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  1. az_cyclist

    11/15 miles and such

    20.2 miles on a late morning ride
  2. az_cyclist

    Reasons to not like winter

    I prefer warmer weather. and if I want to see snow, I look at the mountain tops in the distance. or I can drive to visit it in Flagstaff or Show Low
  3. az_cyclist

    Envy chain

    btw, I shared an online article from Bicycling magazine in FB. It concerned a woman who took up cyclocross. she thought she was too fat to race, but kept at it. I think it was a good article on being healthy and not to worry too much about body image.
  4. az_cyclist

    Ice, Ice Baby.

    WOW early for an ice storm like that Parr8
  5. az_cyclist

    Envy chain

    mine as well. I think it starts in Terre Haute ( I know I can Google the route) , and I grew up about 50 miles north of Terre Haute. I retire next year, so that should give me more time. I am still planning to ride the California Triple Crown rides, and heard of a couple more that I want to ride. One was the Best of the Bay.
  6. az_cyclist

    Envy chain

    BTW, at our club fund raising ride on Nov 3 (The Heart of Arizona century, Phoenix Bull Shifters) there was also a 200k route by the AzBrevets, RUSA. one of the randonneurs had on a RAIN jersey
  7. az_cyclist

    Envy chain

    just try to steer her to a bike too!
  8. az_cyclist

    Envy chain

    Emmy is on the right, Parr8? Being healthy is the main thing, and she is active. not everyone who is healthy is thin. I see that on the bike a lot.
  9. az_cyclist

    11/14 miles and such

    16.1 yesterday morning
  10. az_cyclist

    How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?

    two, or whatever 4 or 5 is on the Black and Decker coffee maker. 4 fits perfectly in my Yeti. If I am home I make 5. either way that is about 2 regular size coffee cups
  11. az_cyclist

    Sadie Hawkins miles & such

    16 yesterday morning
  12. az_cyclist

    Envy chain

  13. az_cyclist

    43 years ago today

    Happy Anniversary
  14. az_cyclist

    Happy Monday...who is working today?

    not a holiday for us, but I work from home now. they are closing our physical office but everyone is home based (no layoffs). At any rate I will go part time in Jan for 6 months
  15. az_cyclist

    11/11 miles & such

    34 solo miles