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  1. I've read some claims that the "sleeping giant" quote was made up for the film, "Tora, Tora, Tora," but that came out in 1970, two years after I had graduated from high school. I and my fellow classmates - most of us children of WW2 veterans - had been hearing about the "sleeping giant" quote since elementary school. That doesn't prove anything except that the movie claimers didn't do much research. It's like younger writers reporting about the death of people like Don Knotts and saying he was famous for being a character on Three's Company.
  2. My parents and grandparents as well as my aunts and uncles knew very little besides the finances and mechanics involved in graduating from high school and getting a job. They had all been through the Great Depression and had limited experiences with anything else. I was very fortunate to have a high school football coach who taught me about commuting to and working my way through college - our guidance counselor was worthless - and an undergrad chemistry advisor - I worked my way through my Junior and Senior years of college doing chemistry research paid by his grants - who taught me about the value of a grad school degree in chemistry. My mother was excellent at managing the little money she made and practicing comparison shopping and delay of gratification until the price is right. She was also excellent at doing tax returns. Those were all valuable lessons.
  3. If I had to make sense and sift through all the lies in the Medicare Advantage/Supplemental commercials, it would drive me crazy. Fortunately for me, 75% subsidized, excellent BCBS Medicare Supplemental with prescription, dental, and vision coverage comes with my pension. I pay $170/month for it. I only have to notify them each October if I want to change any options. Fortunately I have no deductibles and small copays. My insulin in expensive - in the thousands each quarter - but I pay $0: some paid by Medicare, some paid by BCBS. That and other reasons are why I'm changing nothing.
  4. And there was "The Lovely young maiden from Norway, as she hung from her heels in the doorway..." who "...discovered one more way."
  5. My father and I were seeing the sights and driving on I-90 near Rapid City, SD, in 1991 when we saw one of the relatively new B-1b bombers for the first time. It seemed to be coming in for a landing so I took an exit to the north side of I-90 and went in the direction the plane had been going. We ended up on a small road and didn't realize we were approaching Ellsworth Air Force Base until four guys in uniform with rifles appeared as we approached a locked, chain-link gate! We explained we had followed the plane and they let us get a look through the gate at the B-1b on the runway for a minute before telling us to turn around and drive away.
  6. When I was in my late teens, early 20's, it was prime hippie time and most of us wore long hair, flared or bell bottom jeans, etc. and were suspicious of government and older, "ignorant" people in our society. But by the time we were in our mid to late 20's, we had cut our hair shorter and were working for "The Man" and trying to financially and emotionally succeed in life. Many of us kept most of our all-are-equal ideals, but realized that those of us who worked our butts off to get well-educated or well-skilled in a trade deserved a solid share of the financial pie compared to those who did not bother to do so. Those who I've known in my area for the last half-century who are still hippies never seemed to have a goal of financial well-being. Many of them seldom wanted a regular job even in the face of being short or necessities and doing without health insurance and ended up on Disability Social Security or using other social aid programs. That included those who, at parties, would say things like, "Do you know you do not have to pay into Social Security?" Of course, now in their late-60's or 70's, they don't pay into party costs, etc. I've always admired their sticking to some of their egalitarian goals, but also felt they were hypocrites for grabbing public assistance paid by those of us when joined general society and paid a lot of taxes without acknowledging the benefits of being in a structured society.
  7. I'm 72 and like many my age, when I have to go, I have to go soon. I've learned to make sure I hit the head before heading out and am often good for hours, but sometimes I just have to go. So I've made sure I know the out-of-view, woodsy areas on the trails I walk and which stores have clean lavatories and their locations. When I'm shopping at several stores, I make sure the ones where I'd like to pee if necessary are in the middle of the tour!
  8. I had an old gas furnace and window AC before the house fire. State Farm approved a high efficiency central air unit and a 92% efficiency furnace - the fumes have to go out the side of the house, a foot or so off the ground, because they're are so cool that condensing water vapor would fall back down the pipes and chimney and into the furnace. I'm now spending a lot less for heating and air in my new well-insulated and sealed house. My avg. 2013-2019 December nat. gas and electric bill (for November usage) was $212.95. This year it's $155.90 despite higher nat. gas prices, though the weather was unusually warm. Last year it was $151.07. 2020 I was in the apartment waiting for the house to be rebuilt.
  9. I sympathize - I self-isolated in June. Also, I expected to do a lot of yard work today with a 60F high and "a couple showers" forecast. I still have to take my soaker hoses and tomato cages out of the garden and mow the dead plants into mulch. It's been raining all day! 56F and cloudy tomorrow is hopefully dry as forecast.
  10. Of course, the many gas tanks that blow up during accidents or leaked gas that catches fire are the alternative! It's like showing a car crashing into a house and killing people and claiming the horse and buggy is the superior way to go.
  11. The actual song, of course is "February made me shiver." Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and The Big Bopper were killed in a plane crash on February 3. 1959. They are "The three men I admire most, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost," in the song where, "They caught the last plane for the coast." It's the date McLean considered the end of the Rock and Roll Era. Of course, considering Elvis Presley, Connie Francis, early MoTown, etc. did a lot of similar rock and roll, including doo-wop, it wasn't really "the day the music died." Similarly, memories of Cheese aren't dead either. I think of him when I pull the cord and start my lawnmower for the first time each year. He taught me how to tilt the mower sideways with he carburetor side down for around 20 seconds to flush the water-infected alcohol in the gasoline out and start the mower when it didn't want to start.
