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  1. I managed to edit a couple more videos while camping last week.
  2. Except for my childhood home, I have been in my current home longer than any other in my life, and I have no intention of moving out until they carry me out feet first.
  3. You want it between 10 and 15% of the total weight of the trailer, so we are good.
  4. Just returned home after spending a week camping in the trailer, and everything went extremely well. the trailer and all it's systems performed flawlessly, and we were blessed with magnificent weather the entire time. I ran it over a Cat scale on the way out just to see how we did on the weight. It came in a bit higher than I expected, but the car did not complain. The trailer axle was on the drive axle platform, so 2,160 on the axle and 269 on the tongue. a little over 2,400 lbs. Pretty tough to find a ready made camper lighter than that.
  5. Happy birthday! You are in good company. My wife officially qualifies for all senior benefits today.
  6. Rattlecan

    Hey Allen

    Well it was nearly ten years ago and I use my real name over there
  7. Rattlecan

    Hey Allen

    You might not remember, but you made one of my threads a sticky in the electric bike forum and it is still there last I looked.
  8. Nothing much here. Built a bunch of bicycle wheels, converted a cargo trailer into a camper , and I’m about a third of the way through Ugly Bob’s second book and that’s pretty interesting.
  9. Early morning seems to be the best time for wifi here. Maybe not so many people trying to get on. anyway, The weather is great and looks good for the week. my wife’s sister and her husband are on the adjacent site and my step daughter and her family are here too. My wife lives for these family camping trips, and she is in heaven right now. Her brother and his family are coming up today as well but staying in a different park. Couldn’t book a site here.
  10. The washroom, sorry, rest room for my American friends, is open, but the showers are not. fortunately, we came equipped with our own. trying to upload photos but not working.
  11. First night went well. Comfortable beds without having to struggle to get up off an air mattress. Will not miss camping in a tent
  12. Thank you. We made the four hour trip safe and sound. I will post pictures later from the site. They do have wifi here but it is a bit spotty.
  13. Don’t know when I will have wifi to post updates on the trip so I might disappear for a while
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