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  1. Yup.. works like a charm
  2. Hopefully not in his chilli. Texas upholds the death penalty for that
  3. Either the wind or @jsharr exhaling all that hot air
  4. As of 1pm yesterday our Hood lost power due to down power lines. They think it "might" be back on by noon. As a good neighbor I offered up a spare fridge in our garage to anyone needing to keep their medicines cold in this crisis. I also think I am one of the only people in our area to have a generator.. good thing I didn't get rid of it when we moved down here. The neighbor came over to see what all I was running.. nothing much, just my fridge, fish tank, AC, tv, and internet. He was was not happy. But least he only should have to hear the generator for a few more hours. Here are the lines that went down.
  5. Send one down to me and she will never know you added another. I only have one but could use another
  6. Maybe, but I still think it is her being an idiot. Most people will be fostering are going to have a creat already more than likely, and know whether they are in for without using the word "adopt" Either way.. I dont like how she wrote it and could have done a better job.. can I give her a visit?
  7. Just saw this a few min ago on the nextdoor site.. does this person's post give me right to go and punch her in the vag? I mean.. WTF would you adopt a dog and not know if you wanted it? Congrats.. you have an addition to your family, not a toy you can throw out if it does not work for you. Here is their address if you want to send hate mail!
  8. I never knew people who are complete idiots never realize they were the idiot in the first place.
  9. I guess.. the wife wanted it, so it shall be. I will be hooking up a spot to fill a few rain barrels sooner or later
  10. I wish we had snow.. after three+ years here I don't understand year round summer.
  11. Ok.. for the people that wanted to see what it really looks like. Still need to finish the door. It should be done later tonight when it's not 1 billion degrees out..
  12. I'm actually upset Menards is only in the north. Closest ones over a thousand miles away from me. This makes me sad.
  13. Hell with hammers.. screws and nail guns is the way I roll. I'm good with a hammer, but I need the nail gun for distance when aiming at rogue squirrels running across the top of my fence.
  14. This ain't my first outhouse build
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