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  1. Well, I always knew that if the women didn't find ya handsome they should at least find ya handy so I had to polish my handyman skills early on.
  2. Rattlecan


    I thought this was going to be about a new car.
  3. 6 pack made easy. Why work hard?
  4. I'll play. But I won't be needing any stinking photoshop mustachio.
  5. My lineage is 100% Swiss Mennonite on both sides. My ancestors left Switzerland and settled in Lancaster County PA in the 17th century. The move to Ontario was in the 19th century. My brother researched our ancestry and I have a huge binder full of the results. Guess that makes me inbred purebred Swiss, so totally white. I got the old part covered at 67.
  6. Sorry to hear. Hope for a speedy and full recovery.
  7. Lookit the head on that!
  8. He certainly dressed the part
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