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  1. No. Actually the arc flash suit brought the whole thing to head. I went to get it (we only had one) and found it laying in a corner of a filthy substation, covered in dirt and bugs. I threw a hissy fit and the motor starting procedure got brought up and they had the suit cleaned, bought a cabinet to keep it in and had the motor starter repaired.
  2. There was a 2300 volt, 1000 HP motor starter at work that had a sticking contact. It was the electricians job to kick it and the motor would start. The cover had to be open to kick the right spot, and there would be some arc flash They preach safety but we did that for at least a year
  3. Are any double pane units held in with points & putty ?
  4. Use a large screwdriver to push them in. If the frame is exceptionally hard use a small hammer to tap the screwdriver
  5. I've gotten tired of beer. Bought some Bud Lite to change things up a bit.
  6. This is good, some heat, some smoke. Mix with mayo for a tasty 'special sauce'
  7. Did you get a full treatment? We’re pullin for ya buddy
  8. Try to get done the stuff I was supposed to get done last weekend....
  9. If they would get rid of those long lines they would get a lot more business
  10. I long ago quit putting workbenches against a wall. Being able to access both sides is such a huge improvement And tool chest's plural
  11. It got out of control There are some weeds, but the plants smother them Work really interferes with my priorities
  12. Long and skinny sounds like a good idea easy access without tromping on the tilled dirt
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