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  1. The tub is torn out, measurements have been taken, hopefully the new shower will be here Monday. While studying the plumbing I realized there is no vent pipe on this system. I think a vent is probably a worthwhile upgrade. Tomorrows project is to get a pipe from the attic to the basement, the tie ins won't be textbook, but it has to be an improvement. The toilet flushes very lazily, I thought it was just the toilet, maybe some air in the line will help. I'm on vacation this week, will work much harder than I would at work. Could use some good vibes, I may be in over my head. And I'm too damn old to tread water for very long.
  2. Sometimers, beats the hell out of alltimers
  3. I can't imagine anyone offending that boy
  4. The mean ones make the nice ones just that much better And there are some nice people out there
  5. I'm singing right now. Off key and with enthusiasm. You being an old forge worker probably can't tell I'm off key, so it's all good. Happy Birthday, and many more.
  6. living wrong often leads to right dead
  7. Further

    Rest time

    Why ? Don't you eat in the winter ?
  8. Further

    Today's crane ops

    Get em at Lowes ? Couple hundred dollars ?
  9. Just say "You're Right" "Bless Your Heart"
  10. Someone used to give my mother a fruitcake every Christmas. I loved them. The store bought crap available today doesn't hold a candle.
  11. I've met another commercial pilot, he is currently flying for UPS but used to do charter flights. Flying a rock band he & the copilot had to the whole flight on oxygen, so as to remain coherent & pass their next drug test. Ever run into this situation ?
  12. The long wheelbase, high roof model is a mobile apartment
  13. Further

    Ok or replace

    I would replace them. But I don't like flats. And I really don't like blow outs. Especially at speed.
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