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  1. Rattlecan

    So, what do you do when you get to a meeting first?

    Put a whoopee cushion on the bosses chair, and then sneak out again and troop back in with everyone else.
  2. Rattlecan

    When I die, I may not go to Heaven

    I'm sure the second version is the truth, but the first version makes a great story. Loved it.
  3. Rattlecan

    Miss me?

    Welcome back. I remember you from when I first joined here.
  4. Rattlecan

    For the manual people

    One of the hazards of running these setups was forgetting what combo you were in when running back a few gears through a speed zone. You get to a point where picking a gear for current speed and conditions becomes automatic, and if you suddenly have to think about where you are starting from, you're lost. Also worth noting that heavy duty transmissions do not have syncromesh, so matching rpms to gear speed is part of the craft.
  5. Rattlecan

    For the manual people

    5 x 4 combos are not all the same. There are redundancies in every case however. The main transmission has wide step ratios, the auxiliary splits it with close steps. 1st gear in the auxiliary is not used when splitting, as it would be redundant. It is useful as a low starting gear, or for an extra available gear for a downshift on a grade without doing a split shift. A typical progression would be 1 & 1 1st 1 & 2 2nd 1 & 3 3rd 1 & 4 4th 2 & 2 5th 2 & 3 6th 2 & 4 7th 3 & 2 8th 3 & 3 9th 3 & 4 10th And so on til 5 x 4 = 16th. Some combos have a close ratio 5th gear in the main that is not split, yielding a total of 14. Been over four decades since I had my hands on one of those, but it's not something you forget. Here's an old cowboy showin ya how it's done.
  6. Rattlecan

    For the manual people

    I've seen that before. Near as I can figure, and I'm quite certain about this, it's a 13 speed Fuller Roadranger with the range and splitter functions controlled by stick rather than the air switches. The lever on the right shifts it into high range before he begins the repeat pattern, and I can clearly hear the air valve as it smucks into high range. Clearly someone who felt his life wasn't complicated enough.
  7. Rattlecan

    For the manual people

    From someone with a twisted sense of humor.
  8. Rattlecan

    Do locals promote your area to visit?

    Any response I could make to why it's happening here would get this thread sent straight to P&R, so I will refrain.
  9. Rattlecan

    Change - sometimes good, usually bad - what say you?

    Since they eliminated one and two dollar bills here in the great white north, we are always flooded in change.
  10. Rattlecan

    End of an era - on the subject of change

    Back on topic of billboards.
  11. Rattlecan

    Saturday morning

    We are no longer enjoying the tropical temperatures we saw mid week. More seasonal today, but still plan to get out for a ride later. Got a couple of bikes to refurbish and flip, hopefully at a profit. Also working on another video project for my yootoob chanel.
  12. Rattlecan

    For the manual people

    Not quite. The 62 Freightliner pattern would look more like this. Your job is to figure out how to get 16 forward ratio combinations out of it.
  13. Rattlecan

    For the manual people

    Just when you thought you could drive anything....
  14. Rattlecan


    Yeah, those guys are just brilliant. I'd love to go see them live.