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  1. Since covid hit ours have been very busy. A couple of dad's on Emmy's old team are farmers and have cows. We get a 1/2 beef every year from them. They have really had to work to find places to take the cattle. It was March and they were making December appointments.
  2. I thought a Boy named Sue was Cash's song. Very cool. Didn't know that he wrote music as well as poetry. Where the sidewalk ends was probably one of the first books I remember reading.
  3. I just don't see anything good from blocking traffic. Anger, the feeling of potentially being threatened.... this can all lead to poor decision making. At some point someone is going to get hurt because of it. Not everyone is as cool as Airhead was.
  4. someone tell the skipper to slow the ef down!
  5. We need pics of the toilet. Good luck
  6. You seem awfully on edge today. You may try some more fiber in your diet.
  7. No, we bought a used motor. It was a pretty slick deal. We would have put a ton of money into the old one, it would have needed everything, bored, honed, new pistons, rings, bearings. The one we found had been gone though, run on propane (very clean) and it had a cam in it. The guy had bought a rock crawler truck for the axles, transmission, etc. He had a motor already and didn't need this one. He put it on the facebooks and we snatched it up for 500. A patient of mine owns a shop and he threw it in the truck for pretty cheap. Then we started fixing a bunch of small things. It runs an
  8. Well that's really all that beer is. And I LOVE beer.
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