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  1. If it gets too weird, I'll find something else to occupy my time.
  2. We watched via the computer until we finally bought a smart tv. I know that purchase is hard for some of you to comprehend for this household. My only problem is trying to get the tv to not provide the programs in HD. I can control this with Netflix, by limiting the subscription to one screen, but I've not figured out how to control this for Amazon prime on the tv. Setting it for non-HD is no problem on the computer.
  3. sheep_herder


    How many of you with dizziness problems have have had crystal rearrangement? I had never heard of this until my wife was helped by the PT a few years ago. Also, being diabetic, an overload of carbs can also cause dizziness when one stands up, as can low blood pressure. With the crackling, the inner ear seems a likely cause of your problem. I also get this sometimes from allergies.
  4. I am a lot more concerned about the 'blinding' ability of some of the new headlights.
  5. One potter from Livingston, MT. There may be more that I am not aware of their preferences. We seldom eat out with others, except for Congregate Meals, and those all have meat.
  6. I didn't think retired people got excited about Friday, but then again, they may be looking forward to activities that only occur on the weekend. Hope you are mending.
  7. I think you need one of those chairs that the fellow grows in the field. I think he might be overseas, but I saw a bit of his story on Sunday morning.
  8. Interesting how you folks talk about tire noise. Not much of a concern for us, since we drive a VW Jetta, Jeep Cherokee, and 1-ton Dodge dually pu. Plus we can always turn our hearing aids to a low setting or take them out for the drive. I actually just play the radio at a high volume.
  9. No, just coming home from the fish fry on Friday night and pulled over to the paper box on the way home. Front wheel caught in the snow, and I had to use some backup/forward driving to get back upon the hard stuff. I then parked outside the gate and walked over to get the paper out of the box. We live on a corner 4 miles out of town with about 3/4 miles gravel road in any direction until we get to pavement. We have mail and paper delivery to boxes across the street from our house.
  10. Ours are still covered with ice and snow. I almost got the Jetta stuck getting the paper the other day.
  11. Try living on a gravel road; one trip and the sheen is gone.
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