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  1. TrentonMakes

    My Old Dr Sucked

    I was diagnosed with a murmur some 30 years ago. It is considered "functional" which means it isn't really a problem, and chances are the same is true for you. Good luck.
  2. TrentonMakes

    How Often do you brake?

    Well, it was kind of cold that night She stood alone on her balcony She could hear the cars roll by out on 441 Like waves crashin' on the beach And for one desperate moment there He crept back in her memory God it's so painful Something that's so close And still so far out of reach --T.P.
  3. TrentonMakes

    Four hrs and counting in the ER

    I'm sorry, LJ. Hoping for a good outcome - I know you will take good care of her.
  4. TrentonMakes

    Austin for Spring Break. What do we do?

    "South by Southwest is an annual conglomerate of film, interactive media, and music festivals and conferences that take place in mid-March in Austin, Texas, United States. It began in 1987, and has continued to grow in both scope and size every year." March 8-17, 2019. Lotta those snooty hipster indie bands will be playing. (I'd love to go someday)
  5. TrentonMakes

    humans are despicable animals

    Too common.
  6. TrentonMakes

    This ever happen to you?

    If I wasn't comfortable with it I wouldn't have owned up to it. ....but yeah, let's have some warm weather soon please.
  7. TrentonMakes

    This ever happen to you?

    Also I was a true Fred for this ride... I wore sweatpants over a pair of flannel pajama pants (over cycling shorts), and two fleece jackets over a turtleneck. But wearing my SPD-Rs, on a bike with 105. I was actually very comfortable (low 40s and breezy). I don't have any cycling tights... I wonder if I can get them in my size.
  8. TrentonMakes

    This ever happen to you?

    I got out for a ride on Saturday - when I left I noticed that the little place-marking dot on Strava wasn't exactly over the house. I figured it would catch up before too long. But it didn't. I got home and the map looked like someone tried to trace my route while riding in a monster truck at the arena. If I'm to believe the Strava data, I rode just under 43 miles, at an average speed of 46.4 mph. I think I would win the Tour at that pace! I rebooted the phone and that seemed to reset things - I think that was the problem. (and I deleted the ride so it won't skew my data) In actuality I rode about 12 miles - if I assume the ratio of distance to speed was correct then I averaged about 13 mph. I felt like molasses out there, but it was nice to be out anyway.
  9. TrentonMakes

    Four hrs and counting in the ER

    Hoping for good news today, LJ. Wishing strength to you both.
  10. TrentonMakes

    Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys

    There are some really good songs on Pet Sounds, but overall I just don't see the legendary status that this album is given. But I know that's probably because I didn't hear it when it was new and fresh, or before a thousand other artists followed this album's example of composition and production.
  11. TrentonMakes

    The cool kids' table

    Hank? Is that you?
  12. TrentonMakes

    The cool kids' table

    Sitting at the cool kids table is like being under a microscope. I'm happier in the back of the room.
  13. TrentonMakes

    Name the Forumites

    I think the guys saying "Stones" are talking about kidney stones.
  14. TrentonMakes

    2019-02-15 Birthdays

    happy birthday!