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  1. Corn and bean salsa on a cup of lettuce..and 1/2 an avocado. Fried up 2 corn tortillas for crunch.
  2. To not stress exercise while dealing with the Covid break out at work... We are still do out 174 stair steps at lunch....and I am watching my food intake..but right now..I am just happy to get home..if I have the energy..am yoga or a treadmill session in the evening..we only had 1 new case today so..hopefully things will settle down soon.
  3. SuzieQ is in Poughkeepsie...
  4. Herding cats...AKA old people...without killing any of them when they do stupid stuff...especially in the middle of a covid outbreak
  5. petitepedal


    So far the melt has been slow...Stillwater is already predicting 14ft plus flood stage... No news on the Red River of the North..they are still getting snow To the East Duluth expecting another 6 to 9 inches today..North Shore waterfalls (and there are lots of them) will be running hard this spring.
  6. Continue to test not pregnant..but pretty sure the allergy thing is on the rise ....testing daily right now
  7. Still testing not pregnant 😷
  8. Not 23..people stay home if they have..the flu...
  9. 5 to the 18...we are now up to 23
  10. a real nice lady tested positive..maybe Saturday...fell this morning..last I heard possibly both shoulders and a knee broken Went to reset at TV..lady said it was a cold..she had tested twice..I mentioned someone else who had done the same..test 3 was positive..well this lady called me...just before I left..she tested positive
  11. Work..and pick up my new glasses.
  12. Off to bed with my cotton sheets..looks like highs in the low 40's this week.
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