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  1. Older studded tire fail

    I've been holding off putting the studded tires on the commuter bike, but it's on the to do list for tomorrow. Winter is a coming this week they say.
  2. Make amends, love someone so it's not hard for eulogy

    I've delivered a few eulogies. I each case, I went up front with nothing more than a few bullet points, and delivered with total ease. Even got a few chuckles.The most recent was for my dad going on five years ago now. Herd to believe he's been gone that long. I sure miss him.
  3. How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk

    I got Denver Aurora Co. and Arlington Va. I've never even been to those places.
  4. RG and Pizza...

    Where does he keep the BLOW UP doll?
  5. Speaking of Memberships, I Guess I Should Renew

    I didn't know Yoda was handling the accounts.
  6. Lookout Bundeswehrkommando!

    You're sure they know the war is over?
  7. Six Bolt vs Center Lock?

    Some hubs have conversion kits to convert between thru axle or QR. Velocity is one that comes to mind. I believe DT Swiss hubs can be converted too. Road and ATB dropout spacing is the same for disc brake applications, (excepting Boost) So ATB hubs are basically interchangeable for road discs. http://www.velocityusa.com/product/hubs/mountain-disc-rear-hub
  8. Discovered it totally by accident when I bumped my mouse.
  9. Canadian Weather Change

    Calgarians like to say, if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute. Wouldn't be unheard of to have the dates reversed on pictures like that.
  10. Wilbur's adventure weekend

    Which one of you is in there with him?
  11. I've met three forumites in person. Wilbur, JerrySTL and Forresterace (who joined, but I don't think participated much)
  12. think I need to go to Naniamo..

    Will they be serving Nanaimo bars?
  13. Six Bolt vs Center Lock?

    Security type skewer that is tightened with a key instead of a lever. I have some like that with a pentagon key to fit. I can't see for sure, but I think that may be what you are looking at here.