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  1. I would name it "Church." That way if I got caught sneaking out of the house to go fishing, I could say I was just going to church
  2. Story Engineering by Larry Brooks. FYI: The next James McCarthy book should be out in a couple of months. The book is completely edited and formatted. Working on the cover and book blurb right now. Re-edited second editions of the first two books are also scheduled to be released around the same time.
  3. UglyBob

    Started TP Today

    It could have been a 10 if he would have changed one more letter in the title and made it "Sharted TP Today."
  4. Does she come with the barrel? @Parr8hed would hit that like the bass drum in a Sousa march...
  5. I made jambalaya this week. Great for cooler weather. I also made beans and cheesey cornbread. I love this time of year. You can't eat this kind of stuff when it's 115 degrees.
  6. Um...that would be me. RG will probably want it.
  7. I had a great time. I hope you guys can come out for a longer stay some time and I'll show you more of the state. I haven't pulled everything off the camera yet, but here's a couple I took.
  8. I was always interested in the girls, though sometimes I had a strange way of showing it. Me and John Pettis got in trouble in kindergarten when we tied up two of the girls with a jump-rope and hauled them around the playground in a wagon. The girls though it was fun. The teacher, Mrs. Adkins, was not impressed...
  9. UglyBob


    Whenever I cook a pork roast, ham, or other brazed meats in the oven, I save the juices in the freezer, then use the stock to make a big pot of pinto beans. If I have a ham bone, I'll throw that in too along with onions, chilies, spices and whatever I have laying around. I cook in big batches, then portion it out and freeze it so we can spread the consumption out over time. When you're dealing with beans, you don't want to over do it, especially when it's too cold to open all of the windows...
  10. FIL is home--no heart attack. He's 10 years post quadruple bypass, so they are making him do a stress test on Friday to check for blockage. Looks like we dodged a bullet this time.
  11. They're keeping him overnight. Looks like there might be some cardiac involvement, but he's doing well and in high spirits. Thanks for the good thoughts and vibes.
  12. Chrome is hosed until the cert gets fixed. I had to switch to a different browser.
  13. Thanks, everyone. He's doing fine. They are checking cardiac enzymes to see what's going on. Maybe just a scare, but you never know. When you're 87 years old, you don't take chances.
  14. Just got a call. My FIL is headed to the hospital with chest pains. On my way out the door now...
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