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  1. petitepedal

    Can I go to bed at 8 pm?

    dishes are done..there is nothing on tv... I still have my Christmas letter to write..and cards to do but..hey. I have time right?
  2. petitepedal

    12/9 miles & such

    I got my workout in in the gym!!!
  3. petitepedal

    Smelling good is expensive

    About 30 years ago...I got Opium as a gift at Christmas...and it has more or less been my winter scent ever since...I use to pay $50 to $65 for a bottle of the parfum the spendier stuff...LOL I got the cologne gift set with lotion...it was $8 more to get the lotion than to just get the same size bottle....they had 15% off...and it still came to $100.... On the plus side...it should last me about 2 years So now you guys know what I got for Christmas...a new but yet uninstalled kitchen light and some smelly stuff....
  4. petitepedal

    Under contract

  5. petitepedal

    I played draft horse today

    Mmmm pasty
  6. petitepedal

    Wrapping packages...Are you a peeker?

    I am sending out a little holiday spirit this year...got 3 or 4 boxes to get in the mail..heck maybe 5... 2 are ready... Gotta wrap stuff for the 3rd one Good Grief...I wanna get the box of wrapping paper out of my living room!! As I am wrapping...I am reminded of creative packaging techniques I have done over the years.. I didn't have a box for the hammer I was buying my mom..and damn..heavy on one end.... So instead of actually wrapping the entire thing...I just molded the paper around the hammer head..and put a ribbon on the handle and tucked it under the tree..a few weeks before Christmas...I came home the next weekend...and my mom had to report she had already used her "gift"...LOL she didn't unwrap it for several months until the paper started falling off!! Or the platter I got my sister...I got a pizza box..and when she asked me what it was..I told her a pizza..if you looked closely..you could see the image of a pizza through the paper....kept her thinking for a few days!! Me....I was a peeker for many years
  7. petitepedal

    How is your Saturday going?

    LOL we posted about Saturdays at the same time...jinks!!
  8. petitepedal

    How is your Saturday going?

    My friend Betsy just had a major portion of her little bungalow interior painted..(first time in over 20 years)...she is also going to do new carpeting and officially purchase a couch and maybe some chairs (others have been second hand over the years). So she and I spent about 2 hours at a place that houses 3 furniture stores under 1 roof...LOL we ended up working with a designer person who can cross sell in all 3 stores..but she was from the more expensive place Looking at design differences..chairs and sofas where the seat depth goes from 36 inches to 41inches....talk about Goldilocks syndrome So there were some priced (on sale) in the $800 range...but we also sat in some that were $3500..... made the $2,400 one I looked at in July seem "reasonable" . She went home overwhelmed from the shopping/looking experience...and I went to get some groceries...now I am doing laundry
  9. petitepedal

    How warm do you keep your house?

    I keep it in the upper 60's or low 70's...not 100% sure..it is usually below the "comfort zone" on the thermostat or on the very low end of it...depends on if it gets below zero or if it is damp..then I might put it up a bit..I do not like it too hot...I have however noticed that at work...the older the resident..the warmer they like it..It is just nasty hot in some of those apartments... Here..my apartment is probably cooler than the garage... (one of my pet peeves) the hallways are also hotter than my apartment... Lived with some folks who kept their house way cool..since the 70's energy crisis...said they noticed that their kids got sick less..with a cooler house!
  10. petitepedal

    It was bound to happen.

    This ^^^^^ heal quickly...
  11. petitepedal


    Grampie would make a sardine sammich. Sometimes I have one and think fondly of the days I crawled up behind him (as he sat in his rocking chair)..and snapped his suspenders Sardines..packed in oil..mashed and add a tich of vinegar...back in the day served on white bread...now I might just mash em and eat em.
  12. petitepedal

    Have you had chicken pox?

    Do not ask me about SHINGLES...GET THE EFFIN SHOT
  13. petitepedal

    I would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday.

    Happy to you too...Just a few more weeks and the days start getting longer
  14. Watched the Duke...and an all star cast in "Harms Way."