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    I wonder if they are high in protein like crickets? Market opportunity.
  2. You are lucky you didn't drop the hammer on you!
  3. Of course. But sadly, that doesn't happen. But if it did???? Oh yeah!
  4. This post is about 10+ hours late for most of us
  5. Maybe the ride from the hotel to the start? The pre-flag drop procession? Not sure but you can see it:
  6. Don's link very clearly laid out what that guy and his clan are up to!
  7. ...and interesting enough, Stage 15 was ~108 miles, so what were Porte, Marcato, and van Aert doing???? Ha
  8. Cute little dude!
  9. I put that in quotes because it was a quote I was referring to! "⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ Dygert Crash Update With Images" <- not the thread title. Yikes! "⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ Dygert Crash Update With Images" Wasn't A Lie or Overstatement! <- thread title.
  10. Yeah - I assume surgeons are pretty awesome these days as guys like Froome or Phinney or van Aert or other scary crash survivors have returned, but it is the psychological part that likely is toughest.
  11. I'm apparently way out of touch as well. The last thing I want to do is deal with folks buying my home. That's what the real estate agent is for. Find me the best buyer, and please don't make me meet them - before, during, or after the closing.
  12. You can't unsee that sort of thing Hope she heals up, but damn, that was an ugly gash.
  13. Other than that wonky mis-aligment, it seems to work fine and I use it a lot.
  14. I bet it is a near constant chorus of "Get off my lawn!" and "Did the mail come yet?" when you walk around that town!
  15. Probably with her hands? Did something change?
  16. I thought you knew how to drive 3 1/2 hrs my ass! Put a little effort in!
  17. It was a fairly classic episode for sure! My nipples, LUCKILY, were more chafed and scabbed than like Andy's! But I did try the riding one handed and holding the jersey away from my chest at several points but that was untenable as it was better to just get HOME ASAP!
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