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  1. A 10, of course I cheated. 1) My step father custom built homes one at a time, and from age 6 on was at his job site when school was out. Basically, he babysat and kept me out of mom's hair...but over the years I learned a lot. Graduate from exploring the woods adjacent to the job sites to climbing on roof and "helping"...plus everything in between. 2) First intended college major was architectural engineering until overwhelmed myself with a ridiculous class load 3) Currently, no problem with DIY.
  2. I've met my daily goal - waking up in the morning.
  3. Well I do need new cell phones. Think I have figured out how to get two of the "latest and greatest" for just about free. Currently wife has the original iPhone SE and likes small. The replacement SE ($399) increased the size to match my 6s. The new 12 mini ($699) splits the difference in size between the two SE models and has the latest features. I would move to the regular iPhone 12 ($799). Still checking the final details before I pull the trigger. Currently with T-Mobile and yes they do have a BOGO but that would put me in a $799 hole. Couldn't call because they would see my numb
  4. North Carolina was our #1 choice, but it wasn't @AirwickWithCheese that threw a ringer into it. With son living in CT, and daughter getting PhD in NY, plan was to move within a day drive of grandchildren after she graduated and settled somewhere. Her settling in Switzerland blew that idea out the window. We do still toy with leaving FL though.
  5. Nice story...and what lead me to short circuiting the process. Actually, Ebay was the catalyst as it gave a discount on the shipping if printed label at home through their system. While I have an account with discounts at UPS and FedEx, I find USPS consistently less expensive. 1. An inexpensive digital postal meter (Max 50 lbs) 2. Log into USPS, input address, weight, and package dimensions to calculate price. (Since you have the data, check UPS and FedEx if you want to) 3. Pay for it and print the shipping label. Repeat as necessary for each package. (can do multiple, but I pre
  6. Tizeye

    He scores!

    Nice! I have had four pairs of the lower waterproof version of these and was a no brainer when time to replace. Unfortunately, Merrill messed up the shoe when they went from the Moab to Moab 2. While the size was a correct fit, they deleted one of the two metal eyelets at the top while retaining the 4 fabric loop eyelets. That missing eyelet and slightly lower top was enough to not secure the foot with it's legendary "like a glove" fit, and my heal would ride up and down. Might have broken in over time but would have too much wear in the process to return, so immediately returned.
  7. In physical therapy, they have been saying Doc Brown (Back to the Future)
  8. He said NOT A CHANCE! Apparently I have been naughty.
  9. Still not back to riding with the hematoma quite prominent. Skipped PT yesterday but did a mile hike this AM...and icing it now.
  10. And leave the skins on them. None of the faux stuff has that!
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