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  1. Tizeye

    Today's hike

    Not in the wild, even when in the Everglades where a significant problem. Have seen them at tourist attractions and zoos where handler would allow guest to handle with the obligatory photo documenting the event. Incidentally, that snake is a harmless banded water snake. Easy to identify in the field, notice the striped pattern above and below the jaw. The similar water moccasin lacks the pattern. More difficult in the field is look at the eyes - rounded on water snake, where moccasin has a slit diamond shape.
  2. Tizeye

    Today's hike

    Yep...Spring has sprung. That is one of the reason I focused on the new growth just appearing...despite the reds looking like autumn. Did wear bluejeans and T-shirt, but warmed up nicely and now in shorts since returning home.
  3. Tizeye

    Today's hike

    Ridden past it many times on the West Orange Trail but can't take a bike on the raised boardwalk over wetlands to Lake Apopka in the Oakland Nature Preserve. The boardwalk is 1.5 miles round trip. It also makes it a handicapped accessible hike. I saw one lady with what appeared to be MS or CP make it all the way to the lake with a tri-wheeled hand cart with her very pronounce/awkward gate to her step. Great outing.
  4. Grilled BBQ chicken, broccoli and rice
  5. If you wear progressive...don't try to cheap out with straight vision. Initially I did due to technology wouldn't support a curved frame...but technology improved. Would always have to bring my other glasses to cover and lost one time when fell out the partially zippered rear saddle bag. Always worn Rudy Project Rydon with insert as couldn't bring self to buy the premium sunglasses with all the marketing fufu about how great the glass is...then pop the lens out to put in RX glass. Makes them very expensive frames! Two photos below after my accident in Sept. Was in 4 parts on the trai
  6. Once when they transferred me from the ER at a smaller hospital to the primary hospital where admitted for appendix and gall bladder surgery. The weird thing was the EMT “kids" driving and staffing the ambulance graduated from high school with my daughter a couple years prior. My daughter hops in the front and rides with them the 4 miles or so to the other hospital. HEY! I'm the guy in the back. You can quit socializing, catching up on old times now.
  7. Nah...That's basic training.
  8. Tizeye


    Earlier this year, but had been years. Got rid of them immediately with my technique that makes my doctor friends cringe when I describe it to them as they envision the hydraulics flooding the the ear canals. Probably true, but consistently works, first time every time - and the ear canals equalize without incident. Easier with two people can be done solo. Use paper cup if solo. Partner or yourself close seal ears and nose (thumb, pointing finger on both hands if solo). Team with partner as they may get weirded out - their hands over your ears and you pinch your nose closed. Drink se
  9. Frustrating, all set up and waiting for mate to return with a meal in its claws. Try to catch in the tree backdrop then crop to frame. Unfortunately, clouds rolled in and there went my sunlight. Oh well, another day. Also, don't know if eggs have hatched as Osprey never got out of position. This is a great observation position. Top floor of a parking garage downtown Winter Park.
  10. Tizeye


    Not an issue for me. I can sleep anywhere, anytime. At computer desk, middle of typ..., driving, no problem. But the wife...happy well rested wife, happy life! She uses them sparingly and about half recommended dose. She prefers them as not habit forming, and basically an antihistamine.
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