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  1. TrentonMakes

    The other crazy airplane pilot.

    Such a waste of a nice cottage.
  2. I can't stop playing it. Seven years since their last album; I'm really happy that a new one is coming. a bunch of clever and/or funny songs in their catalog.... here are two others you didn't ask for.
  3. TrentonMakes

    Rough day in Europe.

    I thought of that, yes. Remember how, when that happened, everyone talked about the need to prioritize the maintenance and upgrade of our aging infrastructure? Then I think one of the Kardashians did something, so America stopped talking about it. indeed.
  4. TrentonMakes

    Rough day in Europe.

    I found the subject bridge in Genoa, on Google Earth. It's almost a 3/4 mile long viaduct. The video I saw online has some footage of a support tower collapsing (I believe it is the one pictured). Awful. (Does anyone else do this? When I hear news of some transportation disaster I try to find it on GE)
  5. TrentonMakes

    I go to the Dr. today

    I can help you with 'ring around the collar', and possibly 'ring around the rosey', but not 'ring around the shin'. Seriously, take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon.
  6. TrentonMakes

    Just bought a new house

    I would tear out all those double hung windows and replace them with particle board.
  7. TrentonMakes

    Why are some topics off limits?

  8. TrentonMakes

    Guess what I made this weekend.

    I was going to guess a kidney.
  9. TrentonMakes

    Anyone here have PT exercises for Tennis Elbow

    +1. I never did PT for it but I found real relief with this.
  10. True to form (and possibly in accordance with gender norms) my daughter was sort of left shaking her head, while my son (the aircraft enthusiast) laughed his head off. "Jim never vomits at home..."
  11. TrentonMakes


    They look wonderful. Personally I think any schmo with a mixer who can read a recipe can make a really good cake. But a really good pie is elusive - working with a crust requires skill and finesse. If you can make a really good pie I salute you. (I have had mixed results - actually I haven't tried in a while now)
  12. TrentonMakes

    So I rewatched Father of the Bride last night - some observations...

    I thought she might wanna..... blend something. Or was that Parenthood?
  13. TrentonMakes

    What's Your Go To Grill or BBQ Item?

    It was a spatchcocked whole spice rubbed chicken, but that was on the old grill which had a much larger surface and three burners. The new(er) grill is much smaller, and only two burners set longways, so not enough room for indirect heat. I tried grilling a chicken once and I won't try it again. I miss those chickens.
  14. TrentonMakes

    Johnsonville Brats

    Are you eating sauerkraut with those brats? that sounds really good right now.
  15. TrentonMakes

    When you hear the word "woody", what enters your mind?

    Honest, the first thing was one of these. (The second was a cartoon woodpecker)