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  1. He went to the Dairy Queen to have a burger and a cookie dough blizzard with EPG.
  2. Texas sucks but New Jersey sucks more. https://wallethub.com/edu/best-and-worst-states-to-retire/18592
  3. It has to be. Mark this as solved.
  4. I knew who she was but we didn't interact much. Our last names were at diffent ends of the This picture of her is was in my HS year book
  5. While walking the dog I remembered what the conversation was that set her off. When he picked her up, he was impressed by her house which was large even by Birmingham standards. To keep the conversation going, he said something like, "You have a nice house" and she lost it. I forgot some people from my town. The brother of a close friend of mine from JH and HS is Chuck Forrest, who was the all time Jeopardy champ during the days when you could only win 5 times. I think he won like $120,000 which was a lot for the era. Some sports figures that lived near by were Brett Hall,
  6. Tim Allen went to and dropped out of my High School. I went to High School with Dan Miller who played Luther Perkins in the Jonny Cash movie "Walk the Line." He was in Mrs. Silly's class. Carrol Warmus, was in both my Junior High School and High School class. I had a friend who dated her once. He said she went psycho on him in the restaurant (I forget what set her off). They didn't go out after that. I think he was better off.
  7. The extraction process is cleaning up. One of the newest ways to mine minerals wastes almost no water at all. Lilac Solutions, a firm backed by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures, extracts dissolved lithium directly from salty mineral brines below the surface, home to 75% of the world’s lithium. Reusable ion-exchange beads immersed in the brine pull out up to 90% of lithium, leaving behind unwanted minerals. The remaining water is then re-injected directly back into the original reservoir. Also from that article: The US has just one opening lithium mine (pdf) located in N
  8. That looks better than the ecological problems from oil
  9. It looks like lithium metal batteries are a major step up from the lithium ion batteries currently used in things from cell phones to autos. For automotive use they offer, lower costs, greater range, shorter charging times, longer total lifetime on the road, and improved safety. It all looks really cool.
  10. Here in Michigan, we are about where we were late summer to late October, well before the election. I don't see the correlation with the election. The spike seems to relate more to Thanksgiving and Christmas. We're still well above where we where in late June.
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