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  1. WoZack is askeered

    Tell her I am askeered that the 60 hours a week I've been working will not be enough to meet my deadline, and I'd give almost anything to face the pressure of an impossible climb instead.
  2. 2018-04-23 Birthdays

    Sorry i missed this. Hope you had a great day - happy birthday!
  3. Sigh..

    This is begging for a PRI-related edit. But I'm very busy.
  4. Sigh..

    We might just have to "break down" on the southbound shoulder then. Lucky we have some camping chairs while we wait for a tow truck!
  5. Sigh..

    I want to find a place near Newark Airport that's akin to Gravelly Point at Reagan. The closest I seem to have come (in my online research) is the IKEA parking lot which is on the other side of the Turnpike. Hoping I can do better than that. My son loves watching planes take off and land from Gravelly Point (and so do I). It feels like you can almost touch them. I'd love to be able to take him to a similar spot up there. There are some trees and some green grass in the view you posted. It could be a lot worse.
  6. @#$😡&*$#@

    I heard our neighborhood mechanic (who retired last year, unfortunately for us) comment several times on how it seemed like Ford intentionally complicated designs of maintenance items... I've never replaced the ignitor on any gas grill (I am only on my fourth, I think, and this one still works)... once it's crapped out I've always just used a long-handled butane lighter. I haven't had the issues with those devices that others appear to have had...
  7. "Sweet peppers" are sort of an abomination

    I've been a big fan of the red roasted sweet peppers on a sandwich for a long time... but I've just recently developed a taste for the green pickled sweets you're talking about. I think I like them even better. That tangy sweetness punches through all that salt, and fat, and bread. It's perfect and lately I'm disappointed if the shop doesn't have those.
  8. Bobby Subgum Confusionisms

    This one is a favorite..... I always love it when people laugh when they're not supposed to. "...spending the night with nothin' from no Giant Eagle..."
  9. Bobby Subgum Confusionisms

    Paulsen & Krenn helped me get through a bunch of really long days on a 3-month assignment out that way in the mid-90s. I have a handful of the albums that were released, collections of funny stuff from the show. My favorite Bobby Subgum bit was him trying to sell off a bunch of bootleg CDs, by bands like the Running Stones and Eric Clapman.
  10. So The Hear(t)less Bastards are on hiatus

    That's too bad. I like Craig Finn a whole lot better than the Heartless Bastards.
  11. So The Hear(t)less Bastards are on hiatus

    Craig Finn, eh?
  12. After 40 years of punching a time clock....

    "Don't forget..."
  13. Blind And Stupid, Nearly Killed a Fat Old Dude

    "Would you tell those assholes to shut up?" damn, that whole scene is a riot. Wormer's facial expressions are hilarious. It will be a long time before I watch it with my daughter though...
  14. Blind And Stupid, Nearly Killed a Fat Old Dude

    It's one more movie full of lines that I don't feel right laughing at anymore. "The issue is not whether we broke a few rules, or....." <wink>
  15. WSDOT embarrasses itself -- U Suck

    I am quite certain that several of the people who drive under this sign, truly do suck.