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  1. petitepedal

    Happy Tuesday

    Well...I had a pretty good day off yesterday...had a few things on my "to do list" that didn't happen last evening...but I was not expecting a 3 hour visit with dinner. I managed a little meditation this morning...Nights with less sleep and/or shoulder pain had me running late several mornings...and just general chaos..no furniture ...and whatever excuse I used...so trying to get back at it!! Cool and lovely morning...a little rain might move in later....and rain expected on the weekend The weather prognosticators are saying temps are gonna go up starting next week So far...it has been pleasantly cool!
  2. I am looking for someone to ride the Mickelson Trail in South Dakota Less money...but ya still have to train a bit....
  3. So...I met up with my cousin and his wife tonight...at Barley John's..a place they also go to on a regular basis Anyway...they had picked up the cedar chest and table my uncle (my cousin's dad) had made..probably in the 1930's...Anyway we chatted a bit that night and exchanged a couple of e-mails...so tonight we got together for dinner! We chatted for about 3 hours....and...they bought dinner (I was not expecting that)...that makes 3 times in row now that I have not bought dinner at Barley John's...wait..maybe 4....Steve bought my dinner when I gave him a Park Tool kit and a bike stand It was a nice visit..considering he went off to college when I was probably 10 years old...so it is not like we had a lot of contact growing up...
  4. I wish I could have a sale...not just for the clothes..but other stuff..got some vintage things and some old dishes and picture frames that it would be nice to get a few $$$ for..$50 to $300 worth of crap easily,,,but I would have to find a location and "rent" a table and haul all my stuff there...I may post my coffee table or a few items on facebook market place...but donating is much easier...I just haul it once!!
  5. I cannot eat lobster or crab. Unless maybe we do it at the ER.
  6. petitepedal

    Neard on NPR

    At one point.."Porn" was your Dad's stack of Playboy magazines..or something similar..some of them got a little well...stranger..wilder whatever...but it was still more or less a magazine..unless you went to the XXX movie house or massage parlor...which wasn't necessarily easy for a kid to do..... Now it is online and easily available...and some of it is violent and some of it is way strange.... Kids who spend time watching/viewing that stuff....can be more exposed to that kind of sex than say a healthy loving relationship that they see their parents, relatives or friends families experiencing...
  7. They must breed like bunnies cos I got a ton of them!!
  8. Have you worked with a dietician or nutritionist ? You might be able to find a happy medium that allows you to eat some of those things..occasionally...Remember it is about lifestyle You have to be able to live with it!!
  9. Have an extra day off...got a bored meeting at 9 AM working on getting stuff out of my closets!! Already got 3 bags to donate!
  10. I understand Ralph..I was doing great for awhile..very tiny weight loss..but still..this last stuff with the pain....the last 2 months..yeah ..constant pain...feel better with food or drink So I am gonna work a tad harder now....it isn't about a clothing size...it is about being a healthy you!!
  11. I start PT on the 27th and also meet with my trainer..the PT guy will coordinate stuff my trainer will add for the rotator cuff...but I need to get back on some sort of regular schedule...and spend 3 mos rehabbing the shoulder.... If the pain continues to lessen..My eating habits should turn again...nothing like eating when you hurt!
  12. Yup..I am also waiting for the other furniture to be delivered...which is the other rug, the couch and matching chair...I am thinking of waiting for the labor day sale before I order the other 2 chairs..if I get them...
  13. It is home..original price $400something..like maybe $489..Final Sale price $329.97..that s'pose to be the lowest markdown..but it rang up with an additional 20% off..Came to $283.45 including tax...nice deal..I should probably get a pad for underneath it.
  14. I purchase some beef to make stroganoff...now the sun came out..also plan corn &bean salsa and marinating and baking tofu
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