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  1. Yep - a huge uptick in ebikes everywhere, and with it, azzhattery. I can't see it continuing where ebikes mix with normal bikes on trails. Sadly, it seems like they might need to be relegated to roads only. They can be super safe, but the way they are marketed and specced in the US makes them have way too much power for simply "helping" folks, so the few ruin it for the many.
  2. Does the testing make any differentiation between "exposed" and needing a test versus just "precautionary" testing as a req for a medical procedure, etc.? Is there a COVID spike in your neighborhood? I don't even know where to get tested or how
  3. FTR, episode 4 "Sanctuary" was like a Xena crossed with Star Trek TNG episode. I can't say I liked that one and felt like if there are more like that, the series needs some help already.
  4. Oh man! I'll watch it in due time. I heard the original actor got booted (<update>). Wanted more time with his face featured? But took the role knowing it was mostly wearing the helmet??? ...but still in IMDB: Maybe season 3?
  5. Neat look. Not buying one, but neat.
  6. Not the "rack" I was expecting from you, but you're probably gonna save the good stuff for the parody thread!
  7. So cruel to not share crullers! But sadly, I disagree in the "best donut" category. I'll gobble crullers up, but they are rarely the one I buy if presented with other options. Still, having a cruller is way better than hearing about someone who had a cruller!
  8. I'm willing to risk it!
  9. I like the way you can mix and match and not just have to go with one type at a time.
  10. A back-up from 2hrs ago, 2 days ago, or even 2 weeks ago may still (very likely) have the same infected code waiting to strike again I think that was likely part of Garmin's woes - hit by the encryption, quick, let's go to the back-ups, and then the realization that the back-ups needed to be shown to be either virus free or the virus mitigated prior to restoring. I have no idea if there are easy and/or effective ways to remove it once it is loose on your network, but since Garmin seems to have paid the ransom even after trying to get going with their back-ups indicates it is surely not
  11. And looks like he has it "down" to 286 miles which makes sense if you are trying to avoid dead ends and such as much as possible.
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