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    freaking bambi.
  2. The music makes it!
  3. I am getting pretty good at snakes from my area. There is a FB group called KY snake identification. It is one of my fav groups. People will post a pic of a snake and you can try to guess it on your own before reading the comments. You are correct about location. It really is key. For instance we only have 4 venomous snakes in our area. Cottonmouth, copperhead, timber rattler and pygmy rattler. Knowing your venomous snakes and their ranges in your area really helps to narrow things down. For instance Cottonmouths are only far western KY with small pockets here and there. Timbers are really only East and pockets around Brown County IN. Pygmies are far eastern hilly KY. So really the only venomous ones that we have to worry about in my immediate area is the copperhead. They are very distinct. So if you know that you are not looking at a copperhead then you can be fairly certain that you are not looking at a venomous snake. Of course this differs greatly for area. Especially desert areas like @UglyBob. there are about 6,548 species of rattlesnakes out there!
  4. Why? It's just the government trying to control you. They don't care about your PRI.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storeria_dekayi
  6. DeKay's Brown snake. Harmless. Eats slugs and snails.
  7. You didn't screw the valve down all of the way the last time you added air.
  8. Looks like Bosoxer.
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    no shit. And they have a valid case.
  10. That's for wiping the covid sweat off the bike when I am done.
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  12. Believe me, that is a huge part of why I stay. I plan on being here another 5 years and then I am out anyways. Everyone brings up some great points. Thanks!
  13. My thoughts exactly. A lot of former people have been re-hired. You know its a shit ton more for them to leave and come back. I feel like I am missing out on some major monies.
  14. Everyone is hiring right now. I could go literally anywhere. I was thinking of acute dialysis. Like seeing people in the hospital to dialyze them. Scheduling would be a big deal for me. I would continue to need most weekends off. That is the big deal here. Would I be able to do that?
  15. My employer is a big Nation wide conglomerate. By all practical thought they are fairly safe. Here locally we have some new management. Lots of issues. a lot of long time employees have left. Staffing is an issue (as it is with lots of places nowadays). I have wondered if it is still safe? Are staffing levels adequate? Lots of new employees? Do I trust the new management? Is it time to jump off the sinking ship? Or stay and be part of the crew that rights the distressed vessel? Decisions....
  16. Sure. My FIL shot a big 600+ pounder down in TN.
  17. Horrible on farm land here. I know in Texas people shoot them from helicopters. You can charter a chopper and shoot as many as you want.
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