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  1. Roadrunner sure is scarce when Airwick is gone

    Maybe it is a "Bruce Wayne/Batman" thing. There is a reason they both show up in the same areas.
  2. Yikes, Lay off the Donuts Square Wheels

    Ha, ha... You with a bike. Now THAT's funny
  3. And so it continues....

    The tire was getting worn, I had already planned on replacing it, and the flat yesterday morning was a 1 inch box staple, so I figured I'd swap the tire while I had it off the bike. The worst part with today was it was right in front of the office so WoZeph didn't need to come and 'grab me'
  4. And a Terrific Tuesday morning to you

    It is sunny and warm here. I was planning on some hill climbs tonight, but may be getting called out of town for work. Hopefully some others are available to attend and I can be left alone this week
  5. And so it continues....

    Picked up a new tire and tube yesterday to fix the flat during my lunch break, and got another one on the way home (piece of glass) Fixed it last night, got ANOTHER one this morning right in front of the office. That makes 3 flats in two days, 4 in a week. I am still blaming @Kzoo for his "Mondays are super wonderful" thread
  6. Which ride tracking app should I use?

    I try to figure out who is who. I know a few, but not many
  7. Which ride tracking app should I use?

    I use the Garmin Connect too. It is automatically uploaded to Strava for me. No one uses GC here so I like to go on Strava to check out potential routes etc And it uploads my rides to the square head cycling group on Strava , which HARDLY ANYONE HERE TAKES PART IN!(including our fearless leader)
  8. The Monday morning Good Morning thread

    I leave early. If I am tight for time, I call WoZeph and she runs the support vehicle and comes and grabs me.
  9. The Monday morning Good Morning thread

    This is the second Monday morning in a row that I have gotten a flat biking into work, so screw you, Kzoo
  10. I rode on a velodrome

    That's cool. I am jealous. On a side note, is one of those in the pic you?
  11. RoadID, got one?

    We wear them after an operational dive for 24 hours. You can get them with a 'breakaway' to avoid being strangled.
  12. Baddass of the day

    I heard you have applied for the job of @Randomguy's sex robot he keeps wishing for. When's the 'interview'? And by 'interview' I mean
  13. Baddass of the day

    Can't say I blame them. I'd jump off a bridge to avoid that crap too