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  1. Hope you had a good Sunday....

    Church, workout, grocery shop, sammich for lunch, 45 minute nap...and made some soup Not bad
  2. African peanut soup

    I didn't have chunky peanut butter..so I chopped up a few to go in with the creamy It has a nice heat to it...not too hot..just pleasant (to my...my neighbor Nanette would call it too hot..) I brought Margaret a sample I got this recipe and one for a roasted root veggie soup from a resident...I made copies for Margaret...she plans to make the roasted root soup tomorrow
  3. African peanut soup

  4. African peanut soup

  5. African peanut soup

    It is on the stove
  6. 2/18 miles & such

    I got my workout in..except for the TRX it was occupied during that session..which happens to be at the end Oh and a nap...
  7. Just a few observations from my morning...

    Read the labels..it ain't all Greek...even though it says "Greek".....
  8. It's nap time.

    I just woke up from mine
  9. "Hello orange, I'm going to eat you"

    my psoriasis does not like oranges....
  10. "Hello orange, I'm going to eat you"

    You need an orange peeler
  11. Windy

    Blowing out of the south....Had to be careful with car doors cos the wind was grabbing them. That is the warmer air that is meeting up with the snow front that is to the north of us....it is warm..but the windchill bites... Who knows if it will be ice or snow that falls tonight!
  12. Stick or twist?

    I have the mini twists right now..they are one of my snack options
  13. I feel strong!! My legs are solid. And that was what went through my head at church...before I hit the gym!! Yesterday, I caught a blurb on "Cooks Country"..about Greek yogurt. Sure enough...I have been eating the stuff with pectin in it...it is "plain" and called "greek" but it has less than half the protein than Greek Yogurt made the traditional way..it is $1 to $2 more for the traditional stuff but I got some that was on sale and will give it a shot.. After church, work out and groceries...I grabbed a sammie and chips before coming home...OMG I do not know when I last had chips..but these were way salty.....I guess chips will become a hot weather biking treat...I haven't purchased too many sammies either...
  14. I just had a slice of cake for breakfast.

    Kind of late for his girlish figure too.....
  15. So what are your wildest dreams?

    i would like to travel....and explore all over the place...no money...ain't gonna happen.