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  1. Isn't that usally the other way around ?
  2. If you want to spend 2 grand on a fork I have some you can take your pick of, I'll even let you pay 3 grand if you want...
  3. There was a Beth at work, she was a power lifter, had a pottymouth extraordinaire and wasn't at all shy with it....she was pretty scary
  4. Further


    Most of my flashlights use AA, some of the remotes use AAA
  5. More than death I fear becoming disabled. I'm not ready to die yet, there are still people depending on me. It is irritating that I feel like I'm almost grown up, and the end is so close.
  6. Further


    Glad she's coming home, sorry it isn't the homecoming you wanted.
  7. You say all that like it's a bad thing ?
  8. Further


    You can never go wrong with kielbasa...
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