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  1. KrAzY

    I know that BR46 and DH will like this one

    Just got done doing that.. got stir crazy at home and went out and wasted some fuel.
  2. KrAzY

    W the actual F

    More then ever.. I rode a motorcycle up in Wi until the roads got slick.. here it is year round and I don't need carhearts at all. It might dip to the low 20's max.. just a little chilly, but ya ought to see the people here think the world is ending. We are heading to Ohio for Christmas to see family. I hope it snows so I can go sledding again
  3. KrAzY

    W the actual F

    Neither have I. I did get to see them many and many of times at the Bradley. Granted I am not heading to Wisconsin to see them anytime soon.
  4. KrAzY

    W the actual F

    It was fun
  5. KrAzY

    Summer is over

    i guess.. I just know this place is screwed up with weather
  6. KrAzY

    Summer is over

    It's always summer in Texas.. one summer is a bit cooler then the next one
  7. KrAzY

    W the actual F

    Ahhhhh there it is... why is it that color green?
  8. KrAzY

    W the actual F

    I am failing to see the mascot... please try posing a better picture of it.
  9. KrAzY

    W the actual F

    Milwaukee Admirals has one called Roscoe. My son was friends with the guys daughter, so every game he would come down to see us. He even got me on a zamboni ride.
  10. KrAzY

    I have given up on facebook

    I have given up on society.. seems to be a lost cause with everyone being offended. If this offends you then you should fill out this form and submit it to SW. After this report is done and submitted. Please feel free to fill out this report and send it to me.
  11. KrAzY

    Patty cake world championships

    I have seen cats do the same thing to a mirror with more excitment and purpose.
  12. KrAzY

    People can't be this stupid..

    That would be similar to the PICNIC error.
  13. KrAzY

    People can't be this stupid..

    Today at work our internet went down company wide in all locations. I had three people rush to my office 15 min after I heard of the problem. They asked if I got their emails about the computer issues. <insert really confused and dumbfounded look> Me: no I didn't. The internet is down company wide. Employee #1: I know.. we sent you an email about it. Me: you do know who email and the internet works.... Don't you? Employee#2: yah.. you push a button and it magically gets to where it has to go. Me: well ya.. sort of. There is a little more to it then that.. it involves tolls and other mythological things. Employee#1: that's not funny.. hey.. wait a second.. how come my phone is working fine and you are telling me the internet is not working. Me: WTF.. you can't be serious.. there is a massive difference between our system and a cell tower. Employee#3 comes in: there is a problem with the computers.. can you reset the internet so we can fix the issue? <Insert WTF look> Ummmmmm yyyyaaaaaaahhhh I can't do that without you filling out the proper forms. I will need the ID 10 T form filled out in duplicate, along with a proper TPS report cover sheet. You should be able to pick them up in the STL office. I hurried and called my STL and told him I was about to be over for my hours this week and I am leaving the store. He told me to have a good weekend.. I grabbed my stuff and ran like hell to get away from those people.
  14. KrAzY

    Excuse me Ma'am

    Your not my type.. and your not a ma'am.
  15. KrAzY

    Excuse me Ma'am

    Does this smell like pumpkin spice?