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  1. Long tempers and dull tongues are no fun
  2. Bear story A lady I used to work with lived off the beaten path a bit, a bear was getting into her trash and bird feeder. She chased it off with a broom a couple times. One morning it came up on her porch and was getting into the corn she was planning to feed to the deer. She went storming out with her broom, the bear swatted the broom away and chased her back into the house She called the game people to come and trap the bear, they gave her hell for chasing a bear with a broom, and for feeding critters. They did catch & relocate the bear though.
  3. I like knowing that bears and rattlesnakes and cougars and such are out there, probably best that they stay out there...
  4. I went to work and came home with all my appendages still attached
  5. Bought and used this tonight. Thank You Shootingstar Good stuff
  6. Might have order it, probably take a couple days.
  7. Many, many tens of thousands of dollars. We used to make a grade that the raw materials for a twenty ton heat was 750,000 dollars, no idea what they sold it for. They are much more secretive with the financials now a days.
  8. Further


    29" here, I have trouble flatfooting the handicapped models. But....poop happens......
  9. Further


    I know I payed less than a hundred for a toilet, takes an hour to install. I'm going to poop in it, fancy really doesn't matter PS if you have ever worked construction you know that poopin can be done in adverse conditions....
  10. I took my camera for a walk after work, but I mostly sat & watched
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