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  1. In trouble at work or at home??
  2. Bikeguy


    My watch arrived today. I spent most of the evening learning the watch. Most setting are rather intuitive. Some... not so much. Updates are done and the battery is charged. Tomorrow, I get to take out links in the titanium band. It's way too big out of the box.
  3. The usual 1 1/2 walk with the dogs. WoBG and I rode the tandem, about 3 miles out on a curve, there was some tree debris from the storm. I missed the small chunk of the tree with the front tire. I hit it with the back tire. I forgot just how long the wheelbase is on a tandem. No problems for a while... About 1 mile later, we just about riding on the rim. I suspect a pinch flat. I changed the tube. We decided pizza and beer sounded better that riding. So we rode home. Only 8.6 miles. Tomorrow I'll see if I can patch the tube, and it will be our spare.
  4. Bikeguy

    So Cleveland

    Back in the early 70s when I was in high school (class of 73) I guy I new moved from Cleveland to Illinois. He told stories about how the river burned. At first we didn't believe the stories. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/cuyahoga-river-caught-fire-least-dozen-times-no-one-cared-until-1969-180972444/
  5. Sure you can... (It's probably still illegal.) WoBG and I were in Chicago back in 1981 (was my girlfriend back then) and 'Spiderman Dan' was climbing the John Hancock Tower (100 stories) and we just happened to be there and watched for a while. The interesting (more like disturbing) thing was the some of the people there were wanting this guy to fall. https://drloihjournal.blogspot.com/2018/11/dan-goodwin-spiderman-scaled-john-hancock-building-and-sears-tower-in-1981.html
  6. They did that under the town of Streator too. I found an old map of the mines. The next day I added mine subsidence insurance to my home owner's insurance policy. The mines were EVERYWHERE underground. I should have figured that out... the deed for the home, excluded underground mineral rights. (or something like that)
  7. Did John Boy live in your county? I lived in Streator from 1980 to 2017. I never knew, until a few years ago the guy who discovered Pluto was born in Streator. (I still think Pluto should be considered a planet.) https://www.space.com/19824-clyde-tombaugh.html
  8. Our power can back on at 3:15 PM. Off for a little more than 24 hours. The generator provided power for just about everything except... the large A/C needs just too many amps to start. I gave it a try.. the generator was straining and I think the A/C started. I turned it off, I didn't want to damage the compressor. The refrigerator worked just fine. No lost food. The well worked just fine. Flushing is a good thing. So are showers. It took 5 hours to cut up 3 trees and clean up all the branches from the yard. I'm tired....
  9. That may or may not work, it depends on the wiring. In many cases a whole house configuration will have transfer switch before the main breaker of the distribution panel. In that case opening the distribution main breaker will just turn off power to the home. There should be a 'test' procedure for the generator and transfer switch.
  10. I turned off the A/C. I figure my gas will last a lot longer if we allow it to get warm inside the home. I found out when the A/C started the voltage dip was enough to reset the cable box. Yeah the cable works, which is a good thing, that means my internet works too. I guess I need 2 more UPS boxes. One for the main cable box and router, and one for the electronic where we watch TV. That way voltage dips won't kill the internet or TV. You got to have priorities.... Another first world problem soon to be solved.
  11. We just enjoyed that storm. Now we don't have power. Tomorrow I get to chainsaw up the tree that fell over.
  12. false. There was a storm, and or area lost power. My portable generator is providing power to my home. I can run just about everything. One of my two A/C units (the smaller one) is working. My guess is if the large A/C unit would start, everything would trip off. So the theorem; If you have a generator, your home won’t lose the utility power, is false. Now I’ll see how long 4 gallons of gas will power the home. I have 2 more gallons. I suppose I should go and by more gas. The local gas stations don’t have power. I get to use my chainsaw tomorrow, a dead tree and lots of branches fall down during the storm.
  13. It means I'm REAL happy I'm retired and don't have to deal with crap like this anymore.
  14. Just a few thoughts…. Maybe I’m reading way too much into this, but if you’re are the closest help for your parents / in-laws possibly what our friends did may help. (or not, this is just suggestion) My friend’s wife had a father who needed to go to a nursing home. The mother is also starting to need help from time to time. They decided a nursing home 10 minutes away is a lot better than a nursing home 2 hours away. My friends (with the mother) found a nursing home close to where my friends live. Then they helped their mother buy a small home about ½ a mile from their home (she wanted her own home), and it’s about 3 miles from the nursing home. That solved a lot of problems for them. Then the virus hit… That brings up another consideration. The nursing homes in our county are still locked down, no visitors. That sucks for both parents (and my friends), but the FIL needed to be in a nursing home. Moving to a nursing home and possibly not being able to visit will make this even more difficult. Be strong… and good luck…
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