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  1. It's only a weekly or biweekly and it's in Skagway, Alaska. I was there for a day during an Inside Passage Alaska Cruise and it has a bunch of tourist souvenir traps as well as an excellent train ride up and down a mountain to view the trails and White Pass that led to fields of the original Yukon Gold Rush. Free to a good home: One newspaper. Not a single edition of a paper but the entire newspaper. Publisher Larry Persily is willing to give away The Skagway News to the right person or couple who are willing to move to Skagway, Alaska, a cruise ship town that once boasted four newspapers during the height of the Klondike Gold Rush days. Source: https://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/free-good-home-newspaper-alaska-67176220
  2. I don't know about cats, but once I had to to separate a dead mouse's tissue from it's skeleton to display the skeleton for a project. It was difficult and time consuming: there's almost nothing bony about it - no wonder they can squeeze through tiny cracks and invade my house.
  3. I'm trying to remember the source - I think it was in The Conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar, where he describes the Druids and says they would begin chanting in a small forest clearing and even the leaves of the trees would stop rustling in the wind and all would become eerily still. My Celtic biological heritage must include some Druid ancestry because, more and more often, I'll spend a long time being eerily still on the holy day of Sunday - at least until halftime.
  4. They had about 7 different things to sample. Those that stood out - in other words that I remember - were chickpea rotini, precooked chopped chicken breast pieces, chicken wontons, and cornbread muffins, The funniest one was the chickpea rotini that was drowned in very good tasting Ragu pasta sauce. The sample size was big, around 5 oz. and served in a paper container with a fork. Everyone sampling it asked the woman serving it which pasta sauce it was and she'd answer, "It's Ragu, but I'm not promoting that. I'm promoting the chickpea pasta." There was so much Ragu that it could have been paper rotini and we'd probably not have been able to detect the rotini's taste! I don't think she sold much chickpea pasta which was something like $6.99 for 2 or 3 lbs.
  5. The school in which I taught was originally open-space - incomplete walls between classrooms, and several of us teachers occasionally built our own walls using our own labor and money. At some point, it became cheaper to use metal studs instead of wooden ones. I'd never worked with them before. Standing on top of a counter, I grabbed one of the metal studs for balance, not realizing the edges were as sharp as razors. I could feel it cutting three fingers, near the inside of the last knuckles and the tips of the fingers and instantly realized I had to let go and let myself fall to avoid more damage. I wasn't hurt by the fall, had other teachers wrap my hand and I drove to the emergency of a hospital that was very close to the school. The doctor who stitched the fingers on my right hand said that I just barely avoided permanent nerve damage and let go just in time. The skin on the ring and middle fingers was just barely attached enough that they could be stitched without needing a skin graft. I got something like 6 stitches in the ring finger, 9 in the middle finger, and 3 in the index finger, the current scars shown in the pic below. I was extremely lucky it wasn't worse and that there was no permanent damage and that it happened to my right hand and I am left handed. I didn't miss any time at work but I had to have the hand treated as an accident that occurred at home since we weren't authorized to be doing construction at the school! Fortunately insurance covered it all.
  6. Costco stuff is on my shopping list today, so I'm going there shortly since it's noon. By the time I finish shopping, I'll have had a free lunch from all the samples of soup, meat, potstickers, chicken nuggets, fruit juice, cookies, etc.
  7. Has anyone watched the TV series "Brittania" that's on Amazon Instant Video? I usually like ancient stuff like that and will check it out. One of the British commercials on the Mon. Nite Football broadcast I was able to stream through a free betting site that carried the UK's "Sky TV" (regular Mon. Nite broadcast, UK commercials) was for the TV series "Brittania." I checked it out and it's a production of Sky TV and Amazon. Season 1 (nine episodes) is available free on Amazon Instant Video. Season 2 (10 episodes) began in the UK beginning Nov. 7, so I guess it will soon be on Amazon Instant Video. Program Synopsis: The story is set in 43 A.D. and charts the Roman invasion of what would become Great Britain. [Mick's note: apparently not much happened in the century after Julius Caesar conquered southern Britain in 55-54 B.C.] The determined, yet terrified, Roman Imperial Army returns to crush the Celtic heart of Britannia, a mysterious land ruled by wild warrior women and powerful druids who can channel the forces of the underworld.
  8. It's gotta be the semicolon: no one knows when we're supposed to use it so we use a comma or a colon. Wikipedia: "A semicolon can be used between two closely related independent clauses, provided they are not already joined by a coordinating conjunction." We can use a semicolon to separate two equal or nearly-equal different ideas in the same sentence; people may be impressed if we do so.
  9. I'm surprised OSHA allows such working conditions. When I was an industrial process development chemist, OSHA would check out our plant modifications before we launched a new product. They'd find three things wrong that were really all right and miss three things we knew we had to improve.
  10. Thanks for the recommendation. If I get the chance, I'll watch it - though I'm still trying to finish watching the 2nd season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Instant Video.
  11. Some comedy cartoon series, several years ago (Family Guy?) briefly showed a book titled, "The Book of British Teeth," which also matches the article.
  12. My mother, also a Depression Era kid, also often used an egg or two to bind together/flavor leftovers, though she wasn't big on oatmeal. Cheese and cooked pasta and egg all fried together was a big deal to us, with bacon, hotdogs, chicken, or whatever leftover meat was on hand thrown in. That was/is so good, my siblings and I still make it on occasion.
  13. You did your best and did it competently and hopefully that will keep you from getting stressed out about it. Hang in there, Petite!
  14. I bothers me that they're calling it an SUV while cheating on the roof height as it reaches the back end.
  15. MickinMD

    No mice!

    Thanks. My cousin told me the same thing about potential openings in my house. I have the sheets but haven't used them. I'm not going to deploy them until I see if there's been a change in invasion pattern this year.
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