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  1. Two gallons of H and two gallons of O. How hard could it be? (hat tip to Stephen Wright)
  2. The floor does seem excessively shiny. The machine is fixed?
  3. what an absolute mess. I'm sure you're still thanking your lucky stars to have gotten away from it (mostly). So.... Dumplin' is available? and flush with 5 G's?
  4. In, but he runs hot and cold. Profane rants are pretty common.
  5. would you [angrily] say "if you're not happy then get the fuck out" to an employee you wanted to keep? Asking for a friend.
  6. I did not see the second hit live but obviously a whole lot of people did (including many of you). Obviously there are a lot of really upsetting elements to that day, but one that still really burns me is that it almost seems like this sequence was intentionally planned to boost the trauma: after the first plane hit, the networks scrambled to get all the news cameras turned on, so they were all live when the second hit happened. It was frightening enough to see the playback of that scene after the fact.
  7. I have the same question. Much of the boating in my life has been powered by oars.
  8. good luck with whatever you're going through, Tim.
  9. I was at work. Someone came in and said something about a plane crashing into the WTC, and the mental picture I developed from this was sadly short of reality. My wife and I were married 8/4/2001. I left work at lunchtime on 9/11, but as a teacher she had to stay the full day and it was really hard to wait for her to get home to give her a hug.
  10. I guess losing the opening game isn't anything new for Cleveland, but after a summer of hype this one must have really stung. Like in Breaking Away when the Italians made Dave crash, and then he tore down all the posters. That's what Monday must have been like.
  11. I'm sorry. I'm sure you have some good times to remember.
  12. I don't know about that - but I know Station To Station was. He said he remembered nothing of the recording of that album. Which boggles my mind. The title track (which surely is not for everyone) plods along for about 5 minutes, then with a few drum hits it changes to more upbeat (~5:15) and that's one of my favorite moments of his entire catalog.
  13. Still not sure I understand how the Miami Dolphins relate.... but no matter. There are actually two Bowie albums I like better* - but that doesn't diminish the greatness of this one. He really was an amazing talent, right through his final album. * #1 - Station To Station; #2 - Aladdin Sane. YMMV.
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