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  1. Went for walk in woods today

    Pics of the creek, the abandoned stone house by the creek, a (carnivorous) pitcher plant, and the rocky outcrop. This section of creek is know as the slides, kids love to slide down the smooth limestone. The stone house I would love to know the history of. This area was logged in the early 1900's, a railroad followed the creek to haul the logs to a mill in a town about 10 miles away. I guess the stone house was some type of office, or lodging for the boss. The pitcher plant is a (relatively) high altitude bog, about 3100' The rocks are a known Timber Rattlesnake den. In the spring and fall you are more likely than not to spot a snake. I saw a 4 footer as big around as my calf here. This time of year they aren't likely to be around, but I was still pretty cautious climbing around.
  2. 8/15 miles & such

    24 or so
  3. Ahoj.

    Welcome back
  4. Do you overeat?

    Yep. I eat too much of the wrong stuff. Come home from work and don't feel like cooking, so I get take out. Restaurants have very poor portion control.
  5. Rode the rail trail today.

    About 24 miles on the GAP. I was hurting at the end, got to spend more time in the saddle.
  6. Road Runner's return

  7. My new helmet - TIB

    May it fit your head well, and never be used.
  8. It's all in the slacks

    It's all in the slacks Yep...both inches..
  9. American Ninja Warrior

    Ever watch it ? They are some tough ...competitors...
  10. I was thinking more from home, places you want to be.
  11. I love sun rise. But I'm usually working when it occurs. I've been to many sunset parties but no sunrise parties. So I guess it boils down to; a view you can savor in the privacy of the early morning or a view you can share with your friends, at the wind down time of day. I imagine there are places you can see both, but they're out of my range.
  12. Today I painted the bathroom & rode the Mt. bike

    It's the little one, I'm short...29" pants drag on the ground, there ain't no gap and that is starting to concern me. I went into the shop for tubes and left with a new bike. It's ok on smooth ground, but in the gnarley I could get hurt. For a few minutes on the trail it was flowing; dodge the root, hit the rock square, use the bank, dodge the horse shit. It was great. Don't know if I can keep it up when I go back to work.
  13. Today I painted the bathroom & rode the Mt. bike

    Rockhopper I like it but the stand over height scares me. May be trading it in.
  14. I have some common sense, and a survival gene, But, I refuse to be a slave to them. Wanted to get on the bike, thought about the rail trail, thought about the road, little traffic in the middle of a work day. The trail called out the loudest. It's not that tough a trail, and it's not way out in the middle of nowhere, crash bad and probably be found by sundown. So I put in about half an hour on the Mt. bike. Doesn't sound like much but one hamstring was making all the signs of a major cramp on the way back to the car.
  15. I just heard a large burp

    My daughter could put a trucker leaving the diner to shame.