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  1. Clouds are starting to move in..it was much brighter just 5 minutes ago..one side of my bed was rather bright!
  2. 8:15 appointment..a dermatology PA is gonna check my hands...Then finish the day at work. Saturday, Might go to services for a resident who passed in December...it would be my the second resident funeral I have been to...I am sorry I didn't go to maybe 2 others... A little visit with the geeks between Saturday and Tuesday..empty 2 flower pots and put them away...that about covers it til Thursday and I venture into WI.
  3. petitepedal


    2 nights of not so great sleep..2 early morning appointments and a trainer session after work today..one more thread to start and I am off to bed..
  4. cover your pumpkins..... Actually..this is late..We are in peak fall color right now..also late..wonder how many leave will be around after a couple of frosty nights . Color is grand though.
  5. Yes...since about 30..heart attacks and high blood pressure in my family..been watch things for awhile.
  6. Here it is...no computer passwords hiding in here
  7. Check out senior services in your area..cheaper than a podiatrist..if you need medical foot care..we have a foot care nurse..I think she is an RN..comes twice a month to do toes. If it is just trimming..my bike buddy Ian who is vision impaired..was told by his GP..get a pedicure at a decent nail place..skip the polish
  8. I am pretty sure I have some passwords for my computer and some accounts on a small note pad..somewhere...or I tossed them out trying to read some kind of at home doc from the management co....need my Office 365 sign in I am doomed.
  9. We still have not had freeze..possibly Friday or Saturday
  10. 1 in the kitchen Contains: junk
  11. The fact that we can only carry over 40 hours and not 1 year of PTO...and they took 100 hours from me..took them 6 months to decide duh..we never informed the people at that location..that the policy is changing...I get 5 weeks a year.they gave me 2.5 back..which means..I must use 6.5 weeks by March ( or 7.5)
  12. Forum meet up next week Fond du Lac will never be the same!
  13. Thinking..it must be time for my alarm to go off...and it is only 1 or 2 AM I think when I first wake..but before I check the time..I feel rested and think about starting my day and what is on the agenda..then I actually look at the clock..before tripping to the bathroom. Well, then I have to convince myself to go back to bed..and usually spend a fair amount of time tossing and turning ...once I am ready to fall asleep..or have just fallen asleep..the damn alarm goes off . Granted this ain't every night..but damn it..often enough.
  14. Some spots do...some don't seem much different
  15. That will have been twice a week for 6 weeks..I have a follow up on friday..I am not so sure it is doing much...but hey..we shall see what the derm people say.
  16. I just finished vacation too ...I week off, one week on, one week off..and approximately 4 more weeks to go before March.
  17. Turning off One Drive made big difference..everything is faster Peacock worked fine..now I just need to remember my PBS Passport...password
  18. If I can get stuff to play it will make treadmill life more pleasant...I did 30 minutes tonight.
  19. New in December and I don't use one drive and have not sunk my phone At least I don't think I use one drive.. Why can't they keep this crap simple for non techies.
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