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  1. Some domestic turkeys aren't much better. We had a friend that raised 'show' turkeys in South Dakota, and we kept a few at our house for him. We have turkeys all around us in the river bottom and in the forest, etc., but up to now, never had any on our place.
  2. Congratulations!! Hope you have a Great Day!
  3. We had 4 turkeys walk across our pasture yesterday afternoon. First time we've seen turkeys on our place in 31 years.
  4. A Difficult Woman - Watched it last night.
  5. You should have seen them when I met them, probably 12 years ago.
  6. I bought two wind block polar fleece vests from them that work very well. Good product for a fair price.
  7. I am talking about the kind you get on the side with an order of chicken. I seldom partake of breakfast biscuits. Normally opt for the breakfast burritos.
  8. I have more problems with the fog on my glasses lenses freezing when it is real cold.
  9. I've been thinking about Churches on College Station, with all this chicken talk. Aren't they the ones that had wonderful biscuits, or was it rolls?
  10. As well as, teaching them how to use duct tape.
  11. I find any type of diarrhea offensive after a while.
  12. Highway patrol was very busy when the storm first hit. Most of the accidents were further west in Billings and beyond. They were dealing with ice and black ice.
  13. Think how much nicer your commute will be tomorrow. We may venture out and about tomorrow, but we've stayed close to home during the cold and snowy weather.
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