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  1. Road Runner

    What is the process to have a member perma banned?

    IIRC, I think it is already against the rules to post any pictures of your member on the forum.
  2. Road Runner

    Major vibes for Mr. Aire

    Hope all goes well with the surgery, Mrs Aire. Mr Aire's concern for his passengers, in spite of his more serious injuries, says a lot about him, I think.
  3. Road Runner

    Do froot and veggies keep you on the run*?

    Do you buy your fruit from Joe's? They don't have a decent piece of fruit at the supermarket.
  4. Road Runner

    A little body fat is good.

    If I had Hop Sing as my chef, I think I would weigh at least 300 lbs.
  5. Road Runner

    Is there such a thing as a dumb question?

    Not if you learn something. How can that be dumb?
  6. Road Runner

    A question for people who post climbing stats

    Exactly. Also, the ride on the left had less elevation, but suppose those climbs were at a huge gradient and the ones on the right were much smaller? I would have much more trouble with steep hills than more long and gradual rises.
  7. Road Runner

    A question for people who post climbing stats

    Not sure if there is enough data shown to determine this.
  8. Road Runner

    I miss boobies.

    Relax. I'm pretty sure they aren't real.
  9. I have seen this on TV. This seems really gross to me. Dog hairs and other disgusting dog stuff floating around on the surface. I like dogs and I used to have dogs, but I don't think I would want them in my pool.
  10. Road Runner

    I miss boobies.

  11. Road Runner

    As you get older, do you like taking showers?

    My problem is that I usually ride or cut grass or whatever in the latter hours of the day in order to avoid the sun, the heat and the cars. Many times I come in the house at 9 PM or later. I still have to eat dinner and, of course, I have to take a shower. But if I shower first, I'll be eating dinner at 10 PM. So I usually eat first and put off the shower till later. But then, after I eat, I'll get tired and sleepy and the thought of showering isn't as appealing as it should be. Of course, I do shower. I would never go to bed with all that dried up sweat on my body. But it is a no-win situation. Shower first and eat late, or eat first and drag my ass into the shower when I am really tired and ready for bed.
  12. Just curious. I live in flat country, so no hills, no climbing. This is not meant to demean your "feet climbed" stat. I do not have a high tech device on my bike, just an old style "computer". When you say that you climbed 2000 feet or whatever, does the device take into account downhill numbers as well? IOW, if you climb 2000 feet and you descend 1000 feet, does the device say your overall climb was 2000 feet or 1000 feet? I ask this because it seems like you could start at a given elevation and end at a much higher elevation and that ride would be much different from one that starts at a high elevation and ends much lower. The descending ride might still have substantial uphill portions and "feet climbed" but would be much easier overall than the ascending ride. Additionally, while climbing a 1000 feet may be a stat to be proud of, wouldn't the average gradient of the climb be the real determining factor of the difficulty of the ride?
  13. Road Runner

    I miss boobies.