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  1. AirwickWithCheese

    I go to the Dr. today

    Week from this Thursday. Not sure why?
  2. AirwickWithCheese

    Hey Wheels

    Acceptable for you, sure, but Wheels must introduce our ( my ) new button by Thursday.
  3. AirwickWithCheese

    Hey Wheels

    I will take your recommendation into consideration but only as a token gesture.
  4. AirwickWithCheese


  5. AirwickWithCheese

    Hey Wheels

    We want a new ratings button/icon. What are our options? Just 1, not several, just one that we democratically vote on before I make the final decision regardless of the results.
  6. AirwickWithCheese

    King Dong rules from on high

    You and RG are both dead to me. On a brighter note, SpeedDemon is now sending me texts.
  7. AirwickWithCheese

    I go to the Dr. today

    Could not do blood work because I had breakfast this morning. She was more concerned about the red rash. No bites, and it's growing. She drew lines around the border and prescribed Cephalexin and Sulfamethoxazole. If it grows, I have to go get IV. So, I really still know zilch.
  8. AirwickWithCheese

    I go to the Dr. today

    I am pouting. I may or may not share with you.
  9. Naughty is a polite way of saying you stink. - Cheese
  10. AirwickWithCheese

    Need forum advice AWWC related.

  11. AirwickWithCheese

    Who was complaining about smoke?

  12. AirwickWithCheese

    I go to the Dr. today

    This coming Thursday will be exactly 6 weeks without sweets and sugar. For the most part it has been easy up to this point. However, something went wrong Sunday night/Monday morning and thus my trip to the Dr. this afternoon. I fell asleep without eating dinner. Got up around 3 am and noticed I had a shooting pain just below my left shin. I made it to the kitchen to feed Edgar but the room was spinning and ended up passed out in the floor. Eventually I somehow made it to the RG memorial guest bedroom where I collapsed on the bed. I didn't move until 3 pm. Temperature was 102.4 at 7 pm 15 hours after I passed out. There is this odd red ring that goes all the way around my left leg right at the shin where I first felt the pain. 2 Aleve at 7pm but still felt horrible. I finally called for help and a friend came by and made me a peanut butter and banana sandwich with cold milk. I ate half and immediately started feeling better. Fever broke and I started sweating like a Wilbur. My diagnosis. Blood sugar went too low during the night. Not sure about all the other aspects especially ring around shin. Please play Dr. Marcus Welby, MD.
  13. AirwickWithCheese

    RG, please remember

    You stink Wilbur
  14. AirwickWithCheese

    Maybe I am just car cursed

    You have been inconvenienced. The salesman must die
  15. AirwickWithCheese

    Just bought a new house

    Respectfully disagree. I know Greenville. This property will double in the next 5 years.