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  1. You're wife isn't home "alone" some days?
  2. A great gig if you can get it! And, since I didn't watch the show (yet), if his health stats were all "good" to begin with, I wouldn't expect much change. If his stats were "bad", it would be tough to isolate why they would change considering he was traveling all over the world during the documentary and that would really make it tough to differentiate what things were helpful or harmful.
  3. And some way to video it so you can share it here!
  4. ...that I am struggling to get out of my brain - @Dottles in the morning wearing a CPAP mask and his unwashed hair. Yikes!
  5. How many MILES, not YEARS. 8 years of dust can mean 8 years of no flats. I go thousands of miles without a flat. I have relatively good tires - Contis GP4000 - and mid-to-low inflation PSI (80 f/90 r).
  6. In that case, don't leave jsharr unattended in your bedroom.
  7. Not much of a "study" is it Interesting story as an individual's journey, but useless as any sort of science. Was his cholesterol or BP bad to begin with? Cholesterol seems to have a big genetic component, and BP would likely have a series of variables that cause a person to have good, borderline,, or bad (high or low) BP.
  8. The max value????? Are you totally insane?
  9. I think $50k gets you the latest upgraded model from Asia. $100k or more gets the higher status of a sleek European model.
  10. A midsize car you have to keep filling with gas or a sexbot you have to keep filling with...
  11. After jsharr? Would it matter? Especially after jsharr?
  12. Are you questioning kzoo's veracity? CLEARLY, he was quoting you (and not some n00b azzclown)!
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