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  1. The next neighborhoods former recreation area returning to nature after they built a new site.
  2. Tizeye

    Restaurant food

    It is rare that we go to a restaurant as prefer to cook our own meals. When forced to when traveling it confirms why with the aggressive use of salt to (cheaply) enhance flavors. BLEH! Likewise with a lot of canned and other pre-processed foods at the grocery store. Canned soup is the worst while perceived as "healthy diet". While I am not a calorie counter, with it now listed on restaurant menus, wife - who is slim anyway - gravitates to the least calorie selection and I hear "That's 1200 calories...you're not going to eat that are you?" Talk about BUZZ KILL!
  3. I'm always right. It is immaterial if it is the first or last word. Listen up...I have spoken!
  4. Tizeye

    April Photos

    The "Pink" moon rising tonight.
  5. I don't speak Spanish but check out Telemundo. Some of their daytime programming is quite steamy. And I never could understand the overweight male game/talkshow host with all the scantily clad women. Makes Benny Hill look like a boy scout.
  6. You could walk back to the bedroom/office, start to work, then promptly fall asleep at the computer. Hear somebody coming, awaken and "no, I wasn't asleep". Don't ask me how I know this.
  7. Tizeye

    April Photos

    No bike ride this morning. Saw the smooth lake and decided to work on upper body paddling a canoe. (On the bass photo, while not requires, they elected catch and release.)
  8. Tizeye

    Happy Tuesday

    No bike ride this AM. Working on upper body.
  9. And one State floated the idea of closing all liquor stores and sales at other stores, such as grocery. That was until medical personnel pounded sense into them as all the closet alcoholics would suddenly fill ER beds as they arrived in withdrawal.
  10. This is where Costco (and Sams) really stand out. Both of my cars 'recommend' 91 octane minimum. With Costco, the choice is 87 and 93 octane. Checking premium, virtually every other station was 2.34 to 2.49 compared to 2.09 and that 25 to 40 cent spread in normal. Searching midgrade, 91 octane, the stations were still higher, typically 2.15 to 2.25 on a grade Costco doesn't even carry. Plus, getting 5% back doesn't hurt either. While I don't use it much today, GasBuddy is a sweet app. Really great with diesel when had the VW as that price spread was absurd, and when traveling, could tell how much at the next exit or two and which station to head to and which stations to drive past.
  11. While it is 7:30 AM as I write this, find it interesting the time since last report is 16 or more hours. Costco was the least expensive in the area at $1.69, most others a dime or so higher. However, demand so low that as I scrolled down, about 1/4 were “report price” as the prior report was too dated. Haven’t seen that before.
  12. Ask me in 6 months as that is when I will need to fill up at the current usage rate.
  13. Dang, it's sold out and I missed it. Guess will have to wait, but would prefer something closer. Perhaps something like a weekend retreat cottage on the moon.
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