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  1. With all your local choices, do you eat bar-b-que at Famous Daves? They have one in Billings.
  2. I know the feeling, but this condition did not show up until several years after my gallbladder was removed. I am still adjusting!
  3. Keep in mind, that with irrigated agriculture in arid regions, one normally has greater control on amount and timing of water applications. External rains can sometimes be detrimental if it arrives at the wrong time relative to the plant growth cycle. A lot of legume seed is produced near Moses Lake, WA, as they have deep sandy soils that can be flooded during the early part of the growing season, and plants can generally complete their growth cycle without additional sprinkler irrigation or rain.
  4. Pecans generally grow in higher rainfall zones. However there is a large pecan grove in Las Cruces, NM. At one time, they used geese to control the grass in the orchard and then sold the down from the geese. Met a fellow on a trip to Portugal in the early 80s. He was quite agitated that almonds were grown in California. He wanted them to all be grown in Portugal. He might be smiling about the current situation.
  5. I don't think this has happened recently. As I mentioned earlier people have had to shift their species used in crop production even in North Texas as the aquifer has dried up. However, living where you do you might consider North Texas a desert, some do. One never knows with a slight shift in climate patterns even you might encounter water shortages in the future.
  6. I see more dipping than chewing around here.
  7. So, what do you propose they do with the deserts? Any takers?
  8. A real problem for those that have it. Maybe secondary to other things like gallbladder problems.
  9. Many acres planted to cotton in North Texas were converted back to pasture as the aquifer began to dry up many years ago.
  10. Forecast highs for Tuesday and Wednesday are mid-90s.
  11. Temperature finally cooled to 70F. Hope everyone has a Great Day.
  12. One of my soil profs at the University of Arizona indicated he knew several producers that did not use leaf tests to determine fertilizer needs of the various crops. Their reasoning was that the cost of fertilizer was just a drop in the bucket compared to the money they made from a good crop or the money they lost from a poor crop. So they just applied fertilizer without testing.
  13. I just wanted to give him some reading material. We know he like to read those scientific sorts of things.
  14. We only had one table in the dining room kitchen combined. Seeing the tv depended upon where you sat. Don't think we had anything on the table when not in use. Probably set the table sometimes, but not all the time. We were not rich but comfortable and well provided for.
  15. 93F with 20% RH at 5:00pm MDT
  16. Often see these types of warnings for most movies I view on the internet. The one I find interesting is 'smoking'.
  17. https://wrrc.arizona.edu/sites/wrrc.arizona.edu/files/attachment/Arroyo-2018-revised.pdf
  18. I did not think your job would allow that option. Most educational institutions provided the students that option, but not teachers and administrators. In your case, giving that option to students does not seem possible.
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