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  1. My brother blew up his knee waterskiing after freshman year. Lost his ROTC scholarship, but stayed in the corp. He didn't owe them time.
  2. My mom has a bunch of old VCR tapes of the Aggie halftime shows. My brother did that for 4 years, used to send tapes when the games weren't on TV back home.
  3. 12string

    Happy Monday

    dreary Monday. Was getting ready for riding to work when my wife came in with the dog and said it was rainy/misty/yucky. By the time I switched plans to hit the pool instead, I only had about 20 minutes of pool time. Barely enough time for 3 games of Marco Polo.
  4. not good, after blowing a late 3-0 lead over the Isles. Schedule has been brutal, it was a back to back, but still, you find a way to play some D for 10 minutes!
  5. just the neighbor kids.
  6. This. I only saw up to halftime. (Hard to admit this, but I was watching with some Stillers fans) It was quite clear we were watch 2 teams who know their seasons are toast so at least they could beat on a rival. There should have been a couple ejections in the first quarter to get it under control. Garrett needs to be done for the year. Maybe a game for the kick. Otherwise, fines all around.
  7. If they all congregated on the edge it would have flipped the earth over, and all the dinosaurs would fall off and there wouldn't be any more..... HEEEYYYY I think I just made a major discovery! SCIENCE!!!
  8. I tried. No one will sell me the boiler unless I have a licensed installer. And It needs special equipment to do start up, no HVAC people will do the start up after I install it. I don't the the township will give me a permit without an installer.
  9. The same people who have been putting their hands all over your food, your plate, your fork...... If the cup is full of germs, it's also full of the stuff your going to suck into your gut, straw or not. And as for drive ins needing straws..... We're talking about the ways we can avoid messing up the environment - park the car and shut off the engine! The walk in and out might help burn of 0.00003% of the double quarter pounder with cheese product.
  10. It's a boiler. The water has no ducks. They wouldn't work. But still comes with a big bill. There is some mechanical mounting, and the gas, and water in and out pipes will extend about a foot each. Even with removal and startup, maybe 8 hours for 2 people. I apparently chose the wrong career. BUT, I do finally have heat and hot water. Installed the blower at lunchtime, system is up and running! Anybody want to buy a month old blower, available sometime in December?
  11. We have been running the fireplace. And I fortunately remembered that the portable AC unit is also a heater that I never thought I would need.
  12. A good friend of my daughter's is a top Influencer. Free clothes, trips, really good income, living the good life posting fluffy pics with emoji filled raves about how cool it is. Behind the scenes: this girl is a really intelligent businesswoman who works her butt off at this business. It's enlightening to see her "OMG how CUUUUTTE!" posts, then hear about all the work she put into landing that account, negotiating fees and expenses, setting up the photo shoot, navigating legal issues......
  13. If I try that I'm likely to take the whole site down
  14. all the resources and energy to make the straws, ship them places, collect the used ones, ship them other places, recycle them, ship them places, repeat........... Or just don't do it in the first place. It's my latest kick - instead of recycling, noncycling. Returnable bottles and recycling have given us lazy excuses to overconsume and feel good about it. I think those environmental efforts are a big reason we've become such a disposable society.
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