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  1. Razors Edge

    Star Wars

    You should know they are certainly not mutually exclusive. Duh.
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  3. Razors Edge

    What did you do onMLK Day?

    Mostly stayed inside trying to keep warm.
  4. Razors Edge

    Star Wars

    I've seen them all 1-8, and the Rogue One & Han Solo ones. I liked them all - some more than others. I fully re-watch the originals and the prequels periodically, but generally just see them in smaller chunks when they pop up on TV. I love to watch them but not enough to give a rat's ass if I am watching an original or a reworked version. I still don't know what the fuss was about the Jabba the Hut stuff in the first movie. Anyway, from a sci-fi movie series perspective, there isn't much that even comes close. The story arcs of other series often don't "click" fully or even remotely. Star Trek has struggled with that. Alien as well. Riddick maybe? Back to the Future series was fun. I had high hopes for the Ender universe, but I think that ain't happening. In other words, Star Wars is about as good as it gets in sci-fi movie series.
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  6. Razors Edge

    Just a Joan Crawford thread

    Way way way before my time, so I can't say I even know anything about her. Was she Mommy Dearest?
  7. Razors Edge

    I was semi productive yesterday

    Google "Tourette's", you mean jerk!
  8. Razors Edge

    I was semi productive yesterday

    Using the map provided, where were you glamping?
  9. Razors Edge

    Church was canceled do to weather.... so

    It looks like church wasn't cancelled! That's a slice of heaven on Earth.
  10. They should do that with both games just for the hell of it. It's not like any of the four teams are teams any normal person would root for. At this point, I'm just waiting for August.
  11. Razors Edge

    Heard about those Irish tourists?

    It is odd that the FDA is both food and drugs. That is weird, in my book.
  12. ????? Having never seen fully the animated version, I have definitely never seen the non-animated version. I have seen the Darryl Hannah/Tom Hanks one, though.
  13. Razors Edge

    Milk and cookies

    Very tasty. I think it is just a sugar cookie rolled in a cinnamon & sugar mix, then baked. Definitely a tasty cookie - ESPECIALLY with a glass of milk.
  14. Razors Edge

    A Balmy 13* Out

    Yeah, the claim is -3* with the windchill. The pup - even in a double coat - went out, shook her head in disgust, peed quickly, and ran back inside. No thought whatsoever about stopping to poop. She will wait for less wind or it reaches the high of 20*.
  15. Razors Edge

    LA's Aspen Home

    I can't say the wine cellar was too ostentatious. Not too many bottles, and not overly large. Good for him.