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  1. MickinMD

    My not so great, great win

    Only when it's 0-0 or 1-1 soccer. It's exciting to make a move against a top 5% rated player, wait to see if he whacks you with his next move, then see you're still in a good position. But even when I coached a very good high school chess team, we watched a grandmaster match on TV during one meeting and after a surprising move the announcer, trying to liven-up the atmosphere, said, "There's pandemonium on the chessboard!" My teenagers cracked up and laughed so hard at the absurdity that they made it our team motto!
  2. MickinMD

    Having serial with no milk this morning!

    Have you tried Almost Breeze or other Almond milk? It's 30 Cal and 1g Carbs per cup instead of 130 Cal and 13g for 2% Milk. I was in a supermarket looking for my regular 2% and all they had was "lactose free." I asked a couple women near me if lactose free milk tasted strange and said I only was going to use it on cereal. One said, "If you're just using it for cereal, try the Almond Breeze!" I did and like it a lot! There's also an Almond Breeze with Almond and Coconut that's 40 Cal/cup and you get a taste/whiff of coconut as you eat your cereal!
  3. MickinMD

    Amazing Breakfast

    I hope I reach the point with weight and type-II diabetes where I can eat fruit with abandon. Right now I'm pretty much limited to colored berries - and a limited number of them. Blueberries are it right now.
  4. MickinMD

    My not so great, great win

    I won a chess game yesterday that clinched for me one of the three spots in the Championship Round of the "1st Annual Valley Boy Tournament," being done in honor of Scott Maid of the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, who founded Team USA Southeast and stepped down as Team Director last year (but still playing!). It's a real honor and thrill for me to make the finals of this tournament! I spent a lot of time analyzing each move in the 3 days/move game and was -initially- pleased that I had correctly determined I could ignore the threats of my opponent Luis Torres of Puerto Rico (screen name Requecpa) when he resigned after I pushed my pawn to d7 from the position below. But both Luis and I missed a move that would have tied the game! After the game I had the computer world champion, Stockfish 9, do an analysis of the game and it determined my opponent could have engineered a draw by repetition as explained above the 2nd board below. The interactive-game is here: https://www.chess.com/daily/game/199319452 From the position below I pushed my White Pawn to d7, threatening to Queen and checkmate. My opponent resigned and Stockfish, analyzing that I was the equivalent of 25.76 pawns ahead, agreed that he was done for. But Stockfish found one way for Black to draw instead of the move above. From that position he could have forced a triple-repetition of moves and claim a draw: I'll take the good luck! Of course Stockfish 9 is rated at 3500, 450 points higher than Bobby Fischer's greatest-of-all-time peak record of 3050, so it sees almost everything. Stockfish gave me a 2384 for the game, which is equivalent of International Master - which I'd never accomplish in an hour or two game, but I can sometimes play at that level given enough thinking time - in this case 3 days/move and actually spending about an avg. 10-15 minutes/move and sometimes over an hour.
  5. MickinMD

    It is raining!

    We have NO rain today and tomorrow after rain in something like 43 of the last 50 days. Yay - except its very humid and 90+ degrees. Early next week, it's supposed to be sunny and in the mid-80's. I'll be very happy then!
  6. MickinMD

    Cycling question, sorry

    The mountain bike I have originally had a cheap wide-rubber-band that circled the inside of the rim and, around 2012, I got a a flat as a tube pinched in a spoke well when the cheap rim band shifted a little. So I had my local LBS install Velox rim tape and have been riding happy ever since.
  7. MickinMD

    Do you get all the blame?

    Of course I get the blame. For example, when my mother passed away with no will and no records of where she had insurance and other money, I agreed to be executor of her estate - with NO compensation. It wasn't a fortune but there was a little bit everywhere: a $5000 bond with a mutual fund that we had no clue she would have dealt with. A $3000 insurance policy where the original company went out of business, another company acquired the policy and then sold it to a British company, etc. It took a few years to track everything down. Toward the end, one of my siblings was bitching to me and I said, "I'm exhausted with this mess. YOU take over as executor and you can keep EVERYTHING you find!" The sibling didn't want the headaches! Suddenly, there weren't any complaints of how long it was taking to find everything.
  8. MickinMD

