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  1. sheep_herder

    Why do people use the word "literally" so much more than :figuratively"?

    Somebody literally has spare time on their hands.
  2. sheep_herder

    One from my wife's trip

    She had a Great Time. She even caught 2 halibut on this trip, and one they estimated weighed between 48-53 pounds. They did not keep it, but they did keep a 20 pound halibut that she caught later. It is in our freezer.
  3. Yes, as far as I know. However, they lost a bunch of them one night when they were having a kegger. The way it was told to me was that one group went to get more beer, and another group got impatient, and they met at the top of a hill.
  4. sheep_herder

    One from my wife's trip

    Thanks, and here are a few more. It will be several days, before I get through all of the images.
  5. sheep_herder

    Why my house is full of empty boxes

    If we only lived in a perfect world!!! FeEx delivered our waterpik from Walmart in its original box. They came into the gate and took the box to the back door. I smiled thinking that they were probably escorted from gate to door and then door to gate by the bottle lamb and kid. I am sure they wondered why the strange man did not give them a bottle.
  6. Young folks in one of the towns in western South Dakota use to drag junk cars up on a small dam, one or two would get in, and the others would tip the car and roll it side ways into the reservoir.
  7. sheep_herder

    One from my wife's trip

    Just downloading and getting started on editing.
  8. sheep_herder

    Saharan dust has invaded Dallas

    Hey, I've never had problem with the people, but that may be because I am one of them. I don't let the conservatives bother me much, whether we are in Texas or Montana. I was visiting with a fellow at the coffee shop the other day that has bought photos and greeting cards from me. He indicated he did not know a fellow that had died recently. I told him no wonder, as you voted for Trump and did not attend meetings that were held to stop the Tongue River Railroad, but if you had voted differently and attended the meeting you would have known him, as he was very active on the environmental front. He just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. We are still friends. Others I just avoid, just like changing channels on the tv. I am not into abusing myself.
  9. sheep_herder

    Crap (weather related)

    Storms are about the only way we get rain, from July and into September. Then we hope for rain to kill any fires started by lightning.
  10. sheep_herder

    Crap (weather related)

    Most days here when they are only forecasting thunderstorms are clear for a good part of the day with clouds developing late afternoon and evening. That really leaves a lot of time for working and recreating. Good Luck!!
  11. sheep_herder

    I see the early morning crowd is up and active.

    Yes, I think he is over the pond.
  12. sheep_herder

    Saharan dust has invaded Dallas

    I've known Texans to pass up good promotions if it entailed moving out of State. I was even related to some of these folks. Needless to say, some find my life a bit abnormal.
  13. sheep_herder

    Saharan dust has invaded Dallas

    And a lot find these characteristics very undesirable.
  14. sheep_herder

    Saharan dust has invaded Dallas

    Is that why eastern Montana is so sparsely populated, or is it just our personalities?
  15. sheep_herder

    I see the early morning crowd is up and active.

    I am thinking about having a second cup. Lad's mom is home, but he decided to visit with me and beg for food. I needed to feed the bottle lamb and kid and let Duke into his house, so all was not lost. Now I'll see how long I'll last. I did not get her memory cards from Alaska, or I would be downloading and filing images for her. Hope you all have a Great Day.