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  1. I certainly looked different at 160 than I did when I started at 120. But never got what anyone would consider "wide". After all the injuries and age, I'm back to about 140. No matter what I do. Part of the swimmers looking so wide is that they do use chest and shoulders a LOT. Part of it is that bodies with wide shoulders and long arms are pretty much required to develop into olympic level swimmers
  2. I don't want to answer because I'm not sure what it is you're trying to say about me!
  3. I may confuse a lot of words, but I draw the line at "demarcate"
  4. Weight lifting will increase bone density, not body structure. When I was younger, I spent 3 hours, 5 nights a week in the gym for a couple years. I was always able to lift some rather heavy weights for my size. And even with trainers, special diet and supplements, I never weighed more than 160 at 5-11. (I did build a ton of bone spurs). My older brother, with a less strenuous routine and diet was about 185 at 5-10. He's just a larger frame than I am, can't change that.
  5. And another thing they should have told me! I've had 2 pulled under novocaine at the dentist. The third was so screwed up it required removal of a piece of my jaw, I was not given a choice for that one. I explained that this one is pretty badly broken and the dentist might need to decide for me, but was still asked my choice. So I might end up with the nap anyway.
  6. I swam competitively for about 12 years as a kid. I've been back in the pool at least a few times a week for the past few years. I'm still a skinny, pasty old dude. I do have to say, none of my physical activities ever reached the fitness level swimming develops.
  7. I have lots of shelves, hooks, racks, tubs for materials. Unfortunately I have even more stuff than fits on those. I walked into a supply room at work yesterday, our new president was in there. aghast at the disarray. I noted my agreement, with an example about $thousands I've spent recently buying parts that were probably in there. We had an hour long discussion about how many dollars and hours are lost because no one wants to spend time staying organized. I think I may soon have a new job description.
  8. oxymoron. If you "feel for her" you would let HER decide, instead of demanding that she provide your sports entertainment no matter what mental or physical damage she endures. For years she has demonstrated extreme mental and physical toughness, time after time. Pulling herself out of a chance to win a gold medal because for whatever reason why would hurt the team's chances is possibly the toughest of all. "so maybe this was mis-characterized from the outset." No kidding. And yet, she's had to endure mountains of criticism based on that mischaracterization. This whole
  9. I really didn't have anything planned, but you guys have given me some ideas. So, ride my bike, not marry BR's wife so I can have bourbon while I rip off my clothes and get my wife to dremel my toenails. I think I'll skip the trip to the airport, Chris didn't give us dreaded MiL's destination and I'm not taking any chances
  10. after they're done you'll have a hole where you can put the straw and get drunk faster!
  11. Just made an appointment to have a badly broken wisdom tooth removed. I was given the option asleep or awake. I chose awake, I hate anesthesia. "OK, your appointment is with the new young dentist fresh out of school!"
  12. The Caddy is a real outlier on that list. Do try the Dodge products, they have really upped their game lately
  13. My buddy Sam offered to get me into plastics right from the ground floor but I got stuck having to run the family's stupid Building and Loan.
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