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  1. Rim grabbers, alloy rims, 13 year old bike, original brake pads. I think I'll put some Kool Stops on it, wore out or not rubber or whatever they make brake pads out of has to deteriorate with age.
  2. I planted a wide variety of peppers one year in a small garden. I harvested a bunch of smallish bell pepper looking things that tasted a lot like jalapeno
  3. When I was selling firewood, I didn't have a splitter but was young, strong, and stupid. I remember sawing some chunks into quarters because I couldn't split them, even with multiple wedges.
  4. Much of the land I rode over yesterday is owned by the Mellon's, The Bank of New York Mellon's. What you can see is beautiful but there are mansions back in the woods to take your breath away. A buddy was an electric meter reader for a summer job, he told me about one property that had 6 electric meters, including the gate house: no guard but you had to call the main house, 1/2 mile away and they would open the gate if they deemed you worthy. Trespassing is frowned upon. Hidden cameras everywhere and private security.
  5. Well I rode the bike uphill for 10 miles, and I pedaled on the way back down. The fairly flat was steeper than I remembered. I jog / walked 3 miles I did not: mow the lawn, wash the cars, cleanup the storage room, or anything else productive A man gotta have priorities.
  6. Further

    I gave up

    To give up is to quit trying, you ain't even close to giving up
  7. I went to trade school with a kid that had one of those, I think it had a 327 in it, not a big block, but it was fast & loud & hotter than hell to ride in. The kid drove it from California to N.Y. and it was his daily ride.
  8. I went jogging this morning, the heat wasn't too bad but the humidity was through the roof. I stopped at all water places, drinking fountains & the restrooms with running water, and soaked my hat & shirt, felt good for about a minute, no evaporation at all going on. Jog / walk about 3 miles. The highlights are that there was much more jogging than walking And, there is an access road to the lake that has about a 1/4 mile steady, fairly steep grade to it. I've been trying to run up it since I started this foolishness a few months back. At first it was walk most & run a little, then run more than walk, then stop in the middle to let the pain subside but run the whole thing. Today I ran the whole thing, no break, plenty of pain. I wasn't fast, maybe not even half fast, but I made it
  9. See, we can talk bike stuff
  10. By the way... they've been dropping them forever, but it hasn't been an issue, they just scoop it up off the floor & hand it through the window
  11. Mine are getting old and don't seem to work very well any more. When the bike was new I had to be careful not to lock up the front wheel. Couldn't lock that sucker up now if I was trying to So just buy the factory Specialized pads, or is there a better aftermarket offering ?
  12. On gravel, worrying about my tires, I stopped and discovered that I couldn't track stand forever, and that my Keos work well, hold that shoe right in place Hadn't seen anybody in 10 minutes, topple over and there is a traffic jam on top of the mountain. A guy rolled down his window and asked if I was OK. I wanted to curse, I had already kicked the bike away from me, but respect for someone that still gives a shit about his fellow beings, made me say I'm OK, thank you for asking. Hella dent in my pride, tremendous chain ring tat, and a wee scratch on my knee I've had worse wrecks
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