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  1. Oh fuck yeah. We called it latching. I loved it.
  2. Further

    Luo Dong is sick.

    Why ?
  3. Thats training,in case it happens for real. Oh wait, this is real.... Did they always make it out ?
  4. Sure looks like fun. http://www.islandwindjammers.com/
  5. A buddy had an old Fiat, not street legal but still running. We would take turns hanging on the roof while he drove through the back field trying to shake us off. The missing hood added a bit of spice.
  6. Further

    Awkward Moments...

    I had enough "awkward moments" growing up that I moved, far.
  7. Further

    Would you?

    Turning down that hill would go against every instinct I have.
  8. Further

    My cellphone died

    Guy at work paid about a hundred for a phone & 30 or 40 a month for service through one of the prepay plans. He probably gets the best reception of anyone in the mill. Snickers when guys are bitching about reception in the lunchroom. He pays cash for cars, it's not like he can't afford a fancy phone, just can't see the benefit for paying more for less service.
  9. Further

    12.38 gallons

    Man!! That is a fast car. ZOOM ZOOOM !!!!
  10. Further

    Would you?

    How did the bike get there ? Did he haul it up the cliff on a rope ? Ride down from the top ? What will he do at the trees just ahead of him ? So many questions.
  11. Further

    You'll Never Guess What Happened this Time

    I'm interpreting this as 'bad shit happens'
  12. Further


    Giggle Gaggle a guy still feels a cut, pretty deep one at that.
  13. Further

    Top ramen. Beef. Fuck yeah.

    Well the top Ramen, hells yeah. The bottom Ramen, not so much...
  14. Further

    You'll Never Guess What Happened this Time

    A new ceiling fan isn't that expensive....and not likely to start a fire..
  15. Further

    Lets Do Lunch

    Leftover pulled pork, watermelon, cherries. Yum Yum