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  1. Do you respect NO TRESPASSING signs?

    I give warning first before I let an arrow rip at them. in the dark you never know where an arrow is honestly... trespassing will get ya shot only if I find you within my home or the fenced in back yard. If you want to loiter in the front yard where the neighborhood can see you fine, as long as you are not endangering me or my family... once I feel threatened... all bets are off if you make it past the sidewalk.
  2. My insurance company confuses me...

    I know I do, but I like to play games more then argue..
  3. My insurance company confuses me...

    My thoughts exactly.. a vehicle is a vehicle no matter how many tire you have. If you can get a license plate for it, it should be considered a vehicle! Thats what I was thinking. Sadly I have used the same company for over 20 years and they are giving me the bottom of the barrel prices as is. has two-ish seat, can transport more then one person. Also motorcycle insurance is a lot cheeper then "vehicle" insurance because they don't think people will drive it year long like I will. And protective gear is added into the cost. They have my policy for 3k worth of gear as basic. working on that... have a new jeep in mind in the next year or so
  4. My insurance company confuses me...

    I find it weird.. I had my last motorcycle with the same company but different state. I can't wait till I talk with the manager tomorrow.. I want to see how long it takes him to call it a vehicle. I don't think they cover animals
  5. So I call them and ask why I am paying a little more a month now with only having one vehicle then I did with two vehicles. The lady tells me because we got rid of our last vehicle and it is not a "Bundled package" anymore. Me:???? really??? I bought a motorcycle and it is insured through you guys... Lady: A motorcycle is not a vehicle. Me: Really??? It has a motor, is licensed through the Texas DMV, can be used on the highway and other roadways, is used for transportation... Lady: Thats not a vehicle, a vehicle has 4 wheels Me: mmmmm you are being serious or yanking me on this? Lady: I'm serious Me:Can I obtain a DWI while operating this machine? Lady: YES! and you insurance will go up higher! Me:.... Since you are saying a motorcycle is not what it is...Can you call the DMV and tell them it is not a vehicle so I can recoup about $80 for tax, title, license plates then? Lady: but you need that stuff so you can drive your vehicle on the road! Me... Thought you said it was not a vehicle. Lady: I'm going to have my manager call you back tomorrow when he is in the office. Is it only this state, or other states not classifying a motorcycle as not a vehicle for insurance?
  6. The Archers

    did you also have a fan decoder ring for them secret radio ads?
  7. Evolution of photography

    one of them??? Hell I have 6 surprise cans in my humidor
  8. Weird Stock Market

    Denny's is better..... just saying!
  9. RIP

    sorry to hear this!
  10. Looks like KrAzY bought a boat

    Damn it... it worked.. what y'all bitch'n about!
  11. DMV Hell

    no stickers on the plates here in texas either, but we do have a dumb blue sticker on the windshield that tells us.
  12. Evolution of photography

    you millennial's make me laugh!
  13. WTF, chronicles from the ER

    Leather = bodybag...LOL I'll keep my mesh armadillo coat, and jeans. I am however thinking of getting actual riding jeans with the removable pads, but they cost too damn much.
  14. Evolution of photography

    I still keep some of my old style film (120's) in the old aluminum cans
  15. WTF, chronicles from the ER

    I got more hurt from going 40-45 then I did in my last motorcycle accident going 80+... I'm thinking that has to do with reaction vs speed timing...... or because this time I went over high side and last time I just fell and slide with the bike... oh well.... there is always next time I can try and figure it out..LOL