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  1. az_cyclist

    5/19/2018 Miles and Whatever - Flooding Edition

    94 miles @ 18.0 rolling ave. Agressive pace on the club ride.. .I was at 19.0 rolling ave at 59 miles. had coffee and a bagel at that point. I intended to ride 80+ miles to check out my saddle position. if it is not quite right my sitbones get sore, but this does not show up until about 75 or 80 miles. after a sandwich at home I went back out. rode 28
  2. az_cyclist

    May 20 miles or whatever

    49.4 on a solo ride yesterday morning. 16.3 rolling ave
  3. az_cyclist

    Weekend plans for those not going to the Royal Wedding...?

    club rides on Sat and Sun morning. I may extend the Saturday ride to 80 or 90 miles to test a new saddle position. I want to finish the Hemet double video. need to get a new cable modem
  4. az_cyclist

    5/17 miles

    20 miles before work. rolling ave 19.3 mph
  5. az_cyclist

    Happy Wednesday

    Happy Hump Day petite! willl hit 99 here today, but there were pockets of cool air in the desert on my morning ride (it was 67 when I rode)
  6. az_cyclist

    May 15 miles and such

    14.5 miles before work
  7. az_cyclist

    You guys suck at pithy

    how did we know when you would get pithed off. or how do we know when you need to take a pith
  8. az_cyclist

    So. Should I go to my reunion?

    we dont have regular reunions; there is not an alumni asociation for our high school. Some of my class put together some reunions, like the 25th and the 40th. It was fun to go to a couple of those, but, I live 1500 miles away from most of them.
  9. az_cyclist

    Mother's Day Miles

    46.8 miles in the morning before church. chilly start @ 63 deg @ 6 am
  10. az_cyclist

    12 May 2018 miles and such

    64.8 on the club ride
  11. az_cyclist

    Weekend plans this first weekend in May

    club rides Sat and Sun morninings. hopefully lift Sat afternoon, then go to a party. church late Sun morning and Sun evening. Hope to complete my Hemet DC video
  12. az_cyclist

    Thursday miles

    20 on a lunchtime ride. I could add 2.5, though. Had to take the Jeep to the shop, and put bike rack on, dropped off the jeep, and rode home
  13. az_cyclist

    The 2018 Hemet Double Century, April 21

    it took me all day too.. 16 hours. You train for it. 50-60 mile club rides on the weekends. The past few years I trained harder to be able to do the club rides at 17+ mph rolling ave. I try to have a few 100+ mile rides before the doubles start. Since 2014-2015 my legs have felt ok the day after a double.
  14. az_cyclist

    The 2018 Hemet Double Century, April 21

    I eat something at every sag. usually they have bananas and cookies and water, sometimes other treats. I carry cliff bars and fig newtons too. oatmeal raisin cookies are my weakness at sags. This time I took 3 enduralyte tablets at every sag, starting at sag 2. I may need to eat half of a Cliff bar, rather than the cookies, at each sag. more protien, which can help energy levels later in the ride.
  15. az_cyclist

    The 2018 Hemet Double Century, April 21

    I wear a Camelbak on long rides. 70 oz / 2L capacity with plenty of storage for clothes, food, and extra packs of chamois buttr. I think I got the Blowfish, but, I dont see it listed any longer. The MAGIC seems to be the closest.