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  1. "She's trading her MG for a white Chrysler LeBaron"
  2. Where's this? Last night I had a New Belgium Voodoo Ranger, for the first time. 9% Imperial IPA, very similar to DFH 90- minute (which is #1 on My Beer List). So I loved it.
  3. TrentonMakes

    In a fire

    Either a laptop or portable hard drive with nearly 20 years worth of digital photos.
  4. In general I'm not well traveled at all. But we spent most of our 2019 summer vacation in Quebec. I think I posted photos. We all loved it. Before that we were in Vancouver for half a day at the tail end of our Alaska trip, July 2017. Before that I spent a night in Montreal during college (1991, I think). Some of that night I remember.
  5. Never. Paella is some of the best stuff ever. Polenta is just stuff.
  6. This country's fascination with the royals confounds me.
  7. In November I took my daughter ice skating, fell hard and my left knee was the first thing that hit the ice. Didn't twist it but I bashed it good. I limped on it for a couple weeks* and it was still a little tender to the touch even when I could walk normally on it. Yesterday I went riding for the first time since that happened, and I was a little worried the knee would bother me. I was really excited when it didn't hurt in the least (didn't hurt this morning either) . I was so happy, and the weather so nice, that my planned 15-mile ride turned into 21. *yes, I probably should have had it looked at. I'm a dummy, even if I seem to have gotten lucky this time.
  8. TrentonMakes

    Well, Mick

    If the Titans had to beat the Patriots then i guess I'm glad they had to beat the Ravens too. Titans are one buzz saw of a team right now.
  9. first, outer, inner, last?
  10. I'm so sad to see this update... poor little guy... but i know you did everything you could to try to make him comfortable and happy. I'm sorry.
  11. Hope you enjoy some good walks. I am hoping I can get out and ride some this weekend. Sadly it would be my first ride since mid-October. Silver lining: I don't have to worry about missing the Patriots game....
  12. I just talked to him last month - it had been a few years. He gave up running the family farm and is enjoying an office job doing HR stuff. He has 4 kids and his youngest is older than our oldest.
  13. Same here. Even in grade school i did a lot of pining for girls.
  14. wow, that's awesome news! Best wishes for Bruschi's recovery!
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