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  1. No way to compare, as I've not been to either Vancouver or Toronto. Skirting most cities on bypass highways is best for me.
  2. sheep_herder


    I haven't even put our Ducks Unlimited stickers on any of the vehicles. I have in the past had some bumper stickers promoting sheep and goats.
  3. I try not to think about a town of 1.3 million people. I did not enjoy driving through your town on the way to and from the Canadian Rockies. Our town of 9,000 people with fewer amenities is just fine for us. Enjoy!!
  4. sheep_herder


    Comfort food
  5. Yep, he still has not answered the question.
  6. All depends upon your choices. We don't all live in touristy places.
  7. We normally shopped at Lucky's when we were in Billings. That was my wife's go to place for gummy bears. We still have a local Pizza Hut, but KMart has been gone for a long time. ACE hardware is in the old KMart building. We actually prefer Pizza Hut to some of the local places.
  8. Sometimes I have to trim the eyebrows between haircuts, as I don't like the hairs to get in my line of vision. On a serious note, maybe you should let those nose and ear hairs grow, as they help filter out germs.
  9. There is a lot of feed on grain fields and many visit alfalfa fields, as well as, feed grounds, where producers are feeding cattle and sheep. Some areas in the Yellowstone River stay open all winter due to currents and some warm springs. So, they have everything they need to survive. Goose season ends Wednesday, so they will be able to relax. Actually that was a relatively small group in the photo, in comparison to some that fly over our house and pasture, as they go from fields to the river and return.
  10. 42F with a 6mph South wind, very nice for January.
  11. The fellow I rode and photographed with today, and we hope to take a few more trips. I knew him when he worked at the Experiment Station.
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