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  1. AirwickWithCheese

    Mrs. Brady is lazy as fuck

    8,000 p/year, room and board. She also had a bad NFL football gambling habit that Mike and Carroll had to pay off a few times when the Packers lost Lombardi and started tanking especially toward the mid-seventies. The show and marriage ended in 1975 when the Toronto mafia kidnapped Marcia and beat her for 3 months in a Mexico City bagnio.
  2. AirwickWithCheese

    Mrs. Brady is lazy as fuck

    Your ignorance is scary. Mrs. Brady's top priority was as a love machine for Mike. She was to make herself available 24/7 and she excelled as a wife. You should be so lucky.
  3. AirwickWithCheese

    What do you love about your kitchen?

    @Zephyr, don't encourage that rose growing hippie.
  4. AirwickWithCheese


    @Bag of Dickbags, I will not be ignored
  5. AirwickWithCheese

    Favorite TV show quotes

    "We've got a really big show!"
  6. AirwickWithCheese


    You used to have such beautiful hair.
  7. AirwickWithCheese

    Please remember

  8. AirwickWithCheese

    Please remember

    I see you were able in this case.
  9. AirwickWithCheese

    Please remember

    I hope you're able to discern that whatever my friend.
  10. AirwickWithCheese

    Please remember

    You'd be wrong. I have whatevered Kirby multiple times. There's Kirby and Airehead, then you and RR, then folks like Page and whomever. See?
  11. AirwickWithCheese

    Please remember

    Sometimes a whatever can be a sign of love, respect, or disdain. It's up to you to understand the difference
  12. AirwickWithCheese

    I have to take a nap now

    Please think of me fondly.
  13. AirwickWithCheese