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  1. Yea, first one. Set up to try and eliminate some nagging little injuries. He is really at an age where he is starting to put down power for longer periods of time and I didn't want to compound bad habits.
  2. Yes, still growing but has slowed down some. I think that this was important to get rid of some pesky low back pain and some wonky knee issues. Great explanation. It went really well. Lasted about 2.5 hours. His coach is the one that did it so the interview portion went pretty quick because he was already very familiar with history, riding style, bikes, goals, etc. It was really neat to watch and the beer was great!
  3. Was told yesterday to be at Spring Street at 6 am to help out. Spring Street does not open until 9. So I came to another facility that is close by in Jeffersonville to help a bit until Spring opens. Nothing like that feeling of pulling up with no cars in the parking lot at 6 am.
  4. G had his first official fitting last night. I watched. Even broke out lasers.
  5. all over the place here. Can't swing a dead cat without hitting one.
  6. That's pretty brutal. Housing boom and still can't make ends meet.
  7. Read this. And if you haven't read this, read it before you read the first link.
  8. Parr8hed

    Perfect ski day

    THIS is a perfect ski day.
  9. Better than HO made water
  10. Snort it off a hooker's.... never mind. I probably wouldn't do that.
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