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  3. Razors Edge

    Minutes From Willunga Time!

    ...about to start the first climb up Willunga Hill! inutes From Willunga Hill
  4. Razors Edge

    What is your call ?

  5. Razors Edge

    What is your call ?

  6. Razors Edge

    Damned Telemarketers

    Man, I should. I eventually called her back
  7. Razors Edge

    Have you ever been snowed in ?

    Three feet of snow sure kept us in a few years ago. It took us several hours to dig the driveway and car out, but then hours more for the various Bobcats, plows, and front loaders to clear the road to the larger road. Even then, no stores were open. Probably over a week until the area was semi-regular again, and weeks until the snow piles in parking lots melted.
  8. Even if you had, we all know lentils > chili.
  9. Razors Edge

    Starve a cold, feed a fever....

    Take some zinc, too.
  10. Razors Edge

    Starve a cold, feed a fever....

    Feed both. And hydrate both. Starve is 1950's nonsense.
  11. Razors Edge

    B-day gift to myself: celebrating upcoming 6th decade

    Hopefully the camera doesn't get wet when she is washing her hair and taking photos for us
  12. Razors Edge


    I have found dragging my feet to be a very effective tool with some "directives" from the top. What happens is some general or even vague idea is floated, some folks on the team take that as marching orders, and get into a morass of not-ready-for-prime-time efforts. I wait, and eventually the idea is refined (to a degree that you can actually work towards a goal) or it is dropped/forgotten. I have enough work to focus on doing well without the need to add "maybes" or "mights" to my list.
  13. Razors Edge

    Will Westerns ever make a comeback?

    Where's Rom-Com???? Those charts SUCK!
  14. Razors Edge

    B-day gift to myself: celebrating upcoming 6th decade

    I do love justifying anything as a gift to oneself I use that one all the time!
  15. Razors Edge

    Damned Telemarketers

    My phone number is 703-209-xxxx. Notice what the spam calls are doing?
  16. Razors Edge

    Does anybody else not watch TV?

    You asked "Does anybody else not watch TV?" yet regale us with the hours of news, sporting, and random stuff our wife watches Honestly, though, it isn't TV, or movies, or anything else in particular, it is SCREEN time - which includes TV, movies, computer, video games, phones, iPads, etc.. Tons of screens out there. But also, considering there are 24 hrs in a day, I'd say pretty much everyone does too much of something. They may think it is "better" or more important than watching TV, but that would often be them picking only some portion of their day and ignoring other stuff. But I definitely watch TV and some movies. Got Victoria back on line for a new season and still watching the Great British Baking Show old episodes. And even a bit of the Tour Down Under this week.
  17. ...on my ride. Still a ton of snow, slush, and ice on the roads and trails, but the park maintenance guys did plow a single plow width section on the big commuter trail outside my front door. Anyway, I took the road bike out, and with the exception of bridges, the trail was very navigable. Some definite single track (2' wide or less) where I had to check for approaching traffic in the narrow space (lots of walkers out, about a half dozen cyclists). I definitely would have liked one of @dennis's winter bikes for the bridges, though. It is NO FUN fishtailing on a road bike at under 10 mph. Seriously, what an odd feeling as the front wheel follows random ruts/grooves in the snow, and the rear just slips around. It did provide plenty of prep for the expected slow-mo stop and tip over, though. Today, the snow forecast has been changed to rain, so maybe the rain over the next week or so clears out the slush and remaining snow. It is supposed to get pretty cold on Monday (single digits), but then back into the high 30's - low 40s for the rest of the week. Snow begone!
  18. Razors Edge


