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  1. Thanks everyone. And happy birthday to my co celebrants.
  2. Do they claw at the glass and scream before they blow up?
  3. Don't think so. These two have never ridden on the back and I don't want their first time to create a bad memory freezing their tails off. Hope we can do it next summer.
  4. Weather dependant. I have become a wimp when it gets cold. if it doesn’t rain I will at least do a short one, maybe to Bronte and back.
  5. Our daughter is in from Halifax with her kids so we will be spending time with them. Don’t get to see them nearly enough
  6. In Canada, Nov 11 is known as Remembrance Day, or Armistice Day. In some provinces, it is a statutory holiday, but not here in Ontario. It also happens to be my birthday.
  7. YouTube really is amazing. They actually send me money every month. How amazing is that?
  8. Rattlecan


    Thanks for the mention, but custom builds from myself or other builders are rarely competitive with off the shelf options. By the time I import rims and hubs for these builds, my price out the door for a set of wheels like that will be a bit north of $1,000 Canadian. I can provide cheap options for out of date stuff like 26" wheels only because I bought up a bunch of closeout lower end parts.
  9. We emptied a box that claimed to contain 50 mini chocolate bars into a bowl, and gave out 2 to each trick or treater. 25 left so I guess we had 12 1/2 kids.
  10. Yeah, the consequences for getting it wrong could be severe. See, I used q in a sentence.
  11. Rattlecan


    Had to let the gif play about 16 times for Bubba to get his 8 seconds.
  12. Without Q the keyboard would just be WERTY
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