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  1. az_cyclist

    A couple of pics from my deck

    Great pics petite
  2. az_cyclist

    Home exercise equipment

    all my aerobic exercise is done outside, which, since we moved and I started working from home has been cycling. I do have a membership at LA Fitness, and try to get to there 3 days a week, to lift and work on core strength.
  3. az_cyclist

    Four hrs and counting in the ER

    Prayers for her, LongJohn, and for you
  4. az_cyclist

    Happy Monday

    Happy Monday
  5. az_cyclist

    I tried.....

    it is all you can do, petite
  6. az_cyclist

    Market timing

    Nice timing!
  7. az_cyclist

    Happy Monday!

    Happy Monday
  8. az_cyclist

    happy work naked day

    excellent point Longjohn
  9. az_cyclist

    Arrowhead 135 starts Monday Jan 28

    I heard a report on the race on Tuesday afternoon, on NPR
  10. az_cyclist

    Sunday miles, kms, cals, etc.

    33.8, with 991 ft of climbing
  11. az_cyclist

    January 26 miles or steps or whatevers

    70.8 on club ride, then lifted in the afternoon.
  12. az_cyclist

    Good morning bastards

    Here’s a pic
  13. az_cyclist

    Good morning bastards

    46 right now (6:48). will warm up to about 70 this afternoon.
  14. az_cyclist

    Good morning bastards

    Good morning. just finishing an oatmeal and fruit breakfast. will get ready and head out to the club ride in about 35 minutes
  15. az_cyclist

    Can you guess who I found in NYC yesterday?

    It was crowded when we met there, and that was over 10 years ago?