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  1. I have no idea where I fall on the saveability chart. I hope to not find out.
  2. My sister in law's mother in law is real close to passing. Her husband has a transplanted heart and is not going out for anything. He is freaking over his mothers death, and funeral. It is easy to say suck it up buttercup....but we have never spent time in someone else's head..
  3. My wife noted that the triage being done by nurses and EMT's is going to lead to stress related issues for those folks down the road. They didn't sign on to decide who lives and dies
  4. The mask catches the droplet that the viruses is riding on.
  5. I agree with this. And it sickens me.
  6. I was billed 70 some cents a couple years after I thought my student loan was payed off.
  7. Peppers, onions, tomatoes, sweet Italian sausage. On toasted Italian rolls.
  8. Further

    Garden thread

    I did some more tilling. Tilled it all and will now shovel into raised beds.
  9. Further

    Garden thread

    Get that shit worked in to white socks and they will be pink forevermore
  10. I think he is just really stupid. He doesn't believe it will happen here. He doesn't mean to hurt anyone, but he does.
  11. There is a kid at work who breaks all the rules. He see's 2% mortality as "thinning the herd" and acceptable. I told him the other day that he should be locked up.
  12. They are starting to say "future state" at work, this makes me a bit frightened Going forward we will roll out protocols for the future state....
  13. Further

    Garden thread

    I would be shooting in the general direction of some houses, the residents might rightfully object. Trap seems most practical. And woodchucks are a mean critter. On the bicycle I cornered one once, when he realized he couldn't get back to his burrow he turned to fight, there was a hellish snarl came out of him. I swerved quite a ways out around him.
  14. The air inside my house beats the hell out of the air inside the mill.
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