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  1. We had a major highway project, already a couple years late. I had hoped they would catch up some while traffic was reduced. Nope, it's even later. And that's not even adding in the time to figure out and fix the huge section that collapsed before it was done.
  2. Not if you use the Price-Pfizer faucet This is all user error. Trust me on this. I am usually the erring user. Ask my wife.
  3. Yup, this. Anarchy. Can't wait for self driving cars
  4. Sure looked like frost yesterday morning, but temps were around 40. The plants didn't seem to care. I'm counting on another month before frost.
  5. 12string


    I thought this was going to be about a C&W singer, but, dang, it might have turned out even cuter!
  6. I did finally move out of all my petroleum stocks. The world needs to stop burning fossil fuels. The world knows it, these companies will stop making money, why should I own their stock. I mean, I just did the altruistic thing. I did invest in 5G, that causes COVID, but if people have to die for my portfolio, at least it was a good cause
  7. My oatmeal today was a bagel because oatmeal is gross. I wonder what I'll do with all the Oats I just planted?
  8. a lefthanded compliment to righthanded people?
  9. Not sure if y'all have been following the Ben Simmons mess, but so far this season he's been fined every penny of his salary, mostly for not showing up. He started showing up, coach tossed him out today, he didn't want to do some of the drills. He's basically killed his career, thrown away a bazillion dollars. No team will want him Meanwhile ,over on the ice, Evander Kane - already under investigation for spousal abuse and betting on his own games, just got suspended 21 games for a fake vaccine card. In a league that will still let him play without a vaccine. His teammates are asking for him to be traded
  10. I thought this was going to be about boilers. Or sewage systems. Or houses smelling awful when the heat gets turned on
  11. I suppose part of the reason I don't get the concept of turning heat on is because my thermostat is set to heat the house if it gets too cold, and the AC turns off when I remove all the window units for the winter. So, yeah, I'm turning off my AC tonight.
  12. I've dad to break out the long sleeves occasionally for a few weeks now. Morning rides this week will be in the upper 40s, so I may add knee warmers
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