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  1. Scrapr

    Living apart together- LAT

    in our home the dog would stay put. I would be the one on the floor on another message board (retirement) there is a couple that bought homes next door to one another. They (she) like it a lot.
  2. Bend has ended up at the last Blockbuster in the US. Tonight is a big party. The LBS (local beer shop) made a special bottling. They sold out tonight. Had a guy want to buy our 2 bottles. No sale. Pizza here from papa murphy. Another food truck. Showing Strange Brew on an outside screen. This might be bigger than Oktoberfest downtown
  3. what is this face to face speaking. Couldn't you snapchat? text? Emoji war? or worst case Skype? good job. And on a Friday too! Go enjoy a frosty Pepsi
  4. Scrapr

    I think he overdosed on Horsey Sauce

    I wondered how WXYZ was going to fill 3:27. The house that beef built is the answer he needs a regular gig
  5. Scrapr

    Your earliest memory that had an effect on you.

    I presume this was in Reno. Were you wearing black?
  6. Scrapr

    Avast me hearties!

    national talk like a Pirate day Whence me wenches? and pillage the main sail https://metro.co.uk/2018/09/19/talk-like-a-pirate-day-quotes-and-phrases-to-sound-like-a-salty-sea-dog-7958547/
  7. Scrapr

    Where is Goat

    we need tales of debauchery and wasted funds @Goat Geddah where are you iin our hour of need?
  8. Scrapr

    Football is Dying in Texas

    blaming this on @KrAzY? He hasn't been there that long. ?????
  9. Scrapr

    Waiting on WOLJ

    WoScrapr's radiation sessions took like 6 minutes. We were relatively close by (20 mins). Kaiser had everybody lined up and you had a specific time slot (10:06 for example) We were in/out in a half hour. Good luck WoLJ
  10. Scrapr

    Saving a cyclist life who collapsed into ditch

    but will you stop the presses?
  11. Scrapr

    What would you do,

    me? I would return it. (have done it) perhaps a picture of it on their empty home front porch. Then an e mail. After a week. And right after you phone in a nuisance complaint to Code enforcement But....it might have been a vendor for them. They call the cleaners on the last day. Clean the house, take out the garbage. Vendor does not have garbage provider/place to take it. They dump on your cans.
  12. Scrapr

    What is your dietary staple?

    chiken & rice...bonus for sweet chile sauce. I will not knowingly go into a bento joint without sweet chile sauce
  13. Scrapr

    Ugh. Been up since 0245.

    so we have the same commute? Leave 3:45 arrive 6:45 i get to see mountains, snow & lots of dark. Saw a coyote this morning. And a deer carcass
  14. Scrapr

    Ugh. Been up since 0245.

    Up a 3:25 am. Out the door by 3:45 to make a cannonball run back to pdx. Arrive 6:45 right on time. Call payroll today and write estimated taxes
  15. Scrapr

    So tonight I got a sudden urge to pimp the del Sol

    I also decided to pimp my Del Sol darn disc golfer hippies at the local dog park