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  1. How did you hear of SWC?

    But I followed you! BWAHAHAHA!!! Tom
  2. For Some Reason

    ...I nearly almost always miss attending my one local UCI race event due to taking a vacation. I used to miss my even closer local crit, but that eventually got cancelled. This UCI event has been around a long time as the Clarendon Cup and then eventually as the Armed Forces Classic two day event, but June is a great time to ride but ALSO a great time to vacation. I love it because I can ride to it to watch or it is a relatively short drive with plenty of local parking. Lots of different categories racing and even a kids race. Maybe next year... Tom
  3. How did you hear of SWC?

    I got sent a mysterious photo of someone's "junk" and I decided I ought to track the dude down and tell him to buzz off. Six months in, despite quite a few dick pics discretely PM'ed to me, I still haven't seen a match. I'm worried this ordeal is gonna drag on way longer than hoped. Tom
  4. ...in my local news: -------------------------------- LEESBURG, Va. (AP) — The Washington Redskins’ new wide receiver said it was some ‘Welcome to the East Coast’ when a Virginia state trooper pulled him over and asked if he was a gang member or dealt drugs. Paul Richardson Jr., who is African-American, just signed a $40 million five-year contract with the Redskins. The Washington Post reports that state police have said the matter is under review, even though Richardson didn’t file a formal complaint. Richardson tweeted about Tuesday’s traffic stop, saying he was ticketed because his new Mercedes SUV has only temporary registration, even though he’s got two months to get the paperwork done. Richardson later deleted the posts, saying “It’s true, but tweeting about it wasn’t the right way to deal.” Supporters are saying he had every right to complain. -------------------------------- Tom
  5. Any Vacation Plans?

    We car camp, so we'll choose a site in North Cascades NP and radiate out doing hikes and exploring. Likely choose Newhalem campground, but not positive. Tom
  6. Went to the heart doc yesterday

    ...and surprisingly, he found one! Ba-dump-bump! But, seems like you are trending well, so that is good! Tom
  7. Diabetes Update

    WAY TO GO!!!! Keep up the great work! Tom
  8. 95 year-old man accused of sexual misconduct

    A nice set of metal bracelets followed by a set of metal bars, a metal cot, and a metal urinal. Tom
  9. You have the wrong person!

    "Tizeye" is probably in the bottom 0.1% of surnames. I don't think you needed to rush to get tizeye@gmail. Tom
  10. Teeth Cleaning then Root Canal then Crown

    Does "pulp caps" make you guys squirm as much as it does me??? And a pulpotomy!!! Tom
  11. I Realized I Have A Problem

    Probably better than me Three to four minutes at 400 watts would be nice. He is also lighter than me, so his power-weight is much more impressive than that 400+ shows. It is easy to see why he does well on climbs. Of course, he doesn't always set the KOM, so there are more than a few folks like him out there. Tom
  12. Mini Me? Did I Miss The Post?

    Did I miss the post on Verne Troyer passing away? For a little dude, that guy lived LARGE. Probably a bit too large, but he did have some good roles. Tom
  13. kalamazoo bike accident a-hole goes on trial today

    My friend's sister was killed in a drunk driving accident on July 4th several years ago. She was young twenties. The guy who did it was a career DUI offender. He almost didn't get jail time. He also will get out soon. People like him or seemingly this Kalamazoo guy need to NEVER be driving on a road again. Period. I'm not saying lock them up forever or use the death penalty, but it has to be 100% known to them that if they ever pick up a set of car keys again and try to drive - sober or not - THAT will be the moment they are locked up forever with no possible parole. Tom
  14. I almost need to change my pants

    I would have to put on pants first! You'd think, being on the 14th floor, you'd have some damn PRIVACY!!!!! Tom
  15. Shitcan Razors edge.

    I was too busy to make it, so that's GREAT news! Tom