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  1. One member of the extended family, my brother's father-in-law, has a one-floor single home with lots of kitchen-dining-side room to spread out. We MAY have Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings there, but only if there isn't a big rise in cases this Fall.
  2. We in Maryland are in shock over the awful performance of the Ravens vs the Chiefs. The offense drove right through the Chiefs with a running attack on their first drive. The got 12 rushing yards on the first play of their second drive, but it was called back for holding. Then the Ravens strangely stopped rushing and began passing and got nothing as Lamar Jackson, who had completed about 80% of his passes in the first two games of the season, was off target over and over. Jackson wasn't helped by poor line play and the fact his #1 receiver, TE Mark Andrews, played hurt, but there was n
  3. Chiefs at Ravens in 1/2 hour on ESPN, South Park's 1 hour "The Pandemic Special" Wed. on Comedy Central, several hours per day each of Mom, 2 1/2 Men, That 70's Show, and Modern Family, lots of WW2 stuff on history-type channels, the Indiana Jones movies and multiple Showtime and Starz channels "free." I'm good! I'll probably be brainless, too, by the end of the year but I'm enjoying my new Fios Most Plus.
  4. Tesla and others are unveiling a nickel-based battery that's supposed to change everything. If it, and other developments like fast-charging stations appear in the next several years, almost no one but antique enthusiasts are going to want gas-driven cars.
  5. No songs, but I've eaten and drank at the original Sloppy Joe's Bar in Key West, Florida! Me behind the pillar on the right:
  6. I have a Ziploc bag with 10 masks in the glove compartment in case I with a bunch of relatives in the car and we decide to stop some place where we need masks.
  7. Around 1500-1000 BC, groups of peoples who apparently were displaced from their homelands in the Eastern Mediterranean suddenly descended on many nations according to their ancient histories. The Egyptians and Libyans fought an invading Sea People the Egyptians called the "Peloset," who were defeated and resettled and later known as the Philistines in what became known as "Palaestina" (today's Palestine) by the Egyptians, under Ramses the Great's son Merneptah (died in 1203 BC) as a buffer between them and the Hittites/Assyrians/etc. The pottery and other implements of the original Philistin
  8. The dog, or rat or whatever it was, was justified.
  9. I haven't carried any credit card debt for a decade since I was renovating my 2nd house for sale, have an 800+ credit rating and significant assets, but my several credit card interest rates range from 15.99% (American Express) to 26.99% (Amazon Store Card). I don't expect to every need to carry credit card debt again, but what the card companies/banks are doing to those that do should be illegal. It probably would be if we didn't have a corrupt Congress. Back when I had debt, I could call a card company and get the rate lowered to 4.99%. I doubt that happens anymore despite incredibly
  10. Since you have not sold the stock, you do NOT have any income to report on it, unless it's paying dividends. "In Canada, 50% of the value of any capital gains are taxable. Should you sell the investments at a higher price than you paid (realized capital gain) — you'll need to add 50% of the capital gain to your income." (https://www.wealthsimple.com/en-ca/learn/capital-gains-tax-canada). You report income from stock gains AFTER you sell the stock not before. I bought Abbott Labs in 1993 and have added to it. It, plus its spin-offs, have multiplied my original investment many times
  11. I've had similar experiences. When I switched cable TV services and called to cancel the old one, I got a series of reduced charge offers and extra free channels. When charging me for new checks for the first time in 40 years was the nickel-and-diming-me straw that broke my desire for M&T Bank and I could get no help calling customer service, I discovered federally insured Credit Unions had much better terms and began moving my savings there. The next day I got a call from M&T Bank asking, "Are we meeting your needs?" NOW, the phone rep told me how I could avoid charges, etc.
  12. Some commenters with the recipe I posted also used meat crumbles, Impossible Burgers, or chicken and said it was great.
  13. I like Honey Crisp apples a lot. I also like about every apple with "Jon" in the name: Jonathan, Jonafree, etc. A doctor owned an estate and asked his employee Jonathan to cut down a wild-growing Apple tree. Jonathan botched the job and a new trunk grew from the base of the tree. The apples turned out to taste so good they were named after Jonathan.
  14. Taboos? Allegedly, there was an English missionary in the 1800's who served a tribe around an African lake where it was taboo to eat fish and they believed it or spirits would kill them if they did so. The missionary returned to England and sent one of the young men from the tribe to an English college. After a couple years of college, the young man was having dinner at the missionary's home. The missionary said, "Now that you're getting an English education, you must realize that the taboo about fish is nonsense." "Oh no," the young man replied, "If I eat fish it will kill me
  15. "I haven't gathered that many here are hunters, so lack of meat processing facilities may not be a problem in your area." Deer and bear have been overrunning Maryland and Northern Virginia in the 2000's and hunting seasons have been expanded and encouraged - including bow hunting on the property of Fort Meade. So there's lots of hunting going on, but I haven't heard of any facility problems. My brother and brother-in-law hunt deer. I haven't done so for decades and was only doing rabbits and squirrels anyway. They drop the deer off at the facilities, get the chunks packaged, an
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