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  1. KrAzY

    Sleepy puppy

    This is true.. I never got a visit from this so called weiner
  2. KrAzY

    Do you believe aliens have visited Earth?

    It could only explain half the general public..
  3. KrAzY


    Ok.. here is what you do... Go get some mercaptan.. you don't need a lot. Just a drop or two. Put a drop or two in a completely different room.. that way you will not notice the smell under the sink anymore and will be obsessed about the smell in a different room
  4. KrAzY

    Meanwhile, @ Parr8"s campsite

    Looks like an AtAt fell down
  5. KrAzY

    We need more cocks

    Get a couple of these
  6. KrAzY

    iHOP changing name to iHOb

    Who cares what they call it.. I'll keep going to the Waffle House.
  7. Yup.. first thing I thought of was the video game duck hunt. I do have e to say the cops kept their cool and just let him work through it till he accidentally slipped off the hood of the vehicle.
  8. KrAzY

    What a lucky find!

    But everyone knows one does not just enter a pool simply by ladder or slide.. there is no suspense and it
  9. Is what I told my neighbor when she saw my cock!! I think she is jealous of my new pool float!
  10. KrAzY

    What a lucky find!

    Duh.. ya jump off the roof.. that was a dumb question.. go sit in the corner
  11. KrAzY

    I am worried that my brazilnuts are lying to me

    In Brazil they just call them nuts
  12. KrAzY

    What a lucky find!

    I know your short and all, but it's only 48" deep
  13. KrAzY

    What a lucky find!

    And it was amazing the homeowners had it drained and helped me load it into my car!
  14. KrAzY

    What a lucky find!

    There are a lot of warnings.. one says not to get your hair into the intake for the pump..lol The fence has galvanized poles, but no 4x4's. They have 2x4's horizontal with the board over board method.