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  1. She has one in the front yard. But softball mounds are flat (as you know). We should prob be pitching from that but it's been so wet that it was a muddy mess. She got in the habit of just throwing from the driveway and we havent broke it yet.
  2. always glad to help with a good train derailment.
  3. This article tries to help coons, but basically they don't do shit.
  4. They're just cute. I feel like I read somewhere that they help control something, I just can't remember what. But possums have been said to eat a TON of ticks.
  5. Ha!, no. I have a newfound appreciation for the possum. They eat tics. We got off to a rocky start, but we are all friends now.
  6. Same freezer. It didn't get unplugged, It blew a breaker because a possum bit it. I managed to save the freezer. That's prob been 10 years? Anyways, it is about 40 years old I would guess. It was due. Just shitty timing.
  7. Ain't shit in my deep freeze. The kitchen freezer has some steak, a few roasts and about 15 pounds of burger. It's pretty full. But we had so much more.
  8. Because what else are we doing? This drill was outside fastball, WAY outside fastball and inside change up. Working on hitting spots. We do this drill a lot. She was throwing really well yesterday.
  9. Go to work a little later. (08:30) because I am only treating one patient. This made me happy. He is positive, but has been discharged from hospital. He came in with a fever. This makes me nervous. So I go home to take Em to her private hitting lesson. This makes me slightly nervous, but it's a very well controlled environment. This makes me feel better. Get a call that my freezer went TU. This makes me angry. We had beef in there. Good beef. It was a pretty rough day. Emmy was very upset because this was the official day that school was cancelled for the year. This means no school ball, and probably no little league. Probably no trip to the world series. A guy can only take so much. This made me feel mentally exhausted. But today is a good day. I am going to get a new freezer. This makes me happy. We saved some of the beef. This makes me happy too. I have buddies that raise cows. This makes me happy too. G will race again, emmy will play again. This makes me happiest.
  10. Pretty common from what I am hearing. I am so glad I don't work in hospitals. We are fairly controlled here in the center. Hope K is doing well (you too!)
  11. I am working in a dialysis center with direct patient care with confirmed positive cases.
  12. I have heard both ways on different pod casts. The new stuff that I have heard is that it appears that some people recover and still test positive for it (with and without symptoms). There is also some talk about it being "seasonal" (like the flu). This is all speculation of course.
  13. Yes, We were pretty stocked. Since our patients are so immune compromised we are used to wearing it anyways. This is really not new to us. Only thing that has changed is eyewear when taking care of positive or at risk patients. We have added some cleaning in high traffic areas before and after each shift. And we wear masks all of the time in center. Not just when taking off or putting on patients. But we seem to be pretty well stocked.
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