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  1. Zephyr

    RE to the Di2 phone

    I have Di2 on my new bike, so have dealt with it for a few months now. Bearing in mind that I am not a good cyclist, I can say that I will likely never own another bike without it. Shifting is so clean, quick and exact. It doesn't make me faster, but it works in my favour. I have even been to cross load my chain now and then and it still works perfectly. I have no idea how often I shift, if it hurts, I shift until I feel better. There is no science for my riding, just how much I want to throw up in my mouth
  2. I write something silly on the board and then as an alibi ask the next person to come in "Do you know what that is about?" I then stand by the seat I want.., so I do not have to sit down too long.
  3. The funny thing is..., I ride my bike to work, and almost every day in traffic I encounter vehicles that are just wafting smoke. Usually more than one vehicle. Today...., not a sniff. There was a report last week that the last major Canadian survey on the subject just a year or so ago, less than 10% of the Canadian population has smoked weed in the last five years. It is not a big a deal as the news and advocates wants us all to believe.
  4. Zephyr

    Do you have something that makes you unnecessarily angry?

    To answer the original question.... for me it is people who lie and people who are lazy. Or both.
  5. Zephyr

    How Many Job Changes Have You Had?

    Once out of University, still on the same job.., 28 years and counting. I will retire from here and hopefully pull the chute and be done working altogether except for the odd special contract.
  6. Zephyr

    What'd I miss?

    There seems to be a lot of reading here. Can someone give me a "Reader's Digest" version of what has gone on while I was on hiat...., higha... hiate....... while I was away.
  7. Zephyr

    I'm out!!

    For the next five weeks anyway. We have our big course starting and I'll be on an 80-90 hour work week for the next five weeks. Someone else will have to take up the mantle of being the "inconsequential sporadic random poster" while I am gone Play safe everyone
  8. Zephyr


    I get it cut the way my wife wants it. Short buzzed on the sides, a couple inches on top. I go until it starts to pull my hair putting my drysuit on and then get it cut again, around 5-6 weeks. Before big courses where I am diving every day for a number of weeks, I buzz it with a #1 guard so 1/4 inch all over. I would just as soon take it to the wood, (bald people have it made) but my wife says she wants a bit of hair.
  9. Did the Patriots win?
  10. Zephyr

    If There Was A Plant-Based Steak

    My wife only buys the veggie burger at "Harvey's", a Canadian hamburger chain and the best (imo) fast food burger. I have to admit, blind tasting, you cannot tell the difference between it and their regular hamburger. I always get the regular, so I guess the answer to your question is "No, I wouldn't" In my defence, I do not eat a lot of red meat and tend to be a "everything in moderation" kind of guy
  11. Zephyr

    So wjatcha reading?

    Recommended it to RG a while back. Haven't read it in a few years so decided when I was done with my last one it was time to read again. It is probably my 4th or 5 th read of this book
  12. Zephyr

    The SWF Confessional Thread

    I think @Square Wheels is hilariously funny.
  13. A couple years ago we were doing a course on marine explosives and had some law enforcement guys up from California for a couple weeks. They actually drove back and had one of those sea mines that had been rendered inert sitting on the back seat of their truck when they went across the border. Border security looked at it, had no idea they were LEO's and let them through, not knowing what they were looking at. They forgot it was there until they were in line at the booth. I wonder if they would get through today?
  14. Zephyr

    Who is working today?

    Doing some work emails from home, and a couple quick calls, but technically I am not working
  15. Zephyr

    When are you coming to Vancouver BC?

    Yes, in Vancouver a lot. It is my favorite major metropolitan area in the country. I would only want to live there if I could live right downtown so I did not have to drive. And even then it would be iffy. I am not a big city guy, and a few days here and there are enough for me to want to head back to the island