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  1. 2:26? I salute you SW, you have done something a large majority of the population (including me) could ever accomplish. Too bad we dont live closer so you could push me. My riding has been hit and miss lately and i lack motivation to get on the bike. I need someone to kick me in the ass now and then.
  2. We still laugh about the time out for dinner maybe 20 years ago and my wife's fortune cookie read "Say yes to the next proposition you receive" I laughed and told her to get ready to do some freaky shit when we got home. Just then the waitress came along and asked "Can I get you more coffee?" My wife looked at me and smiled while answering "Yes"
  3. Maybe whoever hits 1000 wins (without posting twice in a row)
  4. Lots of parodies of this thread now. I guess it is legit
  5. Why did GSW have 'Town' on their sweaters? I noticed TO, had 'North' on theirs. Not a regukar watcher of NBA, is this nickname thing a new trend in the league?
  6. Canadians know that. I admire the sentiment, but the Raptors are no more a Canadian team than the St Louis Blues are an American team. The Blues had something like a 70% Canadian roster and I have not checked by am assuming the Raptors had a 100% non Canadian roster
  7. Zephyr


    There are 30 years between my grandfather and father, 30 years between my father and me, and 30 years between me and my son. When my Grandfather was 53 and my father was 23, the two of them were building the house Mom and Dad would move into after they got married. At the end of the day, if dad commented on the progress they had made that day my Grandfather would always reply the same way, dead-pan, "Not bad for an old man and a boy." When my dad was 46 and I was 16, we were building a deck on the cottage and made a comment about our progress and Dad replied "Not bad for an old man and a boy" and started laughing to himself. He then told me the story above. When I was 46 and my son 16 we were building a deck on our house, my son made the comment abiut how it was going and I laughed out loud and made the same reply and told him the story. Now it is a thing with us. I am 53 and he 23, if we do a long canoe portage, or an epic dive, or co-cook a great meal, we will just say "Not bad for an old man and a boy"
  8. Turn @Square Wheels off his vegan kick?
  9. Good for you for staying. A true fan. Bettman is the Pres of the NHL and is much maligned, and regardless of the city he is in, he gets booed when he speaks
  10. Lots of well regarded restaurants by famous chefs...,
  11. Did you stay for the cup presentation? Did you boo Bettman?
  12. If we can take only one case we will share, but if we take two, each gets their own. She figures if hers gets lost she can buy all new, and if mine gets lost she can pick out new stuff for me. (And I am guessing replacing my 'Gumby' tshirt is not at the top of her list. She looks at it as a win-win for her
  13. Zephyr


    Yeah... once was enough. Thanks
  14. My wife is a teacher and at this point in my life so am I. I am sure Wilbur was just quoting the very old saying as he was making fun of our PM and not trying to be disparaging to teachers in any way. (S)He's too classy for that
  15. No ink for me. Just not a fan, really. I have never really seen a tattoo on anyone and thought they look better with it than without it. Just personal taste. On the other hand, I do enjoy the shows about tattooing and marvel at the skill and artistry of those doing the work
  16. Zephyr


    Nope. Not a fan. Tried it and did not like it.
  17. Canadians must be the only people who are embarrassed by their country's leader on a regular basis.
  18. I did. Once. On a solo canoe trip. I did not see anyone for a couple days
  19. Cheese, you disappoint me a little here. She is 61 years old. Give her a break for not trying to look like she is 30 when she isn't
  20. Zephyr

    The dilemma..

    Stay. I have been on the road for lots of different events, including a number of farhers days and wedding anniversaries. We celebrated when I got back. Now looking back with a somewhat more normal schedule, we are no worse for wear for me having missed them. Your family will know your love for Italy and that it is your last free trip. If you were my spouse, I would want you to stay because it would make you happy
  21. But without a toilet to aim at, it is like peeing outdoors and I am still trying to master the "peeing while doing the helicopter" party trick whenever I get the chance
  22. Am I the only guy who does not piss in the shower? Farts smell bad enough in a hot shower, I cannot imagine the stink of 'asparagus pee' in all that steam
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