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  1. On my commuter Rohloff hub in the rear, dyno front hub.
  2. Damnit Dremmill and vice grip time
  3. Yeah, not the best of names
  4. I’ve been going through episodes of Time Team on YouTube.
  5. Never pointed a gun at anyone either. Definitely not in anger.
  6. Nope. Only two legged things I’ve killed had feathers.
  7. Allen


    Shot at him with my .30 pellet rifle. Missed. He slapped the water all pissed off.
  8. Allen


    He’s still wearing his own hat.
  9. Allen


    I have a .280 that I actually shot today. I can’t shoot it worth a damn. Out of four shots I hit the 12 inch 100 yard plate once. Shameful.
  10. Very sorry this happened
  11. Prosciutto, ricotta, spinach....
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