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  1. UglyBob

    Bare with me

    Um...nobody wants to see that.
  2. UglyBob

    Bare with me

    This was taken by my next door neighbor last Monday, 6/29. Bare butts on bike seats.
  3. Believe me, he left some here. We're on our third day in a row of 110+.
  4. Oh man, this really sucks...
  5. Dammit! That was going to be my answer.
  6. Yeah, I am not falling for that one again...
  7. Wow... I'm impressed! That kind of tool me away to a landscape of rolling green meadows somewhere in the north of Ireland. Very beautiful.
  8. I've driven a split window. I don't like having the bar right in the middle of the rear view mirror, plus I like to feel the wind in what's left of my hair...
  9. 1963 Corvette Stingray convertible. First year of the 350HP 327ci engine. 1968 Dodge Challenger RT
  10. I kind of like that one. I'd put an extra wide door (maybe a hanging barn door style) between the flex room ant the garage. That would become the bike shop/workshop.
  11. I like the farm house. The other two plans require your guests to go through a bedroom to access a bathroom. That's kind of an awkward layout.
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