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  1. Why I say "LTMFOP" when I order cheeseburger subs: The Baltimore Area's #1-award-winning sub shop, Ann's Dari-Creme, is fortunately a short drive from my home or apartment. Among the award plaques on the wall is a picture of a U.S. military base in Afghanistan with direction signs that include, "Ann's Dari-Creme 8526 miles." I've been going there since 1956. The waitresses at Ann's do NOT write the orders down on paper or take names and amazingly keep them in their heads - I've seen guys from the Coast Guard Yard come in and order 15 subs and the waitresses remember the order flawle
  2. A sub roll has one side without and holes in it for the LTMFOP to slide out or squeeze out when you bite down. A 12" sub has 3 hamburger patties and I save half plus half of the too-many fries they serve these days. So basically, I'm having 1 1/2 hamburgers on a roll and that works fine.
  3. When it rains, it pours. I've been upset about trying to find appliances I like that are available for delivery by May but after reading of your ordeals, I realize my problem isn't worth worrying about. I guess the quote I heard attributed to one Yankees ballplayer (Derek Jeter maybe) applies: I don't worry because if I can do something about, I do it and if I can't do something about it, worrying isn't going to change anything.
  4. If I was going to buy such a rug, I'd learn more about weave and material quality - about which I know very little now. A couple decades ago, we were in a carpet stall in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul - the most amazing shopping place I've seen in my life - and my companion was interested in getting a Persian rug. The salesman was discussing the tightness of the weave, the quality of the threads, etc. and when she wasn't happy with the mostly gray color in one design, the salesman sent a boy, about 12 years-old, running down the street to the factory to get samples of other colors in the
  5. If it works for them, more power to them. I don't think the bonding works since he knows he has lots of choices of nutrition and isn't dependent on her milk if he chooses not to be. But I'm not trained beyond PSYC 101 in college so they should have consulted a professional beyond reading about it and buying into it. There are many cases of non-professionals recommending cures for COVID, cancer, etc. that result in deaths because it appeared on a webpage.
  6. You're winning. Not much has been done on my house in the past week.
  7. That little kid is adorable. Everyone I've talked to in my extended family has said positive things about her. She should be in the next generation of kid movies or star in a Nickelodeon TV series.
  8. Today, my feet were trying beat the clock oh whoa I just don't know. I found the dishwasher I want. Can't be delivered to late June. I found the gas range I want. Can't be delivered until Fall. I found the above-hood microwave I want. Can't be delivered until June 5. I found the oven hood I want. That can be delivered. I had to wait an hour for the one woman working appliances in a Lowe's supercenter to become available to help me and another hour to look at my interests, her suggestions, then find out if any of them are in a Lowe's warehouse. I'm at the point w
  9. I was never crazy about bell bottoms, but in the 70's I did like flared jeans, with a little extra room at the bottom.
  10. I wonder why he stung you on the neck? I was hiking through a park, reached across my body with my left hand to grab the water bottle on my belt, and unluckily, accidentally trapped a bee between my arm and belly. He stung the arm. By the time I completed the loop trail, the mild sting had disappeared.
  11. She was a hottie. She was babyfaced and when she played Lili in the TV mini-series Lace at age 21, a lot of older people in a club I belonged to, who didn't know much about her, said she was much too young to play a sexy character. They didn't know she'd already been naked in a number of movies and were shocked when I told them.
  12. My college advisor at UMBC was from Chicago and said, "The only problem with Maryland cuisine is you guys put mayonnaise on everything." When I make or get cheeseburger subs, instead of ketchup/mustard I much prefer LTMFOP: lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, fried onions, pickles.
  13. Assateague State Park may be the best in Maryland, but it's not accessible to most people. In the first place you need a boat ride to get there, In the second place the wild ponies are seldom visible on Chincoteague Island except during the Pony Roundup one day each year. I've only seen Assateague and Chincoteague Islands from the mainland: there's nothing unusually special besides the Atlantic Ocean shores and the ponies. Meanwhile, there's a Cypress Park on the nature-reserved Pocomoke River, just north of Assateague and south of Ocean City on the mainland with campsites radiating ou
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