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  1. Congratulations on reaching a million. Sorry for not helping.
  2. We saw 3 F-16s but no supertanker which is what I really wanted to see (and hear).
  3. No, unless you count my dad bringing it into the house in a pail, when we had goats.
  4. I think it was Feb 29, my family and my brother's family met at my parents' for my mom's birthday.
  5. John, I'm so sorry you both are going through this. I can't imagine. I wish you both strength and I hope your wife improves quickly.
  6. "Your name is Jake. Understand? " "Meow."
  7. I'm sorry... wishing you all strength, and better days.
  8. I thought this was going to be about the forecast low of 36 Saturday night, after we put the garden in. A little too close for comfort (though we didn't plant any gourds).
  9. That entire album The Seldom Seen Kid is fantastic, winning the 2008 Mercury Prize. I love that song but that goes for most of the album (you may recall the version of "Tower Crane Driver" with the BBC Orchestra/Choir - if not, go find it now. Richard Hawley is guest vocalist on "Fix"; he's got some really good albums out there too.
  10. I think there's one lime in the fridge... if so I'll make myself a small margarita tonight. We had burritos for dinner last night.
  11. I went to the liquor store a couple weeks ago, after the statewide mask rule went into effect. One guy came in without a mask and he was immediately, and loudly, told by one of the cashiers he had to have a mask to enter. I was impressed. It's a small store with tiny aisles - impossible to maintain 6ft distance especially because it was as crowded as I've ever seen it. We walk or ride bikes around the neighborhood and we haven't been wearing masks for that. It's a quiet neighborhood with wide streets, and really easy to steer well clear of others.
  12. From everything I hear, our office's billability has remained high and WFH may indeed become a regular thing long term; they may be able to downsize office space. The real test will be if there are quality control or productivity issuers that don't surface for a few months, from all these people working (billing) unsupervised. There are certainly times i wish i could just get a handful of people together in a conference room; a 10- minute discussion in person is a lot more efficient. I'd like it if we ended up maybe 3 days a week at home and 2 in the office.
  13. That's better than the original! Rhyming "masses" with "masses" was just silly.
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