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  1. That would add a degree of excitement. But plate spinning is already pretty exciting especially when all the plates are up on their sticks and the ones that were set to spinning first start slowing down so the spinner has to run frantically around to keep them all spinning. It is tough to beat that.
  2. I am glad I don't have that problem
  3. RetroTV has Ed Sullivan and he invites plate spinners to share their craft. You'd think today's youth would see them on Ed Sullivan and be intrigued.
  4. Grand Rapids Griffins are playing the Rockford Icehogs tonight. Anyone know a way to stream -- legally or illegally -- AHL games?
  5. Probably best to get it over and done with as soon as possible. It can take a while to get back to 100% after an injury to the core.
  6. Have we haven't had a decent hockey thread here this season? What's the news on Crosby? Is he going to have the surgery?
  7. He'll be a footnote at best. In 5 years, without getting political, the impeachment, regardless of your feelings about it, will be talked about more.
  8. I stand corrected... he was found guilty on all counts 3 hours ago.
  9. We watched the 1st episode of The Man in the High Castle. I liked it but Mrs. Silly didn't which mean I'm not allowed to enjoy it. Is it worth sneaking into the cellar at 1 am to watch without her knowing?
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