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  1. Allen

    Bed sheets

    Blister in the Sun was the theme song of my boarding school.
  2. Allen


    I believe that is a Bombardier beetle.
  3. Allen


    The damned stink bugs are back. I was nice and asleep and a buzz woke me up. There is a stink bug flying around my bedroom, two more on the wall. sigh.
  4. Allen

    Bed sheets

    The best thing I have encountered in sheets (besides thread count) were labels on the bottom sheet: side, top or bottom. You never had problems figuring out which way to orientate the thing.
  5. Allen

    Bed sheets

    My LL Bean catalog came in today. I decided it is time for some new sheets.
  6. Allen

    Bed sheets

    They have to be white; no prints, just white. Pillow cases too. Unless they are flannel, then I like stripes. Bath towels can be any color, so long as they are solid.
  7. I like sardines but friggen love anchovies.
  8. I’m hyper reclusive so I don’t really fit in anywhere. I do better in rural areas than I do in urban ones.
  9. I never really quit because I was never really a heavy coffee drinker. I like coffee, but I took after my dad and usually only drink occasionally during the colder months. Tea is my normal caffeine of choice.
  10. Jsharr is the man. Incredibly generous and thoughtful. Haven’t had any yet, it’s still perking. Smells wonderful though.
  11. Eggs. Proper mac & cheese has eggs in the recipe.
  12. Wait. My neighbor is screwing with me? That kinda ticks me off.
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