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  1. Scrapr

    Who needs coffee

    Drug bust? Pot? pshaw....it's like granny panties for police work There is like 5 dealers pot shops within a mile of me. There is on by my office that shares a parking lot with the po lice. You know who is some of the biggest customers? Seniors. The old kind not the High Schoolers I thought Tejas was the home of the free? Free POT!!!
  2. izzat the San Juan Capistrano swifts I see?
  3. how many times did it take to spell his name....right? *and I'm not even sure this current spellun is right
  4. We were in Grand Rapids last summer. One night we ran out to Grand Haven I think. That was fun. We stayed in a B&B in GR that was in a historic neighborhood. Compared to Portland/Bend the housing was cheap. We could double or triple our SF for the same price. Downtown was a bit sparse in the evening. The Amway vibe was strong there though I don't think we would move there. But it was a nice better than pleasant trip we stopped in Gary Indiana by accident. I was a skered the whole time
  5. we had one garage window that birds would go nuts on every year. We started putting up a newspaper page on it. Sports section
  6. Good. I will be sleeping in. If you see some trash pick it up I'll put you down for four 10 hours
  7. you are mad with power. Good night sir go to bed
  8. Scrapr

    RG's new avatar

    reminds me of @Thaddeus Kosciuszko i miss him ...& waterfalls. Natures power plant but Aunt Bee is nice too
  9. WoScrapr likes the Cutco. She just got (an)other one at Costco. Then she came home & sliced my bagels <reported> for the week. Distinct difference from the regular knives in the drawer I am not allowed in the room where the Cutco knives are stored. I am a klutz and every time I use them there is blood on the street counter
  10. It's like the razor companies making the real money on the blade refills. The timeshare companies turn the maintenance fee into the annuity. It goes on & on & on & on. Very hard to get out. And the companies promising to get you out are another kind of terrible. Their own scam going on. Go to E bay and see all the timeshares going for $1.00. Now a halibut steak dinner can get me to attend. Last year WoScrapr & I went to an annuity sales pitch on Valentines Day.
  11. should I ask WoScrapr if she is TML? She is getting a Volvo soon as well. Will that mean we are a TML couple? There is a gay woman down the block. Did she "turn" us? I didn't see it coming. She drives a Mercedes. Is that a cover? I have a lot to learn
  12. We love our Kaiser. Docs answer questions quickly on the message system. There is no in/out of network. No lab fees showing up 2 years later for $$$. Make you appt online. See your test results within a couple hours Honestly if we ever move it will be to an area with a Kaiser system. I have no idea how I would navigate a "regular" healthcare system
  13. Work fridge you say.... 50/50 someone else looked at them, wondered if they were fresh & licked them. They were undecided so they put them back
  14. you guys get a room...at Pussers! Painkillers all around
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