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  1. Scrapr

    Car is sick

    mine either. supposed to be something on the menu of options. I have not investigated it yet. Turned 10k miles today
  2. Scrapr

    Mrs Fleet

    Wow. There was a couple times I was a drug runner (for hospice). Only certain pharmacies dispense hospice drugs so it was across town...about 20 minutes away. But we typically had a good supply of anything we needed/wanted Best to you & Mrs
  3. Scrapr

    Mrs Fleet

    WoScrapr always liked her happy pill (Atavan) When i get in a bad way I'm asking for that one
  4. @Longjohn tagline says nude kayaker...... I see a light coat on so maybe he broke down & gave in to the weather?
  5. I'm going to London in April. I am worried to death about this why didn't you remind Winston when he was in NYC?
  6. Scrapr

    Did you know?

    she's got me by about 3.5'. They said originally I was good for 10 years. 5 down...5 to go
  7. Scrapr

    One down

    ummm...I hate to ask. But I will anyway. Do you live in a coal mine? 12string? 12string? is this thing on? .....
  8. How about a place without a changing room & shower? Showers at home?
  9. Cabana boy & man servant? was your first reaction after you got the call...Ohhh sheot?
  10. it was #1 I will need your SS number, mothers maiden name & the CVV on your CC to send your your box of donuts
  11. I saw a guy at the ballgame yesterday in sandals. He had painted orange toe nails
  12. Scrapr

    Sous Vide

    I just had some my brother made. His blowtorch was not that big <reported> it was good. Not out of this world for me. I'm a simple man. A good steak done on the BBQ & I'm a happy man. Add in a bit of whiskey & I'm even mo bettah
  13. I am getting my first in about a month. I will now have some street creed. The alignment of the planets on the day WoScrapr & I met. *Not actual size **not on face either
  14. One of those "pickles" is not like the other
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