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  1. I would be heralded not only as the greatest countertenor voice in Greenville, but as the greatest throughout all the lands. I would sing with Alison and she would look at me in this way.
  2. You take orders directly from @Wilbur now? I understand, I have for last 6 years, just surprised at you. Il
  3. 37 tonight, that's cold. Please hug the azaleas for me, Cheese?
  4. With the harpoon? That must have smarted.
  5. @Airehead has some beautiful rugs at her house. Cloak of invisibility and bada boom, new rug.
  6. I've been told this for some time. I met you in my 30s, now into my 50s.
  7. Look for midsized carpet store. Know your size and ask to see their remnants. You're welcome.
  8. Although magnificent, Miss Kirby have me a jrt riding a bicycle with a squirrel in a basket. circa 2011
  9. Sorry, against company policy to give expert advice to perverts.
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