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  1. petitepedal

    I need to remember to eat.

    LJ you are wasting away
  2. petitepedal

    Hey Bikeman

  3. petitepedal

    I miss the good old days of the record player

    I still have my system
  4. petitepedal

    Hey Bikeman

    @bikeman564™ are you feeling better
  5. petitepedal

    My itch is terrible

    This is Roofing LJ...it just kicked up a bit this weekend...
  6. I rode it 350 miles on the GAP & C & O...plus training miles...and I am riding it now...lots of options for your hands...
  7. petitepedal

    My itch is terrible

    I have managed daytime itch okay...til now..damnit the last 3 days...the daytime itch has been Baaaaad...I take Gabapentin at night but I try to manage the day...Dang I hope this is just another cycle..soon to be over...marking 2 months this week
  8. petitepedal

    Our friend Destination

    For those of you who remember Destination...he got married...yesterday...I know his first wife died...a couple years before I joined the LF....He met his new wife about 4 years ago . Antway..congrats....he is on facebook..shpuld you wish to connect
  9. It will be my bike when I give Ian $300... my only issues..with the mirrors...gwtting through some of the gates on the GAP...the mirrors stick out...also....I have small hands so..the reach gets me now and then...but..likr the ride
  10. petitepedal

    Bored or Board

    So..I have a board president at my condo who is a PITA and all round jerk (see previous posts).... we got 2 people in for 2 more years 2 others 1 and maybe 3 years and LOL someone else just quit. I have been asked to run for the board...a tad worried cos my job IS property mgmt....then again the present board president...hopefully on the way out...is cause for me not able to do yoga in the community room and my not being able to have my bike rack on my car 6 mos of the year....aside from other shit he pulls... Do I run for the board or not....?
  11. I did the Great Adventure with mine...gonna do the Katy too
  12. petitepedal

    41 years ago today

  13. petitepedal

    Monday morning 5/21/18 what’s everyone up to?

    Made lunch and just had breakfast...did a little yoga this morning..it felt good..but it was only about 15 minutes...need to do a bit more..Off to work soon...
  14. I was up a little after 6..and had all that fresh air and exercise today