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  1. ...so, in your case, the simple act of sitting around, letting one rip, glorying in the stench that is the jsharrt, and then repeating a few times? Seems reasonable. Over time, though, that's gotta destroy your ability to smell (and taste).
  2. I think we have to do that so that they can stagger when they put it in the landfill Glass goes in first, then plastic, then paper, then some more plastic, and then aluminum. It creates a very orderly trash heap for future generations to enjoy
  3. Maybe the insurance will cover one of these:
  4. Sit ups are a pretty dopey exercise! I do remember, though, as a kid when those were actually easy to do. Damn, I miss being young
  5. You must have faith in the folks doing the counting are still using the same sort of methodology. We know how easy a fake message gets amplified these days, and you can be some folks will see an advantage to reporting something far from accurate.
  6. Razors Edge


    Good. I still think I will trade out the saddle, but I got in a nice 40+ mile gravel-ish ride on Saturday (about 1/4 was gravel). Weird riding mechanical shifting again, but it was really smooth except the huge jump to the final 34 tooth on the cassette. It had no problem shifting into and out, but it wasn't silent like it was for most shifting. Like my Roubaix, this Diverge is QUIET and SMOOTH on regular roads. A total stealth bike with just the wind noise around the big tires & front fork. One funny thing I found out is that gravel is a mofo to a rear light! I've had rear lights mounted to my seatpost for years. ONE ride on the gravel bike and a rock cracked the lens. Nuts. Also, it's a "porker" compared to the Tarmac. I think most the weight is in the 700x38 tires and the beefier carbon tubing, but I definitely felt that on some 10+% climbs. It has some super low gear combinations, but you still gotta work it. I rode the Tarmac yesterday on a quick evening ride and it is like a Ferrari. The Diverge is closer to my Roubaix but with some extra weight. I will eventually have the Diverge pulling double duty as my commuter and as an adventure bike, so in commuter form, I see some 700x32 Contis and rack & fenders, versus this 38 set-up I have now. I'm also still getting familiar with disc brakes and thru axles! Then the tubeless. So much is the "same" but also different.
  7. That does look like more than an afternoon's work! It is interesting, though, how many "little" things conspire to make life a LOT harder. A trip to Lowes becomes an ordeal. Stuff not in stock or the lack electricity or finding a different tool is needed. Easy jobs - and cutting grass is easy - become hard jobs really fast when neglected. Probably normally an hour endeavor to cut you yard, but many times that now due to the darn fire!
  8. Green might be relative in that hospitals and healthcare workers might not be overwhelmed or caught unawares by any new outbreak???? In other words, hotspots in smaller cities and especially in more rural areas might be deadly, but not in the way the outbreak in NYC was. My big hope (dream?) is that nursing homes or senior living situations have LEARNED and become proactive to COVID, and have used the past several months to create policies preventing a big outbreak and to contain any ones that do occur. Wishful thinking? Probably
  9. The built in snipping tool makes it easy.
  10. I think the we've seen it can easily be as low as two seconds?
  11. I'm loving that you are getting a LOT of use out of that tandem! GREAT!
  12. Isn't it an old joke that ALL deaths are attributed to one thing - lack of oxygen to the brain? If the brains still working, you're still alive?
  13. TAKE ME OFF IGNORE!!!! I said it first!
  14. ...apparently does not mean what I think "recycling glass" ought to mean. From the "recycling glass" section: Contamination has become a major problem for the recycling industry in the past two years since China, the largest customer for recycled material, imposed strict standards on the quality of recycled material it accepts. For years, most glass has passed through the recycling process as residue, or waste. Some of the glass is applied as alternative daily landfill cover, an approved use by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, but most of it is simply landfilled with other unrecyclable waste. Glass collected in the purple containers is handled differently. That glass is crushed and reused for county projects.
  15. They're lucky they weren't shot with paint balls anytime they left the inside of their homes. I could see Bikeman being quick enough to avoid being hit, but Kzoo would be a goner.
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