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  1. TrentonMakes

    Christmas stories

    In recent years I'm finding that I have Christmas memories that are so sweet it almost hurts to think about them. I suspect many of you can relate. I'm just not sure my stories will make for interesting reading. But thanks for sharing yours.
  2. TrentonMakes

    Brick & Morter Retailers

    Yes, I have referred to them as the "big and fat store". I can walk in and buy 9XL clothes but I can't get my 38/38 pants or 40" sleeves. The one nearby closed a couple years ago. There's one of these stores not too much farther away, across the river. Now it's called "Destination XL", and you can buy the fragrance that they pump into the store. WTF? I know, these companies would probably go out of business if they reserved precious rack space for clothes that fit me. Ah well.
  3. TrentonMakes

    Brick & Morter Retailers

    I'm conflicted about this issue... I don't want to see an Amazon monopoly and I wish long term success for the B&M retailers and their employees, especially the mom and pops. But for my entire adult life I've been unable to buy clothes or shoes at 99% of those stores. I buy these things online because they pretty much leave me no choice.
  4. TrentonMakes


    How is the guy's OCD going to handle it if the tree is not centered between the two wreaths? That's what my eye would look for. The comments are right - he should focus his efforts on complaining about the $15 toll. The comments are also right in that this web site shouldn't be giving this guy a soapbox.
  5. TrentonMakes


    I really hate when someone, or some agency, tries to something right, or tries to do something nice that they don't have to, and have to deal with garbage like this. https://www.nj.com/news/2018/12/holland-tunnel-decorations-are-a-giant-pain-in-the-a-for-this-man-so-he-launched-a-crusade-to-fix-christmas-for-commuters.html
  6. TrentonMakes

    So Trenton, time to start picking your favourite songs of the year

    This song has been catching my ear - lately I'm finding it irresistible, especially the little keyboard riff that starts around 0:58. Is XPN playing this? I don't know if you know who John Grant is - I feel like the singer sounds a lot like him (though surely he don't look like him).
  7. TrentonMakes

    It's bath time.

    look at that face! Adorable.
  8. TrentonMakes

    Time's person of the year is out

    Wait - I thought this was announced a week or two ago?
  9. TrentonMakes

    Mr. Mooseknuckle to the Dawes phone

    Yeah, the guitar sounds pretty good but overall I'm still underwhelmed by this band, aside from that one song. I kind of feel the same way about Kurt Vile - I love "Wakin On A Pretty Day" but I haven't heard anything else of his that I'd like to hear again. That "Pretty Pimpin" song is like nails on a chalkboard to me (something tells me you have expressed an affinity for the song so I say this at the risk of offending)
  10. TrentonMakes

    Help Me Decide

    yes. I won't try to influence her, but I secretly hope, when the time comes, my daughter picks this. I'll cry my eyes out.
  11. TrentonMakes

    I don't think I use my fibulas near enough

    You should use them now, while they are not broken. You never know.
  12. TrentonMakes

    Always make sure your work is peer reviewed.

    It is a not impractical gift for those of us in northern climates.
  13. TrentonMakes

    Do you have a second-favorite football team?

    I don't know if I'd call anyone my "second favorite" but the two other teams that I find myself rooting for a little are the Eagles (if they win it will make my dad, friends and coworkers happy), and yes, those hapless Browns (who are just a little less hapless this year). What can I say - I like a nice feel-good story and Success For The Browns would certainly qualify. Of course this goes out the window when they're playing "my" team. In last year's SB I was able to find some room in my heart to be happy for the Eagles and their fans.
  14. TrentonMakes

    Ross is goofy-looking

    "Show him your bra.... he gets nervous around 'em. Can't work 'em."
  15. TrentonMakes

    Ross is goofy-looking

    IMO the show hasn't aged particularly well, or maybe I haven't. Like Seinfeld I have a lot less patience/sympathy than I used to for their stupid shallow antics. However, the other day we chanced upon the one where everyone finally finds out Chandler and Monica are together. That might have been the single best episode.