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  1. Is running evil because you run too slow?

    If you are running away from something, too slow could be an issue If you are running to something, speed isn't the issue, persistence is what matters
  2. Best Beer Name?

    Merry Monks Has a ring to it. Pious yet mischievous
  3. Best Beer Name?

    I remember Billy beer
  4. Okay boys.. What do you wear to the gym?

    Lime green thong, black 8" steel toe boots.
  5. Is running evil because you run too slow?

    The speed of scenery. When driving things are happening so fast that you have to pay attention, and devote most of your brain power to just controlling the car. Bicycling things are coming at you slower, but fast enough that you have to pay attention, and on the road the cars are suspect and demand all your attention. And you're biking, digging the sensations, the wind, banking into a turn, racing a robin.... Running things come at you slow, a glance every minute or so will take in the scenery, you're generally out of the way cars, not a lot to concentrate on. And that is the beauty of it, the movements become therapeutic, you can cruise along lost in your thoughts, and often times some clarity happens, when I was running a lot I often would go into a state where I was just floating along, in the zone, or you can ramp it up and put every thing you have into going faster, lost in your own body. Running and bicycling overlap a good bit, but I think that running is more introspective.
  6. Do you respect NO TRESPASSING signs?

    When I was a trail bike riding kid there were several land owners that posted their land for liability reasons. If you got hurt you were trespassing, and back then it was assumed that you couldn't sue for getting hurt where you weren't allowed to be. But they didn't care that we rode on their land.
  7. The veins add a nice touch of realism, I think. Maybe NSFW.

    I'm guessing the guy had his saddle stolen, and he takes his real saddle with him, this is his statement to the saddle thieves. Or maybe this is his real saddle.......
  8. Millennials ??

    You're twenty some years old, been working for a few years, how much could have lost ? go back to work for a few years and start over.
  9. Windows

    I've heard casements are the bomb !
  10. So what are your wildest dreams?

    No more stink bugs.
  11. February Photos

  12. WTF, chronicles from the ER

    Pullin for ya. Glad the hips held.
  13. Need chain help

    If you took out three links and only put one back in your chain is definitely too short.
  14. Camper is done and ready.

    Pics ?
  15. Hot or crazy

    I think the norm is hot and crazy. Kinda like peanut butter and jelly. One doesn't require the other, but they sure do show up together often...