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  1. I sent a check out on the 6th and it got to the company today. The company is literally a 5 minute drive from my home. So 6 days for the mail to get to the same town that has three post offices in it.
  2. I can't wait for the saga of living with the mother-in-law. We have not had a good saga like that in a while
  3. KrAzY

    What the hell???

    I hate the recent. I just let mine expire. I have had it for over 20 years even though I have been out of the fire service since 2008. To me nothing really changed over the years, and I am not in a position that I really need to keep it up. If worse come to worse, I'll just do what I have done in the past when I had to preform CPR or shock someone.
  4. I would have stood there and listened and talked to the guy.. But then again I listen to jsharr's drivel he spews.
  5. What do olives have anything to do with conservatives?
  6. KrAzY

    Fiats suck

    My Toyota is better then your Fiat.
  7. This is what I'm scared of... but at least I have 4,000 reasons not to come to my home and bother us
  8. Yup.. definitely like the movie mean girls.. but a little more drama. least we know who a few of them are.. they clearly painted a target on themselves for a lot of people here.
  9. Hiring process is we get the best that walks in.. sadly it is these kids. even though the screening process is three times, somehow no one more worth while comes through the door.. my team lead and I are guessing it is because people are making more on unemployment than they would at $16 an hour. the management is not weak, but they are skipping management and going directly to the tip line that goes directly to HR to investigate. there are a few of us that have talked to the management, and they know what’s going on.. but they can’t intercept before HR gets a call. It’s a wonderfully flawed system.
  10. Is not.. it’s funny and harmless
  11. I’m documenting and watching... told my boss I’m going to try and be good, but I’m going to bring them down if I can.
  12. It is the new way of life.. either agree and follow what these idiots think and say, or they will find a way to get you in trouble.. this was all over me not wearing a BLM button some chick at work made for everyone.. I used the excuse that it was against company policy. They took it a different way. sorry.. but I do not being personal issues to work.. it is just strictly work, and I do it and go home.. I don’t even associate with work people outside of work.
  13. I think my fav thing so far is they accused a person at work of being homophobic... he is uber gay for days.. it made me laugh
  14. I’m not that mean.. I’m still a nice guy.. wanna help me make trump sticker and put them on their cars?
  15. But dealing with a lot of stuff at work.. this new cancel culture kids are basically trying to see who they can get fired.. so far this little group has gotten 6 people written up and also 3 people to quit. I was thrown on final notice on Monday.. they decided to pull some crap against me while I was on vacation, and instead of my company calling me they took their word for it.. now I’m set on revenge!
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