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  1. Modern wire insulation has some kind of soy extract in it that rodents find delicious. A guy from work had a lot of wiring in a Silverado stripped by a woodchuck. The mechanic at the Chevy dealership told him it was becoming fairly common. This was a few years back, I don't know if any thing has changed in the wire insulation formulation to lessen the appeal to rodents. https://fixautousa.com/blog/stop-rodents-from-chewing-car-wires/
  2. The thing that irritates me most about mine (electric) is that there is 1 large & 1 small burner in front & the same in back. I would much prefer 2 big burners in front, the big burners are where I do cooking, stirring and flipping & such. The small burners are mostly used for heating water, which doesn't require attention. I would much prefer gas but we don't have gas service here.
  3. I know a lot of ways not to do some things
  4. I've been avoiding this thread all day, trying to think of what to say. I came up empty, but know that you have been in my thoughts all day.
  5. The only time I play is when it is huge and they get a pool going at work. You have a better chance with a pool, and I would be heartbroken if all my buds hit the lottery, called in rich, and left me there all alone.
  6. To set out on a bicycle ride is a dangerous thing, you get swept up in the excitement and there is no telling where you will end up.
  7. I had a pretty easy time with covid.....but.... I can tell that it left a mark. My sense of taste is way off from what it was, I get breathless from small exertions, occasional muscle aches that are much worse than pre covid. I'm certain I had this last year before it had a name, that go round was much worse but I didn't connect the dots to why I was so lethargic this past summer, I blamed age & laziness Well this episode took a little more, apparently it is cumulative. I recommend not getting it. Having it doesn't guarantee immunity, hopefully the vaccine will be
  8. On a large fish the cheeks are considered a delicacy, they may be on a small fish also, but are too small to bother with
  9. And average 7.2 But my dog and I have an average of 3 legs, which doesn't really tell the story
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