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  1. Bashing stuff is fun but I'd never pay for the privilege. If i need to blow off steam my treatment of choice is to grab a guitar and turn up the overdrive.
  2. I hear them on the public radio station i listen to. Pretty good stuff. I think someone in that band was involved in some political dustup some time ago.
  3. Same as a lot of others... i joined the LF in 2002 (I think) but had pretty much abandoned it - partly because of what i felt it had become, and partly because i went quite a few years without any serious riding, when the kids were little. Anyway I popped in the LF at some point near the end, and a few days later was invited here.
  4. Maybe so. It looks like in the summer they posted on FB that they were unable to take in bikes for repairs because they couldn't get parts. Then a September post advertising 75% off most remaining inventory...
  5. And I didn't realize it until after the fact. In December I went to see if I could get tires for my wife's bike and the exterior (including the sign) had all been painted over in black. Building was empty. Sometime last summer I stopped in for something (tubes maybe)? I thought the new bike inventory seemed low but I figured it was supply issues. Now I wonder if they knew it then. I patronized this place often when we first moved to the Trenton area, though I moved on after they screwed up a few things (3 strikes). In the mid 2010s I had started to go back; always liked the feel of
  6. Both front and back, all tread is gone, just slick. There still might be enough rubber though. I don't think these tires have more than 1500 miles on them. They do a lot of work, supporting my weight (245 or so). 7500 miles on a set of tires.... wow.
  7. Thanks for the tip. I'm a little disappointed with how my Gatorskins are holding up though... a far as tread goes I'm pretty sure I got more miles out of the OEM tires. And the GS's are a PITA to mount. But in the fall I had a little mishap that ended with me in a drainage ditch and i think a few of these sidewall scuffs are a problem.
  8. I won't be in the market for a bike this year. But last summer i had a hard time finding reasonably priced tires and a few other common accessories. Easier in the winter (my wife got her new tires and helmet for Christmas). I may need new tires for the KHS this year - maybe a good idea to secure them now.
  9. We're forecast for 52 on Friday... already thinking of taking a long lunch and getting in another ride while it's nice. Weekend's supposed to be colder.
  10. Holy cow! Glad it wasn't worse - feel better soon!
  11. I suppose I'll try to get in on this... thanks to whoever's doing the tabulating. My only New Year's resolution was to "ride more" and I'm working on it. 1/1 - 12 miles 1/2 - 8 miles 1/10 - 15 miles
  12. John - even though i haven't posted much lately you have been in my thoughts... i was hoping to see things were improving and I'm sorry that they're not. As others have said, it is touching to see how you take care of your wife and do what you can to make her feel better. Vibes and prayers to you, and i wish you the strength to stay the course.
  13. She's beautiful... congrats.
  14. Congratulations on reaching a million. Sorry for not helping.
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