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  1. One liter of urine? Not me, I would explode if I had a liter of urine in my bladder. Glad to hear you are home and that the surgeries/procedures were successful. Hope you are back on the bike soon.
  2. You obviously do not suffer from OCD.
  3. You appear to be off-center.
  4. Once in a great while, I will receive a compliment from a woman. At my age, I just assume she is putting me on.
  5. The days are already getting shorter.
  6. The relative humidity here is 76%, temp 86. It's like a sauna out there.
  7. I was out riding the other day and passed a woman in shorts walking near the park who had exceptional legs. I wanted to say something in approval, but I chickened out.
  8. I've thought many times recently about commenting on a woman's attractive qualities, but these days, I'm afeared she will be offended.
  9. I am about as far south in Virginia as it is possible to go and still be in Virginia.
  10. How did this ad get here???
  11. I remember going to my aunt and uncle's house in D.C. on a family get together when I was in my early teens. They had color TV. It was the first time I ever saw color TV in someone's house. I remember that a baseball game was on and it looked great compared to B&W. A silly memory? What can I say..., I was a child of the TV generation!
  12. Road Runner

    7/4 miles

    It's raining here. I decided to take the day off. Hopefully, I can dodge the rain tomorrow and on the weekend.
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