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  1. Scrapr

    Had to up the dosage

    WoScrapr uses a Vape pen w/CBD. Helps her a lot
  2. Scrapr

    For those of you who are wondering

    and set up go fund me
  3. Take your kid to work day...aka Saturday
  4. Scrapr

    Brrrr 62 Degrees

    LOL....it's been 19 degrees overnight in Bend. Morning dog walks are slightly delayed broke out the light base layer. it's a dry cold
  5. Scrapr

    Fake Facebook Page - tried to scam me!

    negative ghost rider. Name of Brenda sounds like Texas...or South Carolina.
  6. Scrapr

    Two Weddings Down

    WoScrapr & friends are now having Birthday weeks. Me? Blow out the candle on the cupcake and gtfo
  7. Scrapr

    It's official

    I got a discount at Goodwill a month ago. I was pissed they didn't even ask for ID
  8. but we get 3 hours more sunshine except here in Oregon. Then it's 3 more hours of overcast & mist
  9. working my way through Skrool a couple days a week I was on a furniture truck delivering. Guys I was with were pro's. Learned lots of tricks. But we would always groan with the Sleep Sofa. Because it was always an old building. Small elevator, small doorways. And the salesman always forgot to put on the order. It's an exchange!!!! B*stard
  10. Scrapr

    Bad ass

    she had enough sense to take an inside line
  11. I think it was about $1200.
  12. We have this type in one of our guest rooms. It is actually my TV/Media room. Memory foam. Very comfy and folds away nicely. I was sceptical but WoScrapr bought it https://www.northwestclosets.com/cabinet-bed-metro
  13. Scrapr

    So alot of 50 yr. old's

    When WoScrapr was in the hospital after her surgery she got put in the CV ward. I think she was the only woman on the ward. All of the people on the ward were 60+ men. I was lucky she didn't upgrade husbands. Pick out one that is loaded and start making googily eyes at him
  14. Scrapr

    Who else is glamping this weekend?

    You are the Commish? Can kibosh the Designated Hitter?