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  1. I have several of her albums. I started listening to her music in 1975-76, after hearing her in a duet with Bob Dylan ( the song Mozambique, on his Desire album ). Hotel Elite was the first of her albums I bought, and especially liked 2 songs, Amarillo, and her cover of the Beatle’s Here, There, and Everywhere.
  2. Terri's FB profile lists that she lives in Cheshire CT. I had forgotten he went by roadwarrior in the old LF. I saw her FB post yesterday. She has added some pics of Ken today, but not any more information on what happend. In one response Terri's sister said he passed totally unexpectedly.
  3. Saturday morning ride, 30 miles. Same route as last Saturday but rode in the opposite direction
  4. 7/23/21. 51 miles with my son and one of his friends. They are pushing the pace!
  5. 7/21/21. 36 miles this morning, with my son and a friend of his (the friend for about 24 miles). After the friend peeled off my so. Asked if I wanted to go to Caribou. I said I had coffee at the apartment (he doesn’t drink coffee) so let’s just ride more and go for 30, so we did . He even suggested a road with a stretch of gravel .
  6. We have club rides every Saturday, so I can add some miles
  7. 7/19/21. Monday morning ride with my son, 50 miles
  8. I guess that is why it has seemed so hazy lately
  9. Wasnt that the last time there was a TT (either individual or team) on the last stage of the race? ABC televised that stage.
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