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  1. Usually when I drive through there it's "F this state!"
  2. KrAzY


    Christopher Titus
  3. That's cool.. I work on the store level and get to see what's going on for the next couple weeks before the sale hits. I just print and handout. I'm also in charge of the graphic arts,IT work, kids programs (with the help of someone else), and many other things in our store. It gives me a lot of freedom in doing whatever I want without too much trouble from anyone else. Basically I just wonder around pretending I'm busy most of the day
  4. All I know is I'm roasting up the rest of the hatch chillies.
  5. Does your wife do what I do? When we have products being discontinued, I bring my shopping cart with me incase I want to buy the cheapest items in the store i love being in charge and seeing all the stuff before anyone else does.
  6. Sounds like they need my job position there.. that's what I do all day. I sit in my office and watch TV or movies waiting for price changes to filter down from corporate. Once the small batches come in, I print the tags and hand them to the team lead of that department to be changed. Our store is about 20-30 min different from what the registers say it is. Typically this all gets done before the store opens for business each day. I also spot scan through the store and audit departments throughout the day to make sure they are getting the right tags up, and that nothing in our system is wrong.
  7. I don't follow the news. It's all he said she said bull poop. Seems like the main majority is all one sided and they seem to leave out the main stuff you really need to know about
  8. There are three types of hatch Chili's. Mild: better flavor then a green pepper with little to no heat. Great for making into mild meals. Medium: about the heat of a jalapeno with a different meaty flavor. great for hamburgers Hot: opens your sinuses up and makes you shit fire. Great for chili and spicy meals where you want that little extra. (Mix between a habanero in a serrano) You will want to roast them first. That is what gives them all their good flavors. Last year I got in trouble because since they all look exactly the same.. I mixed all three heats into one shopping bag. It was pepper roulette it did not go over too well with the wife
  9. We make pepper relish, cowboy candy, and just can them for later use. There are time we mix them in when making hamburgers, Mac and cheese, or anywhere you can add a pepper.
  10. KrAzY

    Total bad ass

    Am I seeing this right??? That's a freaking treated 2x4??? Mad props to this dude!
  11. Been doing the fool part all my life.. think I'm gonna stop now? The answer you said should be "Nope"
  12. Ok.. I don't do church.. is that :thou shall stare at thy neighbors hawt wife?
  13. This is what happens when my wife asked me to bring home some hatch Chiles from work. I bring home a 20 lb case
  14. KrAzY


    The main issue with cool libraries is you still have to be quiet
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