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  1. My first wake up was at 3 or so...but I am awake now..Time to do my PT.
  2. I am beat..going to bed..see ya on the flip side
  3. I didnt get a chance to eat my veggies and dip at work.
  4. Oh and I wore big girl shoes with heels for a younger me ...I decided last year..it is time for lower heels...but hey the shoes are still good
  5. Almost broke into tears about 4pm..day has been crazy.. The guy who had the sewer back up was on my case thing were not happening fast enough..I let the remediation guys in this am to deal and tear down their stuff..cabinets have been ordered..flooring guys comes tomorrow. Had a "staff" meeting at 11 and a meeting with the manager and a resident at 12:15. Then our new pest control folks came...I had to go with them cos most of the people who requested spray for wasps..weren't home. Daughter of a woman who was moved to memory care needed me to check some stuff out on the same end of the b
  6. If you can afford it....it is a good rug
  7. Well..my job and PT and condo board are keeping me way too busy to even order another case of "Who Gives a Crap"...which I better do by the end of May
  8. Not here...temps overnight in the 30's. But no snow
  9. petitepedal

    Yea dad

    Just because you check it....doesnt mean you do ANYTHING but check....
  10. I have 2 that I alternate between..most often..but I have a few seasonal ones that might make it into the rotation ..I believe @Randomguy has a thing for bunnies..since he had the bunny glass on his table last week..when he was at my place..he used my bunny mug..that I use at Easter/Spring
  11. Home safe..did notice a national guard presence just after I crossed the river into St. Paul..I avoided areas that might have people in the streets.
  12. Announcement between 3:30 and 4 central time
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