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  1. Only adds to the excitement.
  2. Hot Italian women. What more is there to need to know.
  3. Tizeye

    Bed sheets

    High threat count is now misleading with the popularity of the cheap microfiber sheets. True with dealing with cotton - 600-800 thread count is preferred. But these polyester based microfibers will be in the 1500+ thread count. Also with the polyester sheets being 1/4 the price of cotton, people will see the thread count an think this must be good. We did put some on the guest bed and is not that bad...but nowhere near Egyptian cotton.
  4. It is not quite that easy, particularly when no withholding was offered and you had to be aware of to set some aside. But ignoring that issue. In your example, everything stayed in the 24% bracket. For the example I am going to use single filer, but married jointly would work with less tiers. It is the marginal tax rate that comes into play. Of that 102,000 earnings, $0 to 9875 would be taxed at 10%, the next up to $40125 would be taxes at 12%, the next up to $85525 at 22% with the remaining $16423 taxed at 24%. And yes, the tax would be less than the straight 24% of $24480 noted in the table.
  5. A lot can happen in 15 years, but also huge questions. Most people think of it as commute and perhaps short trips. And yes there are performance cars. But what about your toys. What will tow your boat or pull that RV, or power the Class C and Class A rvs? If it can actually pull, how does the range deteriorate? If they are exempted, everyone is going to own a heavy duty truck. Likewise, have shell corporations created in Minnesota, Nevada, Texas, or Florida and you will have 'company' vehicles registered there if unable to claim personal residence in those States. Many RVers do that now
  6. No, just one at a time with others either in the washer after day use on on dresser. Do have a disposable in the glove box for an 'emergency.'
  7. Not the same but had something very similar. When passed over for Major (a personnel crunch point as more Captains than the sum total of all other officer ranks. Major guarantees a 20 year retirement even if not further promoted (and you didn't do a career limiting deed.) As an involuntary discharge there was a $33000 severance that had never been adjusted for inflation since created post Vietnam. The problem was two fold as the government gave with one hand and took back with the other. First, you couldn't tax shelter it in an IRA as it was severance pay, not retirement substitute. The other
  8. Move to a tax haven where Canadians ex-pats are not taxed on income. If you don't want to liquidate it while there, shelter it under a foreign trust. I hear the Channel Islands are quite nice. Do you prefer Guernsey or Jersey?
  9. But it would be fun. When the front wheel hit a pothole, that front lip would catch and flip you over the handlebars. We need a YouTube video of that!
  10. With all the showings yesterday and today perhaps another will come along - but you can't rely on that. You are in a strong situation. This is a classic counter offer..."We are in a multiple offer situation, submit your highest and best offer by ... Wednesday/Thursday???" Typically, it is a shorter period, such as 5PM next day or two, but you are also in the situation to contact the Realtors showing over weekend letting them know of the short time line if their client intends to make an offer. You don't have to take the "Highest" as "Best" will trump highest. For example, a lower cash offer -
  11. Tizeye

    Today’s ride

    Hit photo limit with 2 from an older iPhone (6s)
  12. Normally drive to nearby trailhead to begin ride, cut took interconnecting trails from home. Thought former train trestle over Howell Creek would be turnaround point... but surprisingly only 10 miles. So extend further and the second Florida hill along the route.
  13. Budget toilet? I see you go the upgraded model. Anybody know where I can find some Sears and Roebuck catalogs?
  14. And the there is High Tea Time. I don't care what you call it...just don't call me late for it.
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