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  1. I think he was a judge. The photos did not turn out very well, as this building, although great for events, has very poor lighting for photos. Stopping action is a real challenge. The second photo is from the wild cow milking event.
  2. Geez, and here I thought you were just wandering around taking photos of strangers' food. Were you able to eat at any of the Basque cafes? They have some good ones in the area.
  3. Personally, I do not think they are related.
  4. I seldom watch tv, and yes the remote is here.
  5. My tv has not been on since my wife left for the National Final Sheepdog trials earlier this week, so I do not have a clue.
  6. sheep_herder


    You need words? What is it that folks do not understand about no P&R, and then you start threads about churches, scripture, and baiting about political catastrophes? Just curious. Hell no, I don't agree with SW shutting down P&R, but it is his forum. We've had similar things happen on the local forum, but once they got it through the lady's head that the moderator funded the forum, she stopped threatening to get a lawyer. Not seen her for a while.
  7. sheep_herder


    You may want to take your own saddle next time. I never liked the saddles on the spin bikes at the gym, and the feeling was mutual. All day on different saddle can lead to pain and loss of riding time.
  8. sheep_herder


    I am not for sure that you are not going to get this one locked. It appears that it is the tone of things and the baiting that starts and doesn't stop, even when there is a warning that upsets the leader. One who pushes buttons needs to be prepared for the consequences.
  9. Once I left teaching and administration and concentrated strictly on research, things fit like a glove. Unlike some jobs, a career like mine allows a lot of freedom for one to adjust. If you want to go in a different direction, there are opportunities to get trained in new equipment and techniques. All one needed to do was get monies to buy the equipment and stay productive while adapting to the shift.
  10. It is not really an all breed sale, but they sell several breeds that are popular in the west. Buyers come from several states and Canada, and have for many years. Targhee is the main breed that is sold, but there are others. One Targhee ram sold for $10,000 yesterday, and I've seen them sell for more. We've bought some from auction when we were raising Columbias, but most have been bought private treaty. Here is a link to the catalog. It is always best to buy from breeders with a good reputation, to avoid as many problems as possible. However, we bought our Katahdins (not registered) from folks in Iowa that did not have a reputation in the show ring etc., but were recommended by one of the best sheepmen in the USA, that I knew from working for USDA-ARS and he had also been head of the Animal Science Department at Ohio State U. Long-time reputation is one of the important things to consider. That is not to say young folks in the business do not have good stock, but it is nice to see the same type of animal consistently being produced over a time period. Normally takes about 3 years before the new sellers at this auction get the above average prices for their animals. Sheep in our country need to be able to travel and produce over large acreages, thus, one wants to buy accordingly. Rams can look good, but they may not standup well to the conditions, and this will impact future sales.
  11. Just spent the day at the annual ram sale yesterday. Took a few photos and will send some to the people that I know. The ewe sale was Wednesday evening. We use to sell Columbia rams at the sale, but that was many years ago.
  12. 1.75" since this last series of storms began. There was a lot of standing water this morning.
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