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  1. Yes. Winter water has a solution of antifreeze in it.
  2. Just fill your tires up with water instead of air. Far cheaper than solid/airless and far more fluid with a ride cushioning effect.
  3. Wouldn't count on it, but hospice palliative care helps. When my step-father (mother's second husband - not the third discussed above) in the final days of pancreatic cancer there is pain as bodily organs shut down and blood chemistry becomes all out of whack. Of course he became disoriented seeing lions in the back yard, etc,he was on heavy doses of morphine. Mom felt the urge to overdose him, but couldn't with her religious beliefs - plus it is good as she would be blaming herself forever. A very difficult decision. With cancer and other prolonged death process, for the survivors it is not a grieving process but a relief that finally at rest with no pain and suffering.
  4. The whole issue of mortality is front and center right now with my mother, her husband, and my SIL and in probably each case it would be a blessing. In each case, I think they are ready but at least one of the kids hasn't granted permission so they hang on. My 90y/o mother's husband of 10 yrs, diagnosed with COPD last year and declined rapidly which surprised us as expected him to outlive her. Died Jan 2 and funeral Monday a week ago and was weird to be me described in the obit as the surviving son in law as never really thought of that as getting married at 80 when he was 78, just her late in life husband. She was able to avoid a difficult decision removing from vent or transition with trach (she felt obligated and children's pressure to try everything) as his organs began shutting down. As they were getting in the car for the hour drive to the hospital to initiate and be present as removed from the vent, got a call from the hospital that he died during the night. While I have to respect it, the weirdest part is that they obtained burial plots next to each other, rather him not next to his wife of 51 years, nor her not in a family plot with 3 generations of her family including her first husband, my father, and her3 children who died in their first months. Perhaps it is me, but when kids visit grave sites, seems like would expect both parents they knew to be side by side. My mother, would not be surprised if sometime this year...just hope it is her heart which would be quick. Currently in hospital, extreme pain (and disoriented on pain medication) following surgery yesterday for skin grafting of third degree burns on hand and lesser burns to the face clearing away dead skin only during the surgery, plus the surgery will need to be repeated in 3 days or so as used cadaver skin to allow further healing, then repeat with skin from her thighs which they were afraid would be rejected (wasted resource) in her current condition. My mother has limited mobility using a walker, and the burns occurred when she was scrambling some eggs, not for her but for her dog who of course became excited under foot tripping her up and apparently reached out placing her hand(s) on the burner trying to break her fall while carrying the frying pan. Today or tomorrow should have the results of the long delayed biopsy eventually obtained last week and fully expect it to be colo-rectal cancer that imaging and other tests suggested but my sister held on to "surgical sponge left behind in hemorrhoidal surgery" in July which was probably a misdiagnosis and potentially punctured the tumor, spreading it. Will be interesting hearing the staging, lymph node involvement and proposed treatment if an for a 90 y/o, plus probably couldn't begin chemo for anyone reducing their immune system in the middle of burn recovery. The sunrise picture I posted last week was my spending the night at mom's two days after the funeral as I took her to the hospital in Tampa (and hour away) that AM for the colonoscopy at the cancer center - and I will spare you the pictures from the colonoscopy as they don't look good. This colonoscopy was a reschedule as she was admitted to hospital with dx of congestive heart failure when originally scheduled and the anesthesiologist almost didn't do the colonoscopy until received records that heart function, while low, was high enough. My SIL, while a medical mess through out her life and always having to one-up other's medical issues, like my wife's concussion or various surgeries, shifting discussion back to her. She is probably in later stages of COPD and absolutely refusing assisted living or moving in with her son. She had a grapefruit size non-malignant brain tumor removed 15 yrs ago in a surgery that stretched over 7 hours. Couldn't get all of it so suspect has grown back. It is the side of the brain that affects decision making, impulsivity and speech which drives us crazy as any plans (assisted living, moving in with son's family, etc) she cancels at the 11th hour. Currently in the hospital/nursing home cycle (result of a fall), readmitted two days after that discharge (confusion, disorientation, infection) from nursing home with about a week left of Medicare authorized days. Given her history, don't know if she will make it the required 60 days outside a hospital to begin a new 30 day Medicare nursing home eligibility. Private pay would totally devastate her finances. We will probably drive the two hours to visit her on Friday. All of these stacked together in a narrow timeframe really bring out the issue of ones own mortality. With me, it's simple. Burial in a national cemetery as a military benefit and spouse is also eligible.
  5. Nice photos and outing. Looks like your friend retired from a job he really liked as he made a difference.
  6. Biggest problem I have are remotes. Logitech is essentially the only game in town in terms of "Smart" remotes and always messing up. While I have an old Harmony One with physical buttons, the two newer ones are these touchscreens that are hyper sensitive. Jest pick the remote up or look at it wrong and it goes off activating random activities. All of the mess up changing the input from Antenna, Roku/Apple, DVD, etc an no "input" button is on the remote, buried in the menu and easier to retrieve the TV's original remote to correct. Likewise for a period (.) for going direct to 2.1, 6.2 etc on the remote - including the TV original remote and basically have to set up favorites or screen through the schedule.
