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  1. When you get a dick-pic from a bear, you know you've been trolled...
  2. This is the first thing I thought of when I saw the pic.
  3. Going through the same thing right now. All I can offer is my go to "hang in there" song. I listen to it whenever I feel like quitting.
  4. This is why experienced off-roaders have big ass winches and highlift jacks on their vehicles. That's how you get yourself out of messes like this. Of course anyone with experience wouldn't have been that stupid to begin with...
  5. UglyBob


    You'll have to wait a little while for the next book. I'm writing one that's not related to the series right now. I'm trying out another genre to see if I can pull it off. I may try to write the next book in the series at the same time. I already have the foundation figured out. In the next one story James gets a stalker... or more to the point, Josh gets one. I've also started spinning Nestor off into his own series, but I'm a little stalled on that one.
  6. Anyone else wonder why this guy knows the current price for this particular service?
  7. Not happening here yet. We're still in the triple digits for the foreseeable future.
  8. Oh, we have that too. We have a big influx of people moving here from California...
  9. Not Arizona either. We are the land of perpetual sweat...
  10. Hawaii. Lots of bodies slathered in coco butter and coconut oil laying about on the beaches.
  11. An argot sounds like something you need to see a doctor for. Like one of those things you need to have surgically removed before it gets any bigger.
  12. Throw him into what? A volcano? The way this year is going human sacrifice is starting to look like it might be viable solution.
  13. But what if he didn't land head first?
  14. I watched it live when he did it. Crazy stuff. As far as the force of the landing goes, it doesn't really matter how far up you jump/ Once you reach terminal velocity (about 120mph) the force doesn't increase. The big problem is accuracy and unpredictable winds aloft. Get blown off course and you're totally screwed...
  15. But I'm not going to be home, so I'm starting the weekend music thread early. You guys know I'm a Haley Reinhart fan, but her dad has some major chops as well.
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