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  1. Temps in the mid to upper 30's thru Tuesday...as far out as the are guessing . Rain snow sleet mix the next 3 days.
  2. Speaking of anal probe...I just got my colonoscopy notice... I am due in March.
  3. Keeping you all in my prayers..being home will make her feel better. Sending hugs.
  4. Oh..for what it is worth..used 1 piece of bread..avocado, mushroom and a couple different cheese..with my Rutabaga Bisque.
  5. Stopped after my workout..about 7pm at the fancy grocery store where I could buy 1/2 a loaf of sourdough..and get it sliced. I wanted a grill cheese with my soup tonight. While waiting for my bread...this was my view....I only bought my bread..You think the gods would drop 2 or 3 pounds for this sacrifice
  6. Not the flu they have shots for..but there are other viruses, colds and such that go around...I have had a few nasty ones...doing my best to stay on top of things this year..
  7. So....I was born in Germany and would like to go there someday..I would also like to see Slovenia & Croatia since my moms parents came from that area..However. France. Mt. Saint-Michel, Chartres and naturally Paris would be great...and Italy..Rome, Florence, Venice Assisi....... I need to find someone to finance me going there for 3 to 6 weeks at a time for a couple of trips..... It doesnt help that I like history.
  8. I'm in..I am not keen on traveling Europe solo.
  9. Any suggestions on the best way to go for an inexperienced traveler? Yeah...I am thinking about it...Have some $$ put aside,but not a lot...
  10. Another cold one!! Well..cold this year...3 degrees Keep warm and have a good day!
  11. Dang it..I forgot the dollop of sour cream. Soup was good..sweeter than I thought it would be. The recipe was easy to cut in half
  12. ....I have not finished my puzzle
  13. If it can be a ladies watch...I would wear one..but if it is a mans..no thanks
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