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  1. Took them to the post office this morning. They are on their way.
  2. I have no idea how you watch football on Sunday mornings.
  3. I want to finish painting the living room. I just have the entrance to do and a spot on the ceiling that I sorta kinda missed. I need a haircut too. I'm looking like a damned hippy.
  4. Researchers at Mr. Sinai have found a combination of two existing classes of drugs can be a catalyst for the regrowth of Beta cells in the pancreas. The article doesn't mention Type-1 diabetes so I suspect it will only work for those with Type-2. Granted, it's still being tested on mice but this is great news for diabetic mice!
  5. I've made these Snickerdoodles and they're fantastic.
  6. Oh yeah... ChrisL's driving comment reminded me of another thing. Mrs. Silly can not read a map. She's taken me down so many wrong turns that I can't trust her any more. The worst was when we did a driving trip down to Disney. By that time, I was aware of Mrs. Silly's poor map reading skills so I suggested she stop at AAA (they have an office close to where she works) and get one of those Trip Ticks that map out the entire road trip door to door. What could go wrong? Let me tell you. We get to the end of the trip tick and we're at the Orlando City Hall. Mrs. Silly got the trip tick to Orlando, not the hotel we were staying at. You know how many hotels there are in Orlando? Fortunately we were able to find a Holiday Inn and they were able to look us up on the computer and tell us how to get to the Holiday Inn where we had reservations. Like I said, I don't trust her with directions anymore. I don't need to with GPS but she doesn't trust GPS. She'll print out directions from Google Maps and tell me where to turn. Google and Android Auto don't always agree though (which is odd because AA used Google Maps). So she'll tell me were to turn. If she disagrees with GPS, I just ignore her which can make that portion of the ride a little frosty. What am I to do? I want to get to our destination too. But really, these are the only six things she does that drives me nuts.
  7. Be brave. Everything will be fine.
  8. Mr. Silly

    Blood Drive ?

    We used to have our blood drives on Friday. I'd go in the afternoon and pick up a 6 of Bell's Two Heart. I was trashed after 2 beers. I would have paid good money to witness that.
  9. Winds blowing hard against mountain sides?
  10. Isn't there a "More Freakin' Bird Pictures" thread to which you could post this?
  11. It's Mister. I usually use the abbreviated, "Mr."
  12. Oh yeah... there's another thing. I'll be doing something on the computer, say paying bills. When I am on the computer, I like the lights low so there is less glare. Mrs. Silly will come in the room, turn all the lights on, then ask me a question. I'll answer it and she'll go and leave all the lights on so I have to get up and turn all the lights back off. But really, these are the only five things she does that drives me nuts.
  13. My home town kinda sucks. My cow-orker though travels a lot and often brings me back postcards. I hoping to send a couple of those.
  14. Mr. Silly

    Blood Drive ?

    I'm not a fan either. I turn my head and close my eyes and pretend it isn't happening. I'm O-. I can donate to everyone but only other O-'s can donate to me. I do what I can to keep the O- supply well stocked.
  15. Having both allows them to check to see if the information on the resume is consistent with what is on the job application. "Your resume says you started September of 1998 yet on the job application you said you started August of '98. Can you explain the discrepancy?" They can check your penmanship on the job application.
  16. Santa isn't a title, it is a name. One person was named Santa. I don't think anyone has ever been named Ponyboy or Sodapop.
  17. Mrs. Silly only does one thing that pisses me off. I'll be telling her a story and I'll start a sentence then she'll finish it. Since she is not clairvoyant, she is often wrong so I'll start again and she'll try to end my sentence again and again she'll be wrong so I have to start again. This can happen 3 or 4 times. But really this is the only thing she does that drives me nuts. Oh yeah... there's another thing. When I am driving, say I am backing up, she'll suddenly gasp like I am about to run over a puppy. I'll slam on the breaks and she'll point out someone walking 50 feet away who I already knew was there. But really, these are only the two things she does that drives me nuts. Oh yeah... there's another thing. I'll be doing something, say I am taking the trash out. She'll shout out, "Honey, could you take the trash out!". But really, these are the only three things she does that drives me nuts. Oh yeah... there's another thing. I'll be doing something in the another room, say cleaning the bathroom. She'll ask me to do something like get her a roll of paper towels so she doesn't have to stop what she is doing. But really, these are the only four things she does that drives me nuts.
  18. I see you've already posted 2 times without a proper welcome thread. Anyway, welcome to the forum!
  19. The rule @ R howse is if you veto a meal or restaurant choice then it is your responsibility to suggest and alternative.
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