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  1. We are cooling down, but no snow in the forecast.
  2. Not been looking, but I thought he was dressed appropriately.
  3. Pretty sure she flies the 'big' ones. She married another pilot when in NY.
  4. I took 3 out of the vertical view. I don't like wires or con trails.
  5. Oldest neighbor girl is a helicopter pilot stationed in New York. I think she returned to NY after serving overseas.
  6. Cowtown Beef Breeder's Bull Show on Main Street
  7. Yes, I like the Antelope Canyon photo. I've never converted any of mine from this location to black and white. It is a very neat place to photograph. Yes, I agree, there are many pieces that do not turn me on, but there are many that do. Thought some of you might enjoy seeing what is being offered.
  8. Number 33 is by a friend of mine. https://www.artmuseum.org/project/yellowstone-art-auction/
  9. sheep_herder

    RIP Ed

    Father of a fellow I worked with at the experiment station.
  10. Just found out there will be a clinic at the hospital from 7-12:30 tomorrow at there hospital. Not sure we'll be able to make it. Sounds like there will be more.
  11. I'd do it. We are 78 and 79 both with complications and still no word on vaccine.
  12. Not much, probably watch a movie when not outside.
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