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  3. Razors Edge


    I've had E-ZPass a LONG time, and while I hate those EFFERS and the whole TOLL EVERYTHING regressive spineless azzclowns too lazy to do their jobs, the one good thing has been never needing to stop to pay tolls. They recently introduced a new way to muddy and screw the traffic crowd - HOT vs HOV selection on some E-ZPasses. The MAIN road going into DC from VA is I-66, but any rational human would never drive it during rush hour. If you do, you are essentially required to have the Flex, but to have the Flex (without getting charged extra) you need to use it every so often, so it's not like you can just have a Flex in the off chance you need to get into the city during rush hour once a year or so. Total BS. E-ZPass Flex has an “HOV On” switchable feature to allow you to obtain toll-free travel on High Occupancy Toll and Express Lanes (64, 66, 95/495) when you have the qualifying number of people in your vehicle. The Flex Transponder has minimum HOV usage requirements.
  4. Then you'd love Colorado! Their edibles market is skyrocketing! If you want pot in it, they will figure out a way!
  5. Is this a new fangled diet? Are you also wearing a black garbage bag to really get a good sweat going? Remember, water weight loss is not weight loss.
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  7. Razors Edge

    Good news

    I can't tell if this is passive, aggressive, passive aggressive, or aggressively passive!
  8. Razors Edge

    Good news

    Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet? Why are n00bs morans?
  9. Regardless of this "word dense" unreadable schlock, I thought you were a guy? We're MINORITIES! Learn to embrace it.
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  11. It is one of those things where you ask if the single incident was to blame or if it was a build up over time of poor behavior followed by an outbreak of violence. To some extent, it looks like "design" is the biggest problem with the funicular. DH bikes are BIG. Looking at the bahn, it has no external storage for bikes, so it likely means DH'ers must board with them in the passenger cabin. On a nice weekend, that would surely be a mess with folks waiting in line with their bikes mixed in with parents and kids. I'd think a dedicated car for the bikes & riders (with a capacity limit), plus a separate boarding/exit line, and perhaps a significant surcharge would be a good approach. On the plus side, anyone with a "normal" MTB could readily ride to the top (via trails or the road) and not be forced to take the funicular. --------------------------------- Innsbruck's public transport authorities have banned anyone riding a bike with a dual crown fork or using a full face helmet from using all public transport.A ban against downhillers in the city first came after a violent incident involving a rider and a member of staff on the Nordketten-Bahn cable car that ended with the member of staff having to go to hospital. Initially, the ban was only placed on the Nordketten-Bahn itself for the month of May, allowing riders with downhill bikes to use the rest of the public transport in the area, but recently IVB, the company that operates the trams, trains and buses, began to enforce the same ban across all of their own system of transportation as well. The ban at the moment specifically applies to downhill riders with other mountain bikers able to use the transportation as normal.Riders in Innsbruck rely on the Hungerburgbahn funicular to access the Anzer Alm and Hungerburg trails and the Norketten-Bahn to access the infamous Nordkette singletrail. Some riders will also use public transport to get to the nearby Innsbruck Bike Park, which actually lies 6km out of the city centre in Mutters.
  12. Razors Edge

    Good news

    Never gonna happen. I've grown comfortable with that fact.
  13. More power to ya! I guess TV, games, movies, etc. aren't a sign of the apocalypse. Heck, if I remember my distant childhood, I think I recall folks talking about gathering around the radio or TV every week for various programs. Who knew it still went on?
  14. Razors Edge

    Good news

    Nominated Normal behavior is nomination material??? No one here reads links or posts. It is well established and certainly documented. It is why jsharr is such a great guy. Most of his links go to NSFW porn that reward the few folks here who do try to dig a little deeper.
  15. So, you still might need to get a life.
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