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  1. Once, on video probably a year or two after it came out.
  2. I didn't see all of the game, but in the little bit i did see, i counted four hits to the helmet by Cleveland players. Was Garrett also involved in any of them? As longtime sad sacks finally (arguably) on the cusp of something good, i think the Browns endeared themselves to a lot of casual fans. I wonder how much of that goodwill last night's performance burned up? Hell, they're no better than those hooligans a couple hours down I-71.
  3. Holy cow - really sorry to hear this.
  4. I love Tom Waits' reading of "Big Joe and Phantom 309".
  5. Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan... and Joni Mitchell (aside from one spectacular song).
  6. Bicycle Repair Man!!
  7. I start with some onion in a little butter and soften that. Add a few tablespoons of cider vinegar and let that cook down a little, then add a pile of cabbage, a little salt, maybe half a cup of applesauce, a tablespoon or two of brown sugar and some fennel seeds. (I tried using fennel seeds once when I didn't have caraway - fennel is better!)
  8. Solid 90s power pop.... but her vocal style isn't really my bag.
  9. I did half of a 3-pound cabbage the other night, to accompany our dinner of kielbasa and [homemade] pierogi. I think my Grandma woulda been proud.
  10. I like Wegmans myself, but I typically stop on the way home from work when it's not terribly crowded. On the weekends it's a madhouse.
  11. Really, there is no other explanation. I have a recording of a "Rat Pack" concert at some Vegas casino, 1965 maybe? It's pretty funny.
  12. That's a perfect description. Yes, I think much of it is too slickly produced and largely formulaic - not to mention the cliche subject matter. I know that's tricky, since it's the same subject matter as it was 50 years ago - at that time it just wasn't a cliche yet. Bakersfield > Nashville
  13. A couple good size wolf spiders have made their way into the office in the past couple weeks. There's been a lot of screeching.
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