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  1. And, you might get a little wet along the way.
  2. Yep
  3. And, they think we will not notice. It irritates me a bit when they insult our intelligence. Graham crackers and peanut butter has been my go to snack for many years.
  4. From that other place that some won't mention
  5. This deserves a double or triple 'like'!
  6. Do you like to worry?
  7. I love Greek food!!
  8. Tough to live several miles outside of a small town and raise livestock and not own cars and trucks. We have places 30 miles apart, separated by at least 20 miles of gravel road.
  9. 37F

    Some gardeners may be getting a little nervous.
  10. Nice, when our daughter was born in 1964 we lived in an 8x43' mobile home, and she slept in a padded drawer. You can imagine how happy that made the grandmothers.
  11. We bought a scratch board painting from Mimi Grant, a painter from Great Falls, for our 50th.
  12. No, there is no theme for this quick draw, but there may be for some others. Kirby, folks often bring small photos or drawings with them to use as patterns. This is a fairly common practice, as not all can paint a scene, at any time, and they take photos for future efforts in their home or gallery. People are invited to these types of shows, so one does not have to worry about lack of ability. Actually, Smudge, both pieces turned out very nice and sold well at the auction, and it is amazing they were completed in 30 minutes. It is nice that a wide variety of art is offered for sale, as it allows the buyers to choose what they like. Then they just have to hope someone else does not want it more than they do. Sadly, we often seem to like pieces that other folks also want. Here are the finished products.
  13. They have 30 minutes to start and complete the art. Some sell for $1,000+.
  14. I don't think that would bother a lot of folks in Miles City. The camera is privately owned and run, so the City really doesn't have any say in the matter. They have been constantly changing the camera angle over the past few days, so it probably will not remain this way in the future.