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  1. You could probably duplicate this somewhat with the oven low and slow. And ditch the veggies and add some smoked, bacon covered taters.
  2. The best one I ever had we put a rub on it. Wrapped it in a bacon weave and smoked it @ 225 until it hit the right IT (can't remember what it was, but probably about 150? ) Have to google the IT for pork loin. It was amazing.
  3. It looks even higher in that pic. You need a fitting.
  4. I think that you should set up a webcam for us. Kinda like @sheep_herder's Miles city cam. We could keep an eye on them. You could even give us the contractors cell number and we can text him when he is doing something wrong.
  5. What is the temp there? I bet they will be glad to work inside once they get the walls up.
  6. Oh sure, I get that. And I wish the new guy luck. I hope he succeeds.
  7. And that's when I realized that my friend had written the perfect country and western song. -D.A.C.
  8. Working. The patients will all have it on their TV's. I won't watching it but I am sure I will see bits and pieces. I am not exactly excited about the incoming president, but in all fairness I wasn't exactly excited about the outgoing president either. It's kinda like trying to make a decision on if you would rather be punched in the nose or kicked in the nuts.
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