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  1. Tizeye

    The Browns

    Look at the bright side, you could have the trifecta - Miami, Tampa Bay, and Jacksonville. Given their mediocre recent history, the fact that all three are 2-0 is a minor miracle. Don't think it will last this week.
  2. Tizeye

    Good guessing, intuition

    I am always right, so there is no guessing to it. But seriously, the one that stands out in my mind...Had a husband and wife, both about 25 y/o in marital counseling which part of it is seeing them individually. Notice several thing in her developmental history concerning dating, past boyfriends (or lack of) etc, but one thing that stood out was continually skimming over 13-14 y/o. Finally, I didn't ask the question that could falsely deny as part of her coping skills, but used intuition to ask the answer. Specifically, "Is this when you were sexually abused as a child?" Sadly, many therapist will not ask the question even when the current behavioral interactional dynamics suggest the dynamics of Adult Victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse. In this case there was stunned silence, then her reply..."How did you know. I haven't told anyone that before in my life." She was silent about her uncle for 12 years.
  3. Tizeye

    Summer is over

    Winter - When I turn the air conditioner on to get it cold enough in the house to light a fire in the fireplace.
  4. Tizeye

    So it looks like instead of updating the iphone SE, Apple dropped it

    But do they need a chaperone? That was my biggest issue when I had a android phone. With the latest and greatest android OS, AT&T decided when and if it would be pushed out to update existing phone. Usually 6+ months after the new OS was available and an even newer one was in the pipeline. In the meantime, some of the apps demanded a certain version and you couldn't run them. By contrast, Apple released IOS 12 a week ago, and you can download it from the day it was introduced in non-beta final format.
  5. Tizeye

    So it looks like instead of updating the iphone SE, Apple dropped it

    That explains it. While wife has the SE, thought it was strange on T-Mobile's site their marketing touting trade in for new models omitted the 6SE as a trade-in model while they did list earlier 5 models. Another thing I noticed in terms of size, you can't go by screen size. You have to look at physical measurements. Doesn't apply to the SE with the 5 form factor, but when comparing the (standard size - not plus) the 6 through 8 series with the X. They are physically the same dimension despite the X having the larger screen size. That larger screen is created by an edge to edge screen, eliminating the bezel that surrounds the 6 through 8 series with the measurement reflecting the physically viewable area of the screen.
  6. Tizeye

    May be my busiest camping season ever.

    While I still have my ScoutMaster uniform from decades ago. That along with my military uniform are two items of clothing just can't get rid of. However, when son was no longer in Scouts, it was a very happy day. Now I can camp because I want to camp.
  7. As a variation of the other thread of someone who influenced you, what early memory of an event had an effect on you? As I noted in the other thread, I never knew my father as he died when I was three. I have seen pictures, but I was too young to remember the trip to the beach or even the truck he owned and going fishing with him. Rather, at the time of his death, vaguely remember taking a bus to Fire Station#1 and his co-workers putting me in the firetruck as my mother took care of decedent paperwork in personnel. But what I remember more was a trip to an auditorium with big TV cameras on Jerry Lewis telethon, with my younger sister and I on stage and Jerry noting "These poor kids their father just died of polio. Give money to fight this terrible disease" Salk discovered the polio vaccine a year later (and March of Dimes changed their focus to Muscular Dystrophy as we know them today). But what stood out as a memory was when I returned home. With the lack of knowledge of polio - particularly the aggressive strain my father died of within 24 hours - there was mass hysteria in the entire town of Jacksonville. The Health Department quarantined us, so I (we) were restricted to the house and yard which at 3 y/o is hard to comprehend when haven't done anything bad. That still effects me today as I am quick to recognize mass histrionic overreaction and the parade of horrible they cite. Classic were issues like floridation in water - remember that is the 70's, and the list goes on
  8. Tizeye

    What is your dietary staple?

    Swiss chocolate!
  9. Tizeye

    Tell us: good/gifted/influential (to you) family members

    While my father died when I was 3, and my step-father was excellent and is my mother (she is still alive), I am going to take a strange twist. I am going to have to say my great uncle whom I never really knew due to his living several hundred miles away and his early death, but I am currently living in the city of his legacy. He was a Catholic priest, Monsignor, and while initially a parish priest who turned the finances around and became pastor of the 'new' church when they moved from the original, and today it is the cathedral for the diocese. I refer to it as Uncle John's church. I look at the troubling times he confronted, including confronting and diffusing the KKK on the steps of the rectory. Later receiving an award from the City for the leadership in their development - which ironically the mayor/presenter was the same voice in the white hooded robe from years prior and during the presentation they had a semi-coded dialog noting the changes they had seen as others would think was about the early development of the city where they were talking about personal development. He was so highly regarded that a building was named after him. I don't talk about it much as is a lot of pressure for me. It is weird, but in anything I do, I don't want to mess up and distract from his legacy.
  10. Tizeye

    May be my busiest camping season ever.

    How else are you going to get a polar bear badge?
  11. Tizeye

    The end of an Era

    Sorry to hear about your mom. Keep the memories together for you and future generations to reflect back on.
  12. Tizeye

    Have You Ridden A Bike This Year?

    Just ridden "a bike"??? The answer would be NO! I have ridden several bikes, not just a bike.
  13. Tizeye

    So what happened turning 60

    I forgot. Something about getting older.
  14. Tizeye

    Went to the beach today

    If you were shopping, you probably saw the condos at the bridge that crosses over the Intercoastal to head back to Blackpoint and Canaveral NS. Before they were built (and bridge closed off for launches) it was a park that I took my FIL to watch the launch of John Glenn returning to space. Then they cleared the land and built the condos, most of which appear to be absentee owners with the storm shutters over windows and balconies closed. Wish I had known about the airboat ride at Midway. I always use the alternative, Captain John, who puts his boat in at the boat ramp across the street and meet him there. It is a real 6 elevated seat airboat as he disparages Midway's "barges". He may be retired now. Very environmental, back into a cypress area, points out wildlife and even takes a break docking on an island for us to roam while he eats a sandwich.
  15. Tizeye

    Went to the beach today

    You mean like this from last year? On a related note, the nearby Blackpoint Drive was closed. Several years ago it became fee based on honor system. Was going to drive through on was back. While too hot for wildlife mid afternoon, too early to eat at our favorite Mex/Cuban restaurant in Titusville. Drove by the exit road and noted it had gate closed. When arrived at the entry, closed with workcrew doing major reconstruction of the entrance including some roofed structure, perhaps a gatehouse for fee collection. Ended up driving on US 1 to downtown Cocoa where had dinner.