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  1. Ouch....
  2. 2.4 walking when I actually wanted a diet coke and chocolate...did not get either.. Did have a little drizzle about 1/2 mile in...but hey..pace is 17.3 min per mile...not bad
  3. About 2 weeks ago I purchase some tofu to bake...baked at least imparts some flavor and makes the tofu less mushy. So I did a Thai recipe (didn't measure...but by guess) from the Moosewood Cookbook...and I decided to try using this raspberry chipolte sauce I got on my way home from the Great Adventure last summer...I think it might be good on chicken or ribs..as well... I have not tasted them yet...but they are done...but dang the clean up was nasty...the basic recipe from Moosewood Soy Sauce, a little oil and water I think...and the pan looks nasty but clean up was easy...these both had more sugar or honey in them and garlic bits....the clean up took forever I need to lose the weight and see if it helps my BP...on the plus..if the tofu is nasty....I will eat less
  4. Getting...darker...time to make my brunch..gonna explore a couple of veggie combos...ALSO plan to bake some tofu...I have this chipolte raspberry sauce....I might use that as a base for some/part of the marinade ..maybe bake 2 batches...
  5. Mid 50's and overcast here...laundry is done..PBS has cooking shows on for now...and I need to make brunch Had a pot of tea.....may be ready for round 2
  6. I walked with a friend at Como Park...we watched to clouds coming...we saw the lightning...we made a good 1.25 miles before it started to rain...the wind blew my hat off..so I actually ran (about 20 steps) to catch the hat and get in my car before the heavens opened.
  7. Add some Parmesan to those meatballs next time...
  8. My friend in South Africa..yeah she has some Dutch in her too...those Dutch guys really got around
  9. I got caught in a storm...nothing serious...lightning and well it blew my hat off as I was walking fast to my car...got in the car just before the heavens opened...
  10. They used an caulk of some kind that doesn't get hard so it will expand and contract with the cracks....I think it depends on the size of the cracks...talk to cement people
  11. Keeping them in my prayers!
  12. WOW!!
  13. I just purchased another hanging plant for my deck
  14. I cold not go cheese free....I would give up chocolate before I give up cheese I am going for moderation...That said I did a mess of veggies last week for some dish of some kind..and dang I started thinking about making a meal out of it...I try to have several meatless meals in a week...might try for a few more but Vegan ...nope I just dont understand a veggie, egg and cheese scramble with no egg and no cheese
  15. The Walker Art Center installed a scaffolding that resembled the one used to hang the 38 native americans in 1862... AS ART...We are talking LOCAL Dakota Indians...took place 60 to 80 miles from here http://www.startribune.com/walker-will-take-down-controversial-sculpture-after-protests/424820003/#1