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  1. You said that better than I did...I just might start using PRI as a term..even though it makes me think Public Radio International
  2. Sending too many random census people ...to our building ..and more than once..I said this is a pandemic and seniors are vulnerable I don't need 3 different people coming in..and that doesnt include the 2 I did not respond to. Send 1 or 2 people 1 or 2 days and then stay away!
  3. Ours has been terrible for about 4 years when the made us an auxiliary route..no real regular carrier and often a training route...Hard to believe..but it is getting worse...Found a treasury check for 1 resident in a box where that resident had moved out ...it was for a different resident..granted same last name but WTF..Erickson, Peterson..heck we have 3 Burke's THEY CAN'T READ. Packages..either not put in package lockers, left on the counter or left in the locked mailroom but reported as delivered.
  4. These are unusual times..maybe there is underlying stress that manifested in that moment
  5. made it to the regional office in Chicago and they may make changes to other senior buildings based on my concerns and complaints. Only got a call from 1 census worker today...my original contact.
  6. Hugs to you and wow give yourself a lot of credit for the things you have done..even if you think you have more to do..you have taken some huge steps and accomplished a lot.
  7. I talk to old people all day long ...some just come to check in..some complain about repairs...some talk about family or friends. At the end of the day..a resident was dropping off a form...her hair looked nice and I asked if she just got it done..LOL..last week. So I said " did you wrap it in toilet paper? I remember my mom wrapping her hair in toilet paper"....Well..we went on to talk hair, parents, longevity, death...all in a matter of 5 or 10 mi utes.
  8. petitepedal

    Flats suck

    On the bright side..my feet hurt less at the end of the day..On the downside..heels can add 2 or 3 inches...without using CO2 cartridges to give me an air cushion.
  9. Welcome to the club of aging boomers Sometimes you feel like you are on the starship enterprise.
  10. I'm ready....and I purchased a Christmas gift this past week.
  11. Nope..I was thinking that too..but pain is very different than the rotator cuff stuff...and the location..a bit different too...hey the doctor dismissed mine as very mild last year ..but I will probably throw in a few of the PT exercises just for good measure
  12. WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO THE CENSUS PEOPLE THIS PANDEMIC IS BAD FOR OLD PEOPLE...AND SENDING DOZENS OF PEOPLE TO COUNT THE 230 WHO LIVE WHERE I WORK IS ASININE I had a census worker going out the door while another was coming in..each had 1 resident to follow up on at our address. I called and used my not happy with you idiots voice. Unfortunately...temporary census people with no power or leadership. Random Computer drawn lists is not necessarily the best option
  13. petitepedal


    The random pain in my shoulder...diagnosed by a co-worker and a resident. Rest, Ice and Advil...I am thinking that are right Taking this week off from my trainer
  14. Bored meeting tonight...earlier..6pm.. Hope that means I am free by 8.
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