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  1. Tizeye

    Backyard wildlife

    Oh, and the hawks like my chimney. With the racket they make up there, I think a bird is fluttering down it trying to get in the home. Also, flocks of ibis after mowing.
  2. Tizeye

    Backyard wildlife

    Other than the normal squirrels, birds and occasional snake have raccoons and possums as regular visitors. Usually will see live in the early evening traipsing across the driveway on what appears to be a foraging path down side of house and crossing street but camera triggering is set high enough not to trigger an event. But occasionally ...
  3. It means you are in the deep South shopping at Winn Dixie (or Piggly Wiggly). Oh wait, different rebel yell.
  4. Forget the aggressive dog, do they make an owner repellant? Preventative conditioning to keep their poorly trained aggressive dog away for the general public in the first place.
  5. Look at the bright side. There is no charge for Canadian health care. Just write that on any bill they send you and return it to them.
  6. Please tell me you don't put cream in your tea.
  7. Tizeye


    The .22 is maligned because of it's lack of raw knock down power, but doctors I knew preferred to repair the blunt force of the larger caliber to the high velocity heat inducing searing wound of a .22, particularly with the expansion of hollow points. Or as one doctor put it - each cell in your body is like a miniature egg, and you know what happens to an egg when you fry it with heat. Concerning the individual, he was a 'good' guy if you were his friend. However, when police responded to a complaint he was also known for picking them up and chunking them out his living room plate glass window. This was before tasers. Concerning the inpatient self defense training, I still remember his opening line - "I an not going to get hurt, and neither is the other guy if I can at all help it." In terms of the actual instruction, keeping an escape open, location of pressure points and gaining control, procedures with a belt vs a knife, and of course keys as brass knuckles. It served me well and actually had to utilize 2 (escape path, and keys in pocket) when at an open house as a Realtor when a shady individual came in clearly unable o buy a home (just foreclosed on), and rambling speech with eyes looking all around.
  8. Tizeye


    Shot a lot during adolescence, primarily .22 as that and shotgun was the only ammunition I could legally buy before 21. While in the military I qualified as expert marksman in both rifle and pistol. But one incident I remember fondly prior to the military. During the first two years of college I worked the 3-11 shift at an inpatient mental health center, we had a psych patient who was a marine buddy of one my co-worker, and actually taught a self defense in-service to staff while a patient. Even on 3200mg of Thorazine a day (800 QID), he could do more pushup than I could! When he was stationed in the Canal Zone as an MP and taught a more advanced self defense/hand to hand/silent combat, had nothing to do between classes but target practice all day. As a civilian. that dude lived on the edge, a crop duster pilot, and some flights in Central America, while not into drugs, rumored to run guns. The three of us went to a rural, unregulated firing range and the two of us had .22 pistols and he had a government issue .45 that he acquired somehow. We set some empty beer cans up at the 25 yard line and ours and another person's jaw drop when he takes them out rapid fire with a .45. Looking at them, he wasn't hitting in the dirt and knocking over...but through each can.
  9. How could they be so cruel to deprive you of a hospital admission. Think of all the great meals you are missing as nothing matches hospital cuisine. And not awakened throughout the night for BP and temperature. Oh, and let's not forget the sponge bath.
  10. Tizeye

    November photos

    Daughter went to husbands childhood home and caught the first snowfall. While they set up the lower floor as an Airbnb, his parents still live in the upper floor...but they were out of the country...and had their car as took them to the airport. Had the chalet all to themselves. (Summer photo of the chalet.)
  11. We weren't talking about your neighbors.
  12. Not in Orlando, but daughter did. Being 6 hours ahead of us, they are already out and about with the first snow of the season. Photo lifted from video that greeted us as we awoke, the other an actual photo. They live in the lower altitudes with milder winters, but with the in-laws away, spending the weekend in their home. Altitude of the town around 4000 feet.
  13. No, but can't say that I have the latest, greatest HD UHD blah blah blah TV. It does look better than the old cathode ray TV by a long shot, and movies and TV shows from the era are notably degraded (and square). The best TV I have is a 48" Panasonic Plasma.
  14. And to think, they don't serve any spinach.
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