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  1. 40 years ago today

    40 years ago today was the day I proposed to my first wife. Heard the news about Elvis on the car radio on my way to pick her up.
  2. Prayers requested

    So sorry. Hope they are managing her pain and wishes for speedy healing.
  3. Never too late for a happy youth

    By brother in law, 66 years old, spent much of his youth as a drummer in bands you never heard of, like Unlawful Assembly. (Greatest group name ever, no?) Now retired, he has hooked up with another band you never heard of called Grindstone Devils. They've been getting gigs in dumps and dives here and there, so last night, we decided to go catch their act. Not my kind of music, and not the kind of environment my wife and I like to hang around in, but it was kind of cool to go and watch him perform. Here's a little snippet.
  4. Do You Ride Campagnolo?

    Around here at least, Campy seems to have fallen out of favour. There is a large roadie culture here, and while I don't identify with that bunch as a rider, I certainly get to wrench on a lot of high end road machines. Several years ago, Campy was quite a lot more popular than it was now.Sometimes, I go weeks without seeing a Campy equipped machine come through the shop. I must say though, that having the opportunity to test ride the bikes I service, there are some things I really like about them. Non indexed front shifting is high on that list.
  5. Do You Ride Campagnolo?

    True, but oddly, they did it by not charging enough.
  6. So there I was...Finale

    I was happy thinking some a-hole got what he had coming. Now you go and spoil it with a feel good ending. Just kidding, that was an awesome ending.
  7. So there I was.. a cycling story.

    Who would you wish to portray you in the movie version?
  8. The most famous cyclist I've ever met is ...

    Steve Bauer, Mike Barry, (both senior and junior) Michael Kolesar. He might not be famous yet, but if he succeeds in his mission to set the hour record next month he will be.
  9. How many of you have eaten at Waffle House?

    Yeah, eaten there a bunch of times. Never tried the waffles, but bacon and eggs and hash browns are pretty cheap, and edible. After more than 40 years of surviving truck stop food, I can tell ya there are far worse places to eat.
  10. What are haunches?

    That's where it hurts when you spent too much time in the saddle.
  11. Doesn't this sound scrumptious?

    Just double up on the bacon, and cut out the sprouts, and I'm in.
  12. I don't know where Earnest is

    but it seems to be where serious negotiations are always held. You know, "talks began in Earnest today"
  13. Cheating isn't always bad you know..

    I take cheat days too, usually about 7 per week.