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  1. Scrapr

    I wish these folks had been my in-laws

    Want me to save it for May Day?
  2. Scrapr

    The Pilot is snot as bad as I thought.

    how many inches is that @Longjohn? I took WoScrapr's Rav4 up on the pass 2 years ago. One car/truck had been in and turned around in a SnoPark. I was snot close to the bathroom so I made yellow snow. (don't eat that) I opened the door in the Rav and it pushed snow aside as I got out. If I got stuck there it would have been 24 hours there as the road was a mess. SnoParks get cleared after the roads
  3. Scrapr

    I am 35 years away from being 20 years old

    tell them you are a furloughed Fed and you will get in free....with popcorn & a soda
  4. Scrapr

    I am very put off when my interviewer is British

    you gotta drop that in there. Whatever time he suggests you tell him you have a different presentation. I don't care if it's 10:00 pm on Saturday night. I'm busy, how about 7:00 am on Sunday morning, it's my only opening for a few days. Create that scarcity concept for RG services
  5. Scrapr

    I wish these folks had been my in-laws

    I skipped around. But did catch 6:00 in you have to paint your own walls. WTF???? You buy a trailer and the walls should be painted, not primered what kind of shyster outfit is this?
  6. Scrapr

    I am very put off when my interviewer is British

    He owes you karma now. I would expect an offer imminently.
  7. Scrapr

    I am very put off when my interviewer is British

    Dot not Feather
  8. Scrapr

    AWWC's Greenville Home

    Tiny houses are very stupid. And that one looks as if it belongs in Asheville
  9. Scrapr

    Latest Advice: Fire Your Best Employees

    Pretty common in seasonal business. Work like heck in the summer. Laid off in January. Collect UI for 8 or 10 weeks. Go skiing.
  10. Scrapr

    My Mother is making us hot cocoa hoarders

    Are you my sistah? Every single Christmas...hot chocolates. We don't drink a lot of HC. When we moved a couple years ago we threw out about 100 packs
  11. Scrapr

    Another retirement gig.

    I would set the seat memory on every car you get into. Eventually you would just have to press the button Just make it button #3. I think most folks use buttons #1 &2.
  12. Scrapr

    When I am in a cafe or restaurant

    he is on a Mac. I am thinking entitled with a dash of hipster. No beanie so I am confused. He is not wearing the uniform
  13. I have to sit with my back to the wall. Able to scan the cafe. I just tried sitting at a window seat (back to the room) and i was very uncomfortable. I had to change. A kid is sitting in my regular seat. So now I am on plan C or maybe D. However the salt bagel is decent, not great. The barista is the Sunday fill in, the music is techno. Today is not off to a tremendous start
  14. Scrapr

    Another retirement gig.

    That is my plan exactly. Get to drive nice(er) cars and hang around drinking bad coffee and I joke with our truck mechanic I'm going to be a parts runner for him.
  15. Scrapr

    Did it taste like you remembered it?

    deposit! a dime at a time baby