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  1. yikes...we gotta be careful
  2. Here it is...no computer passwords hiding in here
  3. Check out senior services in your area..cheaper than a podiatrist..if you need medical foot care..we have a foot care nurse..I think she is an RN..comes twice a month to do toes. If it is just trimming..my bike buddy Ian who is vision impaired..was told by his GP..get a pedicure at a decent nail place..skip the polish
  4. I am pretty sure I have some passwords for my computer and some accounts on a small note pad..somewhere...or I tossed them out trying to read some kind of at home doc from the management co....need my Office 365 sign in I am doomed.
  5. We still have not had freeze..possibly Friday or Saturday
  6. 1 in the kitchen Contains: junk
  7. The fact that we can only carry over 40 hours and not 1 year of PTO...and they took 100 hours from me..took them 6 months to decide duh..we never informed the people at that location..that the policy is changing...I get 5 weeks a year.they gave me 2.5 back..which means..I must use 6.5 weeks by March ( or 7.5)
  8. Forum meet up next week Fond du Lac will never be the same!
  9. Thinking..it must be time for my alarm to go off...and it is only 1 or 2 AM I think when I first wake..but before I check the time..I feel rested and think about starting my day and what is on the agenda..then I actually look at the clock..before tripping to the bathroom. Well, then I have to convince myself to go back to bed..and usually spend a fair amount of time tossing and turning ...once I am ready to fall asleep..or have just fallen asleep..the damn alarm goes off . Granted this ain't every night..but damn it..often enough.
  10. Some spots do...some don't seem much different
  11. That will have been twice a week for 6 weeks..I have a follow up on friday..I am not so sure it is doing much...but hey..we shall see what the derm people say.
  12. I just finished vacation too ...I week off, one week on, one week off..and approximately 4 more weeks to go before March.
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