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  1. Your ancient ancestors may have lived in Bedrock and worked for Slate Rock and Gravel Company.
  2. Of all the famous animal cartoon characters, only one uses simply its species name for its first and last name..., Road Runner.
  3. I was the first to watch the new video!!!  :slow-dance-smiley:

    She was supposed to dedicate it to you.  :)



  4. Also, some haven't left completely, but they don't post nearly as much as they once did, back in the days when the forum was mostly fun.
  5. I put down what my parents told me, Scottish-Irish. I can't see what difference it makes to 21st Century America where my ancestors came from. Scotland or Ireland? BFD.
  6. My son has a big bushy beard. I assume it is because his wife likes it. It looks ridiculous to me. Whatever.
  7. So that "garlic repulsing" thing really works! I thought that was just for bats and vampires.
  8. I had some deli style garlic butter that sat in my fridge for a year or more. It was still probably okay to eat, but it was way past the date on the container, so I decided to get rid of it. It was a sizeable chunk about 3" square by 1" deep in a plastic container. I wanted to recycle the container, so I just threw the chunk of butter out in the back yard. I figured critters or the weather would soon take care of it. That was about a month ago. Today, it is still there.
  9. Jessica was also on Wheel of Fortune a couple years ago and won over 10K. I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time she has heard or been called "Jessica Rabbit".
  10. We are all stupid. The difference between stupid people and really stupid people is that the really stupid people don't know they are stupid.
  11. I was surprised when Alex referred to her as "Jessica Rabbit" at the end of yesterday's show, but then I thought it must have been a joke as a the result of a previous discussion or some such. Apparently, it was just a mistake.
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