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  1. It's a jungle out there!
  2. MickinMD

    See Joe

    See Joe Dardego Towson buses inaro No Joe Demstrux Summit cowsin, summit dux.
  3. Meatball Stroganoff! This is a very simple recipe and I'm going to try it at some point. I copied and pasted the recipe to a .doc file and saved it to the Beef subfolder of my Recipes folder. Though any would do, it uses Cooked Perfect brand frozen, precooked meatballs, a 20 oz. bag of twenty 1 oz. meatballs - putting the frozen meatballs directly into the pot. I LOVE Cooked Perfect meatballs (available in Walmart, supermarkers, etc.) but I personally prefer the smaller, slightly-less-than-golf-ball-size, 1/2 oz ones which could, of course, be subbed: they come 52 in a 26 oz. bag. They come in Angus Beef (used here), Italian, Turkey, etc. Recipe here: https://dinnerthendessert.com/meatball-stroganoff/
  4. Is it edible? I found out this week that one of the ingredients in Morton Salt Substitute is silicon dioxide: aka silica, aka the primary chemical compound in sand! Silicon Dioxide:
  5. MickinMD


    I avoid stickers on my car mainly because there are so many violent idiots out of there that if they see I like a certain political party, animal, religion, etc. someone's liable to smash my window because of it. I do have a license plate holder, but I don't think anyone hates Dr. Who!
  6. I swear there ain't no heaven but I pray there ain't no hell!
  7. I think I'm getting to be more of a grumpy old man and also more like a mentally disturbed honors chemistry student named "Mike" I once taught who used to get bent out of shape when the bell to end class was 15 seconds early or late compared to the exact time he kept. I told him the bell system was a 30-year-old analog thing where a big wheel turned and you stick round plugs in the places where you want the bell to ring and you're lucky if it's only 15 seconds off and consistent from day-to-day. The next day, he'd go crazy again, "WHY is the bell 15 seconds early today? It was 15 seconds late yesterday!" Grump! Grump! Grump! Grump! Grump! Find me more to grump about!
  8. Mine is great so far. "My Verizon" online finally loaded in the "change installation date" window and let me give myself some breathing room in getting my house ready for fiberoptic cable and FIOS to replace my copper lines and DSL. It's taking longer that expected but there's no hurry and I still haven't decided if I want FIOS TV in addition to phone and Internet, so I changed the installation date from Jan. 31 all the way to Feb. 14 to remove the stress. But, since this weekend, I've spend three 30 min. plus phone calls remaining on hold and the My Verizon online window for changing the installation date would not load after many attempts per day to try to get it to load. Not being able to contact Verizon at all was stressing me out! The plan was, if I didn't get the change by Friday, to try all the Verizon numbers not associated with installing FIOS and telling whoever might answer to relay the message. Beyond ridiculous!
  9. Believe it or not, I got a free fitting - not an exhaustive one - at Dick's Sporting Goods. The salesman was a competitive mountain biker and he first got my attention when he was giving me signs not to buy the $599 comfort bike another salesman was trying to sell me. I came back later and the mountain biker said, "If you're just looking for an exercise bike, there's a mountain bike on sale for $299, down from $499, that has better quality brakes, derailleurs, etc. than that hybrid bike and only weighs 2 lbs more." I got and he began doing the fitting for me. I had had big problems, including an operation and a lot of physical therapy on my Achilles Tendons - a key reason I wanted to cycle - and he found my best seat position then lowered it 1" to ease the stretch on the Achilles - which have since healed and I raised it back up. I wasn't a complete fitting, but that mountain biker put me in position where I only had a little pain after riding in my Achilles for about a year, then they began to heal until no pain from cycling or walking today -healing two decades after the operation and physical therapy.
  10. I saw the airless tires and thought about how much it would reduce the tools I carry. When I started cycling after decades away and never previously owning more than a 3-speed and was REALLY out of shape, I greatly feared getting locked inside a park that locked its gates at dusk due to walking out from the middle with a flat, braking a chain, or some other mishap. I spent lots of time on YouTube and the Beginner's Forum on that other site making sure I had all the tools and skills to fix my bike - buying a cheap bike stand and practicing adjusting derailleurs, disc brakes, etc. I keep a bicycle pump, a spare tube, and duct tape wrapped around a tool in case there's a slash in a tire I need to protect a new tube from being pinched in - not to mention a patch kit.
  11. According to the billboard at bottom, Abbott Labs is either telling us we're near the end of the road and maybe watch out for the insane runner, chasing us with his arms held out to his side. I've owned Abbott since 1993 and it's been very, very good to me. I got 1 share for every share of Abbott when it spun off AbbVie and a couple other companies. If I could only own 1 "safe" stock, it would be Abbott Labs. It makes sector-leading things like Similac baby formula and quick-tests for doctors' offices that sell in good times and bad. It reported 2019 earnings today, "Adjusted earnings were $3.24 per share, up 12.5% ...All four divisions reported sales and earnings increases....Total fourth quarter sales were up 7.1%. Medical device sales increased 9.7%, nutrition sales rose 5.2%, pharmaceutical sales were up 7.8%, and laboratory diagnostics sales rose by 8.4%. Sales of Abbott's Similac baby formula remain #1 worldwide and now #1 in China. Sales from Abbott's continuous glucose monitor, FreeStyle Libre, rose 58.5% to $534 million in the reported quarter, furthering gains at the company's medical devices unit. Launched in Europe in 2014 and in the United States three years later, FreeStyle Libre helps diabetics track blood sugar levels without having to prick their fingers. Sales of the company's MitraClip device, which is used in minimally invasive cardiovascular procedures, jumped 27% to $191 million."
  12. Back in the 60's and 70's, you knew someone was a real friend if they told you where on the Chesapeake Bay you could "push" for crabs- walking and catching them as they scurried around. We each had a old car inner tube tied to a string which we tied to our belt. We sat a bushel basket in the inner tube and a bucket of bay water on the shore for soft crabs. On a good summer's day, two of would get to the spot by 5:30 am and by noon we'd have 2 bushels of hard crabs and 1-2 dozen soft crabs.
  13. That's the point. Defendants are relieved after not-real-Judge Judy says she'll direct the government's Department of Motor Vehicles to overturn a ruling they did in REAL life. Has there been some kind of agreement made between the real court or DMV master to allow Judy to make a ruling?
  14. I've reached the point where the nose hair shaver I own is also needed to trim the extra hair that's now growing on my ear - even after I pluck it out! And damn it, why is the ear and nose hair black - as it is everywhere below my neck - while my head and face hair has turned completely white? White ear hair and nose hair wouldn't show as much!
  15. MickinMD


    I looked at a bunch of recipes from various nationalities and some use potatoes to make Italian gnocchi a tiny potato dumpling, others use dumplings and some use German Spaetzle, a thick noodle that can be made at home by putting the batter in a colander and pushing the batter through the holes, letting it fall into hot water. I like extra-wide egg noodles, so I bought some for my first trial. I have to call my cousin Eleanor again to find out what ratio she uses of cabbage and noodles/pasta. Some recipes call for a large head of cabbage per 8 oz. of dry pasta/noodles and others call for half a head.
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