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  1. Yep. I'd rather they just did 6 or 10 new episodes. A "movie" is essentially just two shows or one Christmas episode, but likely a similar budget to the whole season. But, we'll still likely go see it at the theater.
  2. Vegan enough for @Randomguy to eat today as a healthy snack!
  3. That seems to be the riddle right now. I figure I will follow their plan, save as much as I can, and figure out the insurance question when needed. It remains the one real obstacle my wife and I think about when adjusting our retirement plans. I'd love it to be as simple as "budget $15k/year until you hit Medicare", or similar, but it doesn't seem that easy. Anybody know the rough estimate for good-very good insurance with a high deductible for folks in the 55-65 year age range? Any rules of thumb, or is it now just a "no way to guess" sort of thing - ie a number for 2019 will be totally useless for guessing 2020, 2021, or 2025 sort of thing.
  4. Gotta think the X-Files dealt with that in some episodes. Sort of feel like Twin Peaks might have had a similar feel to it, but can't remember it that well.
  5. I forest bathe for my sanity
  6. We have those dotted along the local bike trail, but other than for the free pump, I rarely if ever have seen them used. The free pump is GREAT, though because way too many casual riders fail to consider tire pressure when setting out on their once in a blue moon ride. A few place might have compressed air as well. I'd really rather see "bottle fill up stations" with some sort of filtered water along the trail.
  7. I wish my 500 (I had two) was still kicking. My current 520 is about to hit the drawer-of-no-return too as the "grade" is now totally wrong all the time The 530 gets shit reviews, and I really don't want a bigger computer. Starting to think a Wahoo is in my future. My general feeling too. I am growing more irritated at the impossibility of repairing some stuff nowadays - like my 520 or the latest smart phones. Packing more and more stuff into smaller packaging has its drawbacks.
  8. The Pacific is too damn cold in CA. That's the one big strike against an otherwise wonderland of outdoor greatness.
  9. I guess walking up and down hills all the time helps burn those calories! My guess is that the immigration is actually HELPING keep them leading the metrics. Think about who is likely to move to CO - young and/or active folks - and you can see how that would skew things in CO's favor as they would balance out the current trend towards folks growing overweight and eventually obese. It may even attract some overweight folks to move there and become more active (and thus lose weight). As an aside, our flight home on Southwest had a layover in Denver, and I will say I saw quite a few more folks in wheelchairs than I would think "normal". Most likely folks just "passing through" the SW hub, though. It is odd that I have never associated "overweight" with "pothead". In fact, most of the stoners and semi-stoners I have known over the years are usually a relatively healthy weight. Many of them are also quite physically active.
  10. Even the n00biest n00b knew! How did Dottie get promoted?
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