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  1. It looks like "Here-Tick", but he pronounces it just like the word, "heretic", I kid you not.
  2. Austin might be a little too far out and whacky to be the host. I think Buzzy will be great. We will or we'll (whichever) find out next week, I suppose. Also, from what I read, by hosting, Buzzy and Ken have become ineligible for ever being a contestant on Jeopardy again, even in some sort of champions contest. Maybe Austin wants to be able to compete again in the future.
  3. I have always thought that the thumb is not a finger. I have four fingers and an opposing thumb. What do you call the nail on the thumb? It is called a thumbnail, not a fingernail.
  4. Not a political or religious thread. I just think the name of our representative to the Virginia House of Delegates has a funny name, especially for a politician. Apparently he is running again. I just saw one of his signs today.
  5. It just seems to me that if they allow misspelled words, then they should allow "you will" in place of "you'll". How is the use or not use of a contraction any worse than badly misspelling an answer? At what point does a misspelled word become the wrong word? And this wasn't just any clue/answer; it was Final Jeopardy and it determined who won the game.
  6. Not sure about Jeopardy, but I have seen it done on other game shows.
  7. Yep. They allow certain crap but not other crap. I have seen them allow misspelled words a lot. The supposed reason that they were so strict on this answer was because it was a title. The Jeopardy people say that titles must be exact. Maybe they should make an exception when it comes to contractions. A nice gesture might be to ask Matt to return for one more shot as a contestant.
  8. I would have too if I had remembered it at all, mostly because I would have thought that most book titles would likely avoid the use of contractions.
  9. That's what I said, but differently. Also, the TOC is a different experience. All the players are brothers and sisters of sorts. Lots of camaraderie and joking around should ensue.
  10. For the next two weeks, The Tournament of Champions will air with Buzzy Cohen (Mr Personality) as the host. He promises to be a big change from Bill.
  11. The difference between winning and losing in tonight's FJ is decided by "you'll" versus "you will".
  12. It was also suggested that all survivors replace their underwear as soon as possible.
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