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  1. az_cyclist

    My lunch date

    we will be watching our 3 youngest ones next week
  2. at home I drink my coffee black. at a restaurant I will sometimes put some cream in . I rarely put in flavored cream, but at this one bagel shop I do use the machiato flavor, and as well at gas stations on the highway
  3. az_cyclist

    Central Coast Ride #2

    My mentor rode with a club with a faster pace, so I started doing that too. Most of the the routes are between 40 and 50 miles, and the rolling average for the B group is 17-18 mph. That gets you done by noon or so even in the winter, when the rides start at 8 am. Riding faster over the years made me stronger. For the doubles in the California Triple Crown series that I have ridden to date, I have always ridden with friends. It may be that I will ride some of them solo in the future, which makes me think about pacing, especially not starting too fast or too slow.
  4. az_cyclist

    Central Coast Ride #2

    thanks. I have a long distance cycling mentor, and have trained to ride them. the payoff is some great scenery
  5. az_cyclist

    Central Coast Ride #2

    that is a beautiful area. I rode part of it from Cambria to past Plaskett (and climbed Nacimiento-Ferguson Rd) on the Central Coast double century in 2016.
  6. az_cyclist

    SPF Clothing????

    I have never gotten sunburn under a jersey. I have recently started wearing SPF 50 sun sleeves. I believe they were warmer this weekend, with temps around 100 and the dew point at 60.
  7. az_cyclist

    July 8...workout/ride/run/hike...whatcha got?

    30.7 miles in a solo ride for me. was still recovering from the cold, and it was still hot and windy.
  8. az_cyclist

    7/7/18 miles and stuff

    60 miles on the club ride. Turns out I was not as over the cold as I thought I was. Add in the temp was 90 when we started and 104 when I got home, and it was a struggle. I normally handle heat ok, but 30 miles in I had nothing left in the tank. We also had a headwind or cross wind most of the way.
  9. az_cyclist

    Weekend plans this first weekend in July!!!

    going to watch a band play tonight, at a neighborhood bar and grill. club ride tomorrow and Sunday morning. not sure about tomorrow afternoon. Sunday afternoon may pick up a new pocket knife.
  10. az_cyclist

    Will you be watching the tour?

    I will watch it some. I do have NBCSports, but not the Gold package. I may look to get a DVR
  11. az_cyclist

    Well, gotta go.

    Glad to hear it went well
  12. az_cyclist

    Tim Hortons

    I would say the coffee is about the same as Dunkin Donuts.
  13. az_cyclist

    Tim Hortons

    I was in Calgary last week, but didnt stop at Tim's.
  14. I indulge some, but mostly eat normally
  15. az_cyclist

    Do you like the 4th of July?

    as a kid it was a picnic and firecrackers, and later on little league baseball tourney and picnic. As a teen it was earning money baling hay during the day, then running around with friends at night. as an adult I still enjoy the day off. For the past several years it has meant an early bike ride, the bbq.