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  1. I have been called a lot of things in my 30 years in uniform, but have never been called "The Fuzz." I feel like my career is incomplete
  2. My dad did that with me as a kid when I threw a golf ball through a 6 foot tall window beside the front door. (I was throwing it against the concrete front step and catching it as it came back). I thought I was in trouble and Dad came home from work and just said "Well tomorrow you are going to learn how to replace a pane of glass" and as the next day was Saturday we got up early, went to Key's Lunch counter for a Saturday morning breakfast then went and picked up our supplies and went home and fixed the glass. I have often set my Dad as the measureing bar for being a good father and am
  3. I have three long weird ones, two on one side, one on the other. I have to cut them regularly
  4. I kinda like him but to me, no matter what role he plays..., you only see Nicholas Cage. Good actors you don't see the actor but the character. He is sort of like a Tom Cruise, who looks like and acts like Tom Cruise in every single movie he is in except Tropic Thunder, which is his best acting
  5. And it comes with it's own pack of crayons.
  6. Don't know 'cause I don't watch so I really have no opinion of any value. But my vote would be for Levar as Jeopardy is sort of "Reading Rainbow" for adults
  7. The only bike parts I ever purchased on-line was tires and I got them through Amazon
  8. She has been a hard training gym-rat lately. You know she'll kick your ass if you get 'fresh'
  9. I am married to a teacher, she won't let me. Sort of like affect and effect
  10. I cast the same shadow as my father, my father worked his whole life and was not into sports at all. Broad shouldered, but for him was probably from manual labour.
  11. Please do....., am am driving back from Megan's that day so no riding for me. Please do my leg too.
  12. Drive to Saskatchewan to hold my Grandson for the first time in 10+ months
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