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  1. Last year my wife and I went out to dinner and she got the eggplant lasagna, lots of layers of really thin sliced eggplant. Whatever seafood-and-pasta I ordered, I wished I'd ordered that lasagna instead. Even with pasta I prefer lasagna to be full of veggies.
  2. 5 or 6 years, I think. Surely it's past the point of professional repair (probably $200 minimum to come out and work on what was probably a $500 machine). This was a great suggestion - and I actually had a hose clamp the perfect length. Still didn't work though - the jaws still managed to work their way off the nut. I'm thinking of reliving my college days this weekend.... showing up at my parents' house with a pile of laundry.
  3. I feel like a pro cyclist can probably take his hands off the bars for 20 minutes and still control the bike. But clearly he got careless and I'm sure his team is (1) genuinely worried for his health and well-being, and (2) pissed off that their chances are damaged by something stupid. I hope he recovers quickly. No Froome, no Sherwen..... lots of changes this year. (I got excited when I saw a TdF spot during the hockey game last night)
  4. TrentonMakes


    I don't see any of this... weird. I know there's at least one software update pending that I've been skipping past. I do sync the iPod to iTunes, but if I rip a couple CDs, or edit some playlists and then sync it only takes a matter of minutes. The "smart playlist" feature is by far my favorite feature of the Apple stuff..... though by this time there is probably some open source competitor that does this. I can quickly set up a playlist for a particular year, or "4-plus star rating, 2000 and later". And I do.
  5. 16D. The big/tall stores don't have a great selection to begin with, then a lot of what they have in a 16 is too wide. My current pair of "running shoes" (in which I rarely run) are Asics and I like them, but I've worn more New Balances over the years.
  6. I have two of those, one with curved teeth and one with straight. I can't clamp the levers together tightly enough with my hands to keep them from spreading as I hit it with the hammer. I bet my BFH isn't BF enough..... that must be the problem. I'm hesitant to spray this nut with WD-40 but I suppose I should be able to scrub it clean if my some miracle I can fix the problem. My guess is that ultimately "fixing the problem" is going to involve a trip to the New Appliance Store.
  7. Washing machine's been getting noisier and noisier. The sound changed the other day and it decided to stop spinning, and we found some rubbery-sandy-type crud inside the tub after the last load came out. Disassembly of a washing machine is pretty easy, until you get down to the 1-11/16" nut holding the tub onto the drive spindle. I need the stupid wrench, don't I? Even with this I'm sure I'll end up banging on it with a hammer. I hate spending even $13 on such a specialized tool I'm unlikely to ever use again, with no guarantees that I'll be able to diagnose the problem anyway.
  8. It must be nice to go into a shoe store and have a dozen or more options to try on.
  9. Overall goal differential is important. This should be a non-issue.
  10. When I had my Jetta that light came on often - though in my case it didn't affect how the car ran, so that took away some of the urgency. I drove that car for over 120K miles and I estimate the check engine light was on for 40K of them. I used to take it to the neighborhood guy, who generally did great work.... but it seems like check engine light issues (on German cars perhaps) weren't in his wheelhouse. At some point I took it to the VW dealer and I never saw that light again. It cost a little more but they fixed it right. Guess I can't comment on the aftermarket-vs-OEM question though.
  11. Something like this. But otherwise I have no objection to packing jointly. If we can get away with one bag we'll do it, but generally it ends up being one apiece. I really don't understand the seemingly visceral reaction some have to the idea of your clothes sharing suitcase space with your spouse's. It's not like you're sharing a room or anything.
  12. TrentonMakes


    They are discontinuing iTunes in favor of separate desktop and mobile apps, or some such. I rarely buy anything from the iTunes store, but I'm still using a dedicated iPod so iTunes is something of a necessity. It probably could be better but I don't really have any complaints with it. I once read that iTunes was "an easy way to empty your bank account 99 cents at a time". But fewer people are paying for downloads and more people are streaming.
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