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  1. Parr8hed

    Hashtag roughingit

    Oh that sucks.
  2. Parr8hed

    Hashtag roughingit

    This is the aftermath of cleaning out one camper and putting stuff in the new camper.
  3. Parr8hed

    Hashtag roughingit

    Thanks. We have been using the old one a ton. This is still cheaper than hotel rooms for all of the softball tournaments.
  4. Parr8hed

    Hashtag roughingit

    Brand spanking new. That money on the counter was from the trip up to get it. We had cash for some reason. That's not normal for us.
  5. Parr8hed

    Mango munching...

  6. Parr8hed

    Scene at the lake

    Nice pic. What's the water temp this time of year?
  7. Parr8hed

    The story of my weekend

    Got the new camper all set up at the campground. That made me happy and relieved. Emmy's coach pulled in about the same time and got his new camper set up. This made me happy. We drank many beers together while grilling. This made me very happy and relaxed. We started a faar. This made me feel warm. Griffin caught some fish. This made me happy. Emmy's softball team went undefeated to the championship game. Lost 2-1 in a heartbreaker. Had 2 on ready to win and got caught in a double play to end the game. Emmy pitched her heart out. The other team was a very solid team. This made me feel proud. The new camper was AMAZING. Everything worked as it should. Super comfy to sleep in. Bed was great. Water was hot for showers. Oven baked cinnamon rolls perfectly. I got up for work at 4:20 this morning tired, dehydrated and sunburnt. It was a great weekend.
  8. Parr8hed

    Mozilla Pocket - lost a lot of confidence in it today!

    I read this as "mozzarella pocket". I was thinking it was a low carb pita pocket. You can put your lunch meat in a little pocket of mozz! I think I am going to market this idea.
  9. Parr8hed

    Coast to Coast am

    When I worked the organ gig I would spend a lot of time up driving by myself at ungodly hours. I would listen from time to time. Some real whackjobs on there.
  10. Parr8hed

    How to piss off a cashier.

    Was she hot?
  11. Parr8hed

    Hashtag roughingit

    That's the spare scissor jack that I use if I get a trailer flat.