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  1. Softball up in the Indy area if rain holds up (weekend). Today only working until 12:30. I think I will take a nap. Pitching lessons at 6, hitting at 8.
  2. Parr8hed

    Yea dad

    That's hilarious. It kinda dawned on me that G used my mower and my gas to mow other lawns. I feel like I should have gotten a cut of that! I guess I get my grass mowed for free?
  3. Parr8hed

    Silly boys

    That's a framer!
  4. You spelled Rastlin' wrong.
  5. This is a great post. And yes, Brown County in Indiana is by far the best state park IMO. That is the site for our infamous Thanksgiving cooking camping trip every year. Natural Bridge in Kentucky is super dope as well. I concur on both of those.
  6. Parr8hed

    Yea dad

    HA!. Yea, it was a little dark. I added so much that it was almost like an oil change Seriously, I really need to change the oil/filter and hit the grease zerks. I just haven't gotten around to it. I will probably do it before the first cut next season.
  7. Parr8hed

    Yea dad

    This is probably the first time in a year that I have cut my own grass.
  8. That's a pretty impressive list of danger noodles.
  9. Likely a Rattlensake? That's a little crazy. We have timer rattlers around here, but not many. There seems to be a healthy population of them in Brown County State Park though. The most "likely" snakes that we have around here are rat snakes. They can easily get 5 feet. I bet you probably killed it pretty dead.
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