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  1. Further

    Summer is over

    Fall weather at it's best is like staring at the most beautiful hammer you ever saw, swinging straight at your face. It's so pretty you can't help but love it, but you know it ends bad.
  2. Further

    tornado warning at bikeman Cafe

    pullin for ya, with crossed fingers.
  3. Further

    Caption Contest

  4. Further

    Current local news

    Well hopefully someone steps up. In jail or out.
  5. Further

    Current local news

    I was thinking along the line of "lock me up, jail is safer than the street" Not the secret service.
  6. Further

    Current local news

    I'm surprised that he's not asking to be put in protective custody, Montana is known for a "do it yourself" attitude....
  7. Further

    Material things or time?

    Buy shit that will stand the test of time.
  8. Now I wish I had put a bit more effort into dinner
  9. Further

    Beer before bread. The science is settled.

    Priorities, it's all about priorities...
  10. Further

    Bald is in!?!?

    I'm a trendsetter !!!!
  11. Further

    September photos

  12. Further

    I have a blue dot

    It's bad when a red dot shows up between your eyes....
  13. Further

    9/22 miles & such

    I swam a few laps in my BIL's pool, I was swimming pretty fast, told him he could water ski if he could get the rope on me.
  14. Further

    The collard greens came oot ok

    All the collard greens I've had, had enough pork fat in them to qualify as meat.