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  1. Only 7 miles, split riding to and from work, did 54 miles yesterday on my way home so the legs felt a little weak today
  2. Good for you. That is a great target weight. People hitting their goals is inspiring for target oriented people like me
  3. I will not see 198 unless I cut off a leg
  4. I wonder if that would actually happen. If the Beatles were not the Beatles, and their music came out today, would anybody notice? People are all ohhhh and ahhhh about their songs but mainly(IMO) because of who they are, not the music itself. You cannot become a star today without the young fan base. Would they get it?
  5. Here is pro tip #847. RG on your next date, keep a trophy when you leave (ie panthose) and after you follow the advice above about polish and buff, use the pantyhose and use them as a last buff and they will come out gleaming
  6. I just figured out what you are talking about. Helps when you read the whole thread. Who knew? 473
  7. Ferns. Next door is unkempt and littered with them. We have been fighting them for years. I even dug a 2 foot trench and put a barrier down last fall, so we may have turned the tide
  8. Texting with fat thumbs, a small phone and no reading glasses is hard
  9. I have only one main attachment, and according to WofZ it is SPECTACULAR. (At least that is what she tells me when stroming my fragike ego)
  10. Zephyr


    No one has ever wanted to take a jello shot off my butt. No matter how many times I asked them to.
  11. Zephyr


    I guess I didn't even know Jello was still a thing. The last time was years ago and involved jello shots..., which may have something to do me not having it again for a long time.
  12. Zephyr

    What's shakin?

    How do you like your bike? I got the Adv Pro 0 late last summer and still smile every time I get on it
  13. Zephyr

    Monday 12:57

    I am flying through my work list today, and is all a bonus because I was supposed to be off but am making serious headway onto the pile
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