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  1. The Katy trail..only because having the shingles..All of April and the itch remained for most of a year...and the ride was in June... Yeah it was hard.
  2. Nothing here and I get asked about it at least 10 times a day...
  3. Might clean my oven...Fred..one of my residents suggested chocolate chip cookies
  4. 3 to 4 very wet..inches of snow ...too warm..if we ha been just a few degrees cooler we would have been in the 5 to 8 range..raining on my way to work.. NO SNOW DAY
  5. If it's gonna snow SNOW...not this on and off stuff..also..timing changed..original forecast had it ending by morning....I may stay home..I love snow more when I don't have to drive in it
  6. Enough to make the roads a little slick..lots of little lulls..it is suppose to kick in soon with 5 inches by morning 10 by the time it is over about 5pm tomorrow...I may just play the snowstorm card tomorrow...
  7. This might turn out to be as epic as buying a car after 30 years of small pick-ups
  8. petitepedal

    New TV?

    Ok..I only have a flat panel antenna..no cable or dish...I do not want to mount a TV over my fireplace...so I roll my 22 or 23 inch TV from the den to my livingroom..my cart is probably 30 inches long...I have a $90 gift card good til the end of February at Best Buy...and...I could get $50 to $75 more in cards...should I buy a bigger TV...my coworker thinks I should get a 40 inch TV.... Does it matter... If no...what should I spend $90 at Best Buy?
  9. petitepedal


    The roads are getting there.
  10. You could name them just for us Who care what other people call them
  11. Maybe some of those puppies need to be named after some forum peeps..
  12. petitepedal


    Six weeks in a sling..probably go back to work after a week..my follow up is 2 weeks after surgery.
  13. petitepedal


    6 weeks in a sling...
  14. petitepedal


    Orders say: Day surgery, need someone to stay with you 24 hours. Didnt for my first 2 carpal tunnel surgeries..but the knocked me out for #3..I was fine except for a bit of nausea about 8 hours later I had a couple of friends who looked after me.
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