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  1. If it wasn't for my wife, I would be unattached. Plus, she insists that there only be one attachment.
  2. I would add a couple of pictures from 4/6/2015 but don't know where the jpg folder is and all files I see are in RAW. No folder in the Lightroom catalog and when I try to import, can't as recognizes was previously in Lightroom. Have to do individually with Photoshop. Got one of the Goodyear airship that took up the second room.
  3. Looks like they cleared some planes out as seem to have a lot more floor space.
  4. Tizeye

    June photos

    The original Florida Tourist Welcoming Station. Oh, for the good old days! Actually, this is one of the few places you can go for free. Ft Matanzas was an outpost protecting the inlet that was a backdoor approach to St Augustine. Admission fees at the primary Castillo de San Marco in St Augustine pays for the support of the outpost and rangers who ferry you across to it.
  5. I am just glad it was free streaming. Almost turned off but suffered through.
  6. Straw Sticks Brick You might be able to get away with straw or sticks unless there is a big bad wolf around huffing and puffing?
  7. Tizeye

    Cracker Barrel

    WARNING: Do not get the Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake. Warm with Ice Cream...to die for!
  8. Have you noticed that it is tilting?
  9. Now that you have the van, time for a Home Depot and Costco run.
  10. Tizeye

    June photos

    Fresh prosciutto anyone? Perhaps some mojitos from local ingredients including crushed cane to go with it.
  11. Tizeye

    My lava lamp...

    Will Goodwill even take them?
  12. I am always correct. Only the clueless don't recognize that.
  13. Tizeye

    Giant moves

    The other factor, while Shimano is a Japanese company their bicycling (and fishing) manufacturing factories are primarily in China. That is part of the reason they could undercut Campanello and SRAM with special deals to manufacturers like Giant. After all, if your manufacturing of components are in the same country or city, transportation costs combined with the lower labor costs is a significant advantage supporting the special deal.
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