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  1. I can still get repeat episodes that I have not heard before, or if I have, it was so long ago I don't remember them so it's all good. Those guys were a hoot.
  2. Rattlecan


    Spring is just around the corner.
  3. In this series, you get to see that character develop. It really is good.
  4. We keep magnifying glasses all over the house for those times when the fine print tries to defeat us.
  5. Me too. They had two copies just sitting there at our local branch.
  6. for season 4 of Better Call Saul to come to Netflix so I went and got the boxed CD set from the libary.
  7. I gave it a bit of buffing wheel treatment today. I can see my reflection in it. About ready to glue the handle on.
  8. As promised, the handle fitting has begun. I was given a few nice pieces of hardwood by one of by luthier friends. The pieces were too small to be of use to make guitars, but fine for knife handles. I'm using flame maple for the handle on this one. Taking my time, because after all, there is no clock on the wall counting down. Going to try to make it purdy as well as functional. Still working on grinding it to shape.
  9. I agree. We spent a week in Venice 15 years ago, and our accommodation was outside the tourist area. We went to those areas to check them out, and while they were cool, the crowds and schlock vendors really detracted from the vibe. When the cruise ships come in, the tourists flood the immediate area, but they never get to really experience the city like we did. A river cruise on the other hand is something we would do in a heartbeat. The closest we came was a boat/bike trip in France a decade ago.
  10. What if both riders are half assed?
  11. Keeping you in my thoughts John. You have a tremendous support group here.
  12. Their videos are all over Youtube. Funny stuff.
  13. Flipping that whole, stick it where the sun don't shine thing on it's head.
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