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  1. Wait - Crisco is made from VEGETABLES!? You guys are ruining this for me!
  2. It's a shame you live such a boring life. Alas, not all of us get to spend 8 hours a day staring at a computer screen
  3. The NFL just couldn't resist the ratings..... 11 is not enough
  4. In related news, the Colorado River is now empty, investigators are trying to figure out who used it all .
  5. Gotta give them something of a pass for being so political lately, it pretty much takes up all our oxygen. Their job is to comment on society. Trevor Noah does an interesting job as a non-American. I am a fan of Lenny Bruce's appearances on Mrs. Maisel
  6. Good description of this place. We PO each other, we get over it and joke with each other. @Square Wheels, you did the right thing. It was inevitable, guy's got issues. Thanks for all you do!
  7. I generally air fry anymore. at worst, a light rub with oil.
  8. I don't even use a tower at work, with all the heavy duty CAD stuff. Not sure why they even bother to make them anymore. Tablets really have gotten powerful, especially for what most home users need
  9. Yes, let's make this about Crisco. Crisco is definitely better for pie crusts and cookies.
  10. I used to work right on the other side of the wall from where they tested huge power supplies for induction furnaces. They were full of those huge caps (PCB filled at that time). They would crank them up to test the circuit breakers. Yeah, WAY loud. Every once in a while a cap would go first. Holy @$#$%^%# LOUD!
  11. Why? What are you implying about me? Why don't you badger everyone else like this? I don't have to answer your question, you're just going to use it to say something not nice about me!
  12. yuck. The girls on my hockey team drink those. We did let them know the guys would only buy beer, they need to supply their own juice boxes.
  13. I watched a little. We've got a bunch of interesting new players I wanted to see. Jordan Davis is a monster. When he learns some NFL moves, watch out!
  14. There's also the part about that infamous race where they beat the Tesla - then got caught cheating to do it. If you want the fastest (sellable) 0-60, you have to go electric. No other way
  15. As far back as the Tesla roadster, you could buy exhaust sound systems for them. Heard one that had dozens of options - V8, V10, Ferrari, Tie fighter...................
  16. Merrell is really good about honoring their warranty, they would have replaced them. After years of other brands, we stick to Merrel and Keen now for hiking. I really liked the Keen Targhee, but couldn't remember what size. The Moab is nice, but I like the rounded edge soles of the Chameleons. I don't like wide flat soles. Still need strap sandals, I should look at Salomons, forgot about them
  17. @MickinMD with all those tomato plants, you NEED a food mill! I gathered all the tomatoes from the past couple days, sorted by type. Wash, cut off any bad parts, toss them whole in pots. Cook just long enough to soften. Run them through the food mill attached to the Kitchen Aid mixer. Sauce only goes in a pot, seeds, skins, etc. go in another bowl. Took about 2 hours to get about 50 quarts of sauce. I do this with peppers for hot sauce, apples, pears, anything you want to sauce. San Marzanos - at least the ones we grow in this climate and soil - don't want to get large. Bigger fruits are just more water. A little tug, they'll fall off if ready. And don't be surprised if they get kind of round with all teh other round tomatoes you're growing nearby
  18. I do have plenty of tomatoes, just not as many beefsteaks as I'd like, and that's what he's hitting. Going home tonight to continue cooking down San Marzanos for gravy. Its' cooked down to about 6 gallons so far, but I can pick a few more pounds tonight. They may go in with the other varieties for soup, should be able to start a few gallons of those. 2 days of picking Cukes got 29 pounds for Garlic Dills.
  19. I had a plan to not buy dog chow when it showed up Sunday, but there were people hanging out that may have had an issue with that plan The neighbor's got it yesterday, but couldn't finish it off. One ran into the street, it's turkey vulture chow.
  20. We really need to figure that out soon. It's coming. In the meantime, we can try not building hundreds of thousands of new houses in deserts.
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