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  1. Zephyr

    Road Trip!

    Thank you all. I have been super slammed and will reply to many of your comments when I get a chance. My wife is loving her research (we travel with a tabbed binder) and a lot of your info has helped greatly
  2. In the middle of a big course right now. My shortest day workday since Sept 12 was today, and it was a mere 13 1/2 hours, so I have not been on in a long time
  3. Zephyr

    Road Trip!

    Like "Close Encounters of Third Kind" Devils Tower? Thanks! That is doable. I will let you know when we are passing through in case we are right in the neighbourhood
  4. Zephyr

    Road Trip!

    Yes. My wife drove through a few years ago and said it was a place we need to explore
  5. Zephyr

    Road Trip!

    Oura is actually June 16, so you have almost a full month head start on us
  6. Zephyr


    I just ride as hard as I can until I start throwing up in my mouth, then slow down just a bit. I do that for as long as I can until I am super tired then I get off my bike. Itbisba good thing when that happens close to home
  7. All I know right now is that the Leafs will lose to Bostom in the first round(yet again)
  8. Zephyr

    Road Trip!

    (Can someone please pin this for a few days to get some good replys) Next year is our 30th wedding anniversary and WofZ and I are hitting the road in June. She wants to visit a childhood penpal in Colorado, so we are looking at Washington, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Colorado, then heading back west through Utah, maybe Arizona, Nevada California then up the Pacific coast to home. We are taking our camping gear, canoe and equip, hiking gear and our road bikes. Camp a few days, a couple hotel nights, back camping...., that sort of thing. We love day hikes, and paddling and doing some exploring on our bikes. We are not opposed to wilderness canoe camping as well. All we know for sure is we are hitting the Badlands and Yellowstone. If you know of any local knowledge "must-dos" let me know. We much prefer a local hiking trail with amazing views to going to see the worlds largest ball of string. Our actual route is early in the research phase so nothing is off the table. Any suggestions would be greatly appe..., apresh....... appreschia......., I woukd like it a lot.
  9. The shortest way, Megan. She is 4'11" in shoes so shorter the better. And no, some people down there abiut me coming for some training
  10. Do the fair ladies there like a man in uniform?
  11. I have people who want me to come that way some day for work stuff..., if I was on the area I would try to find you..., but have no idea whaf you look like
  12. I am commando under my bike shorts too, just not my commuter ones
  13. We do not buy bananas in the summer. They seem to be the worst offenders
  14. When commuting back and forth to work, a mere 6 miles and not breaking a sweat, I wear my commuter shorts (with underwear) and will wear them for several days. If I am going for a real ride, I wear them once then wash. I have quite a few pairs so always have clean ones to wear
  15. I think the premise of that whole thought process is that for planets (class M on Star Trek) to have humanoid life forms they must have similar environments to earth, therefore their species would have followed a similar evolutionary path as humans and therefore would turn out somewhat similar to us. That or the theory the God created more than one 'earth' and so made us all somewhat the same. I am not trying to start a P&R post, I have seen this written out as explanations for ST life forms
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