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  1. Wrong SUV for that, my man! One and only car in the "dream" category for me would be a Ferrari 288 GTO.
  2. Definitely need quotes for that one!
  3. Is that the goal? Or simply a "proof of life" sort of moment?
  4. What???? Sure, it is filled with "product", but that's the way these young folks roll!
  5. Period. Full stop. Not sure when, where, or why this was taken and why he would ever wear that sweater(?), but WTF?!?!?!?!
  6. ...and is willing to use his Powerball winnings for a Cafe get together, what are folks thinking? A bicycle-centric event like Hawaii & Mauna Loa or France & Alpe d'Huez or Colorado & Independence Pass? Or, are folks here too out of shape (think @Randomguy mid-February) and maybe we focus on rest and relaxation and food. A hedonistic event like Maui for Mai Tais & a luau? Or a food & wine & cheese vacation on a canal boat through France? Or a shrimp-on-the-barbie vacay Down Under? IOW, assuming Mick peels off some of his winnings to sponsor our Big Party, s
  7. ...at my local Chick-fil-a that makes the drive thru back up through the parking lot and out to the main intersection? I think it is popularity, and I never see it like that at other fast food places. And they staff up at lunch, so it isn't a processing flow problem.
  8. Both very easy to get past. For one, most floor pumps are presta and shrader compliant, so just make sure that's what you have. For the other, the gear combinations, like you note, make a triple unnecessary these days. The old 48/38/28 hybrid/MTB sort of triple, is replicated more efficiently by a double with a 46/30, since there are more cogs on the cassette and those cogs are likely to be the same or even easier than the old easiest option you had. Your granny gear is there! It is just part of the double's gear options.
  9. ...to make after you do exactly what the boss asked for in a presentation? Boss: "I want X, Y, and Z, and I want to show that A, B, & C are completed" Me: "Here's the presentation including X, Y, and Z, and showing that A, B, & C are completed." Boss: "Where's the L, M, & O? And why isn't F, G, & H in there? I need that ASAP" Me: "OMG! WTF?"
  10. A Trek FX is a "no brainer" and will more than meet anyone's needs in the hybrid/recreational area. Just pick the one at your price point and you're fine. I'd like to think that is true for Giant, Cannondale, Specialized, Felt, etc. as those folks are making straightforward bikes with almost the same specs at the same price points. I'd basically get the bike with the best mix for the same price. Weight limit wise, I'd say that's 1) lawyer talk, and 2) gonna be wheel "limited", and you can probably avoid issues simply by caring for the wheels periodically - checking for true, keeping
  11. What's funny is I have more leftovers and PB&J working at home than I did working in the office Today was raisin bread and sardines. Simple, tasty, relatively nutritious.
  12. I knew a guy in high school who worked for the local movie theater. He let all of his friends in for free unless the manager was in the ticket box with him. The manager, as was typical for most places that employ teenagers, was not a particularly savvy or experienced guy, and was also prone to keeping daytime hours - minimal work - and leaving the afternoon and evening - busiest times - up to the normal staff to handle. In any case, I learned a few things from him about other stuff he and some of his cohorts did. One, they all let friends in free. Two, when they did collect tickets fr
  13. You're in the rural burbs! I'd hope that was one of the "freebies" they are throwing in at closing. WTF???
  14. Isn't 7,000,000/week = 1,000,000/day? So, 100 days = 100,000,000? Or is the goal 100million getting both doses in which case, yes, we would need twice as many. I'm thinking (hoping) that the goal is their "soft target" not their "stretch goal". But we'll see.
  15. Yes. Not because what you mention, but simply because EVERYONE should worry about and plan for that sort of thing. If you plan for the former (job loss) properly, the latter (unable to make payments) doesn't happen for a long while down the road if ever. But this sounds GREAT! and should take a lot of pressure off your shoulders: Congrats!!!!
  16. Making and immediately shipping and using, or just making? And that's doses for the US market solely, I assume, not what are also sent outside the US???
  17. I think Di2 is identical to mech except instead of using a mechanical pull to advance/release a pawl(s) equal to a shift, it uses a more precise servo. On the derailleur themselves, you still have the ability to adjust the alignment of the derailleur pulleys over the cassette cogs (electronically, not using barrel adjusters), and then there are physical stops H & L screws, and then the B screw that seems to be the one folks "max out" to achieve using the not-to-spec 11-32 cassettes with the short rear DR. So, I think where index trumps all is in the near infinite micro adjustments o
  18. Is "a gazillion" an acceptable answer?
  19. Do you deliver and install to Oregon? That's mighty kind of you!
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