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  1. Ha! This was my “targeted advertising” that showed up.
  2. What is this podcast about and should I listen to it?
  3. Yea, I get that. I still hate to see him every single time i open a webbrouser.
  4. I think that they have gone to far with the whole Kaepernick thing. Every other post is about a guy that is not even (and hasn't been) playing. It is one thing to talk about a workout that he had. It's another thing entirely to have an ESPN staffer (Steven Smith) talk about the fact that he doesn't even want to play. Even though I happen to agree with Smith, I think it is way outside the lines of what ESPN should be reporting on. They are just keeping this jackwagon relevant, nothing more.
  5. G sat up about 30 miles from the race Sat morning and puked all over my truck. He thought he felt better. He raced anyways. Crashed in the holeshot. Rolled front tire. The first time I saw him in the race he was DFL sitting up, soft pedaling his B bike. I pulled him and took him home. Puked all the way home. Feeling better today. Both kids just crashed Sat night. Em played a lot of basketball. Sandy is lovable as ever.
  6. Last weekend in Charlestown. this weekend in Indy. Sandy says Hi! crahsed out kids
  7. Good point. Had not even considered that.
  8. The Indiana Hoosiers play the basketball tomorrow. Nothing that I know of tonight though.
  9. I don't see the big deal. Happy Gilmore took off his skate and stabbed someone with it. He didn't get suspended.
  10. Parr8hed

    G's Cx bike

    No. Triathlon, MTB and cross you can use any gearing you want. Road is the only discipline that has "junior gearing". One of his past teammates had a sticker on her bike that said "Junior Gears, No Beers".
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