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  1. That vision boarding must be like creative visualization
  2. We replaced it with a flag & stand...it was huge and nailed up poorly.....my maintenance guy from my building at work said helped me move something and when he saw it said "WTF is this a 20 year old guys apartment". All that was missing was a stop sign and the beer cans...
  3. No...you are all pretty tasteless
  4. Short (petite) nap..got my smokey Joe tucked away. Off to get some gas and maybe some groceries (or not) not much appetite..the Aldi in my neighborhood just re-opened after a remodel...Contemplating a mum.
  5. I just had a hot flash..several in fact. I am blaming you and the flare u of the allergies that has me feeling a bit off..I have taken my temp twice now..no temp..just a brief flash
  6. petitepedal

    Rest time

    Got some of my outdoor chores done..and 4 loads of laundry...scratchy throat & eyes ala allergies is a pain..We are clouding over now..no more sun til tomorrow. I think I will rest before I continue to tackle home chores.
  7. I am slowly getting into meditation..I did real well at 15 minutes 5 days a week..til PT exercises took over that time slot. Trying to get back at it..One of our newer residents is a Buddhist monk and there is a couple who are regular meditation practitioners who have opened there apartment to those who want to learn. They are doing a book group/meditation session for an hour on Fridays. I have been participating as I can.
  8. I just put up orange lights for fall....
  9. The two guys are fixer uppers and a real estate sales dude on HDTV...I have no clue who she is.
  10. I think I will do sweet potato..onion and mushroom and top it with egg!!
  11. Here is a pretty good place to vent too...cos...we are all skeered of your awesome bike skills and we would never try to beat you up...
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