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  1. Get a Mac. (Had to say that. Surprised it went this long in the thread.) +1 on go to Costco. They have a great warranty/return policy.
  2. Tizeye

    July Photos

    To Photoshop...or not to Photoshop. Both give a sense of serenity, with one simply suggestive where the other more direct.
  3. Tizeye

    July Photos

    The springhead area. The cave is off limits, thus the red and white float marking the border.
  4. Tizeye

    July Photos

    Yesterday had a photo shoot (paid) in neighboring town of Mt Dora. On the way back took the alternate route through Apopka to a county park. It is open, but swimming and tubing is prohibited due to everyone converging at the same place. Normally a very popular park with around 300 parking spaces and known to close at 10 AM because full, then re-open in afternoon - 1 in 1 out. There were about 10 cars in the parking lot...and a photographers dream. Second photo is from bridge at end of tubing run. Kayakers can't proceed past that point up to the spring...but they do have 8 miles behind me. Thanks to my real estate shoot, I had my painter's pole with me for the elevated shot as the bridge was a couple steps above ground level and drones are not allowed.
  5. Tizeye

    I just realized

    In the military, moving every three years or so with a PCS (Permanent Change of Station). It was throw out the junk time to meet the weight limits for the move. I have now been in this home for over 25 years...and don't even want to think about it. For a true nightmare...go up into the attic.
  6. The irony of John Deere at HD and Lowes, apparently John Deere has a requirement on their mowers that they must be originally assembled and services by the local dealer, and not a Home Depot and Lowes. They are forced to subcontract the assembly out. Also, and Sears still in business around you. May find a good deal on a Craftsman.
  7. Tizeye


    I got a bunch of bills today. You are certainly welcome to them.
  8. I would but one, but it just makes me sick to spend money on it.
  9. Be glad you are not in Florida. The online unemployment process was designed to crash...intentionally. The rationale of the prior governor (now US Senator) back up the phones, crash the online and you won't have all the lowlife applying for their stink'n unemployment. Seriously. It is a major issue here. And now it hangs up with no feedback placing applicants in limbo. Apparently if there was a previous application that was aborted never coming to a decision to approve or deny, it blocks a new application. Doesn't matter if was two years ago. And worse, when brought to employees attention, they don't have the power to override.
  10. Just a little money laundering. As long as the ink is dry and doesn't run on the 20's, what's wrong with that?
  11. Now that is hard-core. A building designed just to hold bottle rockets.
  12. Last haircut I had was in Feb and got the barber from hell. Nice little single barber owned (discussing his retirement party during haircut) 5 chair shop. Really liked it but this new gal always gave close cuts as her interpretation of 'light trim". Last time the other chair was taken (3 vacant, 2 barbers working that day) and ended up with her. Usually, my wife can't tell when had a haircut as nicely trimmed/blended. This February was a close cut you couldn't miss, but worse, for the first time in my life had electric clippers bite me. This shop still does the hot foam and straight edge trim, and never had a cut...but an electric clipper out of adjustment and drawing blood!??? OUCH! Was going to look for a new barbershop when all this happened, but out of convenience and familiarity will probably go back - just pass on her chair. Better yet, figure out when her day off is.
  13. I spent just a few pixels...but they are much cheaper than film.
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