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Community Answers

  1. He didn't have one of these? Or a folded up business card?
  2. He literally has "Thug Life" tattooed on his scrotum.
  3. Didn't folks help @Dirtyhip build her new house???? And @petitepedal car shop? And @Dottles vacation plan?
  4. I will also say, as a 10-15yr old, cutting grass was a good job. Back in the early 80s, I was getting $10(!) per lawn. If we get kids doing it for free for PE, how will the kids make money? I bet they'll also make shoveling snow for cheap bastards part of the PE program too!
  5. So a bunch of those blondies are just bleached brownies? Doesn't that ruin the flavor? Maybe flip a few over and we can compare the two ends?
  6. Cutting grass for PE? Jeebus. We're circling the drain!
  7. Simply do what's best and safest for them. If that means staying at home and living in fear, so be it.
  8. And any harm that they cause to those around them is really just part of life. Drunk driving, drug abuse, whatever will NEVER go away. We just have to live with it and stop trying to "fix" it!
  9. Can RO handle taking videos on her iPhone? Well, of course she can! Duh. Please have her capture some videos and photos of you out there entertaining the tourists!
  10. You do that in Central Park, don't you???
  11. But as long as YOU are doing what's right for YOU, I really have no problem with that.
  12. Have you tried storming the mayor's office, or better, the mayor's home? That sort of nonsense shouldn't be tolerated.
  13. How can capitalism work in a place like that???? No freedom to sell booze??? WTF???
  14. I'm pretty sure you could post from jail and we wouldn't notice the difference. "Jail" ain't like it used to be. I think it's like high school without the teachers nowadays.
  15. Cool! Was that in a different thread? I thought it looked like a quilt. The San Diego zoo has a bunch on rhinos in their Safari's "tram" ride, and the black ones are dwindling rapidly Sad, but also unlikely to change.
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