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  1. Their life can save mine. I don't trust you to know/perform the work needed to keep me alive if it gets bad. They can. I'd prioritize Wilbur over his flight attendant and the flight attendant over the kid in seat 13B. My odds are 100% with Wilbur, 50/50 with the flight attendant, and zero with the kid.
  2. I always wear real clothes because the dog gets walked outside and neighbors would talk if I dressed like jsharr does nowadays. I'm wearing my baseball cap a LOT and haven't shaved in two weeks.
  3. Damn! That's a nice selection! You rock!
  4. Unless you spotted an old guy walking his cute pup on the trail, it wasn't me I rode in that awful wind on Thursday, and got so much crap in my eyes I was squinting with one eye and tearing up steadily with the other. Decided I didn't want to be "that guy" who was in the emergency room because I got knocked off my bike by a wind gust. Seems this old age thing is making me wiser
  5. It is preferential - ie I prefer to have doctors and nurses to help cure/treat me!
  6. I'll send you my address for my weekly CSA delivery! This will be great! A bread option would be nice as well.
  7. His trailer was a nice start, but he can dream bigger! A trailer covered with solar panels and batteries to power a sweet little commuter?
  8. Yeah, who new RG WASN'T full of shit?!?!?
  9. I took a shower today. My feet got a good rinsing! I might take another one tomorrow, but won't guarantee it.
  10. The doctors and nurses who were/are treating COVID-19 folks absolutely should be given preferential treatment. If they survive, won't they be immune and then be a super-hero?!?!! We can then send them all around the nation/world chasing the hot spots.
  11. You would have enjoyed the 30 mile stretch of the C&O my wife and I rode today - between Point of Rocks and Harpers Ferry. Lots of turtles! And the trail is in pristine condition right now for quite a long stretch - fresh cinder/gravel and smooth. No roots or ruts yet.
  12. A nap. Then pornhub. Then another nap.
  13. Razors Edge


    You guys normally get 100 folks through the airport?
  14. HOLD ON! How the heck did YOU and ONLY YOU know this sort of thing could happen??? Especially back in November? WHY DIDN'T YOU SOUND THE ALARM!!!!! Nobody saw this coming. Nobody thought it could be this bad.
  15. Somehow, it is not out of the question.
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