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  1. Which brings up the "What's good for the hugger may or may not be good for the huggee!" distinction.
  2. He stays well hidden under a blanket or scarf, surely!
  3. Young women and altar boys are waiting for your answer.
  4. HEY!!! DON'T SIMPLIFY IMPORTANT STUFF LIKE THIS!!!! But, yeah, what Mike said.
  5. Yesterday was "sandwich night". It was tasty. We went to a local deli, and picked some interesting options. I love good delis as they usually have great bread.
  6. And others need to be pinned! Wow, this is quite a crazy story. I wonder if @Randomguy can get us an update????
  7. Happy Birthday, @floridayankee! We'll bake a virtual cake for you if you drop by
  8. PB&J, a banana, and I think I'm gonna go grab a mango Greek yogurt from the fridge.
  9. As for caring, haven't you been here for any of the Daylight Savings "discussions"???? Many folks are very passionate about what time it is, and when that time is messed with - shifting even just an hour - all hell breaks loose!
  10. DUDE!!! No one ever told about exposure to that sort of radiation?!?!?!? Shield your balls! No, I was saying a physical connection gets you past most issues and right to the settings.
  11. Usually, if you have a PHYSICAL connection to the router, you can get to that sort of stuff too, correct??? On a side note, with the advent of rampant WFH and zoom/teams/skype video meetings, I get a chuckle out of how many folks blame their broadband connection for their WiFi issues. I'm always asking if they have tried ethernet to the router or how far they are from the wifi antennas. Usually they have never tried ethernet and are often at the far side of the house in a basement, upstairs room, or somewhere distant from the router. But, they will complain regularly. I tell them to
  12. If you were invisible for a day, what would you do? This is today's middle school horny kid's fantasy question. I am really interested in how you would answer it. FTR, this is just for the PERVs to answer (looking at you @Randomguy, @Dottles, and, of course, @MickinMD). And the answer can't be that gal from Mom!
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