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  1. now Oden the Shedder is down. I wanted to take him in to work this am. I had to practically drag him off the bed. Then he would not come downstairs. He has been laying on the kitchen floor all day. Won't touch his food. I put his pain pills in a hot dog & he ate them. A bit later carried him outside and he went pee. Then went right back in & laid on the floor again Crap. I wish WoScrapr was here. She was good at doggie care
  2. The football programs themselves make money. Lots & lots of it. What i think you are referring to is if the Athletic Dept is positive cash flow....profit. Very few do. Maybe a half a dozen. The private schools don't typically report. SoCal, Stanford, Notre Dames. So can't tell how many more to add there. Maybe another half dozen. The ahtletic Depts share the cash flow from football across all other Non revenue sports. Swimming, Volleyball, Golf. And subsidizes the other Rev sports that bring in smaller amounts of Rev...Softball, WBB Track & Field.
  3. I tried Gorillas Glue on a piece of the tailgate grill last month. Waited a day. Fell off. Got a bottle of Miracle Glue. Worked. sample size 1
  4. I just had issues with an HP Chromebook that i bought Sunday. I like it a lot. Then the screen went black and did not come back up/on. So yesterday was 2-3 hours on tech support/warranty repair. 2 case numbers started. Many calls directing me to Virtual assistant. VA did not recognize my problem. Esp when i started cursing at her. I gave up and tried today. Was going down the same road. So HP will pay for shipping and repair but I am out a computer for 3-4 weeks? that doesn't sound helpful. As soon as I mentioned refund the guy in india could not get off the phone fast enough. "Oh, you have to call 888-no-help. boom. I called and the guy tries upselling me. And mentions he has relatives in Portland. Yeah, right. we come to an agreement to purchase another then Fedex the broken one back for full refund (including my expedited shipping...$40) Woscrapr was so good at this. i suck at it. I lose my patience so fast. She would be asking about them & their families, kids, dogs. She gave good phone
  5. MIL has been having trouble with her furnace. The exhaust is routed up an unused chimney. What does hot exhaust air do when it meets cold outside air. If you chose make water you are correct sir. Which backed up onto some control boards. Furnace was put in about 5 years by an unlicensed hack. I was so mad at FIL for doing that. Local HVAC company was out today to quote. $3400 after rebates. Install Friday after thanksgiving. i asked about replacing parts on the existing furnace. they don't want to touch anyone eles work. Because you touch it you own it/ they will be rerouting the exhaust & condesent drain
  6. So you are at a drive through. You get a drink. They put a plastic lid on it (more plastic than a straw btw) and then you go to drink. Whaaa? How do i drink this? If I take the lid off it's going to spill in my car. Or my shirt front. But...if you ask (or they offer) a straw then everything is good? How many folks do you think decline a straw? .0001% (scientifically proven) How many straws are saved from the landfill? effectively zero. How is the Portland regulation helping....anything? It doesn't. it's feel good policy pandering to the high school crowd. Which somehow has determined that straws are the problem with plastics in our society. <rant off> Now about that plastic bag ban....
  7. Portland has got on the band wagon & banned straws. You can ask for a straw. But it doesn't come "standard". I was in a drive through a couple weeks ago. Got a drink with my meal and guy hands me a cup (no straw) and asks in a round about way if I would like a straw. I did and he gave one freely In the LCS this morning a patron got a cold coffee...iced coffee I guess is what the kids call it. They ask him if he wants a sippee cup lid. WTF? Sippee cups? smh
  8. Congrats. How is she feeling? Your pictures of her with the grandkids on her lap make her look so very happy. Are the gk able to visit?
  9. where in Oregon? I can put you up if in Bend. One of the main Portland areas (Alpenrose) is in a family dispute. But I think there is a track out at Portland Intl Raceway
  10. Loctite Red only removable when heating parts to 500 degrees F https://www.loctiteproducts.com/en/products/specialty-products/specialty/loctite_threadlockerred271.html
  11. Louis Burger looks interesting
  12. In college at the MU (Student Center) there was a TV room. weird i know. Big TV for the time. Couple rows of theater style seats. Days of Our Lives was on at whatever time it came on. Room was full How is Victor taking the news?
  13. WoScrapr & I stopped in Fort wayne last summer. I wasn't carrying at that time. I was a bit on edge there and just wanted to get back on the highway & into Grand Rapids
  14. does nail gun count? Horseplay in the factory BITD https://www.ktvz.com/news/football-fight-east-of-bend-leads-to-shooting-arrest/1140625185 at least one Bend resident can answer in the affirmative. Watching LSU-Bama they argue. One is walking away and suspect pops him. It's birdshot so I don't know if that counts
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