  7. I have OTA connected to 3 TV's with one Roku Streaming Stick, a 4th generation Apple TV, and in the living room and original (or second generation) Apple TV as secondary (use for mirroring from iPad/Mac/iPhone) and as primary Channel Master Stream+ which provides DVD recording of OTA (non-streamed) programs coupled with Google's Chromecast/Play Store apps which frankly is the weakest and glitchiest compared to Roku and Apple. Apple is perhaps used more with it's mirroring capability, but in terms of performance, they are equal. Other than Acorn, Amazon Prime, and Netflix (free with T-Mobile) I don't subscribe to the majors - Hulu TV, Yahoo, Sling, Direct TV-Now, - although I have taken "free trials" of those multiple times under different email accounts (hint, hint). Absolutely despise ESPN and their cheap ($4.99/mo) app and confusing ESPN+ doesn't provide live feed of football games they have a monopoly on football games (like Clemson/LSU National Championship last week) but require you to have one of those streaming services or cable subscription. No problem with streaming to the Apple or Roku, and surprising on the Roku as mid house and device attaches to the back of a TV and buried in a cabinet while the Apple TV is nearer the router, an Asus 1900P ( 68U) which has excellent coverage overall. Had problems with the Stream+ and old Apple, but they were at the opposite end of the house. While would have loved to have set up a MESH system, was cheap and got an old router out of the house and set it up as an extender located in the living room. It did improve my phone coverage throughout the house and outside, rather than relying on wireless, I ran a Cat6 line to the living room and use that old router as both a wireless extender and a direct hardwire to the Stream+. As you are aware from my post over the weekend, I switched from Comcast to Spectrum. Yes, I did have a 1 time buffering issue on Netflix over the weekend and something I will watch as I dropped from Comcast's 200+ Mbps to Spectrum's 100mbps. That and signal strength of the location are the two critical issues to look for. On my history with Comcast, started basic Internet and when that 2 year promo pricing ran out to "save" the account flipped me into Internet + Streaming TV promo for $5 more than I was paying which seemed like a no brainer but was trash. Only about 10 channels, most local networks but what grinded on me was having to pay the local broadcaster's fee ($10/mo growing to $15/mo) on something I was getting for free and better broadcast quality OTA. Also, the basic package didn't include ESPN so I didn't qualify.
  8. Montreal, Aug/Sept 2013 ...and I survived!
  9. Not really, but it is more lifestyle lack of usage. I never was one that salted before tasting and almost never salt after tasting. Tend to avoid high salt prepared foods, the worst offender being commercially prepared soups which one would generally consider to be a health food. Salt is a cheap way to extend the shelf like and way overused by manufacturers as a preservative.
  10. SUCCESS! Gave it one last try to open the box. Apparently I was turning the wrong way compared to YouTube video. Line hooked up to the post so must be a bad line, possibly cut between house and post. Switched lines, taking the known good Comcast line out of their box (I was their only customer among the 4 houses served) and attached it to the spectrum post plus switching at the house. Cranked right up and no problem when switched from solo PC used for troubleshooting to full network with router hookup. Only bad part is speedtest was 116mbps where was 289mbps. Oh well, see how well that works. Now to go bury some cable so the squirrels don't nibble through.
  11. Well looks like the installer has to do it. Never could get the rear box open (without drilling the lock out) but did put fitting on the cut end and hooked up. Running the modem, never completes the upload/download cycle on startup, so must be unplugged in the back. Grrrrrrrrr!
  12. It is now a State Park as Disney destroyed it’s business. On the to do list when granddaughter visits in a year or two. Going through some renovations this year plus she is only 3. Did see where they were hiring mermaids and apparently now can swim with mermaids. Cypress Gardens is now Legoland, but they apparently did retain a small portion of the gardens and I believe still have the water ski show. That is also my home town and I was forced to date those “southern belles” as they were my classmates in high school.
  13. Wife is reading State Park brochure listing all the State Parks. Plotting some outing. Last thing she said to me was “How far away is Hardy County” followed by “oh, and Paines prairie, while we saw the wild horses at a distance, never found the free range buffalo” 😟
  14. Here is what the bastidges did. Comcast installers cut the end off Spectrums wire preventing me from self install. T may put an end on (plus small jumper if won’t fit) but still don’t know if connected to post at other end due to locked box. Plus, that Comcast line is only a year old and when their crew didn’t show to bury, I did it to the flowerbed, so isn’t buried back there and could easily connect (with excess line) to the Spectrum box as a known good line of it wasn’t locked.
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