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  1. Zephyr

    Great Opening lies.......

    I am interested in your mind. (my opening lie from back in my single days)
  2. Zephyr

    For the drinkers amongst us

    If it was one type of drink was all I could have, a La Frenz Pinot Noir. A great wine that I can pair with a wide range of dishes. If is is just one type...... Vodka would be Stolichnaya, cold. I don't drink a lot of vodka. Rum - A tough one for me. Has to be amber and drank neat. Either Angostura 1824 or Bumbu. Two totally different flavours Whisky - Probably go with Knob Creek Bourbon. It is good in a "Old Fashioned" Scotch - I'd pick which ever rum I didn't pick above, and add a teaspoon of mud to every glass, because to me Scotch just taste like good rum with dirt in it. Beer - Alexander Keiths Red. Because I am an East Coast boy Gin - Tanqueray because that is what my wife likes
  3. Zephyr

    Great Opening lines.......

    You are right though.., iconic opening line
  4. Zephyr

    Making presentation even wordier

    I teach people to teach as part of my job. When running that course, I show this video.
  5. Zephyr

    Great Opening lines.......

    It is a book written over 100 years ago, is 550-ish pages long and they see the whale for the first time 26 pages from the end. Very few people in this day and age have read the book, yet a large majority of people know the opening line. That is what (IMO) makes it great
  6. Zephyr

    Great Opening lines.......

    For the first time I and reading "A Tale of Two Cities". With that classic opening line "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times....." it got me thinking about books that have that great first line. "In the beginning...." Bible "Call me Ishmael." Moby Dick "She only stopped screaming when she died. Then the baby started screaming" Kane and Able "The great fish swam silently through the night water...." Jaws "Dear Penthouse Forum" : ) and of course (and I am paraphrasing here from reading it to my kids so don't jump on me if it is not exact) "On the 15th of May on the Jungle of Nool In the heat of the day in the cool of the pool He was splashing, enjoying the jungles great joys When Horton the Elephant heard a small noise..." What great opening lines have stuck with you? Some are even greater than the book itself.
  7. Zephyr

    Metric conversion

    Other way around.
  8. Zephyr

    Your significant other

    She is a teacher that had to give up full time positions five times due to my transfers over the years. She took her Masters Degree in Literacy Education and now works for the Education Department of the local University where she works with student teachers. She also still wanted to use her Masters and so runs a private business for kids who struggle with reading and writing by developing individual programs for them based on what 'rungs of the ladder' they are missing that is preventing them from progressing. She has done that for 6 years now, has never advertised and is full with a waiting list year to year. She is way smarter and more accomplished than I am
  9. Zephyr

    Are you the type that likes to get the last word?

    Best. Thread. Ever.
  10. Zephyr

    So how have you been sleeping?

    I can get by on 5 or 6 hours of sleep a day. But I need a good 8 hours each night. Truthfully, I am a terrible sleeper. I don't think about how much I get, because I am sure it would stress me out. I think a large part of my poor sleep habits are related to 18 straight years of shift work. That topped with being a flopper. I need to remake the be every day as everything is pulled up and out during the night. Thankfully WofZ is a sound sleeper and my issues do not affect her sleep.
  11. Zephyr

    Netflix is way the hell better than Hulu

    Because she can. ~duh~
  12. Zephyr

    There once was a man named Cheese...

    There once was a guy named Cheese who wanted Kirby to be his main squeeze she turned him down his sorrows he tried to drown so he hooked up with a pig with fleas
  13. Zephyr

    Hot sauce is good on everything

    Ling Cod and scallops. They are both such delicate (light) flavours that the hot sauce would just over power it. Hot sauce is also not good on contact lenses. Trust me
  14. Zephyr

    Is your pocket smarter than you?

    We use lots of different, but mostly nautical knots. I like being able to tie and not look like a lubber in front of nautical old salts. I could still get better though as they are perishable skills. I used to be able to tie a one handed bowline with the line around your back and tied int he front but I am not sure if I could do it now. A firefighter showed it to me, it was a fun one