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  1. KrAzY

    I have been honored

    I can't say he has done that for me.. then again I think only one person in this forum has my number.
  2. KrAzY

    Guess Where I Was?

    I believe that's the Queen Mary, I got to live on that boat for 3 days about 7 years ago. It was October and we went through their big Halloween maze.. it was awesome!
  3. KrAzY

    Wo46 did it

    This makes me happy and sad at the same time
  4. KrAzY

    I miss all the fun stuff :(

    See it??? I helped build the SOB! It's reinforced with half inch rebar
  5. KrAzY

    I miss all the fun stuff :(

    It's only illegal because big pharma and the government can't control it. I will be happy to grow it once it is legalized. Between the wife and myself.. we both qualify for med cards.
  6. KrAzY

    I miss all the fun stuff :(

    Shhhhhhhhh Actually sun flowers and tomato plants. Starting to get the garden ready.
  7. KrAzY

    I miss all the fun stuff :(

    My son was ready for school early today, and WoK was all happy she could make it to work on time. As she was standing in the front room getting ready to turn on the grow lights a car came speeding down the street and hit my neighbor's mailbox. Well.. the good news is they were fine, but funny news is the kid just got the car back from the shop yesterday. Needless to say the WoK did not make it to work on time because the police had the street shut down.
  8. KrAzY

    Hey jsharr.. Splan this to me

    @jsharr... How the F is this not considered girl scouts???
  9. KrAzY

    Valentine Day plans

    will be fine.. Simmons like this kind of thing.. some guys do also.
  10. If I was going to have anything resoled it would be my older pairs of Dr Martins. They do not make them like they used too now days.. I still have a couple pairs from back in the 90's that look like they are only a few years old. The couple pairs I got last year and this year are not to quality. I believe it has to do that are American made and not held to the standards of Great Britain.
  11. KrAzY

    Valentine Day plans

    Your wife is becoming a queen on Valentines day... Thats nifty! You better treat her like one
  12. KrAzY

    Valentine Day plans

    We can not call it domestic violence since you two are not technically dating
  13. KrAzY

    Waze and DUI Checkpoints

    I always just skip the check points... motorcycle coast for a long time with the engine off and the lights out. Before they know it I am rolling past them and on my way. Then again I typically get flagged through because it is not easy to drink and ride on two wheels.
  14. KrAzY

    Valentine Day plans

    I plan on making a lot of guys angry like last year (that's why I wear a helmet... also it hides the ugly nicely) ... For the last two years I rode around on my motorcycle and at stop light I would get off the bike and run car to car handing out childish Valentine cards to ladies.. It makes people smile, and some of their guys friends find it either funny or it really makes them mad This year I will be handing this card out to about 70 lucky ladies... I did did not magically come up with that number... IT's because that's all the card stock sheets I had on hand when I made the cards... If the new shipment comes in before that big day.. I might make a different set... but for now this is the one they will be getting.
  15. KrAzY

    Recently seen at Whole Foods

    And that is just the after church crew! I do have to say that I have a wonder view half my work day