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  1. I always get a laugh out of

    Some folks are clueless. Traffic in our town of 9,000 is ok. One can notice a difference this time of the year with increase congestion at the off ramps from the interstate. We are located on the main route headed to Yellowstone, etc., so we get a lot of tourists, and there are truck stops on both sides of the interstate.
  2. Off to walk at Como Lake....photo included

    Nice photo, thanks for sharing. I've not been taking many photos at sunset, as I have been feeding after the temperatures cool a bit.
  3. For the men

    You are not posting this is P&R? Folks that need to crush are true ass holes, and should be kicked in the crotch. An average handshake is fine. There are ways, like grabbing a full hand to the wrist, where you can prevent the crushers from doing their thing. If you have not already figured this out, I am not a big fan of bullies.
  4. What the heck happened while I was off sulking?

    The fact that you are making changes to avoid hacking should be reason enough for folks to accept changes. Questioning the changes is one thing, but having a 'meltdown' and leaving a site, as it occurred at the LF, is a little 'over the top'. Luckily, it is easy to ignore these rants on the internet, in person is a different situation entirely.
  5. 70F at 4:00am MDT

    Forecasting a high of 90F, a few degrees cooler than yesterday. Mid-90s forecast for Friday and the weekend. Anybody want to help tarp a stack of 1,500 small square bales of hay? Hope to get it done today or tomorrow. We plan to work sheep over the weekend and trailer some to the sale in Billings on Sunday. Glad the trailers are well ventilated.
  6. What the heck happened while I was off sulking?

    Some folks are just complainers, about any and everything!!!!
  7. Yeti Travel Mugs, Have One?

    I sure like my 20 quart RTIC cooler that Indy mentioned the other day. My friend with two Yetis was even impressed.
  8. Final report from Denver

    Always get a little sad, when I have to leave Colorado. We lived there through the 60s an have a lot of very good memories.
  9. Overpayment

    Yes, mistakes happen. That is just my opinion.
  10. Embedding Images

    Dragging to the drag spot worked pretty well before.
  11. Yep, we use to compare the day length in Montana with a relative in Miami, and they were often surprised by the difference.
  12. Smile

    I told her, she timed her 3-week holiday pretty well. Now, she is in the heat, but it has cooled a bit.
  13. Smile

    Dare you not to at these few from my wife's trip.
  14. At the grocery store

    Depends, but I never drive. Do any of your stores have the real small carts with a pole and flag, that says shopper in training? One of our local stores has these, and they are used often by children.
  15. My Teat Hurt

    Probably should be moved to politics and religion!!