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  1. Scrapr

    So who won, still happy, etc.

    I won a portable radio (aka boombox) in a raffle. Since I had sponsored the picnic for several years I felt like I bought/deserved it I just got 2 Starbucks gift cards for filling out a survey. Again I had to buy 2 trucks to get the survey
  2. Scrapr

    Clyde of Bonnie and Clyde fame.

    huh...Warren Beaty has a bit of back hair....and stomach hair too
  3. Scrapr

    World Cup

    VIVA LA FRANCE! now lets go burn some couches in the street. Or is that an American futbol thing?
  4. Scrapr

    Today's first and second breakfasts

    Coffee & a bagel from the day old bagel store you know what I found out from the day old bagel store? Those are the odd ball assortment of bagels that no one else wanted. Who woulda thunk it
  5. Scrapr

    Long but good

    Costco! They have some tri tip marinated that is good. Picked some up to grill while watching the College World Series. Looked on the package and it's from Omaha WoScrapr sliced it up into about 6 steaks. 1 inch thick
  6. Scrapr

    Out of surgery and cranky

    As @Rattlecan would say....that's not shiny side up hoping for a better day today
  7. Scrapr

    Out of surgery and cranky

    2 words...buffing compound
  8. Scrapr

    Major vibes for Mr. Aire

    Did this happen close by? Are you able to be there?
  9. Scrapr

    Major vibes for Mr. Aire

    vibes sent....prayers too
  10. Scrapr

    Bend is now Last Loser

    Anchorage is closing 2 Blockbuster videos. Leaving only one left in Bend, Or never been in. I should probably go in and ask for a Beta Max movie https://www.ktvz.com/news/alaska-blockbusters-to-close-leaving-bend-as-last-one/767286614
  11. Scrapr


    If you look closely you can discern some white tape over the Polish dog selection. I cried a little on confirming my fears
  12. Scrapr

    Let's Play The Price Is Right!

    $23.95...because airport
  13. Scrapr


    lots of stories in construction w/bribes & kickbacks About 15 years ago a bunch of a local building dept was hand slapped for taking trips on permit holders. Pretty well known that they sometimes get construction done at their homes as well. Garages, patios, remodels I've never paid or received any. About 6 months ago i think I may have lost an account because the other guy was kicking back $$ to the super. I was never asked to participate. Only a few instances (that I know of) of gun play. One such was a known bad actor builder. He did not deign to get his fine corithian leather shoes dirty on a job site. So he did his dirty work from an office. Well excavators are known for being a bit rough around the edges. After getting stiffed one excavator corners builder in a remote area. And demands payment. At the point of a weapon. He got paid
  14. @Parody Meter tm @parodybot
  15. Scrapr

    The story of my dump