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  1. I prefer the style of "Grip it and Rip it". Seriously, there needs to be some formal sort of screening. Temp, questionnaire, etc. Maybe alternate days? 1/2 staff M-W-F and the other half T-T, then swap. You really have to think about lunch. Eating lunch at desk, VS cramming a bunch of cats into the galley.
  2. It's quite good. The syrup on the fried chicken is actually tasty. It sounds like it would not be, but it is surprising.
  3. ha! Yea, the blowing up part. I had not heard of that.
  4. Dang, I didn't even know that was a thing?
  5. Parr8hed

    Hit and run

    I thought you were talking about baseball with 2 outs and 2 strikes.
  6. God I hate moving. Packing up all of your shit and putting it in boxes. I will add on to this house before I move again.
  7. Kids get chrome books for school. This might be good to have around for us since kids will be familiar with it. I am hoping that if I drag my feet the wife will forget about it. I think that the reason that she got worked up about it last was that a phone needed to be rebooted and needed to be plugged into a computer (I assume for iTunes?) and we didn't have a computer to plug in to.
  8. Parr8hed


    Good. Runs and drives well. Tailpipe fell off. gotta sort that out. Gotta get it titled and licensed as well. DMV closures have really hurt with that. And just been too busy with softball to do much else. He is working now so he has been busy as well. It also wants to flood when it is warm. I am sure it is a sensor. If motor has been running and you kill it at a stoplight, good luck getting it started again until it cools. Starts great when cold though.
  9. It's been years since I bought one. I was just informed that we need one. (I am not sure what for?) I looked on-line and there are just way too many options for me. So tell me what I need and why? We are not running and games or big software things. Mostly just for kid's school crap, some bill paying, etc.
  10. Parr8hed


    Been out of touch. Working a ton. Softballing a ton. Still no bike racing. Down at the lake all weekend with zero cell service. Heading to south of Atlanta this coming weekend for more softballing. How are things here?
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