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  1. I thought for sure this would have been posted yesterday
  2. Porta potty is too far away. Please have the contractor work up a change order Looking good Billy ray
  3. That's no dude...it's Lady gaga! Her pants-dress looked like it would be difficult to sit in a chair
  4. Cervelo? I din't know you were a dentist
  5. Washington & Lincoln? Verle Washington President Fraternal Order of the American buffalo Party. Fred (Flintstone was Vice chair) Ibrahim Lincoln President Illinois chapter American Motor Company (early investor) Ibrahim was early on the Tesla stock too. He missed Netflix as he thought that was umpossible
  6. I believe the term is beautiful Grand Rapids
  7. yes, I enjoyed that podcast too I may have cheated by visiting Geralds Presidential libary recently (2018) you have a lot of questions today
  8. Gerald Ford? Replaced Agnew & lost to Jimmah from the Great State of Grand Rapids was also an Eagle scout iirc
  9. 161 years old too. I bet he took a nap instead of going to a ball
  10. This. I'm sorry for you & your family. If I may offer some advice. I'm glad you are going to be with your mom. She will need this. Her brain will be scrambled for a good long time. Sometimes all she needs is for someone to just "be" with her.
  11. Scrapr


    sheot...you have enough head injuries on staff to have a protocol? get well & rest up
  12. I heard tonight about a gift card scam that worked. Large company. A management minion gets an e mail from an employee buts it's a gmail.com address not largegrocerystore.com address. Guy goes out & buys 8 gift cards for $100 ea. Then the scammer has him scan the front& backs. Famous last words...don't tell your boss...
  13. Scrapr

    Chris Horner

    I think Chris is newish to you tube. One of his first videos is how to wash your bike. Which I found helpful. So I think he is aiming at the rec crowd. Another video is how to dress for cold weather riding. He mentioned a local bike shop in one video so they may be helping a little. When he crosses the river @ 2:47 a little dip then the climb hits you in the face. 2:58 I was shifting fast & dropped my chain. 3:10 crosses the MUP. That corner is a MF. 3:49 the grade gets a bit easier by the mailboxes 4:08 he going big ring...LOL Nope not gonna do it...wouldn't be prudent. That section
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