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  1. ...that you caused? Can it top the Philly Phanatic and his hot dog bazooka?
  2. Mick's posts take a bit longer than normal ones to craft. A LOT longer.
  3. And, it has to be asked, WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!?!?!?! Seriously, man, Halloween was weeks ago!
  4. He's singing - not playing - with the Russkies, but thinking about the Georgian (not that Georgia!) girls: Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out They leave the west behind And Moscow girls make me sing and shout That Georgia's always on my my my my my my my my my mind Oh, come on Hu hey hu, hey, ah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah
  5. Sometimes the answer is simply "no pants".
  6. True dat! I always get a little nostalgic during the holidays.
  7. I wonder if e-scooters have superseded the Segway. Keep in mind, some use Segway tech in their scooters, so maybe it is just evolution.
  8. Stephen King writes short stories about things like that!
  9. Prue is very good, and Noel and Sandi are funny. No loss in the changeover. I would like to see folks make nice again, but the show itself has not suffered.
  10. Nope. It's when that dolt kzoo ignores it long enough. He's the anti-hot.
  11. jsharr is to blame for the train first gif. Keep in mind, he is still grieving so we need to be easy on him for a bit.
  12. Have you not watched the last 3 seasons and the Christmas episodes yet?!? WTF?!?
  13. You might appreciate this story.
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