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  1. Tizeye


    But where do you change the spark plugs in that? Hope you have some spare spark plugs as would hat for you to be stranded. (That is an old joke when worked in a grocery store. The meat department manager would instruct the newbie to go ask the store manager for replacement spark plugs for the electric meat grinder.)
  2. Will they have intermission, lights come on and go around serving ice cream and other snacks. If not, it is not a British real movie theater experience.
  3. Tizeye

    Ok or replace

    What! Where is your excitement in life? Live a little. Me? I gave up pushing worn out blue jeans, stretching usefulness by cutting off and the scraggly edges back in the 70's. Look good...get new tires.
  4. Bike shop owner lives out of his van conversion.
  5. My parents didn't take any pictures...the same ones that took family vacation to the Keys and took 12 photos (one roll of film). They missed my bike riding, including daredevil stunts, as well as my early wrenching skills - taking coaster brakes apart, cleaning and lubricating all those plates/washers and reassembling. Made flat tire removal and tube patching elementary!
  6. There is a lot of cover there for strategic approach to take out that scarecrow.
  7. There is a notification counter?
  8. Yes. She is really 98 years old.
  9. And I though aging was an irreversible process that occurred over time. Who knew it was the water we drink...other than Ponce de Leon.
  10. Tizeye


    And where you are working on any given day.
  11. So what you are trying to say, you did 10 and she did 100.
  12. No problem... Amazing what you can learn on YouTube.
  13. Buying a new Kia. (Actually, my Mini came into that same port)
  14. I don't know if you have them in your area, but Floor & Décor, besides having far greater selection than HD, is great to just walk through. They will have some built out displays that gives ideas on design. The one I pictured above was based on one of their displays as I never would have thought of the tile inlays. Stick to ceramic or porcelain tiles. While travertine may be tempting, it is also very high maintenance. It is porous and requires a sealing cote which has to be repeated every three years or so.
  15. Wrong class C In the RV world, Class A is built on a bus chassis, But small Class B and some Class C are built on the Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter chassis and slightly larger (and cheapest) Class C is built on the Ford (and similar Chevy) E-350/450 truck chassis. Class B are much more van like, no overhead bunk like in Class C, and ironically tend to be more expensive than the Class C. While several manufacturers, using Winnebago for reference, Travato is on a Dodge Ram chassis, while Bolt Era and Revel are on Mercedes Sprinter chassis. https://winnebagoind.com/product-classes/class-b Among Class C, Fuse is on the Ford Transit chassis and twins View/Navion and lesser equipped Vita/Porto - all diesel, and the larger gas Winnie Mini, Spirit, and Outlook on a Ford E-350/450 gas guzzling V10. https://winnebagoind.com/product-classes/class-c
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