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  1. In this series, I would have to base my prediction on away ice advantage, so I'll give the edge to the Leafs.
  2. Aaaaand we're back to Beantown for game seven. Exciting hockey!
  3. Yeah. Watching the game right now. Toronto scored just as I was typing this. Down 3-2 with 15 min to go in the third. The Leafs are turning up the heat. About time.
  4. After tonight, it will be time for them to dig out the golf clubs.
  5. I impressed my wife by coming up with tonight's final jeopardy answer. Even amazed myself.
  6. So sorry you both are going through this. Your strength and support are more important to her now than ever. My thoughts of support go out to you.
  7. Well, I made it as easy for her as possible. I built her a bike with a 5 speed IGH and an electric front hub motor, so I don't have to spend every ride trying to explain the gears.
  8. Well, that is certainly part of it, but I'm not sure enough that eliminating the dedicated synchronized cranks would be worth the effort. I can think of ways to convert it to independent pedaling, but I'm not sure enough that it would make her like it to go to the trouble.
  9. As a carnivore, it appears I am no longer qualified for membership.
  10. I have an old Schwinn Twinn tandem that was given to me by a friend who was stationed in Canada during the Viet Nam conflict and decided to stay. He bought the bike new when he was in college,(1964) and brought it north with him. I completely refurbished it, thinking the Mrs and I would ride many happy miles together. She hated it right from the get go, and while we do ride together, it is on separate bikes and shall remain so.
  11. They say, which ever way your relationship is heading, a tandem will get you there faster.
  12. I am not Catholic, but I have had the opportunity to tour some of the world's great cathedrals, including Notre Dame. I am always awestruck by what 12th century engineers were able to accomplish with the technology of the day. They may have saved the main structure, but the stained glass windows may be irreplaceable. Also heard this morning that finding trees large enough to replace some of the beams may be a challenge.
  13. The one pictured above was in Portugal last fall. I've had it before in Greece, and it was amazing both times. The Greeks and Portuguese definitely know how to cook 'em.
  14. All I need to know about octopus is they are delicious.
  15. Yeah, old truckers trick. I did this with truck tires back in the day, but I quit doing it when someone I knew was very seriously burned, Don't try this at home.
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