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  1. Sorry Wheels. Didnt realize I could trim my footprint here down. Hope all this helps
  2. Zephyr

    Restaurant food

    Define cooked. We picked up some sushi Friday night.
  3. I think @Kzoo may as well not worry if his parodymeter is working and calibrated, because this thread is about to break it
  4. You do know how to tell the difference between an oral and anal thermometer, right? The taste.
  5. No...., not since I was 8 years old. No t-shirt, no sweats. I run hot and being that wrapped up seems gross to me. Even in a tent in the arctic in February, it was down to underwear for me
  6. She is a total softie....., she is working hard here trying to stay on her feet.(Note how her feet are splayed and her tail is tucked. This is her now......
  7. Lobsters are the cockroaches of the sea..., but they are so yummy!
  8. They are hidden by all the herring smegley they are swimming around in
  9. I wear Arcteryx rain gear here..., it is great stuff. Wore Canada Goose some when up in the Arctic but it is way too warm for this climate
  10. Zephyr


    I have returned to places a number of times where bodies were never located and the families hired psychics to try to locate them. We go to make the family feel better rather than tell them they just threw money away. They have never been right. Not once. Lsst time was a missing woman went over a falls in a river. After searching the high probability areas, we told them the search needs to focus farther downstream. The family hired a psychic who said she had gotten out and climbed up the nearby mountain to get cell reception to call for help. Some searchers were tasked with going up the hill..., which delayed finding her (downstream) by several days
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