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  1. I love carnitas! I make them quite often. I have my own spice mix I've developed over the years. The trick to really good carnitas is cooking low and slow, then put the meat in a shallow pan, brush the meat with it's own fat, and then put it under the broiler until it gets that perfect crust. So yummy!
  2. Any long trips with this one will be on the tow bar behind the motor home...
  3. You can't beat the straight sixes for torque and reliability.
  4. I'm an idiot. I just realized why you asked that question.
  5. The orange bike is built on a Taiwanese carbon frame a friend was checking out for his private label bikes. He gave me one to build up and ride to give him feedback. It's running SRAM Rival 10 speed. It has wheels I built on it right now because of my current weight. It usually haas American Classic CR420s. The yellow Schwinn is a 1991 Waterford built Paramount running Shimano 105-SLS from the same time period and 105 SC brakes. It's the bike I ride when ever I lose the love of cycling. That one brings the joy back.
  6. Yeah...he tends to over-build things a little.
  7. Yup, this is the kind of Jeep you use to rescue that kind of Jeep.
  8. Towed the "new" toy home this weekend. WoUB said it had to fit in the garage or it ain't coming home. Had to do some rearranging, but it's in. Put U-joints and carb kit in last weekend. Runs like a dream. Just have a couple of electrical issues on the dash to work out, then run it through emissions and get the tags on it. This thing is a 1976 CJ7 with only 53,000 original miles. The engine runs like new and there's no slop in the drivetrain. I did the U-joints just because it's been sitting and I know all of the miles it's had have been off-road. U-joints are cheap and easy, so I did it for my
  9. Being an Arizona car, mine was solid. Had the 152ci four in it and a Warner overdrive. I think the top speed as about 55mph on a downhill with a tailwind, but the little sucker would climb anything. I never managed to get it stuck.
  10. UglyBob

    I need goats

    Haven't had that, but I do love me some goat cheese.
  11. My only goal for the last few years has been survival. Beyond that, it's all gravy...
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