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  1. I never liked that song. They comes across as trying too hard to be trippy. I feel the same way about Donovan's "Atlantis".
  2. @Airehead is correct and earned the "Solved" flag for this thread. Lasagna is dense and it takes that time to melt the cheese in the middle.
  3. I was expecting a pic of you riding a tricycle with streamers.
  4. Is Buffalo Springfield really that "famous"?
  5. Sweet mother of god. He was in a less than famous band. He's more famous for his solo work.
  6. My Craftsman mower has a Briggs. After 20 years, it started on the second pull last spring.
  7. I think you deleted all your photos.
  8. I am leaning toward Lady as well. I support the Airedale ticket.
  9. Can you grind the rust off and paint over it with a decent metal paint?
  10. I haven't been to a restaurant as a group since Feb. Mrs. Grumpy and I have eaten at restaurants for lunch a couple times. We get there right as it opens. The tables are clean and the restaurant is usually empty. She and I had our first restaurant dinner Thursday evening. When to a sushi place and I had a bibimbop for the first time. It was fantastic. We went early, 4:30'ish and ate outside. There was one other couple there, they were more than 15 feet away.
  11. North Dakota. Too much empty space so you can't smell anyone.
  12. I am happy to hear you are none the worse for wear. Stay safe.
  13. You are welcome. Of course marking it as a Solution might be the courteous thing to do but don't feel pressured.
  14. What does a pirate say when he is kicked in the balls?
  15. Goto Attachments under your username pulldown menu. Put a check in the square on the far right. A little garbage can should appear at the bottom that allows you to delete the marked posts.
  16. I saw. It had good reviews and how bad of a mistake can it be for $100? so I ordered it. Thank you very much
  17. I want to avoid the gas oil mix issue and having to pull start the blower. I am starting to see electric snow blowers in the hardware store. I don't need something that can throw 12 inches of snow 50 feet. Just something that can handle 3 to 4 inches and throw it 15 feet.
  18. Has anyone here tried one? How successful was it?
  19. Mr. Silly


    We're all cell phone service here. My mom still has a landline.
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