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  1. Could be they are calling it a winter storm, as it was snowing in the mountains. Ask the truckers!! We have quiet a mixtures here, from older men to younger women. Ed McIntosh is a weather man, and the disk jockey for Classic Country on Sunday mornings on KGHL. As mentioned before, I just read the forecast and current weather on the NOAA site. That way, I can filter out the BS.
  2. Hope you let her take a nap. Mine took their walks at 2:00am when we checked for new kids. Now they are fast asleep.
  3. Not bad, thank goodness, as we have 2 or 3 packages. I am happy with most, compared to that slick, thin stuff found in rest areas and government facilities. I usually take some in the car when traveling.
  4. WOW!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!
  5. Friday or Saturday afternoon, when I bought burrito lindos to go from Mexico Lindo. They were really good and hit the spot.
  6. No, since I usually fall asleep in my clothes, as I will be going outside at various times during the night.
  7. You are probably right, as I really would not know, as I don't frequent beaches, parks, or community areas.
  8. Why do you expect things to be any different, when they leave hypodermic needles lying around in all sorts of places?
  9. I normally go to 1, and 2 at the most. Essentially never go to Walmart, except to buy dog food and some electronics. I see no need to visit multiple places in times like these. Seems like one would want to minimize their exposure to others in times like these. Seems like some of you have to go to multiple places just to meet your needs.
  10. Depends on the breed, as Southdowns are very different from Columbias and Suffolks, and other inbetween breeds. A flake of hay or a partial bucket of feed works well when leading a sheep to a gate. I'll leave all of this pick them up and heave them to the younger folks.
  11. You need some clippers to take the top off!!!
  12. Size has 'zip' to do with it. Age is the criteria used and lambs can be 100+pounds, depending on the breed and age at slaughter. Lamb – an immature ovine (usually less than 14 months of age) that has not cut its first pair of permanent incisor teeth. 2. Yearling – an ovine (usually between 1 and 2 years of age) that has cut its first pair of permanent incisors but not the second pair. By the way, I'd find a gate. As to the jumper comment, some breeds are more prone to jump than others.
  13. This writer lives in Bozeman. I know some of you are reluctant to answer the quiz to get into the Billings Gazette, so here is another source for the information.
  14. Taken this morning after feeding. The last two are of one born Saturday afternoon. Decided it needed a drink after I woke it.
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