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  1. Little bacon grease will hook it right on up.
  2. you can have her!
  3. Ha! See my prev reply. I just want to see him compete and not finish a half lap ahead of everyone else.
  4. He is way ready. There are only 5 short track races. We'll miss next week due to vacation. So leaves only 3 left for him to race. He wants to race with the faster kids. Short track is really only training for cross (for him anyways). We contemplated letting him race with the men's C after his 14 race last night but he said it was too hot. But when he was done he almost looked a little sheepish about it. He told me that he shouldn't be racing in the 14's. I agree. It's like letting his sister pitch to rec league players that don't do travel.
  5. I am going to steal @petitepedal's post. Tomorrow we are taking the camper to Indy to stay Friday night. G has a tri up there Sat morning. Right after the race we are going to pull the camper back at put it away and pack for Gatlinburg. Sunday morning we will leave and be in the Smokies for a week of mountain biking, hiking, swimming and general relaxation.
  6. Yea, I think that you're right. And historically he has not been really great on the MTB. Was only on the podium of this same race once last year.
  7. The last pic was him passing a women's C rider. They started about 1 min or 2 before they let the U14 kids loose.
  8. Oh, and it was last night.
  9. This was U14. The other kiddos were pretty smallish. He is 14. Had I known that all of the other faster kids were racing U18 I would have moved him up as well. These two kids were around 12 I think They are fast as hell, don't get me wrong, but G just had too much for them. He rode away and finished about 1 min ahead of everyone, coasting across the line. Next race will move him to U18.
  10. Needs. More. Bacon.
  11. That thing looks faaaaaast.
  12. Awesome stuff man.
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