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  1. Talk about your low hanging fruit. I dare someone to do the obvious parody of this thread.
  2. UglyBob


    That right there should tell you how evil they are.
  3. Any time I ride I'm fat biking. Doesn't matter what size tires I'm on...
  4. We just dropped ours last month. It seemed stupid to keep paying $45 a month when all we get on that one anymore is spam calls.
  5. Dog leaves them in the backyard all the time.
  6. UglyBob

    Magic Spoon

    I'm a little late to this thread. I thought a magic spoon was the little coke-spoon people had hanging on a chain around their neck when they went clubbing back in the '70s.
  7. Yup, back to ugly off road stuff. Just a Jeep this time instead of a a Baja Bug.
  8. I've got straps I can wrap around a rock or the base of a mesquite. They have pretty strong bases. There are trees around the washes where I'm more likely to get stuck. Truth is that in the past I've done a lot more pulling other people out than rescuing myself. I try not to be the guy who does stupid shit and gets in over my head.
  9. Thanks, folks. Didn't get a birthday ride in, but I did take the Jeep out into the hills for a shakedown. This is the first chance I've had to get it off road and lock in the hubs. In Arizona we don't just have to deal with asses on the highway...
  10. I like the live stuff better than the studio cuts.
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