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  1. You should always be enthralled with me. Always.
  2. Keep an eye on him. He saw a pic of WOWilbur on MySpace. I wouldn't trust the weasel.
  3. Cornmeal mush and figgy pudding.
  4. Exactly! Plus he unfollowed me and put a lien on my cottage. Especially hurtful since he wouldn't loan me money.
  5. Petite never asks me to check my mail.
  6. Thank you for the reminder. I thought I had but apparently not. Has that ever happened to you? I look at a thread and think I know I gave it a like but it's not there?
  7. Sorry, not today. I was kind of bad in January so today is Day 1 of no sweets or soda. Now I have to go 180 days without them. @Wilbur didn't stay in touch with me during the holidays and I got off the wagon without the accountability. I got off the wagon and drank them into the ground. Not firewater but lots of Pepsi.
  8. Sam keeps the Esquires in the backroom.
  9. This is one thread I am very grateful you bumped. Thank you, Cheese
  10. Sorta, but I wad also very hungry at the time.
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