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  1. They're talking about getting everything tidied up in time to still play Sunday. Who needs the 14 day see who else has it thing? I can see this getting more widespread, to the point that teams have to end their seasons early. Hmmmm... do they have to SHOW the test results, or just claim the team is sick? I think I see a way the Eagles finish the season with only 2 losses, but they had better hurry.
  2. 12string

    Should I Go?

    Go, you can end it whenever you want by announcing that after what went down with the gang last week you really need to get the family to the COVID test drive through before they close.
  3. Thanksgiving always starts with getting everyone together at the parade. That's already cancelled. Then, back to our house, BiL and his family satay for a couple days, The Black Friday Lizard crawl, Another Thanksgiving Dinner that couldn't be beat. This year, just our household - 4 if a house can't be purchased by then. We did just buy a gas fireplace for the deck, on the chance we could get together for a distanced outdoor dinner. Christmas, 3 Masses Christmas eve, midnight celebration, daughters stop by in the morning, then off to the BiL's for a couple days of celebrating. Some y
  4. glad you caught that. I couldn't imagine your metrics coming up with that conclusion
  5. Our junior wife has been house hunting for months in this market, and it's been super difficult. She can't afford much, can't afford a bidding war. So we've been working this market from buyers perspective. I hadn't even considered it's not so cut an dried for the sellers, either. You're a good person to think about who before how much. It makes a difference for your neighbors. Before we moved, the people next door used to take care of this house for the little old lady who lived here. Herr kids couldn't be bothered. When the old lady died, she left the house to the neighbors. The
  6. Do this. And don't worry so much about the taxes. Sure, you want to file everything right to pay the least taxes, but consider this: If you put $5K into a stock, and Sell it at $10K, You'll pay your 25% on that $5K gain - $1250. You've still got $3750 more than you had before, and you get to now use the other $5K that's just been sitting around. Really, that's not a bad thing. If you didn't have gains to pay taxes on, you wouldn't have gains to spend, either.
  7. 12string


    Probably will get worse before it gets better. I hate it when people don't pay attention. They deserve to be whipped with an antenna. If only you had one handy.
  8. Absolutely! Every single night, plenty of call ins. Took the kids to a local music fair, Kathy O'Connell was doing a kids Corner thing, Trout Fishing was playing. My cousin was interning at WXPN at the time, so one of us snuck away to chat with him. A bit later, we brought the kids over to the Kid's Corner tent, Kathy got all excited, rushed over shouting the kids names. They were awestruck that she KNEW them. Then she called "Kieth, Ezra, you have to come meet two of my favorite listeners!" They all chatted for a while, autographed a CD, it was a day the kids will never forget.
  9. Love his books! My kids grew up on him and Trout Fishing in America
  10. No, my steering wheel is brown.
  11. She rides in there while YOU drive?!? should be "you've got bigger balls than I do"
  12. Even a bear knows how to google that pic, some obviously even know how to upload it onto trail cams.
  13. Well that makes no sense. Pumpkin skin is even worse than grape skin!
  14. Time to email my weekly status report to my boss (even though he can see it on the network 24/7). Included was a line item about some work I did earlier in the week, in response to an email from a VP - that he was also copied on and actually responsible to answer. He wanted to know what that work was about. So I copied him the original email that he was supposed to answer. Seriously, there were at least a dozen emails about this, including all of my work. Which only kicked off a series of questions which required me to do ALL of that work again, sending links, screenshots, explana
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