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  1. Have you borken the rear axle before? Didn't you post about that a while ago? Or was this the wheel you were talkiing about?
  2. This ^^^ After you get the job, then you can dress down, if that's what the do. When I intevired people (yeah it was 4 years ago now) most, if not all, would wear a suit and tie.
  3. The web site changed to 'out of stock'.
  4. http://www.bikeman.com/HU4548.html?utm_source=GoogleBase&utm_medium=GoogleBase&utm_campaign=GoogleBase
  5. Bikeguy

    Junk Drawer

    All of that stuff is now in the drawers / tool chest or cabinets in my garage. Our junk drawer in the kitchen. 2 or 3 pens, 1 baggie of rubber bands, a flashlight and some of the pads of paper you get in the mail.
  6. We didn't want to go on a crusie before the vireus. I don't see us changing our minds about that now. 274 nights in a small room... no thanks.
  7. I used to ride all year. 28F was my coldest ride. I'd ride for about 1 hour. Not long enough for the water bottle to freeze. I gave that up a few years ago. 12 degrees yeah that could happen. Wow... that's a lot. My electric bill was $920 for the entire year in 2020.
  8. That's t-shirt, shorts and sandals (no socks ) for walking the dogs in the morning for us. Its's 62 in our home now., and that's what It will be until May of June.
  9. No... you resque dogs, so you can't be all bad.
  10. You have obviously have never traveled to an apple orchard. We can pick them... I just go inside there store and buy them. This is where we go for great apples. https://www.tannersorchard.com/
  11. That's what retired people do in the afternoon.
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