  12. I've always considered a hike to be on an unpaved trail and usually a little more physically demanding in terms of hills and slippery slopes. There is a very, hilly 3 mile paved trail that circles a public park 10 miles from me where a farm was given or sold to the County and is now a demonstration farm run by the local 4H Club. The park also includes a large public sports complex and there are a lot of white tail deer in the woodsy areas, though they're not as visible since the pandemic. It's a fun hour's walk though too hilly to be done if you haven't been doing a lot of recent walking. There are also a couple, mile-long, hilly, unpaved trails, mostly used by mountain bikers, that loop off and back to the paved trail. If I walk the unpaved trails, then I'm hiking!
  13. I would be very interesting to see what kinds of things provoked anger. Finances? Work stresses? Family relations? Social activities? It would also be interesting to see how long the anger lasted: momentarily? For a week? Also, how did they resolve the anger? Doing something to stop the cause of the anger? Deciding they couldn't change the situation so it wasn't worth worrying about? Some people seem to thrive on anger and others, like me, do what's needed to end it and not take anything too seriously. The last time I was more than momentarily angry when I was recently mailed a violation notice by the Health Department - with a possible fine if not corrected - and learned the "food debris" they complained about was a garbage bag they couldn't see from the street was filled with weeds. But it wasn't going to do my case any good to "get it all out of my system" with the Inspector and, as I was very cooperative, she was too. That stopped my anger since my phone call had a favorable result.
  14. Before I went to see Bison for the first time in Custer State Park, SD, and Yellowstone National Park, I read that I should seek safety if the bison raises its tail, meaning a threat. I guess cats are the opposite.
  15. MickinMD

    Nice pear

    I bought 4 apples and 4 pears a week ago and haven't touched them. Sliced with peanut butter spread on them is a delight for me!
  16. I was very familiar with the Amish in SE Pennsylvania, but didn't realize there was a large Mennonite community in Western Maryland. I found out in 2001 when I caught the connecting flight home to Baltimore from Detroit after I had flown to Detroit from Beijing - 12 hours and 32 min. in the air! On the flight to Baltimore, a Mennonite Minister sat next to me. Apparently, plane travel was ok with him. He was returning from a missionary trip to sub-Saharan Africa. We swapped stories about our respective trips on the 90 minute flight. He went into details about how the boys in one tribe were circumcised in a big, public ritual around the age of 12 and he witnessed it. As he spoke, there were a couple women seated in front of us who were making grimacing faces when he talked about the circumcisions! That's my experience with a Mennonite and I enjoyed it!
  17. I don't know if I'd like or hate Coke plus Coffee. When I was at IIT in the mid-70's and we used to drink the cheap, 98 cents-a-six-pack, rough-tasting Mexican beer, some people created what they called a "Cincinnati" with 75% beer and 25% tomato juice or V8 to smooth it down. I didn't think I'd like it but it was ok - once in a while.
  18. If the 13 year-old laptop has a USB port, there are USB A to USB C cords, typically 1' to 3' long, that plug into the Android phone's port and the other end into the computer's USB port. If the laptop has Windows, even old Windows the early 2000's, a popup should appear after the phone is connected to the computer asking what app you want the phone to work with and Explorer is the choice wanted. Otherwise, launch Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer will treat the Phone's built-in memory as a hard drive and any SDHC memory card as another hard drive. You can move files back and forth between the computer and the phone, including picture files. That's what I do. I can simply drag the pictures from the phone to whatever folder I want on the computer, or use photo software and directly load the picture into them from the phone since the computer just treats it like a hard drive. If the laptop runs Apple iOS, then it should have a similar app to handle files.
  19. Yesterday I ate burger 6 of a pack of eight 1/4 pound frozen turkey burgers, "Nature's Intent Better Turkey Burger." I bought them a couple months ago and eat one when I forget they're pretty blah tasting. I don't think Costco carries them anymore. I'm going to break up and mix the last two into something like mac and cheese. Costco's packs of frozen, pre-formed beef burgers are 1/3 lb burgers now. As if we haven't become conditioned to being gluttonous enough to consider 1/4 burgers the standard now! I was a teenager working a fast-food grill when 1/4 pounders were introduced in the 60's and even we teenagers wondered who would be gluttonous to order one regularly. Even Big Macs, Gino Giants and other double 1/8 lb burgers were rarely ordered back then and the small fries and drink now are larger than the large ones then.
  20. An easy one is chicken nuggets with cocktail sauce.
  21. So many celebrities within a year of my age, 72, have been dying in the past couple of years - almost always cancer if cause of death is mentioned. As a college research and industrial research chemist, I handled - even washed my hands with - so many chemicals that were later determined to be carcinogenic that I switch to teaching high school after I could literally taste some of the chemicals I had worked with during the week when I went for a Saturday run. I smoked from 20 to age 44. So I get every test available to me. Somehow, no cancer so far, but I'm reminded of my higher than normal probability - which gets closer to normal as the years pass - every time I see an elderly cancer death.
  22. We've become a very petty society and one where people will sue at the drop of a hat if they think they can even if it's logically ridiculous. So you get all kinds of extra precautions.
  23. I just paid a delightfully surprising $2.959/gal. at Costco, minus 4% cash-back on the Citi Costco Visa, about 12 cents a gallon. The typical gas stations locally are $3.299. That's the lowest I've paid since Aug. 29, 2021 when I paid $2.939.
  24. Kitchen? Then didn't even really inspect my yard - the health dept. telling their "agents" not to enter yards! They saw a black lawn bag that had pulled weeds, etc. inside and assumed it was food debris. Funny, friends and relatives who don't live in my community wonder why the health dept made such a big deal about lids when they give away 30 gal recycling cans without lids and a lot of people have them without lids.
  25. I going out the door in a minute to shop. Costco is one stop and I'm picking up their 5+ lb. chicken pot pie. I'll bake it, cut it in 5 pieces, store 4 in the fridge and it will be ready when I'm too tired to cook after some outside exercise in nice weather this week.
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