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  1. How big is your house?

    1800 sqft, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath. plus two other room that could be made into bedrooms if we feel fit and need too.
  2. Bald Eagles

    Same in the U.S., it is also illegal to have a feather unless you have special permission from the U.S. government. https://boingboing.net/2009/06/09/keeping-a-bald-eagle.html
  3. I might be crazy

    Stop saying you are me!
  4. Bald Eagles

    I hear they taste like chicken
  5. The Adams family went to see the Munsters

    Yes they have, but they like the Addams family show better.
  6. Yup.. it really happened and here is proof. What a beautiful ride in the Jeep today without doors and a top... We had to make a run South for a few goodies for the Jeep so we stopped to see the munsters house. They were not giving tours this year, but we hope to get back down there next year to see the house they built from watching the tv shows.
  7. I got mine

    carve it already for the love of petite!
  8. I am no Snake Plissken, but I will do my best to get out of LA alive. I plan on driving faster then the speading 405!
  9. Hopefully I am only in La for a few hours and then on my way home again. But is the smog and wildfires gonna get me?
  10. Unicorns on the beach in the water.

    of course they are real, where else do rainbows come from!
  11. I am glamping

    this makes me sad in every way possible!
  12. TIO

    does that contraption come with a leg already installed?
  13. Whelp I don't have to give up my dream house

    it is easier to set fire to your stuff and buy new when you move... That is my new theory on moving again!