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  1. Probably sometime in the mid-2000s I went into the doctor's office and tipped the scales at 302 pounds, my highest reading ever. Even at 6'-12" that's just beyond the BMI's "obese" line. But the doctor said something like "well, you're reasonably active" and "you carry it pretty well". He did encourage me to get more aerobic exercise, more for the long term benefit of my heart, which has to do a lot of work. He absolutely did not say "I think you should try to lose some weight". So - I think this doctor used some common sense about it.
  2. I uncovered the return and opened all the vents (and only earlier this week) but we haven't turned it on yet. I was really surprised to open the local news web page and see a forecast high of 95 on Saturday. Every spring when I first turn on the system I hold my breath waiting to see if it will blow cold air. The condenser unit is only of the only major home systems we haven't replaced in the 17 years we've lived here.
  3. Per the BMI methodology I am about 5 pounds into the "overweight" category. Scoff if you like but I believe that with my build I'm at a healthy weight (and my doctor agrees).
  4. A-ha did the theme to the first James Bond movie I ever saw.... I think it's a pretty good song (and a pretty good entry in the 007 series too).
  5. Maybe I'm too old for this, but I have a School House Rock T-shirt that I wear sometimes.... I get a lot of comments on it.
  6. Twa, oerrt fiis. ...no, that's not quite it... how about 'urs, oteyyu hppf'?
  7. In my younger days (both childhood and young adulthood) I was mostly a spender. After college graduation with my first full time career job, the influx of cash just increased the spending, including one very ill-advised vehicle purchase... however, I did start contributing to a 401K pretty early on. Once I got married I became a "reluctant" saver, but now I'm on board; I don't spend a lot of money on myself, and my 401K/IRAs are doing OK. And the things I do spend money on are well-researched beforehand. (like that Stratocaster I talked about a few months ago - I still haven't pulled the trigger, because I'm at the point where I feel guilty spending that much money on myself... thought part of that is, I might wish I had that money to buy government flour after society collapses)
  8. I should take my son more often than I do. When I was a kid my dad would take us, but I found it boring. My son really enjoys it.
  9. maybe, but he said "popular". This one gets my emphatic vote (1:17).
  10. Sade's one of those artists I just couldn't appreciate during her time. I was 12 when "Smooth Operator" came out, wasn't my thing. Nowadays that's good stuff.
  11. Assuming me and one other guy continue to test negative - my friends and I will get together tomorrow to play music, for the first time since Feb 2020. Usually a 6-hour session of music, food, beer and joking around... I have really missed it.
  12. Whole Foods has a reputation for being really expensive, but I think it's only expensive if you're not careful. Still - I can get a lot of the same stuff cheaper at Wegmans, plus beer and liquor. But who cares - this is the most important thing and it makes me smile.
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