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  1. :slow-dance-smiley:



    1. Road Runner

      Road Runner

      What a great representative he was of political conservatism.  I watched him religiously on Firing Line.  I wish we had someone like him in the media to stand up for conservative values today.    

    2. AirwickWithCheese


      You look lovely this evening.   :)

      Tucker Carlson is pretty close and a very good man. 


    1. No One
    2. No One

      No One

      ...I spent the whole weekend at an electric car repair class. :desk:

      8-5 both days with very few breaks and a teacher who was constantly going off on tangents.:facepalm:


      It was horrible. Almost like being back at work on a job.  It will take me weeks to get over the trauma.

      Last night I had the recurrent dream about being back at work for the fire department.  I woke up in a cold sweat.:frantics: