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  1. Random Snippits from Today's Ride

    Enter the right category and age group, and you win something just by showing up at the line. At your age, you can probably take the top step of the podium! Tom
  2. Can We Consistently Use "Sexbot" Instead of "Sex Robot"?

    Have you compared "real boobies" to "fake sexbot boobies" lately? Tom
  3. I got back in the saddle.

    All that crap on the trail is one reason I've had to ride more on the road lately. Leaves aren't so bad, but branches and random green seeds/nuts (walnuts???) are a huge PITA! Tom
  4. I got back in the saddle.

    I will say I like the Delirium Tremens beer. Too strong for me on a "recovery" day, but tasty when I have nothing to do later on if the evening. Tom
  5. Have you become kinder and gentler with age?

    I draw the non-killing line at ticks, fireants, roaches, mosquitoes, and gnats. I added gnats simply because I kill dozens on a Fall ride, and I don't want that weighing too hard on my conscience. I just tell myself they deserved it! But why anyone would kill a spider on purpose is beyond my comprehension. Tom
  6. Can We Consistently Use "Sexbot" Instead of "Sex Robot"?

    Even if they could also make sandwiches? Tom
  7. I got back in the saddle.

    Something is wrong with your bike fit. Tom
  8. ...in all sexbot-related threads. That "sex robot" phrase turns me off Tom
  9. So when automated driving becomes the standard...

    This ought to be in P & R. Tom
  10. I Think Their Calculations Are Wrong

    ...since my spider-sense tells me that there is no way a vegetarian diet is most expensive in California (Hawaii makes sense). If I know one thing about California, it is that the veggies and fruits are cheap and plentiful! Heck, they can be free if you are willing to park on the side of a road, jump a fence or ditch, and pick your own! Tom
  11. The Flying Toilet!

    ...seems so simple, so elegant, so needing of a video example. From the BBC(!): If I install a toilet, I bear all the costs, while the benefits of the cleaner street are felt by everyone. In economic parlance, that's a "positive externality" - and goods that have positive externalities tend to be bought at a slower pace than society, as a whole, would prefer. The most striking example is the "flying toilet" system of Kibera, in Nairobi, Kenya. The flying toilet works like this: you defecate into a plastic bag, and then in the middle of the night, whirl the bag around your head and hurl it as far away as possible. Replacing a flying toilet with a flushing toilet provides benefits to the toilet owner - but you can bet that the neighbours would appreciate it, too. Contrast, say, the mobile phone. That also costs money, but its benefits accrue largely to me. That's one reason why, although the S-bend has been around for 10 times as long as the mobile phone, many more people already own a mobile phone than a flushing toilet. If you want to buy a flushing toilet, it also helps if there's a system of sewers to plumb it into, and creating one is a major undertaking - financially and logistically. Tom
  12. It’s summer in Australia

    Any of those folks still alive? Tom
  13. Sunday - 10/16 Miles

    A relatively leisurely 48 miles @ 17+ and 1,800' up. It was hella windy, and I wanted to ride more, but my wife finagled me into riding with her for a bit of it. While I like the longer Fall rides (I wanted my 60 mile ride), I will never pass up a chance for a bike ride with my wife (despite her 10mph pace). I thought I did well for my impromptu patched together ride, but when I got home, I got a call from my sister who went 62 miles No biggie (usually), except her miles were a run. I still don't know what mileage I need to ride to upstage her, but its more than I am willing to do (for free). Tom
  14. Ride Videos? Yea or Nay?

    The more I ride (and age), the more I think rolling video might be a good idea. Not from a "check this out" perspective, but from a "this might help in an investigation or in a criminal or civil trial" sort of way. Where are folks headed here? I've done the "record a ride" thing, and, for almost every one of my rides, it is WAY TO MUCH FREAKIN' EFFORT. Has anyone edited two or three hours of video trying to find a couple of minutes of interesting shots? It sucks. Tom
  15. Random Snippits from Today's Ride

    So what you are saying is "Screw you, SWForum folks!" Darn right we would enjoy the crazy Asian lady. If I remember, Beanz would even give us Slo-Mo of ladies riding towards him. Tom