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  1. I understand my friend. The kindness of all of you is not only appreciated, it's needed. After neighbor broke the news to me I walked into MomCheese's with the food I had brought to make our dinner. It was less than a minute when I realized I needed to leave as soon as possible. First thing I did was reach out to one of our favorite forumites. I don't know exactly why other than I knew they'd understand. They called right when I got home and needed to talk. Thank you wonderful person. Truthfully I'm not ok. I remember the dispair I felt in September when I lost Philly and right as summer was ending. It seems like loss should get easier and be proportional. It's not. The wise forumite used the word cumulative and that's an overwhelming thought as you get older. This is not ok but what can you do?
  2. I woke up today with the idea to spend the afternoon having dinner with Charlie the cat over at MomCheese's. She is at the beach again and tonight was our last night to eat inside before being regulated to the porch again when she returns home tomorrow night. I was running late. Typically Charlie wants me there around 2. I decided I wanted turkey franks with sauerkraut so I stopped by the store on the way. Mom's neighbor met me at the fence. She has always called my Charlie, "Dude" since that was his given name by the neighbor who abandoned him what?, at least 5 years ago. Charlie chose to still "live" at his former house as if he believed she would return for him someday. However, I was Charlie's meal ticket and he in turn gave me lot's of love. MomCheese isn't always home to welcome me when I drive over. Grandkids, family, church, I sometimes have to take a turn in line for love. Not with Charlie. Our relationship was based on dependence and mutual friendship. I had just switched him to the large turkey pate cans which seemed to be his favorite. Charlie was there for me the night I lost Philly Cheese. MomCheese was at the beach again that particular night. When Philly died in my arms, I just started walking the 4 miles to Mom's. I didn't know what I was doing, I just didn't want to be alone and in so much pain so I started walking to my Charlie at 2 in the morning. I remember talking to RG on the way. I love you RG, thank you for being my friend. I arrived on a weird, September morning. I sat with Charlie on the porch and cried. I then went inside and tried to sleep but I always ended up on the porch with my Charlie. Food purchased, I was at Mom's ready to have dinner with my Charlie. "Cheese, Dude is gone. He died crossing the street when he was on his way over to your Mom's." My heart broke again standing in that driveway that I have loved for the last 49 years. I am home now. I am thankful Sam and Edgar need me but MomCheese's will never be the same. Good days, bad days, Charlie needed me and I needed him. I loved you Charlie. I think you knew this but I will miss you and it hurts.
  3. @Mr. Silly, how is Lucy?
  4. You know what really helps when you're not feeling your best? Helen Reddy.
  5. You'd better get used to all this medical quackery. You are so vital to this forum we plan on injecting you with everything short of medicines from France to keep you posting.
  6. Need more love Ralph.
  7. @RalphWaldoMooseworth, my thread deserves more love from you.
  8. Then would it have killed you to give me a like, Ringo?
  9. @Wilbur, you going to allow Chris to talk to me like this?
  10. @Wilbur, you going to let our fake speedo wearing British twit talk to you like this?
  11. Chris jumped the forum shark 8 years ago. Other than when he posts pics of the Chrisettes.
  12. No. Lady Elaine Fairchild is royalty.
  13. Silence you fake British twit.