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  1. @jsharr try man makers, pull through's and incline bench press WITH NO BENCH
  2. Me too..solid muscle...with a layer of fat that just does not want to go away..almost tempted to try a fad program.. @jsharr is Mrs Jsharr still doing optiva? I was thinking about doing weight watchers and the they let a bunch of folk go..via zoom..wasn't sure I wanted to align with them.
  3. Haven't been riding..this weekend was nice..but tensions high..I do not like riding in the city..the construction near work has made a mess of bike lanes there...need to get a bike out of the garage for garage cleaning..put the rack on..might start going to a trail soon..gonna get regular pedals on the Madone..dumping clipless.
  4. I do..the nose of my car is 5 inches beyond the post..should not be a problem..there are other cars out that far.. She cannot park..but if she is getting a larger car..she better damn well park her car behind the pole as well...
  5. I wanted some last night..after curfews..oh well
  6. The one who complained about my bike rack...knocked to bitch again..it is on and the car is like 5 inches beyond the cement post...it is not out as far as when she hit a wall trying to park..she is getting a bigger car...the lady cannot park..even my neighbor commented on how long it takes her to park...this will be interesting I told her once the garage is cleaned on Thursday..I will resume angle parking because she cant drive.
  7. I am sitting on my azz in my living room 50 minutes to curfew.
  8. Well..that got shot to hell when a truck driver drove into the crowd..now the crowd is pissed off cos the police want them off the bridge because of this truck doing his thing.
  9. Peaceful..but lots of them..they have blocked 35w..I believe they plan to kneel on the bridge..they closed the highways at 5pm again...curfew comes at 8pm
  10. Started moving some of the cupboard stuff I washed yesterday into my den..til the ceiling is done. Made a batch of greek beans and put them in the oven..took my recycle out, watered the deck plants..with plant food and did 2 loads of laundry..all before 9:30 AM... had a risky breakfast of beans...and eggs . Then..I needed a nap.
  11. The problem is..those anarchists are mobile and if they think they can do their thing..cause more chaos and stir up bad feelings about other groups of people..they are gonna participate....I gotta say the officials and our governor have other sources of info than just what is rumor on the street. Yes there are asshole trouble makers in every population...but officials are saying the coordinated effort of destruction we have seen is the work of more than our local activists and protesters ....I don't know it is sad....I am glad I have virus provisions in my house cos stores and gas stations are pretty much closed down in the city and the first couple of tiers of suburbs...Hell lots of freeways were closed down from 7pm to 6am
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