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  1. Further

    How Often Do You Replace Your Non-stick Cookware?

    Eggs are about all I cook in the nonstick pans. Cast iron or stainless for everything else. They last quite a while just cooking eggs.
  2. Further


  3. Further

    Ya know that life goes on

    Well, I did stumble into this the other night
  4. Further

    Ya know that life goes on

    OK. Right there between work & death. What gets the thrill back ? Viagra ?
  5. Further

    Ya know that life goes on

    That was the thrill stage....
  6. Further

    Deer hunters love snow

    If you have a gun and hunt close to home,and process your kill yourself, it is cheap meat. And it is good meat, my kids didn't want to eat deer meat, when the ground deer in the freezer ran out and we started using store bought beef in spaghetti sauce, they bitched... If you buy all the latest gear and travel to the best trophy hunting spots, it is free meat with a very high delivery cost.
  7. Further

    tonight's dinner

    Nice appetizer, what's for dinner ?
  8. Further

    Somebody's F'ing With Me...

    I've never met him, but I'm pretty sure we'd get along
  9. Further

    I would never have made it as a housewife

    I have some bending issues, the annual work physical, that I used to scoff at, has become a source of concern.
  10. Further

    Ya know that life goes on

    long after the thrill of living is gone. I'm sure we have some insight into this classic line Discuss....
  11. Further


    LED ?
  12. Further

    Margarine or Light Butter?

    My brother is an 83 year old dairy farmer, he has eaten real butter and drank raw milk from his own cows for the last 60 years and he's fairly healthy.
  13. Further

    Reasons to not like winter

    You are glossing over black fly & mosquito season
  14. Further

    What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

    Where is the missus ?
  15. Further

    So who is your state's patron saint of music?

    Tommy James and the Shondells George Benson and a few that I can't recall