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  1. My buyers offered me football tickets, am autograph of a championship banner plus some other stuff. I'm interested in some Ruffwear gear too. If it defaults to backup offer #1 I'm going to ask for Olympic cycling swag
  2. If you have only one offer & it's in the range you take it & don't look back. Even if the letter is complete BS. The one letter was a 30ish year old woman. Lived with a guy for 5 years, get married, finds out he is a cheating SOB & exits this year. She talked to Realtor about why I'm selling. So she wove Grandma dying and her grief into the letter. She was playing me. But she has a 3 year old Golden Retriever. So that pushed her up. In the final ranking she was #5 The buyers did write a well crafted letter. It stood out to me. That's a skill
  3. Well I have been going to the thrift store regularly for about a year. I donated WoScraprs clothes about 2 months ago. And that seemed to flip a switch in my mind. I had decided to sell back in May. I changed the landscaping in April/May. The house was painted about a year ago. But for actually getting it show ready about 2 weeks. Clearing the shelves, taking down the pictures. I had a cleaning woman in the day before the house hit the market. Windows done about a month before. So I hired help & did some myself we sold the big house 4 years ago & really got rid of a lot of stuff.
  4. When you got to $6.50/mo please tell me you told them YOU CANNOT BE SIRIUS!!!
  5. It's fairly common in a hot market. A little bit about yourself & why you want into the city/house. The agent called it a 'Love' letter. Hoping the seller will fall in love with you & your offer. There was one letter that fell a bit flat. She was trying to tug on my heartstrings. She didn't quite hit it right
  6. Ok back home. Offer accepted. I celebrated w/ a Dandy's Drive in Burger. Grand Dandy & Onion rings The recap: About 30 visits. Several agents did a face time video showing. 13 offers ranging from $420-$445k. About 5 or so people sent a personal letter. That really helped when looking through everything. If you just put a number down then all i can go on is numbers. It came down to essentially 3 offers. I took the lowest of the 3. They had a lowish offer (but still over asking. I asked if they could go up this afternoon & they went higher. Not quite as high as I would be thri
  7. Over 2 hours signing....fill you in later
  8. it seems as if Brandon only delivers a cup at a time. You get a lotta deliveries. Does he ride his bike over & drop it off? Is it hot?
  9. I think most face tats start out with a tear drop next to your eye. https://www.corrections1.com/prison-gangs/articles/15-prison-tattoos-and-their-meanings-pzgKItC7WYoa1wvk/
  10. Those soldiers weren't wrong about Stevie
  11. Is your side hustle in a dive bar? Can i have your autograph? You sound famous. Didn't I see you in the NYT?
  12. is good this week. Up until a few weeks ago I thought it came out on Mondays. A few weeks ago I saw it on Sunday. Nice little heartwarming stories here is one of the stories: One day last winter, after brunch and a brisk walk around my Williamsburg neighborhood, my girlfriend and I wound up in an empty dive bar, having a drink and playing pinochle. Between hands, we chatted with the bartender. She told us she had just moved up from Florida and was really excited to be living in the city. “Welcome to New York!” I said. “Do you live around here?” “No,” she sa
  13. and tequila....and guacamole....and donkey shows in TJ
  14. There is a train called the Bernina Express (I think) that runs from Switzerland to Milan Italy. part of the ride is up a corkscrew section. Then you pull into these tiny stations. I really wanted to go on that w/WoScrapr. Goes right by lake Como...wave to George Clooney & Amal
  15. iirc one of the factors in calculating your credit score is the % of your total credit used. So if you are at 50% of your total credit used that brings your score down. This from Clark Howard explains Utilization ratios https://clark.com/credit/5-sneaky-ways-to-increase-your-credit-score/ IMO the scam is using credit reports for Home insurance or car insurance. WTH does one tell you about the other "risk" profile?
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