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  1. Parr8hed

    So why do you think SUVs are so popular?

    You can't pull a camper with an Accord.
  2. Parr8hed

    News from SW OH

    You can pick your seat, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your family.
  3. Parr8hed

    I did my civic duty and damn government is stupid

    That's not a very nice thing to say about me.
  4. Parr8hed

    I made a woman cry on my date Friday

    Amen. So if I ever went on one of these "dates" I could just show up in scrubs? But I am firmly in the @Indy camp. If something ever happened to the wife I don't see myself going through the whole dating scene. The last time I did it there were barely cell phones. They didn't have cameras, video, facebook, etc. Not sure I'd be into it.
  5. Parr8hed

    I made a woman cry on my date Friday

    I am perplexed. What does one wear for one of these "dates" in a big city?
  6. Parr8hed

    Cold Brew

    I'll remind you of that next time you get on me for drinking Coors Light
  7. Parr8hed

    Most of us here had Depression Era parents..

    I had depression era GRANDparents.
  8. Parr8hed

    Broke down and bought a Nikon

    Very nice. I thought it was kinda funny thinking about you with a Nikon camera.
  9. Parr8hed

    Would you wear a woman's helmet if you were a man?

    Wimmenz helmets are built with a softer compound. They have harder heads.
  10. Parr8hed

    I was just scolded

    What age qualifies her to be "elderly"?
  11. Parr8hed

    Ryan's fishing buddy caught one!

    We call those a "Nope Rope" or a "Danger Noodle" around here.
  12. Parr8hed

    New Bike

    @Square Wheels did you buy it?
  13. Parr8hed

    Pregnancy Test & Vodka

    She wants to be knocked up. If she isn't yet, get a dude drunk and sleep with him.
  14. Parr8hed

    Blood drive slogan

    Imagine it.... "Your blood could be in someone else's boner who's sleeping with a really hot chick".