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  1. I did just get some Krazy Glue out and fix the little rubber toe piece that was falling off my whatever I got at Kohls.
  2. The "humerous" was about the PA's arms, not sheep's. See, that's why he put the punch line at the end. It's OK, much of the humor around here is very subtle.
  3. And it reinforces the notion that any problem can be solved with a little pill. It's worth any cost to be like those happy people.
  4. Those commercials are directly responsible for the bulk of the increase in drug costs. Not to mention overuse of drugs. One of the WORST rule changes ever.
  5. You got them already?! How long did it take for them to apply the ceramic coating?
  6. The need for OEM on an O2 sensor is BS. As is true with many parts. Quite often, those parts come of the same line and go in different boxes. There's nothing terribly special about an O2 sensor for any car that requires it be OEM to send the correct reading. Quality is an issue, as some aftermarket parts are poorly built, use substandard connector plastic, things like that. And always get the codes first, before agreeing to repairs. P0457 is usually fixed by removing and putting back the gas cap, but mechanics will sell expensive EVAP repairs. You can get a bluetooth dongle that plugs into your OBDII port for about $20. Download the Torque app, pay the $4.95. You get access to a ton of information the car knows about itself
  7. I am going to listen to my DiL's dissertation Saturday so I can understand maybe 3 words that she says. But as she has explained it as dumbed down as possible for me, her research (others are doing similar work) is about understanding the proteins in the cancer cells, how they act and interact, with an ultimate goal of treating cancer on a cellular level, rather than the current kill 'em all approach. It's many years away, but I think the "cure" for cancer will ultimately not be some kind of traditional method. More of a genetic approach.
  8. My first thought when I saw the 13-0 against Thailand was that the US team DID hold back. I personally would have done less celebrating after about 6 goals, but I'm not playing in the World Cup
  9. These guys are no help......... Here ya go, simple process: step 1: get a new lamp. I think you can figure out the rest from there.
  10. I'm more curious about the differences in profit, not revenue. Cancer drug research and application is expensive.
  11. She is now talking about post-doctoral work. There aren't a lot of jobs for her outside of academia just yet. Too narrowly focused. She's not afraid of it, she'll do well. It's just that circumstances have kept her from ever working at the mall or some other menial task.
  12. Not far enough, isn't that part of the moon? We would have to ask Allen if he wants company first.
  13. "place them" funny guy.. I would have to find them to place them anywhere. Once I carefully extract them with the magnetic screwdriver, I always find something to knock them off the screwdriver on the way to the ice cube tray.
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