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  1. Naw, I plagiarized it.
  2. Mr. Silly


    You pick a phrase, you pick a rhyme. Repeat the sound another time. Five iambs then an extra beat will do ya. Another rhyme, a rising note, congratulations, you just wrote another damn verse to Hallelujah.
  3. Are estate sales a thing in your area. I've found they're a great option for getting good furniture at a reasonable price. It helps to go to the estate sales that are in neighborhoods that are a little nicer than the one you live in. If you go the last hour or two before they close, they're desperate to get rid of stuff which allows you to dictate the price. I bought a Brioyhill dinning room table in 'like new' condition for $100 and 4 dinning room chairs for $25 each. I probably could have offered less and they still would have accepted the offer. Another time, I saw a dresser for $100 I liked. I went home to get my checkbook. While I was away, the time went past 4:00 and there was less than an hour remaining in the estate sale. Anyway, when I got back, the price dropped to $25.
  4. and it is farting x-rays. Read all about it here.
  5. They came into fashion again in my area about 10 years ago. People started making their garage's attic livable. It isn't a bad way to add living space to their homes.
  6. Five score and seven.
  7. I noticed that too. My takeaway was functional plumbing in Russia is the equivalent of a 6 figure income in the US.
  8. Tuesday, by the way, is named after the god Mars. "BS!", you might retort, pointing out, "if it were then it would be called 'Marsday' or some such." Ah, to that I would reply that the Norse people named it after their god of war, 'Tyr' and the Old English variant of Tyr was "Tiw's Day" which morphed into Tewesday in Middle English and finally landing on the Tuesday we all know and love.
  9. Profile pictures from Russian dating sites. There are some pics of guys for Kirby too.
  10. When faced with the choice of a tent or bivy sack, I'll choose a motel.
  11. They are at Ford Field. I don't know if they're doing so at other locations.
  12. My nephew performs on trampoline for Cirque du Soleil. He's quite a good acrobat and so are his girlfriends. When ever they come over, there is always a point when he starts throwing her around the back yard.
  13. When I used to drink beer, I'd sometimes drop a shot of Jack Daniel's in.
  14. I am on my normal haircut schedule which is about once a quarter. I last got my hair cut about 3 weeks ago. The Russian lady who cuts my hair wears a mask and most of the other barbers do as well. When she is cutting the hair near my ears, she unhooks my mask from my ear and has me hold the mask over my face. Her unhooking my mask is surprisingly intimate.
  15. Peter Gabriel > Phil Collins > Cheap Trick. You can mark this thread "Solved" now.
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