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  1. sheep_herder

    I am 35 years away from being 20 years old

    Did not have a clue how long I might be around, and did not expend much energy thinking about it. What will be will be.
  2. sheep_herder

    What did you do onMLK Day?

    Headed out about 10:00am after waking from a nap following checking the sheep at 5:30am. Fed and watered the livestock and took care of a new lamb. Drove into town and ate Congregate meal at the 600 cafe. Came home and arranged to get a truck load of hay. After getting the hay, I drove to town and bought some groceries. Returned home and fed and watered the livestock. Returned to the house and later drove to town and brought home a pizza. I just finished eating my share, and I think I will watch a movie until it is time to check for new lambs. Feeding and watering chores were done with my wife. Temperatures were in the teens and 20s.
  3. sheep_herder

    A Balmy 13* Out

    22F and light snow at 3:00pm MST
  4. sheep_herder

    Hey Sheep_Herder, has this ever happened to you?

    Nope, thank goodness.
  5. sheep_herder

    The moon is super

    Just came in from checking for lambs, and the clouds had cleared enough that we were able to see the moon in almost full eclipse at 11:00pm MST. The clouds were moving over the moon as we came in the house.
  6. sheep_herder

    We had two ewes lamb yesterday.

    Between them they had three lambs, and it is pretty obvious how they should be separated. However, when we found them the lambs were nursing off either ewe, so we put them all in one pen, and they are just one big happy family. All three lambs are eating and that is what is important.
  7. sheep_herder

    The moon is super

    We are cloudy with temperatures in the 20s and 18mph NNE winds.
  8. sheep_herder

    Have you ever been snowed in ?

    We've sometimes had to wait for the snow plows to run before we ventured out, but we've normally lived on school bus routes, and they are the first roads plowed. When living in Brookings, SD, several of us had to spend the night in Jamestown, ND, when traveling from Mandan, ND, back to Brookings. They closed the roads due to snow and ice.
  9. sheep_herder

    Does anybody else not watch TV?

    Seldom, except for news late at night, and turn it off when they start repeating the news.
  10. sheep_herder


    From today
  11. sheep_herder

    The will wake you the Eff up at 04:30

    I once had a pedal break off near the end of a 400 mile ride in North Dakota. It was a bit challenging to ride the remaining 5+miles with one leg. Luckily we had done a bit of one leg pedaling in spin class. I think that helped.
  12. sheep_herder

    The will wake you the Eff up at 04:30

    Hope you are OK!
  13. sheep_herder

    Violent movies / shows

    Seems like some of the violence in tv shows gets worse over time. The first season is not bad, but it progresses, to more violence in the following years. I often quit watching at some point.
  14. sheep_herder

    Do your cats go nuts

    Smokey refuses to come inside. He sleeps in a cubby hole made with straw bales in the barn.