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Community Answers

  1. 12/2/23 56 miles this morning, chilly, with a new sock pic
  2. I have ridden El Tour several times, but never that fast. I’m times were always in the silver group The route has changed; every time I rode it you had to carry your bike across the Santa Cruz River (dry river bed) and thru Sabino Canyon .Last time I rode it was 2012, I think
  3. The 34 comes in pretty handy on some of the 6% and steeper grades out west.
  4. In Minnesota in the summer you will get ate up by the mosquitos 10 feet into the woods. Just ask @petitepedal
  5. If I go with the Trek Domane SL 6, I need to choose between the Shimano 105 Di2 and the SRAM Rival. the LBS (Landis Cyclery, Scottsdale) had recommended the SRAM electronic shifting for my Ritchey Outback breakaway. I will need to do some research to see which way I will go. on the Trek website the SL 6 Gen 4 with SRAM is $600 more expensive. It it is that much better, I am good with that. One concern is the chainring size on SRAM appears to be smaller, 43/30 vs 50/34 for Shimano
  6. I only saw one actual Vikings helmet last night, or at least a reproduction of an actual helmet.
  7. I love the cycling in California, both the PCH, the coastal range, and the Sierras. The Eastern Sierras have more grand views, but the western slopes are nice too.
  8. az_cyclist


    I am going down the path of buying a new bike, but it will be N + 1-1, as the bike I am replacing will be going to my youngest son.
  9. We didn’t freeze, but we did leave at the end of the 3rd quarter. Snow pants would have been warmer
  10. There were flurries starting in the second quarter of the U of Minn - U of Wisc game yesterday
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