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  1. I just think that any countries who are still wondering how to deal with the Covid crisis needs only to look at the US and do the exact opposite
  2. 18 miles today, 6 to work, 12 heading home after a day dockside
  3. Can you explain the connection between your two paragraphs for me? Maybe I am too distracted by the awesome red shorts to make the connection between the two
  4. Do you think he should have just been nice and said "Yes I will move" assuming the airline was asking him for a good reason?
  5. 41 miles today...., 6 on the way to work, 35 on the way home(it was a stressful day)
  6. Were they even being offered a chance to play or were they outside the top 24? I dont remember where anyone ended up
  7. I have to say..., as a Canadian and someone who still plays 50-75 games a year..., this is stupid. I have no more interest in watching hockey in August than I do watching baseball in November. Just scrap the year and start over in the fall. It wont mean anything...., the eventual champ will always have an asterix by their name.
  8. I thought he had died a few years ago.
  9. It was super ugly. What a massacre. To be fair she made us sit there for several pics till she got one that made us look defeated enough for her to put on facebook
  10. We still play Globetrotters when we get together. A couple years ago one of the kids found copies of the game for the other two. It is an awesome game where you travel to cities around the world and do 'adventures'. Some are good, some not and some expensive. Each adventure is each city is something you can actually do. When the three kids traveled after school many times theh would message back they had done something mentioned in the game. You win keys to the city, but people can steal them, or you can go to a place like vegas, gamble and lose and be deported home. This picture was my wife making us sit for a picture after she absolutely crushed us this year at Christmas to become the reigning 'Champion of the World' On time playing during the day we called the company to get an offical ruling on something weird that had happened that was not covered in the rule book
  11. Board games was Clue, outside games were baseball and Hide and Seek. We took H&S seriously on our street. Every kid (there were lots of us) would run home and come back in their special H&S all dark clothes with a huge area to hide in
  12. Every so often I have to do the treadmill stress test thing for my dive medical. The last time the new doc asked what I did for exercise and I told him I bike. After a while in the teat he asked me if I wear a heart monitor when I ride to mo itor my heart rate and I told him No, I just go hard until I throw up in my mouth a bit then slow down a bit until urge stops. He paused and said 138. You ride at 138 bpm. I asked him how he knew that and he said my heart rate plateaued at 138 for a long time before increasing. He said that is because it is use to working at that level and it is really happy at that level. I was happy but at the same time unhappy that it took so long to reach my target heartrate because the only thing I dislike more than running is running indoors on a treadmill with a nurse watching me sweat
  13. 6 mile hike down to the coast. We packed on our lunch and sat and watched the tidal rapids
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