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  1. Then what would I be wearing??? Are you stupid???
  2. One has to wonder how much longer the USB standard will be in use. My iPhone came with a USB-C to Lightning Cable and not the larger & older USB-to-lightning cable. Not sure how long it will be for that transition to finally happen?
  3. My bad. I meant "playing with himself". It was meant to be an easy question to answer.
  4. I move around a lot! Never sleep in the same place twice. @donkpow taught me that.
  5. ...has proven to be pretty good so far. About six episodes in and still adding some new characters and a few twists. Worth a shot if you have Netflix.
  6. I think that only makes sense in a place where folks want their freedom screwed over by sane healthcare policy. You gotta join the 21st century, Maxx! It is where all the cool folks are living now.
  7. Not sure where the 10.00 is, but it is pretty obvious that should be the score!
  8. Razors Edge


    Oh yeah! One of those! Or a slaughterhouse. Or, the front end of a white minivan that went 3100 miles through swarms of bugs - including cicadas.
  9. On MOST levels? You bet. On the one tiny little level where it and @Kzoo (with a touch of @jsharr) coexist? NO!!! Pure comic gold. Kzoo is soft. He will do anything to avoid camping, and he is both Lucy and Charlie rolled into one!
  10. Wow. I am all wicking, all the time in the summer humidity. When I would ride to the Metro even a short distance in the cool AM, I still went with "golf" pants and wicking button down shirts. Kohls had a ton of those button down shirts for very cheap. But Costco and Target have t-shirts that are pretty nice looking and inexpensive, so I roll with them. I often wear them as a underlayer to my cycling jersey in cooler weather - heavier long sleeve below 40o, thinner long sleeve below 50o, and short or no sleeve in the mid-50s. Those ones are tight fit, so don't work as my "walk the do
  11. That is a LOT of teams! Is that normal???
  12. Costco or Target are teeming with inexpensive wicking shirts, pants, etc..
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