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  1. 1/25/22. 50.5 miles on the group ride today, with a breakfast stop
  2. Round a bouts are great in many places, as long as drivers know how to use them.
  3. az_cyclist

    FIL Update

    that is happening in Phoenix too. I am glad I am not in the market for a new home.
  4. az_cyclist

    FIL Update

    if you are good with the living arrangements, it would help you afford the home. Home prices in CA (and other places) scare me.... but I recall what I paid in Indiana, so.
  5. just got back from the gym and a lift workout. sunny and 55 now. coffee and an english muffin next
  6. I was thinking of buying espresso cups.
  7. Marie Callender pot pies are great. unfortunately Costco was out of them this week!
  8. Cheerios for me, followed by an english muffin with nutella and a banana.... and coffee
  9. Kitchen counter space is relatively free. So are the bathroom counters
  10. Hope it continues to be a mild case, Kzoo. Mrs_az did not get it from me, and the wife of one of my cycling friends tested positive but he never got it, so there is hope you will dodge the bullet.
  11. I need to make a more serious effort to learn to play my Gibson acoustic. And to get a digital SLR
  12. 1/18/22 47 miles on the group ride today
  13. Good morning it is back on the bike day!
  14. A great view of the saguaro is on I-17 southbound, descending from Sunset Point to Black Canyon City. You had the Ponderosa pine up by Flagstaff, then the high desert vegetation , pinon pines, etc, between Camp Verde and Sunset Pt, then a few miles south of Sunset Pt you see all kinds of saguaro.
  15. Saguaros, however, only grow on the Sonoran Desert, and in lower elevation.
  16. Linda Rondstadt went back to her roots as she got older. I had no idea she was Latino until a few years ago.
  17. There are a few Joshua Tree groves in the Sonoran Desert
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