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  1. So are the Detroit Lions winning?

    No. But they aren't losing either.
  2. Today's puzzle

    "Correct" has seven letters, unless you spell it differently in Kanada.
  3. Jeopardy! football category fun

  4. Today's puzzle

    I had to google that. Uncle Google was confused also.
  5. The Bestest Comedy Movie Ever

    There are silly movies like Airplane that are just a series of one-liner jokes. Some here think that makes a great movie. OTH, Groundhog Day is a very humorous film based on an uplifting story of a person who learns what it means to be human; to be a person of substance with care and feeling for other people and their lives. .
  6. I fell asleep

    Not really pain. Just acknowledging the passage of time/life and the inevitability of it on us all.
  7. I fell asleep

  8. Today's puzzle

    Hmm has three letters. Puzzling has eight.
  9. Today's puzzle

  10. Today's puzzle

  11. Today's puzzle

  12. I fell asleep

    I post something reflecting my personal life experience and my innermost feelings, and this is what you cretins took from it?
  13. I fell asleep

    ... while sitting on the sofa watching something inane on TV. When I awoke, my head was looking down at my hands in my lap. What I saw were weathered hands with pronounced veins, showing significant signs of aging. I'd seen those hands before. They were my father's hands.