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  1. Beautiful...but where the heck are those temps??? Oh wait..next week we will drop to the 60's...
  2. I see no bunny

    I think we are down to 1......from 3
  3. I see no bunny

    Margaret says she saw one yesterday . I hope so.
  4. I see no bunny

    No bunny at all
  5. I think a lot of seniors exist on those frozen meals...they no longer have the interest or energy to both prepare a meal and eat it...they can do one or the other..but not both.
  6. I will try to remember to take pics

    There are lots of open spaces with art..and music..a glass wall with a garden area off the lobby area in my first pic. The "subway" is the underground walkway to various buildings..there are shops, restaurants, and educational centers Somewhere we passed a historic display area or exhibit...srom the subway you can go to most of the Clinic buildings and to other businesses where you can eventually go to skyways.
  7. I will try to remember to take pics

    The curved building in the center is the Gonda building..I believe built on to the original Mayo building or at least the site that was once the original Mayo building.
  8. I will try to remember to take pics

    So here are a few pics..only 1 appointment..she has another one tomorrow..looks like first chemo for the ovarian cancer then 4 weeks after that the surgery to remove what they find (the doc said it kinda peels off), then as part of that surgery..the HEPIC or HIPEC treatment which is a warm chemo bath of the area. This is for the apendical cancer
  9. I will try to remember to take pics

    I think it is tennis elbow.the pain from whatever I did Saturday night is gone..just the lesser but original pain..So I vow to give up tennis and see if things improve
  10. I would like the change os seasons please

    Sorry..I spent 9 months living at my aunts house when she went into the nursing home...took out all the carpet, cleaned...and still Florida just made me think of heat, humidity and urine Oh and sand.....everywhere
  11. I will try to remember to take pics

    Of the Mayo complex for those of us who have not made a trip to that medical mecca In the mean time...vibes and prayers for m friend Hope.
  12. You know...the one where the overnight temps drop to 50,40...or even an occasional frost...and the day time temps are cooler than 80 degrees..and dry... you know autumn.... 67 degrees this AM...and they are saying temps in the 90's on Friday...our usual 90's end by Labor day or a day or two later... Global warming....I tell you
  13. Are we experiencing "End Times"?

    chillier than normal? If Lake Superior is chilly...then it is FROZEN
  14. Would there be a way to set up a record player outside?

    That reminds me...I need to get mine looked at...sometimes one speaker cuts out...and I still have the turntable
  15. For TK and others

    ^^^^^^What she said