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  1. Of course. Tacos can only be taco-sized. Next up is burrito size, but then you would call it a burrito!
  2. Yep - if they touch an ocean, they ain't "central".
  3. I just looked at my fish taco place and my "back-up" place. Seems your prices are fine.
  4. I'd consider it a serving of "vegetables" if planning/tracking meals. Not the best source of traditional "veggie" nutrients but things like fermented and pickled stuff bring a separate set of nutritional benefits.
  5. Razors Edge


    Go clean house!!!!! Folks will rue the day they go on your wrong side.
  6. Hahahaha. The dial "9" idiocy has likely resulted in more accidental 9-1-1 calls than any other easily avoidable thing in history. How hard is it to choose an "8" or "4" or whatever???
  7. Well, there are a LOT of folks out there riding tri and TT rigs, so that would definitely seem to give him more options if he insists on finding a cycling partner.
  8. Regardless, it is all about maximizing opportunity. I "click" with cyclists - male and female - as we obviously have something in common to chat about, but there are just way too few women on bikes. It's, sadly, way over-represented with dudes. I actually noticed the other day on my dog walk just how woefully under-represented women (and girls) are in "sports" and playground activities. My walk by the basketball courts (20 guys, one gal), baseball fields (NO gals, dozens of boys and male coaches), tennis courts (maybe 3:1 male/female), and walking/jogging path (1:1 ratio) with a few males riding through the area on bikes and a few males & females out on the lake paddling. So, by far, while women who ride ROCK(!), we need to increase the pool from which RG can perv pick!
  9. Razors Edge


    It is really shocking, amazing, and even ludicrous that a soap opera is still broadcast. Daytime tv on the so many channels - mainly traditional broadcast ones - is sooooo sucky.
  10. I haven't dialed a 1 before a number in years except when outside the US. I sincerely hope you haven't been wasting your time adding a superfluous "1" when dialing anyone!
  11. I hear you. I really hate, though, putting the battery on their dime. Battery tech has sucked less every year, but it still generally sucks if you are someone like me who uses and abuses it without being very active in taking care of it. I might buy a new battery if it gets much worse but I still am pretty far from that need right now - even with degradation down to the 50%-75% of charge I am at now. Maybe I'll ping them and see if there is a discount on a new battery.
  12. ...to find appropriate attractive and/or compatible females to pair with, I have been doing a little thinking on the topic. RG - you need to use your time on the bike to focus not on other gals on bikes, but to cover more ground and focus on the gals out jogging. I noticed on my own rides, the ladies on bikes count is about 1/10th the ladies out jogging count. It seems hoping to find a good match for love will most likely fall within the ranks of the ladies on a run and not the ladies on a ride cohort.
  13. Poor flexibility? Poor bike fit? Too much gazing at the ladies? I'm going with perving on the ladies.
  14. What's the drivetrain on that puppy? How's its towing?
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