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  1. I have 4 actually..., they came as a bit of the set if "Not all heroes wear capes" collectors and a friend/colleague got them for me
  2. Mine is perfect after a chilly ride to work.
  3. My paternal Grandfather was a gifted story teller, so would often tell us about our family history and now well known family stories on my Dad's side. Mt Maternal Grandfather died before M&D ever met, and my materbak Grandmother was first language French so the stories were not always so forthcoming
  4. My vocabulary just increased by one
  5. This is an East Coast thing up here..., growing up there was always bread and molasses on the table, but it had to be fancy, not blackstrap which is bitter.
  6. My dentist plays on my hockey team, which is great as he offers free custom fitted mouth guards to anyone who wants one
  7. This morning my daughter sent this pic of my grandson #2 ..... So I just replied with ..... Which reminded me when she sent me this pic of GS 1 a year or so ago.... I replied with ..... I sort of need to keep it up now I guess... On a side note my wife thinks I am ruining the loving atmosphere of the group chat she has with the kids that I only recently joined
  8. Made a crusted Ling cod and herb roasted potatoes and green beans for supper with a nice gewurztraminer and now just relaxing for the evening
  9. Got to use my snowblower this morning, did my driveway, the neighbors, the sidewalk, did the end of the driveway for Ray across the road while he was shoveling and about 1/2 of the elderly couples driveway before the batteries died. Then worked on the bathroom reno for the rest of the day. Made a crusted Ling cod and herb roasted potatoes and green beans for supper with a nice gewurztraminer and now just relaxing for the evening
  10. I didn't know roust was a word, or I would have used that instead of roost
  11. And listen to everyone who mentions frozen peas
  12. Buy a 3 pack of tighty whites a size too small, to wear for the two or three days after, just to avoid any bouncing. Mine was super simple, no issues and after the first day, the only discomfort was about 4 days later when I jumped up and ran up the stairs.
  13. Zephyr


    I have done two extended trips to the high Arctic, it really is a breathtaking place and tbh I look forward to going back someday
  14. No contractors until I am ready for wall tiles for me. I was stupid enough to tackle the rough-in by myself. The tiles for the wall are too big - 70" x 36" - (and expensive) for me to work with so I will hire a pro for the finish work. I did one bathroom last year and this one this year, but it won't be done before Christmas
  15. Zephyr


    I don't mind stints in the cold like Zealot described..., but when you spend 8 -10 hours at a time out in it, a little heat is nice on the tushy when you get in a vehicle, lol
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