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  1. Lots of pictures of tonight's toy drive

    And one more picture of all the jeeps that were there
  2. Lots of pictures of tonight's toy drive

    Nicky is spoken for by me incase something happens to my wife!
  3. Our jeep club had a toy drive tonight to raise about 5,000 toys for homeless, orphanage, and low income children. We did more then our goal, and the company that is getting the toys to wrap was more then excited. Here are some pictures of the North Texas Jeep Clubs convoy for kids. my jeep all light up i had to wear my fancy Christmas suite
  4. Will you be around tomorrow?

    Mama never taughed me how's to read
  5. Fresh Juice Recipes

    I normally go for a quick shake in the morning.. and then a second one again after I go pee... I like to juice because it is less filling then a smoothie. And I juice about 18oz, not a quick shot My personal favorite is a vegan vanilla shake mixed with almond milk
  6. Will you be around tomorrow?

    I was taken, but escaped the reading of the Krampus...
  7. Will you be around tomorrow?

    Tis the Eve of the Krampus... Have you been good or naughty?
  8. How about my Jeep..
  9. Fresh Juice Recipes

    Sometimes... Maybe a couple times a week if I am lucky anymore. Time just does not allow me to get up and have time anymore. Are you looking for new stuff? Or are you just getting into to? Edit: @AirwickVVithCheese... forgot to quote you , and didn't know if you would check back for a reply
  10. Anyone watch this?

  11. Anyone watch this?

    Ok.. not sure what's up with the link.. going to try again
  12. Anyone watch this?

    I'm thinking it could be interesting to see how it goes. https://youtu.be/SHy-76dNys8
  13. Kind of like taking a knife to a gun fight

    Nope.. don't own one.. too broke to buy a nice handheld.
  14. Do you ever do something....

    I have some ranging up to 3k grit if you need it. I use it for polishing my acrylic fish tank when it gets scratched.
  15. The Story of the Sweet Tea

    how nice he made you a bad batch of sweet tea.. it's the thought that counts! Here is my story of sweet tea.... AWWC was supposed to send me a jug of good sweet tea from NC.... he has not done so yet and it has been over 5 years mow... I am sad