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  1. The only solution I can think of is duct tape. The waistband on my tights keeps rolling
  2. Steve's Tire and Auto down the street..10 minutes and 21 dollars later and I am good to go.
  3. Potato cakes... my momma did that with leftover mashed potatoes
  4. Ambulance first thing this morning too...busy busy Petitepedal can have a space if I am spaced out when I write it
  5. Is it like leftover oatmeal of the cooked cereal variety and then fried? Hmmm would need butter or sugar or syrup...Nope Never heard of it....but hey they deep fry just about anything at our state fair...why not oatmeal
  6. You got that fancy house...build yourself a little green house and grow your own salad Hey its a thought!
  7. Put a call into our painter at work about my ceiling. He does repairs and what not and he is good!! He stopped in today said to see what the adjuster says and he will do the work based on time and materials...said I should come out ahead. I know my head of maintenance says he hates to say anything but the guy could raise his rates..and he will give me a deal above that.
  8. I buy the mixed organic..in a clam shell... $3 to $3.99 and I get 3 or 4 salad meals out of it. I watch the date...and it does much better than many of the other Bag o Salad mixes...Sometimes I buy the Romaine where you get 3 heads in a bag....
  9. How long before they quit packing the wounds? I agree with @Further she must be going crazy
  10. I lied So I got up this morning...still a bit tired from my cardio last night! Made Breakfast, had tea and got ready for work. Just as I was leaving, I noticed a new spot on the ceiling Yay me....I assume they did nothing about any water that was under her cabinets...so it is slowly seeping into my ceiling YAY me...AGAIN. I had a foggy drive into work..called about my monitor (they had left a message after 5 last night...they did not return the call today)..I listened to my messages and was gonna call the daughter of one of our residents back...when someone came down to say someone had fallen and was calling for help..Just as I was about to leave to check on this..the persons neighbor called to tell me they needed help. The poor woman has alzheimers..she fell (probably last evening..cos the table lamp was still on)... she thought she was on a bed..but at some point she had a couple of "accidents"..she was kinda laying in pee and had poo all over her...she thought it was 1970 and she was in WI...EMT's came and her daughter and they took her to the hospital...I guess this is the second time something like this has happened (I missed the first one!!) Returned to my office..returned the call to another resident's daughter...and their concerns regarding mom and how much care she can have at home...because...she too has memory issues...Both of these ladies have "aged in place" which is way different than my co-worker bringing in new residents with memory issues...at least 3 who have substantial issues) Then there was the TV guy...and mail...and calls with insurance people and yeah...stuff...lots of stuff Left work...went to the gym...had an awesome workout!!! Messaged my trainer and said "You Suck"...followed by the fact that I did 80 medicine ball slams (10 pound ball) in 1minute and 48 seconds...My arms were cramping when I finished!! Stopped to get gas and checked my lights...sure enough..one is out...Funny how you never notice that until it is dark! Stopped at a grocery store and managed to find a Turkey just under 11 pounds....the smallest one I could find...right now no plan for guests... Got home and had a voice message from my senior friend in Niagara Falls ..called her back and munched on 4 squares of leftover pizza... THE END Oh have a 7:15 am appointment Friday Morning with the insurance person.....might follow that with a quick trip to get my headlight fixed!
  11. One of my residents..age 93 got a couple of calls from "Social Security" about fraudulent use of her SSI card..she hung up on them and came to verify it was a scam..she is from the same area of northern MN that I am from and is of Slovenian decent..she has traveled there and is pretty good with the language..I told her to just talk to them in Slovenian..She left my office thinking she would tell them "God will punish you"...but she came in to my office to tell me she let him talk away...and then in Slovenian she said "Kiss my ass" and hung up on them
  12. I suggest...the young couple decide this now...and tell MIL no specific gifts please we want to make this OUR house.....if that doesn't work consignment shop or garage sale and sell the offending items....life is too short to hang on to items you don't want or need... Says the woman who was given a room divider and told it would be great on a table I owned to separate the dining room from the natural light coming in the living room ...stuck the damn thing in a corner an draped lights on it...til I found someone who wanted it!! FYI...I can be dang blunt sometimes and tact sometimes flies out the window...they need to speak up now or it will be a life long struggle!
  13. So the monitor on my computer at work has been blinking randomly to "no signal" I figured (and so did the maintenance guy) that we needed a new monitor...so we plugged in a brand new one out of the box (did not change cables) and it has gone blank briefly once or twice in the couple hours it was on... Change cables? or call the outside IT folks Any thoughts?
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