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  1. 48 this morning with 2600 ft of elevation gain, our Four Peaks route.
  2. 26 this morning. Chilly start (38F) but warmer at the finish
  3. 56 on the club ride today. Chilly start at 39F. Brisk pace, and the Richey felt great
  4. It was given to me by a guy at church that can’t wear it any more. For retro I would really like a La Vie Claire jersey
  5. Richey wheels. Brakes are HyRd
  6. 3 tubes, multi tool, levers, cable lock, CO2, mini pump. Also stores wind vest and knee warmers later on rides.
  7. Brought home the Richey Outback Wednesday afternoon, but didn’t have time to finish everything for the ride Thursday. Finished the setup this afternoon (after putting up all the outside Christmas decorations first for Mrs Az_cyclist) and tooK it for a shakedown ride. The saddle felt too high, so I went home, adjusted it (to the same height as the Domane) then went back out. Handled great. Disc brakes were not quite as responsive as the Domane, but I expected that since they are a combination of hydraulic and cable actuated as opposed to all hydraulic on the Domane. Club ride of 51 tomorrow.
  8. I had coffee after a ride. Mrs az_cyclist made some apple treats to go with it
  9. I would suggest a single malt scotch, or Baileys, or Crown Royal, or Disaronno
  10. 54.3 today on the club ride. Great temps, 57 to 70
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