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  1. Pool day yesterday. Thought about riding this morning, but 34 degrees, steady 15MPH wind with gusts in the 30s = pool day today. Tomorrow AM will be back in the 40s with less wind, maybe a bike day
  2. I'm thinking more like Griffin. Dead ringer, actually.
  3. So would that hot chick at the gym then be able to see me when she becomes invisible because I'm holding her boobs? I mean, not "see me", I was asking for RG
  4. Of course. Otherwise there would be this disembodied shorts and "I'm with noob -->" T shirt hanging out in the women's dressing room at Walmart.
  5. Seems to have gone as it should. Happy outbursts, that's about it. No overexuberance, maybe becuase people are seeing it as it actually is - one step, not the answer.
  6. There's understandably (deservedly) going to be some celebration that a step forward has been taken. I just hope it stays joyful and peaceful. And mostly, not spiteful and angry
  7. But if he DOES burn, it means he's made of wood.
  8. I don't find Boston drivers all that bad. I don't mind driving in Boston, it's the parking I hate. Or lack thereof! But it's a very walkable town with good trains, so no need to drive
  9. 10 miles on the bike this morning. Weather says I may not get another bike day this week
  10. 12string


    tuna macaroni salad. There's a chocolate cake waiting to be frosted, that may not qualify as lunch by the time it's done
  11. Now you just take this adolescence right back to the viagra thread!
  12. I can't hate it too much, as apparently it is my fault for buying good cookware and why does it matter what we cook in what pot and which burner and why do I make things so complicated. I thought the "high steady temperature = cast iron, controlled temperature = clad" instruction was pretty simple. I didn't think matching burners and pot size would somehow change with the new stuff. Or even fry in a "fry" pan would be necessary
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