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  1. Mr. Silly

    The Oxford Comma

    Mandela had 800 years to build the collection. Being a demigod was helpful too.
  2. Mr. Silly

    How often to you check out naked people online?

    Never because it is wrong.
  3. Mr. Silly

    This big ass hole

    It's a diamond mine. It's a big ass diamond hole.
  4. Mr. Silly

    This big ass hole

    That truck would reduce some stress on your commute.
  5. Mr. Silly

    Final Jeopardy last night.

  6. Could someone list the candy flavors for me? I don't feel like watching the video.
  7. Mr. Silly

    Final Jeopardy last night.

    The here's the list of current inventors I can name: 1. The guy who invented the Snuggy 2. The guy who cuts a hole in his boat then fixes it with rubber goo then goes for a boat ride in the everglades. 3. Elon Musk who isn't really an inventor but just pays engineers to design shit Was it one of these people?
  8. Mr. Silly

    This big ass hole

    with big ass truck for scale It is right here if you're the type of person who likes to visit big ass holes
  9. Mr. Silly

    I have some new found wealth

    You could ride Sandy. BTW -- Sandy is the mechanical horse at Meyer's stores. She looks like this
  10. Mr. Silly

    The Monster Mash

    Perhaps the singer was just passing on the lore of the Monster Mash song.
  11. Mr. Silly

    Scary GIFS

    Post a scary GIF or two.
  12. Mr. Silly

    The Monster Mash

  13. Mr. Silly

    The Monster Mash

    The Monster Mash song you know really isn't the Monster Mash song. It is a song about the Monster Mash. No living soul has ever heard the true Monster Mash that was a graveyard smash.
  14. Mr. Silly

    THIS is how to make a cheese sandwich

    That will give you salmonilla.