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  1. Tizeye

    New bed

    Keep us informed of how it turns out. Never heard of Sleep-Eze, but looking at multiple bed in box…even created a spreadsheet to compare and rank order features. suggestion…adjustable base! Is that a twin? Or plan for 2 twin XL to make a split king?
  2. It doesn’t look like corn as too low and lacks the broad leaves. Usually, wen plant corn solid rather than in rows, it is to hide the weed tha returns more per acre and harder to detect.
  3. As a variation with the “brush with greatness” the situation where initial reaction as you turn it down or don’t even consider…then after the years/decades look back and think “if only”. Back in the mid 70’s, I was a juvenile probation officer in Daytona Beach. A good friend and co-worker was a good friend with Ron Rice since childhood and school, with whom we associated in social functions. Ron was a lifeguard and chemistry major who mixed up suntan lotion concoctions in his garage, initially selling from his lifeguard stand, reinvesting profits to ramp up production supplying local shop
  4. My FIL went through similar during his last hospitalization at 93 following a head injury from a fall. One doctor, with both present at the same time was recommending aggressive care, surgery and feeding tube for rest of life while the other was more palliative care which he chose with transfer to hospice care. The second doctor mouthed a quiet “thank you” when heard the decision. I think that was the time when he told the doctors “you got to know when to hold, and know when to fold.”
  5. How dumb is that organization with a policy that is literally unenforceable? One back, our policy won’t allow you to die that way. You have to wait until it meets our criteria.
  6. Stephen McKenney Steck, a prominent figure in Orlando’s public broadcasting history, died Saturday morning after being struck by a car while cycling, his family said. He was 77. Steck ran a marathon in every U.S. state and on all seven continents. He cycled across the U.S. twice.At the time of his death, Steck had racked up 40,430 miles while cycling 2,305 consecutive days. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/orange-county/os-ne-stephen-mckenny-steck-obituary-wmfe-20210725-vbfdwh3t6fgnlphzpyv7sg53h4-story.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Orlando Morni
  7. Well on forum members....I've met Florida Yankee, JohnnyPebs, and Applegirl
  8. Wife has me beat on this when working at a Neo-natal intensive care center - parents and grand-parents interaction. Dick Van Dyke, Alice Cooper (actually picked up wife and child driving a mini-van...so much for the image), also accompanied Mohamed Ali when touring/visiting patients (while he was in advance stages of decline, shocked a male nurse with a 'sting like a bee air boxing.' In high school dated Harry Casey (Casey and the Sunshine Band), and also classmate with Bucky Dent (NY Yankee player/coach/manager). Me? In the Air Force met a few visiting astronauts, and when Great Britain,
  9. Sorry, I used Playboy in the prototype, but National Geographic would probably work.
  10. Years ago my son did the CT to FL trip straight. We gave him hell for doing that and insist that he stop for a 2 day trip. For us, found that Rocky Mount NC or a little further across the Virginia border is a nice stopping point with decent selection of hotels and restaurants. Now doing an extra 100 miles swinging west and avoiding that DC to NJ toll route along 1-95. Biggest change saw when driving, what use to be a breakfast bar at the hotel is now a prepared bag given out at desk. Perhaps they will loosen that and return to the self serve buffet...with hot selection. The other, ma
  11. Went to the store looking for coffee creamer. Everything was in French, German and Italian with no English lines on the label. Ended up with whole milk “lait entire” because had pitcher on the label and was different from the regular milk label and heavy whipping creme label. Things have really changed in the grocery store as now refrigerated and the open shelf where previously got it is now almond, rice or other non-dairy milk. Couldn’t find the shortbread cookies we like with coffee. Worse, Villars chocolate reduced selection and no longer stocked our favorite ground coffee bean enfused whic
  12. Jazz Festival in Montreau. Perhaps a hike in the Alps. Decision, decisions.
  13. $25/night. This was a easy job, but seasonal - and a great excuse to skip school. During nights when temps ex,pelted below freezing, grove owners woul hire a bunch of high schoolers to fire the groves. Sitting around all night freezing our azzz off, paid even if didn’t freeze. When appropriate, supervisor sent us out to light smudge pots, set fire to pile as of tires, etc. Had to skip school next day, besides exhausted from up all night, we stunk. This is before the EPA banned the practice.
  14. Just minimum wage, whatever it was in late 60’s and early 70’s. First job was as bagboy/stocker at grocery store. Remember in college, had a part time job in a department store similar to KMart. One day store manager complimented me on my work and wanted to give me a raise. Surprised by the look of horror on my face as had to turn it down. Understood when explained receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits and had calculated to the penny how much I could earn before they cut the benefit. He understood, gave me the raise and cut my hours.
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