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  1. Chris Froome

  2. Sunday breakfast

    A toasted piece of Montana Wheat's Seed Lovers bread, a handful of peanuts, cup of Folgers instant coffee, and maybe a handful of grapes, and now it is time to feed the critters with the help of Rusty and Smokey.
  3. I am scrubbing my colon right now

    With good cheese and lots of onions
  4. a cool thing - local restaurant story

    I think most places in our town are locally owned, even if they are franchises. I could be wrong, but it appears locals are reported as owners in newspaper articles, etc. We have a high percentage of local establishments to choose from in addition to the usual fast food places.
  5. Microwave popcorn really sux..

    What exactly does the concentrator do, and do these have to be replaced? I've always just used the ones that you add the popcorn in the bottom and put in the microwave, without any additional gadgets.
  6. Dual citizenship.

    I use to go listen to Gatemouth Brown at Oak Park a beer joint outside of LaPorte, Texas in the late 50s. Last time I watched him play was at Clancys outside of Fort Collins, Colorado, in the mid-60s. He was a bit surprised to find someone from Baytown, Texas in the Colorado crowd, and yes he played some of my requests, Thanks for the memories.
  7. Smokey the cat

    A few more photos were posted in November Photos. He visited the vet yesterday for his last shot. He was going great last night when I fed.
  8. So the big Jeopardy tournament is over!

    My wife liked the fact, that the three finalists were 'characters'. I think she enjoyed watching, but that is one of her favorite shows. I always hope I do not have an accident outside during Jeopardy, as i know she will not answer the phone.
  9. November Photos

    New views of Smokey with the point and shoot.
  10. I need to take a break for a while.

    I'll miss you in the early morning hours. Stay safe!
  11. Do any of you people have glass bifocals?

    If my prescription does not change much, I may wear a pair for 5+ years, and would rather not be paying for new ones every 2 years.
  12. Do any of you people have glass bifocals?

    Found a place in Billings that can supply my needs without a hassle. Should have some new frames and lenses in about 3 weeks. Actually the frames are similar to the ones I wear now. I like the Flexon titanium.