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  1. Bikeguy

    It's tempting

  2. Right now... zero cats. And that's OK by me, I'm allergic to them. Over the last 15 years (more or less) WoBG would feed the feral cats. The largest population... if memory serves she had 12 to 15 cats come to the daily all day long outside cat food smorgasbord. From time to time there were litters of cats born. The food and water were there 365 days a year. In the winter, there were 2 heated pet beds, and a heated water bowl. The heated beds also had a homemade shelter build above them to protect the cats from the cold and snow in the winter With that many cats, some cats some didn't get along with the others, and they took turns eating and sleep in different places. That all changed on days when the temps were below zero they ALL huddled together on the heated beds and were best friends. Until it got warm... Here's one... And here is our dog Sam, who was 126 pound Great Dane mix, checking out a kitten...
  3. Bikeguy

    Close Call...

    Many years ago.... in 1977, I was just starting work at my company of 40+ years. For 2 months I used a Metra train to travel from the west suburbans of Chicago to downtown Chicago for training each day. I always took the same commuter train. The train before ours was an express train about 10 minutes before our train and it didn't stop at our stop, it just blew on thru probably at 50 mph, Some people always arrived just minutes (or less) before our train would leave. One day... the express was late about 10 minutes late. This guy, assuming the train he saw in the distance was our train. Of course he had to cross 3 tracks at our station to get to the correct side of the train for loading. (yes there is a walkway across the tracks) He just starts walking across the tracks, of course assuming the train was slowing down to stop. It wasn't going to stop. We started yelling at him to get off of the tracks. He was oblivious to just everything, including the approaching train. Can't blame it in cell phones, they didn't exist then. He may been reading a newspaper. The train is now blowing the horn... no change he just keeps on walking not looking at the train or us still yelling. He never ran... he just barely made it across the track. The train zooms by and THEN he noticed he was missed being hit by inches. I can remember that like it was yesterday...
  4. That's correct... I'm thinking the big problem is COVID-19 can be spread by asymptomatic individuals Our state locked down nursing homes, no visitors, since sometime in mid March. But that didn't stop the staff, nurses, doctors, delivery people, maintenance people, etc... from visiting. That combined with the population that all have underlying condition(s) (some may have more than 1 problem) is not good. It just seems like we got this so wrong... and many people died. Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities Account for 42% of COVID-19 Deaths In the article with the link above, they have some suggestions in the text for another article (link here) about what could be done to help protect the most vulnerable people from COVID 19. Who knows.. if their ideas could work or not. We already know what doesn't work....
  5. This proves you don't want to be old (or have 'other' conditions which seem to be more common when you are old) and get COVID 19. I used the IL COVID 19 data and some census data. The only thing I didn't look for was an estimate of the actual number of people that were/are infected. Confirmed cases is just the number people who got tested and were positive. How many were never tested and have/had the virus?
  6. Today was the first day I could go and get a 'legal' haircut. The wait time for one place (looked on line) was almost 2 hours. I'm not going to wait for 2 hours. I guess I'll just skip it for a while more... My last hair cut was on 2/7. Our lock down started on 3/20. I was past due for a hair cut in early April.
  7. So do the same thing again just like the last 2 months...
  8. So are you going to do 'before and after' pictures?
  9. I need 3 bikes. My road bike, my MTB, and our tandem.
  10. I have to read this? Isn't there are app for that? When we built our new home the one unexpected thing I learned was just how many 'trade' people are older and they don't see too many young people learning their trades. OMG these young people may have to get off of their parents couch and actually work.
  11. No... I was serious. Did you read the symptoms? This pain is usually in the middle or right side of your upper abdomen. It may also spread to your right shoulder or back. Pain from acute cholecystitis can feel like sharp pain or dull cramps. It’s often described as excruciating. Maybe... it's as simple as you have gallstones from time to time. (which still can be a very bad thing) Have the doctors looked for something like this?
  12. Bikeguy

    Hey, Canadians

    Back in 2006 in late June, we vacationed in Whistler. We hiked the area and day trips for other places to hike. We talked to some of the people working there. We certainly got the impression that most were VERY upset about the cost of living in the Whistler area. Many people couldn't afford the area and had to live 50 or more miles away. And they seemed even more upset that the 2010 Olympics were coming to Whistler. That was just going to make it even worse for the local people. And that's why I live in the rural area of my state, where corn and soybean fields are just 1 mile from my home. If my home was 50 miles closer to Chicago, or on river, or lake front, or ski resort area, I could never afford the home.
  13. 3 hours cleaning the weeds out of some of the landscaping. I added Preen to the landscaping And finally spread then new mulch. I'll guess we are 50% finished. Of course it was 89F today.
  14. Maybe something like this... https://www.healthline.com/health/acute-cholecystitis#symptoms
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