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  1. Those mattresses are high..the sales guy laughed when Ihe came by and I was hopping up to try one out.
  2. https://www.homfurniture.com/adjustable/S-655-Adjustable-Base/81042 This is the king..I think...sale price on a Full size is like $999...and he his applying my $300 gift to the price. I am contemplating the tempurpedic base...it cost more but the remote is simpler..options are the same
  3. The scale says I'm down 8 pounds I hope my cholesterol is going down too Like to see 8 to 10 more gone by my late July appointment..
  4. Man..May went by so fast.... Probably order a mattress and maybe use my birthday coupon at JJill for work clothes, put my new cateye on the Tank, and maybe even get a ride in.
  5. I am just going for a full size..no need for more room..no cats, dogs or boy toys.
  6. I asked if I could just sleep there overnight
  7. After work...I thought I would check things out at 5:30 on a Thursday rather than the weekend when you will have to stand in line to get on a bed I am thinking Tempurpedic pro adapt hybrd... and an adjustable base...
  8. Hang in there..keeping you in my thoughts and prayers
  9. First category best in underbite. $$$ prizes go to rescue places
  10. This is work...I am just the Office girl
  11. I can give out free 1 month guest passes for the 10% happier meditation app....message me your e-mail and I will send you the link
  12. High School summers..I had babysitting gigs 6 to 8 hours a day 5 days a week..$35 a week. My senior year..I was paid work study wages at the golf course..maybe $3.50 an hour.. Summers in college 1977 on I worked in a taconite plant..first year my starting wage was about $8.75 an hour..woohoo was great for helping to pay for college.
  13. Residents needed to be out by 8..but the sign said 7..so everyone would be out . Still had to call people in the morning...and my first "When can we go back in the garage?" Came at 9AM ...apparently they had equipment problems...normally they are done by 3. The natives are driving me crazy with the "When is the Garage gonna be done?" Questions...looks like 5 pm before they can go back in.
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