hella wind blowing currently.

    I need to head that way one of these days..maybe in 2019
  9. petitepedal

    So, how do the powers that be afford this forum?

    SW is stinkin rich
  10. petitepedal

    I just talked to someone about a weight loss program

    Yeah I am not into spending the $$$ but I may check out the 28 day free challenge..I am open to learn more.
  11. Someone from Rattlecan's...Cycling past 50 Facebook site....She is sponsoring a "free" 28 day healthy lifestyle challenge..Starting October 22..with meal planning and support She and her husband are "coaches" in the Optavia program...she was nice to talk to and not pushy...I don't plan on signing up for the program...at least not yet..but I might go for the 28 day challenge she is sponsoring..might learn something new. They are in the Philly area.....maybe this will give me a boost...I remember when Destination would run his 52 day challenge....
  12. petitepedal

    Prayers, vibes etc needed

    prayers going out
  13. petitepedal

    Wonderful Wednesday

    I will get to the gym tonight..I now know what is happening with the job application...on line since about Sept 23...37 applicants.....and we got no access to information until yesterday...Friday they gave my phone number to a bunch of folks.....but no instruction to myself or the maintenance guy who will do primary interviews.... As to the rest of the day...no biggie...Hopefully no crisis.
  14. petitepedal

    Another trail cam pic

  15. petitepedal

    Started radiation today

    Keeping you in my prayers! Now enough doctor talk...how is the little cutie doing?