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  1. Or go to Vegas, find some crazy rich gambler and say..., "I bet you $10,000,000 I can jump off that building onto the street and live."
  2. I read the question correctly. I'm invincible, what are they gonna do?
  3. Honestly? I would do some research first and find out where Halle Berry takes her morning shower.
  4. I have to head out of town this afternoon, will be working all weekend, hopefully returning Sunday night or early Monday
  5. 27 miles with some hills on the way home today. Looks like I will be back into rain next week
  6. Yes. Climbing a hill, 8% grade, and unbeknownst to me one of the bolts on the inner chain ring had loosened. When I went to the small ring and stood to apply power, the ring was off centered which basically folded it 90 degrees. As it spun around it cut into the CF chain stay, and down tube and the seat tube. It was going to cost up to $1000 bucks and six to eight weeks to repair the frame. At my wifes insistence I bought a new bike. I still have the busted frame plus all the integra components. I want to someday find a good frame and build it again.
  7. My current road bike (2 years old) has about 4000 miles on it, my previous one that died was 4 years old and had about 6000 miles on it. My commuter which is 10 or 11 I do not track as close and have about 10,000 on it
  8. Honestly...., I would do some research first and find out where Halle Berry takes her morning shower.
  9. Zephyr


    Two nights ago I marinated boneless skinless chicken breasts in a basil - basalmic marinade, and grilled last night. I have one of those, plus cherry tomatoes, snap peas and sweet baby bell peppers and a 'salad'
  10. 2 Samuel 1:18 "and ordered that the men of Judah be taught this lament of the bow(it is written in the Book of Jashar)" Who knew?
  11. 11 miles today, a long day on the dock so took a shorter ride home than normal for this time of year
  12. I did Katahdin and the knife's edge years ago. I visited the park many times when I lived in NB just north of the border
  13. I use the same one every day at work, at home I have a few that I rotate through. Tonight it's this one...
  14. The only one I know well is Baxter State Park in Maine, and it is a fantastic place.
  15. What are the odds? 1in 2 It is dead...., or it isn't
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