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  1. I have a couple on the passenger seat I get a new one every day at work and wear it to the car, and back in the next day
  2. Taste exactly like autumn 🤗
  3. Further

    hey ya'all

    Good Morning Everyone
  4. Further

    hey ya'all

    Good night Hope ya have a happy Monday
  5. My mom's recipe mat have included cream of something soup
  6. Protest Is different from disagree Disagree I tell my thoughts Protest I inconvenience you, so maybe you think about my disagreement Riot is protest gone bad Revolution is the final step There are a lot of pissed off people in this country, I sure don't know the answer, I hope somebody finds it.
  7. The season she is a changing, the birdsong as the sun sets has changed, the bats passed over but did not spend a lot of time here. The grass is growing but is thinner than it was. The trees are starting to drop the occasional leaf, and the ones on the tree are looking dry. We ride on a marble spinning through space Covid and Trump be damned the seasons march on
  8. Now The bats have been putting on a show
  9. A few hundred miles makes a difference
  10. My WAG is that too much available credit beats the hell out of all used up credit
  11. So I heard a bit of anchovies was good, I put in about a half a can That was a lot more than a bit Why make the can so big?
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