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  1. My Bass Lake DC socks look like yours, DH
  2. 20 miles this morning before work
  3. the tread appears to be Continental. 4000's or Gatorskins?
  4. 14.6 this morning before work
  5. I am not a doctor, and I didnt stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but it is likely to be a cold or something.
  6. 12.7 miles this morning before work
  7. is it sore to the touch?
  8. I have never considered giving up cycling. I have wondered if I would still enjoy cycling when I am forced by age to slow down and ride shorter distances. At this point I still feel like I would enjoy it .
  9. condolences for you and your family, Kzoo
  10. probably a normal weekend for us. I am sure mrs_az_cyclist is going to want to relax since we had our son and his daughters visiting all week (he had training in town, and the granddaughters are 5 and 3). The leave Sat morning
  11. Didnt you get red in the sauna, petite?
  12. 20 miles at lunch time
  13. It is good for a read on a flight too.
  14. I still subscribe to Bicycling
  15. pretty rude of them to say that to you. a bit of color looks great, but they say almost any skin tan is bad for you skin.