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  1. I've only got about 10 minutes of lawn mowing left and my out-of-shape neck muscles got tight from a lot of bending over and doing some weeding, too. I had gotten so used to hauling tools and water to my yard and having to do everything in one-swoop before loading it all back in car and heading out, that I walked over to my porch steps to rest a little from force of habit. Then, DUH! It occurred to me I could go back in the air-conditioned house, get some cold water from the fridge door, turn on the ceiling fan, and take a break! I'm enjoying this more than it normally calls fo
  2. Having to repopulate my home and yard with stuff has made me very sensitive to the fact you need to do a lot of comparison shopping because some manufacturers are jacking prices WAY up while others are not for the same stuff. It seems like the middlemen are jacking up prices for certain materials far above their costs, similar to gasoline going over $4/gallon in 2008 despite storage tanks being topped-off. Back in 2016, I found 4 excellent plastic boxes (two 25.6 qt. and two 44 qt.) to hold tools, groceries, etc. in the back of my Honda Fit with the back seats in place with room for
  3. I need to begin taking better care of my teeth. When I saw my dentist for a regular checkup in April - after a root canal and 5th permanent crown earlier in the year - I had no cavities, but she said my teeth and gums were not as clean as usual and she said, "It's no longer "brush your teeth," dental advice is "brush your gums." I've got flossing stuff, which she demonstrated a few different types, but I've been lazy with it.
  4. I've got a dishwasher for the first time in my life, though my habit is to hand wash everything still in the sink in the morning before breakfast to avoid becoming too lazy. I try to dirty only one of each dish, bowl, utensil, etc. before I clean it, so I never have a lot to clean unless I'm feeding guests. My sister was looking at the three big, heavy grates that run the length of my new gas range, similar to hers, and pointed out that a dishwasher is the perfect way to clean them. So the dishwasher will get at least semi-regular use.
  5. He's ok, but if it wasn't for the fact that he's been in some very excellent movies, I don't think I'd be a fan.
  6. We're down to 1 LBS on the 20-mile highway I'm near between Baltimore and Annapolis and none within a few miles off the highway. So, I got my bike and some other stuff there and will try to give them some business from time to time. Otherwise, I'm getting stuff from Amazon.
  7. I'm also a little tired of the personal interest stories that insult my intelligence. I get through them thinking the athlete's family and friends are probably really thrilled. I also found it so artificial when watching the men's synchronized diving, taking place in Tokyo, Japan, where the German team had warmup shirts reading their country's name in English, "Germany," instead of Deutschland or in Japanese characters. It's become an American Sports Network paid-for event where a lot of extra, unnecessary sports have been crammed-in like "Street Skateboarding." What's next, stick-stre
  8. We had a 21' boat with a cuddy cabin and a port-a-potty that we didn't enjoy enough to justify the $2000 marina/boatel fees and burning 50-60 gallons of gas per fishing trip. You can rent a small motor boat at a park near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge for cheap-enough in normal times and we've done that to satisfy our needs, peeing over the side as needed. But we're still waiting for a cousin who has retired with a nice pension from Otis Elevator to buy the boat he plans to buy and become a charter captain. Otherwise, there are some cool charter fishing boats both in the Bay and on
  9. Before the fire, I'd have one month cool month in the late spring or summer when my gas & electric bill would be around $75, most warm months over $100. Some years, the bill for January would be over $400. My annual bill was between $2150 and $2378 for 2015-2019 and my budget was always to keep the avg. below $200/month. Before the fire I had two first floor rooms with window air conditioners and I wondered how much central air was going to whack me, being hopeful because the house is now so quiet thanks to great insulation: there was falling-apart, cheap 1948 insulation in the upst
  10. I'm one of those feet-out-from-under-the-covers-guys. I've been waking up some days in my new, very comfortable bed with $99 pillows to find I've kicked the covers entirely off and slept covered only by my underwear - no socks. I've been keeping my house at 77° in the summer, though my new, excellent $25 dual-alarm clock/radio with temperature readings says it's 74° in my bedroom.
  11. I was at the northern end of things. A short burst of heavy rain, no wind, and then partly blue skies.
  12. I've never been a big Roberta Flack fan, but The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face and Killing Me Softly are among my all-time favorites.
  13. I had a few long ones I trimmed. They've behaved since then.
  14. My walls and upstairs ceiling are so much better insulated than before that I don't hear the rain like I used to and don't hear the UPS guy putting packages a foot from my front storm door. The quiet is sometimes good and sometimes strange. We had a heavy thunderstorm at the the time I posted we had a tornado warning (none occurred) but didn't realize it until I noticed raindrops on the window - the thunder didn't sound that close.
  15. Yardwork in nice weather. I've done a lot of Polish cooking this week, Golabkis (stuffed cabbage), Haluski (fried cabbage/onion/bacon & cooked noodles), Polish Potato Pancakes, and will get back to normal with Martha Stewart's Savory Fall Stew (sausage, butternut squash, fennel, Brussels sprouts, and the usual veggies). With so much home cooking, my average blood glucose has dropped to a great 134 mg/dL since I've been back in my house. With the pancakes and stew, I will have used up the last of the carrots and potatoes I've had sitting in refrigerators since moving from the apa
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