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  1. I changed my mind Spotify Daily Lift.... I can tap my foot & it feels gud
  2. I'm sure Alison remembers your kindness that day did she ever find the missing L in her name?
  3. I had just got out of the pool swimming laps before work. The 7-11 was right across the street from the pool. I had the radio on but in that short distance could not figure out what the hell was happening. I walked in the 7-11 and asked the clerk what is going on. When he said a plane flew into the towers I literally was slack jawed. And I was thinking it was a small Cessna style plane. We started work, but called off about 10:00 am
  4. This apparent wind making you go faster cannot possibly be true. Every time I have apparent wind on my bike it turns into a head wind
  5. My new Volvo calls this Pilot Assist. It is awesome. Car is centered in the lane. The Adaptive Cruise Control watches your distance from the car in front. Every once in a while it will lose the lane visual. Like during road construction. I imagine snow might not work either. Of course it does not pick up traffic lights or things like that. It is a step toward the self driving car though
  6. I had the same reaction on my (uneventful) ride Saturday. I rode past a "bottom lands" that had a wood plaque explaining the history that happened there. Saturday it was just the 2 pots left. Hoping that the message is in the shop for repair. I want to know what happened there! Maybe Geo Washington slept there
  7. The pro (from Dover) use a system called Kerdi. Read upon it. The pan is super important. You don't want to redo that. I don't know a lot about it. But I think the layers are base-kerdi-wonderboard-tile. Probably want a curbless shower. I like those a lot. https://www.schluter.com/schluter-us/en_US/showers I believe there is a message board for tile guys called John Bridge (???) Step lightly over there. I've heard they are not especially nice to HO. Or is that the HVAC board?
  8. Scrapr


    your trainer is on the wrong end of the bike. Unless it is a FWD....then you are OK and is that red thing a gear shift? I haz a sad for you
  9. I am assuming the 80" OLED screen is on the opposite wall? Right next to the fully stocked bar
  10. izzit legal to shoot them while still on the ground? I have heard they have to be airborne
  11. I just downsized to a single car too. Sold WoScraprs Rav4. It was only a few years old...like 5 or so. But she had wanted a Volvo on the Overseas Delivery (OSD). Which i promised her at her cancer dx. She did not live long enough to go on that trip. So I decided that i would drive that Volvo. And traded in my OSD Volvo. Then I sold Lil Scrapr's car. It had been a year and a half that we had removed it from his possession. He showed no interest in getting insurance so i sold it. If you are keeping score that is: Sell 3 Buy 1 I am very interested in how big the new insurance bill isn't
  12. Scrapr

    250 grand

    Lake Como. Is Sir Richard going to be there? I'm not sure if that is additive or not. Would he be like...OMG..don't put your feet on the lounger. Do you know how much that costs? Or would he be telling cool stories?
  13. The Road ID folks are a little quirky. Here is the shipping notice There comes a time in every order’s life when it must embark on a journey. It must venture out into the world to find its calling, to find its home. For your order, today is that day. It’s coming home, Mark! FOLLOW THE JOURNEY So you live in Oregon, huh? Well, that's cool. As far as states go, Oregon is certainly one of our faves. Not only is it full of awesome people—like you!—but it's home to the deepest lake in the US (Crater Lake). Oregon also houses a quarter of our llama population, but you probably already knew that (we're guessing you own dozens).
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