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  1. This man in Australia was buying up supply. Somehow he was banned from selling online. Now he's pedalling the cache to local stores. I hope they low ball him on the price https://www.mix1023.com.au/local/adelaide-man-trying-to-sell-his-stockpile-of-5400-toilet-rolls-to-supermarkets/
  2. does she ship? asking for a friend
  3. we all need to work together to keep from spreading it...to all ages & conditions
  4. I think the hysterical portion of the discussion (and maybe the part that I agree w/Indy) is people think that you get Covid & it's a death sentence. The truth is a lot of folks recover from it. And as poor as our testing (and rationing of testing) there are likely a bunch of folks that have had it & recovered without knowing it Not to diminish the people that are suffering now
  5. you must have a really nice pool.....table
  6. Brokers can take a % of the loan rate. Typically a quarter point IME. Maybe also a negotiated placement fee with the provider
  7. odds of that? ,.00001% Better call saul one of our drivers hit a cyclist. Lawsuit is for $650k. I haven't been paid in a year. I had to throw in $30k to the business last year. Now Covid might mean another $50-100k. ehh...it's only money
  8. would you be watching Family Feud?
  9. I'm sorry. Sounds like you are under a lot of stress. Maybe a good meditation. I hate to do this. Try losing your everything. The center of your life, your hopes & dreams. Your entire future plans. That is a perspective not rooted in winning the internet. It's all just stuff man. Hug those around you
  10. Indy why don't you go take a walk. You have polluted a couple threads with angry thoughts. Maybe seeing some birds outside or play with your super special kid will help w/perspective
  11. include some ice cream sammiches for the end times and i thought Costco chiken was limit one! No wonder that busybody gave her a time. Not following rules
  12. We just watched a webinar yesterday about the PPP & that other program. We have not needed it and are really busy now. But since homes are not selling (because no one wants looky loos wandering in) we are going to have a crash in about 2-3 months. I thought the apps didn't open until today? Our banks aren't even open yet. East Coast bias!!! Sounded like Treasury has not provided much direction yet and things are still pretty chaotic
  13. There's not much left of my family. 1 brother. We were never close much to Mom's dismay. She wanted us all to be a tight family so much. She & Dad favored my brother with their actions. So WoScrapr & I just made our own life. I suspect that brother & SIL "adjusted" some inheritance money to get an extra "share". They did take good care of Mom & Dad & lil brother as they passed. If they had asked about including SIL in the inheritance plans I would have said sure, you betcha. I never counted on the money so no water off my back. WoScrapr never trusted them. I'm trying to be friendly w/brother & SIL but don't get much back I am very close to MIL. I will be taking care of her till her last days.
  14. I know. I have been begging her to come to me. Every night when I lay my head down I talk to her and tell her I miss you & I love you. And please come to me. I cried every night when I talked to her until about mid January. Now it's only a couple times a week. Healing or a new normal is starting I told Young Scrapr I was really happy for him
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