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  1. No matter how you interpret it, it's wrong. The sky gets gradually lighter before dawn. The darkest sky is when the sun is on the opposite side of the earth, not just before it rises.
  2. I suspect you will be seeing a lot more years of Slovenian dominance at the Tour. He is only 22. When I was 22, I was, er.., well, maybe I better not say what I was doing. But I sure wasn't winning the TdF!!!
  3. I agree, but it is based on a flawed analogy. I'm not denigrating the sentiment. But if you are going to relate life's events to an astronomical event, then maybe you should pick an astronomical event that truly coincides and confirms your theory of life's related events.
  4. Hmm. Let's see. The greatest Game Show ever versus Kzoo's "thoughts". Decisions, decisions.
  5. Going by that logic, we could say, "it is always brightest before dawn".
  6. Michelle was such a beautiful young woman with such a pure and angelic voice.
  7. BTW, if you want to get out of jury duty on a common auto accident pain and suffering case, just be sure to tell the judge that you think chiropractors are quacks. They will send you home immediately.
  8. Before, of course. I'm not an animal.
  9. The saying is an analogy. The analogy (the darkest sky is just before dawn) is wrong.
  10. Don't they have any streets that look like shit? I think the tour needs to ride through some bad areas, just make us Americans feel better about where we live.
  11. They pointed this out on Jeopardy last night. I've heard this saying or some form of it a lot over my lifetime but I never really analyzed it. It isn't actually right.
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