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  1. az_cyclist

    More cancer

    pretty sure they didnt. I will plead the 5th
  2. az_cyclist

    More cancer

    Could be, Longjohn. but I have non-Hodgkins lymphoma and have not been around PCBs. That said my grandmother, aunt, and a cousin (all on my Mom's side) had leukemia.
  3. az_cyclist

    The, "Say Something Nice About a Fellow Forum Member!", thread.

    something like that
  4. az_cyclist

    The, "Say Something Nice About a Fellow Forum Member!", thread.

    This cycling forum is great! I am back from 2 weeks in Uruguay for work. I did get to rent a bike and ride some there (in Montivideo) on Saturday and Sunday the 7th and 8th. @Square Wheels kudos for starting this forum @jsharr for cowboy boot advice @Longjohn for his outlook at fighting cancer, and bike touring @randomguy for his taste in craft beer @petitepedal for Minnesota information I may need in the future @smudge for her support of my long distance habit (oh yeah, I have a ride report to finish for the Carmel Valley double century on Aug 25) there will be more later. still recovering from the long trip home on Sat and Sunday
  5. az_cyclist

    8/30 miles and such

    20.8 yesterday morning before work
  6. az_cyclist

    8/25 miles & such

    24 oz per hour is not bad. Is it sport drink? for a century or double I have 2 water bottles and my 70 oz camelback. in one bottle is Hammer Perpetuem, and Hammer Heed in the other. I switch off between the 2. by the last 50 miles I am usually just drinking water. Depending on how much climbing there is I start taking 3 Hammer Enduralytes at each sag stop. on a double those are usually 35-40 miles apart
  7. az_cyclist

    8/25 miles & such

    I checked yesterday and my weight was the same as last Friday. normally I am a couple of pounds heavier after a double. I have heard it is due to either being dehydrated somehwhat after the ride, or to muscles retaining fluid while rebuilding. or a combination of both
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  9. az_cyclist

    8/25 miles & such

    I didnt weigh myself yesterday or today. I will tomorrow but I am sure I am retaining water now, for muscles to rebuild. I stayed fairly well hydrated Saturday, and did an ok job of eating during the ride. I am guessing I probably lost 5-8 pounds.
  10. az_cyclist

    8/25 miles & such

    201.8 miles, the Carmel Valley Double Century. toughest double I have ever ridden
  11. az_cyclist

    8/19 miles & such

    35.4 miles. had wanted to ride a 53 mile ride with climbing, last training ride before the Carmel Valley double coming up this Saturday. but I forgot to turn on the alarm, and slept in until 0510... not enough time to get the ride in.
  12. az_cyclist

    Oldest clothing you still wear....

    gosh I dont know. I have some sport coats. I know... it is my leather jacket. I wear it on winter trips to the midwest
  13. az_cyclist

    8/14 miles & such

    16.2 before work
  14. az_cyclist

    Happy Tuesday Peeps

    Happy Tuesday petite! and kudos for voting in the primary.
  15. az_cyclist

    8/11 miles and such

    62.8 miles on the club ride