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  1. She still needs me !!!!
  2. the best Wednesday of whole week greet you tomorrow Further wishes you a good nite
  3. Unbelievable harmonies
  4. You are such a big part of so many lives, your own problems seem almost secondary to you. It'll be all right, we're all pullin for ya.
  5. I bet she is getting bored
  6. Bought this house and went catatonic, breaking my balls to get the house how we want. It will never be how we want, but it is comfortable, and a lot better than what we had. Time for me to get off my ass and start running again....oh biking forum....got to get back on the bike Took the motorcycle around the yard today, 60 some year old with a ten year old grin from ear to ear. Got to ride the climb up the ridge before the snow sets in.
  7. Your fingers look like they get used to do stuff, I admire that.
  8. Further

    Salad question

    I like the mixed greens, but I'm rethinking that
  9. That is fuckin funny, I don't care who you are, you are going to smile
  10. Further

    LAJ news

    Ya know, I hope I'm not speaking out of turn here, but, LAJ is doing his damnedest to kill himself and you all keep screwing up his plan. Why ?
  11. Further

    Salad question

    The greens don't seem to have the right texture, they're a bit waxy. Are the packaged salad greens being coated with something ? I think they are. And I think it has some laxative qualities. We fuck up all the good stuff. Greens and fish should be the healthiest foods, instead they are a crap shoot for E-coli and mercury poisoning. Yet, life expediency is longer and people are a hell of lot taller, seems like a conundrum....
  12. Yoopers are tough Driving a screw and the bit slipped ?
  13. The people I work with take pride in their farts. There is no sneaking. And if you can bock the exit from the fart zone.....
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