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  1. Razors Edge

    Halloween Goodies at the Square Wheels Estate

    HA! But sadly, remember when candy was a "treat" not a staple of kids' diets? We LOVED the trip to Mapes 5&10 to pick out ONE item from the candy aisle. Gum? Chocolate? Mike & Ikes? Oh my! And then the few times a year when candy easily gotten (and hoarded) - Easter and Halloween. Man, you'd get that treasure trove and then have to decide how to consume it - fast & furious or slow & steady. Tom
  2. Razors Edge

    When Did Women Start Shaving Their Legs, Armpits,...

    Of course I remember Nena! I need to watch the new episode of Magnum PI I recorded and compare the "new Magnum" to the original Magnum. I wonder if the new guy is all burly and manly like Tom Selleck or if we get a @jsharr's preferred Dak-like smooth as a baby's bottom Magnum????? Tom
  3. Razors Edge

    Good Or Bad For The Sport?

    Women's events are significantly shorter and less challenging then the men's events. I am not sure if it is a chicken-egg sort of thing or a chauvinistic sort of thing, but it really shows up in these apples-to-apples events where the juniors are 71 vs 132 km in length and the Elites are 156 vs 258km in length and the elevation gains are nearly DOUBLE in both. Why is this??? Women are clearly able to ride the longer SINGLE DAY distances that the men would be riding, so why not identical courses for each category (women don't even have a U-23)? It is the same for the TTT and ITT events. I think it is BAD for the sport and for any sport that does similar "girls need shorter/easier/different courses" nonsense. I always hated shorter women's tennis matches, and appreciate something like soccer where the women's game is the same fundamentally, but strategically different nonetheless. Women Juniors Road Race Distance: 71.7km Elevation gain: 975m Men Juniors Road Race Distance: 132.4km Elevation gain: 1,916m Men Under 23 Road Race Distance: 179.9km Elevation gain: 2,910m Women Elite Road Race Distance: 156.2km Elevation gain: 2,413m Men Elite Road Race Distance: 258.5km Elevation gain: 4,670m Tom
  4. Razors Edge

    You need more HR policies

    P&R!!!!! Tom
  5. ...and other special spots? Was it a slow roll out where they first started shaving their legs to save on something like nylon stockings? And then their armpits as sleeveless clothing came up? And other parts as bikinis became popular? And likewise, did men start doing this before or after them? Obviously small groups of men - cyclists, bodybuilders, maybe swimmers - have shaved all sorts of body parts for many decades, but when did it become a more general trend? Tom
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  9. Razors Edge

    Caption Contest

    N00bs ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE SOCKS! Duh! Is it just me or are the old guys here starting to have memory issues???? Tom
  10. Razors Edge

    Current local news

    Odds would be he is dead within a week in a jail or prison. Unless it is a complete sequestering. Tom
  11. Razors Edge

    Current local news

    Surely he could hire his own bodyguards. I can't see how "normal" Joes can request and get protective services from the government. Tom
  12. Razors Edge

    Current local news

    Considering current headlines, it is interesting some states - Maryland included - have no statute of limitations on FELONIES. And like Montana, some folks are also realizing that "fixing" a law usually only applies to crimes going forward - not past crimes and laws. I think PA ran into this with the recent Priest abuse report where the SoL was changed, but that helped none of the earlier victims. Tom
  13. Razors Edge

    What's Up With Schools in Texas?

    It sure seems like they produce a lot of news for crazy reasons. Texas Official Defends Racist Stereotype: ‘You Can’t Count On A Black Quarterback’ Texas School Official Suspended Over Profane Tweet to Lawyer Tom
  14. Razors Edge

    Caption Contest

    See, anyone lower than a Grade A n00b would KNOW that! There is no way @donkpow was thinking this joint was selective. Tom
  15. Razors Edge

    Bone broth.

    Yep. No justification required! Tom