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  1. Rattlecan


    Wow, that's terrible! Hope this is over with soon and they get you out of there. Thoughts of support are with you.
  2. Rattlecan


    I hope the food at your horse pittal is better than what I remember.
  3. Yeah, there seemed to be a lot of chatter going on there. Maybe with the shield in place that might be alleviated a bit, but I am not a fan of noisy drive trains.
  4. Malcolm Gladwell grew up about a mile and a half from my boyhood home and we attended the same high school, only 10 years apart so I never met the guy. He used to ride on the same school bus as my kid brother.
  5. Does sonar come as standard equipment?
  6. Why thankyou, but 60 years later, I think that's pretty much gone.
  7. I thought I heard somewhere it originated in Mexico.
  8. No Amish in the immediate vicinity where I grew up, but lots of old order Mennonites. Indeed, I am only one generation removed from that group myself. My first six years of grade school were in a two room school where everyone, Mennonites included were schooled. The baby boom outgrew that school, and when they built a new one, the Mennonites built their own schools. Here is my grade 2 picture. Grades one to four in one class. Easy enough to pick out the Mennonites by their dress.
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