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  1. I have been going to the gym for a lifting workout twice a week for several years now. Should I be adding that time to this also?
  2. 3/21/23. 23 miles this morning, the last 5 in a steady rain.
  3. Feeling good here. drinking coffee and waiting for it to dry up (with more rain predicted) today. Feeling stronger on the bike, and lifting for that matter. At age 70 recovery is taking longer, but, I guess I should expect that with 2 bouts of Covid and 1 of the regular flu (is there such a thing? it was not much different for me than Covid) in 13 months. Let me rephrase that...... I thank the Lord for the recovery I have experienced.
  4. az_cyclist


    Great jsharr! feels great doesnt it!
  5. Went to the gym. May do some touch up painting. Have a call with our financial person, and I may work on some bicycles this afternoon (given by an agency to those without transportation)
  6. Boomer.... born in 1952...Harry Truman was still president
  7. not sure. I may have a green t shirt I can wear. I am going to be volunteering at church this morning and getting bikes ready this afternoon for a charity
  8. 3/16/23. 52 miles on the group ride , plus today’s socks
  9. Similar to when i had my Jeep Wrangler with the rear windows out. Roll up the windows in the front seat and turn the heat up.
  10. Happy Birthday @MoseySusan
  11. Good morning Pie would be great!
  12. Good point, the withdrawal from tobacco is definitely not the same as with alcohol or drugs; I would agree it is more psychological. With tobacco I believe it is the nicotine that causes the addiction.
  13. Tobacco is ridiculously hard to quit. I quit cigarettes on Jan 1, 1978, but smoked a pipe and occasional cigar until October 1989. From then until 2002 or 03, I would get occasional feelings of how a cigarette would taste good after a meal, or some other situation. Fortunately those feelings are finally gone. But, I am convinced that it would only take a few cigarettes to be back to a pack a day. Never had that from marijuana
  14. 3/11/23 50 miles this morning on the club ride
  15. 3/9/23. 50.6 miles on the Thursday morning group ride
  16. I added some today , was in a hurry yesterday
  17. I added some today, was in a hurry yesterday
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