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  1. Zephyr

    I am shocked!!

    Home from work today and on "Jerry Springer", someone's Baby-Daddy slept with her best friend! I am engrossed on what will happen next.
  2. She is too young for you and her boyfriend is built like a shaved ape
  3. I know it's you, no one else would refer to "my Megan" without fear of retribution when discovered
  4. The taxes on the income would screw me up too much
  5. This is how read this... and giggled. My wife called me a little boy
  6. Maybe wheels has him locked in the basement, chained to the next support post over from Redfaced Walrus, and he forces them to watch him ride his bike on the rollers
  7. Mathing is hard. It is the other way around. FIFY
  8. Really? Full disclosure, too many posts for me to read them all. Read the first few then skipped to the bottom. Welcome to the "SQUIRREL" world I live in. We'll split the winnings. You can have the money, I'll take the beer cozy
  9. I have a checklist to keep track of my checklists. Both for work and home. Work because we have to, and home because I am old school hyper and a little ADD and without organization I am all over the map and would not get anything done
  10. I remember a few years ago they set up a program to entice people to quit smoking. You could register and sign up with a witness (because we all worked off-site) and if you went 60 days without a cigarette, they would reward you with a $250 gift card. I called in and told the health nurse that I wanted to sign up and Larry would be my witness. HS responded "But Zeph, you dont smoke" and I told her I went and bought a pack of smokes that morning (I did, but because the boss wanted me to get some for him while I was there) and that because of her email i decided to quit and would call back when the time was done to get my money. Two days later they cancelled the program because a number of people complained.
  11. Y'all are a bunch of lightweights. We have a wonderful new "carbon tax" here thanks to JT so we can be all environmentally friendly so I am paying the equivalent of 4,40 per gallon (US).
  12. Zephyr

    Ryan is a Thug

    Nope, that is D2. She is my farmer/adventurer
  13. Zephyr


    I think from now on when I read Random Guy's posts, I am going to hear Larry David
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