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  1. Of course, among mid-size trucks you realize Colorado (and Ranger) are just off-road wannabees. For severe off-roading you want something that is part of it's DNA heritage. Of course, looking badazze rather than mainstream helps too. Go ahead an total driving like in the ad, the 2020 Jeep Gladiator just went on sale!
  2. That's why Chevy wants you to drive the Colorado to the extreme. Crash it...you buy another Colorado or perhaps step up to the Silverado big boy.
  3. It's a scam, don't do it. A bogus charge that have to wire money to "Joe" at the U S Embassy so their lawyer can get hin out tomorrow at the first hearing with the local magistrate...then wisk him back home.
  4. Mine definitely have holes...thanks to a drill and 1/4" bit.
  5. In Venice, they are garbage boats.
  6. Tizeye

    April Photos

    Cheaper than golf balls, as I was talking to the mayor, suggested recycling and saving for next year. Year old marshmallows would have the same impact as golf balls. Also asked where the marshmallow roast was, and with the fire chief standing next to him, suggested we build a few campfires.
  7. Tizeye

    April Photos

    Kung Fu fighter costume related to one of the booths. I thought the contrast was interesting.
  8. Tizeye

    April Photos

    The city has an annual marshmallow drop family event. Police car parked a little too close to the drop zone (or it may have been intentional) and while the photo was early, got really peppered. Would love to have heard the conversation between the pilot and the bombardier.
  9. Primarily use GPS...even when has me going around in circles. Worst was in a rental out of LaGuardia and decided I wanted to see Giant Stadium over and over again. Another time took northern route out of CT through PA with planned overnight in Alexandria VA. For some reason when hitting the western beltway around Washington, and the hotel due south, it took me east to the Washington/Baltimore freeway east of Capitol, crossing the Potomac by the airport by Alexandria and back out to I95. i do collect the paper maps at the welcome stations and use to get ideas of where to visit and possible future trips, and if the Interstate is backed up to a crawl, what are the original pre-Interstate roads that can re-route on.
  10. I'm waiting for Target. I get 5% off with my Target debit card.
  11. Sad, but have to retire sometime. While you can pass businesses along, can you really replace the individual artisans like Tom Kellogg that was the face of the company.
  12. My hometown was Jacksonville, FL, also the hometown of the Ronnie VanZant and his band Lynyrd Skynyrd...but their "Hometown" hit was...
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