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  1. Kirby, will you please promote me to top Mod today? I will never give you a whatever again if you grant me this wish. That's probably not true and disingenuous but please?
  2. In less something changes, we are facing total bankruptcy in less than two months. Seems the young kids don't want to sit in a quiet diner all by themselves and get delicious food from a vending machine? Why don't you have wifi? Where are the bicycle racks? Can we listen to something besides that elevator music? When are we going to get paid? Why don't you get a job you young punk and comb your hair? Sickens me. Ungrateful hippies.
  3. I still haven't found the free doughnuts, hot chocolate, or grape pies?
  4. Do we have a break room with free soda and ice cream sandwiches?
  5. Man, I thought I had issues. You guys take the cake.
  6. Please. I put 4 tablespoons of sugar in my eggs.
  7. Sugar is God's food, you are mistaken. Have you been around onions?
  8. Well, how was it? Plesse tell me you listened on eleven. I forgive you now. I was quite upset with you last night.
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