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  1. A Bit Of Wisdom From The Scots

    So, the Scottish-massacre inspired (UK) law would work, I guess. Ban the guns, and you don't need all the other dopey laws that seem to be ineffective. Ban the guns NOW, and the dividends will accrue for our kids, grand kids, and beyond. Tom
  2. 2/22/18 miles/kms/activity

    Ha! Like you, just my normal commute miles. But bonus points for me since it was raining (not snowing). Very few peeps out as opposed to the day before when it was crazy. As a small reward, I allowed myself a local brew with dinner Tom
  3. Some Sage Advice

    ...for my trip later this year! New to me is the "magic". I might try just to say I tried it (really would normally go long black, flat white, or cappuccino). Also, gotta see how the Kiwis talk coffee. General Tips Don’t just ask for a coffee. Start by stating whether or not the drink is for takeaway, then the size, then the style. Specificity is key—the beauty of Australian espresso drinks is not only in their careful creation but also their adaptability. Locals are unafraid to ask for customization: strong or weak, a dollop of foam, sweetened, and topped up with milk are all common requests. Alternative milks are popular, and most cafes carry soy or almond for nondairy drinkers. Ordering something “skinny,” as in most places, gets you skim milk instead of full fat. After perfecting your order, prepare to hang out for a few minutes. Baristas have to measure and pull espresso, steam and froth milk, and create a signature swirl for you, plus a half dozen or so other eager coffee drinkers. Don’t fret; a good flat white, cap, or long black is worth the wait and the coinage. Magic: This is where the ristretto becomes Australian. Invented in Melbourne (though Sydneysiders claim it as their own) a magic is steamed milk poured over a double ristretto, served in a 6-ounce cup. Generally, only Melburnian baristas are familiar with this term. Tom
  4. I'm Assuming Some Folks Click These Links?

    Hey, WTF am I not on ignore??? This shit has to stop! Focus on Kzoo for a change. Tom
  5. I'm Assuming Some Folks Click These Links?

    ...and need I ask who would click on this one???? Tom
  6. ...and that is how we get slower slowly dumber every day? Tom
  7. My insurance company confuses me...

    This all essentially centers on whether or not your confusion makes them more money or not. Right now, you're so busy being confused you haven't bothered to cancel and find a new insurer. They are winning... Tom
  8. ...but the statement from Specialized is AMAZING if true. Sure, many S-Works & Pro are bought as framesets anyway, but that is still a pretty strong statement (but not one that seems to have a deadline): Full stop: road disc brakes take over in 2018 To hear SRAM and Shimano tell it, more road disc brakes will sell this year than rim brakes in sales of groups and complete bikes. Bike brands such as Specialized, Trek and Cannondale back this up. While most brands will continue to support both styles of brakes, Specialized is clearly pointed towards disc-only. "We are going to stop selling full rim-brake road bikes, and will only sell them as framesets," says Specialized PR spokesman Sean Estes. Tom
  9. Something I Never Said!

    There's the "boneshaker" and then there is the "ballbreaker". I'll take my chances with the broken bones! Tom
  10. I'm Not Saying Folks In The UK Are Dim

    Seems it is more the Scots! But the English are known to be a tad slower than their brothers to the North. Tom
  11. I'm Gonna Live To Be 100+!

    I trust the pyramid scheme will work out for a good while longer. It get's sketchy for sure, though, when I hit the triple digits! Tom
  12. I'm Not Saying Folks In The UK Are Dim

    ...but I feel like this article is strongly indicating I ought to! Mountaineering Scotland said a recent incident in Glen Shee was thought to have been caused by a magnetic fastening deflecting a compass needle. It said a group of walkers had wrongly headed east instead of west. They then became disorientated in low cloud and ended up miles away from a road that would have led them to safety. Tom
  13. Meet the Parents

    Must not have been that good Tom
  14. Something I Never Said!

    How great would that be?!?!? Let's face it, $1,500 upfront costs that could lead to a lifetime of "good" habits might be a great investment. Of course, broken bones aren't cheap, but they have to be cheaper than 45+ years of various drug treatments for life-style illnesses. Tom
  15. Something I Never Said!

    ..."Not enough racing opportunities for toddlers." However, the amount of smiles shown in the article show that perhaps it is something I should be talking about??? Tom