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  1. Correct... they don't count, unless the battery is dead.
  2. Hmmm.. I'm guessing @Razors Edge needs a bigger ass??
  3. Now you need a weather radio for alerts.
  4. Close... A Bill Gates Venture Aims To Spray Dust Into The Atmosphere To Block The Sun. What Could Go Wrong?
  5. No... to the staycation.... Hell we did that for most of 2020 because of the virus and we are retired. Once back when I was working... I did have a staycation for 2 weeks. My boss knew we normally would travel somewhere, and asked "No trip?" I explained I was practicing for retirement. You need to find a place to go, and relax, etc... maybe something like this...
  6. Yeah.... when I first read misread the title to the thread I read 'Democrat' and I was guessing how many minutes before the thread would be deleted. Then I got confused.... It doesn't take much to do that....
  7. This part is easy in IL (not sure about other states) https://www.illinois1call.com/ One free call and in a few days the public utilities are marked. Underground stuff on your own property that you own... that's your problem to find. I recall some places (thinking about Cook County in IL) may require a land survey to locate the property lines. Then there are setback rules. My county may require a building permit. I'd have to look for the requirements. Some subdivisions have HOA rules about fence types and location, etc.. too.
  8. This ^^^ Then this probably won't help. https://comparewords.com/delineate/demarcate Who comes up with this crap?? Example Sentences: Immunofluorescence and immunoelectronmicroscopy experiments demonstrated that while tight junctions demarcate PAS-O distribution in confluent cultures, apical polarity could be established at low culture densities when cells could not form tight junctions with neighboring cells. The extent of the infectious process was limited, however, because the life span of the cultures was not significantly shortened, the yields of infectious vir
  9. That plus they need to master exactly when to press the button to respond. And at the same time figure out the correct response. Many times I take too much time just trying to figure out what the clue is explaining. WoBG and I... what??? No clue about the clue... Some times I know the response... if I had a LOT more time it would eventually be recalled. Then the are the few times... the contestants never buzz in, and for some reason, WoBG and/or I know the response. Some categories, mostly math, science some geography... I know many of the responses. Many ot
  10. Bikeguy

    Day Drinking

    it's always happy hour somewhere.
  11. My HS buddy, worked (ended up taking over) his dad's HVAC company. They needed help over Christmas break. We were on a roof of a business my friend Jim was working to get a commercial rooftop furnace working again. I was the helper, getting the stuff he needed. It was windy and about -5F without the wind. OMG was that cold work. That was horrible enough... Another job, at a place that heat treated and/of formed aluminum products they needed to install a gas line to a new furnace location. They needed to attach to a gas pipe (maybe 2" of more in diameter) that was about 25 feet abo
  12. A summer job to help pay for college.... I installed fence for a contractor, who was a sub contractor for Sears. I installed a LOT of chain link fence that summer. And several wood panel fences. Chain link was soooo much easier to install. Most of the chain link was steel. Some was aluminum. I had to be careful installing the fabric on aluminum fence. We used a winch stretch (add tension) to the fence, steel just got tight and you knew you were done. One day... I was stretching an aluminum fence. That was my first time for aluminum... my partner.... holy crap STOP!!! Yeah a
  13. Bikeguy

    Got him!

    Opps... getting old sucks...
  14. Bikeguy

    Got him!

    I seem to recall.. monster glue works. Just be sure you like the style before is dries.
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