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  1. Okay girls...what do you wear to the gym?

    I wore tights in a high school production of Camelot. I was 5-11 and 120 pounds. They were "tights" in name only
  2. Where do you draw the line?

    Well it didn't say "horse" on the menu. But that was about the time the 3 legged horse across the street had disappeared
  3. Anyone Here Drive For Uber or Lyft?

    $500 is 784 miles. at 45MPH average (that's flying), 17.4 hours That's at the gross pay . Subtracting gas alone, he actually makes about .55 a mile.
  4. Anyone Here Drive For Uber or Lyft?

    So, doing the math..... 75% of 85 cents is 63.75 cents/mile. The standard deduction for mileage is now calculated to be 54.5 cents. That accounts for vehicle depreciation and maintenance. You do incur those costs driving for Uber. So you are really making 9.25 cents/mile. Assuming you drive a 30 mile fare in one hour that's - $2.76. And you still have to drive home if you can't find another fare that just happens to be headed your direction. The tax deduction? That just means you only pay income tax on the $2.76. Which makes your net hourly rate $2.34. It would be much more cost effective to call Uber to get a ride to your job at McDonald's.
  5. Where do you draw the line?

    I once ate at a Vietnamese restaurant where i do believe the "Steak and Broccoli" they served was barking steak. And quite likely I've unwittingly eaten horse in Puerto Rico.
  6. Okay boys.. What do you wear to the gym?

    I'll have to re-think my gym attire. Apparently athletes are now wearing hats with flowers and cocktails.
  7. Johnny Weir...

    I keep hearing all these feel good stories from this Olympics about the first openly gay athlete and wondering where the hell have these reporters been?
  8. Some Parsley advice

    Don't put it in your ristretto, it will ruin the flavor.
  9. Meet the Parents

    They met in college, so we wouldn't have crossed paths. They're planning on retiring back to the Phillipines soon, so we thought it would be nice to meet them first. My parents and my wife's parents used to run in similar social circles so they all knew each other. It wasn't until we were married more than 25 years til we found out we were actually cousins. My FiL's cousin married my aunt.
  10. I'm Not Saying Folks In The UK Are Dim

    When my son was in HS, he was invited to an engineering camp at a University. Here they were, a bunch of the best and brightest, learning and experimenting for a couple weeks in a college setting. When he got back, he asked me to fix his iPod. This was years ago, the larger models still had magnetic storage. I could NOT get that thing to boot, no matter what tricks I tried. After many hours of frustration, I asked if he downloaded anything to it, did he have it with him in any of the labs? Turns out one of the experiments he and his fellow geniuses came up with was what happens when you put his iPod on that huge magnet.
  11. Why did Fonzie take such an interest in Richie and the gang?

    well, yeah, Sophia Vergara, but if you want to watch with the sound on, it's an amusing show.
  12. Meet the Parents

    Been there before, it was a fantastic restaurant. Best Indian food I've ever had. According to all my Indian friends, best Indian food south of Canada. But the building needs repairs that the landlord refuses to make. They have another restaurant across the river, but we're about a month too late getting reservations.
  13. Why did Fonzie take such an interest in Richie and the gang?

    wasn't it a documentary? Like the Office? Or Modern Family?
  14. Meet the Parents

    My daughter's boyfriend's parents are coming for dinner Sunday. First time meet. Should be interesting. Not off to a good start, we promised to take them to an awesome Indian restaurant, it's now closing it's doors on Saturday
  15. My insurance company confuses me...

    "Bundled" or not, something's really wrong when insuring one LESS vehicle costs MORE. Maybe time for another insurance company?