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  1. And a Tremendous Thursday morning to you.

    I am tired...you might see..if we have the capability..that I was here around 1 AM...finally took a benedryl...Off to work to the chaos and gossip surrounding the lady who died...and...gee we have plumbers coming today!! On the bright side...I am gonna wear my cute shoes again
  2. A resident was found dead in her apartment

    No..family found her this evening. We only go in if someone is concerned and contacts us..or if they participate in our "I'm OK" program ...which we encourage people to do...flip a sign by 9am every morning...if the sign isn't turned we go in. Just Monday, I had the 94 year old face down on his floor with way low blood sugar..his daughter couldn't reach him..so she called her friend who lives in the building..he came and got me and we got there fast.
  3. Most of you people are clowns

    Well...I use to do some clowning when I worked in youth ministry...so I have no problem being a clown... But I suggest sir you think about KARMA before you paint everyone with the same paint brush
  4. What is the deal with fitbit

    I noticed this the other day too...I was looking at 18,553 steps when I got home...I logged my "walk" of 3.5 miles as exercise and it bumped me up to 20,037....3.5 miles is more like 8,000 steps...so why did it give me the 1,500 extra steps?
  5. This lady didn't come out much..she was a smoker who bought her place in hopes of quitting...and a couple of months ago she got hit with a $1,000 fine (in part to pay legal fees) to tell her to quit or else...anyway...I saw her about the 15th of the month..she said she had been sick..not sure if she had been in the hospital or not..Yesterday we had a wonderful mail carrier and she mentioned the ladies mailbox was pretty full...well that had happened before with her and she wasn't one to tell me she was going for awhile..I did however knock on her door yesterday and today...I hate to say it but I figured..she was out..maybe with family or friends.
  6. Off to walk at Como Lake....photo included

    3.5 miles 16.23 pace which includes taking 2 pic and posting 1 to facebook. Large crowd again..had to park at the golf course..Big Band Swing is a big draw. Concerts start at 7...we usually catch the last couple of songs
  7. See you peeps in an hour...will be another 17,000 or 18,000 day
  8. Fit or Fat Revisited

    Well...he did his stuff on PBS in the..what 80's? or early 90's...I don't think he sold more than his books...and it is about eating smarter and less fat..as far as exercise goes he is all for cardio but also wants you to build some muscle lifting weight...because muscle burns calories more efficiently that fat..I do think he was before processed food became the evil one..he may promote a bit of the low fat stuff...he also like you to measure your body fat..he gives you an at-home method that is fairly accurate compared to the dunk tank measurement. All and all find what works for you and use it!! I personally have picked up on some of his stuff...but I am also big on less processed food and portion control....and I am trying to get to very little red meat and more beans...I do some beans...but damn there is a texture thing there
  9. At the grocery store

    I like the small carts if I can get then (not the shopper in training ones )..The LGS by work has the large and small carts...and 2 or 3 shopper in training carts...the Cub foods supermarket near me only has 1 size cart..probably 2 or 3 of the riders and baskets...although often the basket rack is empty...ran in for just 2 items the other day...no baskets...when the guy at check out asked if I found everything..I said "yes...but I would have found more if you had baskets out".....cos I only got the 2 necessary items. Thank God this store doesn't have the shopper in training carts. It is the store where they let people bring their dogs....I have seen them there twice...no therapy or service dog halter.
  10. And a Wonderful Wednesday to you

    Humidity is way up...rained and stormed much of the night!
  11. July 25th and...

    I went to Target tonight...an entire section of back to school and college
  12. It's pouring........

    I guess storm are crossing the metro...I have been posting and ignoring..looked up and we got a downpour...storms forecast til Midnight...
  13. The call of shame

    You didn't call the dude...so it counts as a Good Sam...and you are free and clear.... Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate
  14. Yikes Lay Off the Donuts!

    I tried one of those "free" doughnuts.....tasted like crap...if they were awesome...might try one (1) again...but forget it...crap cheap doughnuts (or donuts)...not having 1...my will power and memory will see to it...I mean if you are gonna fall o cheat or whatever the F you call it...make sure it is worth it and tastes good!!
  15. Need a little help

    e-mail it to me...I will print it and e-mail it back to you or print it and put it in the mail...could take 6 weeks given USPS service.................