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  1. How high can you let yours go without checking?
  2. I love a good storm too. I watched Irma churn by from the back porch.
  3. I prefer my water oxygen infused
  4. I’m astonished how some people can say anything without consequence; whereas if I so much as scowl I’ll have hell to pay.
  5. It is. Beaufort is right next to St. Simons.
  6. I was working as a barkeep and crashing on a friend’s couch in Athens, GA. I ran into several roadblocks on the way home. My sister was flying home from Ireland and was diverted to Nova Scotia, she was there for several days.
  7. Pushing 100° down here
  8. Normally, soft scrambled, shot of cream, usually some sort of cheese graded in it. If I’m feeling spry, eggs Benedict. 3 mins poached.
  9. Allen

    Hey Dottie!

    I have one of those. Mine is green and I need to pump up one of the tires about once a month.
  10. You’ll learn your starter. It’ll settle down and become constant.
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