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  1. Sun set by far.. sun rise just makes the day seem longer!
  2. Trail Running

    I drove through that little puddle without an issue... silly truck thought it was a jeep
  3. Trail Running

    @jsharr.... think your truck could do better??? I got to watch it happen and heled winch him out.. needless to say he was not a happy person..lol
  4. Must we get down on our hands and knees

    We are at a 3 dog house also Hazel is not fully blind, but still loves the jeep Kray is a nut and hates car rides DeeJay love riding in the Jeep also, and is always trying to sneak out the door to go for rides to the puppy park or on hikes.
  5. Then you should have only issued this topic for the people that were invited and not for everyone on the forum... You are starting to disappoint me now
  6. 8/12 miles and such

    THAT SIR is a LIE!!!!
  7. Nope.. I did not get a proper invitation and because of that I did not know to show up
  8. Trail Running

    Nahhhhhh.... I only run from the cops... no exercise is my motto (unless I have to get out of the jeep and use the winch)
  9. Trail Running

    Northwest ORV park in Bridgeport. you need to come out there and ride bitch with me sometime!
  10. Wade cooked dinner

    Good to see you are putting him to work
  11. Trail Running

    The NTJC (North Texas Jeep Club) threw a 101 basics class, and I had the pleasure of playing on the trails also. To think this was just a beginner trail...LOL
  12. 8/12 miles and such

    NICE!!! I also will hate to say this, but she looks ALOT better in lycra then you my friend!
  13. Cleveland

    And Snyders Potato chips
  14. What has Wilbur so wound up today?

    He is mad that his tail is not straight...
  15. Found a reason to like Texas...

    I'm gueswing if you do not have a run in with the cops, then drinking and driving or having an open container is fine... I don't advise it