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  1. I woke up around 1:30 am and decided that since my mouth was clean of food traces, sugars, etc. it was a good time to spit in the tube Ancestry.com sent me, which I'll mail back tomorrow to get my DNA results in "up-to 8 weeks." I will be interesting to see how well my results match my sister's (who already did the ancestry.com DNA test), which worked out mostly as expected, the surprise being she's 1% Jewish. I hope mine shows that too because we have a cousin who is an ethnic racist and I would love to inform her that she is surely part Jewish too! When I went to the website to activate my test and enter the ID # on the tube, I was invited to complete a family tree. I've been up all night looking through copies of things older cousins passed along to me like my grandfather's immigrant work permit for the Pennsylvania mines, tombstone pictures I got from findagrave.com, etc. It went back to my great-grandparents and I knew my maternal grandfather's parents, last name Gryskiewicz, owned a brickyard in Warsaw, Poland. But I didn't know they had the not-so-Polish first names of Martin and Magdeline - Martin was confirmed from 3 different sources. I was able to correct/add the birthplaces of my paternal grandfather's parents on ancestry.com. I didn't know both of my grandmother's mothers were from Germany and didn't know their names, though my mother had said her Polish cooking was influenced by German cooking which she learned from her mother whose Polish parents had lived in Germany. So thanks, great-grandma Julia for the cooking techniques that were passed down to me! co
  2. This looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. It has to be a candidate for a Pulitzer Prize if they give them for photography: https://www.usatoday.com/videos/news/2019/06/17/sudan-uprising-100-reportedly-killed-mass-rapes/1480380001/
  3. MickinMD

    Vegan be damned

    I'm gluttonous. I would have gotten both - and maybe fries and chili if they have it.
  4. Seeing old pictures is great. I had lunch Friday with two high school classmates I hadn't seen in years - a track team teammate and the captain of the cheerleaders, it became a 2 1/2 hour reminiscing session, and I wished I had though of bringing our Class of 1968 Yearbook. My cousin. 13 years older than me, sent me this picture of 4 year-old me around 1954-55 standing next to my mother, holding my very-close-to-this-day cousin Phyllis when she was less than 1 year old. She became mayor of Morristown Township in NJ and a VP of Sandoz Pharmaceuticals and is currently coowner with her husband of a small IT company.
  5. MickinMD

    In too deep?

    I saw a book about hiring while I was browsing body language books:
  6. Yeah, I'm rolling the dice and am hoping the reviews are true that said stuff like, "Don't expect this to replace a gas powered weed whacker with this but I got through all the easy grass the mower couldn't get on my one acre property easily with this trimmer and the two provided batteries." That's about all I want out of it on my 1/4 acre property.
  7. MickinMD

    In too deep?

    He's had several many-tested-men women and they all say something like, "It's important to me that my child knows its father." It sure wasn't important when they chose to sleep with the whole neighborhood!
  8. My uncle owned a bar called the Cash Inn - a play on our last name - and when he retired as an ill alcoholic/diabetic with an amputated leg, he gave it to a close women friend named Ruth in exchange for her taking car of him and his house. Ruth was friendly, charismatic, cooked great cheap food, had pool tables, etc. etc. - but the bar slowly lost customers because she never cleaned the lavatories, etc. I encouraged bar-loving friends to spend some time there, starting them off on big sports days, etc. when she'd have a cheap layout of great food, but they didn't stick because of the lack of cleanliness. She eked-out a living for a couple decades until she passed away in her late 70's, but she could have made a much better income a had a much easier life if she had just cleaned the bathrooms!
  9. I haven't been to Italy yet. so thanks for sharing and I'm jealous!
  10. MickinMD

    As seen in Texas:

    I've seen it in Maryland, too. Hey, if the engine runs good, the oil and radiator don't leak, and the brakes work, it does the job! In my impoverished youth around 1970, I commuted to college on 4 baloney skin tires - I'm amazed the cops never pulled me over for lack of tread. Thank you, officers!
  11. MickinMD

    In too deep?

