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  1. Great looking bike John. Enjoy!
  2. Just finished the morning workout. Going to install the propane tank in the new grill, leak test and burn in. Gotta go get some meat to throw on for dinner. Helping my step daughter build some raised garden boxes this afternoon. At least, I'm taking my circular saw and saw horses over and cut everything to size for her. I think she is handling the assembly. If it would just warm up a bit, I would run out of excuses for not going for a bike ride. I'm getting to be more of a wimp all the time when it comes to the cold.
  3. Hey, I had to take a nap after I assembled the new grill, so I am so not worthy of you guys who can rip out 38 miles this early in the season.
  4. I've been to Minnesota, does that count?
  5. Rattlecan

    Thank you..

    But, did ya try the chitlins? Na, me neither.
  6. Working on my second coffee, and then off to the basement for my morning workout. Got a couple of bikes to finish up, one of which I'm building two new wheels for, so hopefully no more work lands on me so I can get the new grill assembled. The grass needs cutting, but that will have to wait. I think it's going to rain anyway.
  7. I ordered it straight from the factory and made the 1 hr and 15 minute drive to pick it up today. No time to assemble it today, and it might be Saturday before I get the chance, but I can't wait to slap a couple of T bones on this baby.
  8. They are within functional tolerances but could use a tweak.
  9. I had the final Jeopardy in the bag. I was really surprised two of them didn't get it.
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