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  1. Good for them, it's their job to piss you off (and keep you safe) And you should take advantage of them while they made the offer
  2. Does my neighbor count? He says he had it in November. An early adopter. This was even before he heard the report on the police scanner about the train pulling tanker cars that had "COVID-19" stenciled on the side. But I probably won't catch it, he saw a bunch of C130s flying over with their cargo doors open spraying disinfectant. Yeah, just some of the things he tells me. No, this isn't the neighbor flying all the Trump/Pence flags.
  3. 12string

    Uh oh, beer?

    That's the beer they sell to the masses so they can make good beer. Their breakfast stout is fantastic, especially aged. They've got an excellent lineup
  4. 12string

    Uh oh, beer?

    No one will miss Mexican beers. If they say they are stopping Tequila, we need to invade
  5. close, I'm at a 9.6 out of 10. It'll be 10 out of 10 if I remember my April shave.
  6. This. My plan was to move rides to lunchtime when it warms up a bit. By the time I remember it's lunchtime, I have a couple things I NEED to finish. Motivation is getting hard to come by.
  7. I have to help a friend move this weekend. He's pretty compromised. So is one of the other helpers (who refuses to stay home). I have some cheap masks, I'll wear one so I don't cough on them, and it will make them feel better. Mostly, I'll make sure we maintain distance and handwash a lot. I don't know if they have their own, real masks to avoid catching this.
  8. 12string


    OK, so that guy is leaving me alone. Now my boss has lost his brain After a number of back a and forth emails about "why did you do this" "I need you to do it that way" and my back and forth between just doing this wrong to shut him up and telling why the database doesn't allow that, I finally had to write a long email explaining our standard company procedures for this process - that he's been doing for a bunch of years now! Then a "why don't I have your status report yet?". Yeah, the one that he sent an email at 9 saying he needed it at 10. The one we've had discussions about where do I count the time I spend answering insipid emails from people who should know how to do their own jobs and follow documented processes!!! (note: 3 !!!) I may make it to the end of this quarantine. Not sure about a few other people...........
  9. I even remembered that it's Saturday and I could sleep late and not turn on my office computer today!
  10. 12string

    Garden thread

    man, I need one of those at work
  11. this one. mostly because it was still in my computer's clipboard
  12. It's been sitting since the pickup crapped out. I tried a little fixing, but I think that made it worse. So this time I tried troubleshooting The preamp is NOT toast, works fine with the volume and tone controls cut off. Turns out the old controls had a well hidden short, found thanks to the microscope I brought home from work. The new controls test out fine, no idea why they didn't work. ? Just ordered new pots and a new cap, going to solder them up later and I'll be 12stringing again! One of the benefits of having everything cancelled for me
  13. 12string

    Garden thread

    Online seeds I use - Burpee (often the most expensive) Johnnyseeds, Park Seed, rareseeds.com Burpee and Ferry Morse are cheapest at Home Depot and Lowes
  14. The RNA approach is interesting, because of the speed at which vaccines can be grown. Makes me wonder if my DiL's research was used in this rapid development. She made a significant discovery in RNA division, and another in Microscopy with which to examine RNA. And not that distance matters, but her office is less than a mile from ModeRNA. I'd like to think that these interim discoveries get put to use to improve research speed and accuracy
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