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  1. 31 @ 14.6. Nice little headwind out and crosswind on the back. I don't know how that happened. 3 PR on strava. Would have been 4 if i had not slowed down to see if 2 cyclists were ok. They were stopped. I thought they flatted. Unfortunately it was on the last Strava segment. A sprint next to my house. They were on their phones
  2. I found the touch screen & HD display very nice on my Chromebook. I do have a MS laptop for those rare times I need something besides a Chromebook. It's becoming more rare so I'm about to dump that LT. I always feel like a caveman when I have to use it
  3. If you want something fancy to pay for that isn't going to ship I'll make up some pictures...$49.95 in 3 easy payments. Free shipping durn it..your last post shows you're on to me
  4. Is there gravy or something poured all over it? Never had a hankering for it. Bacon is the only thing that goes with waffles & syrup *I'll allow fresh strawberries. Possibly blueberries
  5. Scrapr

    I just realized

    Those inspections are a bit of a scam. I mean there may be somebody somewhere that once found an issue. The license is super easy to get. The bigger inspection companies have online checklist and 1047 page report with pictures & graphs and disclaimers. But if they miss something the limit on damages is the cost of the inspection. Give me a GC that has been around the block a few years and call it good On our home they found mold!!!! The bath fans had broken loose from the roof vent. I bet there wasn't 1 foot square mold. A rag & some cleaner would have cleaned it up. But no...Moldeaters company had to come out & do it official. $1300 later. The roof inspection was a joke too. Couple yokels in a pickup from a couple hundred miles away. Couple nails in a suspect spot (under an eave) & bit of caulk. 5 year warranty. $750 All in all I couldn't sign off fast enough. Because the roof & furnace were 23 years old
  6. Scrapr

    I just realized

    When we sold our house in 2016 I was a bit worried about the radon test. We weren't in a high radon area and I don't think I've seen any mitigation ever in the neighborhood. But it was out of my control & buyer might walk. I briefly considered putting a fan next to the radon test collector. Almost...
  7. you're never going to get a bright new shiny beer fridge if you keep fixing the old one
  8. Oh, I forgot. On my way out coming the other way was a posse of divorce bikes! Even one with 3 seats. A couple years ago WoScrapr & I talked to another group on the 4th of July weekend. Apparently this is a regular thing. Looked like they were all having fun
  9. Scrapr

    Apple pie

    I was at the LGS & picked one up (apple) to take to a neighbor tonight. It was $5.00! How could I not
  10. 30.8 on an out & back. Felt good & strong. 80 degrees and about 10 mph headwind out. A few Mt bikers parked at the trail heads. But not as many as I would have expected A few things to make me keep my head about me. The Park & Rec usually runs a bus to pick up floaters on the river downtown. This year they did not because Covid. So the floaters were bunched up North of town in a few spots with roadside access. So there was women in bikinis running across the road. Then a small town North of the house has a food cart pod. About 5-6 carts. And it was packed. Cars parked every which way and people running across the road. One *sshat swings his pickup door out without looking. It wasn't super close but I did yell at him Didn't ruin the experience. Just Holiday stuff. Off to let Eos swim at the river
  11. See that's where they need poo pourri I think my nose is getting more sensitive. aka my stuff don't stink
  12. Scrapr

    Drip irrigation

    +1 on the gators that donkpow mentioned I just looked in the garden section of the garage. It's yours if you want it
  13. *I am always surprised at how expensive houses are to build. You may be in the ballpark. I would talk to a builder & see what they say. Every market is local. You guys have enough gumption to build it yourself. But it will take longer than you expect & cost more than you thought. Plus you will be exhausted at the end. I built my house (GC) in 1985 while working a full time job. I lost 30 lbs. And some of the finish work & design choices weren't great One thing you may need to factor in is System Development Charges (SDC) They pay for road, parks, infrastructure. Some of the Portland area SDC are $30-50k. Yours probably won't be that much. But go talk to a builder. Do you typically have underground rock in KF? That can get 'spensive If you know anybody in the trades that can be a good way to find a contractor They will know who is a flake & who is the real deal. Here are SDC chart for KF $4-11k https://www.klamathfalls.city/DocumentCenter/View/185/System-Development-Charges-Chart---Residential-Single-Family-PDF
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