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  1. When I was in China, the students took good care of me, and did most of the haggling. Other times they stood in the background and nodded their head yes or no, and then they would do the dirty work.
  2. I tend to just walk away, and if I am selling, wait for another buyer. The ones I dislike, and I've only experienced this a few times, are the ones that come in and very quickly began to run down your product. This sometimes happens in the world of selling livestock. I just smile and think to myself, that there is no way in hell, I'll sell you anything. Always loved the look on their face, when I'd tell them that they might as well leave, as we were through doing business.
  3. Bargaining is not my cup of tea!! Your friend may have thought the price was fair, but decided to help out on the trip. I've done something similar more than once.
  4. Sounds like you did OK in this case!!
  5. Use to be a cafe in Bryan, where we would eat migas on Saturday morning before visiting the antique store down the street. They were very good. Sometimes we would go to Snook later in the day to go to the bakery and get bar-b-que. Those were some Good Days.
  6. I went out and pick a batch of asparagus. This was my first picking and probably my last. Flavor is lost as the temperatures rise. My wife was happy with what I got, so there is that!!
  7. A wonderful story in the Billings Gazette. Hope you don't have too much trouble accessing the article. It is worth reading.
  8. OK, but what the hell is BevMo? I don't disagree with what you are saying!! There are groups that will take advantage of these situations. Glad I live where I do, as I at one time lived 26 miles southeast of Houston. Also had folks that lived in Pasadena and La Canada.
  9. I also like green peppers, but they never seem to put enough on at the pizza joints. We use to, but haven't for a while made pizza with ground lamb. We think it is tasty. We use to do this a lot in South Dakota in the late 60s, as ground lamb was very cheap on campus at South Dakota State University. We could buy lamb cheaper than having one of ours slaughtered.
  10. I hate to admit that I do not have a clue as to what you are referring. Does it surprise you that the legitimate protestors have cleared out? I would assume most of them are law abiding.
  11. I don't disagree with you, but I've never been pushed to the 'breaking point' like some of these folks may have been. Over the years, I have watched with disgust, as people show so little respect for the property and rights of others. I hear comments more often than I like in passing, that scare the crap out of me. Such as bring it on, were ready for them, and these are from well armed people in a small town. Are they just full of bull, we may never know.
  12. It is scary when you think about the run on home protection weapons and ammunition when the pandemic first hit.
  13. OK, but you still must have a view, if you are saying the fellow was full of shit. I am not trying to cause trouble, but just trying to understand your point of view.
  14. Yes, and I am a bit amazed that so many are surprised this is happening. How long ago was it that the disturbances occurred in Ohio (?) not sure of the state where the fellow was shot when supposedly shop lifting. There has been a rash of events, and the pot had to boil over sometime. And, yes this fits well for those organizations that want to cause chaos in our country. Such a pity. It's not so prevalent this time of the year, but I heard one motorcycle gang member quoted, that they were careful about coming into a town and causing trouble where most pickups had fire arms displayed on racks in the windows.
  15. Do you or did any of the other speakers present facts to discredit his hypotheses? It is OK to say someone is full of shit, but it is best to be able to provide evidence and an alternative view.
  16. sheep_herder

    May Photos

    You are correct, and the photo is not of Lilacs. It is some other plant that was growing with the lilacs. Domestic plants are not my strong suit.
  17. In between shots, a friend stopped and was telling me about an old timer that use to spray in the area. One field had a line going across that he(friend) had to time it just right to get his(friend's) tractor under without hitting the line. This pilot would fly under the line with both wheels cutting through the corn. This fellow on Saturday seemed to be releasing the spray at a fairly high height. I was a bit surprised that he was not closer to the ground.
  18. Yes, that part of the state and the adjoining area in Arkansas are very nice.
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