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  1. 15k BTU.. should warm you giblets up really quick.. I also like the way they sound like a jet engine.
  2. I have one of them.. I typically torc it down as tight as I can by hand, then jump on it once making it a bot tighter. NEVER fails me yet and I changed a lot of tires!
  3. Working on it all. Got the customer manager calling later today sometime. I'm sure I'm not going to be their favorite call of the day. I think 80 is the general number I remember from when I worked on my own cars and was told by a mechanic years ago. I guess some are minimum of 70ftlbs Lets do this.. I'll make jsharr dress like Yoda (the old one, but the new little cute one.. 'cause I don't think he can pull it off!)
  4. It was the Toyota dealer that screwed it up.
  5. Might just be the same person!
  6. I took it back in and they checked the wheel and also did a wheel adjustment. I'm waiting to hear back from the dealership about this.. plus they were calling Toyota corporate about it also.
  7. Glad I noticed just before getting on the highway. The dealership would have been in a world of hurt if I lost the full tire at 70mph.
  8. I heard my lugs go zinging off before on my old work truck. Lost two including the bolts doing about 80mph hauling my boat and trailer.. they do make some noise when they are projectiles!
  9. Luckily no, but as loose as the two that were threaded on were.. could have lost the wheel with a good bump.
  10. Especially when leaving after getting the complimentary oil change and tire rotation. Got about 1 mile from the dealership when I noticed a small wobble/shimmy in the rear of the truck..... Someone forgot to do their final walk around, and I think they are in a little trouble. I hear the guy on the phone when I told them what happened say "I'm going to place you on hold for a sec... WHO THE F......... music started to play" A few min later, they were trying to get my location and sending a tech out with all new lugs and a floor jack.
  11. The Browns only won last night to knock the steelers out of the playoffs.. We have no intention of winning the next game.
  12. KrAzY

    Remain Calm

    Its never too late, use that Texas time machine and just do what your asked.
  13. KrAzY

    Remain Calm

    I have not seen a yeti yet, but if I do... I would not expect less.
  14. KrAzY

    Remain Calm

    Snagged two trout so far. Fish are actually hitting good right now. wonder where the other towns folk are.. maybe it’s too cold for them. also figured since it’s colder out, I’ll bring out my ice fishing rods since they have not been used in a long time
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