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  1. Financial planning

    Hate to tell you, but that is an annuity which is very high fees. An easy way to see is the variable annuities that mimic the a regular mutual fund and notice the difference in the management fee. The other thing is, they all have a life insurance policy attached to them, however, that policy is only for the value of the funds invested...not the appreciation. In fact, appreciation maked the insurance worthless...but you continue paying premiums on it for life. Example, say you invested $10,000, and if the investment had a market value $8000, the life policy would pick up the $2000. Hovever, if the market value was anything over $10,000, the account is cashed at the market value and there is no need for the insurance to 'make it whole'. Ignoring variable annuities, understand that fixed annuities ARE NOT CD's or savings bonds and are NOT covered by FDIC. In fact, non-variable fixed annuities are assets of the insurance companies, and if they go under, those annuity assets (your investment monies) become part of the liquidation to pay off the company's debtors. A lot of people don't realize that. It has happened.
  2. Drive is sealed.

    Your garage is leaning over. Better prop it up before it falls.
  3. Financial planning

    Difficult to say with so few details. Not certain if you can do it since this appears to be an internal company plan change with the option to keep the old plan (Simple IRA). Probably don't have the third option since not leaving the company where can get it out of company sponsored/managed a roll tax free to your personal IRA. It comes down to what the plan sponsors offer. Will typically be either mutual funds or annuities (fixed and/or variable annuities). Not aware of ADP's contracted offering since investments is not their primary business. If is is an insurance company sponsoring the plan, it will be annuities. If you have a choice, avoid annuities as they are overpriced with the (useless) life insurance wrapper, already a tax deferred product so don't need to be under the IRA/401k,403b umbrella, and impossible to get daily pricing or other analysis like you can with mutual funds. In terms of funds, index fund (broad, like S&P, or narrow, like technology, healthcare, etc) are easy ways to invest. At thus time would avoid ANY bond funds. Not only is the return low but there is significan rik of the net asset value (the daily price per share) going down. Bonds perform the opposite of interest rates. As rates increase, bonds go down. Not an issue if you own the actual bond as at maturity it generally returns it's par value to you. Bond mutual fund never 'mature' as their net asset value continually adjusts to the market.
  4. Someone needs to invite Mittens here.

    I think Mittens is a Bud Lime fan. (If that doesn't get him here to defend himself, nothing will.)
  5. Russian mail order brides...

    Order the sampler pack and get back with us.
  6. Do you use a grocery delivery service?

    Absolutely. I usually use a fork but sometimes a spoon to to deliver the groceries from my plat to my mouth.
  7. This could've been me when I was a kid

    I am still a kid.
  8. How much filter do you have/use?

    Wife shut down her Facebook account today. Not the simple "close account" but the more radical totally delete everything from Facebook servers. She hasn't gotten any spam calls today. Related?
  9. You'll probably hate me,now.

    That’s a fancy kickstand you have there. Nicely disguised as part of the cart, but we know better.
  10. More dumps along the way

    Two years ago this week. Being a Floridian, I don’t own a pair for insulated ski pants or boots like everyone else was wearing. Damn it was cold!
  11. Sad day

    Sorry to hear of your loss.
  12. March photos

  13. What is for dinner?

    I’m so stuffed I don’t even want to think about it. Last evening had butterfly shrimp at a hidden away restaurant. And they just kept bringing bowl after bowl of macaroni pasta, slaw (interesting vinegar based), baked apples, and green beans with endless supply of busicuits. We didn’t have reservations and got there as they opened. Place was packed - all three dining areas - by the time we left.
  14. March photos

  15. What's the best e-bank?

    Another vote for USAA. While I don't use them for banking other than a credit card, my daughter does for her US$ account. Swiss banks have shifted to electronic and plastic, not able to accept checks. When she received US$ checks, all she has to do is scan it with her phone to deposit it in her USAA account while physically in Europe. She can always transfer between banks with a favorable exchange rate, but usually just builds up for when visiting in the States, or make USAA credit card payments which now doesn't have a foreign exchange fee.