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  1. No pit.. maybe silver lab.
  2. KrAzY

    Mustang Sally

    Has to be a Ford.. you already are tinkering with it to make it run...
  3. not sure what she really is.. I did google search for dogs with hind leg dew claws.. only came up with a few, but the few it was were all heading dogs. Only time will tell what her name will be... for now it is piddles.
  4. Looks like the newest office manager is settling in nicely. The other office manager is wondering why the FedEx guy just threw the package and didn't leave any treats.
  5. She just got here 30 min ago and the wife said she is not leaving. Right now she is nameless, but leaning towards Bear. Not sure what bread if dog she is either. But I do know she is a sweetheart, and troublemaker already
  6. KrAzY

    Move to Texas

    you never been drunk enough to drown in a dry lake before I guess.... Just means you need to come out drinking with me sometime.
  7. KrAzY

    Move to Texas

    Yup... year round kayaking and bass fishing for sure here.
  8. KrAzY

    Move to Texas

    not bad really, but our ice is more liquid then normal.
  9. KrAzY

    This is just KrAzY

    It sure does because it is me when I was younger.
  10. KrAzY

    This is just KrAzY

    Ahhhhhhhh That pic is from a long time ago... I finally got bigger and grew into my teeth!
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