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  1. Paved bike route across northern Idaho. Anyone ever ride it? Asking for a friend
  2. Nope. Never watched. My wife was into it, though.
  3. I was not lying when I said they were non-stingy. (And I promised a picture to prove it)
  4. I am perfectly qualified for the job I have, largely in part because I targeted this as a job goal and worked over a period of nine years developing the qualifications to do it well. I have been asked aboht changing jobs within our organization for promotion and or commission and more pay but politely declined explaining that this is the best uses of my abilities. Some people get paid for what they do, others get paid for what they know, I am a weird combination of both
  5. Zephyr

    Wedding blues

    Just went through it..., tell them to elope
  6. I was at home on a day off. My boss called and told me to turn on the TV for five minutes then get my arse into the office because planes were being diverted to our airport and we needed extra bodies there
  7. Did she just come and ask if it was lasting longer than 4 hours?
  8. To be fair.. he did get his acting chops from his father, who got an oscar for playing an old guy dying of cancer when he was......, wait for it.... an old guy dying of cancer.
  9. Not yet, but the dms are getting 'frisky'
  10. Are you sure we are not related?
  11. With my wife getting cleared to ride again last month, she has gotten a few rides in but we are on the wet coast and the rainy season is coming. I think I want to get an indoor trainer, one where she (or I )can hook up and ride our own bike. I was thinking of looking at the ones where you can ride roads on your tv. Not looking at it as a hard ass trainer, just more for burning calories and time in the saddle
  12. Totally busted. I watched it now..., and you were right. That whole clip was Fonda at his absolute best.
  13. Sorry Dude, not even close. Not even in the top ten.
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