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  1. Wet basement blues

    I had heard about those at some point, but apparently forgot.... what I do remember is seeing a lot of battery backup systems with really bad ratings. Thanks.
  2. Wet basement blues

    I'm sorry about the flood - did you incur a lot of damage? We are looking at having a portion of our basement finished - but I think we will get a sump pump with battery backup first. We've taken on water in the basement twice - once during a power outage, and once when the pump had failed and I didn't realize it. We've only had a check valve fail the other way - definitely the better way, since all that happened was that all the water in the stack above the pump just drained back down into the sump when the pump stopped. I think it's been a few years since the pump has run as frequently as it has the last few weeks. Tons of rain.
  3. WTF chronicles of the ER 2

    I heard about this on the radio.... My first thought was something like "the doctors failed to save his wife" or something, but maybe I've seen too much TV. Clearly this could have been a lot worse.
  4. I was kinda Meh about the Olympics

    Amazing goal to win the shootout last night (gold for US women's hockey). https://www.nbcolympics.com/video/jocelyne-lamoureux-davidson-scores-shootout-winner
  5. Why did Fonzie take such an interest in Richie and the gang?

    We are watching the Arrested Development series again. If you're not familiar, Henry Winkler plays the family's bumbling attorney, Barry Zuckerkorn. They snuck this in, in one scene with Barry in the men's room.
  6. The Archers

    but to offer a serious response - no, I don't listen to any serials on the radio. The closest I've come was probably the recurring "Guy Noir" detective show on Prairie Home Companion, a weekly radio variety show hosted by one of those alleged sexual harassers. The whole show was a throwback to the "radio days" and there was definitely a certain charm about it. I listened to it off and on since the late 1980s.
  7. The Archers

    A friend of mine and I have discussed the song "Sugar, Sugar" in depth. I think it's bubblegum crap and he thinks it's a pop masterpiece.
  8. Well, it had to happen.

    My little tiny high school had an alert last week. They did not close, just had "extra security" - but about half the student body stayed home. (Given that, if I were one of the kids sent to school despite the alert, I wonder how I'd feel) They arrested a 17-yo student based on his Snapchat post.
  9. I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore: Movie Review

    Is I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore the name of a movie?
  10. Curled or raised?

    Mine too, but I don't drink tea left-handed.
  11. Windows

    I had the windows open a bit in the car. Thermometer was reading 69. <giggle>
  12. Are you currently planning a trip?

    My wife and I are trying to get away for a weekend, just us. It is hard to find a weekend that doesn't already have something going on. This summer I believe we are going to visit some of her family in Chicago (a city I have never visited) and St. Louis. I think we will drive. None of these plans have advanced very far...
  13. Four feet. That's all I needed...

    Glad you're OK - sorry about the camper. I noticed the different-colored facade on her car. Doesn't look like it's been too long since the last time she ran into something (though I'm making an assumption here).
  14. Please send cat vibes for my friend Tommy Cat.

    good luck Tommy, and to you.
  15. We lost another student

    so sorry about this.