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  1. This may explain some of the going ons at work today...
  2. Further

    Irish stew

    I had corned beef & cabbage cause I'm American Irish. It was good.
  3. Heading out West for hunting is big around here. Guys will ride some to be ready for a horse powered hunting trip in the Rockies. The actual horse culture is mostly girls. Oh, and polo, polo is big in some circles.
  4. Further

    Time to stock up

    Those are 10 dollar six packs here
  5. You're building muscle in place of fat & everybody knows that a pound of muscle weighs a lot more than a pound of fat...
  6. There were 2 local malls, 1 closed 10 or 12 years ago and they knocked it down and built a Walmart. The other has been hanging on but dying a slow death. They recently announced a casino is opening the space vacated by the Bon Ton. There are high end restaurants popping up around the mall and talk of hotel space. I don't know what the long term effect will be but short term it looks like a new life.
  7. We've been cat sitting since November. Jordan has probably gained 3 pounds. It took 7 or 8 months for my sis in law to take off the weight we put on him last time she left him here. He is a 13 year old neutered cat, his hobbies are eating, sleeping, & pooping.
  8. If Canada is getting Montana they have to take Mississippi also.
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