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  1. I appreciate your sacrifice.
  2. The wife and daughter left the campground to drive to Myrle for a week of softball Nationals. They've been there since Wens and I came home to work. They are doing pretty well and I found a last min cheap flight. So I am able to join them this evening in Myrtle Beach for a few nights. We'll all drive back Sunday. I was able to take off Monday so here comes yet another long travel weekend. I will get plenty of rest when I die.
  3. I can recommend a nice campground in TN.
  4. Parr8hed


    What @ChrisL said is the correct answer.
  5. What a lunatic. Imagine wanting to be a part of conversations that have a bearing on HIS job. Imagine wanting your friends to be treated well. Imagine wanting to be in conversations about other players being recruited that you have played with or against over the years. He comes off as very well spoken with legitimate concerns if you ask me.
  6. Get me a ham and cheese omelet, side of bacon and some hashbrowns. I'll be right there.
  7. Too late. Just ordered the new ones that the wife wanted anyways.
  8. Mixed emotions. Our camping crew is not as strict as the wife and I. They let their kids drive them all over the place. The (non enforced) rule of the park was 18 or older. I was a little nervous but it turned out fine. I loved cruising around on it. I would usually take a morning cruise and an evening cruise with either a screwdriver or bourbon in hand.
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