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  1. Further

    I am very put off when my interviewer is British

    R G I really hope you find a good job. I've been there and it sucks. Pullin for ya.
  2. Further

    Church was canceled do to weather.... so

    We have a new law here in Pa. when it is 'cold' outside you are only allowed to have your dog outside for half an hour. Not really sure what temp the 'cold' starts
  3. Further

    Dad's blanket

    I got regular checkups until they started finding problems. Then I quit going. Don't need more bad news.
  4. Further

    What did you do onMLK Day?

    I went to work were I tried to rest up from the weekend at work, during which I actually worked pretty hard.
  5. Further

    This is how you become a whore

    I tried whoring, none of the people I wanted to have sex with wanted to have sex with me, let alone pay me.
  6. Further

    A Balmy 13* Out

    It was 1 when I was walking into work this morning. 1 kinda sucks. It's cold but above zero, so whining about it seems like whining. -2, now ya got something to bitch about I must admit that I wouldn't want to be living under a bridge tonight
  7. Further

    A Balmy 13* Out

    Pullin for ya
  8. Further

    I made some really good burgers yesterday

    We used to call them "glorified" burgers. I like to add onion and a bit of chopped jalapeno. The bread crumbs (I like panko) and egg really tie everything together.
  9. Further

    I am 35 years away from being 20 years old

    Getting old is the cruelest reward.
  10. Further

    The Pilot is snot as bad as I thought.

    I've run the Element through that much snow without a problem. The best car I ever had for going through snow was an Isuzu Trooper, that sucker would dig in rather than ride up and just plow on through.
  11. Further

    The moon is super

    I just took a peak, moon is huge and bright, shadow just starting to nibble at it.
  12. Further

    Spending total of 5 hrs. on a math formula

    I think the formula may be good for more than one use. Probably can apply it to many different businesses
  13. Further

    What is your call ?

    Multi shift LOTO. There is a Company lock left on the box, the key is passed from shift to shift, individuals place and remove their personal locks as they come and go. The key for the company lock is missing.
  14. Further

    Have you ever been snowed in ?

    Thinking back, my car may have been snowed a couple times, but I quite wisely always lived within snowshoe distance of a bar. And they never called a snow day.
  15. Further

    Did it taste like you remembered it?

    An open beer is not a gift.