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  1. Social Justice Warrior try to keep up
  2. I'll run up in a bit. Oden needs a walk & dinner. I'll look for the BNT
  3. you will be the 2nd trailer on the street. Someone beat you to the really good spot. I'm estimating 40' 5th wheel plus a bright shiny blue pick up truck in front. I was looking at it on our video doorbell. I was like wtf??? I can't see the front of the trailer or the rear! You better bring your A game if you are street camping in our hood
  4. I'm sorry. It's so very hard to watch the love of your life in pain. Perhaps pallative care can help moderate the pain? There are solutions that can help
  5. come ona by my house. You can show off her new rig I'm getting a late start out of Portland but will be there later
  6. Do the buoy marker alo repel the 'gators? Cause I'm not swimming in an alligator infested waters
  7. Pro tip. Call Locate services (811?) before you dig. Don't ask me how I know this. And this was before Fiber and other 'spensive stuff
  8. that truck is perfectly parked! First of all it is in the hinterlands. Truck has created a vortex safe zone. Plus if truck parked behind the line the azz end would be out in the travel area.Creating an active hazard I'll allow it
  9. Is she on hospice? I think we have used hospice 4 times in the last 2 years. Just wonderful, caring people. They have some rules since it is a Federal program. But overall it is just great. I would highly recommend. Hospice will evaluate and determine eligibility...like within 6 months of the end. And you stop curative treatments. It is just "comfort" care Some states have Death with Dignity laws. People travel to use the program. It takes about 2 weeks or a little more to get the process rolling. For WoScrapr it was a Godsend. Very very peaceful.
  10. first house had a natural spring in the back yard. Put in some flex pipe to drain the yard routed to hard pipe to the curb.Also a sump pump on the corner of the house. Also routed to the curb. Worked like a charm Cost about $200-300 with the pump & concrete enclosure. A bit of digging
  11. I'm doing my part over here. Praying hard. More pictures of her & Grandkids would help Mom & Dad were in Memory care for 10-17 months. One woman had been there for like 12 years. Her husband would come every meal then sit with her in her room after. That was some dedication
  12. I really like that picture. And what possessed him to get his GED at age 65? Good for him.He must have been in the War?
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^ I like the way he says Miller High Life
  14. I'm going to get to play with a puppy! It gets even better....it's a Golden retriever puppy! My office mate just got a 3 month old. He is bringing him in this morning. Pictures soon
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