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  1. It is back to normal some days, other days it’s still light I have noticed much worse driving, the center line in the road seems to be a suggestion rather than a rule, and red lights are invisible My commute in back up to 15 minutes most days, rather than the 12 minutes at the height of COVID
  2. Are you saying the default setting is spray and you have to switch it to stream every time you use it ? That is just stupid.
  3. we have a container in the fridge filled with packets. When it gets full I take them to work, always people looking for a packet of flavor at work. This was pre covid. We don't get much take out anymore, and they closed the lunch room at work. Now everyone eats in their office or shop, or whatever they hide in.
  4. The smell alone from an apple cider press is worth the trip.
  5. To quote John Prine it never rains in a pub….
  6. Oreo’s and milk I won’t touch them for months, then I will eat package and drink a quart of milk in a sitting Then they won’t taste so good for a while.
  7. That sounds like bragging... I do that too...
  8. And maybe a bit of a tear...
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