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  1. The first time I hear him was when he sang Sam Stone on TV in the very early '70s.
  2. UglyBob

    Wine Box Guitar

    Just finished building this one.
  3. Last night I finished recycling a wine box into a nylon string acoustic/electric guitar. I put a piezo bar pickup in the bridge and used a champagne cork for the volume knob.
  4. I opened the freezer to take a quick inventory. The first thing I saw was a bottle of lemoncello...that's as far as I got. I might take another look when my vision clears up.
  5. The early adopters (and over-users) of new catch phrases are usually just trying to sound smarter than they really are. I had a boss once who would make up new terms just to screw with people. The brown-nosers would all start using the new stuff in everything they did and sounded like idiots. I caught on early and I never got caught up in the joke. He saw that figured out what he was doing, so he started telling me what he would use next so I could throw it out there in casual conversation Like I was in-the-know before everyone else. It drove a couple of them crazy!
  6. Even the parodies? JK--I too hope we're all still here when this crap dies down.
  7. The old St Luke's hospital here in Phoenix closed down and abandoned last fall. The National Guard is now in the process of taking it over and readying the space for corvid-19 patients. It will add another 300 ICU beds to the city.
  8. My morning brain read that subject line as BROTHEL coffee shop. FYI, that's not social distancing...
  9. UglyBob

    My Idea of Social Distancing

  10. We haven't even been hearing the usual fighter jet traffic from Luke AFB. Training flights seem to be on hold as well.
  11. True, but when it's a sanitation worker, a car salesman, or the old guy that greets you a Walmart it doesn't make the news. For every celebrity we hear about there are thousands of everyday people like us affected. I feel for every one of those people as well.
  12. Just read that John Prine is in the hospital with this wretched curse. He's in critical condition. This saddens me. I've followed him since I first heard him sing "Sam Stone" one night on TV back in the very early '70s.
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