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  1. At first, I thought of BOARD, but that seemed too simple. CHARD seemed like a good choice and might lead me to CHARM.
  2. Not only the local government, but also the local politicians, I fear. There will be a fortune to be made by local administrators, I'm sure.
  3. The Rivers Casino in Portsmouth, VA, schedule to open on Monday.
  4. We have a first-ever (in this area), big-ass casino opening a few miles from my house next week. The Rivers Casino. I don't like gambling houses where people are induced to throw away their hard-earned money. I'm sure there will be jobs and income for the area, but, in many cases, it will be at the cost of those who can't afford to lose their savings and/or their financial support for their families. I'm sure the casino owners will make a fortune on this endeavor, but I see no real upside for our community and for visitors who will be partaking of this venue. What say you?
  5. I never heard of this before, but I easily guessed the answer. Category: Geography Mnemonics Mimal, sometimes said to be the silhouette of a chef or elf, stands for Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and these 2 states How the contestants fared:
  6. Before dildos became so easy to procure (internet), I remember young couples who enjoyed the occasional cucumber. I wonder if Texas allows you to have more than six cucumbers in your house?
  7. The same tree in August. I don't know how its roots can get any water. The tree is growing out of a concrete sidewalk.
  8. Really? I used to have an oak and it's leaves were gone by late November...
  9. Why does a tree in freezing cold Montana still have leaves? Dead maybe, but still attached. https://milescitylive.com/
  10. Lots of protein, vitamins, minerals and provides over half of your daily calcium requirement. Low in fats, carbs and calories. Strawberry is my favorite.
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