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Community Answers

  1. Does dragon stain pressure wash off the driveway?
  2. Allen

    Painted lawns

    They would love my shooting range I’m sure.
  3. Allen

    Painted lawns

    There was a scene at the last neighborhood I worked in. There was a homeowner in the street arguing with the head of their HOA. The HOA had the landscaping company paint all the lawns in the neighborhood green. I didn’t know painting lawns was a thing people did. At any rate, it rained and the homeowner’s once white driveway is now stained green. The lady from the HOA was fining the homeowner for not having his drive pressure washed. The homeowner’s position was that he did not want his lawn painted in the first place and if the HOA wanted his drive pressure washed they should pay for it. I’m so glad I don’t have neighbors.
  4. Three stitches on my cheek. When I was a kid I fell on the stairs while carrying a glass. No memory of it.
  5. Option two: use the not yet wiped down skillet to fry a slice of ham for a light sugar glaze.
  6. Great aunt Josephine’s recipe: Cinnamon and sugar in a bowl mixed to taste. Melt butter in a cast iron skillet. Add sugar/cinnamon mix and let it liquify. Throw the bread in and let it soak up the caramelized sugar. Flip it over and soak up the remainder. Caramelizing the sugar makes it all crunchy on the toast. Serve when it’s still a little too hot to touch and you have to blow on it. Clean the still hot skillet with a paper towel. The sugar wipes right out. Wear an oven mitt when you do, liquid sugar will blister you in a second.
  7. I know four who have died. All anti vaccines/masks. I know many who had it.
  8. Of late I’ve been 3x16. Day three is a slog.
  9. Actually…..I’m going to hurt some feelings.
  10. Working on that. May be leaving Springwood to UGA for entomological research and conservatorship.
  11. I caught you a nice trout.
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