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  1. Parr8hed

    Not all living rooms are created equal. Bike porn

    IS that an electric bike? Cool!
  2. Parr8hed

    My Mother is making us hot cocoa hoarders

    I love that crap! Can’t have it very often. My daughter could drink her body weight in it!
  3. Parr8hed

    LA's Aspen Home

    I wouldn’t know. Hell, I wouldn’t know if 1,00’s were out of circulation.
  4. Parr8hed

    N-3 plus 1

    He raced some crits. Mostly about Cx and mountain.
  5. Parr8hed

    N-3 plus 1

    That ain’t gonna happen. There is plenty of grass to cut and leaves to take around here if he wants race wheels!
  6. Parr8hed

    The will wake you the Eff up at 04:30

    Meh, I was standing up. Had a lot of tension on the wheel. Probably more about body mass than strength. This was yesterday before work. Waited until 9:00 today!
  7. Parr8hed

    The will wake you the Eff up at 04:30

    Oh yea. I’m fine. I was on a spin bike in the basement. Thankfully that bike doesn’t have a top tube for me to damage certain body parts on. Just scared me.
  8. Parr8hed

    The greatest movie ever made?

    I give a nod to @Goat Geddah for dodgeball. Great movie. Another nod to @RalphWaldoMooseworth Because of Airplane. My final nod goes to @Square Wheels for finding Nemo. All of these are great and should certainly be in the conversation for best film ever. Let me add add one more to consider.... Roadhouse.
  9. Parr8hed

    N-3 plus 1

    Cross Mary, cross!!!! It’s all about the disc brakes and wide taars.
  10. Parr8hed

    N-3 plus 1

    We should get it wrapped.
  11. Parr8hed

    N-3 plus 1

    He is. It's the first BRAND NEW bike he's gotten since we were on smaller ones. We've been buying hand-me-downs from other junior racers.
  12. Parr8hed

    People just amaze me

    Sorry man. I have been busy, I did do a quick scroll and didn't see anything right off the bat. I thought I was in the clear.
  13. Parr8hed

    N-3 plus 1

    51 cm CAAD X. Rival. Had it switched from double to single front chain ring. It's a bit of a pig right now. The factory wheels suck. Once we put it on a diet it should be dope. The brakes are amazing.