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  1. I think she misses watching folks going to The Grind on the video cam.
  2. Same as usual, since there is just the two of us, and the ewes will be starting to lamb by Christmas.
  3. First one is what I saw as I went out the back door. Next are two my wife took looking west.
  4. When I hit the bed or couch, my eyes are closed and colors/patterns are of no concern to me. Things like this have never mattered to me.
  5. Congratulations!!! Here's to many more wonderful years.
  6. I've mentioned this before, but we are not big fans, just for eating these apples, but they are unbelievable good when dehydrated.
  7. You are welcome, from one Aggie (my wife) to another Aggie!!
  8. We really do not have any of the larger plants in our region. Most towns have one or more processing plants, but not all are USDA inspected, which affects the potential to sell the processed meat.
  9. I haven't gathered that many here are hunters, so lack of meat processing facilities may not be a problem in your area. It has turned into a very big problem in our area. One local establishment has gone more commercial, providing meat to stores, etc. and is not processing game animals or local livestock butchering needs. If one calls other places now, there is a year or more wait on killing and processing. Seems like they all got together and processed the fair animals for the buyers, but not so much for regular folks. Luckily, I have killed and processed sheep and goats in the past, but not
  10. Hope you are having a nice sleep. Have a Nice Day!!
  11. Like them, but not had them for a while. Really enjoyed the fresh ones in Portugal.
  12. Happy BIrthday!!! Hope you are having a Great One, wherever you are.
  13. Headed for a forecast low of 36F later this morning. Hope everyone has a Great Day.
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