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  1. The fact that they feel this is important enough to mention gives some indication of what they consider extraordinary.
  2. Who sat there before? Maybe it is a mooseknuckle fluffer
  3. So..., it has to be something bike related, for cleaning on a bike. Or cleaning scuba tanks for mice
  4. Hard to put a size to it, but we use something similar (but I am guessing larger) for brushing threads on SCUBA tanks
  5. Is "Old Harley Motorcycles" a secret code for "German Dungeon Porn"?? Those sites are nasty. So I've heard
  6. I was the same as you RG. My Grandfather was blind in one eye so they would not let him go to WW1, my dads generation was too young for WWII. No one served during Korea.
  7. I thought this was going to be another "coffee date" thread
  8. For some reason @jsharr, I always pictured you with way more hair on your back (pause here for full body shiver)
  9. I am weird. I don't really have a 'team' other than "Whoever is playing Montreal" but I enjoy a good hockey game. Well, the highlights, really. Other than Olympic Hockey and the World Jr's every Christmas, I rarely sit through a game. I'd rather go play than watch. I play a lot of hockey, with 3 different groups throughout the winter, pretty much from Sept 1 until late April. As soon as my hockey is done (we finished a week ago) my interest in the playoffs is pretty much done. I will check in to see the scores, will watch the last five minutes of the last game, and tune in to see what Don Cherry is ranting about but other than that I am done. I think I am pulling for the Pens in this one. I'd love seeing Crosby crush Ovi yet again and go on to hoist the cup.
  10. It is good to know what sort of nefarious characters I am associating with.
  11. NOW I know who you are on the SW Strava group. I keep trying to put names there to names here.
  12. Nope. My life is too full right now. I don't like driving, it is a waste of my time, and I don't think they'd let me on the bus with my stinky hockey and/or dive gear They day they finally invent the Star Trek transport thingy, will be the last day I drive anywhere
  13. Just ten miles, to and from work. Had planned a longer ride of 30-ish miles on the way home, but a hot, exhausting afternoon at work left me a little gassed so I just limped home
  14. St. Anthony NL
  15. You can't call it winter unless your lawn looks like this (Not my house, but I use to live right down the road from here)