    Heart/chest pains

    See a heart specialist. I've had some tests and guesses by good Primary Care Physicians that were different than the results of specialists. In one case where I was sent right to a heart guy before I started bicycling as an adult in 2011, I showed my PCP a Garmin readout of my heartrate while walking plus a little running. Walking up a long hill my heartrate went up to around 150 of my 160+ max. My PCP said that was enough evidence to send me to a specialist for a full-range of heart tests (BCBS covered it) and I had tests on three consecutive days including a visual study of my heart valves with a radioactive dye in my bloodstream while I lay in an MRI-like chamber and a treadmill stress test. They all came out fine and greatly reduced my stress at strong exercise after being sedentary for too long.
  9. MickinMD

    I think it is clear that Chachi could have done better

    Supposedly, in real life, Chachi and Joanie couldn't stand each other!
  10. MickinMD

    I go to the Dr. today

    Good Luck! Sending good vibes your way!
  11. MickinMD

    This List Is For Mick!

    Depending on whose list it is, Hopkins was #1 for something like 25 straight years until recently. My sister was Bone Marrow Transplant Coordinator there until a new head of Cancer Research picked her as his chief Master Nurse assistant several years ago. If you're doing research, you're technically working for Johns Hopkins University, not the Hospital, so her son gets a free ride through college if he qualifies for admission next year.
  12. MickinMD

    Happy Sunday

    Still cloudy with occasional thunderstorms and my area, between Baltimore and Annapolis, is the hotbed for them today according to the local TV weather. This morning I learned the Healthy Choice Power Bowl Turkey Sausage w/Egg White and spinach, kale, etc. (7.2 oz, 190 Cal, $3.49) is tolerable but not as good as the Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl with egg white, potatoes, and cheese (7 oz, 230 Cal, $2.50). I could get used to not eating potatoes and cheese, but the veggies are limp and stringy enough to get caught in your teeth. Since the Jimmy Dean bowl doesn't make my blood sugar surge, it will be my go-to bowl. I've been eating sandwiches with very-low, 40 Cal/slice white bread, but my blood sugar has jumped up too much (200 mg/dL) afterward so now I'm trying 60 Cal/slice whole wheat bread for tuna salad (made with 35 Cal/tbsp Hellman's Light Mayo), slice of tomato, lettuce.
  13. MickinMD

    Do you ever use..

    No egg cup use except once or twice in restaurants, where I felt clumsy and it seemed like it took more effort than if they simply put it on a plate. I recently saw ads on TV now for microwave containers in which to nuke hard boiled eggs outside of their shells - apparently removing the shell is a traumatic experience for the pitchmen- surely you can poach them as well. In any case, it does make interesting, cylinder-shaped deviled eggs! That reminded me that just before the problems arose that led to last year's shoulder operation, I got some of those microwavable bowls with built-in circular depressions to make poached eggs and one where you can add a little oil and allegedly make fried eggs. I had stored and forgotten them. Now that I'm actively cooking again, I'll report after I get around to using them. Some of the junk I bought: This Range Mate allegedly attracts the microwave heat to the grill bars in the bottom and blocks some of the microwaves reaching from above so the stuff is "grilled." A couple "Systema Microwave Collection" steamers, 3.2 L and 1.3 L, where eggs, etc. can be cooked with the steamer rack removed:
  14. MickinMD

    Not accurate - but precise

    As a scientist, it drives me crazy that reporters will use extra letters or extra syllables to make something sound bigger than they would if they reported the actual number. Just now, on Meet the Press, it was noted that a Congresswoman won her last election by "almost 20 points" while the graphic showed she won by "19 points" which would take less time to report. Accuracy is getting the right number and the reporters so often intentionally make it more hazy than it needs to be for the sake of sensationalism. Precision has nothing directly to do with accuracy: it means you're repeatedly getting the same answer to the same question. If 10 people were asked how much 2 + 2 is and they all answered, "5," that is a precise answer. So the consistent habit of the reporters to make numbers seem inflated means they're very precise about not being accurate! When you design an experiment where something is highly precise and also highly inaccurate, there's something very wrong with the design. And that's what drives me crazy about the press!
  15. MickinMD

    Just ordered

    I'm amazed at the lack of variety in today's brick and mortar stores. I think they get excellent deals from manufacturers if they keep certain competition off the shelves. As a result, there are a lot of relatively big ticket items I've gotten at Amazon. I wanted to buy a 1 bushel steaming pot for crabs that was simply aluminum and would fit under the hood on my kitchen gas range. In the Baltimore area, you'd think I'd have my choice of many. But they were mostly ceramic clad and $85 or more and mostly too wide. I got an aluminum one with extra slots for canning for $35 from Amazon.