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  1. did somebody cross the streams? (that would be bad)
  2. 20 more road miles today. Temp in the low 50s, a little sun, and not much wind. Roads still a little wet from overnight rain - had to take it easy on some turns.
  3. Never liked screwdrivers. I much prefer vodka in martini form.
  4. Even more amazing for both husband and wife to hit three digits. That has to be incredibly rare. My condolences, RC.
  5. Connections Puzzle #174 🟨🟦🟦🟦 🟦🟦🟦🟦 🟨🟨🟨🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩 🟪🟪🟪🟪
  6. That was a depressing run. I got to the end of that mall much more quickly than I expected. I entered four stores and purchased seven items, six from JCP and one from the other. My efforts will not significantly benefit JCP's bottom line. The big Hallmark store is gone, replaced by one of those no-name places selling cheap crap. (I think I found it up the road at the strip mall next to Staples). Winner for best shop name - "Socks To Be You". I had much better luck up the road at Barnes & Noble - which I guess is also technically in a mall, but it's small and more manageable. (or perhaps - it's not crowded because it's full of uppity $$$ stores).
  7. I remember Ben Klingston! (I miss those guys but I do have a handful of their albums, as I suspect we have discussed before)
  8. It's a good thing they opened early, to serve this demand.
  9. What mall doesn't? The empty box on the left was Sears. The one on the back has been empty so long in not sure I remember what it was (Lord & Taylor maybe).
  10. I have copies of the Bloom County/C&H strips saved on the computer. IMO they are two of the best comic strips that have ever existed. (I do enjoy Pearls but it falls well short of these two, and Peanuts in its heyday). Anyway, it makes me happy to know those three guys are friends.
  11. I think JCPenney wants to remind people they have not yet gone out of business.
  12. Making my annual holiday visit... I'm sitting in the car outside Quaker Bridge Mall waiting for it to open (at 10). I will probably walk the whole thing, go into the stores and buy two things... but hopefully it's more efficient than that. Who needs an Orange Julius? (actually i don't think they have that here)
  13. Or you ate at Taco Bell last night.
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