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  1. Razors Edge

    I weigh 78.44 kilograms

    I like thinking, How do I stack up against an elephant?" 0.02 is pretty pathetic I also am 2.11 pounds / inch (of height). That might be a better number to think about. Tom
  2. Razors Edge

    Any of y'all ever go on a windjammer cruise ?

    I wonder about how well these larger sailboats do with regards to seasickness. For whatever reason, my wife has grown more and more susceptible to nausea, so a week or two of dramamine or similar seems awful She has even gotten nauseous sea kayaking in the Caribbean, and she takes the dramamine if we are whale watching or some other shorter duration ocean boating trip. On a large cruise ship, it has happened in heavy seas, but not in mild or calm seas. We've done the wrist pressure things (hard to determine their efficacy), but maybe the ear patch things are the best route for her now. Tom
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  4. Razors Edge

    July 19 miles & such

    30 @ 18.4. Wanted a bit of a low key easy ride in the beautiful weather, and I got that for the most part. Did pass a guy who asked if he could draft off me, so I ratcheted up the pace for the last 6 miles or so before hitting congested areas. Nice guy. A runner who realized he couldn't jump back into running without injuring himself again so went with the bike to help get fit again. Tom
  5. Razors Edge

    Vision Wheels

    Keep in mind, VERY FEW folks have multiple bling wheelsets, so it is unlikely we can actually say "I rode current Zipps for 5,000 miles, current ENVEs for 5k, and the Visions for 5k, and these are my thoughts on how each stack up to the others." Since I have had no issues with the Zipps except two broken spokes over many years and many miles, I like them. They seem fast and durable. Like you, I had the spoke/nipple issue with my Mavics, so I can see your trepidation in getting another set from them. There is also the tendency for folks to rate whatever they chose to implicitly justify their decision. So, take glowing reviews with a grain of salt, and maybe watch for negative trends over a mixture of review sites. I didn't see someone like DCRainmaker reviewing them (he is pretty thorough), but did spot Bike Rumor with a story TODAY so there are some new changes in the pipeline. It also looks like Vision is part of the big component maker FSA, so they should know their stuff and have reasonable customer service. I'd say the 303-family is the "easy" or "vanilla" choice (which is why I went with them), but these other wheelsets from the non-big name guys may be a "funner" option to stand out a little from all the other guys. I have days where I think a screaming orange bike frame would be cool, and others where I wish for a simple matte black frame for a stealth look. So, for me, some days I think I would have rather gone the Meilenstein or the 454 NSW route, and others I am more thinking I should remove my decals to go fully understated. So, again, no help from me, but a suggestion to go with what makes you love your bike even more and want to ride it tons. Tom
  6. Razors Edge

    Then And Now

    ...or 1982 and 2015: ...still work? Tom
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  8. Razors Edge

    Franchise Opportunity In Ohio For Don!

    Seems like you will work well in EITHER opportunity. Shoot me your financials and I'll see if you qualify for either (or both!) opportunity. Right now, Texas has multiple areas available, and I look forward to working with you! Tom
  9. Razors Edge

    Vision Wheels

    No thoughts on Vision other than they look nice. But, being at the starting/planning stage, what is your price range and overall intended use for the new wheels? A brand like Zipp, Mavic, or Trek's Bontrager will have multiple price points and options, and I would think all three are essentially no-brainers if they tickle your fancy and hit your budget. Then you get into more specialized or smaller company wheels like the Lightweight, Enve, or this Vision brand. Price then becomes all over the range (premium or lower), quality a little harder to pin down (fewer customers, fewer reviews), BUT individuality becomes greater as well. You won't see many Lightweight Meilensteins at your next club ride (but they sure seem badass). I love my older Zipp 404s which are pretty much a "normal" aero wheel nowadays and you see a lot of them. Also, a lot of road bikes are now specced with aero-looking wheels, so those too are becoming "normal". If I had unlimited resources, I'd likely add a low-to-medium profile Zipp 303 NSW or similar. A bit aero, a bit all around, a bit lightweight. I'd want a PowerTap on the rear (or would maybe switch to another newer powermeter option). Anyway, as a reference, in NoVAs relatively mild weather, the Zipps are all year wheels for me at this point. I used to swap on winter wheels and tires, but the Zipps and Conti GP4000s seem to be fine for any time of year that doesn't require fat tires or studded tires. Tom
  10. Razors Edge

    Franchise Opportunity In Ohio For Don!

    The Masked ManiacTM patrols the STREET. The Azzhat Alliance© is (will be) more focused on path and trail violations. That's where Razor will focus his attention. Tom
  11. Razors Edge

    Crap (weather related)

    Crikey! Looked at my phone again: Tom
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  13. Razors Edge

    Franchise Opportunity In Ohio For Don!

    ...to expand the Masked Maniac brand to Ohio! I could definitely see this working out well for a dude like @donkpow
  14. Razors Edge

    Turn It Up To 13!

    ...and make it cool looking, too! Tom
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