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  1. The canyon is cool (Conde Nast’s ga pick) but Unicoi is the best state park. https://www.unicoilodge.com
  2. I tend to use vacuum insulated tumblers more often than not nowadays. If I’m using a ceramic mug I just use the first I grab from the cabinet.
  3. @jsharr swear it’s getting in the mail.
  4. She’s not an actress but I always thought Jane Goodall was stunning.
  5. Sugared out. Chocolate with a couple of strawberries cut up in it btw.
  6. Old Southern saying, Sherman didn’t conquer the South, Carrier air conditioners did.
  7. For swatting carpenter bees, what else?
  8. Broken irrigation line. It’s on the list.
  9. Hose bath. He chased the stream around.
  10. I am so very sorry. My condolences.
  11. Allen

    For Aire

    Vidalia, GA is on the way to Savannah. Stop and get a bag of onions. Also everything that can be done to an onion and put in a jar. Vidalia onions are special. The onion festival is next week. https://www.vidaliaonionfestival.com
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