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  1. I want to know how they described you to the wait staff. Maybe the lady with red and blue hair?
  2. No thanks, as we are up to 4 dogs, with 2 border collies, a Corgi, and a Kelpie. That will last us for a while. We just got a 5-year old border collie 2 weeks ago. Have fun with the pup. Sounds like you got a Good One.
  3. Won't even be using mine in July or August.
  4. Not so sure, she wouldn't be better off to buy a piece of original art from the WAM.
  5. Heck, my wife flew out last Tuesday and won't be back until the 30th. Now, what will I do next?
  6. Pretty amazing what this lady accomplished in 30 minutes.
  7. A few clouds 40F and calm at 8:00am MDT. We have lots of mud.
  8. Should start any minute. Damn, that looks like fun!!! I'll go down a little later. Well it looks like viewers have overloaded the system again, as all I am getting is a black screen. Same thing happened last year.
  9. I love soft oatmeal-raisin cookies, preferably when still warm.
  10. Yes, indeed, it is going to rain on our parade.
  11. Was rain/snow mix earlier at 32F, but now just rain. I am getting ready to take photographs at the Quick Draw, which will be held indoors this time, due to the rain. Then, I'll hurry home to feed the animals. They are not too interested this morning with the steady rain. Bucking Horse sale will be muddy this year. Don't forget the parade at 9:00am MDT. I've not shared this with everyone, but this is one of my favorite photographs hanging in the Western Art Roundup at the Waterworks Art Museum. I titled it 'Listening to the music', as he is an old banjo player listening to bluegrass at the annual festival in 2016. It is a framed 16x20 print. In 2018, they presented him an 8x10 with the ribbon the photo won at the local fair.
  12. Yes, and in 1981 we moved to Burns, OR, and that autumn, together with coworkers, we started research on seeding ash covered rangelands near Ritzville, WA. Going on the photography workshops in the Palouse Prairie brought back pleasant memories of the time I spent in the area.
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