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  1. This Is A Thing?!?!?

    Americano? No. I want coffee
  2. Blind And Stupid, Nearly Killed a Fat Old Dude

    he was ranting about the zipper merge being better and fairer
  3. Uh huh

    This isn't really about uh huh is it
  4. Why are pushers so noisy?

    That is an ugly plane. I hope that Wilbur doesn't ever have to fly that pig.
  5. Thank you for doing your service. It's a tribute to your life well lived that so many randomized people know you. Huzzah!
  6. Hmm - maybe I should rejoin the 21st century with tax software

    I took a couple hours doing a City return for the business. Took me way longer than it should have. I was struggling with my Chromebook too. The City of Portland has a section where you report compensation then remove it later down the form. It took the addition ok. But later on down the form it would not let you remove the amount. After fooling with it I just put compensation as zero and moved on. I'll write a note. It's about 50/50 if they call me on it.
  7. Got The Job I Was Hoping For!!!

    Happy for ya! I would wait a bit to tell the old boss. But looking at the calendar it's purty durn close to 2 weeks right now. Have Mrs Chris look it over and hit send
  8. Got The Job I Was Hoping For!!!

    WC Claims clerk????
  9. Parker Posey

    First video. What kind of gum. I'm feeling spearmint
  10. 'puter woes.

    I think I see the root cause. (windows update) I finally got my machine going after trying to work around on Creators update. And by me I mean my IT on call guy. Clean install on a SSD that I had lying in the drawer
  11. Do you miss the Crown Vic?

    We got one as a rental in San Francisco once. They were out of the car we had reserved (compact) and tried to upsell me. So I think out of spite they gave us a Crown Vic. A bit difficult to park in SF. We got a bit turned around and went past some fancy hotels a couple times. We were getting dirty looks from the taxis in the que. I told WoScrapr we need to see if we can pick up a John fare
  12. Her dad with dementia @60 yrs.

    This breathing is called Cheyne-Stokes breathing. My FIL did this for a day to day & a half. Learned about it from hospice. Not necessarily related to dementia/Alzheimers. FIL died from congestive heart failure RIP Leo
  13. Can you look at my ash?