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  1. Desktop or laptop, but no phone posting.
  2. Didn't know the lady, but knew some of her daughters and grandchildren. https://stevensonfuneralhomes.com/obituaries/helen-orestad-age-97-of-miles-city/
  3. Receiving the Sustained Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for Range Management. http://rangelands.org/awards/pdf/2004_slaa_haferkamp.pdf
  4. Trying to get new AFOs (braces) made, and although the fellow has the plastic, he cannot get the hinges. Hope the others hold together for a while. Hate to think about duct taping them to my feet.
  5. https://www.cyclingweekly.com/group-tests/made-in-america-a-guide-to-us-made-road-and-gravel-frames-and-components-484271
  6. We got 2-3", but friend about 8 miles east of me got 16" of heavy wet snow.
  7. About a horse trainer that has worked with many horses you have seen in movies, adds, and tv.
  8. I highly recommend this 23 minute documentary.
  9. Those Arkansas Razorbacks have also been playing hell with some of the Texas teams. On a more serious note, Montana has been watching closely for invasions from Canada.
  10. Not sure, I'll have to read the brochure or use google. I was more interested in getting photos and then returning home. So far, a week in South Dakota, has been my big outing for the year. I attended a photo workshop and the annual meeting of the Photographic Society of America.
  11. Not that I know of. There were 4 climbers yesterday.
  12. Same when folks move into deer habitat and then complain about the browsers eating their trees.
  13. If I had known this to be true, I should have ask a young girl I dated in high school to marry me, as her mom was hot.
  14. Takes me as much time to check the text after autocorrect, as it does without autocorrect. It really does not like the term lek, as in grouse lek.
  15. groupw's post has the little blue square. It is asking something about a down load. Hope the moderators see this.
  16. I smile every time I see the add on tv. That is some talented cat.
  17. sheep_herder


    Looks like they got it together for this one! We were thinking another loss, but then found the results.
  18. There is another in the recent contest Hint! Hint!
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