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  1. Didn't play the game! For last Friday's drawing, my sister bought Powerball and Megamillions tickets and didn't win, but also picked up a $5 Maryland Lottery scratch-off and won $10,000!
  2. At some point, someone's going to figure out how to rewire-the internet so that the information packets contain a leader that includes information about exactly where they came from. Likewise, the phone companies will eventually be forced to stop allowing phone numbers that are NOT the true origin phone numbers to register on caller ID as the caller's phone number.
  3. My brother's dog Jake almost never barks at other dogs - we pass at least 10 each time we go for a 2-mile or more trail walk. On occasion, a little dog will bark at him and 100 lb, Golden Doodle Jake will stop and give it a look like, "Are you kidding me?" and then go one his merry way without giving the little bastard another thought. There's a big, white English Bulldog-mix named "Winnie" that two women walk on the BWI Airport Bike Trail and he and Jake used to growl at each other a little but now they rub noses and wag their tails when they meet once a week or so.
  4. Me too. I keep about 2/3 of my liquid assets in stocks because my pension takes the place of what would be most of my bond portfolio - I basically keep enough in bonds and CD's to cover emergencies and expected expenses. Almost all of my stocks are "Dividend Aristocrats" and other much-safer-than-average stocks that have long histories of stable growth and durable competitive advantages. Since the beginning of 2013, my stocks have averaged a 13.3% annual gain compared to 14.7 for the S&P 500 - both including dividends. But I'm very happy with that, especially since the avg. P/E of m
  5. The Unadjusted CPI-U Index shows 2020 inflation of 1.4%. So that's what my July Teacher's Pension Raise will be. My 75% employer-subsidized Medicare Supplemental BCBS health insurance premium was unchanged for 2021 so I'll actually get 1.4% more in my clear check unless income taxes go up and a higher percentage out. It includes dental and paid for 100% of my root canal last week but I'll probably exceed my annual $1500 dental max. coverage by $600 when I get my permanent crown for it next month. I guess I'm "stimulating" my dentists!
  6. The real question is why isn't is Wodensday or Thorsday? And in two days, we get to leave the "n" out of Saturn again! Ad that's wrog!
  7. The closest I've come to that is a steep hill on the trail/streets that connect the BWI Airport Bike Trail to the Baltimore and Annapolis Bike Trail. When I could finally get up it without using the granny gear, I felt like I had conquered Everest!
  8. I'm jealous. They finally cleared out my yard, but they haven't even replaced the roof on the house yet.
  9. Yay! I'm going to unfreeze my last stored bowl of homemade chicken soup and have it with 2 oz. of wide noodles to celebrate!
  10. Actually, you probably could get it started and then let future homeowners keep it going for centuries. When I was in China in 2001, in Wuhan (where COVID started!), we visited a big Punsai (Chinese name for "bonsai") garden/shop where they had some trees that have been growing in the ground for up to 300 years and were just 3-6 feet tall. The Chinese there stressed that THEY invented "Punsai" and the Japanese borrowed it. I doubt if anyone knows for sure. Here's the 300 year old tree - maybe 6 feet tall - from vidcaps:
  11. I get a little worried about headphones if they cut off too much outside noise when I'm mowing the lawn, etc. Two-ear headphones or buds are banned on bicycles on state and county bike trails in Maryland because of accidents that occurred because of them. Enjoy them, but be careful!
  12. I went grocery shopping at a large supermarket around 10:30 am, 90 minutes before the actual swearing in, and picked $66 worth, everything on my list, in no time: the place had more staff than customers and three cashiers had no one in line when I checked out. I said to my cashier, "I guess everyone's home watching the Biden Inauguration." "Oh!" she replied not realizing it was today, "I guess that's why it's so empty today!"
  13. P.S. My brother just emailed me and wrote: "When I talked to Dr Foreman [our family doctor who I'll see Friday] he said "you tell me how it's going to go" and then we'll all know !"
  14. I just called a local LBS and asked if hybrids under $1000 bikes, for example the Trek FX 3 Disc, are going to be hard to get and he said yes. Maybe I'll stop there tomorrow and see what advice they have - I just want it for a few days/week exercise and maybe try a half-century or long trail on occasion. The $395 Mountain Bike I had was fine for years but it definitely wasn't one where I could keep up with a Saturday Riding Club, etc. I was going to wait until I'm back in my house after May, but I think I'm going to do some research and order a bike with in the next month or so. The
  15. I'm now registered on two sites in Maryland so I can get a phone call or email inviting me to register for a COVID vaccination: my county health dept. and the U. of MD Medical System (hospitals). I'm "eligible" Jan. 25th, but the message you get after completing the county form says my group, ages 65-74 should get vaccinated "February to April" - and that's the "start date" for the first shot. My doctor's office says it's supposed to get the vaccines, but right now only Maryland hospitals and health departments are getting them. The office provided, by email a list of some of th
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