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  1. When you're ready for the next two, let me know. I'll cut you a deal...
  2. During the lockdown his daughter Delaney did a bunch of interviews with him on Youtube. They really give a different look into the man and his music. I think there was something about doing it with her that really brought his guard down and opened him up a lot. You can find them here. Very worth watching.
  3. Man, am I hugely bummed. I was fan before Margaritaville. I'll be flying my Conch Republic flag at half-mast...
  4. Went to hear Sonny Landreth Sunday night. The guy hasn't lost anything. He still kills it and is high energy.
  5. Get off our lawns! ...er...I mean get off our desert landscaping!
  6. I've been to both and prefer Costa Rica--the Caribbean side, not the Pacific. The Pacific side has too many US expats. The Caribbean side is less developed and the locals are super nice. Money also goes farther there than in the Americanized areas.
  7. It's the heat. It gets to you and bakes your brain after a while. That explains why @az_cyclistdoes double centuries and I used to do centuries on a fixie. @groupw is still new to the state, so he's probably still sitting at a reasonable medium-rare. That will change with time...
  8. UglyBob

    Gray skin

    100% agree here. Low O2 is nothing to mess with. Don't wait for Amazon. Go to the drugstore and get one right now. I know Walgreens, CVS and Walmart all have them on the shelf.
  9. Henry Ford also had the crates the engines were shipped to the factory in specifically designed so they could be broken down and reused to form the floor boards of the Model T.
  10. Diving the North Wall at Grande Cayman exceeded my expectations. We spent four days diving there. I'd been to a few other sites around the Caribbean that were cool, but none of them even starts to compare to the North Wall. The water was so clear, warm, and full of life. When we came out of the wall 100 feet down it felt like going off a cliff because the water was so clear. It truly felt like you flying. The highlight was when a group of 14 spotted eagle rays decided to circle us and check us out. They were huge and got so close, but were not the least bit aggressive. After we surfaced the divemaster said he'd never seen that many in one group before, especially large ones. He also said he'd never seen the variety of sea life we encountered over just eight dives. He said most people dive for several years before they'd seen what we did.
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