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  1. Cut up some onions Tuesday night for the green tomato chutney. Super strong, I had to keep going outside, my eyes were burning. I'm hoping the cooking killed the salmonella. Ended up with 25 jars. Not as good as last year's batch, but I can't find the old recipe. Started the Green Tomato fritters last night, only made a couple dozen. I'll do a bunch more Friday night. Scallions from the farm in that one, so we won't die.
  2. We had a major highway project, already a couple years late. I had hoped they would catch up some while traffic was reduced. Nope, it's even later. And that's not even adding in the time to figure out and fix the huge section that collapsed before it was done.
  3. Not if you use the Price-Pfizer faucet This is all user error. Trust me on this. I am usually the erring user. Ask my wife.
  4. Yup, this. Anarchy. Can't wait for self driving cars
  5. Sure looked like frost yesterday morning, but temps were around 40. The plants didn't seem to care. I'm counting on another month before frost.
  6. 12string


    I thought this was going to be about a C&W singer, but, dang, it might have turned out even cuter!
  7. I did finally move out of all my petroleum stocks. The world needs to stop burning fossil fuels. The world knows it, these companies will stop making money, why should I own their stock. I mean, I just did the altruistic thing. I did invest in 5G, that causes COVID, but if people have to die for my portfolio, at least it was a good cause
  8. My oatmeal today was a bagel because oatmeal is gross. I wonder what I'll do with all the Oats I just planted?
  9. a lefthanded compliment to righthanded people?
  10. Not sure if y'all have been following the Ben Simmons mess, but so far this season he's been fined every penny of his salary, mostly for not showing up. He started showing up, coach tossed him out today, he didn't want to do some of the drills. He's basically killed his career, thrown away a bazillion dollars. No team will want him Meanwhile ,over on the ice, Evander Kane - already under investigation for spousal abuse and betting on his own games, just got suspended 21 games for a fake vaccine card. In a league that will still let him play without a vaccine. His teammates are asking for him to be traded
  11. I thought this was going to be about boilers. Or sewage systems. Or houses smelling awful when the heat gets turned on
  12. I suppose part of the reason I don't get the concept of turning heat on is because my thermostat is set to heat the house if it gets too cold, and the AC turns off when I remove all the window units for the winter. So, yeah, I'm turning off my AC tonight.
  13. I've dad to break out the long sleeves occasionally for a few weeks now. Morning rides this week will be in the upper 40s, so I may add knee warmers
  14. BTW, your heater doesn't run hard to bring the temp back up, it runs the same as it always runs. Setback thermostats really do save a tin of fuel, and actually extend the life of your furnace as it runes fewer hours per day. I don't get the whole "when do you turn on your heat" thing. If 68 degrees is comfortable in February, why not in October? My thermostat is set year round, it comes on when it hits it's set points.
  15. according to the ladies, my heat is ALWAYS on
  16. Rode the Dogfish Head bike to work today! (10 miles) It needs some adjustments, With 3 speeds, it really didn't even feel like a bike. Still trying to decide what to do with it. Really, a townie bike. It's OK to ride to work, slow, not really exercise, probably just for cool days when I wouldn't need a shower, I can just wear my work clothes for the ride and take it easy. I need to take it for a gravel path ride, see if it's worth keeping for that.
  17. Maybe it all tastes like Alien predators and we just don't know it. And I prefer shotput.
  18. I don't think a lot of institutions are holding bitcoin. Trading it maybe, but not holding. It will crash someday, it's total smoke and mirrors. I just read an article about all of the open jobs not filling as government subsidies stop, COVID retreats, etc. One of the theories is that some people may be getting their earnings from btcoin, shich flies under the financial evaluation radar. Another theory was that a lot of 2 income families realized they didn't need 2 incomes. That one makes a ton of sense. Plenty of these families living pretty high on the hog, feeling like they "needed" 2 incomes to pay the bills. COVID changed a lot of thinking and priorities.
  19. 12string


    I've had a very narrow miss, we both stood on the brakes and by the time we stopped, I could have kissed the deer. Pretty funny, we both just froze and stared for a second. It dove into the woods, I started pedalling. The deer tried to jump back into the road. screeching brakes again, not quite as close this time. The third time, the deer realized it wasn't happening and turned back into the woods. Had a turkey run right at me once, got a few feet away when it realized it wasn't a great idea. A friend of my cousins' was not so lucky. Broke her neck on a deer, didn't make it.
  20. You would think that in the 4 years since this thread started we would have formula 410 by now. Those chemists are slower than Walmart cashiers!
  21. I actually love my Hutchinson Fuzion tires, getting ready to buy more. Super smooth, easy rolling, almost no flats. As for the tire prank, not me. I prefer throwing reptiles on people's sidewalks
  22. Good thing she didn't have pet dinosaurs, meteors are fatal to them.
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