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  1. I'm fat every Tuesday (and all of the days in between), so it's not a big deal for me...
  2. Writers group meeting on Saturday, finish loading things into the new motor home, then maybe go for a day trip on Sunday so my wife can get a feel for the new mobile digs before me plan our next outing.
  3. I would have to say that a really good jambalaya is at the top of my list.
  4. UglyBob

    Man down!

    That's not gonna buff out... Glad you're ok.
  5. UglyBob


    Good luck finding a parking space for it in NYC!
  6. Panhandle hooker? I thought that was prostitute from Amarillo...
  7. UglyBob


    Gracie says you can come for a short visit, but you must pay in tennis balls and belly rubs.
  8. Well crap... I hope they get it figured out soon and get her home. Vibes coming your way.
  9. UglyBob


    Well, we put the deposit down on it. We pick it up next week. We're trading in our old RV for a gently used 2017.
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