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  1. I feel a bit guilty as at 3:00 am and she was having trouble with her breathing she asked me if it was "time". I told her I think so. It hurt so much to see her suffering. But I gave up on her. If that makes sense.She is with us for a bit longer. Still spunky. I have much to learn from her still
  2. Here's the skinny. Last weekend WoScrapr had 2 very bad nights where she was having a hard time breathing. We finished the protocol for the Death with Dignity drugs last week. Prescription was delivered Monday. She was in terrible shape and ready to use it Tuesday. In talking with the Pallative care Dr she encouraged WoScrapr to enter Hospice. She thought Hospice would be able to control her pain and the drugs would help her breathe. So Monday we got entered. And the drugs worked pretty good to help her breathe. So she has had a pretty good week. We hope to go over to Bend on Monday for a few days. But it all is just day to day. Her bestie just left for Italy for 10 days. If I know her she will put off any decisions until she gets back. WoScrapr has a great attitude.Her socks yesterday said... I identify as a Bad Ass. In the background we put off setting up Trusts to take a bite outta taxes. So the lawyer came over to the house Monday and we signed all kinda docs. Tues through Friday I worked with Vanguard to get them set up in our accounts. There were several issues with the titling on WoScraprs account. So worked through that. Funded hers on Friday night. A bit more to wire in on Monday. We took Lil Scrapr out to dinner last week and had a talk. We laid out the way the trusts would work. WoScrapr gave him an idea of the size of our estate. All of a sudden I'm smarter than I look! And oh by the way...youngest brother died last night in Arizona from brain cancer. He was Dx almost 2 years ago. About 2 month ago I was able to run down & say goodbye. My last words to him were I love you
  3. Scrapr


    I have a squatty potty. Got it for Christmas one year. Never used it. Free shipping
  4. who schedules a parade on a rainy day? I guess Miles City & Portland Rose Festival parade do
  5. Scrapr


    Ohh, substitute boats for Guns, Gun room, ammunition lockers, one mile shooting range & things that go boom
  6. WoScrapr said she did that. She was working a low pay job and had to do it to survive. Then she met her Sugar Daddy & all her dreams came true *she met Scrapr sometime later
  7. Remember it well. I forgot it was the anniversary though. Nothing in the news at all. I was on the couch after a hard night of drinking. You can see Mt St Helens from many parts of Ptown. The ash plume was immense. But most of the ash fall went east toward Central Washington. Portland got a bit of it. People were freaking out about ash clogging up their gutters. And killing car engines. Air filters clogged up fast. Want some ash? I can find some certified Mt St Helens ash.$25.00 per
  8. Scrapr

    What do you think

    Good thing she passed on it.I didn't see a battery in there
  9. Hey...Docs got yacht payments too
  10. If you can't get your HydroFlask (Bend Or based!) maybe try Sili Pints? Silicone glasses. I have one or 2 but don't use them much. I think they are Bend, or based as well
  11. HaHa...I'll have to show that to my mechanic. He can share it with his crew as an instructional safety meeting
  12. Scrapr


    That looks like blood on the side wall. just no. And also F no
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