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  1. According to statistics, only one in 6,000 people reach 100. http://www.genealogyintime.com/GenealogyResources/Articles/how_many_people_live_to_100_page1.html At the rate my body is breaking down, I would not want to exist in this particular vessel at 90, much less 100.
  2. Maybe some people leave the filter out? I guess some lint gets past the filter and over much time, especially in condos where the exhaust is possibly long and twisty, the lint finds a place to snag on and just builds up. My mother had her exhaust line clog up at her condo. The exhaust was about twenty feet long.
  3. You must watch some highfaluting adult films if they have a plot.
  4. I guess we have to get used to more storms and rain. Climate change. Storms are nature's way of cooling the planet off that the humans are warming up.
  5. A bowl of this with a banana. Six prunes. Coffee.
  6. In my opinion, from what I have witnessed among friends and several large families, I would say long life it is about 75% genetics/luck. Luck because I have seen people die from cancers when no one else in the family had cancer and there was no known exposure to any related carcinogenic material. Sometimes, shit just happens and cells mutate. No one's fault.
  7. A few more that come to mind: bric a brac, flim flam, flip flop, knick knack, rip rap, ship shape, tic tac, tip top, zig zag
  8. Some interesting jibber jabber...
  9. I am Roadrunner.
  10. It shouldn't be more than a couple inches different. Most new mattresses are thicker than the old ones or are at least as thick. In my experience, anyway. Good luck, Kirby.
  11. I put air in my tires before each ride. I look for loose threads. Easy peasy.
  12. My Gatorskins do that too. Like DH says, I just cut them off with scissors. No problem. Just keep an eye out for more stragglers and trim as necessary.
  13. I guess they are like dueling banjos, but with toilets instead.
  14. People go down this street and are never seen again.