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  1. TrentonMakes

    How to do dinner

    Too bad for him. They are better than ever, i think.
  2. I feel like i could watch this for quite a while. I keep wanting to pause it.
  3. TrentonMakes

    Tell me about your best Police experience!

    This probably isn't the intent of the question, but as a traffic engineer a lot of my work is geared toward highway safety and in order to prioritize safety improvements you have to know where the problems are. I am frequently talking, meeting and/or otherwise coordinating with police officers to discuss crash history, desirable detour routes or other factors. We can review crash reports , conduct counts and stand observing traffic for an hour or two, or we can talk with a traffic safety officer for five minutes and basically get the gist of what needs to be done. Pretty cool to sort of be on the same team with them. One of the times in my life I was pulled over, me and three friends were making a beer run on a Saturday night - I believe I was of age by this time. My girlfriend was in town but she stayed on campus and I was driving her (mom's) car. Got nailed doing 40 in a 25 and I was afraid it didn't look good - a couple of my friends had had a few beers already. When I stopped the car it was right in front of the 40mph sign at the end of the 25 zone - so when he asked me if I knew what the speed limit was I looked out the windshield and said "uh.... 40?" That threw him a little but he explained it was 25 back in town. Asked for my documentation and of course I can't find the registration or insurance card. Looked for 5 minutes, gave up and I was expecting bad things to follow - but he sent us on our way, told me to keep the speed down - "thank you, Officer, have a good night". We proceeded to liquor up and violate the hell out of the no-alcohol-on-campus policy.
  4. TrentonMakes

    Have you ever lipped off to an on duty Police Officer?

    This, even the two times it was a BS traffic stop - I was pissed off but maintained a respectful tone. I definitely believe any police officer can find something to ding you for if you mouth off at them.
  5. TrentonMakes

    How to do dinner

    OK, but you must understand that some of the rest of us are pressed for time? I hardly ever have time to pick up the guitar, not that I do so professionally or anything. However it's a bit of soul-cleansing that I could really use most days. I used to drink a lot of Flying Fish - I was an ESB guy but it's been a while since I had one. Since I moved out of Camden County they're not "my local" anymore.
  6. TrentonMakes

    Have you ever driven while grossly intoxicated?

    If by "grossly" you mean "stumbling and slurring" then no. But there were three times i drove when i knew i shouldn't. I remember each time specifically (the last was i think 19 years ago). I came of age late enough that the dangers were well known, but i let practicality win. I was lucky. There are a few things in life I'm not proud of and this is one. Please forgive me.
  7. TrentonMakes

    How to do dinner

    Look, I agree that dinner from a box heated in the microwave is not a good habit, but I would not say you chose a good example of "it's not a lot harder". The pre-planning to marinate overnight, maybe, but homemade pasta and a freshly harvested salad? I would say that is a lot harder especially for people who are pressed for time. What local beer did you have?
  8. TrentonMakes

    Life in a trip to the QT

    Is that Sheetz? We got to know their touch screens pretty well over the last couple years. Around here Wawa uses the same type of thing and yes, there must be a bajillion combinations, with details down to "mayo", "no mayo", "little bit of mayo", "lite mayo", etc. I think the kids like ordering sandwiches more than eating them (which may be at least partly the intent).
  9. TrentonMakes

    Must Resist....

    That would be hard to resist, yes. In losing weight and trying to maintain it, one of the rules I've made for myself is to pass on pastries, doughnuts, etc. unless they're Really Good. People bring in Dunkin Donuts here and it's easy to say "no thanks" to those because they are crap. But the pastries at Starbucks are a different matter. My wife and I used to get these maple oat nut scones there, with a generous layer of maple icing.... damn, they were good. The little coffee shop on the ground floor where I worked in Philadelphia also had some really good things (and back then I wasn't thinking diet). Lemon pound cake... corn muffins... Jewish apple cake.... all buttery and delicious. That place would be testing my willpower every day if I still worked there.
  10. TrentonMakes

    Is Zephyr a Dick?

    I saw this once on the Saturday afternoon "Million Dollar Movie" or some such. It was pretty funny.
  11. TrentonMakes

    Quote of the Day: Napoleon Bonaparte

    That quote is simply "if you want a thing done, do it yourself." Someone else can probably do the thing better, but in the absence of someone else, getting the thing done is better than not getting the thing done, even if the thing is not done as well as someone else could do the thing. IB, you can use this if you want.
  12. TrentonMakes

    Have you ever had to call for a ride home ?

    Maybe 15 years ago (probably not long after I first put my black Panasonic together) I got a flat about 10 miles from home and had no way to repair it. I had to use a gas station pay phone to call my wife. Then a couple years ago when the Great KHS Seat Post Debacle reared its head, she was out with my son and I just called her to make sure she didn't leave before I got there. I was OK riding to where she was, but I didn't want to stand all the way home. As far as I can remember, I've never had to call for a ride due to injury, exhaustion, etc but I know I was tempted a few times. Yes, pride, and I guess I was lucky it didn't screw me over.
  13. TrentonMakes

    Speaking of Les Paul

    Nothing against Slash, but all the drive and compression he uses is pretty forgiving. To play something like that clean or on an acoustic is a bigger feat, I think. This sounds great.
  14. TrentonMakes

    Hard Rock Cafe needs a proofreader

    Aside from the strings the close-up shot is pretty realistic. Well, I don't really like the alignment of the switch itself either - it would typically sit at a sharper angle. You can order any number of clever alternate versions of these switch rings (or customize them with whatever you want). "Holy/Unholy", "Page/Hendrix", "Loud/Louder", etc. While I think I will keep the traditional ring on mine, I kind of like these: