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  1. I cleaned the windows in our sun room today. Still taking my time cleaning all the windows in our home. One more room to go. Then 2 small windows that I'll need the extension ladder to reach. And last but not least 3 basement windows, and clean out the window wells, and the covers. So 2 more days... no need to rush.
  2. So.... that's just a full size replica of your drag racing cars. I'll guess there is a computer that controls the motor output for the best traction / acceleration? No clutch, no shifting, just launch the car at the start and steer, The brake and pull the shoot when needed.
  3. That was my first thought.... this could be a remake of Home Alone 2.
  4. In HS... I found out I was good in math and science (chemistry.. not so much). I found out I was good at working on cars. My HS had a 4 year auto shop program. Back in the 70's our HS entered team into the Plymouth Trouble Shooting Contest every year. Over the years, our school won the state competition more than a few times. There was a team of 2 techs from each school. In 1973 Dave and I won the state competition for IL. That got us an all expense paid trip to Boston. There we had our car running first... but that freaked us out. It can't be that easy. We looked for more problems to fix. And we made a carburetor adjustment at the last minute and then went in for testing. That carb adjustment... ultimately was slightly off and we got a time penalty assessed for the error. There was a written test too. We were 13th in the US. If we would have got the car stated, and closed the hood and went into the testing area, we would have won. but I digress... (that's still kind of upsetting) I still didn't know what I wanted to do. For a while I was seriously considering going to Denver Automotive & Diesel College. In the 70s that was a great place for that kind of training. But... I was also great at math and science. My parrents 'suggested' maybe I should consider becoming an engineer. I had NO idea what kind of work I'd eventually get. But I figured... maybe I'd work in the auto industry. The auto industry never happened. College... for mechanical engineering. I figured... if I flunked out... I could always work on cars. I survived. (I never had a pocket protector) One day in an advanced math class.... the professor took some time and explained to the engineering students there.. "If you take 2 (or 3) more math class, you can have a major in engineering, and a minor in math." It took me about 30 seconds to skip that. I already took enough math I'd probably never use. While In college... that's when I found programming on the mainframe computer was kind of fun. But I never got 'that' serious about coding stuff. Then again that helped me at work too. That said.... After I got my job. THAT is when I really started to learn. I learned more about working with people, communications, the tech stuff on the job, how to survive and raise a family... all the other stuff that is NOT taught in any school.
  5. There you have it... A LOT of people who have college degrees NEVER figured that out.
  6. Bikeguy


    Except for the hospice part... I remember a few days like that when visiting doctors. Back in December of 2006 WoBG and I meet with the doctors and we are told WoBG has breast cancer. There is sooooo much said, it can get overwhelming. And later you start to understand.... We go to a few more meetings, and one after some more tests... the doc says we need an MRI there seems to me a lump on the other breast. I remember saying... "Well.... that can't be good." A few months later... WoBG tells me. "You have been my 'rock' to help me get thru this." But... the day you said... "Well.... that can't be good." That scared me. But... soon my rock was back. WoBG got thru all of that... no more cancer. Sometimes life can be overwhelming. Then again... you got this. Anyone who can hang on to a motorcycle at 100+ mph... isn't afraid of the next curve. Life is full of these curves. Be strong... Prayers,,, for you and your family.
  7. Apparently in a short amount of time.... She hit a garage. Then speed off. Hit a Jaguar. Then speed off. Then hit the house. https://www.etonline.com/anne-heche-dead-at-53-a-timeline-of-her-fatal-car-crash-188785 That sure sounds like impaired driving.
  8. This one has a partial basement. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/46-Oakfield-Rd-Oakfield-TN-38362/41798316_zpid/?
  9. That block looks like a VW flat 4. I was wondering what's going to keep the front wheel on the ground during full throttle acceleration.
  10. Weird... that's seems like something Dr Kevorkian would have said. I'm glad your mother was happy today. (Not that it matters... but I've never been to a Red Lobster.) Be strong... prayers for you and your family.
  11. On Tuesday I went for a ride. It was 72. I felt cold. Then I realized... no it's just more than 20 degrees colder than the prior 2 weeks. Have anther beer.
  12. Ours took less than a day. Then again the down side... Our IT was 'locked' in to programs and the OS systems for what seemed like forever. I remember knowing I was going to finally get a new laptop, If I recall I was on Windows XP at home and I wanted it at work too, to get away from Windows 95. Nope.. the new laptop had a Windows XP sticker on it, but when they 'cloned' their standard operating system including programs to the new hard drive,, I got Windows 95 for another year. The IT guy told me they had too many legacy programs that had to be updated to work on Windows XP so they paid Microsoft for Windows 95 support.
  13. This is why ALL of the stuff we watch is on our DVR and we just fast forward thru the messed up crap they call advertisement.
  14. And then... it takes a day or two to get it configured to the way you like it. So... will it come with Windows 11?
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