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  1. I assumed you talked to my wife before telling me can now spend $2000 on a fork. First $2000 gets it, PM me
  2. No way I'm leaving it up to you people, I'm not THAT ready!
  3. I don't fear death, I'm ready. I'm more concerned that the people around me aren't ready for me to go, so I'll defer to them.
  4. We cut the cable, subscribed to Hulu and we use my daughter's Netflix. We get all the hockey and football, all the local stations except the one crappy one with nothing on anyway. Saving almost $100/month. I have one Smart TV, the other TVs have Chromecasts. Controlling Hulu with the TV remote is MUCH easier from my phone than the TV remote. Picture quality does get wonky sometimes, really only noticed on hockey
  5. I've only done it on business, but we're hoping to vacation there in September. My sister took my mother on one of those river cruises. Apparently she found it helpful to purchase an expensive, high end camera so she could share her trip with the rest of the family using crappy pictures taken with an expensive, high end camera.
  6. OK, before I decide who to side with in this, I need more information. Is she hot?
  7. I refuse to name my boats with any wordplay on aquatic terms. I named our most recent boat "Hey Lady", after my MiL. Our inheritance from her allowed us to buy it, it was only fair.
  8. Remind me not to shake hands with Silly
  9. I thought this was gonna be about that time I went into the shower room at the gym and some doofus had turned on the hot water in all the showers and left and there was no more hot water for my shower. But I guess it's not.
  10. mnfft. gphbmnd bnfgk nbfdy bndmffft!
  11. I hate when I'm scrolling though the comments on someone's Facebook post and accidentally hit the little heart thingy on some comment by somebody I don't know who turns out to be a 15 year old girl who gets all "stop stalking me you dirty old man" about it. Yeah, I don't like when that happens. Not that it ever happened. To me, I mean.
  12. I did that once. On the only day I didn't wear a new shirt they sent me home to put a shirt on.
  13. I searched all over the Googlenets, she's wearing clothes in all the pictures. Do we know anyone who lives across the street from her?
  14. The only time I get to see my hot neighbor in any state of undress is when she's peeing in the yard.
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