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  1. Long weekend? Club and group rides, but no other plans this weekend.
  2. smudge 3rd person is one thing. at least phrasing like Yoda, she is not......
  3. The ending of Easy Rider. Was not expecting that.
  4. then I made cycling hard by hanging with that group ride Sunday morning. but that will make me stronger, and , other rides easier.
  5. I left the apartment at 0940
  6. no double today. I got in 50, and am planning 67 miles on Monday
  7. 50 on a late morning ride
  8. bike ride , then swimming with the grandkids, then BBQ. Sunday a trip up north for church. not sure after that.
  9. petite mentioned the softball game, but my son has tickets to the Twins-Yankees game tonight. Just getting ready to leave for that
  10. az_cyclist

    Happy Tuesday

    I hope they are small places, Longjohn
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