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  1. You certainly aren't the Cheese that most of us here grew to know and love. Have you had a stroke?
  2. $2.52 here at BJ's. With my BJ's credit card, $2.42.
  3. This seems harsh, especially coming from Kirby.
  4. Even if she has, she will never trust you again. Anything weird that happens to her car or goes wrong with it, she is going to suspect that you are to blame.
  5. I have a bunch of sensitive teeth. I need to use a straw to avoid washing my sensitive teeth in painful cold liquids. But I do not consume but a few per month. I use them at home and wash them for reuse. If I should buy a drink anywhere and use a straw, I bring it home and reuse it. I have a drawer full.
  6. You need to buy Speed Demon a nicer car than SW did. And don't remotely blow the horn and laugh about it.
  7. SW seems to have more money than sense. I would call him.
  8. Is that where the main offices of Dunder-Mifflin are located?
  9. Wives get to choose the flowers. Even I know that much.
  10. Only if they have a tail wind.
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