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  1. Oh, and Manwich is gross. Sloppy Joes are easy to make from scratch
  2. I keep seeing these memes about "they're coming for nnnnn next!!!" NO. No "they're" not. Ya know, there are some things that we've gotten wrong in the past. It's not political correctness, it's admitting we got it wrong and are smart enough to correct them. It's more of a snowflake thing to not be able to admit and correct mistakes And complaining about the Dr. Suess thing is insane. It was the Dr. Suess foundation deciding ON THEIR OWN WITH NO ONE ASKING THEM TO. They didn't get cancelled, they decide. BTW, Geisel was pretty much known to be a full on racist.
  3. I actually am not scheduled for any music at Church this weekend! So my wife signed me up to run the livestream on Saturday. Sunday, a hike somewhere, to celebrate D1's birthday. So we'll at least get to see some of the kids. She talked about a dinner, but I'm not dining indoors yet, and it's going to be about 30 by dinnertime.
  4. Hulu covers most of what we watch. Our daughter lets us use one of her Netflix logins, I suppose as payback for the $millions we spent raising her. Sometimes we use Junior Wife's Amazon Prime, but mostly for movies. Peacock is currently free from Comcast. And there's a bunch of free stuff on Roku, but you get what you pay for.
  5. I just don't get the gender reveal insanity.
  6. 12string


    Lent apparently isn't taking because lately I've been thinking need this guy in my corner:
  7. 12string


    I know, wrong comic strip, but pointy haired boss is driving me insane this week! (which would explain my disappearance) An URGENT!!! request from the field, rather clear and concise, One email needed for a simple clarification and I'm on it like a pit bull. Except for the months of time spent this week on emails from guess who. An initial "these are my findings and my plan" started down the rabbit hole. To the molten core of the earth. And of course, all of his questions for the requisitioner were to me, "Ask him this stupid question you already have answered" finally Inspiring
  8. Might also want to avoid the mid life crisis fresh off the showroom floor sporty convertible model - that will definitely set off the Garmin
  9. You didn't get the "You're OKAY?! I'll KILL you!"
  10. Did you get sprayed in the eye? Not sure if that's a COVID transmission method.
  11. 12string


    more prayers on the way!
  12. 12string


    with blue cheese and buffalo wing sauce.
  13. Italian Tune up? And all along I just called it "driving" Love that Sea Foam stuff. I run it all my cars periodically, rarely do the full smoke job, I don't think it's needed for most cars, most of the smoke is Seafoam burning, not crud. My neighborhood knows the difference. Brought home a '83 Dodge pickup straight six. $500. Ran like crap, about 60 HP. Plugs were caked. So, new plugs, half a can sucked though the power brake booster hose. Sat 10 minutes, that thing blew huge clouds of black smoke for a half hour. Another half can, until the smoke turned gray then white then non
  14. 12string


    some of us have daughters who are nurses. not naming names.
  15. I would love to retire now. But I'd find a part time job in one of my hobbies, because I can't sit still. I always thought that I could retire once I had $1mil saved, but now I see that isn't enough to ENJOY retirement. I want to travel, have a busy nightlife, enjoy expensive hobbies. I have no pension, my wife has one but it's not much at all. So I'll keep working for a bunch more years and not draw SS until I reach peak. Another friend just told us she's retiring from teaching. With full pension and medical. At 59. Why are my taxes so high? Pensions just aren't sustainable wi
  16. Thanks! I think next time she makes the bread without bothering with details like this, at the dinner table I will quote you directly. Though it may come out sounding like "I like it chewy"
  17. I have a OBDII to bluetooth dongle and an app on my phone. It uses the phone GPS for accelleration (including lateral). And tells me everything the computer knows. I had to remove my instrument cluster for a week, I just set up the phone as my dashboard.
  18. My wife has been making that lately. Hasn't really been rising. Last time she mentioned that the recipe said to preheat the pot, maybe she'll try that. She's really good at deciding all the little details aren't always required when cooking or baking.
  19. all the time. Drives my wife nuts. I have been picking through the list lately
  20. That's the $13.50 Heaven Hill. Actually, WAS. After they got trashed by the millenials who scoff at anything of value, they kept it barrelled an extra year. It's now 7 year, $35, and not available in KY for a while. They had to ship out of sate and start over. I have one bottle left, I need to find out where they are shipping it.
  21. Or, easier to find, Clyde Mays. Try it straight up with just a couple drops of distilled water
  22. I've never paid $100 for a Bourbon, so you'll have to do some research if you're willing to spend that. I went to a Bourbon event, each guy brought their favorite, we did tastings and ratings. After 22 samplings, mostly $50 and up, the one I brought was deemed the unanimous favorite. $13.50 Heaven Hills Bottled in Bond. It's the boutique version, Heaven Hills distills a lot of brands. It's limited, available in only a few regions. They had to raise the price to $35 because they couldn't convince millenials that a $13.50 Bourbon was excellent. Just opened my last bottle
  23. A nice bourbon is a good gift, but don't buy bourbon based on the price
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