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  1. Up to about $3 in Phoenix. I normally get from CostCo, where it can be .05 to .20 cheaper per gallon
  2. 56.3 miles on the Tuesday group ride. it was windy, first with wind out of the east when we were headed that way, then it shifted to out of the south.
  3. my new Domane SL6 has tubeless ready wheels, but, I have heard enough stories about how much a pain they are to fix a flat out on the road that I am sticking with tubes
  4. Have not decided yet. worked 32 hours last week so that means 8 this week. I need to take the new Domane (new since January) to the LBS for derailleur adjustments, and for an adjustment on the saddle angle. May hike with mrs_az_cyclist
  5. az_cyclist

    For LongJohn

    Several cyclists in our club loved the Element. My only problem was it appeared to only come with a 4 cyl, which, made climbing mountain passes a bit slow
  6. my only crashes in the city have been when I could not get unclipped.
  7. The Phoenix area has many streets with bike lanes and the traffic is generally ok with cyclists.
  8. all my aerobic exercise is done outside, which, since we moved and I started working from home has been cycling. I do have a membership at LA Fitness, and try to get to there 3 days a week, to lift and work on core strength.
  9. Prayers for her, LongJohn, and for you
  10. it is all you can do, petite
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