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  1. Zephyr


    Do they sell them with "Sweet jumps" on it? As in "Do you ever take it off any sweet jumps?"
  2. Be happy with both..., the nurse (assuming the nurse was female) looked at you and felt that you were handsome and studly enough that you could have an attractive young girlfriend..., And the Doctor (if male) looked at the attractive young girl as a someone's daughter, instead of perving on her thinking she hooks up with older men and does freaky things for their money
  3. I will have to check to be sure when I get home, but I think they are a little too wide for my bike
  4. I'm strictly a roadie..., so not too worried about mud getting trapped. That is a good point I never thought of, not a huge issue with road slicks, but still
  5. I would try those if they were not cost prohibitive
  6. I will fight to my last dying breath...., there are still too many cool things I want to experience
  7. Marianne, Bailey, Janet and both those handsome devils
  8. It is obviously not CGI, but as there are camera cuts, I highly doubt it was all on one breath hold. We teach breath hold techniques and have had people with 1/2 hour of training do a 5 minute breath hold.
  9. That is quite mesmerizing. She must have a couple plates of lead tucked to keep her on the bottom
  10. Zephyr

    Hey Cheese!!

    A short clip of Doodle at work. (And by Doodle, I mean Megan). Happy Tuesday. video-1579485607.mp4
  11. I lived right in Gros Morne for 4 years. So many people blast past Deer Lake without ever turning North.
  12. When you are planning let me know. I lived there for 9 years..., there are a few 'don't miss' spots
  13. Just the "Squarewheels Rolex Challenge" sweepstakes.
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