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  1. Scrapr


    It's unanimous....Tom
  2. My sister passed in '98. My Dad who never ever showed emotions was very affected. At Thanksgiving he would give the blessing & mention her. He cried every time for 10 years @Mister Beanz hugs to Gina. Being unfocused & having shit for memory is part of the loss thing. I had the same thing when Woscrapr passed. Still do....but a bit better now 3 years later. A few months after WoScrapr passed I asked a widow in the neighborhood what is going on with me? She explained that the brain has changed & it's part of the "deal" As @MoseySusan perhaps some grief therapy would help edit: I see you answered the therapy thing. Another thing I still do is listen to Grief podcasts. It helps. You see how others react & act to grief https://www.noraborealis.com/podcast https://www.dougy.org/news-media/podcasts https://katebowler.com/everything-happens/
  3. I believe the poster was referring to abortion & family planning facilities as health facilities. For a long time these facilities were targetted & picketed by protesters. Up to & including shooting doctors providing services. Escorts were used to safely transport women into & out of facilities during these times. also just to shield the protesters from the entrances. I did this with WoScrapr for about 5 years.
  4. and no your eyes aren't going crazy. There is randomly 2 different colors that show up. I think there are about 7 color schemes of a single color. Somehow the modules are messed up & are not all on the same wavelength (see what i did there?)
  5. She won't take no more Cap'n. Whiskey lounge isn't finished but is well stocked
  6. I just RSVP on the Knot. Very convienent.....plus it takes you right to the "registry/money grab" The intendeds did not need another toaster...just money for the honeymoon/babymoon?
  7. So now you're on double secret probation? what is your policy on knives? Zero tolerance? or only mission critical? Do you check them out of the tool bin?
  8. Scrapr

    Jury duty

    But the SDNY would have the most interesting cases! Mob guys, politicians...political mob guys even! We walked by the courthouse when we were in NYC. There were 3 (!) couple taking marriage pictures on the courthousesteps. It was very cute WoScrapr got called to Federal jury once. She didn't love getting up early but the pay was a lot better than county work.She was SAHM so I never saw any of it. I think it was about $50/day plus parking
  9. Same. Until WoScrapr passed I was a saver ....until someday after retirement. Now I'm spending our kids inheritance. Fly business class or your kids will Lining up a trip to Paris-Ireland for September now
  10. I've been using Timbuk2 roller. I like it a lot. It's clamshell so easy to see things. Backpack straps if you need them. Roller skate wheels so it rolls easy. It is slightly over the carry on dimensions though. I have the medium (carry on size) & the Large size for checked. It's yuge https://www.timbuk2.com/products/544-copilot-luggage-roller?variant=12733983096874
  11. Start a company! That can be your retirement job. I'll consult for a few airplane rides....to the continent
  12. Waayy up front of the airplane! Congratulations A bit presumptious of your sister to ask/tell you to pay for stuff. I thought the new pilots start out on the JV airlines??? The commuter airlines at low pay & wait for the call to the "Bigs".
  13. Scrapr

    Real ID

    My DL renewed as the pandemic was starting.Oregon has delayed (and delayed) Real ID. Everytime it keeps getting delayed. I thought I was going to finally get it. Nope...DMV was going to be ready for Real ID 6 days after my birthday! So I'm just a regular schlub. i use my passport if I have to fly
  14. Scrapr


    I was thinking manure spreader
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