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  1. Zephyr

    Why do goats climb palm trees?

    To get to the other side?
  2. Zephyr

    The cool kids' table

    I am standing alone on the side, with my back to the wall, quietly watching (and judging) everyone who comes and goes.....
  3. Zephyr

    The cool kids' table

    Ummm, there are tables??
  4. We use lithium for the screens in our underwater video systems as the cold saps the others so fast
  5. Zephyr

    Does RG need this shirt?

    Or would it be more accurate for the shirt to start with "Please stare at my........" (My photoshop skills suck, otherwise I would have done the shirt up)
  6. Zephyr

    How Often Do You Contribute To Youtube?

    exactly twice
  7. Zephyr

    Should I post this picture?

    Someone has Canada mitts!!
  8. Zephyr

    Name the Café denizens

    I thought parodybot was the bike for some bizarre SWF threesome
  9. Zephyr

    Ah, the fleeting love of youth

    We always told our kids that dating was a job interview for a life partner, and it is best to find out early that it wasn't right rather than years down the road. My kids are all in their 20's now, and that advice still holds true
  10. Zephyr

    Name the Café denizens

    Jsharr and Kzoo?
  11. Zephyr

    Valentine Day plans

    Here is the story. What we did is we each sat down and wrote our version without discussing it with the other, then we pieced them together into one story. (Its a little long, sorry) WHEN JAY MET NATALIE NATALIE – Coming from Prince Edward Island to attend UNB for my Education degree, I arrived as an already certified lifeguard that worked the summers on the beaches of Prince Edward Island. As a student, I decided to help with my costs for attending University and took on a job working part time at the two swimming pools found on campus. JAY - The first week of my first year at UNB, I read an ad in “The Brunswickan” that the UNB Scuba club was going to hold an information session about a SCUBA course being held at the Sir Max Aitken pool on campus. Having wanted to learn to dive since seeing my older cousin dive years before, I attended the session and took the ten-week long course my first term, finishing the course in December. NATALIE – During my time at UNB, I worked as a part time lifeguard on a steady regular basis to put a little spending money in my pocket. It was a great job, on campus, great facilities, and they were really accommodating working around our study/class schedules. JAY - Throughout my years at UNB, my extra-curricular activities revolved around the UNB SCUBA club. From weekend dives planned in the Bay of Fundy, to trips on the UNB Boat located in St Andrews, weekend trips to Northern New Brunswick or Halifax to explore the oceans in those areas, to helping out with courses that were taught each term at the pool on campus, I spent a great deal of time at the pool and thought I knew all the life guard staff. NATALIE - January 1987, the start of my final term at UNB. The first Friday before classes resumed, I did my regular lifeguard shift at the Lady Beaverbrook Residence swimming pool and then headed down the hill to the Sir Max Aitken swimming pool to cover someone else’s shift. That swim turned out to be the UNB SCUBA club’s regular night for students to practice their skills. As the next course had not started yet, this was a play night for them. JAY - Scuba courses at UNB ran every Monday night, 2 hours in the classroom and two hours in the pool. On the following Friday evening there was a one-hour pool session for people in the course to come in and practice the skills that they had learned the previous Monday. During the first week of January 1987, the course was not going to start until the following Monday so there would be no students around. It was used as a free time for members of the club to come and practice their skills or just to play in the water. It was a great stress relief after a hectic week of classes and was well attended. NATALIE - As I sat in the lifeguard chair my attention was continually caught by a male who was up to mischief and because he stayed under water, I could not get his attention to reprimand him. He would swim to the bottom of the deep end with flutter boards and aim them at swimmers above and let them fly. He undid lane ropes and attached them to unsuspecting divers as they swam by. JAY - When I walked onto the deck of the pool, I went to go chat with the lifeguards who (I thought) I knew all on a first name basis. There was a lifeguard working that night, someone I had never met before. This was a bit of a surprise so I just turned and headed to the SCUBA equipment after waving a feeble ‘hello’ across the pool deck. The night was a typical play night where we would put on weight belts, take our fins off and wrestle on the bottom, or sink flutter boards to the bottom and time letting them go to try to hit other divers swimming by. I noticed several times when I popped my head up that the lifeguard was looking at me and afraid she was going to say something, I would duck underwater before she got the chance. At one point I wanted to unhook the buoy line at the edge of the deep end but it was right under the lifeguard seat where she was sitting. Looking up through the water I could see her looking down at me so I kept my head underwater and reached up and unhooked the line. I then swam the line down and hooked it to another diver’s tank and swam away. I came to the surface at the other side of the pool (far away from her) but I could see her smiling to herself as the diver was trying to swim away and could not figure out why he was not going anywhere. NATALIE – SCUBA had always intrigued me so before the swim was over, I asked one of the divers who I would speak to about taking a course. When I spoke with this person, I was told the class for that term was full. Suddenly the mischief maker jumped out of the pool and walked up and said, “She’s in.” The reply was that they didn’t have enough gear. His answer, “She can use my gear.” And with that he walked away. Let’s just say that by now I was quite intrigued by this individual. He was cute, funny, and a bit of a rascal. JAY - While sitting on the side of the pool, I noticed the lifegaurd get down and walk over to speak to one of the divers. The diver pointed at another member of the SCUBA club, who was helping to organize the course that was starting in three days. She walked over and as they were talking the member was shaking his head, “No”. Knowing that the course was already full because of the number of sets of gear we had, I got up and walked over to where they were standing. Guessing what they were talking about I said, “She’s in. Let her take the course.” Rick replied that we did not have enough gear. I shrugged and said, “She can use mine.” Then I turned and walked away. In the four years I was helping with courses at UNB, they were always full. I had never done that before and never did it again. To this day I have never figured out what made me walk over and offer my gear to her. NATALIE - Over the next two and a half months I got to know this Jay White and although I thought he was interested in me, he just never asked me out. Finally, I decided enough was enough and invited him over for supper and the rest is history. JAY - During the course that Natalie was now taking, we got to know each other and got along very well. We spent a fair bit of time together and became great friends. Near the end of her course we had supper at her house one night and decided to take this friendship to the next step. When one of our closest diver friends found out we were now dating, he looked at me and said, “Well it’s about bloody time!” NATALIE and JAY - We married in 1990, and that fall Jay joined the RCMP. We lived in Newfoundland for 9 years, Nova Scotia for 8 years and now BC for 10 years. We have raised three fantastic children and have enjoyed a life of fun and adventure. We still dive together and now with our three children as well. Jay teaches diving to Police for a living now and has even returned to UNB as a guest speaker in science courses on doing police work underwater. We have often told the story of how we met and always get a positive response. Jay likes to add that he was on the deck of the pool strutting around in a speedo (he wasn’t) the night we met and that is what made me notice him, but I (Natalie) am doing the final edit so got to take that part out. We are thankful to UNB, not only for our years of education, but also that it was the place we met and started our story together. They also wanted pictures, so we included two, one of us last year in St Lucia still doing what we love And this one. A couple years ago, for the first time we hired a professional photographer to take a good picture of the two of us for our 25th wedding anniversary. This is what we ended up with, which pretty much sums up our 30 years together
  12. Zephyr

    Local News? Do You Even Bother Watching It?

    My wife has the local news on while we are prepping supper. Stops it for us to eat then ffwd through the rest. Then she watches the national news. It comes from her days in the classroom discussing current events with her students.
  13. Zephyr

    Should men be scented?

    Everyone should just smell clean. Perfumes, scents, and colognes need to go the way of smoking in public places. If you want to dab a little on your kibbles 'n bits for your S.O., fine, but I should not be able to smell it standing beside you