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  1. A bunch of us met up for @Phoenix's 50 birthday ride. If I remember right @ajax13 got her the shirt. Can't believe it will be 10 years ago this October.
  2. Like it? I'm the one who took the picture. Seriously...I took the picture.
  3. That sounds like something you need to see a proctologist for...
  4. I have none, but my wife did make me go to a Yani concert once. I'm not sure what circle of Hell that it, but it's pretty deep...
  5. Our last RV was a 27ft class C. This one is only 3 feet longer, but feels much larger due to the full wall slide. Also, being a class A, you don't lose the cab area as living space inside. This one is built on a Ford chassis with the same V10 engine we had in the class C. I went to several RV shows and looked at a ton of floorplans before we found this one. There are so many choices out there now that it can get a little overwhelming.
  6. We went to Payson--just a couple of hours from home, but at a higher elevation.
  7. That's what I did in our last rig. I plan to do the same with this one.
  8. If either of you come into town, let me know. I can take one other person in for free.
  9. The History of the Electric Guitar exhibit runs through September. You just missed John Lennon's piano. It went back to owner last week.
  10. Very cool. Next time you're in Arizona and have a day to kill, you should visit the Musical Instrument Museum . I volunteer there. Amazing place.
  11. My wife works virtual, so all of her work is at home. I just try to tune it out and go about by business.
  12. One of the cooler things this RV has is a tailgater package. The drawer under the drink fridge is a pull out counter. There is also a propane hookup for the grill so you don't have to use a separate tank. The TV pulls out so you can change the viewing angle. The speakers can be switched between TV sound and the radio inside the RV. I think I'm going to get very spoiled in this rig...
  13. It's more comfortable to drive and has better visibility. Quieter too.
  14. Yeah. We decided we needed more room. BTW, got the fridge working...loose connection. We went through a couple of rough patching on the way here. I don't think the wire was seated well and vibrated lose.
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