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Community Answers

  1. We need pictures! I have enough bikes but maybe somebody on the forum needs wants one.
  2. Yeah I expect so. The old clunker drew a lot of power to run the blower.
  3. 20 years is considered a good service life these days. The rep told us that 15 years is life expectancy. We got a 10 year warranty parts and labour.
  4. New hvac system going in. The old one which is original to our 32 year old house finally gave up the ghost. It had been acting up the last couple of winters and finally quit working all together. At that age we figured getting it fixed was chasing good money after bad. Two installers plus a trainee and another guy installing a smart smoke detector.
  5. Prices have actually dropped quite a bit here. Last fill up was $1.43 per litre which computes to about $4.00 US per US gallon.
  6. Feeling good. Walking without pain and no limp.
  7. Maybe not the answer but put me on the right path.
  8. It’s in the sugar aisle at our lgs but it’s on the top shelf. Maybe that is why you missed it.
  9. Once it is out of the shipper’s hands it is all up to the carrier. Maybe the truck got hijacked
  10. Rattlecan


    We put a ceramic heater in the car and plug it in to a timer. The timer is set for three hours before launch time so the windows are clear and the cabin is cozy.
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