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  1. Is he the dude that invented French Toast with Mayo?
  2. Doing Marriage Prep classes at the church tonight and tomorrow. Little bit of yard work tomorrow, Mass tomorrow night. Sunday, set some concrete forms then band practice and a party.
  3. I thought this was going to be about Jellystone Park
  4. 12string

    Happy Friday

    *(&&*^%* I got up and moving in time, wanted to get a mile in the pool. Walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and fell into the wall. Wasted too much time waiting for the vertigo to stop. Got some laps in, but didn't risk flipturns today!
  5. I need a new monitor. That bull appears yellow on my screen
  6. Hard to tell. I am the only person in the company that officially does my job. Actually, I believe I'm still the only one when you add in the 13,000 under the parent company umbrella. So my job has kind of morphed into what they need me to do with my skillset. They do offload some of my tasks to other people, but they've also learned those people aren't as qualified (I'm currently doing some training). I am tasked with things that I have some knowledge of, but am underskilled, just to get projects done. What I DO know, is that based just on my job title, I'm paid below average, even though I'm recognized in the industry as upper tier.
  7. worst. pain. EVER! Glad I've only done it once, that couple weeks was awful. I pay FAR more attention to staying hydrated now.
  8. This is the largest one in the Cowell Woods. There's another one that you can climb inside and walk around. 5 or 6 people in there can walk around without being crowded.
  9. If you miss the lottery, you can re apply for a next day permit. They usually have a few available. They had to go to permits because the cables were getting too crowded. I've been to the redwood Forests. Amazing (if you go to an old growth forest like Cowell) Are the Sequoias that much bigger?
  10. I didn't think he was asking about what to cook with. I do like mixing white with tomatoes, other than chili I don't think I've ever mixed red with tomato. Curious - what's the mistake of mixing the 2. When my mother comes for dinner, it's white wine with an ice cube, no matter what we're eating. I have to keep a cheap bottle of white in the fridge, she doesn't seem to care how long it sits in there.
  11. White wine with Lasagna!? What have you been drinking?! Heathen! Prosecco before, then Sangiovese or Montepulciano with dinner. And 6 bottles is stingy.
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