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  1. I challenge anyone here

    Even the color is perfect. That's absolutely gorgeous. that 570 convertible is nice too though.
  2. I heard a "help wanted" ad on the radio

    Apparently UPS is looking for "part-time package handlers". Do we have anyone fitting that description?
  3. Don't do this

    I've done that three times in my life.... but one of those times, the bike was on the back of the car I was driving. Are you OK?
  4. Do you overeat?

    Sometimes, but those instances are getting rarer. I keep track and try to compensate afterward (or before if I know a gorge-worthy meal is coming). It seems to be working.
  5. American Ninja Warrior

    My son can still "spider climb" the hallway in our house - but he fits a lot less well than he did a couple years ago, when he did that All The Time. I feel like I am reasonably fit, and I give it all when I'm on the bike, but I watch ANW and consider there are very very few obstacles I feel like I could clear. I certainly have the upper body strength of a cyclist.
  6. American Ninja Warrior

    Our entire family has watched it regularly for four or five years now. We all still enjoy it though the Reverend's comment about the feel-good stories is apt. Just like the Olympics, they have to give you a reason to cheer for these people you maybe never heard of.
  7. Piazza Day

    Maybe I have a selective memory ("let's go Mets") but I honestly forgot he ever played for the Marlins. ah, now I don't feel so bad..... "...he was traded to the Florida Marlins on May 15, 1998.... He only appeared in five games with the Marlins, where he hit .278. One week later, on May 22, Piazza was traded from the Marlins to the New York Mets..." This is the first photo that shows up on his Wiki page.
  8. WoJsharft sent him to the grocery store with a list

    Maybe if he'd stop eating all that muenster cheese he wouldn't need those li'l yogurts.
  9. Should humans consume hummus?

    True, but we can't talk about hammus because Wilbur is here.
  10. I just heard a large burp

    sorry edit: surprisingly it's only about 1000 miles from Trenton to the Twin Cities. Huh.
  11. Should humans consume hummus?

    I'm honestly surprised at the responses in this thread. Hummus is Awesome with a Capital A.
  12. Road Runner's return

    grobble grobble
  13. Piazza Day

    I know it's a parroty thread, but I miss that guy.
  14. I saw this a couple of nights ago...

    I read that as "Road Runner".
  15. It's all in the slacks

    Dockers for work and Levi's for home - though I'm not brand-picky, this is about all that's available for me. I used to get cheap Arizona jeans from JCP but they stopped carrying my size years ago.