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  1. Scrapr

    RIP Ron

    did he do Billy Bass?
  2. meet up with @jsharr He seems to have a good gig going on or go out your back yard & enjoy the view
  3. Scrapr

    Simone Biles

    Jordan & LeBron weren't putting their life in jeopardy when they performed. Simone very well could have cracked her neck. Her orientation while flying in the air was off. She called it the "twisties". IDK what that is but doesn't sound great 15' in the air. We don't need to see a Kerri Strug vaulting on a broken ankle with her coach screaming at her to go.
  4. 30 miles. Mo bettah than the other day. Wasn't fast by any means but....better. 2 cyclists dropped me like 3rd period French. One guy was a stud. Passed me at one light & by the next light 1 mile down I could not see him. The other guy had an 'lectric bike. So i don't really count him. so for the 1k mile day are we counting on the electromotive bikes to pick up the slack for the human powered riders?
  5. 23 long slow miles. Forgive me father for i have sinned. It has been 5 weeks since I've thrown a leg over Working up to the 1k day *or we can blame Sara with an H
  6. When WoScrapr made the first request for DwD the oncologist physically relaxed. Not super noticable but we both saw it. He was ready for more treatments. I wish he could have suggested it earlier in the process
  7. Agree on early & open communication. Let everyone you know & especially family what your wishes are.MAID & DwD are not for everyone. It was right for us. Hospice is right for others. We did not have confidence that hospice would be peaceful death for WoScrapr. Along the same lines as the Christian Assisted Living place is Christian hospital systems. I'm unsure if a hospital system would approve/sign off on DwD. You probably could find a Doc outside the system but that would be another hassle when you are already stressed
  8. Scrapr


    crabs sponsored by Blackbox? bold move
  9. My sense of porpoise? Early on it was to feed me & family. Then as the business got more comfortable I helped advance the recycling of construction waste. When i started all C&D waste went to the landfill. After about 20 years there are enough recovery facilities to have all C&D waste go to MRF (material Recovery Facilities) for processing. We were using MRF early on. The last couple years was a slog with woScrapr getting sick, passing and getting the new owner up & going. It's pretty nice being retaared
  10. Why not just stay with he 3 foot fence? *women all say size doesn't matter
  11. other than the getting kilt part either $1 or $1.10 an hour about '72 working on a farm. No OT but lots of hours
  12. Was the chain dirty? How about the bar tape?
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