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  1. Bikeguy

    Big Bird

    Nice picture... We have a HUGE wood pecker in the woods near our home too. Now I know what it is called.
  2. We were tired... and I wasn't sure knife's edge and my fear of heights were going to be compatible. We've been hiking places where you could fall a looooong way (on one side) and I was OK. But that was just one drop off, not 2 like knife's edge. I just didn't want to get into trouble... A 26 foot ladder for painting my home scared me to death each time I'd needed to paint the home. A hot air balloon 2000 feet up... I was OK. (go figure) I found out about my issue with height at a power plant. I got off the elevator at an upper level, walked out and soon realized I cou
  3. Yeah.... that place is great. WoBG and I hiked up to Chimney Pond. We decided we'd skip going to the top of Mt Katahdin. We were on a day hike and we wanted to get back to the camp ground sooner than later.
  4. The takeoff should be the easy part. Landing... I'm glad it's not me.
  5. Yeah... I'm a bit farther north from you. I snowed here too today. It al melted. Now it will be about 27o over the next nights. Some of our landscaping plants started to grow. I sure hope the cold doesn't' kill the growth. Today the high temp here was 39o . That's colder than the average low of 42o.
  6. Starved Rock State Park, Illinois Starved Rock is home to the stunning LaSalle Canyon, made of terraced sandstone walls carved out by glacial meltwater. Over 13 miles of trails provide visitors with access to impressive waterfalls, rocky cliffs, and overlooks of the Illinois River. I guess I may be have a biased opinion. I live about 10 minutes from this state park. The place is was nice. Except.... now since the virus. WAY too many people now travel to the state park. For most of last year not too many places were open. 2.1 million people visited in 2020, and that wa
  7. I agree that @Dirtyhip (and @MickinMD) should have taken a LOT of pictures, especially of all of the open interior walls, ceilings, etc. before the drywall was installed. Knowing where all of the pipe, wires, heating ducts, A/C refrigerant piping, etc... is a good thing. If there ever are 'issues' years from now, knowing where stuff is in the ceilings, walls floors, etc.. could make things easier. The pictures I took already helped me over the last winter. The local deer decided my evergreen trees looked good enough to eat. I installed fence posts and with nylon rope to prevent the
  8. When I was in college for engineering, possibly 1974, a guy on or dorm floor was from Boston and he had a car (a nice car...). Once (and only once) I rode with him, possibly to a shopping mall. There was a left turn lane backed up with lots of cars wafting, we needed to turn left. He just drove up, in the left lane (for the thru traffic) and just turned left without stopping. We crossed at least 2 lanes (maybe 3) of traffic and a lane of traffic for people turning right into the mall. We just missed being hit at least 2 or 3 times. I asked him... "WTF was that?" The told me.
  9. Bikeguy

    Yea dad

    That oil seems kind of dark. Maybe it should be changed before you mow. So... your the son I never knew???
  10. Parker HATES other dogs.... When we walk the dogs Parker and another dog approaches, he goes nuts. He probably weighs 18 pounds. He likes people. Bella just LOVES everyone and wants to play with other dogs. In this picture Bella (the Beagle) is less than one year old. Barkley was 80 pounds of love and kindness. But people were AFRAID of him. I guess it was he was part Rottweiler. Sadie (German Shepard) was VERY protective of us. We never had to worry about anyone breaking in our home. She would RUN to the door and bark, if she heard a noise
  11. I'm guessing you are asking about window AC units? I agree with @maddmaxx... used is probably a bad idea. Also.. how much power do you have to run the AC units? Some require 240 volts, smaller units 120 volts. How many amps are available in each circuit? Don't buy something you can't plug in. Or if you can plug it in, you just blow the breaker. Once you know how much power you have, then find the size of the AC unit(s) that will work with the power you have.
  12. No... the dog was just trying to get a raise. And the boss stopped walking suddenly.
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