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  1. Well, they are still movies after all, so when it comes to the appearance of the person portrayed, I can suspend my disbelief a little bit. I mean, do you think Captain Phillips, Sully and Mr Rogers all look like Tom Hanks?
  2. Yeah taking a dive in any plane would be memorable I should think
  3. My Gremlin was a 1972, the first car I bought brand new, and the second one I ever owned. 304 V8 with a 3 on the floor. The car was 100% junk, but I had the most fun of my life with that car.
  4. Is Robert Bateman still alive? Hmm, guess I could just look that up. (Google google google.) Yup, still alive. In a previous life, we had a print of one of his paintings, but the ex took that because it was hers. Randy Bachman lived there at one time too, but don't think he does now.
  5. So where are the photos you took from the plane? I have a cousin who lives on Salt Spring Island. She is 100% hippie, so she fits right in.
  6. Gremlin and a Pacer here. Guess I was a bear for punishment.
  7. And then watch the original. The similarities are astounding.
  8. Here’s ours. He/she showed up several weeks ago when it was so tiny that it must have just left it’s mother. It hangs around all day munching on our lush clover. And he is not deterred by the rain this morning. This photo shows how tiny he really is.
  9. Savannah is one of the many cities I only got to see the gritty industrial side of unfortunately. If I ever got into the nicer side of town, it was only because I made a wrong turn and was hopelessly lost.
  10. Something's missing. Oh wait
  11. Oh yeah. He has another video where he tries to take the foam out of a Dreamstation, and it is possible, but much more difficult.
  12. If you have a System One as I do, removing the foam is quite simple. I just did it following this tutorial. It's a bit louder, but one the hose and mask are attached, I don't think it will be too bad. The tools you will need are torx bits # T9,T10 and T15. He calls them T3 and T5. They must number them differently in Oz.
  13. I'm still pretty miffed that I was not contacted to inform me about this. I mean, they have every customer registered and on file, and it took them about 5 seconds to look me up and confirm that my machine is affected. Seems to me like this company needs to be more proactive. It was only by random chance that my wife saw a posting about this on line. Meanwhile, some good discussions going on about this.
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