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  1. 49.8 miles yesterday. I was still recovering from the Tuedsday ride
  2. 202.6. Most of the California Triple Crown series rides were cancelled this year, but, they have been replaced by "virtual" doubles. You can ride a Zwift ride, or your own route. Your route must be 200 miles, and different rides have different requirements for the amount of climbing. For the Beach City double century the virtual requirement was 200 miles and 7000 ft of elevation gain. A fellow club member of ours runs the Arizona brevets for Randonneurs USA (RUSA). He is also in the CTC Hall of Fame, so, he added extra miles to his 300K routes to get to 200 miles. We rode a route from F
  3. newer to us, but older than the home we did have.
  4. The home we are in now was built in the late 70's . The interior was remodeled (we bought it from a home flipper). The walls are block construction, and with lower ceilings than we had before (that home was built in 1995) our electric bills are cheaper, even with an older A/C and heat pump.
  5. my next bike will be a combination gravel/touring bike. I am looking at a Richey breakaway.
  6. my annual appt with my PCP was virtual, but, I had seen my endocrinologist and oncologist in May. they had taken BP and vitals, which were available to my PCP, as was a blood test. my PCP has prescribed a statin to reduce my overall chloresterol, which tends to be borderline high (213)
  7. 53 hot miles, 87 when I started at 6:10, 105 when I finished a little after 10.
  8. Lifted at Esporta Fitness for an hour or so
  9. True. We had to finance our 2019 Cherokee for 6 months to get the incentives. To be honest I dont recall if there was 0% financing.
  10. We still have our 2002 Wrangler (relocated to Minnesota, and in storage Oct thru April). We had our 1986 Buick Century from 1986 to 2002. We bought our 2003 Honda Accord in 2006, and still have it. Yeah, we run ours for a while.
  11. 25.7 miles . I did stop to help a cyclist put a tire on. Deep dish rim, and I was sweating enough I could not get the bead over the edge. Had to resort to using the tire lever.
  12. 130.8, the Clints Well 200K, from Flagstaff. Escaped the Valley heat. 58 F when we started, got down to 49 early in the ride. Had sun, clouds, 90F, followed by rain late in the ride. Rode with 2 stronger riders, so I was pushed. I had the fastest rolling average for a 200K this year, Oh, and it was at altitude. low point in the ride (Clints Well) was about 6800 ft.).
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