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  1. Not really, But I did get the Chemical Brother confused with Crystal Method.
  2. KrAzY

    MC Eschers dog

    So what your saying..... its defiantly not big enough to hold on to?
  3. KrAzY

    MC Eschers dog

    @Square Wheels..... @jsharr is showing pics off his Weiner!
  4. That means you were under paid and over worked!
  5. Me too.. but when we were told to relocate of the wife does not have a job.. ya pack and go.
  6. Oh ya.. almost forgot.... "Whats that siren noise" Either it is the Wed noon test of the tornado siren once a month, or it is the lightning strike siren at the schools that goes off if there is a strike within 5 miles of the school.
  7. Typically all job moves were for when I had something else lined up. Right now I am about two feet out the door at work, without anything lined up.. Over the last few months, the company is been going down hill on how they treat employees. Not sure if I will be going after another job, or working our little business full time and trying to get it off the ground.
  8. Seems like 80% of my notifications are about a bobcat walking through someones yard, or a "who is this solicitor" and "are they legit".
  9. make it 3 new members.. Don't want to set too high of goals!
  10. 2nd or 3rd (honestly I'm not sure relation) cousins about 3 years ago. Time before that.. mine 19 years ago.
  11. What type of potato did you take that picture with? Figure it would have been more starchy then grainy!
  12. KrAzY

    Bean soup

    Just like chili... beens do not belong in soup.
  13. Been up for a good long while. Completing some orders for our business, second cup of coffee, and running the 3D printer making stuff for my fish tank. Later it is going to the botanical garden with the family and maybe after that I'll go fishing.
  14. How? Well let me tell you.. They are all moving here! They are either being relocated, here to find work, also cheaper living than Ca. A few I talked too that just moved here are pissed about the politics and viewpoints of Ca and moved here to get away from it. Sadly they are bringing their way of life here and are trying to change this place. instead of adapting to the way of life here, they are making it a mini Ca shithole. For the hotter part.. it gets freaking HOT here in the summer
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