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  1. I was driving on a majorish road with a bike lane on the shoulder. Cyclist passes & goes over a rough railroad crossing. I've done that hii/RR crossing 100's of times. You really need to unload (stand up a little) while crossing it. About a 1/4 mile down the road he's got the rear wheel off & pulling out the tube. Pinch flat! The best kind of flat...someone elses's
  2. Your love comes through in your writing & the fact that his endearment was "Dearie" I just love that. Condolences to you & the family. Does he have family nearby?
  3. also do not say "I pay your salary" they hate that
  4. Celeste is the only color for Bianchi. hey...I didn't make the rules.
  5. I'll take that Bianchi off your hands....just sayin The LVT has been a game changer in flooring. It looks great (mostly). There is some budget stuff that is meh
  6. Opa! Hide the plates quick
  7. I have studied Feng Shui for a long time (30 seconds on the internet) You absolutely must have the shower head on the right. It is better for the water to rain prosperity on your family *unless it was your other right **yes I am messing wit choo
  8. Wait...wut??? You put the shower head on the left? Your feng shui is all messed up now. Change it!!!
  9. Yes...you don't want to be worth more dead than alive. You have to sleep with one eye open
  10. That is a nice "package"
  11. Everyday...mostly. I use it to mix a maintenence powder drug I take every day. Once in a while I'm away from the house & have to use water. then I have to choke it down
  12. Scrapr


    I love the Marmot
  13. au·gust /ôˈɡəst/ adjective respected and impressive. "she was in august company"
  14. I'm an easy grader. WoScrapr & I moved in with no carpet. No patios & no final electrical inspection. So no Certificate of Occupancy. @2Far needs to be on this committee of August skolars
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