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  1. Well thanks for making it sound worse!
  2. Here is the view out the back door of the home we looked at. Mira about as little as 50 feet to 100 feet off the water.. guess it depends on how high the water level is that day
  3. It would be math.. not really science
  4. I don’t care for your silly statistics.. I’m making excuses cause I don’t like Arkansas
  5. im eating off the kids menus.
  6. Co is a lot further away, about 9 hour drive where I would like to be there. Also prices on property is a lot higher. Ok is not a bad state, unless you are from Texas and then you think every state sucks more then the state you live in. It has something to do with trying to be proud of your tumbleweeds or something.
  7. Says the Texan that only has lived in Texas.
  8. #1 Not looking in Texas. We are looking in Oklahoma. #2 moved to Texas because we got relocated for the wife’s work. #3 see answer #1
  9. Since the family and I miss the time we spent at our camp in the UP. We are looking for somewhere new to take long weekends and just go hang out. Wife requirement is it has to have a small town nearby to just go relax at or maybe window shop. also should have a small town coffee shop. For both of us it is also going to be used as our place to live when we decided to retire in the next 10 or so years. My requirement is it has to have a lake to fish at and kayak on. I really don't care where it is located. So we are fixing to leave and go see a few places on this little lake I found. Should be an interesting adventure.. the little lake is about 100,000 acres. Should be enough for me to fish and get lost on, and the town is on the mid size side. One kid is excited about it and the other is like "Why do we need another place" My answer to that was... Texas sucks and we want to retire and move when you all are done with school.. There are two places we really want to see, and another two that the agent thinks could be a good fit. We will see how it goes.. I'm guessing we will not find a place today, and will be looking the rest of the summer at other lakes.
  10. Nope.. I will be called an asshole, she will be mad for a few min, but she will recover.. I figure if I do this enough to all of them I can go fishing without anyone tagging along again
  11. That’s fine.. I’ll dump the wife in next time, or maybe my oldest.
  12. He laughed and giggled about it, but once he got back into the kayak he was pissed at me for the next hour.. it was made up by going to sonic. he laughed about it again when we came home and told the wife
  13. I do this. It is nice because I don’t have to wait until the following week for a new episode
  14. Took the youngest out for his first kayak ride. Seems to have had fun until I technically dumped him into the water. it was his fault really.. he nudged me with his paddle and I returned the favor by gently tapping his tickle spot on his side.. he went all dramatic and rocked to the side a little too far.
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