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  1. I remember the first time you mentuoned her and LF was still (sort of) running and I went over and read a bunch of her stuff. I kind of thought at the time that she must have been an @AirwickWithCheese puppet
  2. Hoping to start at noon for me too..., and as surprising as it sounds, I (we) have nothing concrete on the weekend. It may just be a chill and relax time (which seems to be rare for us recently)
  3. I do not. Ever. I really like asparagus and the stink in a humid shower would make me gag. I spend literally hours in a dry suit in and on the water and can hold it..... so a shower is no biggie.
  4. Gag me with a commemorative spoon. These two spent Christmas just south of here and there are rumours they want ti move here. Ugh. Hopefully they move to LA or somewhere other than here
  5. I will say that one thing I HATE about cell phones is the greatly inhibits my fun. You see, I am somewhat of a bullshitter and love to just make up random shit and see how many people I can convince it is true. Nothing crazy, just like one time I had a teacher (when I was in school) convinced that the 24 hour clock is 'metric time'. It is often said that I never let truth stand in the way of a good story. With cell phones I get called out so quick now because inevitably someone in the group will pull out the google and I am caught.
  6. Twice In One Month! What is... "The name of my sex tape", Alex
  7. The Pats. Anything short of another Super Bowl is a loser season for them at this point
  8. And just for the record..., everyone calls them an Instapot, but the actual brand is Instant Pot
  9. I do not have an air fryer, but have an Instant pot that I probably use at least once a week, and usually more. We have some great recipes (including a bean free vegetarian chili..., vegan if you don't top with cheese) We love it and all three kids have one as well and use it all the time.
  10. We even got snow here..., granted maybe a 1/2 inch so far, but for people here not use to it, it is like snowmageddon. Biking to work today was a cautious exercise
  11. I have three kids, none whom live in my city.., and I have a wife with healrh issues who works on the road. My cell is my life line to my family as I do not have a job which anchors me to a desk (and landline). This is the same conversation our parents had about TVs 50 years ago, and our grandparents had about radio 100 years ago.
  12. That is in Nanoose, not far from Schooner Cove Marina
  13. Zephyr

    Be prepared

    In all fairness, that is pretty quiet for Frankie
  14. Ummmmmm....... BATCAVE!! Hello!!
  15. Zephyr

    Be prepared

    Frankie is a local celebrity at home...., and has gotten over 32 million hits on youtube. He is autistic and his area of focus has always been on weather and started youtubing weather reports years ago for his own fun. He started maonly with local weather and has been taken in and shown the working of Environment Canada and has even done some broadcast news reports. Saying anything derogatory about Frankie in Nova Scotia is a pretty sure fire way to get punched in the mouth by a Maritimer
  16. wolfie.mp4 Meet Grampa, one of our old local resident Wolf-eels here. We noticed over Christmas that his wife was gone (they mate for long term) so my son and I thought we would deliver him some dinner. The weird colour is because we are about 75' down and he is not fussy about the camera lights so I had shut them off(you can see at one point I moved a light and hit the switch.) As you can see, he is docile and use to divers and human interaction. He is about 7' long wolfie.mp4
  17. Saturday will (hopefully) start with a hot tub and coffee meeting with WofZ, followed by buying and installing a new toilet to relace the upstairs one. Sunday I have a guy flying in to do some diving, and by the time I am done with him, my guests for the Sonar course will have arrived in town so I will meet up with them and make sure they are squared away to start Monday morning.
  18. Cut him in half and count the rings
  19. I would watch that live stream. So would my FIL. He always loved Airedales. Even when they were breeding wire-haired fox terriers, the Airedale was his favourite.
  20. Zephyr

    It isn't a bomb!

    Did you see the response from the train on this..., where they responded they wished she had of also tweeted about the first class seating they gave her for the rest if her trip
  21. Or someone claiming to be him......
  22. I just assumed they saw it while monitoring the site to track Wilbur's comings and goings...., because you know his whole "I'm a very rich pilot" thing is just a front for his actual work as a spy (or hired international assassin, I cannot figure out which)
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