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  1. My first job was working for my parents in their small business.. I would work about 4 hours every couple days and get about $7 a day. GRANTED I was around 10 years old.. later I get a real paycheck form them and was making roughly $6 an hour.
  2. I would love to have work like that one day, but I will stick to my shitty artists that don't cost much
  3. My wife is mad because every year I somehow get babies to fly to me.. last year it was a bluejay, this year it looks to be a house finch. It is covered in baby bird formula and has imprinted on humans. we were trying to capture it so an bird rescue could come care for it, but we were unable to do so. we hope it comes back.
  4. I just paid 4.50 a gallon and filled up for $9.34..Love the motorcycle
  5. KrAzY

    Hey BR46

    And it gives you a reason to have twin bikes.
  6. KrAzY

    Hey BR46

    Why are you not doing this??
  7. Captian Crunch is always gonna win. Also your buddy has a point.. you are just a walking mess!
  8. simplicity sucks.. buy foods that have words that you can not pronounce and enjoy the reason for working out.
  9. y'all need to stop buying that fancy stuff.. Jiff never needs to be stirred
  10. Soooooooo if the little birdy is still there when it starts to get dark, make sure all the lights are off and point a vehicle headlight at the garage.. humming birds are attracted to light just like a moth is.
  11. I was up to about 6 swisher sweets a day and quit about a month ago. I figured it would be better to vape again than to keep getting all the extra chemicals. I even took up making my own vape juice with 0 nicotine. I get to pick my flavors and also know exactly what goes into the magical juice instead of relying on what the big companies pretend to tell you what's in it. I can actually breath better now, and found that I am having less allergies issues.
  12. whole lots of leaves tightly rolled together. There was no filter, so nothing else was really added
  13. I hope Big Brother likes porn... that's all they are getting from jsharr
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