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  1. Just eat big bowls of cilantro. Everything else is downhill from there(unless you are one of those genetic losers who think you taste soap..., then I just feel sorry for you)
  2. Zephyr


    Just for the record, I am not touching that thread title for a parody with a 10 foot pole, because I don't want to be banned
  3. Except for a 2 day cold water immersion thing, our training days are done until after Christmas. The next three weeks till Christmas will be mostly at my desk doing admin stuff
  4. I have my great great grandfathers pocket watch. It works when I wind it, but I don't wind it every day
  5. No, I still touch my face, but wash my hands a lot. And probably splash water on my face 2 or 3 times a day. I wish I did not touch my face so much but I still do
  6. I am not old(I think I am on the younger side of the demographics here), however I am old for my job and it gets pointed out to me often. I keep waiting to get my 'Old Man Strength' but it has not come yet. This test apparently let's you know if you are 'physically old' and they call it an 'old man test'. As we are often getting dressed in wet conditions, putting a sock and shoe on without putting the foot down is common practice for me so it was not as hard as maybe it should have been
  7. Not that I know of..., other than a guy I knew (and played with) that had a long major league baseball career. There may be others, I have no idea. When going there I was in the largest high-school in the British Commonwealth (at the time) so I went to school with lots of people I did not know or even hear of
  8. Two of the worst on our recent courses were both women. Onr was ex military and one is like working with 'Ruth' from the Netflix series 'Ozark' Her avatar on our chat group is a sign the says "I like pink sparkly things and the word FUCK"
  9. A green garland with small white lights draped across behind your stuff, with these places in among the strategically placed branches
  10. It is not something I will watch as I am not a Beatles fan. (At all) In 25 words or less, what am I missing?
  11. I am 'Tom Sawyer'..., I can convince others the 'paint the fence' and make it so they enjoy unpleasant tasks or situations. When working the road, 9 out of 10 people I gave tickets to would say 'thank you' Also, in our 30-40,000 person organization, I am the only one with the qualifications to do my job. I am working on getting someone ready for when I pull the chute.
  12. Zephyr

    59 years

    Congrats, that is fantastic. Happy for both of you
  13. In the spirit of this thread, I decorated my office today
  14. I like climbing hills, but looking at the video there are not many people riding up that are as 'gravitationally challenged' as I am so I guess I am out.
  15. Thanks for asking, was not me, but I have good friends working there. As Wilbur said it ended well. Calls like this turns my guts.
  16. Happy T-giving to all our American friends. I hope you have a great outstanding day with loved ones
  17. A lot...., but I traveled for work a lot. Not "Wilbur"-lots, but still more than most. More than 150. For pleasure with my wife, we have maybe eaten in say 10 places. We have been to a few more lately. If I go to a place that is not checking the required vaccine passport here, I won't go back.
  18. Belated Happy Birthday..., but sorry, Thanksgiving is mine so I am claiming it for myself.
  19. No they never, and they were right. I always consider the best year to be the next year....because I haven't done anything stupid or regretful in that year.
  20. Yes, but actually I lied. She didn't turn 86 until the day after this video was taken. The guy in the tan pants sweeping is apparently 94
  21. Unless a suspect wants to make and declare a statement, the 'why' rarely gets answered satisfactorily.
  22. My paternal grandparents were born in early 1900s, through both world wars and the depression. My grandfather was blind in one eye so the rejected him from enlisting for WWII, but he was a mill right and so worked repairing ships damaged in war. They built the house they lived in until they died, dying in 1983 11 days apart. My maternal grandfather was a coal miner and died of coal miners lung before Mom and Dad ever married. My maternal Grandmother was born in 1899 and lived to be 101, so lived the entire 20th century start to finish. She was sharp as a tack, living alone until 96 when she moved in with my Mom and Dad because that winter she no longer wanted to shovel snow. We were close and all three of my children had a relationship with and still remember their great Grandmother.
  23. Both parents are 86 and living on their own. Dad still walks a mile every day, Mom (in the summer ) still golf's three times a week, walking the front 9 holes and curls all winter, still throwing from the hack Just last week she threw out the ceremonial first rock at the curling club bonspiel. If I did the link right you should be able to open it with facebook https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4880989265279137&id=482728585105249
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