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  1. Does junior cross use different gearing than adults?
  2. There was a "first" American album? Like, they had earlier albums, but none released into the US market until after that "first" one? It is weird to think back to the days where physical copies of music were required. What a different time.
  3. I was just gonna write a similar comment. Wow! You're fairly sharp this morning. At the coffee shop?
  4. Draw the intelligent folks out. I'm a relative SW enthusiast, but definitely not a hardcore one. I am really worried the final movie in the current trilogy is going to fall super flat (like the first two so far). I did like the two others - Solo and the standalone one - but there is soooo much SW stuff out there with the cartoons and this new Mandalorian, I am hoping one will really shine.
  5. After a while in the sun or even in freezing weather, most shit loses its awfulness. Steaming and fresh are BAD states for shit. Dried out and flaky or frozen rock solid are far preferable.
  6. I wonder what "fresh" means then if it doesn't mean what you think it does? I sort of get it (the must freeze for some reason or other) since that just may be the "safest" or "more safe" method, but it does go a bit against a traditional definition of fresh. Would turkey killed yesterday but frozen taste much different than a turkey killed two months ago and immediately frozen??? I would guess no. Does a turkey killed yesterday & never frozen taste different than one killed yesterday and frozen and then thawed?
  7. You have time, but don't wait too long. Maxx is proving to be lax in his TV reviews, so we need someone else to step up. I think that's you or maybe @late? Also, a general review of the new service would be neat once it has had a chance to work out the early challenges.
  8. I realize now that the OP hadn't read the new policy, so "unintended" vs "intended" were quite vague. It's clear now.
  9. True. @MickinMD is my goto for scientific analysis, but my layman's knowledge agrees with your assessment.
  10. Then the league would be down to an odd number of teams. Maybe we could just find a city outside of Ohio that needs a pro team and start afresh there???
  11. Not a fan of Bollinger champagne nor Beringer wine, so I'm guessing "Bellinger" would taste like ass.
  12. Yep! Only an idiot doesn't move out of a person's way when they are literally yelling "coming through". Seriously dopey.
  13. I almost always order trout when I spot it on a restaurant menu. I LOVE trout!
  14. I'm fairly sure the season and it's MVP isn't awarded until February after the Super Bowl. Or maybe that's just the SB MVP and the season's MVP is done a little earlier??? But it definitely won't be a dude named "Cody".
  15. That will have to wait until after football season (NCAA and then NFL), and then until NBA wraps up.
  16. I assume SW will say the Pats, and I can't disagree. That was a long time ago.
  17. Two episodes in and you seemed to be complaining. BUT you might just be hoping things change to something bigger/broader? Or, you think "Bounty Hunter walking" will evolve soon? Maybe @Indy can give us his early thoughts.
  18. Blah blah blah. Some idiot hit some other idiot with a helmet last night. That's my focus today! Nothing else interesting is going on in the world.
  19. Are you saying it is not going well already or that the full story & universe development has yet to show up? Remember, some of us are waiting to invest our time until we know there is a good reason to watch it. You're our greatest hope for us to be able to make the right viewing decision.
  20. Why is anyone talking about baseball in November????? This nonsense needs to stop.
  21. You missed the KEY part of the new policy*- it is a restriction (NOT a BAN) on single-use plastic straws & other wasteful (and destructive) items. And even a simple understanding of the rules - "Drive-through, take-out and delivery: You cannot automatically include plastic straws, stirrers, utensils or condiment packets with a customer’s order, but you may ask customers if they need any of these items." - shows that your poor drive thru guy was untrained? Not surprisingly, if a person reads the Portland rule, they realize that Portland is WELL AWARE some folks needing straws AND directly address it: Access to straws for people with disabilities Some people with disabilities find it difficult or impossible to drink without a straw, and plastic straws meet their needs better than paper or metal straws. Even if you would like to eliminate plastic straws entirely, we recommend you keep a small supply to provide when requested. ------------------------------------------------------------- * for those too lazy to click the link, here's the gist of it: What is the policy? As of October 1, 2019, businesses in Portland cannot automatically include plastic straws, stirrers, utensils or individually packaged condiments in a customer’s order for dine-in, drive-through, take-out or delivery. These items can only be provided upon customer request.
  22. Truly gluten free or just mislabeled as such? We can test it on SW to see, but I think it should be done remotely and not in person.
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