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  1. sheep_herder

    Good morning!!

    35F the last time I checked weather at the airport, so it might freeze in the Valley. Smokey was having fun running about when Nip was on his walk, so I think, in time, they will be friends. Duke and Smokey are still best buddies.
  2. sheep_herder

    What is going on in Texas?

    Another reason not to have a smart phone and apps.
  3. sheep_herder

    Art Auction

    Hooray!!! That photo is our favorite of the sale items. The photographer lives in Forsyth, MT, about 45 miles west of here. I think the photo was taken in the Pryor Mountains. Yes, that is a wonderful name, and he is a very nice man and great artist. MC stands for Miles City, MT, and that is where we live.
  4. sheep_herder

    Art Auction

    Waterworks Art Museum on Saturday night Pieces are not identified, except by going back to the original list, but you can see what is available.
  5. sheep_herder

    I have given up on facebook

    I agree with Kirby.
  6. sheep_herder

    September photos

    A few from the local bluegrass festival.
  7. sheep_herder

    Sunday, what'd you do?

    In between doing chores I listened to more bluegrass and ate lunch at the Harvest Dinner at the Catholic Church. Here are few more photos from today.
  8. sheep_herder

    Listened to these folks this evening.

    A few photos from the local venue (fairgrounds)
  9. sheep_herder

    Getting cooler

    Highs in the 60s and lows in the 30s and 40s for the next week.
  10. sheep_herder

    The collard greens came oot ok

  11. sheep_herder

    I sold my . . .

    I knew someone would bring this up, but it was not true for me. I enjoyed it but decided it would be nice to have someone use it on a more regular basis. I am sure I will be going fishing with the buyer. I never advertised it was for sale, but others always let me know if they knew someone that was interested. I started putting the word out about 2 years ago.
  12. sheep_herder

    How long do I keep Gray Cat confined?

    Watched a movie last night where the lady sang blackbird.
  13. sheep_herder

    How long do I keep Gray Cat confined?

    If, we have to do that for Smokey, we leave him at the vet. He does not come into any building except the barn, and the vet knows this. Speaking of cats, Nip the new pup, caught a mouse today in his kennel. I think he has been watching Smokey.