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  1. Darwin at his best

    The amount of gas they poured on the rock, I'm surprised they didn't both go up in a fire ball. It does give me a little glimmer of hope for mankind that the gas guy at least tried to help his buddy.
  2. The Flying Toilet!

    Now that is thought provoking
  3. Have you become kinder and gentler with age?

    Much mellower
  4. Random Snippits from Today's Ride

    I always thought California was laid back and happy, but I'm beginning to doubt that.
  5. Spotted this one from a walk in the hills, to a high (ish) altitude bog. About 3000 ft altitude. An insect eating plant.
  6. Deciding when to pay off the house

    A guy at work, 40 something, lived with his parents his whole life. Very shy, kinda scared of women. Works every minute they let him. Pays cash for everything, so no credit rating. Well he decided to buy a house, just down the road from the folks, so he could keep an on Mom. (He is a hell of a nice guy) Went through the whole mortgage process, I guess to see how it works. Made 2 mortgage payments, decided he didn't like doing that and payed off the house. Around 140,000.
  7. How big is your nose?

    The way the allergies block it up, I could do with a bit more.
  8. Sunday dinner

    Take out pizza & Mich Ultra Livin the dream baby
  9. How big is your hose?

    I've got a 25 & a 50, so 75, but one of them has sprung a leak about 11 feet from the nozzle, so actually, as soon as get the ambition, I'll have a 64, unless I just buy a new one, then there's no telling what I'll have, maybe more, maybe less, we'll see.
  10. Have you ever gotten airborne on your bike?

    Mt Bikes were made to fly, they don't corner for shit while flying though...
  11. Does Anyone Here Watch This Old House

    I love to watch Roy. He is the real deal, and a funny guy, can't stop making stupid puns. He works extremely fast so as to show more techniques, and often screws up, just blows it off and says well you get the idea. And his hands prove that he does the work.
  12. Just so you know..

    Nothing like that new job smell ! Good luck !
  13. So what age do you currently think is "old"?

    Young people have dreams, Old people have memories As long as ya got a dream, ya got a future
  14. Is 12string the number one poster here?

    I could give my grand kid the advise I didn't know to give my kid......It might help....