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  1. Tizeye

    FAA rules concerning Drones

    YES! Have to add some excitement to the NFL now that we have gotten past the kneeling and streaking and cheerleaders becoming carbon copies of sameness. What better than a camera taking out a quarterback other than perhaps Las Vegas odds. Bonus points for certain quarterbacks?
  2. Tizeye

    Dang is it ever hot!

    I know what you are talking about - no tourist. People come to Disney, are held hostage to the parks and think they have seen Florida. Keep the tourist there! Love Blackpoint as well, but last time drove by (seashore trip week before wife's surgery in October) it was closed. They are now building a manned entry gate rather than rely on honor system. (Actually, I get in free anyway). Apparently will be $10...but the various National Passes and adjacent Canaveral NS entry ticket will cover. Also, on your drive from Orlando, if you took SR50 rather than the toll road, at the town of Christmas, you may have noticed a year round Nativity, Santa/sled/reindeer and tree. That is the road I turned down to reach where I was today.
  3. Tizeye

    Dang is it ever hot!

    Thankfully no pythons and there is not even talk of them being present. May have seen a water moccasin one time but usually just harmless water snakes. It is rare as the egrets, herons and wood storks ten to keep them in check.
  4. Tizeye

    Dang is it ever hot!

    Actually this one is about halfway between Orlando and Cape Kennedy, but doesn't border the St Johns (western shore), just a discharge canal which I rode my bike (what are gates for anyway) through the adjacent ranch/cow pasture and eventually got to where the canal reaches the river. There is one similar, but closer to Melbourne on the eastern shore of the St Johns in Viera which I have never been to. The other is on limes stone one way road known as Black Point near Titusville in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Center which is along the Intracoastal Waterway (Banana River/Mosquito Lagoon locally) and the Canaveral National Seashore (immediately north of NASA property and the launchpads.) Perhaps either of those were the ones you were thinking of.
  5. Tizeye

    Dang is it ever hot!

    You don't take pets for a walk there (and some pet owners actually argue that the should be able to). Gators leave you alone as we are not their natural prey. That is only the second time in all these years that I have had one hiss at me. I was getting down low (collapsing monopod to about 2') though which may have contributed as I no longer towered over. Had a ranger telling me how stupid some people are as they need to get that selfie with a gator. And then, if you are looking for a job, there is an authorized group that keeps the population under control by raiding the nest and gathering the eggs. Got to make a living somehow.
  6. Tizeye

    Dang is it ever hot!

    Technically, it is a wastewater treatment plant receiving around 35m gallons of treated wastewater that was previously discharged directly into a river. High phosphate content resulted in algae kills. Now it is discharged here and takes around 40 days to filter through the 17 retention pools and by the time it reaches the St John River has less phosphate than the river has naturally. It is officially titled the Orlando Wetlands Park and open during daylight hours for hiking, biking, and horseback. No vehicles other than the city maintenance and ranger-in-residence, plus an electric tram that takes people around on the weekend. Also, every spring there is a festival at nearby Ft Christmas and they had city busses that would shuttle people giving tours of the park driving on the dikes. You should have seen the amazed look a smiles on the bus driver's faces who had no idea the park even existed when assigned the extra duty. http://www.cityoforlando.net/wetlands/ On the map, what I walked was the red dotted area.
  7. Tizeye

    Dang is it ever hot!

    The outing was wife's idea. She has been riding a recumbent exercise bike following her knee replacement and getting stronger. There is a 2.5 mile birding trail, and she did the whole thing occasional resting and letting me go alone to side hikes. Great overview mound. People om that roadway were looking at a gator in the grass looking directly at the roadway. As I went by, stopping to get the picture, the gator started hissing. Time to move on... Yes, she was aware that other gator was along the shoreline.
  8. Tizeye

    Dang is it ever hot!

    Also, the white pelican’ migrate from Michigan as the gray pelican is native. The white pelican also prefers fresh water while the gray pelican is almost exclusively salt water.
  9. Tizeye

    Dang is it ever hot!

    Hit over 80 degrees today. Glad I went early when only in the 70's.
  10. Tizeye

    If anyone needs a colonoscopy

    Since already prepped, seem like a good time to go demand an emergency colonoscopy.
  11. Tizeye

    A little late for Valentine's day

    But candy prices are on closeout as they begin stocking the Easter aisle. So it is never too late!
  12. Tizeye

    Tax season is annoying

    Oh, we have to pay taxes? When did this start.
  13. Tizeye

    FAA rules concerning Drones

    YES! Also, it has trickled down a little as the smaller Mavic 2 Pro also has the 1" sensor 20mp camera with a f2.8-11 lens. Not that much difference in price, but a tradeoff. The 907g Mavic 2 is more compact for portability, where the 1388g Phantom 4 Pro is a more stable platform with wind (within reason/limitation). Virtually all other drones, including competitors and the prior generation Mavic and Phantom 3 which are still sold, use the basic 1/2.3" sensor 12mp typically found in entry level point and shoot cameras. They also have a basic fixed aperture lens. The 250g is really light weight. Even DJI's small Spark drone comes in at 300g.
  14. Tizeye

    FAA rules concerning Drones

    That makes sense, a single number applying to all drones they own. However, wouldn't want to make the number permanent on the outside. Upgrading and selling an existing drone, borrowing a friend's, and there is an active rental market. I thought about the commercial license, but until video business picks up may hire a licensed person and specify the drone sequences I would want - no concentration on the roofline with continual flyovers like you usually see, by classic video moves like horizonal sliders and vertical crane effects. I had one that had a long covered area over a circular drive at the front entrance that began the flight at the house, flying backwards away from the house about 4' high. Used that footage twice - one at the end (obviously) as leaving the interior of the house. However, I also reversed the footage where flying in transitioning footage to my handheld gimbal (Ronin M) walking into the home with the doors spontaneously opening (owners pulled fishing line out of sight) as I walked in. Looked at the school for the Part 107 commercial drone pilot license and had to laugh. Virtually nothing on the drone operations itself other than complying. As a former private pilot was essentially a refresher with most of the exams concentrating on reading sectional maps, NOTAMS, and filings.
  15. Tizeye

    FAA rules concerning Drones

    Is that universal including hobbyist as the only pilot with a registration number - in addition to the drone registration number - are those pilots of commercial flight who are required to pass the Part 107 license. Interestingly, the FAA has a broad definition of commercial to include those YouTube videos that are monetized.