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  1. I mentioned on my last ride I suffered a bee sting and a flat tire. The bee made a nice little pinhole in my neck. Today I finally got around to addressing the flat. I removed the tube and put air in it, heard the hiss - and found a nice little pinhole in it. An easy patch. My neck, it seems, patched itself. Any fun flat tire stories (since this one wasn't)?
  2. 35 road miles yesterday. First Sourland Mtn ride of the year; 1900 feet of climbing. I got a bee sting on my neck at 30mph down one of my favorite descents... later as i made the right turn onto my street i felt that familiar squirrelly feeling that told me my rear tire was nearly flat. Despite that it was a great day.
  3. I'm so sorry, John. Peace to you and your family.
  4. 32 road miles today, 15.2 mph avg. I rode over to Hamilton, past our first house - I realized we put our offer in on it 20 years ago this week.
  5. John, I'm sorry. I feel like you did everything you could to care for her and help her feel comfortable... you're a good man.
  6. Freshman year of college there was a guy who almost had a Jekyll/Hyde thing, if he was drunk and Thunderstruck came on. I still think of that guy every time i hear it. He transferred elsewhere, somewhere out west after that one year... i always wonder what happened to him, but good luck searching the web for a guy named "Steve Thomas".
  7. 3/20 - 14 miles (road bike) 3/21 - 26 miles (22 solo on the road bike and then 4 around the neighborhood with the kids) This weekend was the first time this year i averaged over 15mph (both of these solo rides). Trying to get it back!
  8. I'm so sorry to hear this, jsharr. Wishing your family strength to get you through this.
  9. Hey, you sass that hoopy Ford Prefect?
  10. The station outside our neighborhood is getting $2.89 for regular. Yes, it's been climbing... but I'm working from home 3 days a week and hardly going anywhere else... getting gas probably once a month. Not a huge hit.
  11. 3/13 - 22 miles on the road bike. 3/14 - 11 miles on the MTB. Kids and i got on the canal towpath a little.
  12. Strength to you both, LJ. This story is so sad but so touching.
  13. I signed off from work at 5, got in 12 miles and was home for dinner before 6. WFH FTW.
  14. That guitar riff is a killer. Love it.
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