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  1. You want jsharr and me to go check her out if she is here in Texas?? Personally if I really don't know the people, then they get the bargain bin gifts.. a few bucks ($5) and something you completely would never want. I just go for the food and call it a day while avoiding them completely.
  2. He was also the all American hero.
  3. she backed away from trying to get me in trouble because she was finding out that I can fight back harder then she imagined. She is now "trying" to be a team player because the smackdown was given to her by the boss.. basically HR also said stop the shit or leave.
  4. Is not the proper answer to email your boss when he asks what you are working on while he is away for the weekend.. Who would’ve thunk... meh least I’m not in trouble and he laughed when he called me
  5. KrAzY

    Which Café denizen?

    That would be me if there were fishing rods on that yak
  6. Jsharr just looks that way.. he doesn’t need that mask.. Maldonado you didn’t hear it from me, but he likes to hide under my bed.
  7. KrAzY

    Did you know?

    They are so squishy like a sponge.. I got to play with a few cadavers:)
  8. KrAzY

    Good news

    Good news I didn’t get fired today, but there is always tomorrow!
  9. Dude that’s awesome! Congrats!!! Send me tour address and move in date so I can send you a house warming gift!
  10. I was also thinking of adopting a punch of pit bulls.. every time it is their birthday we can have a pitty party
  11. First I would like to say demon was the perfect name.. I swear she is possessed. and here is your pic
  12. WoK was getting mad at me for calling her demon. She said that was a horrible name for a dog.. personally I think it was fitting and also funny because we watch a lot of ghost tv shows and when they talked about demons she looked at the tv. so instead of all the weird names my wife called her due to hating the name I came up with.. I was forced to call her something else.. Her new name is Pandora.. when she gets wound up, she releases the evil.. also I think it is fun to tell her to now get into her crate.. I’m calling it Pandora’s box 😁
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