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  1. Sleep well my friends Two more getups till the weekend
  2. So....lets make the plate big, say 8' x 8' still an inch thick, still a 2" hole in the center. Now we heat the area directly around the hole, maybe a 2" area around the hole, to 400 degree F. The main bulk of the plate doesn't heat up. What does the hole do ?
  3. I have been carting this back & forth to work for well over 20 years. It was a bribe giveaway- from a vendor at a past job, it used to have a company name on it but that is long worn away. I didn't carry it while bicycle commuting but it has a lot of motorcycle miles on it.
  4. Further


    Chicken soup I made last night and a mixed greens salad
  5. Tomorrow's already Tuesday, Hump day is in sight, Thursday is the warm up for Friday and the weekend is here. Man where did the week go... Sleep well my friends, we got a big weekend coming up
  6. Well, it takes a nice picture...
  7. I'm feeling a lot better about Monday now. 14 hours ago things were looking pretty grim. Sneak in a 'have a wonderful Monday night'
  8. Window air conditioners have been pretty cheap the past few years....but who knows this year Just peeked at Lowes site, they have about a dozen less than 200 No idea how many btu's you need but some is better than none. Window air conditioners have become pretty reliable, I'd buy used if it looked in decent shape and worked OK.
  9. I was sitting on the uphill side of a tiny road carved into a hillside, a flat is never fun but this was a nice spot. I was getting a break from the hill, and enjoying the sunshine, the hole was easy to find and I was putting on the patch. Heard a commotion in the woods above me and watched as two woodchucks came rolling down the hill, one latched on to the others ass, tightly, teeth sunk way in. The one getting bit was squealing like a pig with a woodchuck clamped to it's ass. They rolled over the drop off to the road, fell about 4 feet and landed with an audible thud. Across the r
  10. I don't recall napping, but the Nascar race skipped quite a few laps....
  11. The day that a dandelion is my biggest problem will be a happy day.
  12. Why does it cost 2 grand to drive a thousand miles and spend a few nights with friends ? This is camping right ? And the opportunity may never come again.
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