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    1. Kirby


      Interesting take - who knew the song was so deep?

    2. AirwickWithCheese


      Mmmbop!   :slow-dance-smiley::slow-dance-smiley:

  2. Cafe.jpg.a0e7b7ec7b3a07e3726bde2b53b37dc0.jpg

    1. Airehead


      You are a wild one

    2. Airehead


      Did they come with the house?

  3. Farnsworth.thumb.png.d0e00036ea54ea5c05e15c90c3d36bec.png

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    2. RalphWaldoMooseworth


      Wow! Somehow I missed all that. :D


    3. RalphWaldoMooseworth


      Good!  That leaves foxes and fossils Maggie for me! :)


    4. AirwickWithCheese
  4. Screenshot_2020-05-06-08-42-05(1).thumb.png.99989016afa2cab5f6530e68afff5a19.png

    1. Kirby


      I'd like to see more PPE designed as a giant lobster suit.

  5. RR didn't appreciate this one. You'd better. 


    Do NOT wake WOLJ up early this morning playing it too loud. 



    1. Longjohn


      The guys at work used to sing this song when they got stuck cleaning one of the press pits. We used to have to climb down under these presses and clean out the sludge and gunk with shovels and buckets. The company safety guy finally told management that job was too hazardous and made them hire a company with the right equipment to come in and do it. I never got stuck on that job because I was needed running the presses.

  6. I was the first to watch the new video!!!  :slow-dance-smiley:

    She was supposed to dedicate it to you.  :)



  7. Plants and nature love music....

    Please play this song for Lawrence today and let him know it's from Cheese. Do not get the boombox too close to him though because he'll get to swaying and dancing and that could be problematic.   :slow-dance-smiley:


  8. :)

    e e cummings set to music. I will meet you and 2Far in Atlanta to listen to this orchestra.  :slow-dance-smiley:



    1. RalphWaldoMooseworth


      Yay!  And we can have some sweet water 420s after!

    2. AirwickWithCheese


      I had to give you one!  It has been a long time.   :slow-dance-smiley:

    3. RalphWaldoMooseworth


      Owl take it. Better than nothing!  :D


  9. You should always be enthralled with me. Always.
  10. Is it ok to use hugs?
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