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  1. I used to pass a farm dog regularly, he would be laying in front of the barn, just off the road and chase me for a hundred feet or so He looked like he had some Border Collie in him and he was fast. He liked to bark at the pedals, and I didn’t mind, he was just doing what a herding dog does One day he got a little aggressive and bit my ankle, hard enough to draw a little blood. That put things in a different light. Next time past him I had my frame pump in hand, and when he came in for my ankle I cracked him on the nose He stopped dead and when I looked back he was just sitting in the road watching me ride away Next time past him, all he did was raise his head and watch me go past I kind of felt bad for ruining his game, but he was the one who took up a level with the biting
  2. John never did come right out and explain Illegal Smile I guess he thought you could imagine your own back story
  3. I honestly think the poor guy doesn't know what "verbose" means And god alone knows what he thinks it means
  4. I have tendency to be an asshole, and then regret it. So I guess that's sensitive
  5. Further

    How much coke

    My, wild ass, but carefully considered, response, is all of it.
  6. Verbose I say SW has my full support
  7. I don’t want to get a shock off that, could very well be fatal
  8. I dumped it and made fresh when I got up for real
  9. The alarm went off, I got up, started the coffee, started brushing my teeth. My wife yelled from the bedroom, asking what I was doing. I said brushing my teeth. She said why, its 1:30 in the morning. Apparently the alarm rang in my dream but I got up in real life I was glad to go back to bed
  10. My nephew is an old farmer, one of his sons is an oral surgeon. Doug, the nephew, was having problems with his teeth, the dentist he went to wanted to do a ton of work, adding up to about 15 grand. Well Doug sent the x-rays to his son for a second opinion. The boy bitched at him for waiting so long to go to dentist. Told him, you old farmers chop off a finger first thing in the morning, carry it around in your pocket all day, and expect the doctor to sew it back on after supper.
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