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  1. az_cyclist


    raining this morning. will have breakfast and coffee, then head to the gym to lift. maybe the rain will break so I can ride this afternoon
  2. az_cyclist

    X-ray risk

    I dont know about xrays, but I had many bone scans and CT scans between 1991 and 2005. For each of those I had to drink the tracer. in Oct 2005 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and had my thyriod removed. I have wondered if all those scans contributed to the thyroid cancer. My current oncologist has not ordered a CT or PET scan since 2006. As long as I have access to synthroid I can live a normal life. I have taken synthroid daily since February 2006.
  3. Rain predicted for Saturday. I doubt I ride in the rain but it is possible ( I do sometimes ride in the rain just to train for the CTC doubles). Other than that a quiet weekend.
  4. now, being retired, 4 days a week my attire is lycra. When I was working it was normally dockers and a polo shirt at customers or customer meetings, and jeans and a polo at the office where there were not any customers around.
  5. AndI just got back from the club ride
  6. how many times can we vote?
  7. Kudos to those that sent the care package!
  8. I scored 48 but many of the questions dont apply to me any longer. I have had advantages that were not available to minorities. For example I applied for a crew scheduling position at the airline where my wife worked. I had gotten to know her supervisor and manager who put in a good word for me to the hiring manager. I also had experience in transportation as a dispatcher in the trucking industry. The airline complied with government hiring requirements so there was minority representation in the company. The fact I knew people there was definitely an advantage. I don't know that privilege is the correct term. Privilege tends to imply you are going to get something whether you deserve it or not, and that you will not necessarily need to work to keep it. I would agree that I have had advantages that others have not had, but that did not mean that I did not have to work for what I have.
  9. Signs or Uneasy Rider? somewhat similar songs (Signs was more protest, Uneasy Rider was more funny...... I dont even own a garage you can call home and ask my wife)
  10. normal weekend. club ride on Saturday, and ride and church on Sunday.
  11. The hair on top of my head is still mostly light brown, but my beard is all grey/ white
  12. Try a spin class too. We need to check out the trails again in July
  13. Happy Wednesday petite
  14. The last 3 miles of the climb were tough
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