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  1. So I really didn't need to kiss Shu's rump to get my Ylva picture? I feel like you hoodwinked me twice now.
  2. I just got here, Aire scared me to death. You know I would listen to Neil Young for pictures of my Ylva. Wheels looks awful but I lied and said he looks well. I don't like this one bit. He's very annoying a lot of times but I care. SpeedDemon and I both need him around. Enough about him, where's my Ylva?
  3. Get well. Aire scared me to death with a text saying you had surgery and were bleeding all over the BMW. I run here and you look fine. What gives? I am glad you are ok. Where are the pics of SpeedDemon?
  4. Sam loves all females, hates all males. He did his best to kill Edgar for 7 years now he tolerates him. morning Aire.
  5. Shu is marvelous and a bit odd. He is the handsome brother the stork was supposed to bring us when he brought SisCheese.
  6. Easy. Sam would kill him.
  7. You may not. It was dedicated to me thus must be shipped to Greenville.
  8. More like what happens when you mix an airedale and a jack russell.
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