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  1. So, who watched the Pats game yesterday?

    Haven't seen much at all this season, but I did happen to see the play in question, and I can't see how that was ruled a fumble and possession to NE. I had to double check to see if there was a green Jets logo on the field - such a call might go that way in Foxboro but not NJ. signed, another Pats fan
  2. So what age do you currently think is "old"?

    Yes. Just like bikes, the answer is "n+1".
  3. Full Metal Jacket review

    I could say the exact same thing about Stripes.
  4. For Kzoo

    I used to think that a cover version that was unfaithful to the original was a travesty. But now I think that the best covers are the ones that sound completely different.
  5. The afternoon the forum died

    It is currently "25 or 6 to 4". how's that for drivel?
  6. what colors do you see?

    FLETCH: Well, there we're in kind of a gray area. BOSS: OK, how gray? FLETCH: .......Charcoal?
  7. what colors do you see?

    I see gray and mint - with a hint of pink splotches only on the toe cap.
  8. I bought Meat Loaf's Bat Out Of Hell on a cassette, shortly after the first time I ever heard "Paradise By The Dashboard Light " at about age 18 (1990 or so). I played that cassette I don't know how many times.... it ended up getting screwed up somehow and I remember cracking open the cassette and putting the actual tape reels in another housing so I could still listen to it. Then '93 or '94 came and I stopped listening to "classic rock" all the time, since newer music was catching my ear again. I heard "Paradise" once in a great while but the rest of the album slipped onto my back burner, such that I never thought of it or even considered that I might want to hear it again. A couple weeks ago was Mr. Loaf's birthday and the radio station I listen to played a shortened version of the title track - and I thought to myself "holy s**t, that sounds great". A few days later I spent $2 on the CD at the used shop in Princeton - and it all came back. Especially this one - it floored me that a song I basically forgot about entirely could hit me so hard. It's overblown, and sophomoric, and sappy at the end, but it blows me away. Especially the change from B-flat-major to B-flat minor, at 1:36, and again (with orchestra!) at 4:37. According to Wikipedia the album was released October 21, 1977 - just about the 40th anniversary. My hat's off to you, Marvin Lee Aday.
  9. Do you know who this is?

    "Who's your friend who loves to play? Whose rocket makes you shout Hurray?"
  10. Not my day

    I thought it was worthy but I was beginning to doubt myself.
  11. Curious George and the Monkey Anus Chocolate

    I don't necessarily agree, but this reminded me of an old can of a WD-40-like spray my dad used to have. As I recall it had a white label with blue lettering, and it was advertised to do whatever WD-40 did. Whatever this stuff was, it had a glorious artificial banana scent. I don't know if this was intentional or not. I may have occasionally sprayed this stuff into the air, just to smell it. At some point that can was empty, and I was sad. I never saw the stuff again.
  12. Not my day

    He should have placed the bag inside a plastic trash can - the plastic would have absorbed some of the shock and the bulb would have stayed inside and intact. In other words - he would have had more luck with an in-can descent.
  13. Tell me about this photo...

    On this day in history Theodore Roosevelt became the first former president to fly in an airplane. 1910, if I remember correctly. This fun fact was noted in the Trenton Times this morning.
  14. How do you know if your ad agency has made a mistake.

    You guys overestimate my interweb boldness at work. And at home...
  15. Fawlty Towers or Monty Python? (poll or is it pole?)

    "It's spelt 'Raymond Luxury Yacht' but it's pronounced 'Throat Warbler Mangrove'."