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  1. KrAzY

    Yes or No?

    I have tried a lot of local roaster here, but they just fall short.. the beans smell awesome, the mixes are amazing, but it loses everything I could have wanted during the brewing process. It’s just regular coffee that smelled amazing at first.
  2. Think about all the crimes you can commit now.. ain’t no tracing that finger print!
  3. I’m more of a jackass and not a Bull and/or Chihuahua with horns
  4. KrAzY

    Yes or No?

    Meh.. that’s almost like saying their can’t be two people Krazy out there in the world.. I’m not sure who trademarked what first.. just know I like their coffee.
  5. KrAzY

    Yes or No?

    Reaminator was the mane of the type, Just is the name of the company.
  6. KrAzY

    Yes or No?

    Just coffee. they had a reaminator that awesome. I’m buying the Mayan blend now
  7. KrAzY

    Pic of Emmy.

    I like the first pic better.
  8. KrAzY

    Yes or No?

    I have to order my coffee beans online and get them shipped to me in Texas from Wisconsin. I found a brand they make up there I can’t find anything else to where I go. I’ll grind the beans and add them to the coffee maker each morning. I got spoiled with their brand.. something about it is just better.
  9. KrAzY

    Guess where I am

    I actually don’t think she was.. I mean…. She brought me here along with everything else..
  10. I don't want to think, don't make me care, I want to melt in with the group I need the balls to leap out of my shell and let go with my friends I was a massive DK, Ramones, and Black flag fan
  11. The funny thing is grew up in the country, worked on farms, helped plow fields and take down crops, and everyone I knew listened to country music.. I blasted punk…
  12. KrAzY

    Birch Bay

    Should have called the place Driftwood Coast
  13. that's all done on the dashboard. they even have a fireplace mode that keeps the car at a certain temp on every saving mode..
  14. All I know is I get to watch and see how I know that is a person of panic and learn why they will not survive the next apocalypse. I can hunt, fish, cycle where I need to go, we grow our own small crops, and I'm ready for the chaos from another country.. We rid thing is we are too nice to everyone so they crap on us.. Maybe we grew soft as a country.. maybe it's time for the country to grow a set of balls.. who knows.. I just laugh at panic buyers.
  15. Typically my go to brands are S&W or Ruger
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