    From BRAIN (some more info): DURHAM, N.C. (BRAIN) — At a bankruptcy auction Wednesday, Head Sport — a European sports company best known for its skis and tennis rackets — agreed to purchase most of the assets of Advanced Sports Enterprises for about $22 million. The agreement is subject to court approval later this month. Head is an Amsterdam-registered company that manufactures ski, tennis, swim and other sports products and licenses its name to suppliers in other industries. The corporate name of the purchaser is HTM USA HOLDINGS, LLC, a division of HTM Sport GmbH, which is based in Austria. HTM owns HEAD Sport GmbH. Head dates to 1950, when it was founded by Howard Head, an innovator in the use of metal in skis and tennis rackets. Howard Head sold the company to AMF in the late 1960s and HTM later bought the brand. HTM is owned by Swedish/British billionaire Johan Eliasch. ASE's Karen Bliss said Head agreed to purchase most of the assets, including some Performance Bicycle stores. "We don't know their intentions for the assets," Bliss, ASE's Chief Marketing Officer, told BRAIN. "It's a big deal." The auction began at 10 a.m. Wednesday and didn't end until about 2 a.m. Thursday. Those present said that representatives from Ideal Bike, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Walmart's Moosejaw division were at the auction, although it's not clear if any of those companies made bids. Head licenses its trademark for use on bikes and many other items. Licensees include NOVUS BIKE S.r.o. of the Czech Republic, which sells Head-branded bikes in several markets. Cycle Force Group, based in Iowa, has the U.S. license for Head bikes. Nyle Nims, the president of Cycle Force Group, told BRAIN he has been licensing the Head name for more than five years and has found the company a pleasure to work with. He said he was unaware until Thursday that Head had bought the assets. "My impression is they will keep this intact," Nims said. "They are very loyal to the independent retailer: that is the core of their business (with tennis and ski products) ... I think this will be a great move for the employees of ASE and the whole Fuji dealer network." ASE is the parent company of Performance and brands including Fuji, SE Bikes, Kestrel, and Breezer. It filed for bankruptcy on Nov. 16, listing debts of more than $100 million. It has been running liquidation sales at Performance stores since soon after the filing. Last week, Specialized Bicycle agreed to buy the Roubaix bike trademark for the U.S. from ASE for $700,000. The court will consider the asset purchase agreements from Head and Specialized at a hearing on Jan. 22, and if approved the sales will be closed immediately after that hearing. The deadline for objections to the sale is Jan. 21 at 4 p.m. ET.
  19. Razors Edge


    I got the idea the opposite - all shops gone and even the web presence is question. To me, it's a no brainer to drop the bricks and mortar altogether. We'll wait and see, but from what I can tell, the shops are pretty much fully "owned" now by some liquidation group, not really PB anymore.
  20. Razors Edge

    Kinda forget there is an example in real life

    Yeah - they are generally "volunteer with benefits" positions. In other words, you works as a host which gets you a free site, usually a hook-up for water & electricity, and possibly a small stipend. That's basically a fair swap if you are in a Nat Park for a nice period of time.
  21. Razors Edge

    Kinda forget there is an example in real life

    From one of the folks in the story, you see the best and worst case scenario for "retirement". The worst being you NEED to work, and the best being you WANT to "work". I put "work" in parentheses for #2 because it really isn't work if you are doing it out of passion (and not necessity). I could see my retirement years similar to what seems to be a growing trend - Nat Park (or state/regional) campground hosting. Spend your days enjoying a "job" that also doubles as a hobby, etc.. One factor in his decision to work after retirement, says Mr. VanGorder, was the financial hit on the couple’s investments (neither spouse had company pensions) that failed to recover fully from the global banking crisis in 2008. But he also cites important non-financial factors: the couple’s good health and his desire to build a business based on strong consumer demand for pole walking as a form of low-impact exercise.
  22. Razors Edge

    For those of us battling the bulge...

    Side planks are definitely tougher than regular planks - to me at least. But clearly your body is adapting to each exercise and position enough to progress along to the harder stuff. It is like the cycling saying - it never gets easier, you just get faster, but in this case it is just getting stronger and moving to the next level up. That is definite progress!
  23. Razors Edge

    the official snow report thread

    So, Ohio is sucking more than Texas these days?
  24. Razors Edge

    For those of us battling the bulge...

    Time to SELL your house, and find a place that supports your health and well being
  25. Razors Edge

    Has everyone seen “Lost”

    Wasn't House the same show over and over again? Strange ailment, staff stumped, House pizzes off people, incorrect first guess, House pizzes off more people, last second "a ha!" moment, SUCCESS!