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  1. I was fortunate to travel when I was working, and was able to try different styles of coffee in Canada, South America, Europe, and Africa. In a general statement, the US and Canada tend to have milder coffee, but the other areas I mentioned prefer a more bold brew. I usually drink coffee black, no sugar, but will add some cream if it is the bike ride coffee stop. I will drink cappucino more in Europe as the coffee can be more bitter. Coffee in Brazil was very bitter, so I added milk to it.
  2. I made 2 business trips to Addis Ababa, to work with Ethiopian Airlines, one in 2001 and the second in 2015. I enjoyed the coffee. As I recall the Ethiopians would put a spoonful or 2 of very course sugar in the coffee cup, then pour in the coffee.
  3. I prefer Levi or Lee boot cut jeans, and I guess Wrangler is ok too. As far as I can tell all have the same waist for men.
  4. yes it is about Tiger Woods, but breaking both the tibia and fibula is what happened to Joe Theismann also.
  5. Club ride tomorrow. I hope I can smoke some fish on the BGE tomorrow... or make something. need to check out a couple of rides coming up. Either a 300K or 400K in southern AZ, or, the Joshua Tree DC at 29 Palms, CA. the brevet is next weekend, and the DC is March 13.
  6. This reminds me of Joe Theismann's broken leg on the MNF game.
  7. for a minute I thought you were doing PT au natual......
  8. for me the reaction to the second vaccination was the same as the first. upper arm was sore the next morning. mrs_az_cyclist was about the same, until mid morning the next day, when she started getting some chills and a low fever. She stayed on the couch all day, went to bed, and is ok this morning.
  9. 2/24/21 45.6 miles on the group ride today. Around Piestewa Paek, @Parr8hed
  10. The Wrangler now calls Rogers MN as its home. it is in storage over the winter (Oct to April or May?) then used in the summer.
  11. It made several trips to California for the double centuries. the longest was to Davis. I should add the trip is more comfortable in the 2019 Cherokee!
  12. I had one. Grew up on a farm in western Indiana, and no other kids close by to play ball.
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