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  1. Shamelessly stolen, because it made me LMAO

    Me at my desk after going out for a big lunch with the staff
  2. Happy 4-20 !!!

    I live in British Columbia. Seems like very day is 4-20 here. I ride to work every day, and it is not uncommon to smell weed coming from cars at traffic lights. I mean who needs to smoke weed at 6:45 am on your way to work.
  3. Pedro Keeps "Liking" My Runs On Strava!

    Yeah, I had someone down in the southern states like a couple of my rides. At first I thought it was someone here, but looking further, I think it was just someone who likes lots hoping to get lots of followers. And it wasn't even a good ride. Just a slow ride home one day after work. Weird
  4. Need a new pump, cheap?

    No joke Dude. My apologies. Until today, I didn't know you actually rode a bike. I just thought you were some random guy who stumbled onto these people one day and stayed.
  5. I never mention you. I just continually quote all of you then claim it as my own insight. Or "so and so on the cycling forum".
  6. You all should go back in time and not get married

    I did what you asked, RG. I am reporting back as requested. Bottom line..., I saw way less boobies. So I reverted back to my original timeline in the Space/time continuum. Much better....
  7. Yet another bird pic

    yeah.., this isn't Tinder. @Jsharr. You should touch this with a 10" pole
  8. happy bicycle day

    like Every day? Or every working day? Either way 12 years is an impressive feat, but do ride 365 days a year. Wow. I don't even get out of bed 365 days a year
  9. So who the flock is Vevo?

    What is...... A Devo tribute band.
  10. Reading My UHC Team Update Today

    They are a nice looking kit, even with the 'kibbles and bits' high-lights. I wonder if the men's will have loops of varying sizes?
  11. Seems legit to me

    Bangor......., I hardly even knew 'er.
  12. Mooseknuckle is annoying me to death

    I have missed the "Adventures of Mooseknuckle" Thanks DH. Next time just tell him you can't touch him because he probably has Ebola.
  13. Which literary character are you?

    Me too. Was hoping for Capt Namo or the Count of Monte Cristo
  14. Concert Review: P!nk

    Did she sing the National Anthem?
  15. NHL Playoffs

    They won't get past Boston.., Boston is just too strong. I really do not know who will win this year. It is what makes the NHL playoffs so interesting, in that there are so many contenders