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  1. True, but I was director of an alcohol treatment center attending conference in Germany with subordinate staff who were recovering alcoholics. While they were at the point of tolerance of others as they socialized while personally abstaining...they also kept count and as senior, I had to set an example. Two was OK...but they began to give feedback at three.
  2. Fräulein, ein a biere, bitte. Be careful...holding up pointing finger means "Two (Zwie)" while holding up the thumb means "One (Ein)" Found out the hard way...ordered (and received) one, bill was for two.
  3. Does grill have a thermometer? If so 350-400 degrees. Gas knob for each row of burners should be 2-3 notches from absolute low. Begin with patty intended to be well done, when half cooked, add the rare. Now for the burger itself. Lean ground round 87% or higher to eliminate flare ups. Also, I will dice onions and mix in with the patty, however, with recent guest "veggie" burger I did sauté onion rings on grill til brown in vegetable grill pan with the onion pre-soaked in olive oil for 15 minutes or so and they loved it. Also, back to ground beef, when mixing with salt and pepper, will al
  4. Yes, I'm in Meriden spoiling the grand daughter. Or rather, she is exhausting me with the overload of energy continually saying "Grandpa, play with me." No problem finding fuel here, and probably not first stop in Harrisburg PA...next to Sams Club. Also, reading that premium is available and only 87 octane sold out and no-one wants to hoard high test. My car specifies 91 octane, but I use 87 on straight highway driving. Sams and Costco only offer 87 and 93, but their 93 is cheaper than 91 or even 89 everywhere else.
  5. Start returning to FL from CT on Sunday. Taking it easy with multiple stops/overnights including visit (mooch) with relatives in SC. Biggest concern is fuel in VA, NC, SC, GA.
  6. You know the old saying...friends don't let friends buy Bose. Actually, in spite of the saying, don't think would ever purchase as get them free through the VA. Plus they are top of the line rechargeable units.
  7. Having just gone through that, it has a lot to do with the device and scaling issues. There are two layouts - fixed and re-flow. Fixed is guaranteed to be a page turner and in the page layout software (InDesign) what I wrote the book in. Fixed layout makes it very easy for print books but converting to electronic introduces issues. If the book was written with a 5"x8" pages, now showing on a phone, tablet, or computer screen, the page size and count remains the same but reduced viewing area. Did really weird spacing of fonts in titles and pinch to expand on phone so readable. Had to re-export
  8. I just reserved a Holiday Inn Express.
  9. Tall? Grande? Venti? Frappuccinos are more milk than coffee, so healthier for you without all that caffeine.
  10. Watching her this week. One day and worn out already. Not even 5 yet!
  11. Wife was pulled in her Miata during evening rush hour for not paying toll. He saw the EPass in her windshield and confirmed there was sufficient funds in account with no outstanding. This was the prior generation that required a battery which was dead. Advised to go to Lowes for the free battery replacement and no ticket. However, he then pulls out into the traffic assisted with his flashing lights but left her to feed for herself, merging in with her Miata.
  12. But it is fun! Remember as a teen that driving back from the beach through a desolate stretch of 2 lane roadway with my girlfriend/date. Passed a car who then pulled me over. Turns out is was a Fish and Game Commission car and the stated girlfriend looked at them really weird. They could tell she wasn't 'in distress asking for help' and I pointed out that both their tail lights were out creating a silhouette of a car against the front headlights. The looked, thanked me and let me go on my way. Another time was a 'fix it' situation. Military exercise beginning at 4AM and built a medic
  13. British neighbor was confused when I gave direction...two blocks, turn right, and one block will be on the left. They had no idea what a block was. The irony id that it was British city planning theory applied when New York and the core of other colonial towns was laid out using the block system.
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