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  1. IT SUCKS MAJOR ASS! I 64 is a major corridor going into/out of Louisville from Southern Indiana. They are remodeling the bridge over the Ohio and it is constantly down to 1 lane. I65 is about 7 miles away and a big re-route to take, but traffic has gotten a little worse there since people are avoiding 64. AND that bridge is tolled. So it's pay a toll and drive further or possibly wait a little bit (or a lot) and drive 64.
  2. You would think that someone in the Navy would have known that.
  3. Parr8hed


    Laying awkward in the tray? Your right shoulder looks a lot higher than your left.
  4. I sure as hell ain't catching her on a wooden or steel floor. Those drop balls that bounce up are hard enough to catch on grass. And I just paid 68 dollars for a dozen new balls. I could not afford to replace all of the rise balls that get over my head and into the ocean. Or the curves that get around me. Or the drop balls that I was too scared to stay in front of....
  5. IT would be hard for Emmy to pitch to me on the deck of a boat.
  6. Why would you ever step into a ring with Clubber Lang?
  7. Will do. I hate it but mainly for me, not him. I really enjoyed the Cx scene. But it does make it easier for Emmy's softball schedule since there is only one of me and two kids. I also think that him getting his driver's license had something to do with it as well.
  8. could be fun! Hard for me to commit this early until I see what staffing levels are like at work.
  9. No. He does the peleton from time to time. He NEVER liked riding road, just did it to train for cx. Once covid hit and all the races got cancelled he quit training because he didn't want to train when there were no races. He really likes High school Xc and swim. He trains hard at them. I still have hope that he may do tri again one day but I think Cx is done. It was a good run. He is still super active and is happy competing in high school sports so that is all I care about.
  10. Boy, I'd like to. It will be winterized and tucked away in Jan though. I wonder how far that is? Would be cool to see. Too bad G i s done racing.
  11. I went from being a Brady hater to actually liking him. I felt like it was the system and not him in New England. Boy, I was wrong. And I can admit that. What he has done at his age of 78 years old is pretty awesome.
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