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  1. Just for the record, I am laughing at the attachments, not your bleeding nipples
  2. This. Except I would be the driver, not the distraction.
  3. Your Tgiving is a much bigger deal to you than ours is for us. Still..., son will come over for the weekend and there is a good chance that D2 and her husband may drive down with my Grandson and stay a week or so to visit. Chistmas will just be us and my son, same as last year. Other than our 2 daughters living on the Prairies, and our son just across the Strait, the rest of both of our families are in Ontario or out East.
  4. D2 works as a butcher in a meat processing plant, a small business that caters to wild game during hunting season and small farms the rest of the year. Big commercial farms go more to major centres.
  5. I wonder if it was just another covid solution. This time last year if he needed to illustrate the issue maybe he uses two people in the office as examples, because everyone is at work..., but at this time he used his daughters because he is working from home?
  6. I picked up my first paur of Pearl Izumi's yesterday to replace the holey ones, I am looking forward to trying them out
  7. For the first time ever, I notice a hole in a pair of bob shorts, right where the inside thigh meets the cuzzif. It looked like it was wore through as opposed to a puncture hole. I checked and all my other bib shorts are showing abrasion in the same spot. I checked my bike and my saddle has worn through on that side, but just through the top layer. It makes me sad because it fits me so well and I have around 13,000 miles in that saddle and it fits me great. So I thought I would retire it and put the saddle which I dont love back on as it came with the bike I also noticed the
  8. Yeah...., it seemed a little much.
  9. We were in the same boat you are now when we got our last mortgage. The lender merely commented on "You have a bunch of cards you never use, you should close those. " She explained that they can consider how much you CAN pay, not how much you do pay..., for example a worst case scenario..., if one or both lost income and all cards became maxed out, could you still make the mortgage payment and the required minimum payment on each maxed card. She saud it was not an issue but still a good idea to shut them down if we did not need them. But then again, our mortgage/banking system is
  10. I wear collared instructor shirt during courses, on ops or inbetween I wear a navy t-shirt with our school logo on it. Same pants either way, navy fatigues, and steelntoe boots if working in the warehouse or field, and black sneakers if driving a desk all day
  11. Alberta..., pretty much Texas but with winter and way less guns
  12. Wow. Holy crap Wow, again.
  13. Yes I fit in. As someone who gets moved around the country on a regular basis as part of the job, I have learned is that I can be miserable in the best posting or happy in the most isolated places, it was just a matter of me 'making the best of it'. I have lived in cities of over a million and small isolated villages of under a thousand and always felt like I 'fit'
  14. I have never heard the phrase before.... and still not sure what it is supposed to mean or what the end of the phrase is..., and am a little afraid to google it on my work phone
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