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  1. Linda Ronstadt said in her memoir she tried it once and ended up in the hospital to stop a bloody nose.
  2. There was just a discussion on CNN on how he's going to do the "rehabilitation" that will be assigned to him by the NFL when he's saying he didn't do anything wrong. He seems like such a jerk, but the fact that he supposedly violated some of these women multiple times on different occasions begs the question: "Why did they go back for more after being violated the first time?" I remember reading about an alleged rape case defended by the famous attorney of the 1960's, F. Lee Bailey. He asked, "When did you make him coffee? Was it after the 3rd or 4th rape?" and when she answered, "4th," he asked, "Why would you make him coffee, without being asked, after multiple rapes?" The defendant was acquitted because the woman's behavior did not match the behavior of someone who was raped. There's some of the same thing going on with Watson. Note that 23 of the 24 women settled with him out of court and two different grand juries declined to indict Watson.
  3. I'm envious you can do it in a day! I might have gotten 10 days work in 90-100F weather done in a few days at lower temperatures and when I wasn't getting easily fatigued. My BiL got a shed like mine, an unopened-box return for $20 (I paid $549) a few years ago and never got around to putting it up. Now, just finishing up chemotherapy to make more certain his cancer cure, my sister wants me to put it up for them, "Since now you know how to do it." So, when they get back from seeing their son's baby in Arizona in September, I guess I'll be building it. Hopefully, it won't take as long but I think I have to build the base/floor for it, too.
  4. I rarely watch late night TV shows anymore. The comedians often have a political or social agenda and I'm looking to get away from stressful issues! There's not much general life discussion like there used to be with Johnny Carson. The guests are obviously on the show because they're plugging a movie, TV show, appearance, etc. and you get little about them except videos about what they're plugging. You used to get more interesting stuff.
  5. My BiL has a power washer and I wonder how it would do on my cement porch and since-1948 sidewalks? I may try it for fun.
  6. I had a rear rack installed on my bike and bought this currently unavailable camera bag that I bungee-cord onto the rack. The small pockets on each side are for my Topeak 31-function bike tool on one side and the other side for a snack. The large section has a spare tube, various tools, and a couple fruit juice boxes in case I feel hypoglycemic.
  7. Sometimes you get more from an accident than a trade-in! When my 1997 (base automatic) Ford Taurus was hit while parked Dec. 31, 2012, the Kelley Blue Book Value was $900 and it wasn't in great shape. The bump on the rear fender was hardly noticeable but it caused the airbags to go off, putting hundreds of cracks in the windshield. The cost of repair was greater than the blue book value so State Farm considered it totaled. Then State Farm sent me a check for $2,900+ and I phoned them to see if there was a mistake. I was told, "We take into consideration taxes, tags, dealer markup, etc., so you got the right amount." I didn't point out that it would have cost less to repair the car, but loved the check: I had already been looking at the 2013 Honda Fit since before the accident and got mine on Jan. 8, 2013. I probably would have gotten $2000 less for a trade in than I got from State Farm! State Farm has been very, very, good to me over the years!
  8. I bought new clothes when everything except what was on my back went in the Mar. 2020 house fire. I didn't buy much in casual clothes since then and my Walmart "George" store brand stonewashed jeans looked dull even after being washed. So I looked for jeans at Amazon during this, Maryland Tax Free Week, where under $100 clothes are tax free instead of 6% sales tax. I was going to get "flex" jeans - which have a small piece of elastic on each side along the belt line that stretches - when I noticed that Wrangler "relaxed fit" jeans have a "relaxed fit through the seat and thigh." I've bought Wrangler before and know which of its sizes fit me. So, with 42 lbs still to go to get to a BMI that's "overweight" instead of "obese," I decided that extra room in those places was a good thing. I'm wearing them today for the first time. The extra room is excellent. A couple times I reached around to my back pockets because they didn't feel as tight as normal! Also, I don't think I've every bought "khaki jeans" before. So I got 2 khaki and 2 blue stonewashed pairs.
  9. Check how much memory her files take up and how much free memory is available on the various tablets. If she needs huge storage for old files, 5 TB USB Drives are $109.95 on Amazon, smaller ones less - I have a couple for backups plus and extra drive when I'm running my laptop, which only has a 0.5 TB drive and I have lots of movies and other large files. Personally, I love a 17" laptop so I haven't studied tablets or small laptops. I bought a Kindle reader that died in my 2020 house fire, but didn't buy another one because my smartphone lets me read ebooks comfortably.
  10. MickinMD


    I've been waking up later than my usual 6 am with no alarm clock lately, so when I woke up around 4 am today - and hungry - I decided to wait until 6 am for breakfast. So I watched TV and fell back to sleep in my recliner, waking at 8 am. I'm cursed!
  11. "The first year of work earned two weeks’ holiday the following year." In most of the high-income world, only two weeks paid vacation is considered an awful thing, as it is in the cited article!
  12. Two Saturdays from tomorrow and the Sunday after, I have to take part in three fantasy football drafts at CBS Sports, Yahoo Fantasy, and NFL.com. But there's not much to learn about players worthy of being drafted in the preseason games! So I have to look at training camp reports, site ratings, etc. to find out if guys going high in fantasy drafts like McCaffrey and Henry, who were injured last year, are likely to make it through this whole season. I had pick #1 and took McCaffrey in one draft last year and ended up with him being out of most games. The problem with winning the random drawing for 1st pick in the first round (and all other odd-number rounds) is your next pick is the last pick in the 2nd round (and all even rounds), so if your first pick doesn't work out, almost 2 dozen of the top players are grabbed before you can pick again. I'll probably take Taylor is he's available, but running backs are always an injury worry and Kupp had 1947 yds receiving and 16 receiving TD's last year and much less likely to be injured. On the other hand, the list of excellent RB's is much less than excellent WR's.
  13. He's definitely wound too tight and I, too, feel sorry for him. With all the problems in the world, this site is a refuge and comfort and yes, we tease each other, but it's always friendly and very often people go out of their way to be helpful and I'm grateful for that! If you want an example people really trying to destroy reputations, think back to the old LF forum.
  14. Don't get too worried about wrong-time starts or ends: it can drive you crazy. Like Mike. I had a high school student with psychological problems who I first met when he ran on the cross country team I coached. Sometimes kids would come back from a run and say something like, "Michael is speaking in tongues," and my asst. coach and I would look at each other, roll our eyes, then decide which one of us was going to deal with Mike this time. My asst. coach, Matt, was a special ed. teacher and had some skills handling unusual psychological problems and he got the tricky episodes. So, by the time Mike became my chemistry student the following year, I was prepared to deal with him in the classroom. One day, when the bell to end classes rang, Mike began yelling "No! No! No!" to the kids leaving my classroom. When I asked Mike what was wrong, he tapped his watch and replied, "The bell rang 15 seconds early! Why can't they get it right?" After getting nowhere asking Mike why he objected to getting out of class early, I explained to Mike that the bells were controlled by an old system, a dial that rotated once every 24 hours where pegs were pushed into holes representing the times when the bell was supposed to ring. If the peg wasn't put in perfectly straight or it had a nick on a corner, the bells could be some seconds early or late. I told Mike it was one of the variables of life he couldn't change that was of no significant consequence and he was going to have to learn to not pay attention to. He never had a fit about the bell in my class again, but other teachers would ask me on occasion, "What's his problem with the school's bells?" So, 5 minutes after the hour or half hour? It's one of the variables of life that, if you can't change it, is of no significant consequence and it's best to learn to not pay attention to it.
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