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Community Answers

  1. 5/23/22. 3 miles hiking 5/24/22 3 miles hiking
  2. what jsharr said! I had not heard he was sick
  3. 4/21/22. 70.9 miles today on the club ride. Rolling ave was a bit slow at 15.7but we did have 3180 feet of elevation gain
  4. Maybe it is closer to 5-6% grade when I spin out. At that speed I am not normally changing the computer to the elevation screen.
  5. Headed to Columbus, or Greenwood?
  6. no..... I guess it is 32-34 mph. but that is with my 50 ring. I guess the 48 would not be that much different
  7. I spin out pretty easy on a downhill grade. I have a 50/34 compact, and if the grade is 3% or steeper I spin out quickly.
  8. Not to turn serious, but, that is why we wear helmets. Accidents happen when we dont expect it. and, I know of 2 cyclists that had concussions (helmets prevented more serious head injury) when they crashed at 10-12 mph
  9. Glad you didnt crash!
  10. We ride early in the warmer months, 30 min (or sometimes less) after sunrise. Yesterday was nice, about 72 at 6:30 and still not 90 when I got home at 10. The humidity is very low, so, it cools down quickly at night.
  11. Correction on my BMI (from May 9; if found the printout from the appointment). My BMI is 26.73, and the notes call it above normal. My weight then was181.
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