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  1. I lived on a cruise ship for over 5 straight weeks. That was enough for me
  2. I have Di2, I don't think I will ever go back to regular shifting. I love it
  3. I turned it on about two weeks ago. If it is cold enough inside that I need to put on a sweater or socks when sitting in the house to be comfortable, I turn the heat on. That is usually when the house gets down to 60-65F
  4. I was thinking this morning on my way to work, that it is time for my heavier gloves. Thru September into early October I transition into long pants, my heavy riding shirt, jacket, helmet beanie and gloves for my morning ride. It will be April before I can ride with just shorts and a jersey again
  5. My flat screen is now 12 years old. The power board went wonky so sometimes it would not turn on. A little bit of google, a little bit of YouTube and I ended up ordering a piece from an electronic shop and fixed it myself. That was 4 years ago. I am pretty much a TV repair man, minus the buttons cleavage
  6. Be careful showing that pic around. Someone will show up and want to turn your garage into a shrine
  7. Yes, I know quite a few actually. I reached out to one good friend (who is 1st generation immigrant) and asked him if he ever heard of a CBC. He said yes, but they refer to themselves as "Chinese Born Canadian"
  8. Pretty much all of you intimidate the crap out of me
  9. I try to drag my threads kicking and screaming into popularity
  10. I watched the first episode as it was filmed here on the island. It is well done but depressing. Andie MacDowell is awesome
  11. Bare shoulders..., bare arms and plunging necklines..., I am surprised your computer filters didn't block you from having to be exposed to that
  12. I tend to be a visual as opposed to auditory stimuli type person, so I never have the TV on for sound. I can do a 12 hour drive by myself and not even turn the radio on. I will turn on the TV and mute the sound though..., just to have images. Sometimes just my Google Chromecast flashing photos
  13. When they come out with another Naked Gun movie. You should have heard the table when out to dinner with friends who are big opera fans(we are not) and they were listing who they would like to see perform live and I said the only opera singer I would want to see would be Enrico Palattzo. I honestly thought he was a real dude.
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