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  1. 1956 Harmony arch top tenor guitar I'm restoring. The glue in all of the joints has crystallized and given out, so I'm taking the whole thing apart and rebuilding it.
  2. I think the same thing that applies to desks also applies to garages. If a cluttered desk garage signifies a cluttered mind, what does an empty desk garage signify? That's right, an empty mind...
  3. Can you fire up your generator and give me some juice?
  4. I haven't been to one of those in about 15 years--since my dad passed. It was one of his favorites. There's one just off the bike path. I should ride there and have on in his honor.
  5. 1976 CJ7, 232ci six, 33" tires (going down to 31's when these wear out. Too high geared), 3 speed stick.
  6. I wish I say that was all of them, but sadly, no...
  7. I'm making boneless pork chops with mashed potatoes, gravy, and roasted cauliflower.
  8. Kind of a disaster. You can only see half of it here. The other half is all storage and piled to the roof. If I pull the Jeep out, there's room to work.
  9. Free beer? All I got was a stupid sticker and a bandaid.
  10. Whatever gets you on the bike is good with me.
  11. Upside-down Nashbar bullhorns, usually found on hipster fixies.
  12. I would have to go to the other side of town to Scottsdale (otherwise known as Snotsdale) to shop at Whole Foods. They don't consider the west side of the valley worthy of their presence. Fun fact -- there are actually more millionaires per capita over here than in Scottsdale. They have a ton of up-to-their-asses-in-hock posers over there driving fancy leased cars because they can't afford to buy them.
  13. They have a little blue pill that cures that now...
  14. I like to be seen by cars, so I went with highway department orange. If I get hit, they can't claim they didn't see me because I blended into the background.
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