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  1. December Photos

    May compared to December
  2. Do ya think about your funeral ?

    I would like a Viking funeral with the burning boat. Since that's not very likely I asked my daughter to put my ashes in a little paper boat, set it a fire and let it drift down the Yough river
  3. Krazy goes off-roading

    WOW !
  4. Do ya think about your funeral ?

    I don't care for me. The ceremony is for the living. When the parent dies the kid grows up. The kid might be 52 but he / she is still a kid till mom & dad are gone.
  5. Tonight's beer

    Hey Ralph, we should meet up, discuss bicycles and try beers
  6. Tonight's beer

    I don't like the fruit beer, but Pissed Elf has something I can't let go.
  7. December Photos

    Add an AK47 and you'd have something there
  8. Tonight's beer

    At the beer store today a guy was looking for Mad Elf, seems it's all gone. Knew I should have bought more.
  9. Tonight's beer

    I spent some time with a Merry Monk, excellent companion ! Am now meeting a Narwhal, Sierra Nevada introduced us. Sneaky fellow, excellent taste & manners, but I feel he would rob your good sense and leave you babbling nonsense while you gave back things you didn't even steal.
  10. Do ya think about your funeral ?

    Consider the soundtrack ? I'd like to have some music that means something to me played. I know a funeral is for the living, but I'd like to say good bye with a few tunes.
  11. I appreciate that somebody is out in the cold ringing a bell. If they are a volunteer the money all goes to charity. If paid, well every one needs work, and at least they're doing something.
  12. Some are paid, some are volunteers, you can tell the difference from 50 feet. There are probably some impostors, but I think they would be found out pretty quickly. They set up in front of several of the stores I frequent. I give a dollar on the way out. I consider myself fortunate to be able to donate.
  13. Do You Change Clothes After Work?

    I wear a company supplied uniform at work & shower & change before I leave. Casual dress is a pretty big step up for me. Cheap jeans & tee or sweat shirt is my norm.
  14. Hey Airehead (and DK), Look

    I put a dollar in every bell ringer pot I pass. Kudos on the good deeds you do