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Community Answers

  1. We understand this. You will be groomed like Charles then never set foot near the throne. If you think BC President gave you power with the ladies this is another level.
  2. Long live Wheels! Long live Kingbikeman564!
  3. @bikeman564™ is the answer. He will work hand in hand with you now and then slowly take as much of the responsibilities you need over the next 3 decades. We could meet at the Massachusetts compound and Skull and Bones this thing properly.
  4. I haven't eaten in over a week so it's hard really to tell. This feels like a better than most morning. Most days it has been impossible to get out of bed. Tell me more about your stroke. Sounds like you have some excellent care.
  5. Always having to one up me, Mr. Wheels. Cheese has the covid and isn't exactly on solid ground. I am very thankful you are ok.
  6. Disabled cars on the side of the road were typically given a 24 hour grace period by Highway Patrol. Marked with a white ribbon on antenna. Red meant you were now subject to tow. It's funny to think of an officer marking a UFO with a warning ribbon.
  7. Of course, it's a Greenville staple. We expect hot chocolate and other goodies. Failure to come to the door or show proper gratitude can turn into a whole situation.
  8. But loveable. That would have made a nice Christmas storyline.
  9. Pickles did not do a great job with a Christmas story line.
  10. Please secure Paulie later tonight so he doesn't try and rob Santa at knife point.
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