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  1. I gave his dad "the look"! I think that will fix things.
  2. It's maybe similar to someone horsing around & accidentally bumping someone and knocking them onto the train tracks in front of an on-coming express vs walking up and pushing them in front of the train on purpose. Probably both "bad", but not the same. One thing is done without any intent to harm (but may cause harm), while the other is often EXPLICITLY intended to cause harm.
  3. You're of "that age", aren't you??? Chevy Chase had a funny scene in Fletch you could relate to!
  4. I mean, look at this dude! Totally out of his league. No flow. No braking skills. Heck, no reason to believe he's anywhere near a Zen moment! Total Fred or N00b!
  5. You're one of those Renaissance Men, aren't you? Maybe "DonKRenaissance" is a better forum name? You being you, but us knowing you are a rare gem!
  6. So you can imagine how breaks, sprains, and strains must feel (or not). Folks are SOFT!
  7. That one is missing the mark. We were up around 8, 9, or even 10(!), and then this dud???? WTF? Now I'm sad. Hey @Kzoo, consider my order request cancelled. This moranic thread needs to die on its own. Go ahead and start your late-afternoon nap! We don't want you behind and bumping up too close to your early-evening nap.
  8. I often flip the can prior to popping the top off. That redistributes the sweetness, and it's nice throughout. But I'm a bit of a "pineapple connoisseur".
  9. Sadly, this thread topic SUCKS!!!! It needs a better name. Maybe @Kzoo can awaken from his mid-afternoon nap, and put a better on in there for us???? Heck, he might still be between his early-afternoon nap and his mid-afternoon one, so this might get solved quicker than usual!
  10. HA! Fixie! Woot woot! I wouldn't wish that on my dude, though. He wasn't wearing a helmet and no way he had the skills to recover from that sort of skipping rear wheel!
  11. Apple butts? Pear butts? Hmm, what's a more pleasantly hourglass shaped fruit? That's what I'd vote for!
  12. But you agree that a few germs will toughen us up???? Had more wimpified 'Mericans eaten a some botulism, salmonella, and listeria, then COVID would have never gotten anywhere! We've wussified the common man
  13. You think SW had a WRX??? I could see it. My cousin's kid up in your neck of the woods just got a BMW. He's not an ass.
  14. I'm thinking @sheep_herder knew what RG meant.
  15. His saddle was too low, as was his cadence! Going nowhere fast slow.
  16. He's gonna be the one wearing it!
  17. Well, that's true across the board - crazy hair, chocolate stains on their cheek, a pupils wildly dilated, etc.. It is an interview, so "presentable" is important!
  18. You'd at least wear a black skinny tie, correct? Not some garish blue or red monstrosity?
  19. UnderArmor was running ads mocking old dudes wearing hoodies. Who needs a hoodie at your age? It's as bad as a tie.
  20. Well, yeah, that's called a "uniform". But I think that sort of hits on the answer - what would you be expected to wear to work normally (err towards the high side)? That's probably what they expect and would be most realistic.
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