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  1. Riding inside has it's advantages. It's warm, clothing is whatever, it's warm, you can watch TV, it's warm, bathroom and kitchen nearby, and last but not least, a zero chance of having an accident! Also, it's warm.
  2. Steelers will be hard to beat playing at home. You're right, this isn't a ho-hummer, but the Cowboys and Rams are more interesting to me, just because I hate the Cowboys.
  3. How did the surgery go? I don't always pay attention here.
  4. A bunch of ho-hum games. Sadly, the Rams at the Cowboys may be the most interesting. If the Boys lose at home and go 6-8, they should, by all rights, be eliminated. But this is the NFC East. Anything is possible.
  5. You should learn to work more slowly. I could have turned that into a 3 hour job, easy. Also, spacing makes it seem like more work than it is. Don't start until 11 AM, then stop for lunch, do some other crap, then return at about 1 PM. Finished by 3 PM. A full days work.
  6. 2,935 as of yesterday. My 3K goal should be a cinch. Maybe I can do 3.2 K, which was my total two years ago.
  7. After demolishing my right tibial plateau about 10 years ago, my right knee hates the cold. I'm not crazy about it myself. I seldom ride outside at temps below 55F. I have an indoor bike for cold weather.
  8. Please elaborate. Other than the peeing stuff, my Austin Powers knowledge is weak.
  9. How do flat-earthers explain why when ships go over the horizon, the hulls disappear first, followed by the superstructure until only the tops of the masts are visible? Is it all just ships slowly sinking?
  10. The estimates that are I have read for population growth at current rates are staggering, especially so in the less developed countries that will be grossly unable to feed future populations. It is scary to think of what may happen when it finally dawns on some future all-powerful entity that something must be done if the human race is to continue to exist in a civilized manner.
  11. The elephant in the room that no one ever wants to address is: Too many frickin' people!!! We better start addressing the population problem or the future death and destruction thing is going to make the holocaust look like a Sunday afternoon picnic.
  12. Except for the oldest profession, of course.
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