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  1. I wouldn't know. I never watch daytime TV.
  2. Rattlecan

    Uh oh!

    Yeah, I'm fine so far.
  3. Rattlecan

    Uh oh!

    I just spoke with him. He is feeling vastly improved this morning, although he still has shortness of breath. So far, his wife has not shown symptoms. She is several years older that he is so really hoping she does not catch it.
  4. Rattlecan

    Uh oh!

    With the turn around time on testing at over a week it could likely be resolved one way or the other by then
  5. Rattlecan

    Uh oh!

    Quarantined! My buddy messaged me a while ago to say he has all the symptoms and has it bad. 69 years old, physically fit, but this has knocked him on his butt. I last had contact a week and a half ago when I went to borrow some tools. We kept our distance, and I sanitized and everything, but we are isolating completely until at least two weeks has passed. My step daughter (the paramedic) said he needs to get to the hospital now, but he seems to be resisting that.
  6. Were you impressed that she could read the backwards text?
  7. Not any more. He was active for a while, but suddenly disappeared. I just checked, and he is not on the members list.
  8. 7 will die in the search before the treasure can be found. 6 down, 1 to go.
  9. Yeah, I'm watching it. I toured Oak Island in the early 90s. Did not know much about it before then, but we were in Nova Scotia on vacation, and it was suggested as a thing to do, so we went and checked it out. Leonard Nimoy did an episode of "In search of" based on the story. This season, William Shatner appeared on an episode of Curse of Oak Island, and also featured it on his own show, The Unexplained, so Kirk and Spock have both had a go at it.
  10. Not quite. Traverse City. Still on the main mitten.
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