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  1. Very sorry for your loss. My condolences
  2. It depends on the cake. Carrot cake, and cheese cake, chilled is a requirement. Same for those overly mousse-y slabs of chocolate that are way too rich to finish. Most three layer cakes and sheet cakes are fine at room temp. Coffee cake is best warm. Pound cake, banana bread, and the like are best the next day, sliced thin, and lightly toasted with a glop of melting butter on top.
  3. Dust it with cornmeal to thicken chili.
  4. I hate them. Tried them once, threw up like I had salmonella. Apartment full of tripping entitled college students: Where’s Allen? He’s throwing up off the back deck. Don’t go out there it’s gross. Goes out anyway. *dry heaving noises* How’s your trip? I’d rather not be throwing up. Things look wavy, that’s cool I guess. Go away. *more dry heaving* Hallucinogens are not for me. Did it the once and never felt the desire to go through some Kwisatz Haderach like poison metabolizing ordeal again. I feel the same way about hangovers. It tastes like like lighter flu
  5. Easy. Hands down, chanterelles are my favorite. Next, morels, and then common/portobello.
  6. Allen


    Thank you, sir.
  7. This is the whole reason I’m not fond of popcorn.
  8. Allen


    My wonderful, elderly, dog, Cyrus had a seizure this evening. He’s acting ok now but it was a traumatic experience. Part of owing dogs is chances are you are going to out live them. And tonight was that sign that I need to be prepared to have him put down. It’s always sooner than you want. He’s putting on a good face right now but I know that this becomes a regular occurrence he will have no quality of life. He’ll let me know when he’s ready; not today but I’m afraid it may be soon.
  9. I was laying in bed wide awake at three a.m. and rather than just lie there I decided a glass of chocolate milk would hit the spot. Fumbled the gallon pulling it out of the fridge. Sploosh! The jug split wide open when it hit the floor. So instead enjoying my chocolate milk and going back to bed I just finished mopping the kitchen and am fully awake now. Think I’ll make breakfast since I’m not going to get back to sleep. Maybe even some hash browns.
  10. Mega just rolled to $750M. I’ll spend another four bucks on it.
  11. I was just at the quickie mart, the flashy sign said $600M. I threw in four bucks.
  12. I used Harris Cyclery a lot for my IGH stuff. Wallingford was my go to for jerseys, saddles, and such.
  13. My friend Clayton has just about convinced me to put in a grove of Japanese Maples. 20-25 years from now they will be worth $15k-$20k a pop.
  14. I’m sorry. My nephew and his family just went through it. They are young though, just the flu for them.
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