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  1. Happy Tuesday

    Happy Tuesday. just in from a 5k run. will work a few hours then off to the dermatologist. hopefully time for the gym and to clean my bike this afternoon, but if the time is limited, the bike will get cleaned
  2. Some of us are working this week

    good to know Longjohn... thanks I was going to add a beer toast emoticon, but Square Wheels doesnt have on!
  3. Some of us are working this week

    Mon, Tues, and Wed for me, except for the procedure at the dermatologist on Tues at noon. That will probably prevent a trip to the gym to lift... maybe....
  4. It's Monday

  5. It's Monday

    I will...probably shorts as it is a noon appt..... and probably underwear too. and thanks for the well wishes
  6. I'ma guessing gout

    I first got gout when I was about 30. Ihave been fortunate never to get it in both feet at the same time. 100 mg of allopurninol keeps it controlled for me
  7. Do you feel different?

    it does feel different to be in a foreign country. I tend to be very careful.
  8. So whatcha reading?

    The Bourne Supremacy
  9. It's Monday

    yeah I am wearing pants.. at the office. I will work from home tomorrow since I have a procedure to get another basal cell carcinoma removed.
  10. Major Taylor Cross Cup

    Congrats to G on the races! When I asked where the course was, I thought I recalled that Southeastway Park had some cross races a couple of years ago.
  11. 11/19 miles & such

    41 on the club ride
  12. Post a lie about the person above you

    Dirtyhip is actually a roadie
  13. Racing in Nap town tomorrow.

    good luck! Where in Indy is the race, Parr8?
  14. Tip of the day...

    best way to work out
  15. I missed something, big, I think

    you can probably get a gross of razors at Costco