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  1. I Think Their Calculations Are Wrong

  2. Hoop dreams.

  3. Been a busy day

    Of course not. Burying a dead cat would take 30 minutes, tops.

    Even Willie played football in Texas.
  5. Jeopardy fans - wth happened to Scarlet?

    Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn! She was a one-hit wonder. Lost the night after she beat Austin. I'm liking the naval officer. Hoping he can win a few more. BTW, Austin is coming back and playing in the next Tournament of Champions, starting Nov 6.
  6. I got back in the saddle.

    I have lots of physical issues. I gave up worrying about form a long time ago. I'm just happy if I can get in a decent ride without hurting myself.
  7. Ride Videos? Yea or Nay?

    I'm technically challenged. I can barely operate my bike computer. Plus, just pumping up my tires and putting on my riding clothes wears me out. Video has no appeal for me.
  8. I got back in the saddle.

    I've noticed this too. I'm thinking of having the fat removed from my abdomen and injecting it into my buttocks. What could possibly go wrong?
  9. Have you become kinder and gentler with age?

    I still kill mosquitoes when they are in the process of drawing my blood. Nasty little devils.
  10. I got back in the saddle.

    At what point does your ass become totally numb forever?
  11. Can We Consistently Use "Sexbot" Instead of "Sex Robot"?

    So, if we have a sexbot for a mate, will we buy childbots to complete our families? They could be 10 years old forever.
  12. Instead of sex robots...

    So you think the farmers tried this on themselves before trying it on the bull?
  13. so, I'm contemplating running for POTBC

    I think that is what probably happens when I put my paper ballot in the voting machine.
  14. I have. I used to relish squashing a bug or killing a fly. Nothing was more fun than killing a spider. But nowadays, I go out of my way to avoid harming these same defenseless creatures. Do you think this an age thing or a reflection of societal change?
  15. Now this ISN'T funny

    It will be good for certain lawyers.