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  1. Death is the root of all fear.
  2. Allen


    Agreed. So far the best Dune is the SciFy channel’s version.
  3. Allen


    Is coming to the big screen. This excites me.
  4. Ketchup, horseradish, shot of Worcester sauce, juice of a lemon
  5. I wear a Timex. It has Indiglo.
  6. A whole bunch of them. Did a billion dollars in sales last year.
  7. This, the woman is a genius. She would pull down five figures just to show up at a bar. It’s all advertising for her stores.
  8. Allen

    In a fire

    I have some artwork that I may risk it for.
  9. I don’t think chocolate is good for cats like it is not for dogs.
  10. I’ll trade you a photograph for it if you win
  11. Allen

    Naming your boat

    The Mary and John That was the name of the boat my ancestors came over in colonial times. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_and_John
  12. I have two of the three in, but Ella the Patient here knows how to get out of the fence. She ain’t budging.
  13. Now the long wait begins. He’s nestled down about 30 foot up. The dogs have found him though and are camped out at the bottom.
  14. He made it off the roof and to the first pine tree in the yard. The dogs are still going bat shit.
  15. The dogs have a raccoon pinned on the roof of the house. Poor fat thing can’t get down. The dogs are going ballistic.
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