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  1. A "crime" is committed, evidence is supplied, a decision is made, and and punishment is meted out. That's sort of "sane" vs the thought that something brazen, calculated, thoroughly vile, and clearly perpetrated would go unpunished and perhaps even rewarded.
  2. Bike racing is proceeding with their plans. I imagine the Euros are getting their football going. Aren't golf and NASCAR (sort of "sports") going?
  3. Yesterday - hot and humid as heck - my wife decided she wanted to go for a ride, but way before I was even fully functioning. She set off about an hour before me to do the simple out and back of about 14 miles. I finished waking up, cleaned up, applied sunscreen, and set out about an hour later in the same direction, and expected to see her returning any time and kept my eyes out for her. Anyway, just as I was getting close to my halfway point of my 30 mile ride, I spotted her ahead of me coming towards me. She had decided to do a longer ride and had just turned around, and I told her to go on and I would finish my "out" and catch back up to her on the "back" part. So, after riding a bit, turning around, and then slowly reeling her back in, I spotted her up ahead. I dinged my bell a few times but she didn't look back. I sped up and as I rode past her, I smacked her ass! No one yelled at me
  4. I dislike her for the stupid weight loss crap she shills year in and year out. But otherwise, she's free to do her own thing.
  5. As mentioned, if this was the "breadth" of your selection - all Asian, all the time - then yes, you are doing something wrong. Luckily, Asian is a vast part of the world, so include Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, and many other tasty and distinct cuisines. But, I'd hate to neglect European, African, Mediterranean, or Latin American foods. I love it all.
  6. I do see there being a 5% chance I visit a bank sometime in the next decade. We'll see.
  7. Her face, her money, her life. It is interesting what folks consider "too much" or "safe to chastise".
  8. Yep - we had the Spain trip canceled and the CA trip is looking iffy. Normally would have other trips lined up by now. Took a little of the Spain $$$ and bought more bike than originally intended (but still kept it sane). With the wackiness of the economy and the political picture nowadays, while I could afford the S-Works, it didn't make "sense" with the future clouded in mystery for the next 6-18months
  9. ...or Apple Watch. Or just the Health app on an iPhone. My 80+ yr old FiL and his wife are all about "closing the rings" daily on their watches. Nice, simple, and effective.
  10. Pretty amazing that that was a decade ago! The New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, informally known as "Bountygate,"was an incident in which members of the New Orleans Saints team of the National Football League (NFL) were accused of paying out bonuses, or "bounties", for injuring opposing team players. The pool was alleged to have been in operation from 2009 (the year in which the Saints won Super Bowl XLIV) to 2011. League commissioner Roger Goodell responded with some of the most severe sanctions in the league's 92-year history, and among the most severe punishments for in-game misconduct in North American professional sports history. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was suspended indefinitely, though this would be overturned the following year. Head coach Sean Payton was suspended for the entire 2012 season—the first time since Chuck Fairbanks in 1978 that a head coach had been suspended. General manager Mickey Loomis was suspended for the first eight games of the 2012 season. Assistant head coach Joe Vitt was suspended for the first six games of the 2012 season. The Saints organization was penalized with a $500,000 fine and forced to forfeit their second-round draft selections in 2012 and 2013. In May 2012, four current and former Saints players were suspended after being named as ringleaders in the scandal, with linebacker Jonathan Vilma also being suspended for the entire 2012 season. However, former commissioner Paul Tagliabue overturned all sanctions against the players in December 2012 after finding that despite the players being "very much involved", the coaches and the Saints organization were primarily responsible for the scandal.
  11. ...that might be available at my local beer stores. I spotted a guy on my ride today with a New Glarus jersey, and it got me thinking 1) I should pick up some New Glarus, and 2) I have no idea which of theirs are the ones to find. I'm thinking along the lines of "a great beer to have at the ready in the fridge/cooler" for when you just want a tasty but semi-unique beer to have with dinner or around the campfire. Any suggestions from your local region?
  12. I've had it where it was just some relatively "cheap" part the repair guy could fix quickly. We replaced our 19 yr old system last year, so hoping I have a while before another repair.
  13. Just use your iPhone as a hotspot
  14. Looks a lot like the one macho man @Wilbur liked. I'd be too much of a pussy to ride a Spongy, though.
  15. Revisiting this topic, it looks like RG has some options and is still looking!
  16. My coworker was commuting on his motorcycle to the train station (MARC train) out in West Virginia. He hit or was hit by a deer. It screwed him up pretty bad. I think that was the start of his decade plus of severe back issues I hit a deer a couple years ago with my car. Totally different outcome. Snakes are a different story! A neighbor of mine was riding his motorcycle and just got out of the neighborhood onto one of the bigger faster county roads. As the motor warmed up, he noticed a black snake headed up his leg. He was able to slow down and simultaneously shake his leg wildly, and the snake fell off, he stayed upright, and I bet he started checking his bike out a little more closely before each ride
  17. What's interesting to me is the phased in approach they are following. Too many times pushing something out half-baked?
  18. What part of " I think I have a line on something, though, I will let you know if it falls through! " did you not understand???
  19. Never better than Seinfeld. But you're basically screwed with using that as your standard.
  20. My sister did that a couple times. The second one she ordered made the news as the guy hauling it to them misjudged the height of an overpass
  21. SSD and Firefox!!!! Anything else is just asking for problems
  22. Any new stances on this question??? Seems some CAnadians and others here have starting changing their minds?
  23. Happy Birthday! Stay cool and well hydrated!
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