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  1. Thanksgiving pictures

    I got ripped..no giblets or liver
  2. And so it begins. Grrrrr!!!!

    I guess I better get moving I want the bird in by 10 I think....
  3. I am thankful for

    Ask Rattlecan...it is his baby...I am just the help
  4. I am thankful for

    My morning tea...and this place as I get ready to face the day!! Hmmm wonder if I should start with breakfast?
  5. Thanksgiving pictures

    Here is one from years past
  6. Thanksgiving pictures

    Great pics LJ...... RG you could have been here wresting with a naked bird in the kitchen sink I will post pics as things progress...
  7. Thanksgiving as perceived by foreigners

    I will be here on and off all day...mid day I expect to be busy...but a few minutes of prep this morning..put the bird in the oven..then a flurry of busy about an hour before dinner...
  8. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Food and Friends...here...
  9. They got a little snow that day

    Meh...snow... Talk to @smudge about the Yoop
  10. Vegans are sick

    OMG my one friend was following Vegan...and my vegetarian friend and I..and who gets to make the breakfast scramble...ME..now I can do no meat...but God bells us...how the hell do you live in Wisconsin and make a breakfast scramble with out eggs and CHEESE.......it was tofu and we ate it but OMG CHEESE
  11. Everybody went home early, right?

    3:37 here..I am gonna sneak out pretty soon..a whole 30 minutes early
  12. Everybody went home early, right?

    They keep coming you would think the office was gonna be closed or something. Hey I found a ladies keys..she lost them on Monday...they fell into her boots in her apartment...
  13. Everybody went home early, right?

    I am busy working..I have had them stacked like O'hare outside my office...
  14. I have thanksgiving fatigue already

    After I deck the halls