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  1. Ride.my bike in the den and continue to make my way through various stacks of un read books...read em or donate them.
  2. Just a tad over 5,000 miles..should have done it on my week off..didn't plan well.
  3. Trainer session tonight!!!and...tomorrow I am off...getting my oil changed..So for me...today is Friday Hope you have a good day!
  4. Thank you a bunch..I tried to flip it on my phone but I have no clue
  5. Work was long and hard..tears came when I got this package in today's mail..t-shirts the school was selling as a fundraiser for WoHB. This is mine.
  6. For our Christmas bonus they put a couple of decorated boxes out and residents drop in cash or checks..it is all cashed out and made into big bills..and passed out a week before Christmas..last year was great..but eho knows..we have lots of empty apartments.
  7. Yeah...there was something in board minutes about whether gift cards to employees was taxable . Whatever we are getting is going through payroll..I will not be car shopping anytime soon.
  8. Carrots celery & onion...the trinity unless you are from NarLins (New Orleans) then you ditch the carrot and add green pepper.
  9. Okay...I don't have a dollar amount yet..but the board president hauled us into ( Ha ha ha) the maintenance shop..to let us know we are getting a bonus for all our extra covid hard work. Sweet...
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