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  1. KrAzY

    Fish are now here

    What would you like to know. An anemone is an amazing creature. The tips can be little, long, bubbled.. there are over 100 species of anemones. The one I have is called a rose bubble tip. Also known as an RBTA for short. The tips of the anemone have really small hair like spikes on them you can not see. They grab food like fish, shrimp and so on if they get close. The tips are just the far outside of the anemone and the bubble tips cover over the oral disc which is where it's mouth and anus is. The bubble tip I have is about 4 inches across if the tips were deflated. Another interesting thing is with some anemones like the bubble tip. It is the host for microalgae that lives in the tips and that's why it bubbles. What else would you like to know?
  2. Only because you are secretly still trying to take his soul for another freckle.
  3. KrAzY

    Fish are now here

    It's not that bad.. I hand feed them.. some people will actually get a rash from being touched by them.
  4. KrAzY

    Fish are now here

    I am so mesmerized by this happening. It is amazing to watch nature like this. I have never had a clown fish host before.. typically they said "Fu am not playing your stupid games".
  5. KrAzY

    Fish are now here

    I have a small heater in the tub with them. It warms the tub to the same temp as my tank. Nope... I am also very amused.. I can't believe how much I have missed having a tank. Better yet.. (you don't want to know the price on the anemone) but our clownfish is starting to have a symbiotic relationship with it. She is starting to test out and build up the mucus membrane so she can host it. Here is also a video. VID_20190421_180952633.mp4 Soon after acclimating to the stings, she'll be playing in it like crazy.
  6. Yay.. just like every other day.. I don't count also for the record.. I can't count either either... I have a problem getting past the number potato!
  7. Technically speaking.. each hair follicle is made with so much pigment when you are born, once it runs out of the pigment you start to get white or grey hair depending on your actual natural hair color. It is all dependent on the uv light that hits it. Non technically I like to believe it's every time we pass a redhead it's a little bit of our soul that they're starting to take from us so they can gain another freckle.
  8. KrAzY

    Fish are now here

    And she is still refusing to leave them alone
  9. KrAzY

    Fish are now here

    You been drinking this afternoon?
  10. I am drip acclimating the two new clown fish I just picked up. My pup will not leave their tub. She is watching them careful to make sure they are on. Every now and then she licks the container.
  11. Both at the same time.. full out balls to the wall!
  12. So sorry the two of you have to deal with all of this. If there is anything I can do, please let me know!
  13. Why in the world do I need ozone or a UV system?
  14. I can get pictures when I get home, but I have the drain hole and return line drilled into the back of the tank. The water goes to the 10 gal sump, through the filtration system, through the skimmer, through the bubble trap, and into the pump chamber and then back into the tank.
  15. It's on the breaker with the laundry room.. Where is the fun of that??? I also am sad because the way the Dallas and other large aquariums take care of their stuff.. everyone I have been too seems neglected in one way or another.
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