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  1. Where did everybody skitter off to?

    I'm at the traffic engineering conference at Penn State. Doesn't that sound like fun?
  2. 2017's Top QB Is...

    Brady's playing well enough, but he's not lighting it up week after week like he used to. Still the GOAT though. I know Wentz just had a stinker, but I believe he will learn from it and finish strong. I'm curious to see whether he can string together a couple seasons like this.
  3. I think they're pretty different. The Q-tips come out very different shades of green.
  4. Are you sentimental?

    I definitely am.
  5. Yay! NoVA's Traffic Problem FIXED!

    You are right - I'm sure a big chunk of people paying those tolls are putting it on an expense report.
  6. Yay! NoVA's Traffic Problem FIXED!

    Certainly the Greater DC Metro has embraced the New Toll Road Mentality, which is that the rich people get to work on time.
  7. Yay! NoVA's Traffic Problem FIXED!

    Once people are bailing off 66, where are they gonna go? Seems to me the GWP and 395 will suffer from this. (maybe not 395 - seems too far away for people coming from the Tysons area) No matter what time of day (or night), I don't think I've ever driven 66 inside the Beltway and not hit a traffic backup.
  8. Concussion - the movie

    Another Pats fan here.... I just saw the play for the first time. He should have been ejected, and he should be suspended. Whether he was upset about a pass interference non-call should not be a factor. I am disappointed to see this. Luckily it can't make the Pats haters hate them more than they already do.
  9. Busy and sad weekend

    I nominate @Airehead to replace Inspiration Bot.
  10. Deep Purple (long)

    In a rite of passage, 25 years ago I got a secondhand thirdhand shitty electric guitar and I borrowed someone's little Marshall, and the first riff I figured out was "Smoke On The Water".
  11. 20 Shittiest Christmas Songs Ever

    I have often said that "Wonderful Christmastime" is the worst, but like I said in the other thread, its redeeming quality is a somewhat wholesome Christmas message. That still doesn't mean I ever want to hear it again. In addition to "Wonderful" and "Santa Baby", some of the Christmas songs that have me running to change the station are: "Christmas Rapping" - Waitresses (this is nails on a chalkboard to me) "Dominic The Donkey" - Lou Monte (I probably would feel differently if I grew up with it) "Grandma... Run Over" - whoever that was "Feliz Navidad" - Jose F. ("what if I just say Merry Christmas, in two languages, a hundred times?") And there should be a special place in hell for anyone who records an instrumental version (all twelve verses) of the Twelve Days Of Christmas. I used to like the Band Aid song..... somehow it took me a long time to realize its message seems to be "you better be glad you're not these sad sacks in Africa". 'Tonight thank God it's them instead of you' - hell, maybe that's worse than "Santa Baby".
  12. Eartha Kitt was far better than Madona.

    It really is awful, yes. There are lots of Christmas songs I dislike, but for the most part they at least have an appropriate Christmas message. Not this one.
  13. Carol Burnett

    Tim Conway's bit about the Siamese elephant is one of the funniest things I have ever seen, period. Somehow he mostly manages to keep a straight face, though no one else can.