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  1. 12string

    Bare with me

    It still gets a 10
  2. 12string

    Hit and run

    I found the door using a website that let me search yards all over the country. It was waiting for me when I got there.
  3. 12string

    Beer with me

    This was taken by me off their webpage. Not sure if the bear likes what's in there or had too much ale
  4. We just postponed our return another week. The office wasn't 100% full before furloughs, so we have 2 rotating teams, and some full time people. I'm on the full time team (which I hope is job security) They were looking into plexi screens in the open office but decided every other desk is fine. No masks unless you're up walking around, not sure if I'm a fan of that. They did put in some temperature checking camera at the front door. We did do a great job on the church opening, with a fantastic instructional video. It's gone very well for a few weeks, no hassles, no one getting too close. The bishop came in for Mass last week, he did have an unmasked entourage, not a fan of that
  5. No miles today. Been using the jump rope for a changeup.
  6. I know just the girl. She's a weightlifter. Cute.
  7. the way the average american has proved themselves lately? The pucks may be smarter
  8. I'm curious to see what comes of that. If his case turns out to be one of the low symptom cases, probably nothing. But if it turns serious, will he turn serious?
  9. I would LOVE to get back on the rink! I would LOVE to cheer for my team again. But not like this. This is just stupid. Teams are going to drop out, there won't be a cup anyway, they'll screw up next season, too. Not to mention the message it sends. I get trying to do some normal things, but this country is already doing everything like there's no virus. We need to just slam the brakes, everyone, even the athletes. Then, in a month or so, start next season 's
  10. 12string


    Mail is SO 2019 I get nothing of consequence in the mail that can't be delivered by far more economical means. LAtely, our mail carrier has been skipping days here and there. Fine with me, 2 or three deliveries a week would be fine. Although, yesterday, the Ollie's 4th of July weekend sale ad arrived. My wife was PO'd
  11. 12string

    Hit and run

    well, yeah, a GREEN ball. My daughter's car got hit by flying construction debris in a windstorm. The Construction company took car of it all. $3800 so far. The car she drove in college got one door crushed by a transit bus in a parking lot. Estimate was about $3000 from a body shop, they wrote me a check. Junkyard door, shot the whole car at Maaco, new wheels and tires, got a brand new looking car for free.
  12. So what, I'M in great shape and will probably survive it. The people around me that I give it to, not so much. The people they give it to, not so much. Of all the MANY things we're doing a horrible job in educating about COVID, the concept of limiting hosts to reduce the spread is just not being understood. (I know this isn't possible but) If who has been near anyone with the disease would effectively quarantine for 2-3 weeks, we don't need a vaccine or cure. With no hosts to spread to, once either you kill it or it kills you, the virus ceases to exist. THIS is why we social distance, and wear masks EVEN OUTSIDE NEAR PEOPLE. It's not really that hard, if we all - oh - wait - beach party!? Dude! I'm there!
  13. I don't eat a lot of meat already, but I see zero reason to try to pretend my vegetables are meat. I eat plenty of really delicious veggie and vegan dishes as they. As for Gluten, there's absolutely no reason to avoid it for about 99% of people, that's just a fad with no scientific support. Just like the OMG GMO fad it replaced. I did have a hoagie for lunch today, full of processed meat. It was free. Doing my part for WaWa's Welcome America celebration. Times are tough, we all make sacrifices.
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