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  1. OK, so I really do need my eyes checked. I thought it was 10 to a side.
  2. Haha. Right you are. I hit the 1 key by mistake.
  3. Pfft. Still only a 24 wheeler.
  4. Needs a picture of Danny standing on tiptoes trying to reach the door knob. I'm guessing he has servants for that.
  5. I stitched together a few clips I shot during the course.
  6. That was awesome. Some people can elevate a craft to almost super human levels.
  7. The three on the left after heat treating and some finish work. My winter project will be to complete the finish work and fit handles. The one on the right is a mild steel practice piece they had us do to get a couple of basics down. I might shine it up too just for fun, or maybe I'll leave it rough. Not sure about that yet. Anyway, the whole thing was an awesome experience and a great time with my son. He has ambitions of pursuing knife making as a hobby and perhaps even a vocation.
  8. Day one at the forge. Got 4 knives and several blisters to show for it.
  9. Happy Birthday John. Hope you have an awesome day!
  10. Rattlecan


    Probably around 20 weeks. If they are not females, it takes a lot longer.
  11. Well, Sonja Henny's tutu, I think I heard that one years ago.
  12. Rattlecan

    The Far Side

    Yay! now if we could just get some more of the old time comics back, ie: The born loser, Wizard of Id, Herman, etc. all would be right with the world. I don't often look at the funny pages any more, cause there just ain't anything there that's funny.
  13. Just keep an eye out for this guy. He's downright ornery.
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