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  1. Just fly @Parr8hed 's Emmy out to help you.
  2. I was going to say 22.5 but @Kzoo keeps picking days
  3. $2.79. Up about .40 since January
  4. I don't have much cash...but...class????
  5. She may think of you as one of her kids....or grand-kids....
  6. I am ready...pick me.....
  7. Margaret...my 89 year old neighbor........
  8. He is a handsome man.......... based on the t-shirt...
  9. She Who Must Be Obeyed.........DUH
  10. So...this has been bugging me forever now (or at least for about 8 mos.) I took the drawer out of my oven to clean the floor underneath (dust bunnies and such) and ever since...it is not on track correctly...no matter how I try..I pull it out so far and it drops
  11. I am cleaning my oven I noticed something burning on the bottom of the oven when I did quiche #2... Once and awhile I do Pork Diablo but other than that the occasional pizza and roasted veggies pretty much is my oven workout.
  12. I don't know..but I am celebrating the day wearing my "Couch" t-shirt
  13. I made a mad dash to the grocery store..and bought a new small frying pan..tired of EVERYTHING sticking in the old one...and a bag o dirt...must be time for an Easter nap
  14. My neighbor just bought new appliances this winter..she opted out of the hood vent/microwave combo keeping her counter top microwave instead up graded her dishwasher..when they installed it they installed an alarm as well because THIS MODEL WAS PRONE TO FILL VALVE FAILURE...wtf they didn't mention that when she bought it...I think she waited 3 weeks to use it cos she was skeered. Fill valves do fail . Sorry Shootingstar.
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