    In any case, the book is fascinating: Book intro excerpt, Marvin Karlins, Ph.D.: The man sat stoically at one end of the table, carefully crafting his replies to the FBI agent’s inquiries. He wasn’t considered a major suspect in the murder case. His alibi was believable and he sounded sincere, but the agent pressed on… he was asked a series of questions about the murder weapon: “If you had committed this crime, would you have used a gun?” “If you had committed this crime, would you have used a knife?” “If you had committed this crime, would you have used an ice pick?” “If you had committed this crime, would you have used a hammer?” One of the weapons, the ice pick, had actually been used in the commission of the crime, but that information had been kept from the public. Thus, only the killer would know which object was the real murder weapon. As the FBI agent went down the list of weapons, he observed the suspect carefully. When the ice pick was mentioned, the man’s eyelids came down hard and stayed down until the next weapon was named. The agent instantly understood the significance of the eyelid behavior he had witnessed, and from that moment forward the “minor” suspect became the primary person of interest in the investigation. He later confessed to the crime. Chalk one up for Joe Navarro, a remarkable human being who, in addition to unmasking the ice-pick killer, is credited with catching scores of criminals, including “master spies,” in a distinguished twenty-five-year career with the FBI. How was he able to do this? If you asked him, he quietly would say, “I owe it to being able to read people.
  12. MickinMD

    In too deep?

    Friends say that when I start a new activity, I get into it too deep. So I've been watching Maury and lately, just before Maury gives the DNA results, I've been trying to tell from the woman's expression and posture if she really thinks the accused guy is the father of her kid(s). So I got this book. Too deep?
  13. The threads first video shoes such beautiful wingtips, nice and wide in the toes! I'm jealous, even though I wear dress shoes so seldom - I even wore semi-dress-looking black sneakers while teaching in the 2000s. I have a pair of cheap black dress shoes I bought around 2000 at Thom McAn, when a former grad of our high school surprisingly gave me her 25% discount, saying, "I won't charge an Old Mill High teacher full price!" I think I paid $25. I used to be partial to wingtips and you got me looking. Amazon has a lot of wingtips for under $35 but I doubt comfort and durability are in them. I normally wear black because it goes with everything and I normally only own one dress pair but there's a very-nice looking brown ("cognac") pair of a style of today's Florsheim wingtips on Amazon for $89.99. It's surely not up to former standards, but I may buy a brown pair since I wear a lot of khaki and gray pants they would go well with. If so I'll probably wait for Amazon's Prime Day (around July 16) to see if they are half price before I pay full price.
  14. I have a powerful, gas engine, 0.08" line weed-whacker that approaches 20 lbs in weight and my recovering and cramping-due-to-meds muscles rebel at extended use. Especially after mowing the lawn like yesterday. So I just ordered one of those Worx GT Revolution 20 V trimmers that have been advertised on TV lately. With a $15-off Father's Day sale (thru today, 6/16) at the worx.com site, they're cheaper even after 6% Maryland sales tax and shipping at $102.36 than at Amazon even with free Prime shipping: $119.99 plus probable state sales tax. The 5.3 lb weight, adjustable handles, shaft telescoping from 35-3/4” to 55-1/2” long (I'm 6'3), and the wheels that make it easy to use as edger or a mini-lawnmower are the main attractions for me. It is underpowered if you want to do anything besides grass and not-too-thick weeds, with a single 0.065" line, but since that's all I'd be trimming with extended use, it works for me. If I have something heavier to destroy, I have the gas trimmer. 56% of 61 customer reviews on Amazon gave it 5 stars, so hopefully it will please me. It comes with two rechargeable batteries (one charging while using the other), each of which is good for about 20-30 min. of use according to reviewers on Amazon, It has wheels that can be turned to use it as a trimmer or a mini-mower. It comes with three 10' line spools with "free replacement spools for life," which is a joke since you have to pay $8.93 in shipping and handling for each "free" 6 pack of spools (they only charged $11.61 for shipping for the trimmer including 3 line spools, 2 batteries and a charger). I checked and you can buy your own bulk line and rewind your own like on most trimmers.
  15. MickinMD

    Sunday Dinner

    I moved 4 frozen chicken thighs, enough for two meals, into the refrigerator to thaw 2 days ago so I better bake them today. The veggies will either be a nuked bag of steamable frozen cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and beans or Rice-A-Roni with onions, peas, and broccoli added.
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