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Community Answers

  1. Drove 3 1/2 hours to Edmonton
  2. My wife wouldn't use the 'c', she just prefers to be sarcastic
  3. I always thought 'hunky' was a word my wife made up to describe me (lol)
  4. Zephyr

    Via Ferrata

    I did one I Whistler a number of years ago. It was fun. There were places you didn't have to use the wire rIls unless toy wanted to and could make it as gard as you wanted. I would do it again
  5. Leave the farm tomorrow to head to visit daughter #2, and doing a Fondo on Sunday, head home on Monday
  6. I would try. My last name is 'White', when picking names for D1 I suggested 'Snow' but my wife vetoed it.
  7. Congrats SW and SD. Well done on 15 years!
  8. I am a third generation Red Sox fan, even though there are a lot of Blue Jay and former Expo fans in Canada. I don't have a hockey team now, in spite of having a local team, but growing up the Black Hawks were my team with many teams geographically closer.
  9. Zephyr

    Long day

    Me too. First harvest from my daughter's hives this year, about half the supers and 5 US gallons of honey. Hot work in the bee suits then spent the afternoon extracting
  10. I know it is not an OOG @Kirby, but will a 1 month old Nigerian Pygmy goat named 'Flower' (after Flower on Bambi because of the white tuft ) be okay to post?
  11. I run 32s on my commuter bike and 25s on my road bike. I just like the harder feel on the road bike.
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